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  2. Revisiting this, my Lost Cure has stayed in my inventory for exceptionally long, until I switched build. I have a lot of temporary powers, so it is difficult to scroll through, but the power was previously in my tray. Once I switched builds, the power disappeared.
  3. Fiery armor is direclty tied to his recharge : for damage (Embrace and burn), but for survival : the only source of HP being the heal : no more recharge, means no more heal = faceplant 😉
  4. Great minds think alike? Mine's on indom and is sadly retired as I wasn't crazy about staff.
  5. I said that because of self rez in each armor 😉 That being said @BrandX 's build is strong.
  6. *gasp* Is that the key, if Nigel's friend is to win, I have to have my story arch pushed back 4 nights in a row? Next time!
  7. Well, the subject kind of says it all. I just noticed Dev c/f Hold fits into Lightning Storm. That seems pretty cool, unless it does something weird, which I'm sure it does. Does it check every time LS fires or only when cast or at some other bizzaro point? Anybody know?
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  9. Resistance all the way. DDR exists everywhere, and -resists is rare. It's easy to build defenses via different sources, but not resistances.
  10. Heliodorus

    Rad or Invuln

    Jesus..this is getting off topic. I wonder if OP got his answer. 🤣
  11. While I don’t agree with starting bot/ff (zzzzzz), I do agree that you should probably start /away/ from poison, as it leaves a totally bitter taste on low MMs...
  12. I do a lot of name-based names (ie Crater Kate), which allow you to get great alliteration going, sound very super, and give a lot of flexibility with concept. However, I do have a handful (on Everlasting) that I am super proud to have: Tiger Moth Crowning Glory Snowfire Thunderstreak (The) Consciousness Soul Sister Tanager Checkerboard
  13. I would second building for recharge over damage. I like to go for defense softcaps so that does take out a lot of wiggle room in sets. I used to use bio armor a lot because of offensive adaptation. That was until I realized I could get loads more recharge and also damage procs if I used energy aura or super reflexes instead. Not only did I attack MUCH faster, but often times the attacks themselves did more damage because of procs.
  14. Palatine, Part Two: Haters Gonna Hate, Clue: The Tac-Scanner - 'Two recon patrols from the Compound have went missing in the tunnels of the Forlorn.' should be 'Two recon patrols from the Compound have gone missing in the tunnels of the Forlorn.'
  15. You couldnt be more incorrect. Sorry if that comes across as rude, but its being honest and rude.
  16. Shamelessly stealing some ideas here for the Victoria shrine at Amazon Army. Well done 1
  17. Now I have a Rhythm Stick on TB. Mine was created for a PvP event featuring all Staff scrappers organized by the folks on the TB Bag global channel.
  18. happened on live from time to time the global chat would crash and things like friends list and searches didn't work correctly. Probably the same problem you ran into is linked to that. Check the system message when you try to invite them and see what that says the next time.
  19. Without the limitations of Prestige, you can get creative and go crazy. On Indom, I have five SGs and the only people in them are my own characters (with one exception). I try to give each SG base a different look and feel. It's another aspect of "altitus" for me, I guess.
  20. To me, at least, a real number would look very geometric, probably using equilateral shapes (if possible) with distinct lines and borders whereas an imaginary number would have more curves and colors and blending together / fades.
  21. You'll get the yellow dot even if you've completed the mission, if you haven't returned to the contact yet. Fun fact, the mission transporter and team transporter will also take you to a completed mission if it's the first one in your list. So, uh, make sure you set the mission you want to go to if you don't want to blow a charge.
  22. You're not the only one who changes alignment in tip missions. Some of the "generic" heroes and villains do too.
  23. I like build alot so far, but I had a thought. If you were to swap out one utility IO, like the 20% slow resist for example, wouldnt subbing in kismet's +acc be be worthwhile? Or do you feel the slow resist is more worth while?
  24. Well, we already have 'Shock Treatment' in game as a villain, to there's that. Not to mention Epilepsy due to the convulsion was kind of the point as an Elec/ controller. Seems apt for a name. Cancer could be a good name, actually, and not just for the disease, but also the crab aspect of it. Diabetes? Not sure what kind of powers that would have. Alzheimers and Tourettes could be Mind/ Controllers or dominators, for sure. PTSD could have fear-based powers that bring up past trauma, but doesn't snap as a name. ADHD? That's just a /Kin ;p. Downs Syndrome isn't a snappy name, and not sure what powers would have so wouldn't do well. Corona totals? That doesn't make sense as a name, admittedly. Nothing wrong with using disease or afflictions for Hero/Villain names. Shell Shock? That's one. Shock Treatment? Another. The we have Hollow Point?(Notoriously know as 'cop killer' bullets?) Mangle? I'm sure someone that was actually crippled appreciates that... Names are snappy and relatable to explain a power, that's how I see it. As Such Epilepsy, neuro-electro convulsions that make you lose control of motor functions and possible black out? Ideal name for an Electric Control character.
  25. So.. -no-set should be best at single target? They should all be max AOE focus? Maybe we can streamline down to Rad Melee and Fire Armor and just avoid the ‘nerf’ of playing anything else? There is room in the game for a set with awesome single target, better than anything else, in exchange for mediocre AOE. If you want yet -another- Rad/Elec/Spines AOE fest, only in glowy pink pom-poms - Rad Melee and the ability to recolor powers is right there, waiting for you. Now, EM is worse at AOE than it needs to be. Some splash, buff to whirling hands, rewrite Stun until its an AOE Stun and possible Procbomb - Im right there. But dont throw the single target baby out to get another ‘oh lookie AOE Radius yawn’ set. We have plenty of those.
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