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St. Martial - Jones' Party Room in The Golden Giza (Redside, loc: -1880, -160, 1945)

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This event began 08/17/20 and repeats every 25 days forever




The Golden Giza is an opulent hotel and casino, owned by the (in)famous Johnny Sonata.  His staff are some of the most skilled in the Rogue Isles, as money is no object to a man as wealthy as he.  The casino's doors are open to the public and even the Isle's notorious villains are allowed inside . . . assuming they obey the rules.  From the dance floor of Jezebel Jones (location -1880, -160, 1945), to the Slot Machine Central Chamber (location -1925, -160, 2350), and from the VIP sections of Basse Croupier and Hard Luck (location -2095, -160, 2175), to the office of Johnny Sonata himself (location -1700, -160, 2115); the Golden Giza has quite a bit to offer for someone looking to place a wager or throw a party!


Note:  St. Martial is a level 30+ Zone, but fortunately the Golden Giza is a safe neighbourhood.


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