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  2. We haven't heard anything back from OVH yet, and tests performed about 30 minutes ago show that the problem is still occurring. We'll provide updates when available via the forums and our Discord.
  3. Data is completely intact and we make regular backups both on and off site, so no worries there! This is purely a networking issue across the private VLAN our servers rely on.
  4. Hey all, Unfortunately this one is a bit out of our control. At around 1 AM UTC, we started experiencing severe packet loss and fluctuating latency across the private network (vRack) that our servers use to communicate. We've since put a support ticket in with OVH and have attempted to call anyone we could get ahold of at OVH to have this issue investigated. Bad news is, though, their automated response system is currently rejecting calls to all departments (incl. incident & outage reporting, technical support, and account & billing), so we're unable to obtain any more informa
  5. Last week
  6. How big are you talking? Are you asking for the bow without the veil? Not possible right now for two reasons: beast heads don't conform to a universal size the way player heads do, and hair needs to be pretty precise around the scalp hats have their hair built into the hat itself, and allowing hair + hats would look very bad most of the time, ignoring the undertaking of what would need to be done behind the scenes to permit it to begin with A proper solution would involve a hat adjuster slider for fine tuning the PYR and distance of a hat with no ha
  7. Are you willing to take the harsh diminishing returns that the PvP versions have for it?
  8. Earlier
  9. I actually quite like this idea! I won't make any promises, but a torch reaction might pop up in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
  10. Probably the occasional false positives that are associated with the domain from the launcher downloading files from it.
  11. If you know the name of the global, you can type: /playernote global or /player_note global to bring up the dialog for it. It's important not to include the @ symbol before the global. You can also find your notes in your account name folder in your game directory in playernotes.txt
  12. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've gone ahead and filed a false positive report with Avast which should hopefully get this problem resolved within a few days. Fortunately, and rather strangely, none of our domains are actually coming up on any blacklists or show as being flagged by any commercial anti-virus programs (tested through a few services incl. VirusTotal). I'm assuming that Avast flagging the site is too recent to show up on these services, so hopefully it'll just be one false positive report and we're good to go.
  13. 1%, and windows sets the app to 60% of THAT.
  14. 1000,000db: The first time anyone loads the game and discovers what 100% volume is like.
  15. This is planned but not before page4, page3 will add the remaining Tour Guides for the 15ish zones that have exploration accolades but no tour guides. The mission team is working on other content for page3 that has priority over the historian badges.
  16. PvP Powers Changes These changes will not be going live in this patch - they are for testing only. Please provide your feedback if you would or would not like to see these changes go live! All travel power speed cap increases from Issue 27, Page 2 now also apply in PvP Modified the PvP diminishing return curves for travel speeds for testing purposes SpeedRunning set to 0.45, SpeedFlying set to 0.60, SpeedJumping set to 0.45 Sorcery > Arcane Bolt / Arcane Power Arcane Power can now trigger in PvP Damage bonus in PvP i
  17. Assuming Sunrise uses Tequila-compatible manifests, it is located at https://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml for the live servers and https://patch.savecoh.com/beta.xml for the beta servers.
  18. It was part of the hotfix that was slowly rolled out over the course of yesterday evening. Should be at 100% coverage in North America now, and Reunion was restarted this morning since it only has a single map host and couldn't apply it without taking the shard down.
  19. This is not always the case - each Paladin Construction site is actually composed of many "Heap" spawn locations and one "PaladinEvent" spawn location. When the "PaladinEvent" spawn triggers, it spawns gear piles or waves of clockwork in the "Heap" spawn locations, and those spawns created by the event script will follow the Paladin when he is finished building. But those "Heap" locations can, and will, spawn either gear piles or clockwork defenders on their own, without the event being active, and those spawns, generated by the normal spawn mechanics of the game, will not follow the Paladin o
  20. I'm tiptoing here because, again, I don't want to appear to attack the Ascension sysadmin, but citing a DDoS attack as a reason doesn't make sense. All OVH services include their Anti-DDoS solution. This is one of the things they explicitly, actively work to mitigate.
  21. Don't worry. OVH doesn't generally suspend accounts for no reason. I don't want to speculate on what the reasons are because the could be construed as an attack on Ascension's sysadmin, but even if OVH were to actually suspend HC out of nowhere for no reason and delete everything in our servers, it'd only take us a couple of days to find a new host and restore from off-site backups. The worst case scenario is not a server death for us, because we have contingency plans in place. This does, once again, highlight the importance of backups. It's been two months since all the data on S
  22. Powers Sorcery > Arcane Bolt / Arcane Power Activating and deactivating toggles will no longer grant Arcane Power Removed the "...crackle at your fingertips" combat log message, this was mainly for testing purposes Removed the "ARCANE POWER" floating message With the VFX and yellow ring around Arcane Bolt, the added floating message was overkill as it kept triggering if you didn't make use of the proc Inherent > Walk Movement speed cap adjusted from 3.15mph to 3.25mph (to match NPC walking speed) Jump
  23. Closing poll since this is getting patched to live now. To those suggesting changes to the event: noting those down for when the event gets revamped, but the whole point of this patch was to not have to spend development time on the event right now.
  24. I can understand this. I guess the key thing to keep in mind here is that this is entirely non-commercial, and simply cannot ever be commercial because of the circumstances under which the project exists. I suppose technically we're all being exploited because we're not really getting anything material out of it? But we do it anyway 🙃 Sure. Absolutely, any of these would result in us not taking your application any further. You can also add any form of intentional harassment to that list, along with clearly having ulterior motives for applying. Not at all. When I say "b
  25. Going to lock this now as the original topic has concluded. If you want to talk about other pools feel free to open up new threads 🙂
  26. It's literally just me saying "But Bionic Flea" over and over again. The anti-spam filter is the only thing that stops me.
  27. @Rejected @GraspingVileTerror @Tyrannical @Glacier Peak Just catching up here. The log checks are for the protection of both ourselves and for the project as a whole. To be candid, we need to know that you aren't going to be an asshole to people and abuse your position in any way. This has happened before, and we would like to avoid it happening again. Checking logs, while not perfect, is one of the few ways we're able to gain some knowledge about an applicant, and we're absolutely going to use it to help avoid potential problems. An immense amount of trust
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