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Mercy Island - Arachnos Administration Courtyard (Redside, loc: -1215, 242.5, -10)

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This event began 08/22/20 and repeats every 25 days forever


Whenever Arachnos secures a would-be "Destined One," the first place they typically drop them off is on the steps leading to the Mercy Island Arachnos Administration Building.  While Arachnos used to bring these villains to Fort Darwin, Longbow ruined that several years back by successfully converting the fort in to a foothold for their own operations in the Isles.  Arachnos will often enlist these villains to help with the Longbow situation, but it never seems to "stick," and the damned Candy Canes (as many villains like to call Longbow personnel) keep on creeping back in to the various corners of Mercy.


Note:  Mercy Island is a level 1 to 10 Zone.


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