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  2. 1. Revert to the pre-nerf Energy. 2. Make BU a two minute click with the recharge time as is. Fast. Hard. Single target. Damaging. Azrael.
  3. If people want an auto-50 button that's fine by me, but if an auto-50 button arrives at the expense of AE farming it becomes decidedly less-fine-by-me. I farm to level up my alts and use the inf I earn during that process to pay for their builds; having an instant 50 is useless if I still have to put in 40 hours of door missions and ITFs to acquire IOs, and that's only 40 hours assuming the cost of IOs/salvage doesn't skyrocket due to fewer being dumped in the AH. This thing, it isn't broken. The fact that we are even here 15 years later should be a good indication that it's not broken. The fact that every month's funding goal is met in minutes should be a good indication that it's not broken. The fact that min/max nerds, surly farmers, RP zealots, wide-eyed PUG seekers and various other citizens with time to kill can ALL find value in launching this particular executable should be a good indication that it's not broken. Let's not break it trying to make it perfect for one community demographic or another.
  4. Add a floating Baby-Trump giant monster event.
  5. Yeah, hadn't made any changes, and image was still visible when I looked. Don't remember what the site was anymore, sorry. Long incomprehensible string, and not a site I recognized as one I've ever used.
  6. That's how I found this one! And, yeah, there are Romans in all sorts of nooks and crannies I had never seen before.
  7. I suppose it would be nice if some buildings could be redesigned to have direct interiors. Not doors you click to go into a super far-down-the-map box of a room but like, you'd have a coffee shop or cafe and you can see through the windows of all the chairs, tables and the counters/kitchen at the back; entering through an open doorway so you can move inside. So the whole idea is that buildings have a sense of space, depth and purpose and become less of the background boxes they currently are. Or to explain it a bit differently, to have buildings have interiors much like how Wentworth's isn't just a box with clickable doors, it's an indoor space you can move into easily and even has stuff in the back you can explore in. And as far as building with instanced doors is concerned, you don't have to hollow out an entire building, just create a new model with the new interior space and align the doors back into position. And on the subject of what kind of things you could do with this design philosophy. You could have jewllery stores, supermarkets, tech shops, places to eat. Some could even have 'save the citizen' spawns next to them designed to look like they're robbing the place, so when you beat the bad guys it's like you saved a store from being robbed. Such places should have stuff outside to give players a clear indication that a hollowed-out place exists from a distance so all that hard work doesn't go to waste. It could defictionalise various in-world branded areas like the steakhouses and pizza places. Even if zones are just a transitionary environment for the instanced missions, adding these places into buildings could make it feel a bit more like it's actually lived in and of course, give roleplayers more places to hang out than Pocket D
  8. Herotu


    Yes, lots of defense.
  9. Oh, you mean you didn't change anything on your end and you could still see it fine? What was the link? Was it a sta.sh? Imgshack? Some other problematic site? (entirely possible, I had to learn the hard way what sites work with our new forums and which have... "quirks")
  10. Yeah Flat Screens. Everyone walking in Paragon would be looking down at a cell phone. I think Faultline should be built up more. Boomtown should be in a state that Faultline is in now. I think on the red side Arachnos should be more in control and have built up more strongholds int he Rogue Isles.
  11. Works fine on my end, but I'm going to go ahead and move it to my own hosting anyways (I think I got that link from you, tbh).
  12. Thanks for the input everyone! Been juggling some ideas for another controller or dom and the breakdown is very helpful 🙂
  13. Overload is not in the brute build, and overload would not be perma, ever. Overload could make silly ludicrous, but given the current defense numbers I'd rather have more resist. I've given almost all the armors this treatment. The one armor that I broke worse than any other was EnA. I highly recommend Bio (heal armor), Rad (resist armor), and EnA (defense armor). Balance set based on Linea Build: NO! . . . balance should be primarily around SOs, with tertiary consideration to IOs. However, you can't ignore IOs entirely either. I need to look at this very carefully before just tossing it onto tanks with higher defense modifiers: Yes, definitely. Stalker Version, much tamer. However, I built it for it's 500 ST DPS offense, not defense.
  14. What issues? The only real issue AE ever caused more then the other forms of PLving in this game was the fact it could all be done in Atlas Park and thus we could get newbs who never left atlas trying to join things like TFs spread across multiple zones who constantly needed directions. Farmers do provide the rest of the casual community with access to the rarest drops via the AH. PLvers could accomplish one day to cap PLving with ladder characters. That is literally how most of the major SGs recruited by offering such a service. They also were the biggest complainers about AE farms because they lost a tool that basically let them bribe people into their ranks. Since I really doubt all that many coh newbs are happening, as like 99% of all people Ive chatted with in HC so far are long time vets of the old live version, I dont see the risk of the AE babies becoming a common issue as it did for a time on live. Lets be honest here even if HC becomes legit its never going to see some huge population explosion of new comers who never played the game before. So yes considering how many on these very forums do say "I PL because I am bored to death of leveling up through content I know with my eyes closed", I do see enough real want for a auto 50 option with no strings attached that maybe the HC team should give it a serious consideration. Especially if by doing so we can get most of the PL crowd( not farm crowd though there is overlap) out of AE and thus reduce the number of PL farms being created. I mean I do get the desire, and I have been happy myself enjoying remaking many of my old 50s. However it can indeed be wearying. Ive been giving this game a lot less time the last couple months because its simply not possible to keep doing the same old arcs for many characters for months on end. And yeah I likely would use the auto 50 myself at least for a few of my old 50s Ive been putting off because they indeed did not get fun till they had all their powers. Some builds just are not much fun to lvl with.
  15. Yeah, it seems I have made an error in not picking up the Patch. As you suggested, I'm either going to have to lose a recharge sink (GI/SI/Afterburner/Fireball) or drop Hover, which isn't a HUGE loss stat-wise but I do love taking hover on controllers. Hrm. Maybe I can make up for the lost LotG+ in another power?
  16. Regrettably, I do. I'll wager there are similar threads in any game forum currently in existence, highlighting the fact that it always has been a problem, and (unfortunately) always will be.
  17. I like this endeavor! I'll be watching this thread for a Friday event when I'm free, and can join in!
  18. Nah, like Ice Slick it just doesnt take much other than recharge. -resist isnt slottable and -slow isnt important so 2-3 recharge IOs and you're good to go. Because its a hefty resist debuff itll help your entire team and all of your pets. Personally id dump one of the invises. Which is up to you. I love my PowerBoost > Fade > Group Invis combo as its pretty much 30% defense to everyone affected. I do normally skip invising whomever is tanking though (so they end up with 25%) as it affects threat level.
  19. 'Twas ever thus, Brax, You and I both remember very similar discussions on the original forums.
  20. It should be "Jen Jensen," so the candidate could walk around the streets repeating:
  21. The combat log will show a successful hit roll. Power goes on cool down and endurance is lost. No damage occurs.
  22. Today
  23. The combat log will show a successful hit roll. The power goes on cool down. No damage occurs. Is there a workaround?
  24. roleki

    What next?

    So on live I mostly ran controllers, wound up with 50s in Grav/Kin, Fire/FF, Ice/TA, Ill/Sonic, and Mind/Storm, and found something to love about all of them. On HC, I've recreated the Grav/Kin, Fire/FF and Ice/TA, and currently have an Ill/Dark at 39. I know that once I have that one fleshed out, I will get the itch to try something new... any suggestions for what to try next? I don't mind repeating a primary or secondary, but would prefer to stay out of FF as I've already done invincible fire imps and wrung as much amusement out of that set as I think exists. Anyone have a favorite I haven't mentioned?
  25. I like that one! Here is one from VERY early in CoH history, that I always liked: Justice Video
  26. In a fit of insomnia-inspired creativity, I slapped together a rough Gravity/Radiation/Primal Dominator build in Mids that looks like it holds the elements of a fun character. Has anybody tried this combo? I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of Gravity Manipulation from my Grav/Time Controller, but the /Radiation Assault part is new to me. On paper, at least, this looks like it would work well. Slot a KB-to-KD IO into Wormhole, yoink a group of enemies with said Wormhole, pop Crushing Field to Immobilize them, hit Fusion, and go off the chain with ultraviolent and slow-animating attacks in melee range.
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