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  2. Wet Pantsu!! My water/time blaster! Hook me up!
  3. I want to nominate DETH ETERNAL by @boilinghands Arc ID: 43772 Description: Are you a bad enough DETHSLAYER to RIP and TEAR your way through an army of DEMONS that LITERALLY came from HELL?? It's Doom, okay? But it's funny.
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  5. Hey @I-Dirty, if i understand you correct you will be most of the time solo, so it really does not matter which primary you pick. Savage and Elec will make you feel strong. Be sure to pick up the first two attacks, the cone, the Assassin Strike and Build Up up until lvl 8 then you can get the armor powers. As a Solo Stalker your best defense is killing everything before it kills you. Btw. The easiest way to level the first 8 levels is to join a trial called Death From Below (DFB). There are groups forming in atlas park all the time. You can do it 2-3 times which will take you ~45 min
  6. Main thing I'd give for advice is don't bother trying to hit 45% Defense values. With a slotted Rad Infection you'll hose their chance to hit, meaning you can get by with lower Defense. I wound up with 33% S/L and 26% Energy without even trying. That should be enough in most circumstances. Nemesis Vengeance stacking will suck regardless. I built this with that lower Defense target in mind; main thing it does is perma Lingering Rad and Accelerate Metabolism. Didn't take Hasten for this, as I can now autofire Clarion instead. I also left out Cal
  7. Kick Chick is kind of along the lines of High Kick Girl.
  8. Gave up trying to put together a thread, kept getting distracted. Decided to go with a tumblr though with a list of all the characters and future attempts at background story writing. Feel free to pin up there. https://taurussystem.tumblr.com/
  9. First post has math, but tbh for the rest of us we just look at the times so we know a 1:30 build is better than a 3 minute build.
  10. As i suspected the Laptop itself has enough Power to run CoX flawlessly till 1 Point the Intel Graphic Processor. Maybe the solution from this thread could help u with that :
  11. They're definitely working on some things.
  12. @Garymathers there have been a few other threads on this topic in the past few weeks. Some of them even had Devs provide teasers. You may want to give a quick whirl in the forum's search if you're interested in seeing them.
  13. That change came later on live, as I recall.
  14. They'll make announcement of anything (other than exploit fixes) coming when it's time for it to show up on test. Don't forget, not a professional development house with full time staff and funding. Small, volunteer team doing this around their real jobs. Things come when they come.
  15. Just that. I feel like we are so for one. Iā€™m happy with the game as it is of course. An update sure does make me smile tho.
  16. Tweaked your build just a tiny bit. Added a couple of set bonuses, added in some more KD protection, a little more recover, and seeing as you seem to be keen to patch Psi res hole, did some more of that too. Oh and swapped out one enh in frag grenade to get you closer to hit cap for +4 content! Patching the KD has given you a tiny bit less def, but made up for in other benefits. Have a look This Villain build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Nat
  17. For Leadership, maybe drop Tactics instead of Assault. Power Boost + Farsight (On your build) provides about +12.5% tohit, Supremacy +10% tohit, Enforcer Tactics +2.5% (x2) = +27.5% tohit for all pets. Squeeze Burnout into the build for Double Gang War. Will only be able to use it once every 7ish minutes but I'm usually pretty excited when it's ready. Activate Assault Radial Hybrid-GW-BO-GW-PB-Farsight. Great burst damage. I've never used Cross Punch before but Mids' shows it only has a 0.67 mag. It shouldn't KB anything unless hitting targets several levels lower than
  18. Anyone run a SS/Dark brute? Is it terrible on end?
  19. I haven't been able to log in all week... going through a crisis at work, and may wind up leaving my company this week. šŸ˜ž I'm logged in tonight and fancy changing my bikini color to something other midnight-ish, like TEAL, haha, so that we look different.
  20. @Bananiac, thank you šŸ™‚ I totally understand your work crisis, I am having a bit of one myself. We can only do what we can do for our hobbies, within physical and emotional and mental limits. I'm glad you had fun with Khan, and we are here for you. ā™„
  21. Build or it didn't' happen.
  22. The inside scoop sounds like the procedure to fix the problem
  23. Old post, but when I posted it I was talking about the keyboard specifically. I don't need my case playing disco-ball, but... yeah, the Razer software being aware of things has been useful in some games.
  24. Dark. Applying consistent to hit debuff has more value especially against hard targets like AV/GMs. Slows/KD do well against fodder but are pretty ineffective against those harder targets. Dark has has a much more reliable KB/KD power that isn't dependent on tidal stacks, and the heal is immediate. Water's slows and KD can not stop some mobs from reaching you and Dark has tentacles to do just that. I vote Dark.
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