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Lil Claw's Hamicide (Start times are approximate)

Event details


This event begins 09/10/21 and repeats every week on Friday and Sunday forever


AKA The Weekend Special


So you've seen the call for the Hamicide, but just not sure what it is. Well, here we will try to summarize the basic idea of the Hamicide weekend special.


Lil Claw (LC) spices things up with a Hamicide on their raids on the weekend. The raids still consists of 3 runs: a Zerg run, an Old School run, and another Zerg run. 

  • So what do you mean by 'Zerg' run?
    1. A Zerg run means NO MITO take down phase. We attack Hami head on.
    2. Once Hami has spawned everyone in the league is brought back to the safe rock. Everyone drops their lore pets on the safe rock before the attack phase commences. Lore pets are passive until the active attack.
    3. Group buffs are handed out, i.e. Clarion, Support, RA, Bubbles, etc. 
    4. LC and the tank will go down to Hami.
    5. The league needs to take an EoE and well as Acc/Dmg inspirations in order to bring down Hami quickly.
    6. LC will then teleport the entire league down to Hami for the attack. Lore pets are then set to aggressive.
  • What do I need for this run?
    1. You need 1-2 EoEs, a couple of large Accuracies and several large Damage per Zerg run. The idea is to bring down Hami as quickly as possible.


  • So what do you mean by Old School run?
    1. Old School run is an older way of doing the Hami raid. (Also of note, is that some shards may still perform their Hami raid in this manner.) What this entails is as follows.
    2. The 2nd run/Old School round is a NO LORE PET attack. This is run on the second round so that the league has time for all Lore Pets to recharge. League buffs are given out prior to starting the run. (Clarion, RA, Bubbles, etc.)
    3. The first part of the run proceeds as normal, with each team taking down their designated Mitos.
    4. At the Hami attack phase Clarion may be handed out again. During the first pass Hami is taken down to 75% health, in a slower fashion to allow Mitos to respawn.
    5. Once Mitos have reappeared, each team returns to the Mito attack pattern as before. Taking all Mitos down for a second time.
    6. When Mitos have been cleared a second time, the attack resumes on Hami.
    7. League buffs (Clarion/Support) are given and Hamidon is defeated.
  • What do I need for this run?
    1. As this is a longer overall attack phase, the player will ideally want 8-10 EoEs for this round.


  • What should I bring to the Hamicide?
    1. DPS! DPS! DPS! Can't say this enough. We need Melee and Ranged damage. Generally speaking we're asking for about 16 players each for melee and ranged dmg for a total of about 32 damage bringers.
    2. Kinetics. The minimum number of Kins needed for the Hamicide is 6, but more are always welcome. We'll be heavily relying on Fulcrum Shift in order to muster enough damage to bring down Hami quickly.
    3. Other hero types. Due to the Old School run in the middle, we still have need for heals and holds.
    4. LORE PETS & REDS. We don't care what lore pet, just whichever one you like. Lots of Reds to do damage ASAP. We're contending with all of the the damage the mitos normally do, in addition to Hami itself. 


Rewards are exactly the same as any other Hamidon Raid.


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