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Anyad's Birthday Alien Beating Bash


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Everyone is invited to join me for my Annual BIRTHDAY ALIEN BEATING BASH. 


Friday Night 8:00pm est I (@Anyad) will be running an Instance Mother Ship Raid as well celebrate my Birthday with all my City of Hero friends.  Get your best, your strongest +35 character, and all we ask is you MUST have the "Member of Vanguard" Badge. Help me take down this Rikti menace.


When I start announcing in LFG channel (Right After Little Claws Hami run) STAY where you are, DO NOT come to RWZ broadcasting for invite, Just send me a TELL and I'll have my trained Vanguard LIMO Driver come get you and bring you to the RAID.


***JRemember to get your 'Member of Vanguard" badge by doing some quick missions from Levantera in the Vanguard Base, Before you send the tell and not be in a mission, Base or PvP zone, or the invite will not work***. 


Hope to see everyone there, I usually run stuff a bit different to make everyone's life miserable for my entertainment 😉image.jpeg.6339c2d2d7f9f0ce9d246381a4b3e038.jpeg

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