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Pandora-16260 (Dimensional Shard, Neutral Alignment)

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This event began 08/24/20 and repeats every 25 days forever

The beautiful and strange Isles of Pandora, whose islands of forests and hot springs float among the stars.  These exotic islands are home to the Avariel, a race of flying winged elves who fiercely protect their land against those who wish it harm.  The Isles were made of ancient fae magic, but recently it has become necessary to hold the islands together with the latest Portal Corp technology of humanity:  A last, desperate attempt to save the mythical land from sinking into the endless summer skies of Pandora.  For now, though, these hovering islands rest among the Sea of Stars, for all the Galaxy to see and visit.  Whether these others will be welcomed by the Avariel, however, is another story . . . 


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