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This event began 01/02/22 and repeats every year forever

Daily Hami raid at 10pm (est). 45+ Founders Falls - Eden - Hive. Invites are in zone only.

When: CriMOOZIN day will be on 8/13/2022 and will be held from 8PM Eastern Standard time until the stream ends!
Where: Twitch.tv/stillkiller | CriMOOZIN day will take place on City of heroes in-game as well as in my stream TWITCH.TV/STILLKILLER
What: The whole day/night will be in celebration and honor of all the work the CoH community (As well as Crimson, Ohvee, and Zinthu!) has currently put into the streaming environment! (Yes that means YOU). We will have plenty of things happening on that day such as:
- Giveaways inside the game and outside the game the whole stream. (Influence, Winter packs, etc)
- Costume contest (5 Billion in prizes)
Original hero/villain in tights
Elements (Fire,ice,wind,etc)
Average working class hero
(Maybe more depending on turnouts)
The Costume contest will have 6 different themes however all costumes must fall under the Home Coming Code of Conduct you can find these rules here:
Please look over this and understand any Costumes, Names, or Bios referring to any copyrighted character is STRICLY not allowed please do not bring these to this event for our account safety and yours!
How: All you need to do is come into the stream or find us in game! It will be atleast 10 hours of what we are planning as a day for the community so if you are able swing in and lets have a good time together!

Greetings from the GUARDIANS SG!
As an alternative to the 3:00 MSR, we'll be offering an "old school" Mother Ship Raid on the Excelsior Server this Friday, August 26 at 2:00 Eastern Stand Time (6:00 PM/18:00 UTC). The Raid Leader will be "AN0DYNE" (global handle @DASHER). We'll start announcing the raid around 1:15.
Any player who is not a member of Vanguard should run the (very brief) "Welcome to Vanguard" mission before joining the raid, as this will let them earn Vanguard Merits. Note that you must be Level 35+ to run this mission, but not the raid.
By "Old School", we mean that we'll try to organize teams for diversity of archetypes and that players fight where they want, how they want. Ramps, bowl, wherever you want to take on the Rikti, go for it.
Pulling and supporting will, as always, be the general idea, but how teams do it is up to them.
NO ONE WILL BE KICKED FOR THE WAY THEY PLAY, but standing idly in the bowl doing nothing, engaging in generally disruptive behavior, and harassing or disruptive texts will not be tolerated.
Start time will be promptly at 2:00 to allow completion of the raid and clearing the zone for the traditional 3:00 MSR.
If this format proves popular, we'll look into making it a regular event.
Hope to see you there!

This event began 09/04/20 and repeats every day forever

Every day on Excelsior I run a daily afternoon Mothership Raid in the Rikti Warzone. Invites start around 3pm EST. (8pm GMT)
My global is @Doctor Proteus but I rotate through my many characters every 3 Veteran Levels earned per character.
I will announce what character I will be on in the excelsior-events channel on the Homecoming Discord 1 hour before invites go out. All levels are welcome. The raid may occasionally run late or be called off, pending changing circumstances. I will announce changes/problems in excelsior-events if possible. There is usually a coterie of reliable fellow Raid Leaders who step in whenever I am absent to ensure the usual Afternoon Mothership Raid proceeds uninterrupted.
EDIT: I set the time for 3pm on the calendar, but some people are telling me it is showing as 10am for them. This may be because the calendar is using my time-zone in the UK as the basis, but for the records it is meant to be 3pm in the USA. Please keep me informed if anything seems off.

Anyone who wishes to attend should ask for an invite in the Rikti Warzone broadcast channel, so I can see we are in the same zone. Please ask in broadcast and do not send me a direct message. I cannot invite players to the league if they are members of the opposite faction unless we are in the same zone. I do not want to have to /who everyone while I am focusing on assembling and organizing the raid, and replying to direct messages can be a hassle, especially if there are many.
If I can I run two raids a day so that anyone who did not make it into the first run at least has a chance to attend at least one raid if they choose to stick around for round 2.
At the start of the raid during the Pylon phase, I will give out comprehensive instructions on what to do in full-caps in the Request Channel, so anyone new to Mothership Raids will have an idea on what to do and so I can give out bomb assignments. I use the Request Channel so that people can still use League Chat freely. Bomb Assignments will be sent out a second time at the last pylon for anyone who arrived late.
Please make sure you have the Request Channel active in an visible chat window. You can check by clicking on a chat tab and going to edit, this will show what channels are active in that chat window.
I try to be as fair and impartial as possible to attendees. Anyone who leaves the zone or disconnects has about 4 minutes to return before their spot becomes available to anyone waiting in the zone. If the raid fills, any additional Players will be queued for entry into the raid in order of their arrival to the zone, to the best of my awareness. I cannot promise that I will always be able to keep track of everyone who comes and goes. Anyone who leaves the zone will be removed from the queue.
If you need to go AFK during the raid, please let me know. People tend to assume someone who has gone AFK Un-announced is a leech.
I and most raid attendees do not appreciate Leeching. A Leechers spot is a spot that could be used by someone productive who may be waiting to get into the raid and most attendees can be very vocal to me about it. Anyone who needs to go AFK should let me know beforehand.
I am from England and not running on EST. I am not intimately familiar with American time-zones nor will I be immediately aware of any changes to American time-zones. I apologise for any confusion this may cause if American time-zone shenanigans occur without my knowledge.
When referencing the daily event, I typically take into account the fact I am on an American server, and consider myself a guest, so I try to use American time. For me the raid starts at 8pm in the evening, but I refer to the event as being in the afternoon based on the present time in the U.S.A.

This event began 01/29/22 and repeats every week on Friday forever

Friday Night Midnight (EST) Hami Raid.

This event began 07/07/20 and repeats every month forever

Tanker Tuesday is in event where tankers gather in Kings Row near the Independence Port exit to organize all-tanker teams that run task forces, missions, and other content.  Start trime is 9 PM Eastern time, and usually riuns 2 hours. 

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