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MSR- Rikiti Extermination

Sick of Aliens invading your neighborhood, TPing into your home, alien monkeys crapping on your lawn. Time to fight back. Friday April 30th right after the last Hami Raid (around 9pm est)I will be running a Mother Ship Raid in RWZ.  Bring your best, your strongest +35 or just bring the beverages or funny stories. Help me take down this Rikti menace, and pay them back for this weeks constant invasions. When I start announcing in LFG channel come to RWZ(via Atlas Park, Founders' Falls, Peregrine Island
Cap au Diable, Grandville, St. Martial) and broadcast for invite. Myself or one of my fearless team leaders will pick ya up to join the fight. I am willing to lead multiple Rikti extermination runs if there is enough interest. Remember to get your Vanguard Member badge by doing some quick missions from Levantera in the Vanguard Base. 

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