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  2. How so? I can't actually get on to the test server (game keeps crashing when it tries to load a zone) so I've not been able to check things out for myself.
  3. Heard of it but I happen to live in a country that doesn't allow such nonsense 🙂
  4. Is a capped defense blaster still squish? I don't think i've played a blaster since 2004. I also wonder how they do when exemped down. Do they retain enough of the defense to keep em standing up right?
  5. You might like the next beta build patch.
  6. You've never heard of a write-in candidate? 'Cause that's a thing... Not usually a successful thing, but it has happened. Anyway, I'm with QuiJon. This is an overly complex solution. I think it would be best to just make the Rapid Response Portal a clone of Ouro portal. Five minute recharge, infinite use. Hand it out cheaply and be done with it. I'd also ditch the market portals and have those day jobs waive some auction fees, but that's another discussion I suppose.
  7. Nice video, thank you. I needed the generator.
  8. Man, if only the original devs put this much thought into their NPCs.
  9. Some random comments on a few power-slotting choices Telekinetic Blast: As a single-target attack, I don't find the KB-KD is necessary... especially on a ranged attacker. I have six slots of (Superior) Spider's Bite ATO for the +MaxEnd bonus. Kismet +ToHit Global (in CT: Defensive) As I wrote elsewhere, this may not be necessary; it looks like you have a lot of +Accuracy bonuses already (I know there is a difference between Accuracy and ToHit). I find that the Kismet piece is really only helpful at low levels (when slots are rare, you can forgo some Accuracy slotting), for characters with poor accuracy at high levels, and for Snipers (Blasters, Scrappers/Stalkers from Patrons) because of the damage bonus snipes get from +ToHit. Maneuvers/Mind Link/Mask Presence: It looks like you are chasing some S/L resistance, but I don't like this slotting. I feel that there are too many slots invested in the Defense-only powers, and the Mind Link is IMO better (franken)slotted with an emphasis on Recharge (from ToHit and Defense sets). I feel like extra slots can come from these powers. Each set taking the LotG Def/Global Recharge makes sense. I'll note that at 2 and 3 pieces, the Shield Wall set bonuses are equivalent (or better) than Luck of the Gambler, and you can boost the PVP sets allowing them to work as such while exemplared (if that matters). As far as pursuing Defenses, Weave seems neglected. Psychic Wail deserves a 6th slot with a PBAoE proc. Aura of Confusion: I've written my thoughts on why this PBAoE should have at least one %Damage in it. I use this as part of my Damage/Control chain. I would try to 2-slot this if you can to add at least one damaging proc in it, unless you really want to be sneaky an only confuse enemy groups with it. If that is your strategy, I think you want some more Recharge here as well. Sprint can take a rare Stealth IO piece (either Running or Jumping).
  10. done edit some extra animation, make it look more like spell feature.
  11. You know, Heroes believe in a thing called Redemption. Perhaps his good work as a trainer of today's generation of Heroes, as well as his continued service as a Police Officer, are among the ways he's working to become a better person? Surely, it'd be tragic to deny someone the chance to show they truly mean well? Just some food for thought.
  12. Soul drain / Fiery embrace = carnage 😄
  13. I'd agree with this. It's never the best at one thing, but fortunatas can do enough of everything to shore up its own weaknesses. You provide enough buffage to keep a team going and enough debuff to hold aggro when you need to (with a bit of building, they can out-aggro brutes fairly easily and competently) as well as stackable controls. I went through a phase of soloing AVs on my fortunata but got bored of it because it's a slow and boring process (it's basically a war of attrition).
  14. Just because the name was available on Torch... Double Dog Dare Savage Melee / Bio Armor Scrapper
  15. i think the trend is the playstyle everyone prefer, i mean really prefer and play the best : For instance, @Werner is toying in enemy buffed and player debuff (omg...) with a shield where i m not even sure to clear M3 in "easy" +4x8 with that set up.
  16. Some notes: I mained an elec/nrg blaster on live from 2005 to close. I didn't take Stun punch until we got free Fitness pool powers. That said: 1. Beam lacks the DP's AoE but you're more at range than DP. /nrg is buff and ST melee focused. 2. DP won't do as much concentrated ST damage. /nrg's melee attacks could balance the ST it lacks (lacks is strong word but just vs other blaster sets). 3. Both sets proc well so don't sweat that part right now. Beam: You can now leverage a ranged stun with Stun punch. If you just use Boost range you can ranged stun bosses (and maybe EBs) with one round of Lancer Shot and Stun. It's a bit harder to manage using power boost because if you don't want Stun to be an AoE it'll will force it. This means you can also stun full mobs of bosses with Power boost/Stun/Overcharge. Power boost will increase the -def and mezzing on both. KBs are no longer boosted by PB. DP: In order to stack stuns you would have to stay in Lethal ammo mode with Suppressive fire and Stun/Melee stun chances (or going to other ammo on the fly) Both can work - Beam is attack at range focusing on the Big Bad in the mob then meleeing when they're stunned. DP is mid range moving and in-between melee and just outside arms reach to use the cone blasts. I'd think Beam would be safer at range but your results may vary. Note: Boost Range does not help Combat Teleport but Power Boost does increase the +to hit (10 to 17.87 for 5 seconds). +to hit at 22 maxes sniper dmg and DP doesn't have a sniper. Kismet and one port would max the sniper dmg. You can Port twice and ignore the kismet too.
  17. @arthurh35353 that's... really weird, and I've never seen that before. Try using the Fresh Start button, and let me know how it goes, okay? If that doesn't work, go to my site and get the latest version, I see that you're on 1.63, go get 1.64 (not that that should matter). Also, what version of Windows do you have? And what version(s) of the .NET Framework do you have installed on your system? I'm a little bit concerned that the bottom section isn't "snapping" to the bottom of your window, it should automatically move the entire grid structure. See the following article to determine the .NET framework versions installed on your system: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/migration-guide/how-to-determine-which-versions-are-installed The program is currently compiled to the 4.5 .NET framework, make sure you have that version installed.
  18. @Keovar just run them through Audacity and amplify! https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/amplify_and_normalize.html
  19. You can make a pretty viable stone armor character without granite armor. You really need to optimize your IOs.
  20. Hi I'm trying to get my daughter to team up with me and give CoH a chance. The plan is to let me be a Tank and keep her alive while she is a Blaster. So best Tank for such an endeavour? Preferably with some Single Target damage output.
  21. So, where can we find this awesome link? My builds are... um, kinda weird now. I don't know where my i27 elec/em fits for hybrid assault, or my i27 fire/dm (which probably doesnt need assault at all) I don't really have damage auras, or they are slotted weird with only 1 slot each (elec has powertransfer, fire has fury -res).
  22. Hew

    The Electric Tank

    I have an i27 elec/em/elec tank thats pretty stupidly tough, but takes some liberties with what I think is "standard" for tank slotting. For instance, my lightning field I didnt take until something like 49, and has a single slot. I am fairly sure I didnt take powersink OR buildup (will doublecheck in a minute). However, I have stupid aggro over-saturation from other functions, and slotted elec fences w/6 slots (my only patron pool power I took). You might ask, WHY did I do that to elec fences? Aggro contro. I foldspace, and if I have an open area, what happens is I pull mobs from all over; multiple different spawns. Elec fences ensures that they dont wander, and sets initial agro containment before it gets stupid, because as I start unloading PC and WH and things start dropping, ALL the other spawns I tagged with FS pulls start rushing to smack me in the head. Its pretty amusing. Thankfully I don't generally run out of end, as long as I remember to hit the healz for end redux. The damage is weird, and as I posted in a beta thread, position of powers on my power bar makes a huge difference in what kind of DPS i can put out. I am a big proponent of mashing whatever comes up.... cough cough.
  23. My understanding of Necro/TA prior to the changes was that everything was hard mode, and your henchcorpses died if there was a stiff breeze. @Redlynne has expounded on the awfulness of Necro/TA, at length and quite descriptively, numerous times. I think this is the best indicator of what the changes have accomplished, and definitely a notable improvement. What problems did you feel you were still experiencing? Were there any moments, other than the two group aggro, that stood out for you? Was it a tedious slog, or a rapid pace, or something in between? Give us your thoughts on the experience.
  24. I used Intuition Radial to up my -tohit plus my slotting.
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