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  2. City of Heroes is the only game I've ever come back to. I left Warcraft and all the rest, then never returned. But City of Heroes holds my heart (probably hostage, because of those damned villains!) However, I wanted to say thank you to the people who make the game amazing. The devs, of course, but also people like @Hyperstrikeand @Sovera, plus the community in the game, who are never without an answer to a question (though sometimes that answer is in the form of some pretty darn funny snark). So thank you, CoH community, for giving me a home to come back to!
  3. Could the zones to which Null the Gull is able to send you have holiday events turned on all the time? There are some that match pretty well, like the Halloween version of Atlas Park for trick-or-treating. Alternately, it could be set up like time travel through the Ouroboros crystal, since you're only shifting a few months either way. I'm not sure if the zones are instanced, but if not, maybe the mobs which come out of doors, presents, etc. could stay at a relatively low level so newer players aren't griefed by others who don't bother to clean up their spawns. Or maybe there's a way to make holiday spawns auto-scale like some giant monsters do?
  4. hakurr

    Stone Melee / ?

    Radiation Armor would be excellent to pair with Stone melee you can reach 90% resist on everything except cold it has very good endurance mitigation and it has healing and damage absorption.
  5. Female boots with non-high-heel options, and that didn't SOUND like heels when moving. I mean, if she's wearing COMBAT BOOTS, or Sneakers, why it gotta sound like heels?
  6. First off (and I apologise for being nitpicky): terminology. There are two factors when looking at status effects. The first is Protection. That's the total amount of magnitude that a character or NPC can withstand before succumbing to a status effect. The second is Resistance to status effects, which causes them to wear off faster. With that out of the way... I'm not really sure whether the statement "controls are binary" is really up to disagreement (*waves at @ABlueThingy for confirmation on this*). Yes, status effects can be resisted, which do affect the duration of them, along with the Purple Patch, which does the same. However, they still fall under 'working' or 'not working' - there isn't an in between like how some are suggesting. Correct - to my knowledge, Archvillains and Giant Monsters have less protection against Immobilises and Sleeps than other status effects. Were you hoping for this lack of protection to be conferred to other status effects, or for them to also be protected against? Having a read through the description, it sounds a little bit like a global magnitude system - instead of each status effect contributing to break down a separate magnitude protection score, each one works to wear off a single point of protection, with the added caveat that magnitude can continuously build and not wear off over time. Would that be a correct summation? Otherwise, it might be something like that Resolve meter that @FoulVileTerror mentioned, but I'm not sure.
  7. They seem to not spawn unless you enter the base from the portals, either the ones to Red or Blue side or to the exterior of the base. If you arrive by logging in next to them, or by LFG queueing for the Lady Grey TF, they don't show up. If no one else is around you can usually get them to appear by heading out into the RWZ, waiting a minute or two, then returning.
  8. Strange things lurk in Dark Astoria... and now, another has emerged. Introducing: The Mystery Monster (Savage Melee / Regeneration Brute)
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  10. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a bind that allowed me to: Use Right Mouse to bring up the teleport targeting circles (Both when Im in Human and Dwarf form) and then execute the teleport when I click Left Mouse.
  11. I'd like the option to show our weapons stowed on our characters when not in combat. You could choose to display it on the back, hip, carried... Certain weapons would have limited positions obviously. Pistol holsters on belts, thighs, chest. Just feels really lacking to play a toon whose super abilities are weapon based and not have any visible weapons.
  12. Yup, it's a rock and a hard place. It took awhile to bloom into the full issue but the live team of CoH left the devs quite a pickle to try and navigate around. From earlier in this thread it's clear that there is a significant portion of at least the forum going readership that absolutely loved feeling that overpowered as well so there is a split community on what is desired, which is honestly pretty common in game dev. They'll get pushback either way lol. Prolly not from me though, this is a pivotal junction, which is why this thread exists, and so this is where I put my feedback. Unless something is particularly on fire with the path forwards chosen I'll just adapt to it and avoid the trouble spots in the game the best I can. A quick look at the AT numbers from the statistics thread paints a clear picture that people are playing supports and control less than ever before. Support/CC is normally underplayed in most MMORPGs, City of Heroes was a rare exception in that regard and especially post ED support and crowd control were super common, Definitely more common than they are now. Folks in this thread are very defensive, but I wonder if they realize I've never actually proposed any changes. I've never called for any nerfs or indeed any buffs either! All I've done is said "this is an issue and this is why". The unenviable task of finding a way around it falls to the devs :(. There are no easy answers here, the situation is too much of a cluster. I'm realistic. They get love and hugs from me just from tackling this beast and my thanksl for doing everything they do :).
  13. Grandville is where I go when I want to feel like I'm playing in a dystopian slightly depressing era. It fits in with Lord Reculse's theme for his organization. With that said I don't visit Grandville often, even after all the fixes to the memory leakage that used to happen there.
  14. That's where I am, a bunch of 50s, a bunch of toons currently moving through the 30s and 40s and a ton more toons in the 20s waiting their turn.
  15. Pretty much where I am. I literally nowadays even with power leveling spend at most a week or less in that range. Yes, many folks don't have 50s, but I don't think they spend all that long in that range even if they don't have 50s. With altitis a thing I'd say more spend it in the PRE-30s.
  16. I don't want any of the 30-50 content to be harder. I only want there to be more content at 50+ that is harder. That is to say, more Incarnate content. Make Kallisti Wharf an Incarnate zone with mobs and arcs. Make new iTrials.
  17. Even if the problem is the vast majority of the game (I don't agree with that at all) there is no way a team this size of unpaid volunteers will be able to tackle even the 30-50 part of the game. It's simply not realistic. Well they could, if we're willing to wait for anything new until a decade or two from now.
  18. Yeah I don't think they're going to be able to tackle the problem IOs bring to level 30+ content. (I actually don't consider that we can steam roll anything from 1-45 a problem). I think they're focus is going to be on the higher level areas. There is only so much dev time we have with such a small team. I don't see a team this size being able to tackle all of the level 1-50 game. It simply isn't realistic.
  19. They literally can't make most of the currently run level 30+ content harder, because if they do then everyone who isn't a power game IO setting out will be destroyed. The power gap between the haves and have nots in that regard is quite ludicrous indeed. Same AT, same powerset, same level, IO sets vs common IOs is night and day and sets are very much a power gamer area only a portion of the community heavily participates in.
  20. Ok, well we disagree on that. I think the issue is a few underpowered powersets and one or two ATs, not the vast majority of the game.
  21. Yes this has been said by me quite directly like half a dozen times already among others too. This is part of why online conversation is so poor, everyone catches bits and pieces of the conversation and often the context is lost and individual comments are reduced down an inaccurate interpretation. Everything is this disconnected sound byte that then gets processed through someone's biases and whatever is on their mind atm. Affects you, affects me, affects us all. Not to mention the dehumanization where people often are not interacted with as if they are people, the way people would behave face to face, because of both the disconnect from body language/expression/tone/etc and the anonymity factor. Here's the most recent time I said exactly what you just told me and it's literally on the same page as your reply: The problem isn't necessarily the ATs themselves, there is individual stuff in need of nerfing/buffing sure but it's not causing the issue of supports and crowd control losing significant amounts of their usefulness in large swathes of level 30+ content. The problem is that the vast VAST majority of the 30+ content was not designed for the levels of powers that IO sets bring. Much less IO sets stacked with incarnate level shifts. That's why I'm not seeking buffs or nerfs to any specific AT or power set. Because the problem is bigger than that. It's not a powerset or AT problem even if some power sets or ATs are disproportionately affected.
  22. What I'm saying is, they probably aren't going to make Radios any more challenging. Support toons can focus on attacks throw buffs and debuffs only as needed there. But by balancing powersets (to the extent it can be done) they make it possible to generate more challenging future content.
  23. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah I think we've all said as much throughout this thread...
  24. What you're describing is a problem with the content and the mechanics of the game, not individual ATs or powersets. Which is exactly why they've said they want to work on game balance, which I'm all for. That is to say by addressing the imbalances with individual ATs and powersets they can achieve enough balance to then justify creating harder new content.
  25. I tried out a sonic resonance defender and ended up deleting it because no amount of -res (or any other buff/debuff) is worth not even being able to see anything else on the screen.. I don't like teaming with people who use it because of the visual 'debuff'. I couldn't find any reasonable settings or color selection to make it work. If there were an option for minimal effects or opacity slider I might reconsider. Also, sonic res isn't the only thing I have visual debuff trouble with... Storm elemental pets anyone? It's like a practical joke sometimes... Stuck in a cave with nothing in view but pink clouds.
  26. I guess my response overall would be "Hey, devs, please continue to make thoughtful and tested changes instead of just slapping things together to see what sticks."
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