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  2. Started getting the pictured error when trying to load mids. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, the usual suspects, still getting this error loading the program.
  3. Currently running v3.0.5.6 Tried to look around on the forums before asking but didn't see it. I notice certain powers like Corrosive Vial do not list the -Defense numbers and such. Again not a complaint.. Just asking..
  4. I looked at this and didn't see any other directories. I also made sure that my other directories where i had the old ones are gone, and they are. I did go and redo the "open with" settings and set it to the correct .exe. Just to make sure. Here is the kick, maybe it is a registry issue. I did notice that the "open with" options did list my old installs on there even though they are gone and uninstalled. I don't remember but I probably just deleted the folders instead of an actual uninstall. But I don't actually remember. After I redid the "open with" the correct mids does open
  5. i had this problem, and had to fix my Open with... and point to the new version. under c:\Users\%me%\appdata\roaming\RebornTeam there were 2 installs one with "Mids Reborn" and one "MidsReborn". i deleted the older one without the space and then right-clicked on a .mxd file and "Open With"/"Choose another app" and picked the right .exe. this can also be done by searching for "choose default apps by file type", and scrolling down to .mxd, but that screen takes forever to load.
  6. I noticed that the font on Pools column isn't properly following the Bold check mark in settings. If I enable it, it doesn't change to bold until I mouse over each power in that column. Each time I resize the window it will lose the bold property again until I mouse over it. I only noticed because I'm trying to make the font more readable on my machine as the defaults are too thin and blurry compared the older version of the program I was using. (Windows 10 with Clear Type disabled) Any chance we can get the option to pick our own fonts? I need to redo all of my old character
  7. Infiltration also says it requires another power to be taken before selecting it as well.
  8. Do you mean that double clicking on a MDX file won't load it into Mids? If so i have the same issue. File >> Open works ok. But double clicking doesn't or downloading and open in mids doesn't either. I have to use File >> open or open the MDX in a plain text editor like NotePad++ and then copy the hex values and them import from forum. Regarding Dynamic mode, there is "Respec" mode that is pretty freeform. I don't remember what that does exactly. But i have noticed that you have to have the Tab on the side on the "Info" tab to be able to add and remove slots. if you have
  9. Attack powers aren't showing the proc chance in the damage mouse-over like they were. Is this an intentional change, or did something go wrong?
  10. On the new version, infiltration under the concealment pool is listed as a level 4 power, but does not let you pick it at level 4.
  11. What happened to Dynamic mode? I downloaded the new Release and now everything's messed up. I can't get my previous characters to load and Dynamic mode is missing. Someone help me please!
  12. Just got done doing that and was coming to post it. Works fine, and much less tedious than rebuilding from scratch.
  13. Known bug. Will be fixed in the next update, whenever that may be. In the meantime, you can download an old version of Mids, unselect Afterburner in all of your old builds, and save 'em. Or just wait for the new version. :P
  14. Thanks for the update! Any way to unselect Afterburner in old builds? I can't figure out how to remove without rebuilding from nothing.
  15. Hello This label is more like a remnant of old version and has to be taken down some day. Background is forced to black no matter what you pick.
  16. So excited to have amplifiers in the temp powers 😄
  17. It looks like the MasterMind protector bots force shield power is granting the wrong magnitude defense buff. It should be 7.5% and I think it's using 10%
  18. I think I saw in the commits that @Zedfixed this internally. I'll let him comment on it, but if it is fixed a hot fix will likely go out sooner than later.
  19. v3.0.5.6 broke my Peacebringer builds. They all have Quantum Acceleration in the power list, which I can't remove and replace with Quantum Maneuvers. In addition to not being able to edit the power choice, all powers listed after it are off by one in the order. That is, if I mouse-hover over the subsequent power it lists the info for the next power down the list. Is anyone else having this problem? I really don't want to have to completely redo all three builds. [Edit:] In a related note Infiltration properly replaced Invisibility without causing the same problem.
  20. Even using the bug fixed one, I had to go into the folder after uninstalling Mids and re-installing it to give my system and applications security permissions to get it to run.
  21. A bug-fix version has been release,, that seems to be working without issue.
  22. I removed the Mids Reborn install, deleted all files and folders, and re-installed fresh. I install Mids Reborn to a non-standard location which gets mentioned in the first error popup, otherwise I get all of the above.
  23. I also am getting the same error pop ups. I uninstalled and reinstalled v3.0.4.7.

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