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  2. fast healing - double regen reconstruction into a heal over time toggle quick recovery - add end drain resist, enhanceable dull pain - add 10% resist to all unehnaceable integ - double regen resil - double resists instant healing - shave off 2 minutes on recharge revive - removed and replaced with i cant do this anymore fucking god damn regen will always suck and there is no saving it just fucking roll Willpower like everybody else and color its shit green and bam you are the wolferines
  3. No, I get that, Gravimetric Snare starts with a four second recharge. It doesn't particularly need recharge slotting.
  4. It has more status protection, and protection to more statuses. Dispersion Bubble provides 15% resistance to everything except psionic damage, Faraday's Cage provides 15% resistance to everything except toxic damage. Winner Faraday's Cage (in my opinion). Dispersion Bubble provides mag 8.65 protection to Held, Stunned, and Immobilized. Faraday's Cage provides mag 12.98 protection to Held, Stunned, and Immobilized (50% stronger). Winner Faraday's Cage. Dispersion Bubble provides no protection to Immobilize nor Sleep. Faraday's Cage provides mag 12.98 protection to Immobilize and Sleep. Winner Faraday's Cage. Dispersion Bubble provides no protection to Knockback/Knockup/Repel. Faraday's Cage provides mag 10 protection to Knockback/Knockup/Repel. Winner Faraday's Cage. Dispersion Bubble provides no protection to Teleport. Faraday's Cage provides 100% resistance to teleport. Winner Faraday's Cage. Dispersion Bubble provides no resistance to Endurance/Recovery/Recharge. Faraday's Cage provides 30.27% resistance to Endurance/Recovery/Recharge. Winner Faraday's Cage. Dispersion Bubble costs 31.2 endurance per minute (before enhancement). Faraday's Cage costs 13 endurance per cast (before enhancement), can last up to 4 minutes. Winner Faraday's Cage (unless you're moving a lot and spamming it). Dispersion Bubble is a toggle. Faraday's Cage is a location PBAoE that recharges in 10 seconds (before enhancement). Winner Dispersion Bubble. Please, feel free to go on Beta to test it out. Look up the numbers. See how it plays. But as you suggested, if it were to become a long duration click power or a pet that follows you around granting the buff (which doesn't fit thematically), it would come at a cost to the above mentioned advantages. Ultimately, the power, along with the power-set, comes at a choice. It doesn't need to be a replica of Sonic Dispersion or a knockoff of Force Field Generator. The fun of having a new set is having new characteristics of similar powers, not carbon copies. This brings new play-styles and gaming mechanics worth exploring. As far as I know, there is no other long duration click power that provides an area of protection at a given location. On top of that, it is stronger than any area of protection power I know of although it comes with obvious limitations (as mentioned above). Like I said earlier, with great power comes a cost. The cost of this power's greatness is the fact you have to reapply it whereever you go. The benefit is having total mez protection where ever you go (ok, no confuse nor fear protection but most of everything else).
  5. Dear Devs, I was offering a suggestion to improve QOL when building a character. Could you come up with a way to put a small indicator next to each power in the enhancement screen showing you at what level you took each indivdual power? This would help quite a lot when designing, planning out slotting in programs such as Mids and Pines and for know what powers will be available to you in a given Taskforce/ Strikeforce. I don't know the logistics or if it would have to be something similar to the cooldown timers that you would have to opt in on, and would be fine with that, but it would be nice to see at what level I took each individual power. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Wampasaurus
  6. I have created a floating Hub for all Heroes and Villains on Indomitable Server Cosmic Arrow Base /macro_image "Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport" "Teleport to Base" "enterbasefrompasscode COSMICARROW-6780" Enjoy note I still would like a tip on how to get rid of the jump of doom.
  7. I unironically support this idea if only for the ability to make Power Pool only builds for fun.
  8. Today
  9. I dont think the set needs a snipe. You get 2 good, high damage attacks, which are admittedly, slow animation. I'd prefer teh set to ditch Swap Ammo as a power pick, making that automatically come up on picking the set, and give it an AIm type power. The fact you can aim with a fireball but NOT a pistol (or gun) is just stupid. ALso, making Swap AMmo inherent would make sense. Look at all the melee gimmick sets, which just 'get' combo abilities inherently. ALso water blast!
  10. Except it would defeat the entire purpose of the power. The trade off is that you have to stay inside it. That’s why it’s called Faraday CAGE.
  11. Is it not the same damage resistance as sonic dispersion with mez/kb protection? Which not to delve into how all resistance powers should have a higher value tbh since you effectively need double the amount to equal their defense counterparts, and since you're not avoiding the attacks altogether they should really have better status protections too also and end drain/slow resistances. So unless I'm missing something then no I don't think it would be out of line as a click power or pet.
  12. Unfortunately the chaining powers actually created a new pseudo pet after each enemy so you dont get the proc bonus if it goes off in the chain only for the initial hit. And yes there are a ton of powers that need to allow the lol proper IO sets. That's one of them, as is singularly taking hold/imm/ranged damage sets, and quicksand taking defense debuff sets etc.
  13. When using the Bright color scheme with Rad Melee, the Fusion power gives its sound effect twice, quickly, one right after the other. This is on a Radiation Melee/Energy Aura Scrapper. Not a big problem, just weird. EDIT: Tested it with the Dark color scheme on Fusion also, same thing, doubles up the sound effect.
  14. To do that would require lowering the stats on faraday's cage. With great power comes a cost.
  15. Besides not being a toggle (which is one of it's biggest issues) this is just like lifegiving spores which honestly is SUCH a pain moving between mobs and repositioning. I would much rather they make it a click buff or pet like ffgen.
  16. Any thoughts on what the best lore pet for a fire/spines farmer would be?
  17. Cygnus-X1, my Mind/Kin, lives in Steel Canyon, in comfortable walking distance to Paragon University where he taught for a long time. Trifid, my Plant/Psi villain dominator used to live in Talos Island but she's.... not really human anymore... and these days hangs out in Nerva when not plotting ways to cull the human race. Thundercrow, my Storm/Sonic, was originally a surfer dude slacker from Long Beach, and now has an Apt in Faultline where he sometimes jams with Jim and Annette. Feril, my Spines/Regen rogue stalker never had a home as such and has a lair deep below one of the Rogue Isles. Far down in the sewers, gets you close. But you can't get to it normally there is no physical passageway into the actual lair. You have to shift into the shadow realm and phase through some walls to find it. He can often be found in Cap Au Diable though, near the WSPDR building. There's 28 others, but you did say "mains" 🙂
  18. This thread is reminding me to make that Psy/Ice. Although I see Dark/Fire is on the list ... Which made me think of a Skulls Hellions lovechild concept 😁 ~C
  19. Well, to be perfectly precise, it said REcolor, so it'd be on stuff that was already colored that you wanted the colors changed.
  20. I just wanted to reiterate this. I built toons with good enhs, but then was being crippled upon being exemplared. And then I started using attuned enhs. Pro-tip: you can't find "attuned" enhs from the search bar in the auction house menu. You have to click the plus sign next to "Enhancements" underneath it and begin your search there. And it will take some getting used to before you're able to quickly find enhs.
  21. Several missions throughout the game feature bosses you're not meant to be able to defeat in that particular mission (like Reichsman on Dr. Khan's mission 2). Can we get something like that in AE? While I'm at it, perhaps AE could be put up to date on mobs (several post-Praetoria NPCs missing) and zones? (like the ruined Magisterium from the iTrial or the heart of the Hamidon from i25's last story arc). Anyway, just some more requests for the pile. It's great to see all the love bases keep getting, let's just not neglect AE.
  22. Wow! Reading this was so much fun! I have a Storm Defender! I love 'em! I'm going to try Storm out on a Controller next!
  23. Arena badges! Wow! We just got ours tonight!? It was relatively glitch-free with experienced badgers. So it probably took about an hour? But I *have* done it before where it took about the same amount of time and not a single person received one badge!? Or maybe one person did who only needed the one badge and bailed afterwards.
  24. You can dump a number of procs into a Storm/water and /water has a heal which fills a need on a Storm. It is one of the few builds I don't do as I have those sets at 50 and Storm twice via controllers. Storm/dark also has nice potential. Plant/storm again adds healing and is a freaking beast when it comes together. It was one of my initial three builds I deemed I would make sure to invest in once it hit 50. I, uh, got distracted as per usual. I think my pick for a solo blaster would be Ice/time with Water right there. Dark/shield stalker will be great as is in current form and even better once the Dark changes go live. I have no qualms soloing on my StJ/ea. The ATO with a chance to Hide helps a lot.
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