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Lockdown-12115 (Technological, Neutral Alignment)

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This event began 08/29/20 and repeats every 25 days forever


The Blackspire Correctional Facility, or just "The Spire," is a privately owned and operated prison that sits on a small islet of volcanic rock 2 miles off the coast of Paragon.  Most, if not all of the Spire’s facilities are found underground.  While the buildings topside have some rooms and facilities to allow for the cadre of guards and administrative staff to do their work and welcome new arrivals, the rest of the prison is actually spread out over half a mile straight down.

Further details can be found here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vGVwLY6Rvt5yvOLtpaogSarz8JB3SsoRgDc-NXrzjaA/edit


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