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FreakTown-10241 (Red-leaning)

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This event begins 08/20/20 and repeats every 25 days forever

A group of Freakshow goons took over and blocked off an industrial section of Baumton and turned it into a ridiculous hub of drug-fuelled partying.  Its main attraction, "Freak Town," used to be a chemical warehouse.  That is, until the Freakshow associate known as "Gas Kid" helped the Freaks turn it into a veritable chem mecca.  The club has everything that a villainous psychonaut could ever want:  Superadine, Excelsior, and Rage are on tap for any paying customers to indulge upon to their hearts desire.  Chemical concoctions of all types are available at the various chem-bars throughout the club, including many addictive ones that keep the customers coming to dance night after chaotic night.  Just stay away from the Freaks' chemical megamachine in the back - the fumes are NOT free, and the bouncer may throw you out if they catch you back there sucking in steam.  An indoor and outdoor stage blare out a cacophony of Industrial music at all hours, and host any performers who are fine with entertaining drug-addled criminals.  Frights, bright lights, fights, and long nights are in store for any customers looking for a good, and weird, time.  Mohawks are not required, but they are promoted.


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