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  2. Also, when I start a TF that I know will benefit from team teleport or some other power like Envenomed Daggers, I always offer to pay for them. A lot of times people don't know about them or just haven't done it. Only one person ever took my offer up although most people did buy.
  3. standard sounds much like make everything the same. i understand your view, just saying..
  4. On one hand, yes - the low level badasses can be a touch annoying but using the arena to solve IC conflict is a really wrinkle-brained move. Emote/Dice fight are less reliant on having builds. I wouldn't say never, but they are certainly hard to portray if you want to play the wise and elegant sort. However, some people just never grow up. Even if that is annoying. ...that would make a hilarious movie, but also probably not a good one.
  5. How about bringing back Pocket D VIP as a purchasable power? It would automatically unlock fast travel. I used to buy it on all my toons, still would for new guys. I'd gladly pay 10 million for it.
  6. Well, I need to keep putting things for sale if I want the magical magic to happen 🙂
  7. Interesting discovery - turns out that underneath Maelstrom's hair is some different, better looking hair.
  8. Meanwhile, while you sit where you are... Somewhere across the multiverse extremely Nice, Cute and Adorable people are fighting Dali Creatures. Take a look: Not exactly Tertiary Power pool but having an option to do that would be amazing XD. We just neutered a part that validates costumes on my Private Server, and rejects it from serverside. So it stopped doing this, allowing Us to do that ^^^
  9. First and foremost, I offer sincere thanks to @Janrith, @ROBOKiTTY, @Wingman, and anyone else who worked on the predecessors to this menu. They deserve immense credit, and the work I have done on this project is built upon the work they accomplished. This project is an offshoot of the alphabetic badge list popmenu. My version of this project is a customized popmenu containing both a categorized and alphabetical badge listing, created in early 2020. Details on the history of the overall project can be found at the link above. For a detailed rundown of my own modifications, start with this post (from the above thread) and work your way down the thread from there. In the interest of keeping that thread dedicated to the original version of the project, I decided with the advent of Issue 27 to make a separate thread for my version. The original version is a fantastic menu and I strongly encourage everyone to try it out. As I've done from the outset, I will continue to share new and/or updated badge information with the creators of the original version so that both versions can be as up-to-date as possible. Details regarding the installation and use of this menu can be found in this post. The previous version is available in the CoH modder tool, and I will see about updating that version as well. There are three 'Favorites' sections in the menu. One at the very top, one in the Accolades > Day Jobs section, and one in the standalone Day Jobs section. Users may wish to overwrite the badge information in those sections with their own respective favorites. If so, just keep in mind to retain a backup when updating so that these favorites sections are not overwritten. The version posted here has been updated according to the changelog in the spoiler box below. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions, or if you notice anything that isn't correct. Thanks! BadgeSetList.mnu
  10. We were halfway through the mission when my toon became rigid with arms to the side weirdness, flying that way too! It happened right before I leveled, continued through the leveling. Kept flying like a stick, couldn't target anything, but could get hit. So I flew into the mob and got killed, that fixed it.
  11. We're not interested in any further meta-arguing. Frankly, we've allowed too much of it. If you want to talk about the topic, go ahead. If you want to argue about the conduct of your arguments over the past month, go somewhere else.
  12. I built without standard teleport, and love combat teleport. If it were a choice between the two, I'd definitely choose CT. I'm happy enough with fast travel powers and athletic run+sprint for normal travel. Combat Teleport actually lets me be a slow stupid brick and reposition in battle effectively for cones. Even if I were super fast as a stone/, I would be stuck in the middle of a mob without CT since I can't jump. There would be less reason to do this if all your damage is pbaoe or single target, but I think the quality of life for the quick engage would be worth it. I do not enjoy regular teleport for combat movement.
  13. While I agree that Shiver is wide, 135 degrees is still only about 1/3rd of a circle. In the context of the set it's fairly unwieldly. What complicates things is you can't aim the cone wherever you want, it requires you to target an enemy in the reticle. There are cones out there that fire in front of you without a target, but that isn't how Shiver works. Since you're so close to the targets, them running or being knocked back a little to the left or right can really mess you up. We could make Shiver require no target, but I'd much rather one of these 2 solutions: Make it a 50ft radius sphere placeable within ~20 ft range (developers may feel 35ft sphere with 40ft range is more appropriate, either would be much better options than the current cone and cover roughly the same blast area), range enhanceable When placing a sphere there are no accidents where +Range results in a larger blast area: the only thing that changes is how far away you can place the sphere Make it a 360 degree "cone" that takes Range enhancements [EDIT: Some fidgeting with placeable drop distances to get math closer to current Shiver reach]
  14. Oranges are delicious! Oh the inspirations, not the fruit. Rugged's and the like can be decent for building up resists you're weak to.... esp for attacks that simply DO NOT MISS, like some of the First Ward / Awakened. Or if you know you're GOING to be hit by a solid WALL of Defense Debuffs. Sometimes, you want good resistances, or a healer buddy, or a controller buddy, or better yet, both. But these are pretty situational at best. Luck's are hands-down useful in like 90%+ of content, regardless of AT or powerset. Rugged's simply can't say the same. Do I think some of the numbers should be swapped? Yes. Do I feel a bit hypocritcal saying that after having leveraged lucks to get certain characters through content? Yes. So I vote: "Abstain".
  15. Making the Ouro portal available at level 1 really destroys the argument that there needs to be a significant cost/barrier to fast travel.
  16. Yeah I hadn't seen that bopper updated to the correct link when I replied. So i'm upgrading from non-existent to semi-existent 😄
  17. One of the important things to keep in mind with having some people with access to fast travel and some people without is that this is a team-oriented game. If everyone was playing solo, not having travel powers would only inconvenience the one player. But no matter how much time/effort/work I put into getting the fast travel abilities that make the game convenient for me, there are likely to be people on the team who do not have those powers, leaving me with the choice to sit around and wait for them, or to play without them. This is not fun. No matter how you look at it, its not an improvement to the game play experience. If you're someone who only plays with friends, or only plays with super group members, and never plays with pick up groups, maybe this doesn't make much of a difference to you. But when you are playing in pick up groups and adding and losing players with each mission of an arc, or taking the lottery with a Task Force or Trial, you never know who you are going to end up with. And having new players come into the game and ask "how do I get to Striga?" and wondering why it is that everyone else can just pop over there in three seconds while they have to fly between trams and ferries or alternatively explaining to them that they need to go stand in Pocket D for an hour and then earn an exploration badge in Striga after that so they can fast travel there ... I don't know. I started City of Heroes before Enhancement Diversification, so its been a long time since I struggled with traveling around, but I sympathize with new or returning players who don't know how to get around and now there are drop down menus and afking in zones to earn accolades and day job charges and millions of influence "prestige" powers to explain to them. It's been characterized by people that "fast travel" is cheating unless you jump through hoops to earn it. But why is that a problem when having capes or the fitness pool or travel powers before level 14 not considered cheating? The jetpack at the P2W vendor is remarkably cheap, its practically cheating. And that dagger they sell there. Or the recover-boost serum. What about the Knockback to Knockdown enhancement? All cheating. Then there's the fortune telling cards. Literally free. Or the origin prestige attacks. Ninja run. Are they cheating too? Warshades and Peacebringers get a bunch of power sets with just the cost of one or two picks (Nova and Dwarf forms). Cheaty cheaty! Consider this also: When I team with someone who doesn't have influence for SOs or IOs and is inexperienced in how to play the game, it makes things harder for me, but WE BOTH still get to actually PLAY the game. When I team with someone who can't get to the mission -- well, I can either wait, or hurt his feelings by playing without him. Sometimes (often) it's SEVEN people who are waiting because ONE person is slow or lost. Making it faster and easier to get to game play, at least when teaming, should be seen as a benefit. This is why a lot of MMOs teleport you straight to instances now when you group, they don't make you wander like nomads between dungeon entrances using 5 different travel methods. I love travel powers. One of my favorite memories of City of Heroes was getting Flight for the first time and flying around Atlas Park. I still fly or super-jump around the city for fun, because it is fun. People will use these powers because its fun for them, and if they aren't, maybe they can be made MORE fun, rather than making not-having-them LESS fun for people.
  18. There seems to be no sound effects on Sonic Thrust, though maybe it is just a quiet one? Also, I am absolutely loving Combat Teleport and Fold Space. Real gamechangers for me, but they still feel totally part of the CoH world.
  19. A response to Ticket 20432, giving detail to my criticisms. First, it's important to recognize a few things. I never played CoH when it was a supported, retail game. I am unfamiliar with the game as it was, and am making all commentary from the perspective of someone who experiences it as new. I have a very dear friend who has expressed some of the differences, but it is possible I do not know the difference between Homecoming changes and the original game. The changes implemented since I started playing are what I know to be different. I do not know or understand the hierarchy and roles of the development team (including GM's). I'm sure I could rectify this rather easily, but I haven't had the desire to do so. I don't know who is in charge of what, or what's involved--labor-wise--in what the Homecoming team does. CoH is a 50%/50% proposition at best. The original developers were mad geniuses that implemented some amazing things and insanely stupid things. They seem to have been highly gifted and clueless. Had I experienced the game while it was retail, I would have quit playing. It's not worth a premium subscription rate. The Homecoming team is doing something amazing that should be celebrated. They have revived a dead game that was beloved by millions! From what I have read, the only reason this game died was corporate greed. It was profitable, when they pulled the plug. It just wasn't making the millions of dollars that MOBA's were. Now the game is reverse-engineered, running legally, and the millions of fans can enjoy it again. The Homecoming team keeps it running smoothly, even though they don't have the backing of a large corporation and the resources to staff employees to do so. I recognize their hard work. I have enjoyed playing this game. They deserve applause and adulation. However, adulation leads to complacency and hubris. They need criticism and feedback. They're just not any good at new content, and they won't get better if someone doesn't tell them. My ticket was motivated by the I27 patch, so that's where I'll start. The Graveyard Shift is terrible. I think I understand the intention and can see what the story is trying to achieve. Unfortunately, its execution is lacking. As of this writing, I have not finished it, and I won't play The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok, because it's not enjoyable. I don't feel committed enough to this critique to endure the whole mission chain. The missions are wildly unbalanced. I started The Graveyard Shift with a Radiation Blast/Energy Aura Sentinel at level 23. The character was fully enhanced with level 20, Common IO's. She was putting out between 20 and 70 damage per strike, without inspirations. The first mission was fine. The second got a little chewy. I got the Defense, Offense, and Survival Amplifiers from P2W and used the Tier III Empowerment Station in my base to load up on resistances and other buffs. The overload of mobs in Crash the Unholy Masquerave is...stupid. It lacks any sense. I quit the mission chain at that point. I switched to my Veteran level 80 Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker to test it out. This character is fully enhanced with set IO's and 90% of those are attuned. All of his Incarnate powers are T4 and I regulalry run him through high level content. At normal difficulty, he walked through the first two missions like a stroll in the park. He regularly puts out 200 points of damage. He didn't struggle in the Masquerave, until the final boss. I needed inspirations and had a difficult fight there. You've combined Vahzilok with Freakshow in a mid-range mission, and crowded the sewers with mobs. To state the obvious, too many targets using endurance drain and the least resisted damage type in the game, during the stage in character development when endurance management is a problem and resistance is low. On top of that, both of these enemy groups revive, but you've already overpopulated the map. It is clear you do not understand game balance. If anything, it seems this mission chain is balanced for Incarnate players with fully customized and enhanced characters. That's bad design. Make it playable by the average player for that level range. If you're going to make "End Game" content, then make it an ITrial. The Zoombies are senseless. They're not fast enough to be surprising. They don't do enough damage to be scary. They can't be avoided. They can't be damaged down before they arrive and explode. There's no story or tactical value to them. They're just, "Here. Have some damage!" They would be an effective addition to the Vahzilok forces if they created a tactical stake for the players. Put them on a timer: if I can kite them long enough, they explode. Give them a damage threshold: if I can do [insert damage amount] in a single attack, they explode. Do both, so players have options for dealing with them. This is a strong example of how the Homecoming team doesn't get game design. The text is thick, invasive, and unrewarding. When I first read Agent Watkins' description I picked up a hint of bringing the game into the next decade. I see acknowledgment of more modern conventions in a game made before they existed. I can appreciate that, but...I quickly tired of reading anything Watkins said. Not only are his interactions long-winded, they're dense and inconsistent (as if they were written by more than one person). Where most of the other NPC's have some sort of personality, Watkins is dry and unpalatable. Within the missions, the constant pop-up of Zoombie text is annoying. It does not set the mood. Just play music. Also, Agent Watkins' pop-up text happens at inopportune times. Most of the time that there's pop-up text in the established missions, it happens between fights. That makes it readable. I have no room to read your pop-ups while having my face melted off (refer to point #1). Also, the Vahzilok talk too much *seems like every corpse is whining), detracting from actually playing the mission. Honestly, I've come to ignore the NPC text in most missions, as it is too prolific and banal (one of the problems with the original game). Just nitpicking: The teleport point for Agent Watkins is on top of the generator. Fix it. Also, his mobile headquarters is pretty lame. Consult with some of you more revered base builders to make a better setup. For one, make him more physically accessible. Unfortunately, I have run out of time to finish this in one shot. I will edit later and express critiques of Teleportation changes, Sonic Manipulation (Seriously? A Blaster secondary that is primarily melee?), Electrical Affinity, Experimentation, and the new set IO's released in I26, Page 5.
  20. Frankly, I'm not sure this helps very much. I didn't see any name calling or insults. Let folks voice their opinion. It's disappointing to see posts constantly removed while other remain. See the derailment post still on the first page of this thread with giant orange letters. Too heavy of moderation could have the opposite effect than intended. @Jimmy @Captain Powerhouse etc. Effectively driving players away (players who obviously care) for voicing opinions that differ is no bueno. I'll take my point and retire for the day..
  21. Oh, do I remember that. Getting Perez Park missions where the mobs on the way were worse than in the mission. In Steel or Skyway at level 10 and getting a mission at the far end. And running down the exact centre of roads in the City zones as well as dodging the mobs on the street. There's a reason why I go for full stealth on all my toons. By level 20 at the latest.
  22. I don't come from a min/max mindset when I choose builds. A lot of it is "how fun is this when I level?" I have an incarnate Thugs/Kin who has a ton of damage and utility. His concept was fun to create. But making my Bots/EA, I have a great concept and really enjoy playing him. I'm not a giant fan of the 50 game for MMs outside of all-MM TF runs, etc which are hilariously enjoyable IMO. But EA has a lot to offer and if I end up on a team that has little in the way of buffs, I can fill the gap by keeping everyone and my henchmen healed, absorbed and +rech/+end in addition to running my bots. I just like the flexibility of play style of an EA MM on the way up. I enjoyed the secondary so much that I made an EA defender to compare and both are enjoyable and fairly flexible to the team. Now, soloing, taking on AVs and all kinds of high level insanity, I can't speak to. But it's been very fun to play in groups and enjoy the concept. Depends how you play the game, I suppose.
  23. There are some things to circle back on for sure. Let folks post some opinions, it's a process, many are just seeing changes for the first time. They are not wrong to have an opinion. Hey look a Dark Melee thread.. squirrel !!
  24. I've hidden a bunch of posts. I would strongly suggest leaving the past in the past.
  25. I wasn't happy with Dark Melee as many of you know, and won't use it now, 😜 but I am happy and enthusiastic with i27, there is more I liked than disliked. It is easy to get caught up in an argument. Someone says something or it is taken\read wrong and it escalates. But deep down I think we are all nice people, I have never met a bad person in game. We are just passionate about this game 😘
  26. Question, are accurate based on healing both self and group heal more due to being able to miss than those heals which dont use accuracy?
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