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  2. I try to avoid doing a repeat powerset whenever possible. That's not to say I won't make an Elec Melee character and an Elec Blast character, but it does mean I won't have two Elec Blast characters. For character design I try to be whatever fits the concept and since I don't repeat powersets that usually means I don't repeat a look. However, I do have a few that end up being similar in appearance, mostly in the "street clothes" category since that field is a bit limited overall, but those aren't primary outfits usually and don't bother me.
  3. And you raise excellent points @Coyotewhich is why I said it makes a difference depending on team vs solo. I should have added what sort foes you typically take on as well. And again that's more critical when you are solo than teamed (and scales up, rapidly, with team size). I'm probably also guilty of viewing it a bit too much through the lens of Earth control and that sets superb ability to control multiple foes/areas such as in the case of multiple ambushes you mentioned. Capped defense does mean less worry about over aggro, pet aggro occurring or otherwise getting in over your head. As for being able to initiate combat that's why and what I use stealth for personally. Often using SS and a +Stealth IO ... just need to stay aware of which foes either ignore stealth or have +perception. And lastly we get multiple builds. Use them. Be all defensive with one, the other more based on recharge. Team vs solo.
  4. I don’t know about the vengeance stacking not adding lethality but I like to play as high defense characters who have little in the way of resists so their stacked to hit buffs hurt. that said, what I find odd is how it all fits into the group lorewise. Nemesis’ army isn’t really said to be the type to inspire loyalty of individual officers when avatars of their master tend to be around every corner, but what’s really weird is why nemesis automatons have it when they’re not only robots, they’re expressly crappy robots who constantly glitch and show plenty of obvious signs of their inhumanity with few exceptions. but this is all off topic. And going back to fake nemesis, how about as a challenge, the personal forcefield heals the fake nemesis for half his total HP?
  5. Really looks like a group of people all hit Dark on each vote for some reason and only Dark Melee/Dark Armor really warranted the discussion (Dark Blast's wonky cone situation notwithstanding). Darkness Affinity is pretty fine overall, and while I'm not fond of having powers that are basically auto-skip in nearly all situations I'm also not terribly keen on sets that make you want to take every power in them as that limits Pool selection and character diversity. That said, Black Hole could get a really nice usability update if it were converted into something similar to Worm Hole where you pull one group of foes to another location. This has nice synergy with both Tar Patch and Darkest Night and still fits in the theming idea of what a Black Hole sorta does. With that out of the way, though, there are three powers I think could use a minor tweak: Tar Patch, Darkest Night, and Fade. Both Tar Patch and Darkest Night are similarly troublesome at times due to their long activation and animation lockout. There are times where I'd throw a patch down in an area, and during the animation someone pulls the spawn to them and half the group isn't debuffed. One could argue that I should wait to debuff them, I suppose, but it can also happen solo if you get too close to a group and facepull them. Darkest Night is in this same kind of boat where the duration to summon the debuff is so long that the enemy spawn could be defeated and the guy you anchored it to is half-dead by the time it kicks in. In all honesty, this seems like a combination of a slow cast time and too much outgoing damage compounding on each other but the point remains. Plus, as another poster stated, while the change to allow anchors to remain active on defeated foes is very nice and welcome, this can leave the power recharging too slowly overall if you don't cancel it "in time" for the next pull so maybe a second or two of recharge reduction for these types of powers is in order. Now there's Fade. Great power; pretty strong and welcome teambuff for what it gives. I do not like how it constantly flickers, though. I don't have epilepsy or anything, but the way everything affected by it is constantly flickering starts to grate on my eyes after awhile. It's such a good buff that I don't want to avoid using it, but I feel like I'm being physically punished for doing so. Maybe something can be done about this? I admit I haven't played my D3 Controller recently and maybe this was already taken care of, but if not, please please please have a look at adjusting the persistent animation effects.
  6. I have made a slick cyborg/robot, one of her outfits is her wearing oversized/baggy clothes/gloves/boots to hide her mechanical parts.
  7. Haijinx


    I stopped reading at worrying about people who think Blasters aren't DPS. I can't play with people that stupid.
  8. lol all of my 50s are versions of the same character! I was not like this on Live, but now i have a fantasy comic that I write and illustrate, and I love trying to develop the main character through different versions of her abilities. Maybe it's different stages of her life, or different roles she can play on a team, I just never get tired of her ~vibe~ She's a telekinetic energy mage. so far at 50 I have a Grav/Kinetics controller, a Psychic/Radiation Blaster, a Psychic/Energy Aura Scrapper, and a Sonic/Martial Combat Blaster. and I have a Mind/Energy Dominator poised at 49! I'm very open to any other ideas you may have for me. The recoloring really opens up powersets that may not seem relevant. I really love energy powers and psychic powers, across all media. I usually make this character in other RPGs as well - Elder SCrolls Online, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Saint's Row, anywhere with powers and a character customizer. That said, I also have dozens of other characters that AREN'T her, and have nothing close to those powers. I just love this game because I can play as my own fantasy characters so easily.
  9. What about teaming makes it tougher for mm's?
  10. You have the option to make things more difficult (though really, just slower) already. Why do you want to force that mode of play on everyone else just because you personally enjoy it? Most of this game's playerbase came here for two reasons: first, they could be a superhero. Second, it wasn't a slog that required an inordinate amount of time or personal skill to have fun. Both of these factors run against the notion that things should be harder by default. If you want things to be harder, then turn things up. Don't be surprised if your team gets smaller when you do it, though.
  11. Substaticman


    Which set worked better with Demons for all content? I thought EA's replenishing their Endurance and cage stopping their knockback woulda been nice lol. I guess Cold or Thermal?
  12. At some point I played an MMO where there were two labels for "Damage Dealer". You had "DD": Which was Bursty damage. These guys would do tons of damage all at once, then lull for a bit. Usually "Thief/Rogue" classes fell into this category. As much of their damage was from sneak attacks etc. Or Warriors with huge slow weapons. You also had "DPS" which was sustained damage over time. DoT users, dual wielders etc, usually fell into this category. It was important to know the difference, because teams would advertise for one or the other. If they said "We need DPS" you knew they wanted sustained damage, not bursty. Hell if I remember which MMO this was though, I've played so many! It seems like it was like that on live for awhile, but I don't remember anymore..
  13. You're trying to change terminology almost as old as the genre itself. While the concept of a DPS in the scope of CoH has marginal value (indeed, I cringe when I see it or Healer advertised as things to want or be), it's just the most common term people use to denote that their primary job is to "deal teh damages". If I were you, I'd just let it go.
  14. Nemesis in general are just the "time-sink" faction, which is a shame. Personal Force Field and Vengeance stacking makes them take longer to kill, but adds little-to-nothing to their own lethality, so there's no added challenge beyond finding something to alt-tab to for a couple minutes until the effect goes away. The group as a whole deserves an overhaul, because storywise, Nemesis is danged cool, but not cool enough to overcome the boredom of fighting his lackies.
  15. I don't understand the point of this post. Is it to merely point out the fact that sexual innuendo exists? If so, better just get your giggles out of it and move on. Changing this is an uphill battle that even Sisyphus wouldn't bother with.
  16. All these posts about how there isn't enough difficult content and yet there are players that insist on removing every minor inconvenience that adds some dynamic of difficulty. There should be some type of annoying monster in every game, they create the small memorable experiences. The purpose is that it leaves you vulnerable to other enemies attacking you while they are essentially intangible. It also gives them an opportunity to run away and perhaps later hurl a force bolt. On any note, you could easily combat Fake Nemesis by spiking them with chains of Crowd Control, Endurance Drains, or saving your big damage moves that would clear their HP before the PFF threshold (~ 25% they will cast it).
  17. I was on a Penny Yin run at +2 the other day and I couldn't finish that TF soon enough. A total chore complete with a party wipe to Clamor.
  18. One of the things I love about Homecoming is the ability to tailor your own game experience. For example, I don't much care for accelerated exp of any kind. I disliked 'Double Experience Weekends' on the Paragon-era live servers. I can, if I want to, use the NoXP option to completely turn off my experience as I'm going forward to avoid outlevelling content. However, as I explained to my wife, showing her the contents of the P2W vendor's inventory, if you want a 2xp weekend, this is where you get the stuff to make that happen. 'Slow' experience is not the only part of the 'Live Server Experience'. There are other limitations that were designed to make the game more engaging that we have cast away for the sake of time and longevity... like having to actually go to the Consignment Shop or Black Market to use it. I can see a demand for an game option or temp power that would reinstate the 'Live Server' conventions and limitations. At least I have that demand on some of my characters. You could even tie it to membership in a Supergroup, so you could have 'Classic' Supergroups. Why not having a 'Classic Server'? While Everquest has proved that these work and work well, our limited population causes a problem: Homecoming players seem to gravitate to where they can group. At the time being, this means that Excelsior has a large population. If you were to tie 'Classic' settings to a server, so few players would use that server that it'd almost be pointless to have it. With a setting or a temp power, you don't *have* to provision out a new shard. I'd like to see the 'Live Experience' setting or power come in two varieties: The 'Going Rogue Experience' setting would have restrictions that were in place right before the shutdown: You had to use the auction house physically, couldn't use base passcodes, etc... The 'CoX Experience' setting would have restrictions that were in place before the release of 'Going Rogue'. Hero and Villain ATs are enforced. There were no heroic brutes or villainous scrappers. Alignment changing is not allowed. Certain powersets are 'villainous' or 'heroic'. There are no heroic pain domination defenders and no villainous empathy corruptors. WSTs don't award extra benefits. There are no incarnate abilities, etc... Allowing these settings to be placed on a supergroup would encourage large teams of players to group together under the same limitations. Yes, you absolutely can challenge yourself and adhere to these restrictions if you want to already, but having a unified framework for doing so encourages a larger number of players to use it and group with others who are using it. It also opens the door to gearing new content towards this framework. Imagine awarding an account-wide badge to a player who leveled a character to 50 with no experience modifiers at any time, perhaps at issue 3-era speeds. Do you like this idea? Do you hate it? What changes would you make to it? What restriction sets would you like to see made available?
  19. I wouldn't know. The game was such a slog even at lower levels that I never made it to endgame before going back to Guild Wars 2. Hence my comparison to running early or mid-level TFs at +2. You're just adding hit points and reducing DPS, its not a challenge it just makes the content longer.
  20. Joshex


    Thanks for the info. and notice the "In CoH" at the beginning there, the acronym itself may predate CoH, but in CoH the acronym evolved in usage by these means. yes I'm aware of DD, mentioned that in-game and got flamed. Hence this topic.
  21. If you want to solo AVs and don't want Illusion, you have two excellent options: 1) Earth Control, with a strong buffing secondary. Animate Stone is a tank with Taunt effect on his attacks, so he can keep the AV busy while you kill him. I just soloed an AV easily at 33, with Earth/Cold... Cold buffs the pet and debuffs the AV. Another excellent option for this is Thermal, as it will do about the same though with buffing Resistance rather than Defense. In both cases you want to put all 4 pet IOs in Animate Stone for Defense and Recovery, so you're giving up some damage slotting, but having an AV-tanking pet is more important than improving its damage a bit. 2) Dark Affinity secondary can make pretty much any primary able to tank an AV. Without going into great detail, debuffing an AV's Resistance improves your Damage debuffs upon it... and Dark puts out good -Resist, and great -Damage, which then gets improved by the -Resist. You may be able to floor an AV's damage before you get Fluffy at 38... and after you get Fluffy, it's quite easy. You also put out something like 150% -ToHit, which even AVs will feel. Add in team Defense and Regen boosts, constant Healing spam (since part of debuffing Damage is to spam Twilight Grasp), and almost no AV in the game can kill you directly with damage. Only the ones that summon pet entities that do damage like Scirocco and his Tornado, or Bad Maiden's blue fires will be a threat. There are other options (/Traps secondary is a good option), but the two simplest are Earth primary or Dark secondary. Earth is pretty straightforward with the right buffing set (and some others will work like Poison or Dark), and Dark Affinity is very straightforward: spam the powers that do -ToHit, -Damage, and -Regen, and the AV becomes a paper tiger.
  22. Today
  23. You make it sound like the term originated in CoH. The term DPS predates this game. On a side note, the term DD (for Damage Dealer) was also used in the past and is commonly used in some regions.
  24. I have to put a BIG caution on this plan. I know that it is common, and I understand it, but I have this to say: Characters who have always-on defenses that don't care if they attack first or not (basically, "armor" sets) can plan on initiating fights, or not initiating fights, and are fine either way. Characters who need to initiate combat in order to have their defenses "active", because their defenses are generally strong debuffs or controls, do GREAT when they start off with control of the fight. These characters, and most Controllers are included, often don't need to slot for Recharge quite as much as they do, because in truth their controls and debuffs are fine enough even without min-maxing the highest amount of Recharge possible. But you know when these characters have problems? When they don't initiate fights... a pet overaggros, you didn't see a spawn, you attack one spawn in a tight room and the AoE aggros another spawn, etc. Or, you run some tough content like First Ward/Night Ward where the mobs spawn in multiple ambushes and come looking for you. In these cases, it's Ranged Defense that will save you. Not Melee, because you generally have enough time to see and retreat from melee attackers.. but an ambush spawn coming around a corner and unloading on you when you weren't ready might kill you at high difficulty if you didn't mez them first. And take it from someone who runs Night Ward at high difficulty: those mobs are tough when you get the drop on them. When they get the drop on you, without good defenses, you're carpet. Basically, if you want to keep to teaming or easier content, you don't need to worry so much about defenses, and Recharge is big. But as the difficulty goes up, the value of Recharge goes down (also because it takes longer to kill each spawn, so your AoE opener is ready for the next spawn with a 35 second recharge rather than needing a 28 second recharge like it might at a lower level)... but the value of Defense goes up because you will get more incoming fire, and it will hit more often and harder. You will get more fire because your controls and debuffs will be weaker, and also because the content will have more ambushes. So, before you sell out on one kind of build or another, consider what you will be trying for: faster killing of easy content? You want Recharge, Recovery, and Damage. Survival against tougher content? You want Defense, then Recharge, and then a lot of other things like Recovery, Regen (if you don't have a self-heal), and more.
  25. The issue you'll run into with a Corruptor version is that it's harder to meet defensive breakpoints while you don't actually reap all that much benefit offensively since so much of your damage (procs, Storm Summoning) is independent of damage scales/Scourge while Freezing Rain is better for the Defender. This is the latest version of my Storm/Water Defender:
  26. Blasters already do more damage than Stalkers. And there's a Ninja Secondary for Blasters already with a bonus damage from hide. Though one with build-up might be better YMMV Just pick a Primary with a Snipe.
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