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The Feffth of July or FEFF Day Community Celebration! EVERYONE IS WELCOME

The Feffth of july event/celebration!

When: The Feffth of july or Feff day will be on July 5th 2022 7/5/22 and will be held from 8PM Eastern Standard time until the stream ends!

Where: Feff day will take place on City of heroes in-game as well as in my stream twitch.tv/stillkiller. There may also be other streamers streaming this event such as:

What: The whole day/night will be in celebration and honor of all the work the CoH community has currently put into the streaming environment! (Yes that means YOU). We will have plenty of things happening on that day such as:
- Giveaways inside the game and outside the game the whole stream. (Influence, Winter packs, Steam cards, etc)
- Costume contest (2 Billion in prizes)
- Badge hunting for some of the stream
- Much more to be determined!

How: All you need to do is come into the stream or find us in game! It will be atleast 10 hours of what we are planning as a "field day" for the community so if you are able swing in and lets have a good time together!

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