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  2. My global recharge is nowhere near that level but I do have 5 Force Feedback +rech procs slotted. I'm not too worried about having it perma but it should be up often enough that a strategically placed Break Free here and there will get me through most situations
  3. Not semantically perhaps. But you will NEVER have POPULATION without increased ACTIVITY. In a game world, or the real world, they go hand in hand. So I think it’s perfectly acceptable theory crafting to push to address one in the hopes it leads to more of the other. If I never take the time to make a guest comfortable in my home or place or business....they are far less likely to return a second time. Make them comfortable and they will. Comfort is highly subjective, of course.
  4. So I have decided I need an Illusion controller in my stable. (also: why no dominator port? ) And trying to decide on a secondary,I know the obvious ones are /rad and /kin. But I have done /rad and I have a /kin already. So looking for something different. From just a quick overview,Pain Domination seems like it would be a good pairing. Maybe my search-fu is weak but there doesn't seem like I lot about this pairing on the forum here. And having never played Pain before was just wanting some feedback on if this would be a good pairing? Should mention,this would be for team and Itrial friendly. hmm,maybe poison....arghh,,I can't decide...
  5. Only one or two Contacts are "Findable" per level range, and most of those are the newer Contacts. Pretty much all of the original release Contacts for Redside require the Newspaper-Broker-Mayhem system to unlock, or are unlocked from such a Contact.
  6. While it is different to have to unlock contacts via the newspaper missions, the missions don't have to be grinds. At least one of the three choices is either a 'defeat <name>' or a 'steal <object> from <group>' which can be sped. In almost every zone, your first contact (whomever chosen) will eventually offer you the others, although the 'second round' of options may be limited (from any one contact). I want to write this: Red Side progression through zones/XP/levels is surpsingly smooth. With the default setting for Inf/XP/difficulty, it is possible to always have content to play at your level... pretty much in the zone appropriate for your level. Any amount of teaming (SF for example) will likely earn you enough Inf to out-level a zone. I can see how this lead to feeling like a newspaper grind (because a player will have to unlock the new contact in a new zone) but as I wrote it really isn't that onerous. In my recent play to level 50 red side there was only one batch of levels where I felt went a little too 'fast' (I finished all the Nerva arcs); this turned out to be a perfect time to do more Tips (the merit reward at the end for the Morality mission is pretty good) and SF team ups. The higher level zones require 5 newspaper missions before the mayhem mission, IIRC. Lowbies only have to do 3 newspaper missions before the first (two?) mayhem missions are offered.
  7. Can't you just use the "Teleport to Contact" function, if you want to proceed into missions without using the broker? Then those contacts can direct you to other contacts. Assuming I'm correct about the TP part. And then there's the flashback system, as well.
  8. Homogenizing would be making everything the same. I am simply saying make it balanced, or in other words closer to each other but not totally equal. I am using fire blaster vs electric blaster as the main example because it is easy to understand. The damage difference between fire and electric powersets shouldn't be that noticeable. Or at least not as noticeable as they are now.
  9. I'm in the process of writing a much larger reply, but just wanted to state: 3 Newspapers/Police Radios for Levels 5 to 19, 5 Newspapers/Police Radios from Level 20 up.
  10. Several of the sustain powers have effects you would want to turn off in certain situations. Devices has partial invis, so with it on you couldn't lead a hostage out. Martial Combat has an AoE speed debuff, so with it you can cause agro and breaking stealth. (note, both of those powers also cost 0 endurance.) I don't see anything negative about Metabolic Acceleration but having it be a toggle instead of auto is consistent with other blaster sustain powers.
  11. Isn't there also the whole free Purple from Market Crash per char?
  12. Is Refractor Beam that reliable on triggering procs (I've yet to really dig that deep into it)? If it is, then it could be strong as a single target attack when slotted that way and as an AoE. If that's the case, then here are a series of options on how to run Beam Rifle on Sentinels. Path #1 = Disintegrate -> Lancer Shot -> Piercing Beam. It's simple, but requires a lot of recharge. Path #2 = Disintegrate -> Lancer Shot -> Piercing Beam -> Single Shot. Extends the routine a bit. Piercing Beam no longer needs to recharge in 4.22~ seconds to be gapless. Single Shot makes it a 5.41 second requirement. There are advantages to this approach. 1) Piercing Beam's resistance debuff will be maintained within a 7.9~ second window. 2) Single Shot added at the end ensures a pretty high uptime on the -regen debuff and makes triggering Offensive Opportunity easier. Offensive Opportunity creates a separate hit in the combat log that is roughly 15% of the parent power's damage. Its not much, but it is more damage. 3) Creating a delay on Piercing Beam means it becomes more proc friendly in high recharge builds. This allows the ability to add another possible -12.5% resistance debuff plus damage procs. The procs aren't a near guarantee though. Path #3 = Same core 3 as above but add Charged Shot at the end vs Single Shot. Charged Shot has better direct damage and generally better proc potential. Single Shot generally won't be weaved between attacks to try and force triggers. Beam simply doesn't run like Fire, or Dual Pistols where the T1 could be weaved as a core filler. The basics of Beam just have too long of animations plus the Disintegrate mechanic. Water Blast has similarities here and is why I often say it is fine to skip Aqua Bolt. Anyway, this routine would extend Piercing Beam's recharge goal to about 6 seconds. ...Oh, six seconds you say? Wait a second, in a high recharge build Refractor Beam can be available in 6 seconds.... without *any* recharge mods!!! Path #4 = Disintegrate -> Lancer Shot -> Charged Shot -> Refractor Beam. You can proc out several attacks here. Due to the longish animations on Disintegrate and Lancer Shot their modified recharge is not critical. They'll be available in a typical high recharge set up. There are TWO opportunities to include Force Feedback (Charged Shot and Refractor Beam). I currently run Lancer Shot frankenslotted with 3 procs. Charged Shot can take on a few, and Refractor Beam could be completely loaded. That's not how I run it, but that is certainly possible for those that want to explore it. What's interesting here is the total animation time is the same as Path #2. Refractor Beam's Arcanatime animation is 1.848 seconds. This can help contribute to an overall feel of the chain firing off faster plus the added Force Feedbacks can actually speed things up. Additionally, Refractor Beam's Opportunity contribution is broken. It's adding per target vs per activation. Its not the only AoE that does this (Sonic's do it, Flame Thrower in AR does it), but it is not representative of all AoE behavior. So you'll potentially build meter faster with this approach. Path #5 = Disinitegrate -> Lancer Shot (mostly just for spread) -> Mind Probe -> Dominate -> Refractor beam. Load up on procs again. Currently, Path #2 is potentially better for how I want to play. Piercing Beam and Single Shot's debuffs are damage contributors that aren't as immediately apparent as a fully proc stuffed Refractor Beam. In order for Path #4 to really become attractive to me, I'd have to fully load Refractor with procs which I don't really want to pursue in my build. Still, if I did, it could be potentially be a slight increase. I'm napkin mathing here so I've probably got a lot wrong behind the scenes, but if I am in the ballpark then all of these options mean Beam Rifle is far more flexible than I first thought. That's a good thing, but only if a user is willing to explore the proc options in the set. Otherwise, you're basically running Path #1 or a modified 2 or 3 while lamenting how much more single target damage any other version of Beam Rifle is capable of.
  13. So ... your big idea is to homogenize the game ...? Um ... no ...?
  14. This left me wondering how it is possible to make a Super Strength/Street Justice and Super Strength/Martial Arts ... uh ... Tanker ...?
  15. The new end mod set has a ranged defence bonus on its 6th slot set bonus. Use the whole set on AM, I find it works really well and has nice bonuses. Don't forget to do 50+5 recharge IOs in hasten. The epic confuse set has +5% ranged def and recharge, so 6 slot Seeds. You should be able to get some nice set bonuses form EMP Pulse too. 5 slot entomb (use the proc elsewhere) works quite well. Depending on your epic power pool there is artillery set for the AoE, which has no procs. It gives 4% ranged def. Rad Infection - try 5 slots of dampening spirits.. 2 slots of zephyr in your travel. Hope these random suggestions help!
  16. @Heracleautterly on point. Great choice! The Roots - Hurricane (reinterpreting Bob Dylan)
  17. Hello Everyone, It has been 10 years since I have played CoH. I really love this game because I love the Super Hero genre. This was my first MMO and it was a great experience back then. One of the greatest things about this game is the community, the people. The people that play this game are amazing, they make amazing characters, each hero is a representation of that person. Isn't that a great concept? We connect with each other and share our cultures and experiences with each other through this great game. And although we may butt heads every now and then, I really love the people that play this game. We all share a love for super heroes, villains, etc. which is why we play this great game, the piece of art which is City of Heroes. Now, I think that while City of Heroes does many things very well, such as customization and graphics. But there is one thing that really bugs me and I'm sure it bugs a lot of other people as well. That is, the balance or lack thereof in this game. Some power sets and combos are too overpowered as it stands and let's face it, nobody likes the oddball meta combos such as beam rifle / plant manipulation. I mean who in their right mind makes a hero like that? That's nuts. So I am going to skip to the point, and my point is that this game should be more balanced. Now I am not a genius, a great programmer or whatever you want to call it, but I understand simple arithmetic. I'm more of an accountant. In real life I have worked in commodities trading and have a degree in finance. How do we balance this game though? Well, start with the basics. Start with single target damage for each power set. Make each powerset's single target attacks do similar damage over similar amounts of time, with similar recharges. I can go into further detail, but I really do believe that problem and solution is simple enough to understand without displaying the numbers. For example, we all know that Fire Blasters are OP and they do way too much damage compared with the rest of the powersets. Just compare the damage to electricity and it's mind boggling. And I know some of you will say that "well fire is more damaging than electricity I mean even the sun is made out of fire" but this is a game and games, like chess, need to be balanced. I'm not against minimal damage differences between the powersets, but when the damage differences are hundreds of points wide it's a little stupid. So balance this game once and for all. Make it a MASTER PIECE OF ART.
  18. So I know you guys are being facetious, but honestly, 100 merits for a purple. Forget free purples once a year, you can get free purples once a day by just running a TinPex followed by a Yin TF. Bam. Free purple, and it hardly takes more than an hour. 😜
  19. I wrote a long diatribe about this elsewhere, but the end cost of toggles isn't why you run out of endurance. Maneuvers costs 0.39 end/sec. That's obviously quite a lot when you consider that purple sets with their 4% Recovery are restoring 0.07% End/sec. Let's say we have a rotation of Incinerate -> Scorch -> Greater Fire Sword -> Scorch (not sure if this is an optimal rotation, but it's just an example). That entire rotation would cost 6.86 + 12.69 + 4.37 * 2 = 28.29 endurance. It would cycle in 1.848 + 2.508 + 1.188 * 2 = 6.73 secs. So your endurance consumption from this single target rotation would be 28.29 / 6.73 = 4.20 end/sec. That's an order of magnitude more endurance than you're spending on Maneuvers. Indeed, running all of your Ice Armor toggles is only 1.56 end/sec (about a third of that is Icicles). If we slot a single level 50 endurance reduction IO into Greater Fire Sword, the cost of our single target rotation will drop by 0.56 end/sec - more than enough to 'pay for' Maneuvers. While slots aren't perfectly fungible, Maneuvers itself is likely to save you that endurance reduction slot because you can use it to mule Shield Wall/Reactive Defenses where you might otherwise have to spend a slot in another defensive power. You can realistically consume up to 7 different defensive powers just on 5xLotG and the 2 global uniques.
  20. That's an exaggeration. The Broker system is a solid pattern of 3 Newspaper missions enable 1 Mayhem mission after which you are introduced to a new Contact. 3+1 does not equal 5.
  21. tactical costume accessories......gun holsters.....single and double holsters for pistols, both modern and western styles, such as Lara Crofts, you can wear double bandoleers like western/mexicans but no single or double rifle back pack holsters? same thing with swords....need single and double scabbards or sheaths, archery needs more arrow quivers, such as, modern target quivers that are worn on the hip and those worn on a back packs like on modern hunting gear, and old style Samurai quivers
  22. Today
  23. That's a bit of a sweeping statement. Tanks get good modifiers in the leadership pool and getting defence from maneuvers might free things up elsewhere in a build. Also your teammates get to benefit. The end cost is a major consideration on a toggle heavy AT though.
  24. No matter what you go with.... A debuffer will always be needed/make things much easier. Whether its a rad or a Dark. Time is also the FOTM. As for anything else. blasters/corr's handle everything that needs killing.
  25. It's not so much the mitigation (it debuffs damage as well as slowing) but the aggro it generates that makes it a must have. Nothing is stickier than an ice tank running icicles and chilling embrace.
  26. Sorry, Excelsior
  27. From an engineering perspective, the outflow shafts, and therefore the turbines, could be situated at any location which provides sufficient force, such as an island in the middle of the reservoir. You're building a dam anyway, though, so it's least expensive to place both right there, and it provides better long-term maintenance and repair options. But if you've got superhero muscle and people with the intellect to surf alternate realities, real world considerations like physics and budget can be ignored.
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