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  2. Swiss Draw puts swiss holes in my heart!!!!! Good luck! Stay safe!!!
  3. A controller with storm summoning should be pretty safe. Of course it depends on what context you play in but if enemies are locked down, debuffed and/or scattered to the winds then not a lot of attacks are coming your way. Force fields give more direct defence while also having a lot of knockback so that's also an option.
  4. Believe me I know all about the Swiss Draw problems, I used to run swiss draw matches back in the old days 🙂
  5. @Blueridger@JayboHNot able to replicate this. It followed me both through zones, into indoor areas of zones, and into missions. Are you able to replicate this reliably with a specific door?
  6. I'm debating making a video but I'm lazy, exhausted and need to find my old program.
  7. As for the buggy Swiss Draw: Updating my original notes. Have run this many times. It isn't really a pita except the wait time. A few extra details: This can be a lengthy time commitment. I tell everyone up front. Probably because custom pentads are so fast, some might assume this is as well. It's 3 rounds for only 1 winner. 8 badgers = 24 rounds. 8 *bodies* minimum needed. Easily, one can grab spouse / 2nd accounts to fill if needed. If 16 show up, run 2 teams with 2 hosts. If 12 show up, just ask 4 to wait and then excuse the first 4 winners after they badge. The host does all the work: sets matches, selects winner in advance, sends reminders, etc. When I had groups in voice, it was super simple. Groups in text were ok, but sometimes it felt like a lot more poking. If running in text, I preferred everyone wait at the battle terminals so I could "see" them as they exit and re-enter rounds. Remind everyone to drop toggles, which saves time on matches (except the designated winner). Remind self (host) to use Cage match map. This allows us to immediately see who we are placed inside a round with. If I forget and leave it on random map, they can look at the mini map. Iirc, the hover tells them who their challenge partner is. Or yell in broadcast. Or play hide and seek... haha. no. that is a time waster on 24 rounds. Though I use Coliseum map for custom pentads. It's just prettier and larger. The teams go in and immediately see one another. I like to announce the winner in advance of each run (1 run = 3 rounds). It's buggy and time consuming, so it's not a bad idea to keep everyone on the same page. Local chat: "Heroid is winner of this run for all 3 rounds. If you are teleported inside and face to face with anyone OTHER THAN him/her, please exit the map. You may click on SCOR to exit. If you are inside the cage match with Heroid, surrender yourself to sweet death. Do NOT kill the badger. Thank you." By the 3rd run, I'm just yelling "Fidessa is the winner. Dont kill her. Thanks." I'm old fashioned and keep a handwritten list of who already badged. I take 2nd alt badgers last as a courtesy to those who only badge 1 character. Invite the designated winner first! By default, you as the host will be Place # 1. That places the designated winner / first invitee in Place # 2. Wait to ensure the designated winner has accepted the invitation and is showing in the arena screen before inviting the others. I like to invite someone who also does not yet have the badge as 2nd invitee, Place # 3. This way, if something bugs, at least both potential places needed the badge anyway. Yes, exiting early does sometimes change how the 2nd and 3rd rounds work. Sometimes, those advancing find themselves inside the match with no sparring partner. This is fine. The rounds will continue and the designated winner will still badge. Following the first and 2nd rounds, at least one person (the designated winner) should see a text announcement. Something like "Round 2 begins in 2 minutes". Sometimes they dont. Iirc, it's 2 minutes. So if no one is whooshed inside in 3 minutes, it's possible the run is completely bugged. This has only happened to us once in many many runs so I don't worry about it. Some designated winners swear they never saw the countdown message and still get whooshed inside the map for the next round. What happens when the designated winner is whooshed inside a round with no one to kill? Just wait. Stand there and wait. They'll badge. Though, if they are inside the match with someone in round 2 and 3, I prefer they kill the toggle-less sacrificial lamb. I like to run Pentad before Swiss Draw.
  8. Fire/Kin may not be able to do +4/x8 afk farming, but it is still a damn powerhouse both offensively and defensively, both solo and in teams. It's probably one of the best support in the game at all level ranges
  9. A shame. I'm all for helping out with visual impairments, but since this was already an option that could be switched to back and forth, I'm not sure why it needed to be removed. After all, if the red was causing some difficulties, the user could have left it as blue/switched it to blue. Oh well, thanks for the heads up.
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  11. everything i've ever read states the AT's have to be specific, we'll see
  12. Specific AT's are not required if using the Custom Pentad selection. Custom does sometimes still have buggy issues, but is an easier set up.
  13. Here's a link to my Human Form PB with softcaps to SLM and perma LF + some other stuff Might be a good base to take and customize to your preferences
  14. It would be good to be able to rename the in base teleport points to something more appropriate to where they go.
  15. I'm looking to make a character for soloing. I want it to be a heavy knockback character. Not the most efficient but flinging enemies makes me laugh. I also hate dying, so Blaster is kinda out. I'm looking at Sentinal with E-blast, Is there a better highly survivable knockback expert than an E-blast sentinel with Willpower?
  16. You realize Defenders don't just help tanks right? The role of a Defender is still important in many team makeups - especially in TFs. Each Defender primary serves a purpose that if used correctly can help a team - through buffs/debuffs. As for damage... while Defenders have the lowest damage modifier in the game that does not mean that their attacks don't contribute to taking down enemies. It is through their primary and secondary powers that Defenders can turn a mediocre team into true super heroes.
  17. Way too many of these just give iconic powers from certain sets to basically everyone. WOuld they be handy/useful/awesome? Sure. Are they needed? No way. Even with the adjusted AT mods for all the stuff, it is just TOO much. Let there be at least some unique powers for teh different ATs and sets.
  18. There's nothing to consider as "we move forward." This is a non-starter suggestion. It will not happen. You can hold out hope all you want, but the reality is - 99.999% of the suggestions made here will not happen - and I can guarantee this is not in the .001% of those that will ever seriously be considered.
  19. It will not be in this page coming out next. It will be ooked at in the future and at that time...will be beta tested/discused/modified/tested/discussed. FYI a lot of people use AE for non-farming...that is not something special that only happens on Everlasting. Difference is in the mindset of how characters are built - for RP purposes or for functionality purposes. Choices.
  20. I would say, it exacerbates a problem that exists and persists in varying aspects of the game, team play and customization. If we kept incarnates as we have them now but Thanos snapped all IOs, I think it wouldn't be all that bad. If we took some steps to curb some things, having them made up through incarnate powers would at the very least prioritize build goals as one progresses upward. But it gets to a point that some aspects of the game are wholly phased out (not by only incarnates, mind you...). For example, Judgement nukes are only 1 aspect of the overbloat of AoEs which is contained within the core issue regarding encounter difficulty. It marginalizes aspects of defensive support and crowd control and limits team roles.
  21. When people say the game is hard.... I usually look at their power choices and that is usually a good indicator that they have no idea how to build a decent character build.
  22. You kinda proved my point though; dominators do have another means to keep him alive: CC and simply murdering everything trying to kill him. Controllers have everlasting CC and buffs. And the bigger point is, masterminds are completely dependent on every single one of their pets to survive and do their job. That is not true of the control pets, and you listing the other insane melody of different means they have like 25% base def and spirit tree just makes me further realize the huge gap between control and MM pet appeal. Not only do control pets have better stats, more or simply existing CC, but they can be resummoned immediately and with little endurance. I see why control classes don't often use the auras. Creepers literally auto die and auto revive themselves. What controller is actually running into the fray and is the sole means of keeping all the carrion and traps pets alive anyway, and can't do so with the intense CC offered by plants? Are you talking about farming? At like +4x8? Farming isn't even a given for every or even any AT, if your non-tank class ability to farm is impeded by the transformation of auras for the AT that is lacking and truly needs modification for their 1-50 ordinary gameplays feasibility, I think that is a secondary issue. A players luxury to be even more monstrously OP shouldn't be a barrier for achieving proper performance elsewhere, especially with something so minor as control pets being slightly more incredibly long lived. Of course, if your next piece of evidence shows that that is super helpful outside of highly leveled solo instances, then I'd be won over there. Despite that, my point about control pets not being necessary to control performance, however, would stand. I'm just not sold that controllers need the auras in any way. And part of this conversation is pretty much that "needing" the auras for baseline performance to begin with, needing outside additional IOs just to be viable, is stupid and needs to change. So if you can prove this caveat true, you should probably be proposing a means for innate +survivability for control pets (that they 100% do not need). Like, universal pet survivability increase without IOs. The difference between control and MM pets, especially with the instances you provided, is that the auras are not a luxury. They are a toll.
  23. I can't quite comment on game 'difficulty', but I can certainly point out some observations on how it 'feels'. I generally prefer playing at the lower levels and smaller teams, as the pace of the game there feels less focused on rushing from mob to mob through sheer strength, and better allows for other means of handling enemies in a way that still feels relevant (i.e. not outpaced by just dealing a lot of damage). Naturally, I'm aware there's plenty of people who like the opposite - that the lower levels are something not enjoyable because that's the case. The game draws in different people, I suppose.
  24. Star Trek Online had this functionality. It's nice, and using existing emotes it may be possible, especially considering recent/upcoming changes to the character creator.
  25. Just to add to what is mentioned here, mob awareness is as always, critical. Unfortunately this often comes with experience and failure, but pin point the most damaging enemy mobs to your minions and isolate them with anything you can. Holds, debuffs, overwhelming damage etc. Enemies with lots of aoe and splash damage are particularly good at wiping out your henchman, so start with them first.
  26. For pure farming, the consensus builds are Spines/Fire and Rad/Fire Brutes. The Tanker changes earlier this year probably mean that there are Tanker builds that equal/exceed the performance of these sorts of Brute builds. The controller builds are a bit of a step back from the Brutes/Tankers and tend to require a bit more interaction - you can literally go afk with your Brute/Tanker and come back to a pile of influence/xp. FIre/Kin remains perhaps the most popular build in the game. It's a fairly flexible build that also works well in team settings. However, a build like Plant/Storm is likely to beat it for sheer mass carnage.
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