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Official Discord: https://discord.gg/pG5TCEg | Official Github Repo: https://github.com/Reborn-Team/Hero-Designer | Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/midsreborn
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  2. Judging by the enhancement values you've provided I'm guessing this character is using a cardiac or resilient alpha, which as of v3.1.2.5 db21.1215 is not adding damage resist values from alphas. I'm just guessing because you still haven't posted the build. edit: ...which can be fixed with a database update found on the mids discord
  3. Discord or even better, github, is way easier to track issues, and avoids us to spread out and look for reports in multiple places. https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn/issues Thank you. Also this one has been fixed iirc - not at home right now.
  4. The version, as I mentioned, is the most current version available on the mids site, from the link on the forums. I posted everything there, this is direct info from live, mids and pines. Pines correlates directly to live, the values match. Mids is off by the listed amount; I was thorough in detailing the apparent issue, that the enhanced values may be following the wrong schedule. Mids is showing resist enhanced by a value lower than live, as I stated, on an invuln tanker. I done use discord or GitHub, sorry.
  5. Went to Discord channel There is manual update you can download that will fix some things like Incarnates.. But Traps is still broken. I submitted bugs on discord.
  6. This isn't how you report bugs with MIDS. I don't know what the right way is, but this will be ignored.
  7. A bit of information regarding where Mids is and where it came from 🙂 . "Pines" is Mids with the name changed, it is also outdated as Pine no longer develops Mids. There also isn't a "Live" version and hasn't been since 2012, since the shutdown of Live servers. Mids' Reborn is also Mids rebranded, the project itself was taken over by myself along with a few others from Mids and Titan Network. With that out of the way, it may depend on which version of Mids Reborn you are using and where you got it from. Mids Reborn's values are direct from HC's source values, the attribute modifiers, magnitudes, and scales all line up with HC. If you see a discrepancy then please report it via the proper medium as listed in the Main post. Thanks
  8. Hello Well, how to tell you... Pine's has been frozen in time since, huh... 2015 maybe ? (I was on it...) Don't use it anymore, you have no idea how many patches have been done since then. Much more than one major version difference. Please provide the builds you're testing this with, i don't think it's the unenhanced values. If you land on other oddities the best place to drop them is the github issue tracker or Mids' discord. Thank you
  9. Just noticed that Musculature in MIDS is giving the player Defense Bonuses when listing totals. It is supposed to be a Defense Debuff to enemies https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Alpha_Slot_Abilities
  10. Used the above link to download the builder, and Malawarebyte's blocked the site for suspected Trojan. FYI.
  11. It is just the zip version, never used the installed version.
  12. Though I hate telling people to do this, but if you used the install version, there may be entries in the registry that may need deleted after you uninstall to make sure you have done a complete uninstall.
  13. I have been reluctant to DL Mid's for some time, simply because Pine's worked so well and there were not changes to the AT's I played. Upon deciding I would try the new teleport travel pool on a kin defender and creating an earth blaster, I decided to take the plunge. Unfortunately, there are some issues I am already seeing... I am able to open saved files from Pines. I opened several and noticed some disparities, where Pine's and Live agree, but Mid's data is incorrect, specifically, with resistance. PVE mode, no special circumstances checked in "Math" all variable identical in pine's and mid's... And I just downloaded in the last hour, the newest version directly from the link on the site from the link on the forums... lvl 50+ Inv/SS Tanker live - S/L resistance: 112.95% Pine's - S/L resistance: 112.95% Mid's - S/L resistance: 102.94% A whopping 10% difference, which rules out any single power or source, as none match that 10% number I inspected further using combat attributes, Unyielding Live - 8.59%: S/L resistance Pine's - 8.59%: S/L resistance Mid's - 7.88% S/L resistance Tough Live - 18%: S/L resistance Pine's - 18%: S/L resistance Mid's - 15% S/L resistance Temp Invuln Live - 51.55%: S/L resistance Pine's - 51.55%: S/L resistance Mid's - 47.26% S/L resistance RPD Live - 13.31%%: S/L resistance Pine's - 13.31%%: S/L resistance Mid's - 11.31%% S/L resistance Fire, cold Energy and negative energy resists are all 3% too low in Mid's also. So, it appears Mid's values for resistance on an invuln tanker on the enhanced powers themselves, is inaccurate. The above disparities add up to the missing 10%, not any set values or bonuses. Inspecting the enhanced values for Unyielding as a test case, Live S/L base value 5% Enhanced value 8.59% (71.8%)<-- this is the enhanced % reported on live Pine's S/L base value 5% Enhanced value 8.59% (71.5%)<-- this is the enhanced % reported in Pines, it is off by 0.3% vs live Mid's S/L base value 5% Enhanced value 7.88% (57.52%)<-- this is the enhanced % reported on live, it is off by 13.98% Resistances, in this case, as reported on live and Pine's, show that Mid's may be using the wrong enhancement schedule value, thus under reporting the true resistance values: 57.52 vs 71.8. I have only inspected Tanker -- Invulnerability -- however, this may be occuring on other AT's and powers that are resistance based. I need help from the community in checking if Mid's is using the wrong schedule value for resistance-based powers on other AT's and powers.
  14. It does not matter which version I use, as the problem is the same.
  15. Maybe I am being dense, but that doesn't make sense to me. You can always go to Windows Settings to add or delete a program and then go to MidsReborn.com to download it again. I assume other OS's have similar capabilities.
  16. Alas not an option for me, as I am using the zip version.
  17. I had a similar issue, though not as severe. All my enhancement slots were moved to the left by about one slot. I tried to figure out a way to fix it and couldn't. Ultimately I went to the Mids Discord and was advised to unintstall and reinstall and that worked. Even better, it took less then a couple of minutes -- not painful at all.
  18. So I am not sure what is going on here, but the whole slot graphic side is not coming out right:
  19. One thing that's been notably broken for a while is that Necromancy pets no matter what's toggled or slotted do not show the full range of enhancement sets and proper enhances they can take. A lot of categories are missing.
  20. Checked this and what I'm seeing is that what is broken is that it doesn't add the Def to the Totals when the power is selected. Is that what you saw?
  21. Notice with update Traps FFG on any AT does not work on a New or Old build.
  22. Ello, I've got Mids installed on my Mac through Wineskin. I use it through Wine (says Wineskin on the logo). When I do "check for updates" nothing comes up, and I'm unsure how to manually update from the Github - any help?
  23. It think lib/zlib1.dll is built with the anycpu target instead of the 32-bit one. I was able to fix this on my installation by replacing it with the latest 32-bit version from dll-files.com

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