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This event began 06/18/22 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

All times given below are LOCAL time of Western/Central Europe (careful with daylight adjustment)... currently it's DTS... so +1hour vs what is shown in the calendar.
Every Saturday at 20:30 Hamidon in the Hive will get taken down, before that will be a Giant Monster hunt (gathering starts at about 20:00, hunt starting about 20:10) to get some EoE for everyone.
Once the Hive-Hami is down the Raid moves to the Abyss for the second Hamidon.
Bring straws or spoons for the pudding 😉
Also: as this event has been very regular for the past year(s), don't hesitate to ask when it will happen. Reunion is a small but fine and helpful community.


This event began 08/09/20 and repeats every week on Sunday forever

Muleta's gang is hosting the weekly Sunday Lag-Mania MSR at 19.00 cest ( we will start forming sooner so lift of is at 19.00).
Come to the Rikti war Zone for an invite .We will see you there. join our Discord and enjoy the MSR-Radio. 
For more info ask @muleta or @goblinboss

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