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UIT SG - Single Origin only iMSR

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GOOD NEWS UIT Channel Members!!! It’s iMSR time. Sunday Oct 3rd at 2pm EST/8pm CET, we will be having another U.I.T. Channel Member INSTANCE version of a Mother Ship Raid.....BUT!!!!
After our last run with all you awesome folks with only a league of 24 people, we decimated the Rikti easily. Well, I Am not going to get into any history book being a leader that always leads people to easy victories. I Need Something more “EPIC”
This time I will be leading a band of brave heroes/villains into battle not with juiced up IO sets, not with Incarnate powers, No Lore pets, no Destiny buffs, No Interface Procs, No Hybrid or Alpha’s either. But simple run of the mill Single Origin enhanced warriors with the thrill of adventure.
So, dust off those pre-Issue 9 builds, use one of your 3 builds on your favorite characters, or build a brand new one. Slot those baby’s up with your Origin of choices best Single Origin Enhancements and Bring it on an “EPIC” adventure.


-Need a level 35+ character (level 50 highly recommended)
-Need the “Member of Vanguard” Badge from Levanterra in RWZ
-No IO’s slotted (there cannot be anything listed in the Set Bonuses on personal info Page). We will have people watching and patting everyone down beforehand.
-No Incarnate powers (un slot them bad boys, pack em away), but keep them safe if decided, we may need them if things go bad
-Accolades, P2W, HOs, any temp powers/buffs received from any Missions, TF’s, or zone events, Frisbees, snowballs, Inspirations of any kind are allowed

-Sturdy tanks that love Energy and Psionics will be an asset. (Electric, Dark, Rad best SO option builds)
-Defender support sets like Dark, Rad, Bubblers, sonics, Electric, etc. that can debuff level 54 pylons, AV and basic Rikiti, buff the league and give us protection from Mez attacks, and Rez’s LOTS and LOTS of Rez’s
-Damage, lots of it any kind if it can hit hard, we want it
-Master minds I guess 🤮 every chess board need pawns 

I am opening this up to just U.I.T. channel members and their friends, spouses and kids. If you know someone who likes death and wants to beat on aliens have them ready with requirements met. I’ll bring them along to cause I’m thinking I’ll need to send Wave after wave of people at these aliens to defeat them.


I will announce in UIT Channel 15 minutes before start time to give everyone time to drop Incarnate and switch builds.


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Well we ran a 3 team iMSR with no one packing any IO's or Incarnate abilities and successfully managed an Instance version of the Mother Ship Raid. 1 causality on the pylon run and maybe 5-6 on the siege. thanks for everyone who attended, was lots of fun and very challenging running an old school raid.





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