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Daily Hami raid in the Abyss (Indom)


Event details

This event began 08/29/20 and repeats every day forever



There will be a Hamidon raid happening every evening from 6:30PM to 8:00PM (EDT) in the Abyss. 
You can get to the Abyss from the Smugglers submarine in Peregrine Island or in Grandville.
You must be Level 45+
You will be given 3 choices of rewards upon defeating Hamidon.

- 4 Emperian Merits (You can only pick this option once per toon)
- A random Hamidon enhancement (You can only pick this option once per toon)
- Reward merits  80 the first defeat, then 40 every time after that. This is per toon so you can alt to get 80 merits again on another character. (You can choose reward merits as your reward multiple times but you will only receive 80 merits the first time)

A designated raid leader will give you instructions when there. Please follow their instructions for multiple successful raids. 


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