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  2. I ended up fixing it by installing an older version of mids. Whatever installer is being used now installs a version for me that won't work with the power/slot button. No errors are happening. Button just doesn't do anything.
  3. Okay, if you did a total uninstall, file and registry scrub and a fresh install of Mids didn't fix it, you have something ELSE going on with your system. Are you getting error messages? If so, paste them up here.
  4. Thank you @GuardianSaint! I miss the simplicity of windows XP. I was today years old when I found this out and it fixed my issue!
  5. When in doubt, and repairs don't seem to work: Make sure you have a backup of your builds folder. Uninstalling shouldn't blow it out, but I'm a paranoid sort. Download Revo Uninstaller Portable. Start up the version (x86 or x64) suitable for your Windows install. Uninstall Mids. After the uninstall, set the Scan preferences to Advanced. Select all registry entries and hit DELETE (not NEXT) NOW hit NEXT Select all left-over files and hit DELETE (again not NEXT) Download Mids Reborn FRESH from their website. Reinstall Mids. Unless you have a VERY VERY messed up Windows install, the program should be working again.
  6. For some reason, semi-recently the Power/Slot button toggle has not worked for me, making it rather annoying to remove and add slots. Is there a fix for this?
  7. Hello CoH Community! I enjoy using Mids very much and probably spend as much time on it as I do in the game! Recently however when I click on Mids it comes up as a blank, white screen. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed on my end. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times only to get the same result. I looked in the forums and couldn't find a fix. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome!
  8. No problem. I missed it myself at first too. Though, granted, under Vengeance, you're a bad mofo...
  9. Ah ha! I knew I was doing something dumb, I just could not locate the dumb. Thank you for finding my dumb.
  10. No problem man. Sometimes all it takes is a deep dive. Also, figured it out. You had VENGEANCE on.
  11. Thanks @Hyperstrike...I still cannot believe they should be that high. 36% across the board with nothing slotted seems off. I apologize if I raised a ruckus where none existed within the Mids community. It just seemed like something must be double-stacking. Crazy.
  12. A blank of your build comes in about 36% Def (typed and positional) And this is all BEFORE simple enhancement. Using JUST 3x common Defense IOs, it jumps to 42%. Then set bonuses. Set bonuses: +13% S/L +7.25 F/C +17% (nearly +18) E/N +6% Psi +17% Melee +26% Ranged +8.5 AoE Stacks fast, don't it?
  13. I am futzing around working on a new Defender build and the Def numbers are way off. I think it might be tied to Maneuvers and Weave, but cannot be sure. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1402;684;1368;HEX;| |78DA6D94CB4F135114C6EF4CEFB4505A0AF228C8A3944779178ABA3431802C841A8| |289DB6642A76512EC346D49F4DF70E306D485CF9D51A36B135DABF19DB8F3B91149| |7C44A3389ECE77AE40E224D35FEF9973CE7CE7DC73277D7A3694CBCD1D115AFDCCA| |A592E6766AD9C55C85A25236DE6ED6551BD0274372B7B667A2D974B2E3A76D929C4| |FE1997CC42DECA2697CCAC6D566CA79099A66415115E749CD5E49C9D5FA9D8857CC| |85B2D5866911611B5A0F0F28A5D0C7AEB1345CBCAB61F2DDACBC919A7545A2B569C| |5226BD96495336AB74A68D94C4E97613F4A379E25C21EEE9423449F158DF31EA625| |20A9192424F310F8062907CD8C9D0DE50489714356F99EFC0E07BE60730F4117C42| |F071B0F4AD23636803AC3FCFBC00365C04356A9F2158ABE1D2255AC914E03CBEC0B| |6F09237CCFB3CFF7D5F982D9AC74672AE558A6B833036D73143606B98590FB645C0| |5E0AAEE360AD6E54E021B3891E8655E6F025DD33EEBFCCBC02765E655E03BBAF833| |E0A8EA8CC91A8E6D5D0DD064AEA7223D7AC373E47F7BA5F803D0FD09867D56D53AF| |6F7A0A4D3D0F998FC0F8149CE30799874049AF6F51C12DDC953EEE4A1F77A58FBBD| |2CF5DE9E7AE54054595F6E806C6A77F1D34487BBBDA9CF6C3A836B109ED8953C890| |305168B5A40E2E5476DCC1CE0DDE64DE65DE02876FF3CE92F62E35BD5D7114EAA7D| |7C6D4F4C678A4876FE81C09BE24F4AAAA7B7D86671C914C83E907C70260AA067C45| |C1032A78E017328EFD666E83E37F982E9812D05C210CA9E0A19F308E7F0527BE317| |F30A7C0D40458268C6ADED974C5E859646EA62E245517923CEC51324E2AE3E46B78| |1E973B07DBED94425D6E754DC76941EEFE1A8CA39F8B52D9C8A8797E9F82FFF1DBD| |C631C82F17370F7A7E418FD1BA4913B098D328EAAB6F6389D8356FF77CCA77F0B9C| |1FA18258867B7FF7E22F9532C92C| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  14. It's the HOs doing it since they only go to 53. unslot them, set the +5, then reslot the HOs. You can also use the + and - keys when slotting individually
  15. Here's the build. Shadow Maul is +5'ed, but nothing else. Unsure of what's causing the behavior.
  16. Version: 3.2.17 DB Version: 2022.2.22 Running into an issue where I try to set IOs to +5. And no matter what I do, most of them will not go beyond +3 Will post a sample build showing this behavior.
  17. Here are the un-edited videos of my old Mids Tutorial series I put together. My old Youtube account was accessed while I slept one night, and perma banned.
  18. Didn't see any response here. A complete rip out with Revo Uninstaller Portable, with a complete registry and file flush, then clean reinstall appears to fix this.
  19. Get this every time I open up a build. Click YES and update, or Just Update gets the update dialog, but keeps happening. Mids version 3.2.17 DB Version: 2022.2.22
  20. For those like me who didn't know how to maximize a window from the task manager, pressing Control+Shift while right-clicking the icon in the task bar does the trick.
  21. I have 2 CoH folders. My 'Homecoming' folder which uses the Tequila launcher and my 'Homecoming Launcher' folder which contains the new launcher. I've tried selecting both folders when using the export function to no avail. I'm following instructions exactly and this does not work. My freebies menu works in game in all other ways however.
  22. Big thanks to @cohRock for coming back to post the solution. The exact same thing happened to me. After reading this, I realized that that Mids is opening outside the visible screen. Maximizing it caused it to show, but then unmax made it disappear again. I used the move command to bring it back into view and voila, issue resolved.

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