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The Dauntless Reverie SG's 12th Annual ECHO Party !

Event details


A FLYER has been found posted on light posts, trees, building walls, and business bulletin boards throughout Paragon City.
An accompanying card, black with silver and gold finely printed text, is found in a holder close to the Flyer.  Heroes also may have received the card in the mail. The text of the card is below.



Heroes of Paragon City,
It is time once again for the annual Dauntless Reverie's celebration of the Autumnal Season of Masks. With great pride, we present...  The 12th Annual ECHO!
So please, join us at the Dauntless Reverie’s 12th Annual ECHO as we celebrate the Autumnal Season of Masks.  Come and masquerade as your "echo" or "antithesis" – a reinterpretation or opposite of yourself. We’ll offer RP and fellowship, good music,andancing of course and fun.
ECHO Festivities will commence at 10 o'clock in the evening EST, Saturday, the 23rd day of October, at the Autumnally Festive Little Leaf Teahouse.
Warmest regards,

Monique Dawson, otherwise known as Nyghtshade
Epicenter of the Dauntless Reverie


((OOC Info!!!))
What:  The Dauntless Reverie's 12th Annual ECHO
When: Saturday, October 23rd,   7pm Pacific / 10 PM EasternEastern
Where: The Autumnally Festive “Little Leaf Teahouse” (Basecode: thelittleleaf-12093 )
Who: All RP’ers on Everlasting!

Questions?   Contact  Nyghtshade  ( @Nyghtshade ),  or  Spike Strip ( @Kitteh Nova ) 

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