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(PVP) Everlasting 1v1 Tournament - THE NAUGHTY CHAOS CUP


Event details




Chaos United and The Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens are happy to announce a 1v1 PVP tournament to be held on the Everlasting Server!

When: Saturday September 19th at 6 PM EST/11 PDT

Where: Everlasting, Peregrine Island Arena, Sapphire Section

Hosts: @CU Krow / @America's Angel



Two Brackets:

-Ranged vs Ranged (Blaster, Defender, Corruptor, Controller, Dominator, Sentinel)

-Melee vs Melee (Scapper, Brute, Tank, Widow, Crab, Peacebringer, Warshade)

Minimum Level: 50

Incarnates Allowed: Alpha only

Time: 10 Minutes

Inspirations : Melee = no, Ranged = small only


Allowed Maps: Office/Perez/Cargo/Graveyard/Tech Lab (Players to flip coin, winner decides map)

No Heal Decay/Travel Suppression

Animation cancelling is not allowed

Sudden death is treated as a draw

All primary powers, secondary powers, pool powers, and accolades are allowed.

All arena temp powers are allowed.



-All incarnate powers except Alpha

-Bio Armor Tanks and Brutes (Bio Scrappers are allowed!)



-Electrified Net Arrow (Blasters)


=== SCORING===

PVP Tournament will be point-based instead of knock-out.

We will use a points system method for keeping score:

Win=3 points

Draw=1 point

Loss=0 points

Winners are responsible for contacting @CU Krow at the conclusion of their matches.



Ranged First Place: 1,000,000,000 influence

Melee First Place: 1,000,000,000 influence

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