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  2. A helpful way to determine the combat attributes of your character is to open the combat attributes window (which his located in the top left corner next to Incarnate Abilities when you open the power tab). So instead of monitoring your health bar icons, you can see it laid out fairly concisely in each category. If you don't want the whole window up, you can right click one of the data points and monitor that by itself (it creates a brand new window with just that information tracking in it, i.e. end recovery or influence). You can also create a combat log tab in the chat bar to refer back to.
  3. If I had to guess, I'd say it was originally designed with the idea that Controllers weren't going to get it because it was control-heavy, like Dark Miasma (and possibly because it didn't really have any thematic pairing with Controller powersets). But then some higher-up decided that creating a NEW powerset, especially one with totally new art assets and animatons, wasn't a good use of company resources if it was only going to be available to one archetype. That sort of thing happened very infrequently outside of new primaries for Masterminds (which, let's be honest, were still very infrequent).
  4. Is there a formula to calculate (or some less mathy way for those of us who dislike searching for the calculator on the phone) how much a 51 and a 52 level Hami boosts a power compared to its level 50 equivalent? Currently I am looking specifically at Ribosome but I imagine I will branch into others as I play with them some more. Thinking about it I guess they are 50+ and 50++ Hamis.
  5. Oooh! I thought Flamebeux was a great pick, really well hidden inside the pyramid.
  6. All the skills flash. I have a potato of a laptop(good for online college. Not so much for gaming) If I play with only min fx team mates I'm ok.. min all the flash goes off I lag out. Just be nice to not be doomed to solo life
  7. Ah, posted above in different thread; Elec affin. It is click heavy, but you get all the huge self-buff nonsense, including +rech,end,heal,res,mezprotect,absorb,damagez.
  8. All of us start out weak, and every level makes you stronger. Don't let this get to you. As long as you're having fun developing your toon, then all is good.
  9. Other names I can't believe I got: Bladeborn Breed Doomspeaker Doublestrike Flirt Grab Hostility Irresistible Reflections Stimulator Stone Cold Killer Submission Teflon Tripline Unbeatable Unforgettable
  10. Hew

    Struggle to Level

    Empathy isnt great for soloing. You picked a primary that is heavily based on targeting teammates. If you want a solo-friendly defender, go elec/psi. Elec provides great self-buff/heal/end/dam/res/mezprotect/+recharge to _yourself_. It is the swiss army knife of dooooooom. With elec/, I recommend slotting the hell out of it for global recharge, to perma souldrain and cut your +rech power down to the bone. I got it to 10 rech, 5 sec uptime on the +hugerechvalue. Solo plus stupid pet its like +80% global rech or something silly. I would have to dig out my elec to doublecheck.
  11. The "good 3 chances to consume focus with ET" also implies you don't use Bone Smasher (or PC) in the meantime - missing with ET and following up with BS is one of the times I burned EF with it. Of course, I've been told that using Bone Smasher is abusive, though.
  12. I need MOAR THREADS and VET LEVELS for my Emp Defender "Excelsis Deo" 🙂 She's have some kinda fem-costume, prolly Harlequin. Cya there
  13. I generally don't consider of any the game's story arcs or missions "canon" to my characters. If I feel like some of it might work for whatever I'm doing at the time, I can pull it as needed (I threw Galaxy City's destruction into my main character's motivation for being a hero, for instance) but adhering to the lore of CoH just feels too restrictive to me for the most part, and I'd rather come up with my own stuff that my characters have done. If someone else wants to say their character has went through all the game's stories - beat up the Skull leaders, saved Night Ward, rubbed shoulders with the Phalanx, whatever - then I'm not going to tell them otherwise, but 99% of the time I'm probably going to act like I've never heard of any of these people or events. You were leading a strike team to destroy the Rikti portal and cleaned Nemesis' clock into the bargain, saving the world as we know it, and while you were doing that I was stopping the shivering Shakespearean shenanigans of Frozencrantz and Chilldenstern. I guess we just run in different circles!
  14. Yes, that's the case of ALL client side mods. But people like that just fine.
  15. yes i will compile into 1 set, then share it. only 1 thing, other player cant see it but yourself. might took sometime, due to searching 1 sprite is in random piggs
  16. Especially when you toss in ToF. 😄 My rotation is SD, Burn, ToF, SM, Burn, ToF, rinse repeat until you need to refresh SD. SD is fired after I either CT into a mob, or after a FS. SD is overslotted for accuracy I think, but that initial 10% tohit from CT really smashes a first run on SD. Oh, so, slight alteration: FS - elecfences, paste in above 3 piece string. Elec fences is kinda necessary given the insane gobs of inbound agro.
  17. i know some player dont like skull effect: here some edit to remove major skull effect and replace with aura like effect
  18. Could you possibly package up all of your changes (when you're done with them) in the CoH Modder, or if you don't want to learn to do that, I can do it if you could send me the files? I think this would be the very first client-side graphical powers change that I've ever seen for City of Heroes! http://www.cityofplayers.com/coh-modder/
  19. You should be able to move your screenshots folder from Tequila to the Homecoming Launcher game folder - take a look here for how the different launchers have their file systems structured. Hope this helps out!
  20. you only can see yourself but yes once you put into the folder, you can play in client :)
  21. NICE! I would LOVE to see this as a mod in CoH Modder... it's a client side change, right? Or are you hosting your own private server?
  22. Blasters are quite tough, despite not having inherent def/res powers. With the tertiary pool (like Fighting and Leadership) and a few smart set bonuses, they are very survivable. Mez protection is the only worry I have with my blasters. Some mitigate it with Sorcery's Rune of Protection and building up range def (so the mez doesn't hit you in the first place). Others just learned to live with it. They get mezzed but it doesn't last long. Just annoying how it turns off some toggles every now and then. But then even mezzed, they can still attack with T1 and T2 primaries. Exemplaring down isn't usually a problem. pre 20, everyone's at a pretty level playing field, but you already have IOs, so your stronger than you were on the way up. 20-30 IO sets come into play, so you're never really that gimped. Of course, you're still more of a god of destruction at 50 with your incarnates. 😃
  23. Mine can handle solo +4/8 with little to no effort for most factions at 50, except Cimerorans and other factions with hefty -Def. I can still take those on, but at a slower pace. I have no problem with standard Praetorian mixed mobs, Longbow, Malta or Arachnos, and just need to be careful with Carnies. Anything below +4/8 solo is a cakewalk. He exemplars very well, even after losing his pets, and I consistently "Tank" lower level TFs. For example, I ran a Yin TF at +2/8 this week on him and after setting off the 4 computers ASAP, I was able to stand in the reactor door way taking the full brunt of the ambush by myself, and mowed them all down with AoEs without dipping below ~40% health at any point. Regarding your question of "is it repetitive?"...honestly, yes. A standard Crabbermind will pretty much always be "spawn pets>Venom Grenade>AoE>AoE>Venom Grenade>single taget mop up" every spawn. But it does that role really well. To keep it exciting, I sometimes play a little minigame with myself of keeping my pets alive at all costs using Rebirth Destiny and tracking down any spiderlings that wander off. If you want to feel like an absolute badass, Crab is what you want. If you want to absentmindedly plow through waves of enemies without breaking a sweat, Crab is the way to go. If you want to accidentally find yourself successfully face tanking and beating a Praetorian Guard AV solo while the rest of the team was killed by a single ambush spawn (true story that I'm not that proud of), then go Crab. But if you want something that's not repetitive, go with something else.
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