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Anyad's Alien Beating Birthday Bash

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Friday Feb 18th. (Greatest day of the year in my opinion). I, Anyad will be hosting Back to Back INSTANCE MSR after the last Hami raid. We will also be celebrating my 🤨 ??th Birthday.

Where the league will shower me with praise, admiration and well wishes, as well as discuss my awesomeness as an Emp, Raid leader and all round wonderful person😜, While killin' space invaders trying to ruin the fun.


to attend, You will need to acquire your 'Member of Vanguard" badge by doing some quick missions from Levantera in the Vanguard Base in the RWZ.

As well as your local Auction house to bring me something special...I like shiny things 🤩

Send me a tell AFTER I start announcing in LFG channel, and with Badge in hand my party wagon will bring you to us!


There will be a $100 million prize to the person who lands the finishing blow on the DROP SHIP for both runs.


I really hope everyone will show up to end off my special day on a high note. More people the merrier would just be awesome gift to cap off the day!!


birthday alien1.gif

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First Off I'd like to say thanks for all the love and support I gotten through out the day, never more so during the raid. A special place in my heart, to think I'm thought of as a friend to so many to show up in numbers for my special day. I had a hard time keeping it together while requests for invites and messages of well wished kept flooding my chat window. 100% reason why I was excited when the game came back is the people that play....Thank you all for the day it was Awesome


Raid notes now. after a hectic start we got a couple good runs in. Zag Made me a cake as well he won the first Drop ship prize, but told me to carry it over to round 2. To which Lafemm Nikita won the whole 200 million worth of prizes... Also would like to thank Havoc, @plasmatron, @Monovalent for donating to the MSR pot. 

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