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  3. Well, this was just a lotta bit conflicting 😛
  4. I’m very sorry for your loss Lead Head. I know this is now months later, but we also lost our fur baby around the same time you did. Mara stopped eating and using the bathroom, we burned through our savings in a week on treatments and started to rack up a hefty tab we only just now finished paying off. They wanted to admit her into a larger animal hospital to force feed her (which we could never have afforded) but by the time we decided to put her to sleep she was already going into liver failure. We had to say goodbye and it was the absolute worst, because we felt guilty for doing it. We only
  5. Rough facsimile of the build to maybe 90% of the slots/enhancements, surprised you could get to 45% fire defense on a cheap build. 1. Import/Export 2. Short form 3. Bottom left quarter, Data chunk ------[✔] Export Data Chunk if creating a DataLink isn't Possible [just the export link] --------[ ] Only Export Data Chunk (don't check, block of Enigma code + Link needing copy/posta) ------[ ] Export Data Chunk as well as DataLink (ignore it, provides the Enigma Code only) Color Scheme [upper left] Leave as Light Blue Formating Code
  6. Honestly it’s making me nervous that the director isn’t sure there is gonna be a sequel. Which makes me think there’s more to the situation than just box office receipts. Maybe this is my natural paranoia but the ground just feels… shaky. Theres also the problem with the casting. The cast is of course stellar, but there’s a larger issue with longevity, will they’ve able to keep Zendaya? She’s a big name and popular, as is Chalamet. And don’t get me started on Jason Mamoa. Do they honestly think he’d come back to play Duncan? Like I really hope it all works out, but man I’m having m
  7. I mean the real problem with the whole suit between Marvel and Cryptic back in the day was the TOS for CoH that basically said anything you created was their intellectual property. So that created cases of where you could make The Hulk or Wolverine and legally speaking Cryptic would be in a pickle because they’re claiming they own The Hulk or whatever else you made. I always thought if they threw that out they’d be fine. But no they had to legally own all of our characters.
  8. Thats it, his new name is Dollar Tree Bane.
  9. My problem's trying to figure out which one to bring!
  10. Come to think of it, with all the random stuff now available for base building, surely more "mundane items" could be picked up and swung like a huge cudgel now too, right? I mean, don't get me wrong, swinging a railroad crossing sign at someone never gets old ha ha*, but how about a street lamp or even just a big tree trunk? *Never!
  11. I guess I could go over there and buy a t-shirt for the poster child for vaporware though, that'd be fun. How obscure a t-shirt would that be? None, none more obscure.
  12. I don't know how feasible any of this is, but I'm all for more customization.
  13. Any criminal going up against a hero that they know that has a Bowel Control powerset is going to be sweating bullets.
  14. Pick (almost) any version of the Devil from film or comics. Evil to -be- evil. Manipulative. The kind of personality that just feeds on suffering and misery. I find it a tie between Gabriel Byrne's version from End of Days and Jeff Goldblum's version from Mr. Frost.
  15. I offer this, and may my efforts please you: The Defenders of Talos ID# 44578 Help a second generation hero investigate the whereabouts of the Defenders of Talos, a Supergroup that disappeared after the first Rikti War in 2002. Thanks for hosting the contest!
  16. The Velvet Underground - What goes on
  17. In Echo Plaza, if you fly beneath the main island, there is a hole leading up to under the Plaza terrain.
  18. Steve Earl and the Del McCoury Band-Texas Eagle
  19. Does anyone have a build that has truly kicked ass in endgame content that he/she is willing to share?
  20. So, Let's make a short list of what is going on, what's needed, and what I currently have for this character. -Character is lv. 50 -Primary build is crap, using secondary build to rebuild for now -No incarnate levels yet. Haven't even begun those. -Am going Dark Armor/ Street Justice -Has no experience with the technicalities of slotting, or sets; Just bought level 50 I/O's and threw them in for soft cap effectiveness. So, establishing that, I really am looking to learn how to make this work in a sense that even a child can figure this out. To that e
  21. I'd put Titan Weapons above Staff. Titan has 3 cones and 1 PBAoE. I love Staff on a scrapper but hate it on a tank. I'd rather do Dual Blades for the same amount of AoE, or Spines or Rad Melee for another damage aura. Rad Melee can do lots of AoE with a proc'd up Irradiated Ground.
  22. Dark also has a stronger T2 than its T1. I am running Elec for my secondary, so I was thinking that switching would be possible, but haven't heard alot about the damage proc being meaningful...
  23. Went to Neutropolis to do the zone event, stood there waiting as the 'Next event starts' countdown wound down. The event started, then disappeared, with no popup either on the zone event or that it was finished and next one in x.x...' There was a zombie attack happening at the same time in the zone, which I suspect may have interrupted/overrode the normal zone event.
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