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Master of Underground iTrial

Event details


At 5pm Central time, Monday, August 17th, @Ukase will host Master of the Underground itrial from Ouroboros. 

Instructions will be given.

Regenerate This - Clobber the Self-repairing & Lichen infested War Walker AVs within 8 minutes of starting the fight. 

Tour Guide - Keep Desdemona's health above 50%.

Preservation Specialist - Destroy Demolition bombs before they destroy us.  (Bombs will be sniped, as anecdotally, this has a higher chance of success. )

Avatar Assassin - Defeat the Avatar the same time as a Detonating Seedling


Level shifts preferred, but not required. 

Earn any of the 4 badges mentioned above (for the first time) - you get: 
60 thread bonus (after beating the pair of war walker avs) 
4 random uncommon incarnate salvage pieces (one for each badge you earn for the first time)

1 random rare incarnate salvage (for earning the Master)


PLUS - the expected reward table which gets you a guaranteed rare or very rare, even if no badges are earned. 



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