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Faultline - Drenched Donuts Shop (Blueside, loc: -170, 75, -1505)

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This event began 08/21/20 and repeats every 25 days forever


The Drenched Donuts Shop was one of the first buildings constructed in the New Overbrook neighbourhood when redevelopment of the "Faultline" disaster site began.  Boasting the "Best doughnuts in all of Paragon City!" ™ the site is a popular location for the members of Paragon's Police Department to frequent.  Additionally, many heroes and meta-powered individuals have been witnessed flying or leaping through the hole in the giant, inflatable donut decouration on the roof of the building.  Some concerns have been presented against the building, however, as it appears that a construction oversight has left the building with no emergency exit.


Note:  Faultline is a level 15+ Zone.


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