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  2. Is it not the same damage resistance as sonic dispersion with mez/kb protection? Which not to delve into how all resistance powers should have a higher value tbh since you effectively need double the amount to equal their defense counterparts, and since you're not avoiding the attacks altogether they should really have better status protections too also and end drain/slow resistances. So unless I'm missing something then no I don't think it would be out of line as a click power or pet.
  3. Unfortunately the chaining powers actually created a new pseudo pet after each enemy so you dont get the proc bonus if it goes off in the chain only for the initial hit. And yes there are a ton of powers that need to allow the lol proper IO sets. That's one of them, as is singularly taking hold/imm/ranged damage sets, and quicksand taking defense debuff sets etc.
  4. When using the Bright color scheme with Rad Melee, the Fusion power gives its sound effect twice, quickly, one right after the other. This is on a Radiation Melee/Energy Aura Scrapper. Not a big problem, just weird. EDIT: Tested it with the Dark color scheme on Fusion also, same thing, doubles up the sound effect.
  5. To do that would require lowering the stats on faraday's cage. With great power comes a cost.
  6. Besides not being a toggle (which is one of it's biggest issues) this is just like lifegiving spores which honestly is SUCH a pain moving between mobs and repositioning. I would much rather they make it a click buff or pet like ffgen.
  7. Any thoughts on what the best lore pet for a fire/spines farmer would be?
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  9. Cygnus-X1, my Mind/Kin, lives in Steel Canyon, in comfortable walking distance to Paragon University where he taught for a long time. Trifid, my Plant/Psi villain dominator used to live in Talos Island but she's.... not really human anymore... and these days hangs out in Nerva when not plotting ways to cull the human race. Thundercrow, my Storm/Sonic, was originally a surfer dude slacker from Long Beach, and now has an Apt in Faultline where he sometimes jams with Jim and Annette. Feril, my Spines/Regen rogue stalker never had a home as such and has a lair deep below one of the Rogue Isles. Far down in the sewers, gets you close. But you can't get to it normally there is no physical passageway into the actual lair. You have to shift into the shadow realm and phase through some walls to find it. He can often be found in Cap Au Diable though, near the WSPDR building. There's 28 others, but you did say "mains" 🙂
  10. This thread is reminding me to make that Psy/Ice. Although I see Dark/Fire is on the list ... Which made me think of a Skulls Hellions lovechild concept 😁 ~C
  11. Well, to be perfectly precise, it said REcolor, so it'd be on stuff that was already colored that you wanted the colors changed.
  12. I just wanted to reiterate this. I built toons with good enhs, but then was being crippled upon being exemplared. And then I started using attuned enhs. Pro-tip: you can't find "attuned" enhs from the search bar in the auction house menu. You have to click the plus sign next to "Enhancements" underneath it and begin your search there. And it will take some getting used to before you're able to quickly find enhs.
  13. Several missions throughout the game feature bosses you're not meant to be able to defeat in that particular mission (like Reichsman on Dr. Khan's mission 2). Can we get something like that in AE? While I'm at it, perhaps AE could be put up to date on mobs (several post-Praetoria NPCs missing) and zones? (like the ruined Magisterium from the iTrial or the heart of the Hamidon from i25's last story arc). Anyway, just some more requests for the pile. It's great to see all the love bases keep getting, let's just not neglect AE.
  14. Wow! Reading this was so much fun! I have a Storm Defender! I love 'em! I'm going to try Storm out on a Controller next!
  15. Arena badges! Wow! We just got ours tonight!? It was relatively glitch-free with experienced badgers. So it probably took about an hour? But I *have* done it before where it took about the same amount of time and not a single person received one badge!? Or maybe one person did who only needed the one badge and bailed afterwards.
  16. You can dump a number of procs into a Storm/water and /water has a heal which fills a need on a Storm. It is one of the few builds I don't do as I have those sets at 50 and Storm twice via controllers. Storm/dark also has nice potential. Plant/storm again adds healing and is a freaking beast when it comes together. It was one of my initial three builds I deemed I would make sure to invest in once it hit 50. I, uh, got distracted as per usual. I think my pick for a solo blaster would be Ice/time with Water right there. Dark/shield stalker will be great as is in current form and even better once the Dark changes go live. I have no qualms soloing on my StJ/ea. The ATO with a chance to Hide helps a lot.
  17. The rumors about how soon all custom mobs are going to receive unreasonable buffs and up to double damage only get louder by the week (at my neck of the woods, at least), and now I can't help growing concerned. Among the rumors I heard, one is that this whole predicament is just a side-effect of a move to streamline the way all mobs work under a single system... which would usually be something I can get behind and actually sounds necessary in the "Jenga on Fire" that is CoX' source code, just please consider the consequences? Being Everlasting the "unofficial RP server," it goes without saying a considerable percentage of players in Everlasting don't have as main priority to grind their characters every day until turning them into unstoppable death machines. Also, I want to think a non-zero percentage of Everlasting uses AE for its intended, non-farming purpose. Let's please not turn that demographic away from AE.
  18. While it may be true that due to the nearly unlimited character slots many like myself have made pages of alts that are just collecting dust and day job badges until their turn in the Q to be capped comes up, The extremely active, vibrant, lvl 50 pugging scene makes a liar of anyone trying to claim its comparable to the virtually nonexistent PVP scene in terms of active player participation.. I have 7 fully decked out 50s among my roster. They all get plenty of play time alongside whichever of my lowbie alts I feel like leveling atm. My SG is thick with capped and incarnated 50s. And even the more casual players tend to log in a few times a week on them. Many revel in running ITFs and LGTFs. They are seen by many as introductory incarnate content. A good way to test ones limits and work on unlocking their slots. The Shard TFs are treated by many as incarnate content exclusively ime, as a great many hesitate to go there otherwise. I know PVP has always beena near nonexistent portion of the CoX population. But trying to act like people playing at cap is as rare is insane, as it is well known in literally every MMO the majority of the population prefer playing at cap with fully developed and kitted characters. Its why WoW had to constantly expand the level cap and devalue the current BIS gear, because so much of their active population would have achieved that and need to have the goal post moved to keep them going. In CoH even on live most everyone I knew who had been around for more then a year had at least 1 capped toon well setted. When incarnate stuff hit, TFing blew up in popularity due to the WST mechanic drawing many who had given up on TFs due to a bad experience in the early years. As an active TF leader back then for PUGs I met many during that year who had not touched TFs since year one. Who once they got a taste for smoothly lead TFs became TF junkies, in large part due to the incarnate system and quest for notices and double merits.
  19. I don't believe there's really any way to 'abuse it' beyond the conventional ones. Jolting Chain should act just like a single target attack. But I think it really boils down to the fact that, no matter what you do with it, it's still just a minor heal. I suppose you could just toss it in Stamina and let it tick away, but normally this sort of 'regen' just isn't very useful. Overall, I haven't found either of the damage/endurance sets to have much use. They don't have any key bonuses that would make 2- or 3- slotting them worthwhile. The bonuses at 5- and 6- are decent but not particularly inspiring. Splitting across end mod alongside more conventional features like recharge, damage and accuracy means they end up being bad at everything. I think there's also the "stop trying to make fetch a thing" factor here. There just aren't many powers that are both good at damage and end mod (Thunderous Blast is the only one I can think of). Indeed, damage and end mod are opposing concepts - if you can just kill something, you have no reason to drain its endurance. Pre-emptive Optimization I have found useful. Non-damaging end drain powers do exist and this is a better set than exists currently.
  20. I was thinking about this earlier while playing a DP blaster. Would the set benefit significantly enough from changing one of the single target attacks (executioner's shot, perhaps) to behave as a sniper attack be worth the development/coding time necessary to do so? These days with the sniper dual roles (slow/nasty and fast/less nasty) many blast sets have benefited from an extra decently strong attack for their chains. That being said, I haven't run the math on this (as I said, was just thinking about it) but it might help bring up DP's slightly lower damage numbers when it comes to single hard targets. It also gives a "surprise, high caliber greetings!" option for stealthier blasters that might be synergistic with some of the various blaster secondaries. Anyway, that's how my thinking went, and I'm offering it up to discussion.
  21. Er... So the past week or so I've been out of work (no worries...yet.) But the good news is that I broke my first 1000! I actually broke it yesterday evening (March 27,) but someone just suggested to me that I post it here!? It didn't occur to me that it was my first 1000 because it seems like I've been badging *forever!* Lol! I've included the creation date.
  22. That one's source is right in our face but the actual mystery persists. Keep in mind that the powers in Mids were pretty much imported directly from the game with very few changes. In essence, Mids was designed to emulate the powers system of the game to display the expected values to the user, and as such the powers have the same effects on them as they do in-game. If you look at both Fly and Hover in-game, you'll see a very odd series of effects, and they're two of very few powers that do something like this. See how they're doing this weird thing where they both add and remove flight speed? That's where the trouble seems to be for Mids. Fly isn't a problem. Fly adds more speed than it's removing, so Mids has no problem working with that. However, Hover is actually removing more than it adds, lowering you below your base flight speed. I have the suspicion that Mids is choking on this math for one reason or another and ends up producing an entirely different outcome. This sort of thing is why I'm strongly pushing for us to just drop the "mirror the game" mentality that's persisted up until this point and do a manual cleaning up of the database. While the game may need all of this information in order to do what's expected above, I feel like we can get the desired effect on our end without as much complication. Actually, tell you what. Usually I check out on weekends to do my own thing (I'm retired on disability, so modding projects and such are effectively my job at this point), but I'll take some time tomorrow to mess around with these and see if I can get them to play nice.
  23. Lol no the original idea was to remove the other 4 auras and put it into the upgrades, a concept which would transform into whatever the community decided it would be. Expedient and Sovereign are recharge intensive, not ATOs. If everyone decided doing it with solely the defensive ATOs would be better overall, I would be in favor of that. I'm fine with any useful degree of buff in the equips. I know that putting the other 4 into equip and upgrade would save 4 tax slots. A lot of people seem in favor of that, and having the current auras replaced with procs of some kind. I wasn't aware any troller pets actually needed the auras; they have way higher survivability. But if they did, that could just be fixed by leaving recharge intensive pet IOs the way they are, but removing the option to slot them in masterminds. Players that actually used the Rech Intensive enhancements would find themselves able to use the new Upgrade Integral Pets IOs which have the same set bonuses and come with procs like what I mentioned on page one. If we are keeping the non ATO res and def auras, these would come in resistance, def, and damage set's and be slottable in henchmen equips and the henchmen summons. This seems like a lot more though, especially since controll pets are quite strong. Between the higher base resistances and the controller/doms ability to CC enemies and buff, I was under no impression any troller was in need of those auras. And in this case they would get an assortment of procs instead.
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