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Broken Hearts Fightclub Tournament

Broken Hearts Fightclub Tournament

Where: Excelsior Pocket D
When: February 12th, 3pm EST/2pm CST

Fightclub Discordhttps://discord.gg/Ym2vQAjb

For any questions or concerns please reach out to @Madvillain or @CR Mochi.

(Updated Date due to Super Bowl conflict)


Melee Fight Club Tournament!
This is a tournament for melee 1v1. All fights will be in melee range - no running or jumping around, it's up close and personal. 
The match will start, and both players will begin fighting until one of them drops.



Pot: 5.5 Billion Influence
1st - 50% of pot + 3000 merits + Unique Gold Title
2nd - 25% of pot + 1500 merits + Unique Runner Up Title
3rd - 15% of pot + 1000 merits
4th - 10% of pot + 500 merits


There will also be raffles between rounds for merits, influence, pvp/very rare IOs, and more!

Raffle includes EVERY VERY RARE and PVP IO SET! That's 100+ IOs, every participant guaranteed a prize!

Influence is community sourced and may be adjusted. Current pot value 5.5B influence.


To participate, please post in this thread with your global name.
Final character selections will be due on February 12th @12EST to give time to get brackets in order.
Final selection only requires character name, not build. I would recommend not posting your power sets to avoid being countered.
While each participant is limited to one character, you may use multiple builds for the same character.


The tournament will consist of 5 round-robin style, randomly selected matches.

Win = 3pts
Tie = 1pt
Loss = 0pts

After the round-robin, the top 4 scoring players will advance to a seeded bracket-style final four.


Allowed ATs


Allowed Incarnates
-Hybrid Passive (Hybrid slotted but not clicked to be active)


Restricted Powers
For various reasons, mostly stalling, these powers will not be allowed in this tournament.
-Leviathan Mastery Hibernate
-Phase Shift

Pets are allowed and can be attacked. Players are allowed to strafe around in order to get pets in range of cones/aoes so long as they remain within melee range.

Match Set Up
Fights take place on Cage map.
Round robin will consist of 10-minute timed matches. First kill wins and ends the match.
Fight starts on pvp timer countdown. Failure to engage within the first 20s will result in a loss for the round. (Stalkers/VEATs can hide but must engage by 20s).
Finals matches will have the fight timer extended to 15 mins.



Tie-Break Rules
Ties in the round-robin will award each player 1pt, Sudden Death mode is not counted.
If there is a score tie to enter the finals, who advances will be determined by comparing the totals of each players defeated opponents.
Ties in the finals matches will be decided by Sudden Death mode.

*There will be reasonable judgement of abuse. If a player swaps to a build obviously meant solely to stall to an SD mode victory in the final rounds, it will result in a DQ.*


Remember to post your global in this thread to be added to the participants list!

Hope to see you there!


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Recommended Comments

Thank you everyone who attended today!
A big CONGRATULATIONS to @MJB, your Broken Hearts Champion!
Finals results were:
1. MJB MA/Stone Brute
2. Glow Sticks DB/SR Scrap
3. Supavillain SS/Regen Brute
4. Rahziel Katana/Rad Scrap

Awesome build diversity out there today! It was great to see what you all came up with.

If you weren't able to attend today, please do when the next tournament is announced! Until then we will be picking back up our Sunday events on 2/20 with an Off-Meta Round Robin... so break out your controllers, dominators, defenders, and yes you can still bring standard melee (sorry no MMs!). See you then everyone!

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