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MSR (instance)- Rikti Extermination

Sick of Aliens invading your neighborhood, TPing into your home, eating your meals, probing you in your sleep, alien monkeys crapping on your lawn. It's Time we fight back!! 


Friday May 21st right after the last Hami Raid ("around" 8:30-9pm est) @Apparitionwill be running an Instance Mother Ship Raid.  Get your best, your strongest +35 or just bring the beverages or funny stories And all we ask is you MUST have the "Member of Vanguard" Badge. Help @Apparition take down this Rikti menace, and pay them back for these weeks constant invasions.


When @Apparition starts announcing in LFG channel STAY where you are, DO NOT come to RWZ, Just send him a TELL and he'll have trained Vanguard LIMO Driver come get you and bring you to the RAID.***Remember to get your 'Member of Vanguard" badge by doing some quick missions from Levantera in the Vanguard Base, or my LIMO driver will not pick you up.***


I know what your thinking. " Anyad but why an Instance run?" Well my friends here is why.

-It's new and exciting

-Merits are collected by the league not the team, so even the whiny tanks who complain about only getting a couple hundred merits should get as much if not more than the Blapper.

-No waiting in RWZ2. all 48 members will get in no waiting for zone cap to clear

-Don't have to run to RWZ, just stay where you are. Atlas, Ouro, PD, Grandville, SG Base, Does not matter Send a tell and we will come get you

-Hospital is close by, no traveling half way across the world when your slacker healer is ignoring you cause you bit off more than you could chew

-Smaller Map, The task is the same but we lose half the map and the riff raff that it comes with it. So the Lag will be less, unless your system sucks nothing we can do about that.

-All players will be level 50, no worrying about making sure your team leader is 50. level 35+ can some play with the level 50's

-No team balancing, every team will gets a meat bag, but after that it does not matter league shares in the rewards.

-All Rikti, mobs, and pylons will be level 54, and believe me them pylons pack a punch. 

-But, We need to get the badge to get into the instance. It's just like Magi(Lore/Destiny) or Tin/Pex(Alpha). Well this instance needs to have the "Member of Vanguard" badge. So I'm going to keep running this Instance run till we get her figured out before going back to the Zone MSR.



You can not enter the INSTANCE without the "MEMEBER of VANGUARD" badge. So you must be level 35+ to talk to Levantera. She will make you kill 10 Rikti and chat with other Vanguard NPC's then will give you the Badge. Takes like 3 minutes   Levantera | City of Heroes Wiki | Fandom


Hope everyone can be there, 

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Thanks to all who attended tonight's Instance MSR. We had 5 teams new best!, everyone seems to be enjoying all the benefits of the Instance Version. Big Thanks to @Apparition for filling in for me this week. and Congrats to DeathMcKillenstein  for winning the Drop Ship Kill shot prize of 100million influence on the first run. Can't remember who won run two, must not have been someone very important. See ya'll next week Same Anyad time, Same Anyad Channel!!

MSR 2 May 21st.JPG

Kill SHot run 1.JPG

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