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    Smol Kickball Are you a new or returning PvPer? Never PvPed before but would like to learn? Come out to Smol Kickball hosted in Pocket D on Indomitable (the unofficial PvP server). The purpose of Smol Kickball is to provide a welcoming environment to casual and experienced PvPers to have fun, compete, and share knowledge in a low-stakes setting. For new and returning PvPers: We will help you learn all the skills you need to dive into your first kickball night such as PvP specific builds, helpful macros & binds, and the basics of target locking, spiking, evasion, and inspiration management. For a primer on how kickball is ran, please refer to this very handy-dandy guide created by @Xhiggy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-kJ0klKlgG3TrXNKGmVgbKEYRcHXUHTH2K5byrYYbvQ/edit The Basics: Two experienced PvPers will be selected as Captains of Blue and Red team each round and draft from a pool of players in the Green Team. Players that are not drafted will get priority selection in the following round so no one will sit out two matches in a row. A 10 minute match will take place on a predetermined map using only small inspirations and with movement suppression and heal decay turned off. After each round, we will take time for people to ask questions and get advice before starting the next match. Prizes and contests: To keep in spirit with the light-hearted nature of Smol KB, there will be several mini-contests that will take place as the night goes on. We will be on the look-out for best costume, best character biography, as well as clutch plays of the night. Prizes will be available each round for: Support players (Playing support is difficult as it is and should always be incentivized) Raffle prizes each round to a random participant (to include green team players that were not drafted) Potential prizes include: Reward Merits, Booster Packs, in-game Gold Titles and Special Titles on the Homecoming PvP and Smol KB discords. For veteran PvPers: Smol KB isn’t just for newbies. We encourage veteran PvPers to participate and provide mentorship. If you are an experienced target caller, support player, or just have good general advice to share, please come out to play! The matches may not be as competitive as regular KB nights or scrims, so keep that in mind if you aren’t hearing everyone lock or a newbie target caller isn’t calling 60 targets a match. If you are interested in helping out with being a designated captain or target caller, please reach out to @Smallz or @Void in game or on discord. Link to Smol KB Discord: https://discord.gg/kHZ6nsc
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    Hey all, Here's a few I've done over the last while. Fist Fight (Inv/SS Tank) Bumble Babe (Elec/Energy Stalker) Acid Wash (Water/Poison Corr) Brainflayer (Mind/Mind Assault Dom)
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    Hey everyone! I hope you all have enjoyed the winter event so far! If you still need any badges then make sure you get them before next Tuesday (the 31st) as this is when the event will be ending. Our legal fees this month are quite small and we do not have any additional expenses in January, so this month’s donation target will be more in line with where we were before. We have added a Google Voice line to our G-Suite account to have as our dedicated / registered phone number - this will be an additional $10 per month going forward. December 2019 Last month we accepted $9203.16 in donations - $46.43 over our target for the month. The new Google Voice line cost us $7.24 through to January 1st but will be $10/mo going forward. Additionally, the two 1&1 IONOS charges that got cancelled in November charged us early in December, increasing our bill with them for December by $20. Here is the breakdown of what the December funds went towards: $4,820.39 to OVH for our hosting $3,607.05 to our lawyers for their services rendered from Sept. 30th to Nov. 8th $96.00 for our Google G-Suite Business account $75.00 to renew our Invision Community license $50.00 for our 1&1 IONOS domain & outbound email services This includes the two domain fees that got moved back from November $10.00 for our Atlassian Jira Cloud instance (10-user) $8.34 for security / administration software $7.24 for our Google Voice line through January 1st January 2020 We received an invoice from our lawyers for their services rendered in November totalling $148.20; this will be paid in early January. We do not have any additional expenses in January and we have $20.70 overrun from December which will be applied towards the donation target for this month. In total, the donation target for January 2020 is $5,102.69. Here is a breakdown of how the funds are allocated: $4,820.39 to OVH for our hosting $148.20 to our lawyers for their services rendered since Nov. 9th $106.00 for our Google G-Suite Business account This includes the new $10/mo cost for the Voice line $30.00 to 1&1 IONOS for domain services & outgoing email $10.00 for our Atlassian Jira Cloud instance (10-user) $8.80 for the security / administration software We have met our donation goal for January. Thank you for your support! Our donation system will be open as of the time of this post with a donation target of $5,102.69 and will automatically close once that target is met. The past 8 months has been incredible and we’re really excited to see what 2020 has in store. We hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and has a great New Years; just remember to stay safe! - The Homecoming Team
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    ...I'll see myself out.
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    Really wanted to create a mech suit pilot character who was also a skilled combatant on the ground; Beam/Ninja Blaster has been super fun :] Stealth Bomber
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    Is to compliment someone on their costume, character name, or biography. No matter how much influence they have, no one ever has too many compliments.
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    Arguing on the forums is the true endgame of all MMOs.
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    This is not mine, but was SOOOOO clever and awesome I thought everyone should see it...ladies and gents, TOASTER MAN
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    My take on a pipe organ:
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    We could team up to take flowers to Marauder's girlfriend.
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    This isn't anything that fancy, but I thought I'd share. For awhile I couldn't figure out how to make something similar to gold bars for my vault, until now. Banker's lamps have the right color and approximate size.
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    Immobilize and Holds mess with enemy movement, preventing them from being packet and herded to corners. Repells displace enemies too. Stuns make enemies wonder around and no longer be in range. Because all those mess with my optimal play, I demand a toggle that makes all crowd control status effects be replaced by nasty -ToHit! /sarcasm
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    After some discussion earlier in another thread, there is an idea for a difficulty option that came up. How about adding an option for enemy groups to call for help from other surrounding group? If possible, have some way for the boss of a spawn to cast some form of low-grade taunt (perhaps something similar to a one pulse Rise to the Challenge) on their attacker that calls other units within line of sight and a certain radius? Any suggestions or ideas?
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    This iteration of CoH appeared out of nowhere, and could just as easily disappear before I finish typing this post. That, coupled with the fact that this time around I have a family and commitments to keep, and it seems prudent to ME that I maximize the ROI of any time I spend logged in. For ME, that means chunking out 50s and refining their build until they do exactly what I set out to do with them. For other people, that might mean doing all the arcs all the time or badging a main, or nailing that costume, or whatever it is people do. Bottom line, my belief is that we should all spend our in-game time doing what WE enjoy doing, on the very real chance that this could all wink out of existence the breath after next. ETA: so I guess if that means paying someone else inf to PL your toon, so be it, even though I personally find the idea kind of gross.
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    I looked around the forums for posts about Power Boosted Farsight and Fade but didn't see one, so I am starting my own. This is a topic I hope we can all agree on. Power Boost and similar powers should not buff Fade or Farsight. For many years, Power Boost was kept under control. Yes, Force Field and Empathy Defenders and Controllers could Power Up/Power Boost their bubbles and Fortitudes. But this was considered okay, even after bubbles became AoE, because they could not cast the power on themselves. When the power Link Minds came to Dominators, there were worries about what Dominators could do with it combined with Power Boost in their secondaries. So a small amount of resistance was added to the power and it was flagged not to receive external buffs. Years later, we got Farsight (Time) and Fade (Controller Dark Affinity). These were among the final 2 buff sets added to the game (the final one was Nature). For some reason they did not get flagged, so here is how much defense Power Boosted Farsight gives with no Defense slotting: Normally I do not like to call for nerfs. But a few things seem true here: This is too much armor value for any power to be giving to the caster. It's more than any power available to actual armored classes. Tanker Super Reflexes provides 18.5% Defense in its best single powers, but only provides one directional tag per power, so you need 3 powers to get 18.5% to Melee, AoE, and Ranged And you never get any elemental defense, including Psi Even without Power Boost these numbers would still be borderline pushing the limit of acceptability (they provide more Defense than Force Field's Dispersion Bubble, the powerset that specializes in Defense) Other similar powers (Link Minds) are specifically flagged not to create this effect So is there any real pushback to flagging these powers similar to Link Minds? I really enjoy Time and Dark Affinity. But IMO this is one of the clearest examples of where a nerf hammer should swing, and no one should be surprised. Or is there disagreement?
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    Ms. Liberty Task Force - 09:59
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    I am not a psychologist. But i have learned to read minds. I drive a full sized semi truck in a busy city 59 hours a week during daytime what you are seeing is tunnel vision. People are not trying to be rude or stupid. They are (generally) not rude or stupid. They just are laser focused on what they are doing. Could be coffee. Could be attack chain. Could be talking to someone in room. Could be looking at map to figure where team is going. Could be looking at paragon wiki to see how much longer the task force is running. But they did not register the importance of your message this is the challenge in living with people. They seem to be ‘acting crazy’ when really they are just doing what they believe is the most important thing i will close with this. Get the hell away from my semi. And yeah i do need that much room to make a turn
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    My wife and I just today found out that there are City of Heroes servers running again. After all these years, we created some characters and are able to run around Atlas Park again, after a long time! I don't care that I have to start over at level 1. I don't care if you add anything to the game. The one and only thing I want is for the servers to stay up and for the game to not get killed again. I'm an alcoholic. I've been sober for over six years now. Believe it or not, playing computer games is one of the things that helped me stay sober, especially the first few years. Me and a lot of other people would really appreciate it if the game didn't get shut off again. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    These changes will go live in the first patch that drops the Safe Mode client. There are a number of players that are still unable to use the 64-Bit or 32-Bit client, so until we can get them on board we're holding back on patching any major changes to the Live servers. There will be a patch shortly with several bugfixes to try to address the compatibility issues.
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    It's gonna be okay, CoH family. I promise!
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    Based on the data I have, you are correct. I parsed my logs and found 153 instances between July 17th and today of receiving incarnate rewards via the random table. The vast majority of those cases were the rewards at the end of the Heather Townshend 'Burden of the Past' mini-arc, but there were a few others scattered in there. Of the 153 chances, there were 54 common, 50 uncommon, 29 rare, and 20 very rare rewards. In terms of percentages, this equates to 35.3% common, 32.7% uncommon, 19.0% rare, and 13.1% very rare rewards. The chance of getting a very rare appears to be about 1 in 8, the chance of a rare about 1 in 5, and the chance of both common and uncommon each about 1 in 3. I was genuinely shocked that I had run Heather's arc that many times, but I guess those incarnates aren't going to build themselves.
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    It causes division because there are people who like to play the game, and people who like to game the game. The latter group wants everything to be fast, simple, and clean. They're the people who want to maximize their time to reward ratio. They play the game to win the meta. And that's fine there's always going to be those people. There's nothing wrong with wanting to win the game. But the other group just wants to play. How long it takes is not as important as the zany fun that happens during that time. No matter what changes happen to knock back, like increasing its damage or adding stuns or something else, the actual knocking back is still going to be a problem for the second group of players. There is no way to fix it. There is no way to reconcile it. If I'm on a team with a group of people who want to game the game they will be upset with knock-back. Unless I manage to make it perfectly perfect so that it doesn't affect any patches or debuffs or area of effects for anybody else. Because whether it's pushing one person back or three people back someone's going to be pissed when their inferno doesn't hit the whole group.
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    Always kill sappers first. If you don’t see the sapper, he’s blocked by line of sight and is hiding. If there are two mob groups close to each other, the sappers will be close enough that your AoE spillover will aggro both. I’m sure there are many more sapper truisms!
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    Huh? Dull Pain, Earth's Embrace, and Hoarfrost all increase your maximum hit points for 120 seconds. That is on top of the healing it grants. The power isn't directly comparable to Healing Flames or Dark Regeneration or even medium inspirations. None of those 3 alternative effects comes with a means of reaching the hit point cap while also restoring health.
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    I always look forward to seeing this thread. These are all so good...I especially like Gold!!
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    Pardon the l33t speak in the title, but one thing I would love to see the last four Incarnate slots Genesis, Mind, Vitae and Omega filled out with even more awesome abilities than the previous six. Some possible ideas (probably bad ones) off the top of my head: Genesis - gives 2, 3, 4, or 5 more slots to be used on one category of power only: Incendiary - gain more slots to allocate to damage dealing powers Palliative - gain more slots to allocate to healing and support powers Obdurate - gain more slots to allocate to defense and resistance powers Manipulative - gain more slots to allocate to control powers Leadership - gain more slots to allocate to buff/debuff powers Mind - another boost like Alpha, additive with Alpha, but only for a power subset, not all powers. Battle-tested - gain a damage and/or a minor recharge and recovery buff to damage dealing powers Medic - gain a buff to healing and support powers, and/or a recharge buff for those powers too Discipline - gain def/res buffs to defense and resistance powers, and/or an a significant recovery buff Charisma - gain +1 magnitude and/or extra recharge to control powers Nobility - gain stronger buffs and debuffs and/or a significant recovery buff to buff/debuff powers Vitae - up to complete immunity at Tier Four from some common threats: up to immunity to Smashing/Lethal damage up to immunity to Fire/Cold AND debuff effects up to immunity to Energy/Neg Energy, Knockback, and Immobilization up to immunity to Toxic, Psionic, untyped damage ("everything else"), and all other control effects Omega - as you use a certain subset of your powers, you fill a ring around this power, at a rate similar to the speed Domination grows. (For balancing this ring might need to refill a lot slower, testing will tell. Hopefully the ring does NOT reset when logging off. And when the ring is full, you can use this power, which empties the ring again. Recharge on this power is something like seven minutes and is not affected by recharge buffs. Also, the powers affected by the Omega slot cannot miss during the minute it is active. Nihilus: damage dealing powers fill the ring. When activated this power makes all your damage dealing powers do an insane amount of damage for one full minute. At tier four, any (non aura) damage dealing power at all is enough to one shot a boss, three shot an EB, and twenty shot an AV or GM. Anima: healing (life or end) powers fill the ring. When activated this power makes all your healing powers fully heal their target in a single application, leaving an immunity to all forms of damage and control for 30 seconds (at tier 4). This state lasts for one minute. Dominus: control powers fill the ring. When activated this power (at tier 4) makes all your control powers work regardless of magnitude, for a duration of a full minute. The state of being able to cast such strong controls lasts for one minute. Prometheus: Buff powers fill the ring. When activated, makes all buffs much stronger for one minute. Any buff cast during that time has a minimum duration of one minute, and a buff of triple what it would normally do (at tier 4) - not triple the base, triple the normal effect. Malus: Debuff powers fill the ring. When activated, makes all debuffs much stronger for one minute. Any debuff cast during that time has a minimum duration of one minute, and the debuff lowers the quantity affected to the lowest possible level (at tier 4). Now I am sure that the ideas need work - they may even be unworkable - but I would love to see and use the last four incarnate powers, and find out they are even more powerful than the first six! Are there any tentative plans to work on the next four Incarnate slots?
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    I don't think the sky is falling, but I do understand the OP's desire to play on a highly populated server. It's just more fun. I would encourage anyone else who feels this way to move to Excelsior as it currently has the highest population already.
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    To put it into Ye Olde Skool D&D terms ... Lethal = Piercing + Slashing damage Smashing = Bludgeoning damage Knives and Bullets? Lethal damage type. Hammers and Fists? Smashing damage type. Everything else flows from there.
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    Well, the angle I'm looking at this is that more difficult content would ironically fix a lot of sets that underperform due to the ... I guess "power economy" we have now. Need more defenses? Suddenly FF is useful again! More hard bosses? ST specialists become relevant in a group, and so on. That said, if this hard content is optional then it should be worth it else it go underutilized just like the current challenge settings in oro and tfs
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    well said...I concur...*applause*
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    To be fair, in the CoH lore both were cursed by the Red Caps into their present forms. The funny thing to me is that I came in here expecting a discussion on etymology because the word Tuatha actually means “men/people”... literally “The Men/People of the gods of Danu (Danu probably derives from the PIE “flowing waters” denoting gods who came from overseas... i.e. foreign gods brought by settlers arriving in Ireland). Likewise, Fir Bolg translates to “Men of Bags” and describes a group of migrants/settlers who came to Ireland and ruled it before the Tuatha de Danann arrived and displaced them (Irish myth is essentially telling the story of waves of immigrants displacing the former occupants of the Isles).
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    I'm assuming game is all about combat right now, correct me if im wrong. There should be zone events that you can do by teaming or solo that gives you influence once event is over. Lets take Faultline for example. There should be event that leads to construction of some of buildings (you help constructions by move one thing to other or giving orders to some of workers) Buildings occasionally destroyed so you have to rebuild them sometimes. As for redside example... It's St.Martial. You can gamble on one of buildings it was Golden Giza Casino i think? Although not event it should count as time waster. Gaining influence is just a bonus.
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    Nah. IOs are easy to get and so have to be considered. Don't ever buff anything, only nerf things please. The game is easy enough as it is. Balance can't be based around SO's anymore. It literally cannot, because at the very least, basic non-set IOs are simple to get, and sets are easily acquired with merits during gameplay.
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    One thing I think worth mentioning is one part of the game that I don't think has really been discussed yet, but I think its linked to the whole PL thing. Some people get great enjoyment in pushing builds, redlining the engine, going as far as they can. I haven't done this in CoH myself yet, as I am still learning powersets and whatnot, but I have done it in other games. To some players, its this part of the game that they get the greatest pleasure from. However, there really isnt a way to test them (at least as far as I am aware. I heard mutterings of test servers but I have never seen links or directions to one.). So for people like me that enjoy the math and game mechanics behind build philisophey and how it all comes together, leveling a character the old way could take weeks of time, not counting the farming for enchancements, badges, accolades and everything else. Only just to get to the end and find out "well, that didnt work." You could be talking weeks if not months of lost time. And if it took this much time to "try" ideas or new play styles "each" time, then people might very quickly get burned out, which would could lead to a massive drop in community numbers. And that is something I think we all agree is bad, no matter what side of the PL fence we are on. I am not defending either side here, or saying one way is better than another. I am only saying that if a tool or playing option wasn't meant to be allowed, then it wouldn't be in the game, or they would remove it. Homecoming has been out for a bit now, and I think the AE is here to stay for the time being. So if you like it, then use it. If you don't, then don't. I still stand by the "live and let live" angle. If person A wants to give person B infamy for a powerlevle, thats between them. Or even if its a powerlevel between friends just to help them catch up, or just to spend time playing together. And while I appreciate the passion and angle of the "get rid of ways to PL" opinion some people have, its a valid option for those that want to utalize it. No one is forcing them or you to use it, or not use it. Its all personal choice. If they want to powerlevel quckly to get to the endgame, then thats their choice. If you or them also want to go "hardcore" and use solely story missions to grind up the levels, thats fine too. Honestly I wish there was a roleplay reward system in place. Some games have such systems, where you could actually level up by hanging out and roleplaying or performing more mundane jobs like bartending or whatever. Just saying, as a newish player, I still think more options are better for the overall enjoyment and longevity of the community as a whole. Not everyone will like, agree, or support each option or style of play. But thats okay! To be expected in fact. But I think splitting hairs about which is "right" and which is "wrong" only ends up dividing an already aged community, when in a game this old we should stick to our guns. I mean the game only just came back. Do we really want to see a mass exedous of players because some people didnt like X way to play? Just my 2 cents!
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    as designed and as intended. there is no problem. at some point I hope those that spend extensive amounts of time in AE farming realize AE is a mini game inside a much larger game. I think some folks already know. Maybe they prefer the mini game, which is okay. fyi some enemy groups are level limited. some missions are designed for certain level ranges. some missions or contacts were needed to open additional contacts and content. some missions earned badges.
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    Look, Increasing Tanker Aggro Cap is moar useful Increasing Tanker "Controllerness" is moar useful Bruising Luv Tankers Stepping on Brute's toes. Tankers should not do Damage. They should put Flowers in the barrels of the 5th Column's assault rifles. These are all unique observations that have not been made before.
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    I'm loving Savage/Rad on Brute at the moment. I use Savage Strike (T1), Maiming Slash (T2), and Vicious Slash (T5) for the primary attack chain. Savage Leap makes for a great opener and proc monster. Now I skip Shred, being a long animation, low payoff cone that it is. I also skip Hemo, because you only need one spender and Brute gets far more out of Rending Flurry (an AoE) than Hemo. Hemo is GREAT on Stalkers because of massive upfront damage but...not on Brute. So I tend to not spend my Blood Frenzy stacks at all unless I want AoE, then spend it on Rending Flurry. The key is to only do this when Blood Thirst is off cooldown, which will replenish your Frenzy stacks in spite of your Exhaustion (which ordinarily prevents getting Frenzy stacks which really tanks your DPS). It's a high damage (bleed DoTs scale with Fury), endurance-friendly set with a great emphasis on single target with a smidgen of AoE when needed. The "GO GO GO" gameplay loop of Freny upkeep already jives with the Fury generation of Brute. The thing to remember is to NEVER spend your Frenzy stacks unless you have Blood Thirst to get them back. Your DPS relies on you keeping 5 stacks at all times to maintain the high DPS this set can achieve. It hits hard, is satisfying to hear and watch, and feels really fun to play. Being so endurance-friendly, you can even run Beast Run in combat for the full savage monster experience!
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    David Coverdale, from Birmingham, hmm who else is from Birmingham?
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    Um, yes? This whole paradigm is the exact reason that CoH is my favorite MMO of all time. I liked it well enough before IOs, but it turned into my gaming equivalent of Cocaine after the system's introduction. I get that different folks enjoy different parts of any given game, but this statement seems kinda snooty in a "Stop having fun guys!" manner...
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    Enemy defence and resistance trends are dissimilar to player character defence and resistance trends. For instance. No enemies are weak to toxic, but this tends to be the players' achilles heal. Galaxy Brain did an excellent breakdown of this. Negative is the most unresisted and common weakness amongst enemy groups. Psionic is fairly middling. In all honesty, I wouldn't give it too much thought, though. It's not like a lethal-based powerset is significantly gimping themselves, and I have plenty of fun with my psionic characters.
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    I'd love this. Something that would add a little more engagement to combat. You either take them all on, or use the map and some tactics to divide and conquer. I think the enemy AI does need a stern talking to. As it is, those lemmings way too happy to appease the metagame
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    Happened after the 5th Column/Council split on live, him being 5th Column after all
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    PET SETS ADDED!! Beast Mastery Mercenaries Necromancy Ninjas Thugs That wraps up all the primary and secondary sets (I hope). Next up after the new year will be pool powers and epic pools.
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    ... we need another FOTM thread but showing the percentage of people who spend at least an hour a week in PvP. Not only are we derailing but we are going to suffer from the Tanker update issues where all this back and forth will kill the availability of the changes while the devs listen to the rambling. Can we all agree THESE changes are good and can go live as is, thanks, then have the 2.5% of the population who PvPs in a MMO ask for balance after the changes are in?
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