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What would you do with your newfound infamy?

Event details


1 Billion Infamy to be exact!
Baron Havok is looking for the meanest, nastiest and downright terrifying to join him in a raid on Terra Volta and he'll pay for your services.



One winner will walk way with a whopping 1 billion INF wired to him or her

2nd place receives 500 million

3rd gets 250 million INF 

5x runners-up will each bag 50 million INF
Everyone else will be treated to one helluva show on why red-side is the best side.


Part 1: Looks that kill
There will be 4 categories with 2 winners  from each category. 
The reason is simple - fairness. A dark god is far more flashy than a mobster but both are equally valid as a villain. If you're unsure what category you fall under, just go with your gut feeling.  


1. Science & Technology 

Evil geniuses, sadistic scientists, ruthless robots, any machination of menace and mayhem


2. Mutants & Monsters 

aliens, abominations, biohazards, failed (or successful) experiments, any being that is inhuman in either look or behaviour


3. Magic & Mystical

Dark divinity, evil elementals, wielders of fell magic, arcane atrocities, demons, devils and all the denizens of desolation


4. Natural & Self-made

Mob bosses, hired hitmen, skilled swordsmen, ninja assassins, rebellious riffraff, or even just plain corporate a-holes. 


Part 2: Show and Tell
We can see you're evil, now tell us how good your are at being bad. The 8 finalists (2 winners from each category) will then be judged by their biography.  No bio automatically disqualifies you from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Origin stories, character descriptions, your prepared evil monologue you keep in your breast pocket while you wait for the perfect moment, anything goes as long as it is creative... and vile. Bios should be in English; since not everyone is good with English (even some native English speakers) wrong grammar and spelling will be forgiven... this time. It's the idea that counts so let your wild side go on a rampage.


Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your friends' friends and your enemies' enemies.

Go hit the costume creator and work on that killer bio. See you all on Dec. 5.


Original post by @TrueBornTyrant

If you are interested in being a judge send an email to @Rivvic in-game.
Judges have to be in a post-apocalyptic themed costume.

Original Artwork featured in the poster was created and is credited to bliz (Liz Chesterman) that I grabbed from a Google search.


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