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  2. As I have stated, I am SO happy just to be able to play the game again, that even the parts that I detested before (Orenbega, Malta, and tri-level cave anyone?), are an absolute pleasure to experience again!
  3. I am all for options. Right now we have the option for large teams, small teams, solo, whatever. I dont favor changing that. Maybe lifting any existing restrictions that force large teams would increase options as well as difficulty (for those who want more challenge). More content is an excellent idea. More storylines were recently added so we know its on the HC teams radar to do. I am also in favor of tweaking the notoriety options so they can provide more (or less) difficulty for the folks who want it.
  4. Probably a SS/regen brute. There are lots of options here; Everything from storm/elec for the Sorcerers, to martial arts, katana, or other scrapper sets. Probably archery/invuln or archery/SR sentinels. Maybe some form of DP/martial blasters for the gunslingers, or AR/ninja or AR/invuln sentinels. Perhaps an elec/elec blaster or some variation thereof for sappers. Maybe a robots/traps MM, too.
  5. I think, collectively, we can conclude that some parts sucked some small fraction of the time BUT we all fell in love with it enough that here we are, 15 years later, still loving it and still griping about the bits that did suck/still suck. Three cheers for the suckage! 😛
  6. Voltor

    Winter Event Badges

    Want to find presents in Khalisti Wharf? Here are all the ones I found. As always I tried to be precise but just go to the icon on the map and listen for the glowie if you don't see it.
  7. this should be fun

  8. Thank you to all those that made this game come back.
  9. I suddenly started having these issues constantly today, myself (and not any sort of similar disruptions in any other net traffic), and "turn it off and on again" is often my goto solution. Unfortunately, I was back on again for about 5 minutes before another one just kinda "bam!" outta the blue. This does seem a little weird, as it's not like the issues that normally arise when I'm having connection problems, but I can't figure out the pattern to them, either.
  10. mbre2006

    Hide Suggestion

    Hide doesn't use endurance so why would you need to slot end IOs? Why not just three slot endurance until you get to the level where you'll want to use set bonuses to moderate your end usage?
  11. Trolls, Tsoo, Malta, Longbow, Legacy Chain, etc - what AT and powersets would you use to play a character from each group? Tsoo - kinetic melee/super reflex scrapper Troll - super strength/invuln brute etc.
  12. Interestingly, much of the aggro generating improvement has been backed out. Taunt is back to the way it is on Live, the punch-voke in Gauntlet is down to a 10' radius (which is actually smaller on ST attacks with 12s+ recharge times - e.g. KO Blow went from 17.8' to 10'), many PBAoE powers had their radii reduced so that with the Inherent there is no change, quite a few arcs were reduced so that the buff results in less or no change, and several others were marked to ignore the buff. The biggest remaining aggro generation improvement now appears to be the larger Gauntlet radius on fast charging ST attacks. The Inherent AoE buff, increased targets caps, and +10% still help as well, so there is still a lot of improvement in the overall Taunt ability, but the amount of that has dropped dramatically from the initial version. Far more than the reduction in AoE and at-the-cap damage output has been reduced. I have to agree that any Brute buffs are sort of out of left field to me. Still, I believe Tanker damage needed to be boosted. The ratio of Brutes to Tankers in the end game content was laughable. I was at one Hami Raid before the zone cap change where there were 25 Brutes between the 2 leagues and *1* Tanker. Now with the zone cap, having a Tanker doing little damage is a luxury. The bottom line is that Tankers simply aren't bringing enough to the table for end game content. They also suffer from being hard to level solo, due to the dearth of attacks and low DS. So, basically: fine in low-to-mid level team content, bad at low-to-mid level solo and in end game content. These changes fix both of those problems to a large degree.
  13. Today
  14. The +dam modifier change hurts more than just super strength. With Vandens super strength numbers showing an actual nerf I would be curious about the other +dam sets. Claws, dual blades, kin melee, dark melee, anything shield, bio. That could be a significant number of toons that come away from these buffs with less dps than they had before. Nerf tanks and buff brutes? Might as well nerf energy melee and regen while buffing Titan weapons. Any buff to any archetype that requires a buff to another archetype is the wrong direction. Unless maybe both archetypes are underperforming. Which I don’t think brutes OR tanks are. They just need differentiation.
  15. HDGFGHFSGHFD ...actual Interminables canon, this time 🙂 Istvan in South Africa (long before his death, obviously).
  16. Regen. It had quick recovery; Not only was it better than stamina, but you could get it a whole heck of a lot sooner. IIRC, they based much of CoH on pen & paper games, (Champions?), and so seemed to have implemented the combat system in a turn-based-like fashion; They probably didn't expect people to spam attacks as fast as possible, and instead expect 1 hero to trade blows with up to 3 minions until 1 side was defeated. A lot of my earliest memories consist of firing off a ranged attack from max distance, retreating around a corner, and taking on 1 or 2 enemies as they came to me. I remember using hover in lieu of knockback protection for many character's early careers, and trying to keep my TOs green. I remember choosing character origins based upon which DO shops were the easiest to get to at level 12, and heavily slotting only acc and end reduction, until I got stamina. I recall buying blue insp's a lot back then, too...
  17. It was a different game, certainly. The early levels could be very tedious, trying to finish battles with attacks that didn't hit much of the time because TOs have always been nearly worthless and DOs were barely worth buying on limited budgets, lack of stamina, and limited travel. With few actual attack powers since 5 early picks were spent on fitness and travel and some remaining picks had to be spent on defensive powers. CoH to me, then, was much more about the journey. It was a challenge to get a character leveled but I enjoyed the missions, the teaming, and the challenge. Most of my characters that hit 50 were then mostly parked because there wasn't all that much to do at 50 (Raids, a few TFs, but it was limited). I didn't understand getting a fire/kin to powerlevel you to 50 back then but that wasn't the way I played the game.
  18. All this talk about how poor jab is I thought I would look at all the numbers real quick. I don’t know the arcana times for all the T1 attacks so I just looked at the numbers on the creation screen. Jab does indeed have a pretty low dpa. However, since it’s balanced within the entire super strength set, you should account for perma rage. Perma rage gives it a dpa of 50.9. It’s a short list that has better dpa than that. Hack, contaminated strike, savage strike, barb swipe, stone fist. That’s all the tank T1s with better dpa. Rage may kill your damage upon crash, but thats applicable to the whole set, not just jab. Unless you’re ignoring bruising on most other tanks, and skipping the T1, I don’t see any grounds to complain about jab. If you want to talk about the rage crash, that’s a rage issue and how the whole set is balanced around it, not a jab issue.
  19. The thing is the general reason why people skip that power is because if you stub the toe of the enemy that is slept they wake up. Now if you are soloing, especially on a dom you can control your damage output and make sure to attack around that slept boss creature. However if you are on a team, they are going to drop AOEs into that mob and the sleep effect is then essentially wasted again. Not to menion that by the time you get pets you can not direct controller and dominator pets. so even when you sleep them your pets can just run right up and wake up half a mob anyway. Frankly Sleeps to be effective need a fundamental change, maybe add in debuffs to them or something to make them worthwhile even if the mobs are woke up like a -hps or -tohit or -res of something depending on the set. Otherwise just get rid of them and come up with something more useful like make sure every set gets some kind of pseudo pet like Haunts or Carion Creepers or something that helps with damage to replace the AOE sleeps.
  20. Blueside almost all of them. Ms. Liberty, Kahn, Apex, Ting Mage, and Lady Grey might be extremely difficult depending on the specific character, but the rest are very solo friendly from a difficulty standpoint. I think Kahn is the only one that hasn't been soloed at this point.
  21. It did suck a lot before vet powers.
  22. Lol I must have an old Mids with a new version number.
  23. Update on testing. I think might have something, but its so bloody stupidly obvious I'm going to sound like an idiot for not having tried it first thing... its also a potential difference between two otherwise identical laptops; particularly given that one where there's no issues is a secondary machine. When was the last time you completely shut down your laptop that's having the mapserver problems? Because I generally put my system to sleep instead of doing a full shutdown because I'll be back on it in basically 6-8 hours and it takes forever to start up from a full shutdown. I've never had an issue with any of my programs while doing so in years. But thinking about that old laptop I mentioned; one of my programs on it sometimes runs into problems communicating with the printer after awhile if I've only put it to sleep instead of fully shutting it down, but it starts working fine after a complete shutdown. So that's what I did with my desktop... just to rule it out mostly. So I completely shut down (not just a restart, but let everything spin down completely) and re-started the computer. After that I was able to run for an hour and twenty-minutes (nearly triple the time before I'd usually get mapserved) before logging off. Now, it could be a coincidence related to the time of day or some other factor and the next time I log in, the mapserver issue could return... but right this second that seems to have fixed things for me, and if your laptop has similarly been left 'on' (i.e. only put to sleep instead of turned completely off) while the other laptop does get turned off completely... THAT could be the common link between who is having problems and who isn't.
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