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Mastermind ONLY MSR!!

Event details


This will be a special MSR for Masterminds ONLY. Afterwards, if there is enough interest, we will do a Mastermind ONLY BAF/DD/sLAM (depending on participation level) in Ouro.


Please note there are many classes that can summon pets that are NOT Masterminds. Given that this event is for Masterminds only, and you, in fact, are not a Mastermind, you would not be eligible to participate in this event. See, a non-Mastermind is not a Mastermind, and this event is for Masterminds only. I don't know how I can be more clear about this. Please do not chew me out in broadcast/LFG/tells because this ONE TIME I am limiting the players who can participate in one of my events. You are more than welcome to coordinate your own Crabbermind (or whatever) event on your own.


Do not expect tons of vMerits, either. We're doing this for the sheer chaos of having 48 Masterminds assaulting a mothership, not riches.


Look for Boy Band to lead the charge. Bring your favorite air guitar to RWZ1 and LET'S ROCK!


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