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  2. The Template thread is in the root of the Archetypes folder:: And as long as all your Defense types or vectors are covered, it doesn't matter what else you wanna choose.
  3. I had the same impression, it was a single player game with some MMO elements grafted on. I spend about a month playing it a couple of years ago and lost interest. As a single player game I preferred Skyrim; as an MMO it was lacking.
  4. For all that I see Lethal damage panned, my Claws scrapper has never felt weak. I mean, I won't turn down a buff... but I can't say i've felt like it was needed.
  5. So what you're suggesting is that City's community has the potential for the same toxic culture that other MMOs have? In a game where you think about once a century at max level (thanks to everyone grabbing up builds or getting incarnates) it would be odd to ask how a person is "performing," and then to demand to see that person's stats when most players hit judgement and then RP or mission exit. Even raids require no thought. If you're afraid of this, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you don't think highly of the community to begin with.
  6. KelvinKole

    ??? /claws

    I have an urge to roll up a claws toon and leaning towards a Tank to play with the upcoming changes. I'm having a tough time deciding on a primary. I really wanted to do Shield, but it's incompatible with claws. I have a bio scrapper, I have a rad stalker and rad Brute. I have an electric armor tank already. I played dark armor to death on live. I won't do stone armor, I've tried. That leaves super reflexes, ice armor, willpower, invuln, and fire. Do any of these have any inherent synergy with claws? I don't think so, but might be missing something. How bad is fire armor for overall game play? Will it be extremely fragile? I'm nervous do to super reflexes with no heal in the secondary. Is that not an issue? HELP
  7. Were the benchmarks posted for why Spines was declared overperforming? What was the test used for that analysis? I tried to search for if it had been but I couldn't see anything.
  8. I figured that the -62.5% recharge reduction to the main $target was the real selling point of Snowstorm. I'm unsure whether it affects any surrounding friends or if they're just slowed & -flown, but Hurricane's -50% alone won't de-buff to that cap of -75%, am I right?
  9. I like these ideas! I'm looking at these suggestions and moving some things around. This may or may not impact your suggestions, but I rarely use Living Shadows, it's there purely for the set bonuses and because I had to take a power. So I'm not opposed to taking slots from it if they can be used better elsewhere.
  10. I believe that you are not trying to make characters over-powered. I will even buy that you are not trying to make a have vs. have-nots situation. However, human nature being what it is, the end result would be both. To make something desireable enough for people to chase it as an accomplishment, it has to provide a substantial boost, which will make toons MORE over-powered than they are (or have the capacity to be) now. A substantial boost that is sought after will divide the community into those who have and those who do not. Like it or not, this tends to create elitist (what I like to call nanny nanny boo boo) attitudes amongst the haves and, most often will trickle into teaming and playing. Many people on this thread have pointed out this exact interplay, we saw it happen on live and in other games. Just because you continue to be an optimist and refuse to believe in the dirty underbelly of humanity doesn't make it not so. Bravo on your positive attitude and trying to think outside the box, but in my opinion, we need to leave the 'something to strive for' at what already exists in the game if we cannot come up with a way to avoid both the over-power problem and the inevitable elitist issues.
  11. Well, if you're gonna say that about incarnate, you can say that about literally any aspect of the game. It was meant to be the next step post 50 to make your character grander, like epics or even accolades, depending on when you decide to get those. That's confirmed. It's important to have a supple community insight as to the nature of the end game for something like this so you don't get derailed in some tangent discussion. And to succumb to that for a second, I'm also going to full disagree about HOs. I don't know one person who is willingly spending millions or billions on HOs; I know many who spend hours Hamidon raiding for the experience...but no one aware of it's patch sinking cents into it. Which makes sense, because that would be really stupid. It's literally pointless as compared to using inexpensive IOs. If you have information refuting that I'd actually love to know, you can message me. I digress. I could be sold on this. I'm swaying on the fence, because I think IOs are already almighty; the IOs were never meant to be THIS easily accessible. So I think adding things like global +12 res is silly, and if it went that direction I'm opposed. But I also miss when I was noob on live, aspiring to have the long list of set bonuses veterans had and feeling pushed to grind as well as just kill things to have fun. If the legendary grade were completely unique things like perhaps a new accolade attack power or "chance for max recharge for 30 sec, chance for max damage for 15" and it was minor chances for a max stat that was locked in, I think that could be awesome and more balanced. I also think, since for this entirely we are assuming all other IOs are relatively easy to attain, that you must have at least ONE very rare set (yes set not just a proc PvPers, proc based PvP is stupid and I want to do things to discourage it) to slot in legendary, though can be dropped without one and sold if desired. I want to push this, and I think the nature of the buffs that are come up with here will make or break it for the community; more than even the conceptual system that will end up governing it. I'm 51/49.
  12. While the other enhancements are available for a sort of hard mode, and a TO run of the ITF would be hilarious, they are still sort of artificial difficulty in that you're just debuffing yourself and you have to go really out of your way to slot up like that...
  13. Welcome home Antarcticaa, the City is glad to have you back! 🙂
  14. You will need to talk to the other Menders in Ouroboros first. Start with the Pilgrim, and he'll direct you to others in the zone, ending eventually with Silos. There'll be a few missions, but you don't need to finish the Twilight's Son TF/SF to talk to Mender Silos. Out of respect for those who haven't played in Ouroboros yet:
  15. Just checked on AH and found some for sale, so apparently so.
  16. I would love to see someone make a video doing a Solo STF using only Training Origin Enhancements running on a +4/+8 difficulty setting. Do it on a live stream so you can not video edit the content. If someone would do that it would be great.
  17. Today
  18. I've played this game a lot back when it was live and now when it's emulated. But there was one thing I never got to the bottom of, never explored fully and failed to find any information on across the internet. It's the full story of Praetoria, from start to finish. I'm playing through as many Praetorian Arcs in Ouroboros as I can, but it's taking a lot of time and it feels like I'm not following it in a way that was intended which only makes the lore more difficult to grasp. What I have gathered so far is that; The Hamidon decimated Praetorian Earth and anything under Emperor Coles Empire is the last remaining bastion of civilization, he defeated the Hamidon? Every need of every citizen is cared for namely by the Clockwork, it's an oppressive regime but there is an uprising- the Resistance. Ground water is contaminated by the Hamidon, so everyone drinks Enriche? Praetoria loses the battle against the Hamidon? At some point Praetorians invade Primal Earth? For what reason/motivations? If anyone has any good links or videos that cover the lore I'd appreciate it, or if you're willing to dedicate the time to put things in writing. I guess this feeds in to the actual story of City of Heroes which despite playing all this time the story of the game sometimes evades me, prior to Going Rogue it just seemed like Red vs Blue, but with Going Rogue things seemed to of gotten a lot more complicated.
  19. I hope this is on the list of considerations when the Control sets come up for review.
  20. I updated all my drivers and my cpu is using max video ram, no camera shake and no power saving settings. Still the same issue 😕 I'm able to run other games fine but this one seems to have a problem..
  21. The problem with CoH is teaming. If you are soloing I don't care what you do. But if I am teaming with someone I care a lot about what they can do. For the game to be fun it has to be in the sweet spot of difficulty. You just die and do nothing is not fun, you press a button and kill all foes everywhere is not fun. What is fun differs per person. But IO builds and incarnate powers are so overpowered that they let a single player solo +4/x8 content. Which means they can be on a team with the toughest content and not need the team. They render any mission they are on not fun. So having optional difficulty per player does not help. It has to be by server or at least by team. If you could create teams and set them for no IO set bonuses and incarnate powers, I would be happy with that. 90% of teams probably would not have those options on. But I would team with the dozens of players who would prefer that.
  22. I was thinking of starting a Dark Armor Sentinel and looking for a blast set that might synergize with it. Right now leaning towards DP simply because its slightly better in pboae which would seem to cater to the stun/fear aura powers range. Any suggestion or ideas?
  23. As a note, there is a forum specifically for suggestions. This might be better there https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/45-suggestions-amp-feedback/
  24. I keep seeing people talking about PROCs and am curious about what they are and how do they benefit builds, particularly Corrupters. A link to something that will Dumb it Down to the basics without throwing tons of Math would work best until I get a better grasp as to what I am looking at.
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