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A Very Rikti Christmas 2021


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Hello, Torchbearer.  Christmas is coming.  What is a better way to celebrate the holidays than to smash Rikti with loved ones?


After the last Hamidon raid Friday evening, everyone will gather in the instanced Rikti Mothership Raid.  We will then proceed to raid the Rikti mothership twice.  All level 35+ characters with the Member of Vanguard badge are welcome.  However, I request that you wear a winter holiday themed costume, and use of the Build Snow Beast and Instant Snowstorm temporary powers during the mothership raids are encouraged.  Whomever gets the kill shot on the Rikti drop ship in each raid will win an one billion INF prize.  That's two billion INF in prizes!


I hope to see y'all there!


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Make the check payable to Anyad. You don’t have to wrap it or anything  maybe just a card. 

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As always, I hope to be there, but it always depends on family availability. Will attend if the family doesn't decide to have a movie night. And thanks for hosting this.

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Awesome Job @Apparition, was lots of fun. and to all that came out, hope this kicks starts the Holiday season in a great way. Everyone's Holiday Costumes looked great😍. Newest Billionaires @Jiro Ito and @Monovalent did the kill shot on the Drop Ship to win the 1billion prize. Hope to see everyone next week for my "Waiting For Santa" iMSR run.

Merry Christmas all!!!

App Xmas Run.png

Jiro Billion Winner.png

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