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  2. Yes fun is subjective. Dwindling pvp numbers are hard data. That's what this take was designed to help describe as someone that played and enjoyed pvp pre and post revamp on Live to the iteration it is now. Yes damage is king especially when added to hp buffs, mez shields, absorb shields, etc. They police themselves quite fine but hopefully they aren't so complacent they don't see the lack of balance doesn't attract newcomers.
  3. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Homecoming. Also, how dare you make me spend time with my friends and family! Can't you see I'd rather be playing?
  4. Sure, that's fair. I agree that many who don't usually use the forums would be motivated to when the games go down for news and to find out what's going on. However, I do hope you would also agree that it is ironic and not suspicious at all that all the posts that got/keep getting deleted saying something similar to "HC finally going" etc, are all made from brand new accounts with zero posts/forum rep. Which I also submit are made by folks how have other main accounts, and wouldn't post such things on their main account for which ever reason, which is who my original po
  5. Im aware of that. People in the U.S tend to live in higher precipitation areas for a host of reasons but it all boils down to the availability of fresh water. Pun intended. The link above the picture includes a population density map and anyone can see a clear correlation between the two images.
  6. Damage is king, the community is self policed, and fun is subjective.
  7. Yeah, I'm confused as well. Those buffs were made AOE on *live,* so it shouldn't even be a different branch of the sunset-era code. All you have to do is visit Point du Hoc while a mothership raid is being set up, if there's any thermal, sonic, cold, kin or FF you'll see everyone buffed in just a click.
  8. This is an annual precipitation map, not a population map.
  9. Also, please see "ride" for the same reason. No, I don't know why I use that. "tt" is faster to type.
  10. My current slotting has me at 48% Def (Smash/Lethal/Energy/NEnergy) and 42% Def (Fire/Cold) as well as lots of cones and AoEs. Thoughts? This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Lil Mary Pingu: Level 50 Mutation Sentinel Primary Power Set: Sonic Attack Secondary Power Set: Ice Armor Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Mu Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Scream (A) Empty Level 1: Frozen Armor (A) Luck of the Gamb
  11. We're not off topic. I'm talking about Stalkers and Scrappers because they are relevant to Sentinel balance, as I made clear in my post. This is not a Scrapper vs Stalker discussion that needs to be taken anywhere else.
  12. Seems pretty active, there's usually people running TFs, mish teams, etc. There is that kinda stuff on LFG but I don't think I'd say it's full of it all day, sometimes more than other times.
  13. The thread has gone a little off the rails, but what the heck, I'll bite on the original question. It's not like I can log in and play at the moment. :) For me, "why Sentinel?" was that it was the only AT that fit my character concept: The Bureaucrat. As a bureaucrat, his main feature is implacable immovability. In other words: invulnerability. But I also saw him as a secret agent type with a gun. Well, the only way you get guns is in a blaster-type AT. So The Bureaucrat became an AR/Inv sentinel. And...he's not all that fun to play, honestly. Maybe it's because
  14. I should have something for you fairly soon. Thanks for sponsoring!
  15. Thats not what I based my comment on. Something like 50 percent of the U.S population lives within a 4 hour drive of the east coast. Also, Californians drink toilet to tap water. No thanks.
  16. Huh. Lived on both, which is why I'm now in Denver. 😄 Seeing Lusca does make me hungry for fresh seafood, though.
  17. Also, the fact that this company won't even answer the phone shows what kind of company they are. It's concerning that they are being relied on for anything.
  18. Incarantes depends on your build and if there are any wholes that need filling to attain your goal. I use musculature since I have enough recharge not to need spiritual. Since im a form build, I use rebirth radial since I dont have endurance drain issues.
  19. West coast gets Earthquakes, East Coast gets Hurricanes and NorEasters, Ohio used to get Snow, used to.....nevermind.
  20. https://www.businessinsider.com/half-of-the-us-population-lives-in-just-9-states-2016-6
  21. The quotes wasn't to imply that the GM's lacked diligence. I am very grateful to all they have done and continue to do to maintain and expand what we have after 7 years of no game at all. "Cheap out" means that in an attempt to save money, new problems were created. It happens all the time when any company or organization tries to save money by moving to "virtual servers". I'm just frustrated. I took the day off because I was frustrated and burned out at work and now this. I am thankful to the GMs and the community.
  22. I've always wondered if the yellow recipes that require orange salvage were some sort of database entry error. And if that is the case wonder if at some point HC will fix that error. Same goes for the few orange recipes that require no uncommon.
  23. Here's my build. Bit more proccy and less Control. Procs are especially good in Water Jet thanks to the insta-recharge with 3 Tidals. Means vs AVs you can quickly chain 2x proccing Jet on them. Also the Gaussians Chance for Build up in Chronos or Tidal is VERY useful, especially as I find I trigger the two right before a Geyser (or again in AV fights you can chain 2 Jets with a nice chunky damage buff on them) If you're looking to make changes I'd suggest switching the Winters set in Steam Spray for Artillery for more Ranged Def. At the moment you've got 30s Def in everything bu
  24. Yeah, I am east coast.. the better coast.
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