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Early Bird Hami

Event details


This event begins 08/29/20 and repeats every day forever

Daily Early Bird Hami starts forming at 6 pm EST in The Hive, followed by Little Claw's Hami raid.


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Update/FYI- Tuesdays will apparently be known as Tots-less Tuesday. Raids will proceed as planned, with other players in charge on those days. (Ebony Divine, Little Claw, Gaea's Outcast, etc)

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So you've decided to Hami but aren't sure where to start?

Excellent choice hero.

 Let's start with a general overview of the raid as it happens in the Hive on Torchbearer.



The Basics

  • So first thing is how to get here. If you are w/o out a SG teleport system you'll need to travel from Founder Falls to the hazard door to Eden and from Eden to the hazard door to the Hive. If you have teleport options then just TP to Eden. (Refer to zone entrance photo to see if you're in the right place)
    • Now, that being said, the Hive (and the Abyss) are zones with a player cap. It permits 50 players in the zone max. Most frequently we are in Hive 1, however if the zone reaches its cap,  Hive 2 will spawn, but be basically inactive.
      • The zone minimum is 45, heroes that are 50 or 50+ will have an easier time. We can manage a handful of non 50's, but level shifted players will bring some unique offerings to the raid.
        • If you refer to the Hive Map photo you will see the general area in which the league will meet. Also refer to the photo of the Safe Rock. This is where the league will congregate while the league is forming and return here prior to each run.


  • Let's talk league. The Hive can contain 50 heroes and the league can contain 48. The general structure of the league is broken down to teams of similar abilities. There is a holds team - consisting of trollers, doms, and the like. There are generally two teams each for ranged and melee players, a team of defenders, and everything else is kind of a hodge-podge.
    • Each main attack style group will have a designated leader for others to follow. Each attack style has a specific mito to deal with. 
    • The Mitos are set around Hamidon in concentric rings. Refer to The Blob photo to get a general idea of mito placement based on your attack target.
      • Melee fighters will focus on YELLOW Mitos. (Mitochondria Antibodies)
      • Ranged fighters will focus on BLUE Mitos. (Mitochondria Electrolytes)
      • Holds team will focus on GREEN mitos. (Mending Mitochondria)
      • Defenders will assistant the Hami tank and the other groups in the league.
    • There is one Hami tank designated for the raid. Their job is to taunt Hami and keep as much aggro as possible. Please do not attempt to steal tank aggro. 
    • We also have designated teleporters for the league. They are responsible for transporting the league from location to location. We designate TPers so that there is less concern of malicious teleports.


  • Some general information:
    • EoE = Essence of Earth is a special inspiration that you will need in order to counter much of the effects of the actual Hamidon attack phase. When damage from Hami sets off, it will chain through the league until it is countered by someone with EoE active. It is in the entire league's best interest to have EoE active during the attack phase.
    • You may open your Auction House inventory within the Hive. You may store extra EoEs in the AH as well as purchase them there if needed.
    • To show our appreciation for our teleporters, esp our lookout on Safe Rock, tips and gratuities in the form of EoEs are always accepted.
    • If you do not have fly, you may purchase jetpack time from the P2W vendor in Pocket D w/o having to exit the league.
    • If you are invited to league but asked to drop and exit AE or TF mode, don't worry, this happens a lot. Players that are still in AE/TF mode makes the player locked on league and their position may not be changed within the league. The drop and re-add is purely a logistics issue.
    • There are two separate Hami raids back to back. Each raid consists of 3 runs. Little Claw runs the second raid and they like to spice it up on the weekends.
    • Because The Hive is a capped zone it is expected that players are actively participating in the raid. If you need to go AFK, please say so or notify league lead. If noted to be afk in a totally different spot from the league or AFK dead, players will be removed to make space for those waiting. 
    • If you mistakenly zone away (i.e. SG base) and zone is full, you will not be able to return until space is open in the Hive. In those instances, players will be removed to make space for another player physically present.
    • Also, per Homecomings CoC, there is no DUAL BOXING in Hamidon Raid Zones. Give up that space for someone waiting at the door in Eden, hoping to get in.

The Main Event

  1. When we begin the league is teleported to one of the "walls" to defeat GM's (see Enemies photo). In this the GM's will drop EoE's and have the potential to spawn Hami.
  2. Once Hami has spawned in the bowl (see Hami Bowl pic) the spotter will then bring the league back to the safe rock. At this time announcements will be made to notify players of who their attack lead will be and designate the Hami tank.
    1. During this phase any level shifted players have the ability to set off any supportive group buffs, such as Clarion. The tank is given as many buffs as the league is able to offer up.
  3. The tank will head to the bowl first to grab Hami aggro and they will give the signal for the rest of the league to proceed. Before heading into the bowl everyone should take an EoE. Ideally players will want 4-5 EoEs in their tray per run.
  4. Once ranged and melee mitos are down the rest of the league catches up to finish off the green mitos.
  5. At this point we drop down to attack Hamidon itself. Generally it is requested (under normal raid conditions) for 1/2 of the league to drop Lore pets at this time, as well as any other players to offer up again Clarion or Support Hybrid.
  6. Once Hamidon is defeated, the buds will spawn. The buds can spawn in any location where there is a player, so we ask that all players stay in the bowl to keep the buds together. Also, if there is a bud remaining anywhere in the Hive, Hami will not spawn.


The Rewards

  • Per character in an 18 hour interval (basically daily) you may obtain:
    • Reward merits. You will gain double RM (80) the first time this is chosen. 40 RM thereafter.
    • Empyrean Merits. You may take this choice once/18 hrs. Awards 4 Emp Merits
    • Hamidon Origin Enhancements. Once/18 hrs. Drops are random
  • You may chose to take only RM and can taken them every award session. 


The Fine Print

  • I kind of have my routine as far as how the beginning of the raid goes. While I get that you might be super excited to bring justice to Hamidon, just give me a min to get my spiel out first.
  • Be a Good Guy Greg. We like to act silly and make jokes. What we do not tolerate is players acting with malicious intent, trolling, cruelty, or baseless accusations. This is something that I take seriously and I want everyone to have fun. Don't poop in my Jello.
  • While I am able to manage a decent portion of the league, I can't see everyone at all times. Rest assured misbehavior will be brought to my notice.
  • If you have issues with a player or leads, please let us know. Again, a game is supposed to be fun.
  • If you want to help out, feel free to ask or volunteer.
    • I have those I know are solid go-to's for most roles but I'm open to suggestions.
      • Always have need for league teleporters (requiring at least 1st level Incandescence Invocation)
      • Never say no to a tank that wants to give it a shot. Let's us know and we'll check your build.
      • Incarnate buffs. Clarion (Destiny) and Support (Hybrid) plus the Lore Pet of your choice



Incarnate Information

Since we are seeing more new players to the raids in recent weeks, I felt I should explain some questions that we get asked. 

  • What does level shifted mean?
    • In this we are talking about players that have most (if not all) have T4 incarnate powers in every slot. The majority of players take incarnate powers that suit their builds, however, there are several incarnate that provide league benefits.
  • Which incarnate powers benefit the league?
    • In the Destiny incarnate slot, Clarion is ideal as it provides mez and some status effect protection as well as a secondary effect buff. Typically this effect is given out just prior to the attack run and again when we gather to attack Hamidon itself.
    • Another buff that is useful is Hybrid  Support. This provides the league with +Def (all), + Acc, Mez/Healing buff, and a bonus to pets.
    • Lastly, Lore pets. You may choose any Lore pet that you desire. First run Teams 1-3 drop Lores, second run teams 4-6 drop Lores, and the final run it's usually back to teams 1-3 plus anyone whose pet has already recharged.
  • League teleport, what is it used for any why do you use it? 
    • There are several reasons why we use Incandesence. It's a league-wide teleport that can move the remaining 47 members of the league to a designated location. Once Hami spawns this is helpful to return the entire league back to the safe rock w/o dragging extra 'friends' along with them. During the attack portion of the raid, we have TPers who are designated to congregate the entire league in one location for the attack phase, but also provides extra healing buffs as well as locate the league and healers in close proximity for everyone to get healed.
  • Why do you designate teleporters?
    • We have had uncooperative or malicious players in the past that found it amusing to relocate the league to a completely different location in the middle of the attack phase, causing the raid to fail. We always request that you enable Prompt Team Teleport while in the Hami raid and pay attention to who is designated as TPer's for each raid. We're always looking for new volunteers to help with the raid teleport, but I do tend to wait to use new people once they've been coming to the raid for a bit.
  • Anything else I should know?
    • I'm sure that there will be questions that arise that I have not covered, but always feels free to ask the league itself. Most of these folks have been doing it for some time and can usually answer any questions you might have. We might act goofy or silly, but we like having new people try out the Hamidon raids to see if this kind of content is for them. 
      • Lately the raid has ben filling rather quickly. Early bird starts forming around 6 pm EST (also keeping with DST-here in the US) and frequently we are full by 6:30 pm EST. The following raid run by Little Claw tries to start closer to 8 pm EST, but can fill before that run time as well. If you decide to alt between runs there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get back into the Hive or on the league. Alt at your own risk.
        • HAVE A GOOD TIME!  








Zone entrance.jpg

The blob.jpg


Hive Map.jpg

Safe Rock.jpg


Hami bowl.jpg

Tank position.jpg

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Hi all, This is Dr Feel-Good. Here's a list of macros I made for myself.

Lightning Rod  

/macro_image ElectricMelee_PBAoETeleport LtR "powexecname Lightning Rod$$powexec_location target Lightning Rod"

Shield Charge

/macro_image ShieldDefense_ShieldCharge SC "powexecname Shield Charge$$powexec_location target Shield Charge"


/macro_image WaterBlast_Whirlpool WP "powexecname Whirlpool$$powexec_location target Whirlpool"

Rain of Fire
/macro_image archetypeicon_blaster RoF "powexec_location target Rain of Fire"

/macro_image FireTrap_Bonfire BF "powexecname Bonfire$$powexec_location target Bonfire"

Distortion Field
/macro_image TimeManipulation_DistortionField DF "powexecname Distortion Field$$powexec_location target Distortion Field"

Lifegiving Spores
/macro_image NatureAffinity_LifegivingSpores LS "powexecname Lifegiving Spores$$powexec_location target Lifegiving Spores"

/macro_image ColdDomination_Sleet Sleet "powexecname Sleet$$powexec_location target Sleet"

Ice Storm
/macro_image IceBlast_IceStorm IStorm "powexecname Ice Storm$$powexec_location target Ice Storm"

Tar Patch

/macro_image DarkMiasma_TarPatch TAR "powexecname Tar Patch$$powexec_location target Tar Patch"

Incandescence Invocation - Incandescence_Common 

/macro_image InherentBase_Anger TP league "Hey, League, GET OVER HERE!!!!"$$powexecname Incandescence Invocation"powexec_location target Incandescence Invocation"

Note: This is for league TP. change the word League to Team for team message.


Hami Targeting marcos. All the macro's do is aid in targeting Melee, Hold, Range Mitos and Hami buds.

Melee     /macro_image CarnivalOfLight_LuminousStrike FIND "targetcustomnext Antibodies" 
Hold       /macro_image E_ICON_Triage FIND "targetcustomnext Mending"
Range     /macro_image E_ICON_VolleyFire FIND "targetcustomnext Electrolytes"
Buds     /macro_image DevouringEarthSeed_SeedOfHamidon_ConfoundingCloud FIND "targetcustomnext Bud"



Hope this helps someone!



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