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    07 August 2020

    This event repeats every 25 days forever

    The neighbourhood of New Haven in Cap au Diable may be small, but it is affluent, containing the Cap au Diable University, the Langston Corp building, and the home of the WSPDR news network, as well as one of the Vanguard Outposts in the Etoile Isles.  While Goldbrickers and Arachnos are known to harass people in the area, it is relatively peaceful for the Isles overall.  That is, at least, until the rare appearance of the mysterious Deathsurge Monster.  All the same, the gazebo (location -960, 6, 1080) found along the eastern coast of New Haven tends to be far enough away from danger that people can sometimes meet there unaccosted.
    Note:  Cap au Diable's New Haven neighbourhood has enemies ranging from Level 15 to 20.

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    07 August 2020 12:00 AM      02:00 AM

    This event repeats every day forever

    Indom gathers nightly to kick Rikti back into the spaceship! Twice! All are welcome. Instructions are provided for newbies.

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    07 August 2020 01:30 AM      02:30 AM


    At 9:30 pm Eastern, in Sharkhead Isle on the Everlasting Shard, we will be having one of our Rikti Monkey Fight Club events!
    Door prizes for all attendees! (Please be sure to "sign in" by sending a Global Tell to @VileTerror when you arrive, so you aren't missed.)
    We're also looking for additional Donations and Support for this one.  Please get in touch with @VileTerror in-game or @FoulVileTerror on the forums.

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    07 August 2020 01:00 PM

    This event repeats every month forever

    Tanker Tuesday is in event where tankers gather in Kings Row near the Independence Port exit to organize all-tanker teams that run task forces, missions, and other content.  Start trime is 9 PM Eastern time, and usually riuns 2 hours. 

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