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The Unhappy Hour at the Black Candle ((Redside RP Event))



When: May 2nd, 4pm EST-8pm EST
Where: The Black Candle, Cap Au Diable (Base Portal)
Who: Rogues/Villains

The Black Candle, one of the Rogue Isles' newest hotspots and watering holes for rogues and villains, is hosting its first Unhappy Hour. After a week of running heists and outwitting capes, come cool your heels with the Black Hand Society, network among colleagues in crime, and plotting crimes over drinks. Opportunities for recruitment auditions to the BHS will available to the ambitious!

NO CAPES: Heroes and non-residents of the Rogue Isles will not be admitted (IE, Rogues and Villains only).
Team Chat: Local chat is perfectly fine, but we are a small space, so for extended conversation among groups please form a team and use that chat as a house courtesy.
Get Carded: We're Villains, not irresponsible. Non-adult characters are not to be admitted.
RP Preferred: Whether you are casual or hardcore, RPers of all walks are welcome; just keep it clean and no God-Moding or Trolling.


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