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@agentx5 (@x5) and Federation of Xzianthia friends & allies from the Discord channel known as "The @DawL House"are going to be hosting this inside the @Dacy's special Halloween-themed base!  You never know what super powered beings might show up to this kind of thing, so come prepared for anything!
The categories will be:
Horrifying Beautiful Monstrous Mystical The prizes will be billions of inf in total, with more to determined on the night of the event based on donations received.
There may be additional runner up prizes, depending on donations received prior to judging.
There are smaller trivia prizes given out as well, for correctly being the first to answer the trivia questions done during the judging process.
There are also some Haunted House maze trick-or-treat gifts that are unrelated to the costume contest, but rather part of what @Dacy will be doing most the evening.
Frankly, we would love to give everyone some smaller participation prize, but that depends on the generous donors and how many people come.
NOTE: Biography / Info / Description written information is used primarily as a tie-breaker when it's too close to call easily. So we highly encourage you to try to write something that ties in with your awesome appearance! It isn't required to win, but it could help you stand out against your competition.  Just have fun with it!
In @Dacy's Halloween-Themed base, BOO-17189.
When you enter the base, turn around and you'll see stone steps leading up to a custom arena.
Then pass through the mouth of the head statue doorway.
Then find one of the labeled circle platforms and chose which one of the four categories you think fits your character's costume.
If you costume fits more than one (i.e. Horror or Monster), then perhaps the one with less people in it?
(for example when we did the 5 Origins contest, we had a glut of people trying to compete in "magic")
But regardless, which category you decided to stand in is your choice as the artist of the costume!
People running the contest will arrive early, but expect judging to get underway at 9:00PM EDT (US Eastern Time).
While the trivia and judging is going on, we ask the contestants to not change costumes or category positions.
We will try our best to respect everyone's time and not take too long judging; the goal is approx <30 min, but no promises.
You mean beside bearing witness to all the awesome creativity in the HomeComing CoH community and Live Streaming it on Twitch for the world to see?
More than just being freaked out with horror? or entranced with beauty? or bewitched with mystical magic? or in awe of monsters?

Well... yes!  There's more:

So... Halloween is considered a holy holiday on Xzianthia (like a bigger deal than Christmas here on Earth); starting at sunset and ending at sunrise.
It marks the part of a cycle of the year when barriers between the spiritual and material are their thinnest, and is an anniversary of Azazel's defeat.
Here on Earth have a similar holiday, as it's the eve before Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, or All Hallows Day.
In honor of this, The Federation of Xzianthia wishes to present a special costume contest to go alongside with a special base reveal!

PS: It's also my lovely wife's favorite holiday, IRL. Cheers! And best of luck!


This event began 04/02/21 and repeats every day forever

Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂


This event began 04/02/21 and repeats every day forever

Meet in RWZ, and call out when you enter the zone, wait a bit, and call again if necessary; the leaders may be busy, especially near the beginning, when many are coming in. 🙂


This event began 07/10/20 and repeats every week on Thursday forever

Utilizing:  https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/18837-rising-pinnacles-roleplay-game-system-rules-working-title/
       In a world full of Heroes and Villains performing epic accomplishments, sometimes it's the little people who have to get their hands dirty and handle the smaller problems.
       The Amoral Hearts roleplay campaign is an on-going, weekly series of sessions focusing on street-level rogues living and operating in the Etoile Isles.  Not Destined Ones by any measure, these player-characters are your typical freelance "problem solvers."  Inspired by the likes of Shadowrun and other tabletop roleplaying games, Amoral Hearts has a heavy focus on non-violent conflict resolution, performed through the Rising Pinnacles in-game test resolving mechanic (see link above).
       Players interested in becoming involved weekly would be interviewed for compatibility with the overall themes and tone of the campaign, and then their character(s) would be interviewed in-character with the "job fixer."
       Players interested in providing supporting roles as "NPCs" or antagonists may also contact the player organizing this campaign.
       Please feel free to reach out to @VileTerror in-game for more details or to explore opportunities to participate.
       Takes place on Everlasting.  8pm Eastern.
NOTE:  Decidedly -not- "comic booky," this campaign borrows from a variety of media for inspiration.


This event began 09/04/20 and repeats every week forever

Various themes and games changing from week to week.  Check the discord or in game advertisements to find out what is going on.

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