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Recurring Saturday night (Europe time) Hamidon Raid x2 (1 Hive + 1 Abyss)

Event details


This event begins 06/18/22 and repeats every week on Saturday forever

All times given below are LOCAL time of Western/Central Europe (careful with daylight adjustment)... currently it's DTS... so +1hour vs what is shown in the calendar.


Every Saturday at 20:30 Hamidon in the Hive will get taken down, before that will be a Giant Monster hunt (gathering starts at about 20:00, hunt starting about 20:10) to get some EoE for everyone.

Once the Hive-Hami is down the Raid moves to the Abyss for the second Hamidon.


Bring straws or spoons for the pudding 😉


Also: as this event has been very regular for the past year(s), don't hesitate to ask when it will happen. Reunion is a small but fine and helpful community.


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