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  2. The tier 7 power for Psionic Melee is Boggle. The power set is available to tanks, scrappers, brutes, and stalkers. The Mids database documents Boggle as having a duration of 2 seconds for its confuse (and likely, boggle -- a sustained Insight) effect. My tank, though, just picked up Boggle. The duration is actually 15 seconds unslotted. I don't know what it is for the other archetypes, but I expect that a 2-second effect is too low for all of them. Note that the power offers a Mag 3 confuse, which is not enough for bosses. However, the boggle/insight effect (increased damage) does affect bosses. What I don't know is whether a confuse enhancement increases both confuse and boggle durations. Probably not, but I can hope.
  3. Malwarebytes has always reported it as malicious. It's not.
  4. Interesting, although I suppose you can always set your damage to display as damage per cycle which should divide your damage by animation+recharge
  5. MalwareBytes is utterly convinced that the direct download for Mids' Reborn is malicious. Did anyone else get this false positive? I just wanted to verify that the domain is alright since it's been up for a while, and someone might have done something to it. I get "Website blocked due to Trojan" Domain: midsreborn.com (looks correct?) IP: 2606:4700:3030::6815:37ca (IPv6? Fancy!) Port: 443 (AKA HTTPS, also looks normal)
  6. Is there a place where I can download a version with the new power order of Electrical Manipulation? Or is that still be worked on? The only place I know to get the patches has Sonic Manipulation and Energy Melee propogation, but Electric isn't updated yet... Thanks!
  7. If you've got the Recharge on a power down to 0.4 seconds, I would say spamming it constitutes an attack chain...
  8. I think I had previously reported that setting enhancements to +5 relative level would randomly set them only to +2 (e.g. Hecatomb Damage 50+2). I've discovered that this happens if you slot a Hamidon enhancement in any power. The Hami-O gets set to 50+2. Every slot after that also gets set to a max of +2. Slots previous to that are set correctly. That is, if you have an HO in the first slot of your level 1 power, every slot everywhere has a max of +2. If your only HO is in the last slot of your level 32 power, then your level 35 and subsequent powers are all set to 50+2, but e.g. the level 20 power is properly set to 50+5 (assuming the enh goes to 50).
  9. Okay, so I keep seeing Wind Control on the Wikis but it doesn't seem to be on Mids. Is this a powerset that hasn't happened yet? Or never got done? I'm really interested in it but I can't seem to find it except on the Homecoming Wikis. Thanks.
  10. Navigate to C:\Users\<yourwindowsusername>\AppData\Local\RebornTeam\ and delete ConfigSP.json
  11. Follow on update to this. I was able to confirm the main buff (non-stacking, 5% on tankers, 3.75% on others) only is on if you hit one target. So I updated our database internally to not have those buffs turn on when you set the slider to 0. You'll now have (tanker values) 0% at 0, 6% at 1, 7% at 2, ... 15% at 10. This change will be included in the next update. Again, if you or anyone else know of other powers that should get this treatment, let me know. Tell me what the values should be in game at 0 targets, and I'll take it from there.
  12. Hi, Thanks for the report, issue has been fixed and will be shipped within the next release 🙂
  13. Hi, I have a problem to run mids since this morning. I wasn't aware of the new version yet so it's not a bug due to the update. I tried to reinstall the app via the both installers and the zip but the result is always the same. The capture contains some french word as I have a french computer. If you have any idea on how to solve this. Thank you in advance, Regards,
  14. Make sure this is set to Power/Slot if it looks like above click it and it should turn to Power/Slot.
  15. There seems to be something really broken with .Net. lately. Like @Hyperstrike I tried everything to get my programs to work. Mids wasn't affected, but I couldn't use my mail program and TurboTax wouldn't run. I never did figure it out after two months of Googling and tons of help desk support. I finally gave up and did a reinstall of Windows and it all woks fine now. Not that I am suggesting reinstallation as a fix, just information that this probably isn't just a one person issue.
  16. That's just it. Every version of 3.0 I've run has involved: Updater set to "Blend". I have to go in and remove the "New" version, and scrub files and registry. I then have to go in and remove the "Older" version and ALSO scrub files and registry (mostly just scrubbing registry because the files are already gone). Manually nuke the remaining folder. Run the .NET repair tool to make sure .NET is actually okay. Hit the website, download and install the latest EXE. And I got to have fun fixing that again tonight when I was time-crunched. Because my hand twitched. Hence my suggestion to make the menu item take you to an intermediate screen to gain positive consent or to tell you "Hey! There's an update. You can grab it here! And present a link to the MidsReborn site.
  17. For me, the 100% base is "noise". It doesn't provide information about what my build choices are adding. By which I mean, that 100% can be assumed, and to understand what my build / powers add to the effect / attribute, I need to mentally subtract that 100% if it's displayed. That's why I prefer to see the "base" as +0% and effects the modify the base as their "delta" value.
  18. We have had several issues with the updater in the past, yes. We went through a couple different iterations of it, trying to get new functions to operate correctly with the old code. This latest iteration seems to work just fine, however we have told people in the past to do a fresh install from the website if they're having problems. So I'm going to tell you the same thing. Please fully uninstall Mids from the Windows Settings > Apps & Features screen, and then install a completely fresh copy from the website. If you're still having issues with future updates with this fresh copy, but others aren't, then we can be fairly sure that the issue is on your end and not ours and can troubleshoot from there. Again, we haven't had people complaining about updating about going from the last version to this most recent (except for your report here), so if it breaks again, it's not likely to be Mids specifically, but something related to .NET.
  19. First: Fine, I'll just stop providing feedback on broken things. Thanks. Second: I KNOW the link is there on the forum. Point well and thoroughly missed. I was asking that, instead of auto-launching the updater, give people a screen offering the OPTION to manually download the file via a link OR run the updater.
  20. I've done this after each and every upgrade. I've stripped the broken install off the machine. I've stripped the remnants off the machine. I've even blown out all the registry entries. Run the repair too.
  21. First and foremost, ranting about something that is provided to you for FREE is not helping your case at all. With that being said, if you checked either our Discord or our main post here on HC's forums you would notice there is information regarding downloading the app as well as a link to our website for downloading said app's installer.
  22. Try the .Net repair tool. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135

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