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Xzianthia Costume+Biography Contest : 5 Origins


Every hero (or villain) has an origin.  What's yours?  Can your description shed insight into that costume, name, and origin?  Let's find out!

Hosted by myself (@x5 on Queen Alyssa Q'Uzixola of Xzianthia) and DawL (@VuDu DawL).  Should have other helpers too (hopefully!)


5 Best in Category Origin ( Technology, Science, Natural, Mutation, and Magic ) where the following will be judged based on BOTH:

  • Backstory : up to the 1023 character limit in the biography.  We will be reading these and considering how it fits the visual costume!
  • Costume : creativity for how this connects to the backstory and origin type.  Flashy or subtle doesn't matter as much showing thoughtfulness & uniqueness!



Everlasting server, Kallisti Wharf zone, in front of the statue of Marcus Cole (near the "on the shoulders of giants" exploration badge).

Saturday 3/20/2021, which is this week as I'm posting this calendar event.

Voting is planned to start by 6:30PM (Eastern Time), need to be here before that.
The plan is to have all winners declared before 7PM (Eastern Time), so people can hopefully make one of the raids.
We have instructed coalition allies, and Xzianthia military & civilian personnel to show up 30 minutes in advance.



We're wanting to reward people who've taken the time to really think about their characters, and encourage more people to write about it in their character information / biography / description.  Kallisti Wharf has been chosen for its accessibility to BOTH BlueSide and RedSide, so villains do not feel afraid to come out and show off that presentation! (we'll just keep our eyes on you)



Judge votes will be handled in private over voice comms.  What we are going to be looking for, just to be clear, is 5 main winners one in each of the origin categories, that has a well-written biography that matches a well-designed visual costume appearance.  Participants are treated as guests of honor, no matter their faction; and we ask everyone just to show respect & patience with the other people.  If for some reason we don't have a character with one of the origins (i.e.: missing let's say any character showing as Science) then we will double-up on one of the other categories.  The number of honorable mentions and small prizes will directly depends on how many donations we receive.  We have candy canes, millions of influence, and rare salvage up for grabs.  I would like to give out many smaller prizes too, to thank people for taking the time to come out, but that depends on how much donor funds come in advance and how many people show up for this event.



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