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  2. Inf* sinks aren't there to directly control inflation by themselves. They're there to act in concert with other inflationary control measures to maintain a healthy economy. All of the measures working together - the salvage seeding and pooling on the market, the auto-attuning done by the market, converters, inf* sinks of all types - do the job. Remove one and you alter how the control functions, but more importantly, you affect different groups of people in different ways. Some people don't use the market well. Some people don't use converters at all. Some people only purchase crafted IOs, never craft them for themselves. Every part of the inflationary control system affects everyone, and in different ways, but the overall result is to keep inflation from affecting any one group significantly. Because we have multiple overlapping methods of controlling inflation, no-one is punished for "not doin' it right".
  3. Check out these great resources for new PvPers:
  4. I'd definitely recommend one build for solo and one for teaming for any character that someone spends considerable time playing. If you enjoy low level content I'd even do a third build focused on exemplaring down. Ease of access to IOs, acquiring multiple t3 level incarnates and being able to switch builds away from a trainer make that a fairly easy recommendation. I'm not sure I'd recommend two dedicated solo builds like I have going unless you are specifically challenging some limitation of the game. For instance, nearly any situation that I flip to my "survival build" could have been covered by just using some inspirations and doing it much faster with my "damage build".
  5. While I'm at work right now (so I can't share the images), I've actually done a lot of under the map exploring in various zones. EVERY SINGLE exploration badge marker is a physical object placed on the map. Now it may be under other objects, but it is still there. I think there is a proximity tag to them, perhaps a radius of 10 feet, so as long as you're 'kinda close' you get the unlock.
  6. I just found out how useful the hold/immobilizer in atomic are for single target rotations. Slot for damage and your good.
  7. Yeah, same page. Not an issue for me, but I bet if you have a big enough net you could catch a boatload of fish* who would argue to their doom that it needs to be this way or that. It's the internet πŸ™ƒ
  8. I totally did the same! I have a macro command in my power tray set to /visscale 3 because I've found it is not persistent. I'm not sure if it's perma honestly, sometimes I need to click it sometimes I load in with it already set. Really odd!
  9. As, in the end, am I. Changing this wouldn't change the game a bit. But I find the strenuous defenses of it (especially those in chat yesterday) on a par with a pitched argument over the length of Ms. Liberty's skirt... hilariously reactive/nonsensical. I'm good with what, #4 β€” just being immersive/realish.
  10. It's common when you poke at something taken for granted or otherwise never really considered; the first reaction is irritability at having a comfortable corner of a worldview questioned (even casually or humorously). The reactions in General yesterday were even more so β€” basically "WTF is your problem!?" Since I do this all day out in real-world consumer economics, don't bother me none here. πŸ™‚ ...with this being the other assumption, that I personally must have had my tender toesies tromped to even think such a thing. Nope. Simply never been big on the IO/market/bag-Inf end of the game. I sell what I find, happy to get more than 5k for anything, haven't bought anything but a few respec recipes. My interest is entirely... theoretical/common sense. But I apologize for poking anyone's sore spot. πŸ˜„
  11. Neither for or against here, but I don't see a convincing argument. I'm actually confused about what you're asking. This is a video game, so I don't mind a pseudo economic system being used to stimulate unique gameplay. It doesn't affect my gameplay experience negatively, so like I said I'm indifferent.
  12. Page 7. 3rd post up from the bottom.
  13. I ran the build last night through ITF and it's amazing. I used the mini spiders for the first time and I'm loving them lol.
  14. Yes and no. Yes, in that self-imposed handicaps have no limits or roadblocks. Want to unslot all enhancements and see how far you go? Cool! Want to skip/not use key powers? Go for it! No, in that you then have to get others to join in on that in the same way. To me, personally, I think it is an issue if multiple characters on a team can solo the hardest setting in team content at a decent pace. MMs are weird here in that at base they can tackle some very hard stuff without super special builds... but slowly and with clear caveats. Newer builds can surpass that to where a member of the team can just fly off and do their own thing in a 4/8, 8-man team (I know I do it often on my Claw/Ea scrapper or my En/Time blaster). Sure, it is easier with team mates around but it doesn't feel as necessary in most missions I participate in. However, like I mentioned before: everything is related. In a given mission, there is usually a clear path from start to finish with few places if any to "break things up". Looking at 4 random maps, (Large Rikti, Large CoT, Large Cimeroran, Large Office), there is pretty much always a clear path from start to where the main objective is with little variance. Theres a few spots with a branching option but the general flow sort of funnels everyone to the same spots. It's not like the Avengers movies where you see them really split into different groups at the same time to handle simultaneous threats. Due to this, teams are sort of corralled into sticking together (not a bad thing) even if they "could" split up, often its just blazing ahead to the next group in the line and then as they fight, the other part of the team leapfrogs them, etc. This is far too fundamental a thing to alter for the HC team, but I think everything put together is what leads to the topic of IOs / Incarnates / Difficulty / Etc popping up so often.
  15. I agree with you, but I suspect that is because you, like me, are already post-reward. We either have everything we need or we know how to quickly get anything we want, so for us, any rewards at all are superfluous. However, I dare to guess that the vast majority of players are always going to want rewards of some sort. And that makes sense to me. I personally want rewards to be pared back because, as you say, this project went in the direction of easy player gratification and that's really not my preference. However, I'm not making the decisions, and I have to assume the current developers want something that they want to play, and that they feel most people want to play, and that is not destructive for the player driven economy.
  16. Okay, so I marketed quite a bit before the shutdown. My main market was 35 and 40 End Redux. Mainly I worked the 40 market. I kind of just remembering here so I'm not sure all the values are 100% correct. I could make them for a price that I was able to make some cash at selling them at 75k inf. Over time, I upped that to 100k inf still selling. Upped it to 150k inf still selling. 175k. eventually before I quit playing because the game just was becoming to screwed up for me to want to play it any more for multiple reasons, I was consistently seeing level 40 End Redux for 4 million .... on my 100 + characters. I feel that this was directly related to gold farming/farmers and AE farming providing easy game currency that had no idea what the currency actually meant. So the Market is not like it was on live for IOs. There is pretty much NO market for level 40 IOs on Homecoming. I never dealt with the IO sets, but, due to seeding, the values on the market for IO Sets, recipes for IO sets and salvage seem to be below what they were before the sunset based on what I recall. It wasn't like I didn't have loot to buy stuff on the market. I could get whatever I felt I needed and my characters didn't seem gimped. (but I was basically making like over 3.7 million per level 40 End Redux I was selling ... pretty much every character I logged into had sold all they had on the market). I'm pretty sure whatever I wanted I bought recipes and crafted for far less than the Auction House value. But I'm not a end-gamer. I don't have to have the best gear. I can get by on the gear that I have and survive a high percentage of the time. If you removed the posting and sold fees, I think it would reduce the pricing directly related by the combined amount of the posting and (projected low end) selling price on the market if you removed the selling posting and sold fees. What it would do would allow people to pull down things that they posted for sale and respost them as many times as they liked without penalty. This would definitely affect the market ... most notably by increasing strain on the auction house system by those that will repeatedly pull and repost items there is no longer a penalty for it. I think all around it's best to just leave the Auction House fees in as it would be a hassle for the DEVs and a hassle for those that are already supplying the market if the fees were removed or changed. I have the feeling that the OP was burned more than once by purchasing/crafting things and selling them at a loss due to the posting and selling things trying to under price what is necessary to make a reasonable profit on the market.
  17. This isn't something I've completely thought out, but in my opinion a lot of the lack of difficulty comes from the fact that CoH, at its core, is basically a fancy rock-paper-scissors type of game. Once you figure out how to pick the angle-grinder, it doesn't really matter if your opponent chooses rock, paper or scissors because the game mostly uses one type of difficulty: is my number bigger than yours. Personally, I think of difficulty as a set of a couple of umbrella categories: Preparation: in most games, this is basically knowing what you're about to do and picking the right gear for the task, in CoH this is pretty much planning and executing a build for your character. Tactics and strategy: the decision making that goes on before and especially during fights. Silencing the enemy mage, spiking down the healer or other priority target, splitting the team to do two simultaneous tasks so that you don't run out of time, running around a corner to let a debuff run out, etc. There isn't much of this type of difficulty in CoH. Mechanical skill: quite simply, the hand-eye coordination required to execute commands in a timely fashion: parries, aiming, etc. Doesn't really exist in CoH beyond the occasional clutch heal. As far as I'm concerned, CoH isn't a game that could realistically make use of mechanical skill based difficulty, even if for no other reason than animation locks. In the worst case, an animation may take so long that even if you knew what to do, could easily react in time, you've been locked into an action before the call for action happened. The only solutions to this issue are very lax reactionary requirements at which point they are merely an annoyance rather than added difficulty or a revamp of most animations which is both unrealistic and dumb, especially if you happen to like some of the long animations. The only two types that could be expanded upon are preparation, but as we don't have the ability to switch between powersets or readily change equipped gear, any additional difficulty in preparation would probably be pretty much impossible to implement while retaining the spirit of CoH: keeping any team / powerset combination viable. This leaves tactics and strategy, so I would propose things such as: more priority targets that need to be tackled in order to defeat the spawn quickly (Cimeroran healers, Sappers, Hamidon Mitos) some targets that are either weakened by mez (= Def / Resistance toggles) or immune to taunt (dangerous to the rest of the team) to increase the value of bringing hard CC branching maps with time limits: do you roll as a group to clear one branch faster or split into two to clear both branches at the same time? STF type beefed up final bosses, but you're only able to deactivate some of their buffs, choose according to your team's strengths Oh, and of course, additional difficulty settings, such as we have for TFs, with appropriate rewards.
  18. All this is very true, but my personal solution would be to address the deflation by changing some soft and hard caps and floors, and to address potential subsequent inflation by providing large scale influence sinks.
  19. I'm baffled by the responses to the OP's question, and especially the antipathy towards it. OP, you are correct - there is no point to the fees. Full stop. It's completely arbitrary and doesn't really serve any purpose in the current game economy. Now the question of whether or not to make a change is certainly up for debate. I don't have a dog in the hunt, so I don't care. There are plenty of ways to make influence in this game.
  20. I would generally be supportive of making IOs free at this point. They already basically are if you know what to do, and it would remove an hour or two of grunt work per character to get them fully specced out, plus be generally helpful for people who don't know what to do on the market to put it together. I actually like having resources be scarce so there's something to build for progression-wise, but that's the opposite direction from where this project went, and I think that's fine too. At this point it just seems kind of silly to have any non-XP awards at all.
  21. Absolutely. And lest anyone forget, you can convert an ATO by category if it's not the set you want for the low, low cost of 2 converters. The real time/converter sink is changing something from a sentinel set into a brute set. Once you get a brute set, however, you can quickly convert by category if it's the wrong brute set, and then convert within set until you hit your bogey.
  22. Well now I'm seriously confused. I get paid for the joy of slaughtering enemies. That's BETTER than free!
  23. But....LRM man. I’d rather be a sad panda than a mad panda, or a dead panda while I wait for it to throw it’s spitball of doom out the tube. Next thing I know you’ll be wanting me to take and slot Ignite. (checks thread) Oh.
  24. Now you just need a "Chris Gaines" to round out your set! Chris Skywalker? Anakin Gaines? πŸ€”
  25. You could easily game the '10% up front fee of list price' by listing low, paying low fees, and if it sells high, then you make out like a bandit... (and the long term fallout of that sort of setup to me smells like massive deflation and lack of supply, because who's going to craft and list stuff with the costs inherent there if it's not going to make them anything) The current setup ensures that if you want to make sure something sells for your 'minimum asking price' then you need to pony up a suitable deposit. And then, if someone slips up and hits 0 one time too many, then it's all gravy, except for the poor individual who just paid 20,000,000 instead of 2,000,000 (and you get 18M instead of 1.8M)
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