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  2. Hey, thank you very much. Yeah the whole look just really came together in a way I didn't expect. I should mention that that helmet is something I saw on another character, I think his name was 'Fighting American' or something like that. I asked him if I could use the design and he said yes. And I'm very happy he did.
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  4. Was feeling domineering tonight... Checkout Delay Mind Control / Psionic Assault Dominator Ice Control / Ice Assault Dominator
  5. Maybe I overlooked something here. Do you mean level 50 or like level 200(or whatever) Veteran? I'm okay with the level 50 version ... and for free. I am against a token that takes you to like level 200(or whatever) Veteran ... aka max possible level.
  6. And, yet, you missed my point (like another poster did) that they wouldn't be sending tells looking for an AE farm team be able to door-sit to 50, if they could pick up the option to go to level 50 at the P2W for free. Sure there would still be people looking for farms because farms are farms, but they wouldn't need to farm to get to level 50 any more. The OPs post isn't about stomping out farming. My post in is thread is not about stomping out farming. This thread is about a token that could be purchased (I say it should be free) that would automatically make
  7. Hello! So, for reasons of theme, my brain insists it wants to play this exact combo. Apparently, the good folks on Excelsior somehow allowed the name Spellmistress to go unclaimed for however many years your servers have existed. This just calls for a classic elemental mage, and a controller is the only way to get all 4 Aristotelian elements on a single character. (The only possible alternative is a diabolical elementary school English teacher. Probably dark/poison. But that's a lot less sexy.) I even have a snazzy costume all ready to go: But I actually ha
  8. Welcome to the game! What made you decide to go the solo route?
  9. Every other person who responded did so respectfully and politely. You came in throwing sticks. I don't have time for you. Go chase your own sticks. -S
  10. And it has survived every nerf buff thrown at it. 😒
  11. The only other MMO I've enjoyed was WoW, and one of my gripes with it was that there were a lot of ways to play the game, but Blizzard has this unfortunate habit of putting most of their focus into only one or two of those ways. And that focus changes from one expansion to the next. They'll come up with something that is fun for more casual players (i.e. non-hardcore raiders) that allows those of us who don't have hours to play every day chip away at rewards at our own pace, and just when you find something you like, they take it away, and suddenly everything is "RAID OR DIE".
  12. Even if regen had permanent Instant Healing with undiminished numbers and you somehow hit 45% S/L Def with some absurdly high resist numbers you still face the same problem. Regen does one thing and one thing only - it tries to survive. Unfortunately to make regen a highly survivable set you need to invest an enormous amount of your build focus towards shoring up its holes, this leaves less room to proc out your offensive capabilities. More so than tanks or scrappers, brutes love to have as many procs in their attacks as possible because of their low base damage. No matter what regen is a clic
  13. Sometimes I have an idea for a bio right off the bat. Sometimes I need to play a character for a while before its bio forms. I never wrote a bio for my main on live, and after recreating her on HC, it was still a year before an idea popped into my head. Then I have some characters whose bio I have in my head, but it would be too difficult to pare it down enough to fit in the limited space.
  14. I am a new players whose recently got his first 50 on my Robots/Kin Mastermind. I don't really know how to slot it. What do I want on this character? I made a build, but it is a little directionless, and I have not bought it yet. I also have no idea how to add incarnates once I get them. Suggestions? Digital Spring.mxd
  15. Thank you for the detailed response. I must say I've copied the energy/elec blaster to the test server. It is ridiculously fun. I've been stuck in the mind set of capping defense on blasters but I feel like this build has set me free. Blasters are supposed to die once in a while right?
  16. Still pretty new to the game. After two boring/failed toons, I'm finally playing a fire/staff tanker and it's working out pretty well (30+.) Judging by a lot of the missions I've had to do, I'm finding the idea of trying to solo anything but a tanker a bit daunting. I'm not going to be starting a new toon any time soon, but I have already started to think about it. I was wondering if anybody has thoughts on what does/doesn't work for soloing. I'm not necessarily interested in what is most "meta" as I will play what seems fun and appealing, but if anyone knows of any sort of comprehensive
  17. Trying to plan a Fire/Psi Dom. Could use some help with it. This is theoretical so budget is no concern. I played this combo early in CoV to about ~40, so I'm by no means an expert. I'm not sure the best way to go about defenses, is it better to plan for defense or resistances? Things should be CC'd most of the time so I imagine resistance is better for the rare hits and bosses that aren't CC'd, right? Also, not sure the best way to go about power/patron pools. I know Fire Mastery is popular, but it seems like Psi Mastery is the new hotness, though I'm not entirely sur
  18. So do you guys think there is any chance we get Water ported over to Doms in some form? Personally I would love to see a Water Assault set.
  19. New from the iMini There was an error in the application. Please copy and paste the following text in a message to the program author: System.Exception: Error while processing file 'boards.cityofheroes.com-threads-range-26078-20120906-140957.warc' ---> System.Exception: Failed to download file. ---> System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. ---> System.Net.Sockets.Sock
  20. Endurance economy is a bit out of whack across the board, really. Most ATs can completely alleviate END with various tools OR just slotted out powers to make them more economical when used in conjunction with Stamina, IO uniques and inspirations...even MM. That being said, if we're throwing out some suggestions, I'd recommend having Assault mode grant a moderate +END discount per pet in attack mode (i.e. not bodyguard mode) to give that kind of tactic an advantage. Maybe also a +pet buff every time you use an attack to offensive pets (the ones not set to defensive) wou
  21. I don't know what to do. A lot of people tell me to stack damage procs in attacks.
  22. Seems very similar to an employer not telling a customer if the employee they complained about got punished or not. If they did reveal punishments, you can be sure that many of those that filed the original complaints would complain again that the punishments werent harsh enough or didnt satisfy them.
  23. How else would you term "find[ing] it easy enough to ignore when things are annoying"? There's garbage in General chat; that is fairly universally agreed. The fact that you find it easy to ignore = you don't mind that it's there. You're reading insult where none is intended. No one has called you a "garbage human being" except yourself. There is a significant distinction between tolerating garbage, or participating in garbage, and being garbage. I don't think someone is garbage just because they enjoy/don't mind garbage, they just have different tastes/standards than I do. To each their
  24. I wonder if its related at all to when we had several thousand 'guests' come to the website in a small window of time. Still have alot more guests now then before that event. Is there a website 'restart button' ? Be able to clear out everyone for 1 minute and the actual humans can log back on.
  25. I read the forum and it's way worse than general chat. I am garbage though, so what do I know.
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