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A club for all coder/programer types to gab about the City of Heroes source code, and their discoveries made while delving into the depths of the game code. The name, of course, is a reference to UniqueDragon's infamous forum post: "this what happened in the last game i played hackers ruined it for everyone dupin rares and gold and just anything to cheat there no extened maintenance there trying to catch the hacker :( and we pay for it so unless people don't let GM'S know of wrong doing's in the game it we ruin it and there we not be a COH IT WELL BE GONE TO THE AMERICANS!!!!!!! :("
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  2. Well I dont know who has been reading this but, Ill make another update post here. I decided to let the Assault Rifle blast set be, for mechanical reasons, and instead discovered the Arachnos Soldier huntsman build (assault rifle build). This caused me to go to work with making my 3 favorite rifles available to the SoA. These being, the Beam Rifles Resistance and Dust Cannon, as well as the Assault Rifle Tommy gun. Few things i noticed: #1 For the SoA, theres only 6 of the SoA guns that this works for (replacing the .geo files), that being Arachnos Rifle 01, 01B, 02, 02B, 03, and 03B, which correspond respectively with rifles a/b/c and their painted versions being the #b designator in piggs. The reason for this is that any of the other SoA Guns seem to have textures that are of a higher importance, therefore you will get the new rifle you want, but it will have the old rifles texture mapped over it, that is unless you use any of the 6 I stated above, for whatever reason those 6 rifles have lower priority textures, and when you replace the .geo file, it takes the correct textures as well. The other issue being, I cannot find the textures for the Resistance Beam Rifle or the Dust cannon beam rifle. Textures are the bane of my existence in piggs. #2 If you want the beam rifles to work, most of your other variants will be upside down. Most, and by that i mean like 75% of the SoA rifles seem to be effected by the skel_AssaultRifle01.anim (data/player_library/animations/customweapons_assaultrifles), as well as also needing their specific .anim file present. For example, to make the Dust Cannon beam rifle work (as well as the resistance beam rifle) for the SoA, I had to load in the Dust Cannon .geo, but I also had to load in the beam rifle master skel.anim (skel_ready.anim located in data/player_library/animations/customweapons_beamrifles) to replace the skel_AssaultRifle01.anim, as well as loading the BeamRifleDust01_skelready.anim to replace the arachnos skel ready anim for the variant I am replacing. What I am finding is that, replacing only 1 and not the other will give you a few affects, either your beam rifle will be inverted, but all the bullets and power animations will line up correctly, or vice versa. The second one being an important revelation, as it kinda sucks to have a cool gun that looks terrible with shots and grenades coming out of an invisible barrel a half a foot below the actual barrel. The issue this causes is that your new beam rifle will look correct, but the other SoA rifles that depend on skel_AssaultRifle01.anim will not be inverted, and thats most of them. This will also effect some of the traditional Assault Rifles in the blast set. 3# If you want to load in multiple custom variants from the other sets, you are limited to all of your customs coming from the same set. I.e. you can bring in 6 custom beam rifles, but you cannot bring in 4 custom beam rifles and 2 custom assault rifles. This goes back to number 2, because so many of the assault rifles depend on skel_AssaultRifle01.anim, I havent found a way to make a custom beam rifle and a custom assault rifle work at the same time. I hope this helps some body. -Cheers
  3. Another Update I have switched from Assault Rifle 01 to TommyGun01. When I loaded the new assault rifle animation, it flipped the Dust Cannon over like I wanted, but on a whim I checked the Arachnos Soldier and noticed almost half of their rifles were now inverted or up side down. Using the BeamRifleDust01_skelready.anim and naming it TommyGun01_skelready.anim as well as using the same G_WepR_BeamRifle_DUST_P_01.geo file and naming it G_WepR_AssaultRifle_TommyGun01 seems to do the trick. I have a right side up dust cannon in place of the assault rife tommy gun, and none of the other assault rifles, arachnos soldier rifles, beam rifles, or master mind mercs seem to be effected.
  4. BREAKTHROUGH! In Piggs under player_library/animations there are custom weapons folders. I extracted BeamRifleDust01_skelready.anim from the CustomWeapons_BeamRifles in stage1a and then saved it to: coh/data/player_library/animations/CustomWeapons_AssaultRifles as skel_AssaultRifle01.anim and Viola! I now have a Dust Cannon beam rifle functioning with textures as an assault rifle. The only issue I run into currently is that the flame thrower abilities are generating below the barrel. as seen in pic 2. I am now working on redoing the power animations for the two flame thrower abilities to raise its point of origin to the barrel. Wish me luck!
  5. My game experience is made or broken on visuals and audios. I will play a sub optimal class, cause it looks and feels better... I LOVE the models for the beam rifles in the game, but I so wish they were usable for the assault rifle power. After digging through these forums, OuroDev, @therealtitanman posts, and most noteworthy, all the posts and resources put out by @The Philotic Knight I couldnt find the textures for many of the beamrifles. But I did find the .geo files in the player_library directory. I figured there might be something to it... So! I extracted G_WepR_BeamRifle_DUST_P_01.geo from piggs, and then saved it in my COH folder under the path: Data/player_library and then named it G_WepR_AssaultRifle_01.geo And now in costume creator, I see this, an inverted dust cannon under my assault rifle config. It even took the texture with it. I tested this with the Resistance Beam Rifle, and it did the same thing, inverting it, although I used the celestial assault rifle for that one, and it had the celestial rifle textures overlaid on it. Any ideas how I can get this thing to hold right side up? Ill keep trying things and post updates!
  6. I think I did something wrong. All the pictures on the walls are black now. Maybe I shouldn't have flattened the images.đŸ˜Ș
  7. Think I got it. Just have to use Gimp to see the images and then "texturize it" again, right?
  8. @captainstar those are the texture files. Think of them kind of like "zip" files. They contain a header with additional information along with the image file inside of them. An image program CANNOT open them, because of the header. You have to use the DeTexturizer to DeTexturize them. When you do so, the actual image files should pop out in the same directory with the same filename, bit with an image extension. That's the file you can work with and modify (as long as you don't mess with the height and width). After you've modified the image file, then you run the DeTexurizer again, but this time choose to Texturize the files rather than DwTexturize them. The original Texture files will be given a .bak extension to back them up, then will be replaced by a new texture file that contains your modified image. Does that make sense? Or do I need to make a visual guide with screenshots?
  9. What is the full image name? Can you attach a sample image here? It's most likely a format that you can't open in Photoshop or paint and have to use something like GIMP.
  10. Hey folks. I got a folder of "texturize" files that can change all the pictures in mishs, from a friend. I'm trying to open it all to change for pictures that I like. When I used this program to "detexturize" a file, it open in the same folder. But when I tried to use paint or photoshop to change the image, it not open. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
  11. Is there a specific name for the data structure used for AE and costume files? I've been working on a collaborative arc-writing system for AE arcs and I'm hoping someone's written someting to convert it into JSON and back.
  12. Years Coding Experience: 3+, I guess? It depends how you count. Language and Software Experience: PHP, MySQL, Javascript (+Node), some programming theory Preferred Language (if any): PHP Favorite Food: Macaroni pies Favorite Superhero and Why: Can I say "whichever one I'm playing"? I'mma say that. Fun Factoid: I'm obsessed with gel pens, and I'll go out of my way to use them instead of ballpoints. They feel nice. Anything else people should know about you? I'm more likely to listen than talk but that doesn't mean I'm ignoring you. Also, I have a weird sense of humor.
  13. All my custom sfx files and the original files I cut them from. And the whole unpackaged CoH dump. 😞 I'm hoping to connect the drive to my desktop to test it, but I'm in need of an adapter for the drive which requires $ I don't currently have. It also contained my Steam game library. While I can just re-download all of that... that's a lot of Gigs and I don't want to put all of that on my laptop main drive.
  14. Yeah @Oubliette_Red I found that out after the thread was moved. Still, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, makes it easier to know who's getting and using my stuff 😛 Sorry to hear about your drive. What are you missing, anything I can help you restore?
  15. Hmm... apparently attachments cannot be downloaded unless you are a member of the club. @The Philotic Knight I got an error that the Rosetta Stone file was unavailable until I joined the club. Also, my D drive crapped out on me which have everything on it for CoH audio modding. 😞
  16. I've just updated the DeTexturizer to have a slightly new interface: It now has an extra checkbox: The default behavior of the program is now as follows: If you choose an image file, it'll "Texturize" it into a texture file - The Export XML checkbox does nothing If I can find one of my XML files, I'm using that first to fold into the new texture file If I can't find one of my XML files, then I'm searching for an existing texture file of the same name, and pulling the neccesary data from there. If I can find it, I use it, if I can't, then I error out, since I don't know what to do with a regular image file without having the texture file to tell me what to do with it. As in the past, I am making a backup copy of the texture file before replacing it. If you choose an XML file, then I'm searching for an image file of the same name, if I find it, I Texturize them. If I don't find it, I error out. The checkbox does nothing If you choose a Texture file If the "Export XML" checkbox is checked, then I go back to the "old" behavior of exporting both an XML file and the image file If it's not checked, then I just export the image file and the rest of the data disappears. Good enough, @Vanden? You can get the latest version here: http://www.cityofplayers.com/pks-tools/
  17. Okay, after re-running the script like a DOZEN times and having it fail until I finally tracked down that the issue was that I had a forward slash in my worksheet name and Excel didn't know how to handle it.... I have now gotten the first version of the powers textures sorted out. It also turns out that the 12 million records included a LOT of duplicates, which I prevented by setting a primary key on my table and checking for the existence of records before adding them again. Slowed things down, but made for much smaller and more valid dataset. However, it's still pretty big, at over 8 MB, which is too much to put on this forum, so you can download it from the link below, where I've uploaded it to my own private server: http://www.cityofplayers.com/files/My_Code/VisualRosettaStone_v2.xlsx The file contains the following "Categories" of power data (along with the previously available Index): 20,330 Icon references 90,038 Player Powers (Primary / Secondary Powers) references 1733 Pool Powers references 16,520 Epic Powers references 7,485 Incarnate Powers references 4,160 Temporary Powers references 37 Enhancements references (basically for the enhancements that have a "chance to hold" and stuff like that, pseudo powers, and finally... 135,209 Misc references that I didn't know how to otherwise categorize I have filters automatically applied to all of these, so if, for example, you want to find all of the texture references for Personal Force Field, you just have to use the PowerSetName and PowerName filters to see that it's pretty much just "glow" and "spark" Here's the textures, after I've used my "DeTexturizer" to export them to DDS format: It looks like they are just maybe the little bubbles that show up on the hand when you cast the power... so obviously I'm missing something here... I'll have to do some more digging to figure out why my script didn't pull up the ACTUAL bubble itself, and just pulled this up... perhaps it's actually some sort of pseudo-pet and would be listed under another listing? I don't know. I'll have to dig in and figure it out. And this list for sure is NOT all exhaustive, I'm sure there's a TON that I missed because I wasn't looking in all the right places. But, it's a start. If someone notices something that's missing and finds it themselves manually in code, let me know where it is and how you find it, and I can improve my script and this spreadsheet!
  18. So.... my estimate of the number of references was off by an order of magnitude... I didn't find 1.2 million texture references, I found ***12*** million. Heh, this is going to take some time to process, and I've started to break it up into separate "categories" to make it more manageable, such as Primary/Secondary Powers, Boosts (Enhancements), Epic Powers, Pool Powers, and "Misc" for anything else I can't figure out how to categorize, etc etc. I've also added code to explicitly prevent duplicate rows of data, so that should cut down on the list a little bit. Soonℱ
  19. Forum Handle: Hyperstrike RL Name (optional of course): Charles Borner (Anyone who's been to my GenCon or Origins M&G know this. Years Coding Experience: Can code, don't do it professionally or personally because I simply don't have the proper mindset for it. My current job is managerial, and I exist as a brain-dump and general resource for my team. Preferred Language (if any): English Favorite Food: Yes! Please! Favorite Ninja Turtle and Why: Michaelangelo. Pretends to be dumber than he is and puts people off their guard. Fun Factoid: Have a side-gig in the tabletop gaming industry. Anything else people should know about you? 99% of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is intended to be "funny" on one or more levels. The remaining 1% is just straight BS. The hard part is knowing what admixture you're getting at the moment...Also, while my mouth DOES have a filter, it's old, full of crap and generally in some form of fail state. You have been warned...
  20. after i did edit texture and mod over 10set+ of skills. GENERIC_RING is the main texture they used in all skill. they dont have a specific pigg for skills fx, they just scramble everything on the textures. try paste it on google sheet.
  21. Slight setback... the script crashed when trying to export all of the data to Excel... because Excel apparently has a million row limitation per worksheet that I wasn't aware of. And the data for the powers FX and Icon textures alone was over 1,200,000 records when I check during the crash.... heh. Well, I just coded to work around that by automatically adding a second worksheet if the number of records exceed the one million threshold, we'll see how that goes. 🙂
  22. Just throw in Cold Fusion (the RL science thing) while you're at it. :p
  23. Forum Handle: WanderingAries RL Name (optional of course): I generally get called "Aries" or "WA" here or in-game, but my Gaming, RL, and Work identities generally stay separated. Years Coding Experience: 5-7+ Years depending on how you look at it Language and Software Experience: BASIC, C, C++, HTML (ish), Pascal (one-time HS project) Preferred Language (if any): C Favorite..: Has always been an "F-Word" to me as I try to enjoy everything Fun Factoid: I mentally step outside of myself when appropriate for situations to maintain objectivity. My personality automatically adjusts to the environment I'm in for adaptability and is likely a safety mechanism. IE: My personality will generally shift to that of the Alt I'm playing while in-game. Anything else people should know about you? Never ask a question you're not ready to hear the answer on (within limited bounds). My "what if" and solutions don't necessarily reflect what I believe, only what can be possible. This can make conversations confusing at times.

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