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  2. NullReferenceException means that you are trying to use a reference variable whose value is Nothing/null . When the value is Nothing/null for the reference variable, which means that it is not actually holding a reference to an instance of any object that exists on the heap. string str = null; str.ToUpper(); Above c# code throws a NullReferenceException at the second line because you can't call the instance method ToUpper() on a string reference pointing to null. So, check your code once again.
  3. In the defender version of Cold Domination, Sleet has the wrong defense debuff value. Should be -30%, not -22.5%.
  4. I had a devil of a time making a change to the Superior Brute's Fury: Damage/Recharge. I noticed the numbers were not jiving and after digging around spotted the problem: the Superior version did not have the Superior flag activated. Well, sounds simple, but just clicking on the flag and trying to save completely broke Mids 😄 Errors after errors happened and after looking I noticed that the IO just duplicated itself while still creating lots of errors. It took a lot of finessing deleting the extra entries (which reverted the IO to the non Superior flagged version of itself) until t
  5. No, there's no download in the usual place, unfortunately. I wish there were, at least then I could open it from there.
  6. That function immediately downloads the file to wherever my browser defaults to saving them, but doesn't open it after for me, so I have to click on it still. You might want to check if you see the files in your corresponding location.
  7. have microsoft defender blocking download no option to allow ?
  8. Not sure what might be wrong with my install, but when I click on a link that says "Click this DataLink to open the build!" in a forum post, nothing happens. It used to work, so I have no idea why it doesn't now. I tried a complete uninstall and reinstall, but it didn't make things any better. I tried quite a few links in different posts but none of them worked. Any advice on how to fix this issue?
  9. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't put any slots on my powers. I searched on this forum, I tried to auto-arrange slots, I put the power/slots, i tried in respec mode I re installed the program and same. So could you explain me how to do 🙂 Ty a lot
  10. Thank you.. Its 1 am here and have been working since 8 am until 11 am.. I seen you were giving me the answer, I just couldn't break it down ATM.. But appreciate the actual total break down.. I would go to sleep but I get annoyed that I have no me time after all this work. Its like I am working and sleeping.. Work is work at the end of the day, it's what pays the bills.. But I am gonna have me time..
  11. Like I showed, it's 22.5% of max end per minute. So take your max end (let's say it's 110, assuming you have accolades). To convert that to end per second is trivial: 22.5% x 110 / 60 = +0.4125 end/sec
  12. Unfortunately I am a bit of slave to the View Totals End Rec numbers. Past schooling I was taught that End Recovery has to be 2 points greater than Endurance Use or you will have endurance issues which will cause toggles to drop and such. So my end goal was to get it down the second so I can input that value onto the current displayed value for End Rec: so I can get the total recovery value. Then of course subtract End Use from that number. I notice that Numia and Miracle display correctly when added, thus my quest to fix Panacea so to speak.
  13. The endurance proc will be 7.5% of your max Endurance. So if you have 110 max end in your build, it will proc 8.25 endurance. The chance to proc is 50% every 10s, so on average you are looking at 3 x 7.5% per minute = 22.5% max end per minute which is the same as saying 22.5% recovery.
  14. Yes I do.. Didn't think of looking at it that way.. Unfortunately I was interested in the Endurance value, I was looking to see it under view totals pop out for End Rec.. I can do or did the math, but just wanted to see or understand the difference on Endurance Recovery compared to other options. It has the Proc Per Minute whereas Many of the other procs have per second. I did do the math to convert it for seconds in the end.
  15. Endurance specifically but yes.. It is not showing.. I was trying to compare to other Procs by having 2 instances of MIDS open looking at the editor but still wasn't finding the answers.
  16. You want it to show you the amount of health and endurance you get back?
  17. Hello, I know it's pretty easy to do, but here is the Mids Reborn icon in the appropriate format for the Mac. Download it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nNNjm2X-1z7yJCVm-_wLDp6zD9pn3TxV/view?usp=sharing Find your Mids Reborn Wineskin Winery app that you made, and right click on it. Then select Get Info, then click on the small icon in the upper left corner, lastly drag and drop this new icon onto the small icon in the corner. Done. It's a great idea to make an alias for your desktop. Right click on the Mids Reborn Wineskin app and select Make Alias. A new alias
  18. It was running fine on Mac OS X Catalina, but today it wouldn't open and gave the following error:
  19. I see Numina is listing but Pancea is not listing when I have proc active.. I know there is a way to change it in the database.. Just don't recall how..
  20. Hello, I went back to an older character I haven't played in a while. Her Mids file is from about a year and a half ago. When I go to open it, I get the following error. Any idea what's wrong, or if there's any way to set this right? Thanks, Generator EDIT TO ADD: last night I realized if you open an mxd file in Notepad, you can read it. I'd like to know if the issue is fixable, but the workaround works! 😁
  21. Not a bug. If you'll check your set bonuses in game you'll see that LoTG 7.5% is a special separate bonus from the various 7.5% bonuses in sets. Can have 5 of each.
  22. Not sure if I found a bug or if I am incorrect in how the game is operating. I have a build that has 4 LotG: +Recharges and it also has two sets that are giving +7.5% Recharge. This is not showing a problem on the Sets & Bonuses window. Do LotG +Recharges not count towards the "Rule of Five" or is there a bug in Mid's for not catching that?
  23. Didn't see this mentioned, but I am able to get a 9% Accuracy bonus 6 times on a Invul/SJ tanker. How I have it slotted: 4 LotG sets for 9% Artillery Set for 9% Power Transfer for 9% Here is the build:mids_build (7).mxd EDit: I think Power Transfer is the problem, if you remove PT and then try to add another 9% somewhere else (I stuck another LotG set in) you will not get the 6th 9% bonus. Note: This is a build of me just checking different options and should not be considered a recommended build for a Invul tank, provided to show probl
  24. Well, I downloaded the latest version and it looks like the problem was solved before I discovered it... So, yeah... Thanks!
  25. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a database bug, but when using the Short Form respec helper for my DP/EM Blaster, it completely dropped Swap Ammo from the helper window: As you can see, the level-24 power pick (where I picked Swap Ammo) is completely missing. I will have to look at other characters that have an unslottable power pick and see if the problem is related to that specific type of power.

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