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  2. We haven't heard anything back from OVH yet, and tests performed about 30 minutes ago show that the problem is still occurring. We'll provide updates when available via the forums and our Discord.
  3. Data is completely intact and we make regular backups both on and off site, so no worries there! This is purely a networking issue across the private VLAN our servers rely on.
  4. Hey all, Unfortunately this one is a bit out of our control. At around 1 AM UTC, we started experiencing severe packet loss and fluctuating latency across the private network (vRack) that our servers use to communicate. We've since put a support ticket in with OVH and have attempted to call anyone we could get ahold of at OVH to have this issue investigated. Bad news is, though, their automated response system is currently rejecting calls to all departments (incl. incident & outage reporting, technical support, and account & billing), so we're unable to obtain any more informa
  5. Yesterday
  6. Moved to Brutes forum per OP request šŸ˜ƒ
  7. Moved this to the suggestion forums, where it more likely belongs šŸ˜ƒ
  8. Last week
  9. Razer has been more about looks, advertising, and brand than quality for years now. Same experience. My Naga died barely out of the short warranty. Since then I have only bought ReDragon Perdition MMO mouse. Same "all the buttans" type as the Naga, only better quality, and actually.... Cheaper.
  10. How big are you talking? Are you asking for the bow without the veil? Not possible right now for two reasons: beast heads don't conform to a universal size the way player heads do, and hair needs to be pretty precise around the scalp hats have their hair built into the hat itself, and allowing hair + hats would look very bad most of the time, ignoring the undertaking of what would need to be done behind the scenes to permit it to begin with A proper solution would involve a hat adjuster slider for fine tuning the PYR and distance of a hat with no ha
  11. Are you willing to take the harsh diminishing returns that the PvP versions have for it?
  12. As a HC GM I'd like to say, we don't have any animosity or bad feeling for any of the other servers. Be it Thunderspy, Cake, Rebirth etc. We actually barely talk about them except to mention a new change one of them have implemented along the lines of "That sounds really cool". The world is a big place and if one flavour of server doesn't thrill you, then perhaps a different one will. Do we have different ways of doing things? Of course we do. That's the nature of things. I would be so happy if people could move away from the idea that there is a rivalry and any animosity towards the other se
  13. Hey there, Shinobi-iri was updated with the i27 page 2 update (link below). Iā€™m 99% certain that the bonus stacks with other crit chance bonuses.
  14. Earlier
  15. I actually quite like this idea! I won't make any promises, but a torch reaction might pop up in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion šŸ™‚
  16. Probably the occasional false positives that are associated with the domain from the launcher downloading files from it.
  17. If you know the name of the global, you can type: /playernote global or /player_note global to bring up the dialog for it. It's important not to include the @ symbol before the global. You can also find your notes in your account name folder in your game directory in playernotes.txt
  18. All, Jimmy already explained earlier in this thread how the chat records are used and why; there is nothing more to add to this exchange. Replies to this topic are now closed.
  19. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I've gone ahead and filed a false positive report with Avast which should hopefully get this problem resolved within a few days. Fortunately, and rather strangely, none of our domains are actually coming up on any blacklists or show as being flagged by any commercial anti-virus programs (tested through a few services incl. VirusTotal). I'm assuming that Avast flagging the site is too recent to show up on these services, so hopefully it'll just be one false positive report and we're good to go.
  20. While we would want to prioritize objects that are completely enclosed in terrain so that they are unclickable, anything that's more than, say, 50% in the terrain would be fair game for checking out. The issue is that maps don't have objects baked into them, they have object spawn points (something I'm sure anyone who's messed around with making missions in AE can attest). So a "stick of dynamite" object would look fine in a certain spot, but a desk, being much larger, might clip partially through the terrain, so that's probably something we'd want to look at, though it would be a lower-pri
  21. The GM team will not discuss the particulars of any issue with anyone but the players involved. With that in mind, this conversation will be fairly one-sided and unproductive. If there is a concern regarding an interaction with a GM, please create a support petition or message a Lead GM directly. To those who showed appreciation for GM Impervium, thank you all very much!
  22. 1%, and windows sets the app to 60% of THAT.
  23. 1000,000db: The first time anyone loads the game and discovers what 100% volume is like.
  24. I think we all have enough drama in our lives, let's try to be more kind and respectful to one another regardless of which shard or game we call home.
  25. This is planned but not before page4, page3 will add the remaining Tour Guides for the 15ish zones that have exploration accolades but no tour guides. The mission team is working on other content for page3 that has priority over the historian badges.
  26. Please use this thread to report instances where a glowie has spawned inside of terrain. Please provide as much information as possible, especially screenshots and a /loc. Note for Players: You won't have access to the map name, so always try to get GM assistance with these so we can do so, as well as complete the mission for you šŸ˜ƒ However, if it's a non-random map that always occurs in a specific instance (like in most TFs or story arcs), then that will suffice. However, "A Council radio in PI, it was in the sewers" probably won't narrow it down! EDIT: Scratch that, you can use the comm
  27. PvP Powers Changes These changes will not be going live in this patch - they are for testing only. Please provide your feedback if you would or would not like to see these changes go live! All travel power speed cap increases from Issue 27, Page 2 now also apply in PvP Modified the PvP diminishing return curves for travel speeds for testing purposes SpeedRunning set to 0.45, SpeedFlying set to 0.60, SpeedJumping set to 0.45 Sorcery > Arcane Bolt / Arcane Power Arcane Power can now trigger in PvP Damage bonus in PvP i
  28. This thread seems to be out of control. I'm locking it.
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