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  2. I do! I enjoy Combat Teleport. I think a lot of people will. That's something I explicitly called out. It's a fun power. I just don't think it's a very good one. And yes, I may not be able to take as full advantage of its tactical movement opportunities as people with a different input setup can. But honestly, tactical movement just isn't that important in CoH PvE. Most enemies do not have patch powers. You can get CJ instead and have just as much ability to move around, with a more fluid control setup, and get defense as well. There are a few cases where CT will enable you to do things that CJ would not -- like get out of caltrops fast -- but there are other cases where just tapping jump will be faster and easier, or where it's hard to place the reticle of CT because of an intervening obstacle, or where you screw up and teleport somewhere you don't want to be. In terms of movement powers, it's a wash. For blasting characters, in every place that doesn't have low ceilings, almost certainly Hover outperforms both CJ and CT in terms of actually getting a benefit from tactical movement. Huge benefits there that CT and CJ won't be able to match. Now, I think CT is cooler than Hover. I probably under-pick Hover because the kind of pokey feeling of it isn't great for me. But being able to reliably deny your enemies melee attacks is big. I really want to call out the idea that if we make a power that people like for thematic/fun reasons, but it underperforms mechanically, that's in a lot of ways worse than making a power that's not compelling either mechanically or thematically. The "bad both mechanically and thematically" power is just a waste of space, but it doesn't really hurt anyone. The "bad mechanically but good thematically power" gets picked and creates a frustrating situation for players where their attempts to build a unified conceptual hero/villain feel punished compared to the guy who just picked all the good powers. Not that this one power will move the needle a lot in terms of thematic-versus-effective, but it's part of the death of a thousand cuts of CoH right now.
  3. One minor quibble. I was able to confirm that a new character fresh out of the tutorial was able to get the Midnighter badge in Night Ward, then safely (at least through Founder's Falls) go through the Midnight Club to Cimerora, where upon claiming the badge that sits at Marcus Valerius's feet, he was awarded Entrusted with the Secret and a Ouro portal. This is only a little bit more convoluted than going through Echo Galaxy to Ouro directly, and your character will eventually need all of these things in any case. While in Cimerora, I did notice that I could approach the contacts Senator Decimus Aquila and Marcus Valerius. Both of them gave their standard intro. Neither gave me a mission; more importantly, neither gave me the 'go 'way kid' speech you usually get when you approach a higher level contact. To his credit, Imperious has and does give that speech. Going to leave him there for a while and see what progress gets made on Cimeroran Citizen. Also, I had somehow acquired two 'Talisman of the Initiate' enhancements that I noticed at the end of this process. Is this what gets handed out in Outbreak instead of the training enhancements?
  4. The email menus are currently awful to navigate; the email menu itself is so small and trying to expand it just expands the wrong side.
  5. Love this change, thanks all! Any chance we can get horns as it's own option instead of behind included in the glasses/faces options? I'd love to be able to have a mask with horns!
  6. There are a million ways to get around, and have always been used to get around, for fast travel. Oport. Mishtp. TT. Basetp. Portal (yeah, the one thats at nearly every tram). LFG (if you dont know how to fast-travel using LFG, you might want to look at that). We can still get around, but it will just be fast travel ala pre cheatcode. 🙂
  7. Could we please please please get an option to make the League window look more like the team window? Or at least have the same font size as it.
  8. Happening to me as well. Seems to happen when I activate aim or any incarnate abilities while shinobi is toggled.
  9. I don't really like to use it on all-ranged characters, for that reason. But if you're in the middle of mobs, then it can be decent. Its max damage over 20 seconds is like 66 damage, which is not impressive for a proc, but it only has to activate on one target to end up doing AoE damage to everyone in its radius, so it works a lot better on large groupings than other AoE damage procs. The downside is the DoT, so if you're playing a character who does high burst damage, it's not that useful. My Electric/Earth Dom uses it, and sits in the middle of a spawn keeping it drained, so it has the chance to activate a lot and to have a decent amount of time to do damage. So it's okay for PBAoE characters. Not great, the damage is too slow, but it's not bad for a single IO. It's also useful on my Fire/Psy Dom, who doesn't have great burst damage and also sits in the mobs. I don't use it on a Plant/Savage, since he moves around a lot and also clears spawns much faster. It also Stuns and draws aggro, which can be useful at low-mid levels. At high levels it's not that useful to draw aggro, since it has no defenses... so anything that can threaten a well-built character in their 40s and up is just going to crush it. So it's more useful on a character at low-mid levels, who is on the lower side of damage for Doms, or most Controllers since their AoE damage is usually more lacking.
  10. When the upcoming Issue 27 arrives we may be losing base portal access to Echo: Galaxy City and Echo: Dark Astoria. They will still be available through Ouroborous for badging but we will lose a convenient method of getting the Ouro accolade itself. Unless we spam chat for people to drop portals for us we will have to wait until we complete certain missions (level 15-19 villains/level 20-24 heroes). The devs plan to lower the requirements for entry to Ouro so why not write up low level arcs to send us back in time? i haven't thought about redside missions much but here are some for heroes: Echo: Galaxy City A contact wants to know what is causing the psychic disturbances in Perez Park and sends the player on a mission to read history plaques about Ishmael of the Lost. Since some of the plaques are in Galaxy City the player is sent to the destroyed zone (map is used in an arc from Twinshot). From there the player ends up in a time warp and has an adventure in Echo: Galaxy City (instanced map) and earns "Entrusted With A Secret." Echo: Dark Astoria Once the character is a member of the Midnight Squad he/she is contacted by a fellow member who is researching ways of restoring Astoria. The player is sent into Echo: Dark Astoria and has many adventures. This could be a 20-30 level arc. Another way to do this is as a level 50 task force set up by the Midnight Squad. Incarnates wish to prevent the return of Mot and travel back to level 20-30 Astoria to dig up info on Mot, Hazen and even Spanky Rabinowitz. I always thought that old Dark Astoria deserved some attention with a series of arcs like Faultline and a Meg Mason type to offer repeatable content. The new Astoria has that but Echo: Dark Astoria could still be a source of story content.
  11. If someone had ripped the cover off the dictionary, then you'd need to look up what it was called.
  12. It's a leftover from when critter hit chances used ToHit instead of Accuracy, I suspect. It might even be pre-Purple Patch, or part of the Purple Patch.
  13. Martial Assault already has a power that functions like Storm Kick with a cone effect, so yeah. Not sure why they added it to Eagle's Claw of all powers. I also don't think the solution is to just give every melee standardized "one PBAOE one cone" as a way of making them perform equally. If one set's better at single-target than at AOE, or vice-versa, I'm not sure why that's considered a design flaw needing fixed.
  14. The recharge time on Blizzard, Blackstar, Thunderous Blast, Nova, Inferno, Psychic Wail, Atomic Blast and Dreadful Wail was 360s when TA went live. And for the rest of the lifetime of the game, until the day it shut down. Those recharge times were adjusted in I24, which was still in beta on the original servers. OSA's recharge time was not, because despite having the capability to deal as much damage as some of those nukes, it was treated as a defender primary power, a debuff and soft control. K.
  15. Ok this is looking great...then I showed her Mystic Flight (thanks Mek lol) which she loved. So minor tweak. Mystic flight added and CJ in place of hover. 🙂 And one very happy wife... now to raid my alts for all the IOs lol!
  16. My assumption here is that global damage does affect proc damage? I will have to go test it maybe using a proc and Assault or something. I was under the impression that global damage did not affect procs, but if that was the case then Bio's damage should be mitigated by, not exaggerated by, proc heavy chains. Unless the Bio numbers are much more from the built in -Res and -Regen than the +Dam?
  17. I'll start by saying, I wouldn't reject a defense buff on Combat Teleport. Anywhere there's more defense is going to be helpful. What you wrote is a perfectly reasonable thought process of why you or someone else might not put Combat Teleport into a certain build, because of how you'd like to slot that build. Which, again, is a valid decision for any player to make! And I have to say I appreciate that you are looking at it from multiple levels of slotting. I'm usually somewhere in the middle between optimizing and fun/concept. I also agree that the +tohit could either be longer or stronger. Defense would be great, but doesn't feel totally necessary since there are two travel-lite combat powers that do this already. On the other hand, it also makes sense for every travel power skill line to start with a way to use that power defensively in combat. But this reply is an example of the point I was trying to make earlier. You're searching for a reason that this power should exist, when the reason is as simple as a quick teleport. You don't seem to enjoy integrating that into your playstyle, because you said yourself, you're using a trackpad, which sounds annoying to use with teleport. I play with one hand on the keyboard and one hand on a mouse - what I assume is a common and straightforward setup. I keep teleports/dashes on F or C. Because I'm already using the mouse for the camera and for stuff that's not in convenient tray spots, it's easy to use CT to zip all over the place hitting melee, PBAoE, zipping out, etc. It's instant. You "take advantage" of Combat Teleport by... instantly being somewhere else. Out of the tar patch/caltrops/flaming oil slick/earthquake, many of which prevent jumping. into your ally's healing plants. behind a wall so you can ambush a pull. Use it on the ceiling above an upper floor that's annoying to take the hallway stairs to reach. Go from the door of Portal Corp to the elevators instantly. Perfectly line up those narrow cone attacks. Avoid the rings on the ground in the higher level trials. Possibilities are endless at all levels, even with no enhancements. It could be implemented with zero buff attached and I would take it on half my characters without second thought. Mitigation through positioning is a really valid form of defense. At the end of the day it's just... instantaneous teleport. That's what the essence of the power is, and I think for many players that's enough reason to pick it up. It makes CoH combat much more dynamic!
  18. I will roll a char port into Atlas (from char creator) get my P2W stuff (insp.,enhancements, xp boost, and powers) start over by the tram beating on stuff till I hit lvl 4 travel over to Ms. Libery take my powers and fill my slots accordingly (always a fly power) wait for any PI radio teams that will take any lvl (this is usually pretty quick) team up till I get some ridiculous lvl (this varies on my synergy with the char). Lvl up powers/slot accordingly maybe rework my look and I'm ready to roll to lvl 50. Again on how the char looks and feels I will then proceed to iTrails for incarnate tiers...ta da!!!
  19. Which powexeclocation allows you to do just that, the same can't be said to make it work as a location power which any power that creates a ranged patch should do.
  20. It was terrible foresight not to have a focused thread for every Blaster Secondary that was affected in this update. That said, I think the ENA change is being blown way out of proportion. The implication that the tier 1 of a Blaster secondary set is seen as such a 'core' power of the set, that any changes made to said power that are perceived as negative would therefore render the set 'unplayable' is a text book case of hyperbole.
  21. If I may paraphrase the great Ron Swanson ... "I don't know how much money I have, but I know how many Kilograms of money I have."
  22. Actually, with the enhancement changes in this patch you can get them to 53, for 38.3% Damage and 23% range.
  23. Haven't been keeping up so didn't even try those. I'm just glad to know it's not my installation that's borked. Thanks, yall.
  24. I think GA would be great for cone based secondaries. Or if you wanted to fight all at ranged. Use GA to create a area of denial between the mobs and you. But power and slot starvation will be a serious problem for TA builds now. IMO TA power selection will be driven heavily by the secondaries. As it is now, I have so many powers I keep forgetting to use Entangling Arrow or EMP Arrow. My little brain can only keep track of so many powers. 🙂
  25. I'm new to creating/updating Mission pages so forgive my inexperience. I used the Mission Objective template a few times creating the first two missions for the Market Crash trial. That template has a parameter (called Map) for specifying the map that the mission uses, but it doesn't appear to do anything useful with the map name that is passed to it. Either that, or I am not passing it in the correct format. For instance, if you look at the first Mission page for Market Crash, you can see on the right about halfway down the page it just says 'Map: ROAD_TUNNEL' (after I passed a value of 'ROAD_TUNNEL' for the Map parameter). I would expect the actual map to show up here (assuming a representative image had been uploaded). I am in the process of looking through a bunch of story arcs/task forces to see if I can find an example of this parameter being passed and a map actually being displayed (thank goodness for the 'What Links Here' page), but I have found none yet. If anyone happens to know of any missions where this parameter actually causes a map to be displayed, please let me know. I think I can relatively easily modify the template so that a map is actually displayed, but I don't want to fiddle with it if there are already valid examples of it displaying a map.
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