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October 12, Columbus Day, Templar/Bunker HIll will host a "No cheating possible because there are (almost) no rules" contest for badging on Torchbearer

Start with any type of character at any level.  From 12pm Eastern US to 2pm Eastern US, collect as many badges on that character as you can, however you can.  Starts/Ends in AP City Hall, near Azuria. Registration begins at 11:30am EST  Bunker Hill will confirm your registration.  Character must be created that day and cannot leave AP once registered until the contest officially starts.

Plan your strategy, make team strategy, do whatever.


Top prize is 1 billion inf.
Second prize is 500 million inf
Third prize is 250 million inf

There may be additional prizes.


Contest open to everyone. We know your time is valuable and want to to enjoy the City. Hence the change in time. Get your thinking caps on about your route - you get 2 hours now.


Recommended Comments

Thanks to all who joined us for @Templar’s badging contest. The rules were only that you showed up with a character made that day at level 1. Collect as many badges as possible in 2 hours. Everything else was fair game.

Our winner was @oO Suzie Palmer Oo (@Suzie#5773) with a total of 244 badges collected. We asked Suzie what their strategy was.

“I had my /kin on team to sb me whenever I entered base and to put myself at lvl 49, then hit all red/blue and hazard zones for exploration badges/zone accolades while hitting up PD for alignment badges too.”

Second place went to @Tarantia with 228 badges and @Mjp1333

Those of us on Discord voice chat talked about different strategies for collecting the most badges. We never talked about the SB advantage!

Shout outs to @Bunker Hill (@Templar/Bunker Hill#4045) for the great event idea and sponsorship, @PF? and @Ammonia (@Ammonia [ James ] [ SG Leader ]#9511) for supporting with helping to collect the information we needed and free PLing for those who wanted it. Thanks for the support Veracity, ULTRA and Throne.

Lastly but not leastly, thanks to @GM_Conviction for hanging out with us.

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