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Saturday Night Synapse League

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This event begins 08/28/22 and repeats every week on Saturday forever



The Saturday Night Synapse™ you loved as a single team event has now grown into a league! We meet every Saturday at 8PM ET in Skyway and form as a league, but each team runs their own Synapse. This is not a race to see who can complete the TF fastest. Instead, we coordinate our Babbage spawns and pull them together for some big-time clockwork fun!!




  • All teams in the league do the missions of a normal Synapse TF until we get to the "Defeat the Clockwork Lord" mission.
  • Once the Clockwork Lord is defeated and the mission is completed, wait to exit until all other teams complete the mission. So bring your patience!
  • When the OK is given to exit, each team leaves the mission and waits for their Babbage to spawn.
  • We then pull the Babbages to open central area for a party! Since we're in league, it's easy to pick a spot that's central to all the teams. And Babbage will follow you anywhere... just be careful to keep him away from any police drones.


We're currently running with 3 teams, so we get 3 Babbages. But the more the merrier!


No need to RSVP. First come, first serve. Or you can send a tell to @Kalikamata in game.



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