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  2. I was thinking of TWs or other end hungry sets mostly. But yea invuln isn't bad at all.
  3. Thank you. That was very helpful!
  4. Additional Mission slots within AE arcs. It’d be nice to make longer arcs that can earn players badges.
  5. Yes, it's random within the categories; set, type or rarity. The only restrictions are that you wil never convert to the same io you started with (in one conversion, if you convert again though you may end up back where you started). Also if you convert within type (pbaoe, hold, etc.) you will always convert out of the set you started from.
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  7. Ah, derp. Thanks! My point still stands, though - there's no single one way to play this game.
  8. "So this one SBB run I was in as the hitter, and I had disabled the generators, but for whatever reason, the game didn't act like it, and the laser fields were on for the thief too. Might be a bug needing a looksie to make sure it doesn't happen again?" Posting this up as the GMs found this is the first time this little bug has been reported. Additional information I can provide is that I had clicked the glowies, but for whatever reason, they did not count as done. Has anyone else had something like this happen?
  9. It is totally random what you get when you convert them, correct? I mean, you get one within the set you are trying to get but you cannot pick the exact one, right?
  10. Early designers? They brought on Sean McCann (from the playerbase, actually) a ways into the game's development and... well, he *loved* ambushes, apparently...
  11. You might also try this one: align_status_neutral
  12. Sovera

    Rad or Invuln

    Switch to your alternate build and nab it.
  13. It also varies greatly by class and spec. I was a rogue main in WoW all the way back in Vanilla and played WoW during my "breaks" with CoH (and to get my PvP fix). I played up through Legion (no longer the latest expansion, of course). During Wrath of the Lich King, almost all specs were in a "GCD Locked" state where you cycled buttons in a rotation the moment they came off cooldown and never had a moment where you weren't pushing something. Like, you'd press 1,2,1,3,4, repeating without having to stop or even manage resources. The devs didn't like it and slowly added abilities, culled abilities, then replaced it all with a heavy proc-based system. Most of the specs became a "hit the glowing button" game where you only used an attack because it made another attack light up sometimes, so the trick was to optimize your "bad" attacks to avoid losing DPS while you waited for things to light up and click. Tanks were much less complicated than this and healers fell somewhere in between.
  14. Hi, As a league leader, it would be VERY useful to be able to invite everyone in a league to a custom chat channel to give instructions. Does anyone know if there is such a command? and if not, would it be a easy to add to the game? "/chan_invite_team" exists for teams, but it does not appear to work for leagues (even though there is a command where you can invite your entire global friends list to a custom chat channel) . P.S. I wasn't sure if I should post there here in suggestions, or in the help thread... hope this is correct...
  15. Now with RVSP Feature! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/calendar/event/78-rikti-monkey-fight-club-sharkhead-930pm-eastern/
  16. There have been concerns raised frequently that there are some barriers to entry for some players who are interested in getting involved with roleplay with City of Heroes. One of the issues I see brought up most regularly is that there are players who would like to have some designated spaces where roleplay can "happen in the wild" other than Pocket D or Atlas' Boot. In an effort to facilitate these meetings, I present to the Homecoming Community the "Roleplay-A-Day" Club! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/clubs/14-roleplay-a-day/ The purpose is pretty simple: Each day the Roleplay-A-Day Event Calendar will provide a recommended location for player-characters to meet. A little blurb about the Zone/Base is also provided in the Calendar to help players find a theme/setting that works for them. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/calendar/19-roleplay-a-day-calendar/ These are not meant to be exclusionary zones, however the limitations of the game mean that sometimes there are alignment barriers in place. In an effort to keep things balanced, the rotating calendar will attempt to alternative between Hero- and Villain-specific Zones, Public-Access Bases, and other Zones. Of course, these are not the only places where roleplay can happen! These are merely being provided as a sort of "Weekly Strike Target" for roleplay, to encourage players to meet one another. There are no set times, but players are encouraged to RVSP and reply to an event posting with the time of day they might plan to be in the area. For now the Bases we are showcasing with this are on the Everlasting Shard, but we don't want to limit anyone! If there's interest, we can definitely expand the Roleplay-A-Day Calendar to Bases on any Shard! We are also looking for additional suggestions for locations to add to the rotation. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/21504-recommended-zones-and-bases/ And if you happen to have any Feedback or Suggestions, please feel free to post here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/21503-the-roleplay-a-day-system/
  17. Nope, not against smash/lethal, fire, energy, or psi they aren't. Current stats I'm showing right now on combat attributes for S/L for grave knight for instance: Sonic Dispersion 19.75% (75.5% enhanced), Sup Mark IO +15%, Sovereign Right IO +10%, Expedient IO +10%, Sonic Barrier +26.47% (enhanced 76.5%) = 81.22% resistance. I am only tier 3 so far on alpha resilient, but going to tier 4 should only end up giving me about another 1.5% net at most. Should get them to about 82.5% or so. With barrier at min of 5% ends up around 87.5%. Half the time they'll be capped though as for 1 min out of every 2 of barrier gives you at least 7.5%. I also haven't boosted my IO's, so might be able to squeeze a tiny bit more out that way as well, but no where near enough to make up a 7.5% gap that barrier fills in nicely. If you know of any way I'm overlooking to boost them more, I'm happy to listen.
  18. I don't know enough about Carrion Creepers, but on page 8 Frosticus provided some feedback (link). But to answer your question, yes, you would have to calculate a proc chance for each ability the power casts. Slotting recharge into Carrion won't affect the proc probabilities, as every effect from that cast is a summoning of a pet/pseudopet. From the entities it summons, you will want to know which enhancements it takes, because that will tell you which procs that summoned entity will use. From there, you will want to know if it's a pseudopet (patch) or an actual pet. A pseudopet will just sit there, with a proc chance happening every 10s. A pet will have its own attacks, and those attacks will have their own recharge and cast time. Those attacks will use the regular proc formula (don't worry about your slotted recharge as pets don't use it). Overall, it's a headache. But if you want to look up the effects, you can use RubyRed's Powers API tool to sift through the powers info. Here is a link to Carrion Creepers, I recommend opening it in FireFox as it has a built in JSON reader that makes the format pretty. That link will take you to the folder than handles the initial summoning of pets/pseudopets from casting Carrion Creepers. From there, there are other summonings which you will jump to different folders for those. I wish you luck if you wish to venture down the rabbit hole. Luckily, RubyRed provides url links to all the entities summoned, so you can jump from one page to another fairly easily.
  19. Why's you wanna go in some grimdark setting if you could go in one i can't name because i fear to get banned for naming a series where people have fun in the lower body regions.
  20. [NPC] Mad Freak Gunner: We'll get it, right, and then we'll have, like, endless power! [NPC] Mad Freak Slammer: Yeah! Endless power to do... To do... Hey? What are we gonna do with this thing?
  21. I have a 50 Ninja/Storm that I rolled because I had an idea and the test server was down (...the idea I wanted to test did not work...) Its still fun to play because I love the idea of Ninjas and Storm (thematically.) But in terms of performance: *Storm cannot softcap Ninjas. *Ninjas have very little resistance. *Storm has just a single target heal. *Ninjas are melee so can't shoot enemies while hiding inside the safety of your Hurricane. In sum: Prepare to re-summon a lot of Ninjas (unless you keep the difficulty settings low.). If you don't mind that, there's definitely fun to be had. But Ninjas are disappointingly fragile and no secondary fixes that. Storm's mitigation just isn't enough without an aoe heal. And once you're 50 any 2ndary can get KD mitigation from /Bonfire. Meaning sets with an aoe heal well be much sturdier then /Storm. /Time does the best to shore up Ninjas, with big Def buffs and aoe heals. Honorable mention to /Dark....
  22. Absolutely not. Ninja blade is a fantastic primary. It is tied with street justice for my favorite stalker primary. I don’t even take one of the aoes on street justice. I play them both single target centric and clear mobs plenty fast. I also have kitted out electric / shield and savage / energy stalkers. Both of those have strong aoe. Neither of them is nearly as fun as my ninja blade or street justice stalkers. I wouldn’t listen to the people that only pay attention to AoE damage. They are usually the same people who nuke a mob and then move on to the next one leaving behind lieutenants and bosses for others to clean up on mobs. Having AoE is nice, but not mandatory. Certainly not for stalkers who main claim to fame is outstanding single target damage.
  23. Speaking of the Giza, I think the area in and around the small disco might be good.
  24. or even a 2nd acct just for a farmer, which allows you to AFK-farm while playing content on your main.
  25. The OP was asking about mostly solo play. You certainly won't have any trouble taking a NB stalker to 50, solo, if that's what you want to do. Would you find it frustrating to play with your notoriety turned to large (x5->x8) effective team sizes? You might. Having minimal AoE certainly makes dealing with large groups considerably slower, and increases the burden on your defensive choices since you have to endure attacks from minions and so forth for longer. You can to some extent compensate for smaller amounts of AoE by aggressively finding AoE opportunities not in your primary (for example, Ball Lightning from the patron powers, maybe turning caltrops into a proc-bomb). To a large extent the answer is a personal one. Are you someone who is going to find it frustrating if you can't build yourself to effortlessly melt large mobs, or feel like it's a nagging problem if someone else's character does better than yours? Are you someone who's perfectly content doing the whole game at +0/x1? Somewhere in the middle?
  26. Yes it still Repels, but the KB->KD IO stops Hurricane from throwing enemies, so it does tame Hurticane's chaos a bit.
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