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  1. Yesterday
  2. In another post I wrote about the dangers of making promises. This is one of them. I was reminded shortly after this post (and, to wit, didn't exactly **learn** afterwards and repeated similar mistakes) not to bite off more than you can chew or to make promises that you end up not being to deliver on. A new zone? Not likely at all. (From me) I was responsible for the Atlas Pumpkin, and could do something similar in a pinch for winter, but again I really can't make any guarantees. My life got really, really busy this summer, and it's not slowing down.
  3. This whole last page has been charming, but I think we've all had enough of this convo for now.
  4. Last week
  5. I don't farm for inf, when I do farm it's just for levelling up an alt I like. Some hit 50 and incarnate, others I find aren't as much fun as I thought so I do a respec, sell all the enhancements, recipes, inspirations, salvage, then convert the merits to converters and sell them. Once everything possible is converted to inf I email it to my global then delete the alt. It's amazing how much inf is tied up in unplayed toons. I also do the "craft recipe/convert it to something profitable/ sell on the auction house" thing. It doesn't really take that long. I currently have around 800 million inf
  6. While Homecoming has some changes the economy, from disabling double-inf-no-exp as an option, to ATOs/WinterOs being essentially gold destruction to take INF out of the economy, and seeding/fungibles on the market there are options for every play-style (Except maybe roleplay without costume contests/playing with AE editor only and not playing created arcs) to generate an income in this game; OPs query got answered pretty early on in page 1 and 2 of this thread, While I'm not going to close this thread just because it's been answered, a debate on how farming, merits, and inf generation of diffe
  7. There's some stuff coming to beta fairly soon. The big problem with adding "loot" is that there's already a lot of power creep in the game, and adding more of that is not a recipe for a healthy game unless there's something to do with that higher power level. That's why a lot of our focus has been on getting the content creation pipeline flowing, so that there is a steady stream of fresh missions, task forces, etc. to lessen the repetitiveness.
  8. This is correct, and also accurate to the archived game version. The defense was flagged as kStack and the mez was flagged as kReplace.
  9. Just to be thorough, I went and pulled up one of the old archived versions of the game that was only ever touched by Paragon and looked at the power to make sure we didn't inadvertently make any numerical errors, and can confirm it's the exact same there as it is currently: +3% DEF (All but Psi) per ally and +3 magnitude protection once.
  10. This was a bug fix in the last patch to rectify that it was temporarily disabled previously due to it being the primary suspect in a severe performance problem on the third mission of the Imperious Task Force. Later, the actual culprit was identified and fixed on that map, and it had nothing to due with Energized Shield (now Roman Armor), so the power was re-added and the group's difficulty restored to what it had always been for the entire duration of its existence on the live servers. The only thing done was the content being returned to the original difficulty. You can see the power i
  11. Amended statement: Claws is the big offender in endurance loss to people learning the game still and not understanding slot mechanics fully.
  12. Until now there hasn't been an official thread for costume issues or bugs, so here it is. I'm not enforcing that anyone use it, so existing and new reports elsewhere are fine, especially if you want to discuss issues or can't get the format right for this thread. That said, the reports you post here are the ones most likely to get looked at first, since they will be entered (if necessary) to our internal issue tracker. The reason for this thread is to try and consolidate issues into batches that can be worked on more efficiently. If you post a report in this thread, ple
  13. Just check your tickets. If You've put one in this week that Katie is stuck in a wall.........
  14. I don't know if it's going to get an updated patch to be honest. Eventually we will probably move completely to the new launcher and stop supporting Tequila which is old, outdated, highly unsecure and open to hacking, and hasn't been updated in years.
  15. Earlier
  16. I'm responding to this post without reading any subsequent replies. I'll give you as much transparency as I feel is safe and appropriate. You get whimsical answers because sometimes it is a costly mistake to commit to something that ends up completely not working and has to be tabled. When I posted my first well thought out pitch for improving this game, I settled on trying to find a way to ameliorate the effects of Incarnates and their abilities WITHOUT nerfing destiny, lore, etc. My suggestion settled on a system that would identify player progress and ada
  17. Everyone will know the score before joining. This TF is simply not built to solo easily at top difficulty.
  18. Think of it this way. That guy is pretty stronk and will self destruct, killing literally everyone. You don't need a player with confuse, but by Gord its hilarious when you do. Otherwise, situational awareness suggests RUN! You don't need sleeps, but when you accidentally aggro the whole room because you thought stealthing ahead was clever, you might have wanted it. If you want to enjoy the content and the character isn't beefy? Run it at 35-51. Feeling spicy? 52. Wreckless? 53. Straight up Pete Davidson's Blackguard? 54.
  19. Version 4486 System Internal changes to the way logfiles are created and rotated, as part of ongoing work on the cross-platform API. Bug Fixes Hide menu button when a profile is running to prevent manual update checks and verification from possibly interfering with a running game. Fix right mouse button acting like left mouse button when the menu button is hidden. Fix incorrect "Could not check for updates" message that could appear after repeatedly running the game without closing the launcher.
  20. Dominators are my all time favorite AT, and I will fight/cry at anyone who disagrees!
  21. The goal is organic inclusion; Content where bringing a Controller feels nice and you feel like you're helping your team win without it being 'These enemies cannot be defeated unless held'. We're working on finding suitable grey-tones that help accommodate vs. extremes that force hands. The goal is far more granular than 'make bad things desirable' and that has never been the goal; I don't work on player power balance, just content design, and things were designed with broad role value in mind, not necessarily with any kind of 'make bottom tier things better' mentality. Granted, I am sure s
  22. We aren't changing the difficulty floors, and the new content has been tailored to fall into brackets depending on the experience you want to have, if anyone likes the way the game is right now, where they can play it without really thinking much, the option to do so will continue to exist.
  23. Which is a fair concern! My design aim is not actually going for 'difficulty' as much as it's been content that 'every role feels like they're contributing to the win' while always keeping City of Heroes mantra of 'bring anybody who asks for an invite to the team' style at it's heart. Inclusivity is at the core of all my decisions, and part of that element has to come from the difficulty in order for it truly matter. I don't think there's any denying that in many cases right now the 'endgame' level content leaves very little to do for control and support roles, and those types of playe
  24. Your dom... good as she might be... will want friends to support her at 52 and beyond. 🙂
  25. I've run Linea's arcs with them 1-on-1 and discussed it with them in voice chat. I'm very impressed with what they've managed to create within the limitations of the AE, but we both agree their method of difficulty isn't ideal for the mainstream content, but I'm very glad their content exists to fulfill that niche for the players who want that style of difficulty.
  26. Fair enough! You're free to quote me on that when Page 3 goes to testing; I've been very explicit to ensure existing content's difficulty perimeters don't get impacted. Insofar as my new difficulty balancing work is concerned. That being said, what I said doesn't apply strictly regarding brand new content or future self-contained new difficulty modes of existing content that might be created down the road.
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