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    Hey all, It’s been a while since we last did a deep dive into Homecoming’s finances, and with our operating costs settling into a fairly stable amount each month again, I thought it would be a good time to go over our monthly invoices to show exactly where the money for each service is going. Our latest invoices for each server are included at the bottom of each section. If you would like to see the invoices and skip the explanations, an album containing all of them is available here. OVH (Main Infrastructure) Total Monthly Cost: $4,645.44 Most of our hardware infrastructure is rented from OVH. As of the time of this post, we are currently renting the following on a monthly basis: 16 dedicated servers 4 SQL server licenses 7 failover IP address blocks Below is a detailed breakdown of the various servers, their purpose / role, and their cost. A full copy of our latest invoice from OVH with sensitive information redacted has been provided below as well. All of our servers are from OVH’s Advance Dedicated Server lineup. Please note that their Advanced server offerings are occasionally updated, and some of the specific configurations that we are currently using are no longer available. Every server we rent has a 1Gbps vRack upgrade at a cost of $23.00 per month, per server. This is an important upgrade that allows all of our servers to communicate over a VLAN with a full gigabit of bandwidth, which is necessary because of the amount of traffic that goes between our servers. Our hardware infrastructure might seem expensive compared to some other setups, but this is largely because we’re supporting many more concurrent users and mapservers (missions, AE maps, zones, etc.), and each of our services are built with redundancy and stability as a core factor. This means that we generally have warm spares for each core part of our infrastructure that we are ready to migrate to with very short notice in the event of an outage or other issue. See also: this amazing post by Telephone back in May. Map Hosts Total Monthly Cost: $2,484.93 Hosts (7): HC-MS-NA1, HC-MS-NA2, HC-MS-NA3, HC-MS-NA4, HC-MS-NA5, HC-MS-NA6, HC-MS-EU1 Our shared mapserver pool consists of 7 Advance-5 servers (6 servers in NA and one in EU). These host all the maps (every zone, mission, and AE map) running in the game. Each server costs $354.99 per month and has two Xeon Gold 5118 CPUs (24c/48t total @ 2.3GHz), and 96GB of memory. Database & Storage Servers Total Monthly Cost: $724.96 Hosts (4): HC-CentralDB0, HC-CentralDB1, HC-CentralDB2, HC-CentralDBEU We currently run 4 SQL Server 2017 database servers in a high-availability configuration (3 hot, 1 warm spare for redundancy). All of these servers run pretty high on their memory usage (typically at anywhere from 85-95% physical memory usage from the SQL servers). HC-CentralDB0 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU, 64GB of memory, and 2 2TB SSDs at a cost of $213.99 per month. This server acts as a warm spare for each of the three other database servers in addition to providing read-only access to the data from each shard for various parts of our tooling and backend services. HC-CentralDB1 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU and 64GB of memory at a cost of $160.99 per month. This server hosts the databases for the CoH global services (Auction House, Chat, Account, AE, etc.) in addition to the databases for Torchbearer and Indomitable. HC-CentralDB2 is an Advance-3 with a single Xeon D-2141I CPU and 64GB of memory at a cost of $160.99 per month. This server hosts the databases for Excelsior and Everlasting, in addition to the databases for all beta, prelease, and development shards. HC-CentralDBEU is an Advance STOR-2 in the European cluster with a single Xeon D-1541 (8c/16t @ 2.1GHz), 32GB of memory, 2 240GB SSDs, and 4 12TB HDDs (RAID, 220GB + 22TB of storage accessible) at a cost of $188.99 per month. This server hosts the database for Reunion in addition to acting as one of our backup targets and a general-purpose storage server. Virtual Machine Hosts Total Monthly Cost: $971.97 Hosts (3): HC-VM1, HC-VM2, HC-VM3 We currently use 3 Advance-4 servers running Windows Server Datacenter and Hyper-V to host all of our virtual machines. Each of these servers has a single AMD EPYC 7351P CPU (16c/32t), 256GB of memory, and 2 TB SSDs at a cost of $323.99 per month each. The virtual machines running on these servers are used for a variety of purposes, including: The DBServers for each NA shard (1 hot per shard plus warm spares on each other host for redundancy) The CoH auth servers (1 live, 2 warm spares for redundancy) 3 domain controllers (in a high-availability configuration) A Kubernetes cluster Our version control and build infrastructure The website and forums The content delivery network (CDN) Our development infrastructure Including our beta and pre-release shards Various other backend systems and tools The Bastion Host (AKA “Citadel”) Total Monthly Cost: $102.99 Hosts (1): HC-Citadel We currently use an Advance-1 server with a single Xeon D-2123I (4c/8ct) and 32GB of memory as a bastion host. This server costs $102.99 per month. Reunion’s DBServer Total Monthly Cost: $102.99 Hosts (1): HC-DB-Reunion We currently use an Advance-1 server in our European cluster as Reunion’s DBServer. This server has a single Xeon D-2123I (4c/8ct) and 32GB of memory, and costs $102.99 per month. Licenses & Failover IP Addresses Total Monthly Cost: $257.60 We currently have 4 SQL Server 2017 Web licenses (one for each of our SQL DB servers) at a cost of $64.40 each per month. We also have 7 failover IP blocks allocated to various servers and virtual machines. OVH no longer bills monthly for active IP addresses, so we are no longer paying for these on a monthly basis. See our latest invoice from OVH here: https://imgur.com/a/725kB5L Paperspace Total Monthly Cost: $25.00 Hosts (1): HC-Imagineer1 We currently rent a single Paperspace Air instance which is used as a rendering node for some of our tooling and future projects which will rely on the service. This instance is paid monthly at a cost of $22.00 per month for the base instance, and an additional $3.00 per month for a static IP address. See our latest invoice from Paperspace here: https://imgur.com/a/3w9IiRL External Services Total Monthly Cost: $140.75 Google G-Suite Total Monthly Cost: $121.02 We currently use Google G-Suite Business as our primary user email service, as one of our backup targets, and for collaboration using Google Drive and it’s suite of tools (Docs, Sheets, etc.). We have 9 users (some of which are “server” accounts) costing $108.00 per month and 1 active Google Voice number costing $13.02 per month. See our latest invoices from Google here: https://imgur.com/a/Qwz44dI Jira Cloud (Atlassian) Total Monthly Cost: $10.00 We currently have a 10-user Atlassian Jira Cloud account which we previously used for project management and issue tracking. We have moved away from this platform in favor of other options and plan to eliminate this charge very soon. See our latest invoice from Atlassian here: https://imgur.com/a/oneIiRr Twilio Total Monthly Cost: variable We use Twilio’s programmable SMS service to setup shared Homecoming accounts (such as social media accounts, etc.) with 2-factor authentication. The cost of this service is $1.00 per month plus $0.0075 per SMS message received. Billing on Twilio is balance based and the minimum balance charge is $20.00. As of the time of this post, we still have $15.90 remaining balance. See our latest invoice from Twilio here: https://imgur.com/a/FL5mf2d “Security / Admin Software” Total Monthly Cost: $9.73 If you’ve been paying attention to the monthly PayPal history we show in each Donations & Finances post you may have noticed there’s a monthly charge for which the name is redacted. As this charge is related to administration and security, we will not be disclosing the name of the product or service, or show the associated invoice.
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    Patch Notes | Beta Server FAQ | Feedback Threads | Bug Reports | Character Copy Beta Installation: Homecoming Launcher Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory) Hello everyone! We're incredibly happy to announce that the beta for Page 1 of Issue 27: Second Chances is now available to test on the beta server. What happened to Page 6 I hear you ask? Well, it was becoming too large to be just a page, and it was also the beginning of a new series of story content, so we decided it should instead be the beginning of the next issue - and thus, Issue 27: Second Chances was born. Issue 27, Page 1 is in fact so large, that we've put together this post to cover the highlights in case you're too afraid to delve into the gargantuan patch notes thread. We recommend using the new Homecoming Launcher to access the beta, but if you wish to use a legacy launcher (Tequila, etc), check out this thread. New Story Arcs: The Graveyard Shift & The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok Two new story arcs have been added to the game - one for heroes (The Graveyard Shift, level 20-29), and one for villains (The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok, level 30-39). These arcs are the first two instalments of the Freaklok storyline, introducing new contacts, enemy groups, mission maps and several unique mission mechanics! Costume Editor Update: Asymmetrical Shoulders After adding asymmetrical gloves and boots in Issue 26, Page 5, we've now expanded the costume creator to also allow asymmetrical shoulder pads. Even more importantly, shoulder kittens are now available for Male and Huge characters... and you can have two of them at the same time! New Blaster Secondary Powerset: Sonic Manipulation A new sonic-themed Blaster secondary with fairly well-rounded capabilities. It also features a Migraine mechanic, with many powers in the set having a small chance to inflict a short hold. This chance can be dramatically increased by using Sound Booster, the build up power of the set. Travel Changes: New Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Base Teleportation Updates and TUNNEL Updates This patch brings several changes to travel throughout the game. First of all: the GM-only command /enterbasefrompasscode is no longer available for players to use unconditionally, and can now only be used when you would normally be able to enter a base (whilst near a base portal or after using a base transporter power) or whilst already inside a supergroup base. This means you can still use transport hubs, but you must first gain access to a base normally - through a power or by travelling to a portal. Next, we've significantly increased the availability and utility of base beacons and base portals: 7 new base beacons have been added for zones in Praetoria and the Shadow Shard 16 new base portals have been added - every zone with a base beacon now also has a base portal Using a teleporter beacon now drops you near the base portal in that zone instead of at a random location on the map Several existing base portals have been moved to more convenient locations We've also added two new Supergroup Portal powers (one at the Pay 2 Win vendor, one from a day job). These powers allow you to summon a small temporary base portal that anyone can use (similar to an Ouroboros portal). Best of all: You can customize the colour! Who said size matters? As part of the rework to the Teleportation pool, Long Range Teleport was removed from the pool, and instead has been reimplemented as an Accolade power. You earn this power by gathering exploration accolades - the first one will unlock the power with that zone as the first destination, and each subsequent one you earn will add that zone to the list of destinations (note that not every zone can be added, see the image below or the patch notes for the full list). And finally, we've made several smaller improvements: Ouroboros can now be unlocked and accessed from level 1 Ouroboros portals now persist for a short while after you leave the zone, and they can be summoned whilst flying! Cimerora can now be unlocked and accessed at level 1 (plus, it's now much easier to access due to several base portals being located at universities) The hero and villain TUNNEL networks have been merged, and TUNNEL can now be used by Praetorians The recharge and cast times of most prestige, temporary and day job teleporter powers (Pocket D VIP Teleporter, Base Transporter, etc) have been reduced Overall, travel should now be more normalized. Although you can no longer instantly teleport from any location in the world, by using a combination of base portals, prestige powers, and the new accolade, travel around the game is still very fast, with many previously longer journeys (looking at you, Shadow Shard and Cimerora) now being much shorter. Improvements to Enhancements We've made a series of improvements to how you acquire, combine, and upgrade enhancements whilst levelling up. First of all, we've significantly increased the availability of Single Origin Enhancements in the early game: Vendors will sell them from level 5 and story arcs now award SOs instead of TOs or DOs. The low-level SOs sold at Yin's market can now be used by characters of any origin, and are cheaper than SOs from other stores. Secondly, combining enhancements is now a simpler process: Combining two enhancements will now simply increase the level of the enhancement, rather than creating a X+1 enhancement. This means you can now combine Hamidon, Titan and Hydra enhancements all the way up to level 53. And thirdly, a feature we initially tested many months ago: the enhancement upgrade button. You can now easily upgrade all of your equipped enhancements directly in your enhancement management screen. This has the same effect as purchasing enhancements 3 above your current level and slotting them over all of your existing enhancements. See it in action below. And much, much more! Revamps for Energy Melee, Titan Weapons, Trick Arrow, Teleportation and Blaster Secondaries Energy Melee proliferated to Scrappers Expanded support for gamepads 13 new badges A fix for the city map (15 years too late) Patch Notes | Beta Server FAQ | Feedback Threads | Bug Reports | Character Copy Installation: Homecoming Launcher Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory)
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    Halloween Event The Halloween event is here! Trick or Treating has been enabled in all city zones (note: you need to be in a zone that matches your level in order to trick-or-treat), along with the Whispered Rumor tip mission Dr. Kane’s House of Horror is available in the Holiday tab of the LFG window Both the Zombie Apocalypse and the Deadly Apocalypse are upon us! The Halloween vendors (Malkiel Ivesse in Atlas Park, Annah in Croatoa, Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago, Acantha in Imperial City) have stocked up with goodies to trade for your salvage Atlas Park has received a seasonal makeover The event will be active for four weeks, and will end during maintenance on November 3rd Changes for 2020 Eternal Night: Now only active for the first (October 6th - 13th) and last (October 27th - November 3rd) weeks of the event The normal day/night cycle will be restored for the interim period Dr Kane's House of Horror: Removed two options (Bats Aura and the Costume Change Emote) from the reward table as these items are unlocked automatically on character creation Bug Fixes Trainers should no longer talk about certain free / prestige powers gaining enhancement slots when you level up Giant Monsters no longer grant reward merits in Architect Entertainment missions This fix was omitted from the beta patch notes due to a related exploit The character list should no longer take a very long time to load for some Windows 7 users The list of monitors are now enumerated in a better way, and should always list the primary display as Monitor 1 Technical Stuff Most of this will be irrelevant for the average user, but we're including it here for transparency. Intel Graphics Compatibility Resolved a compatibility issue with Intel graphics chips on Windows 10 - the game no longer requires an external workaround involving dark rituals to function If you're currently using the Intel OpenGL shim fix, you don't need to anymore If you're currently using the Intel OpenGL shim fix and the game no longer functions for you, please post a dxdiag log in this thread If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need to worry Visited Maps Some changes have been made to the way information on visited maps is stored Now stored in a per-account subdirectory of the installation folder rather than in /appdata/ Now stored in a single file per character, rather than per map per character Legacy map data from /appdata/ will be automatically imported Reduced the performance impact of saving this data Command Line Parameter Changes The way the game interprets command line parameters has changed in order to accomodate for the upcoming launch of the new launcher - generally this is only relevant for those that launch the game with their own shell scripts or special shortcuts The command line arguments -patchdir and -patchversion no longer exist For use with existing installs, you should always include the -legacylayout command line argument, or the client won't be able to find certain files This only applies if you aren't launching the game with Tequila or Island Rum The new command line argument -assetpath will point the client to the piggs folders, in load order The default is -assetpath piggs -assetpath homecoming for live, and -assetpath piggs -assetpath hc-beta for beta Files in the data folder (eg: a standard vidiotmaps install) will still be applied as before Resume_info.txt This should've been included in the patch notes but we missed it - apologies Resume_info.txt can no longer be used to automatically log into the game This functionality shouldn't have been accessible outside of development builds, and it's generally a bad idea to encourage storage of passwords in plaintext format The upcoming Homecoming Launcher will eventually be able to expedite the launch process in a similar (but far more secure way Note that this will not be a launch feature, but something added after release Updated: 20:35 GMT Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the game would be unable to locate its data files if installed in the root directory of a disk.
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    ... it's not you, it's me. We've had good times, we've had excellent times. You were my first 50 on live. And with Homecoming, I looked forward to try all your new sexy powersets and for a time, I did and for a time, it was good. But then yesterday I crossed the Stalker Archetype in a hallway and casually, I just said hi. She smiled and asked me if I wanted to go for a character roll. I mean, I always knew she was there, that she was available, but I figured she would only be a fling, a cheap thrill. From afar, she looked so hollow, so artificial and without substance. Just pretty and empty, you know? Not at all like you, faithful scrapper, so solid, loyal, even and predictable. I always avoided her and kept thinking you were everything I needed, I didn't want to explore. It began with such an innocent Kinetic touch, just an unseen brush of the hand really. Her Energy Aura pulled me in, it was all over for me. You need to understand. The thrill of one-shotting a yellow lieutenant at level 10 unenhanced. The crazy criticals. The fun of being everywhere without being seen. And she has all your powersets. I'm sorry.
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    Hey everyone Thank you for the feedback so far. I completely understand that some players ardently dislike conditional mechanics, many of the early iterations to Energy Melee changes tried their best to avoid them, but in the end, Energy Transfer is a special mechanic power that is ridiculously hard to balance without a more elaborate approach. For those concerned about other legacy sets, I can’t promise specifics, but I will do my best to avoid complex combos. Super Strength, Fiery Melee, Stone Melee, they won’t be getting combos. In the interest of full disclosure, Broad Sword might be getting a purely additive Parry focused mechanic, but that is in extremely early draft stages. Now, I am not asking anyone to stop posting feedback, but agree to disagree, let others express their discontent and feedback, and focus on your own personal feedback, not theirs. It will make the job of going through everyone’s feedback much smoother.
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    Bio Armor is balanced by being so ugly.
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    Why in the hell is Samsung so slow in coming out with their new iPhone?!?
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    i27 Overview | Beta Server FAQ | Feedback Threads | Bug Reports | Character Copy Beta Installation: Homecoming Launcher Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory) Beta Patch Notes: Issue 27, Page 1 (Build 1) Changes from the previous build are listed in green. Any changes or fixes that are only relevant to the beta builds (as in, not changes relevant to the live version of the game) are listed in blue. Known issues are listed in purple. Post any feedback you have in the focused feedback threads (linked throughout the patch notes and in the second post). New Story Arc: The Graveyard Shift (Hero, Level 20-29) (Focused Feedback Thread) FBSA NetOps Agent Watkins has set up a small command station in North Steel Canyon, as an optimal location to investigate... something. Being somewhat dodgy about his assignment, he has constantly referred heroes to Positron first, to establish a reputation. The tasks that Agent Watkins has for you are no small feats, and involve the clean-up of one of the city's most exciting showdowns. Heroes 20 and above should seek him out, and bring plenty of club soda to wash out any stains. Contact: Agent Watkins, Steel Canyon Listed in Ouroboros under Champion (Level 25-29) > The Graveyard Shift (27.01) This arc features new maps, new environments, the return of the Vahzilok Wasting Disease (it missed you), interaction with the alignment system, an actual investigation with clues and interviews, new badges, three alternate endings depending on the choices you make in earlier missions and... dubstep The Vahzilok enemy group has also been expanded with a wider level range with some additional tweaks for the higher levels New Story Arc: The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Villain, Level 30-39) (Focused Feedback Thread) A notorious and well-admired sociopath of the Rogue Isles has put out a straight-forward distress call through the Broker network, asking individuals of highly dubious moral constitution to save her neck in the name of Science. Doc Buzzsaw is being stalked by a notable ne'er-do-well and the price on her head is significantly less than the value of preserving it. Villains of level 30 and beyond should seek her out in Sharkhead Isle, in the usual place, and relief will wash over you after the discovery that her attachment to bank accounts has disappeared in the face of her mortality, as an added bonus. Contact: Doc Buzzsaw, Sharkhead Isle Listed in Ouroboros under Captain (Level 35-39) > The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (27.02) Chronologically this arc takes place after the Hero arc above This arc features new maps, new environments, two new enemy factions, a prison break, new badges, several intricate missions with new spawn behaviours and a very, very cryptic poem Costume Editor Update: Asymmetrical Shoulders (Focused Feedback Thread) Shoulders now have an asymmetrical toggle, which can be toggled on to allow separate left and right shoulder selection Not every set of shoulders are available in asymmetrical mode, more will be added in future updates All shoulder options remain available in symmetrical mode The Kitten and Panda shoulder options are now available for Male and Huge characters Yes, two kittens New Blaster Secondary: Sonic Manipulation (Focused Feedback Thread) Sonic Manipulation lets you control sonic forces to manipulate your foes, inflict damage and protect yourself. Powers T1: Sonic Thrust (Melee, Minor DMG(Smash/Energy), Foe Knockback) A focused attack of intense sonic power that violently sends a nearby foe flying. Deals minimal damage, but can be very effective. Recharge: Fast T2: Strident Echo (Melee, Moderate DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) Strident Echo deals minor damage over time. It has a low chance of causing a migraine, leaving the target shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow T3: Echo Chamber (Ranged, Minor DMG(Energy), Foe Hold) Encases the target in a field of sonic waves, dealing energy damage and holding them in place. Recharge: Slow T4: Sound Booster (Self +DMG, +To Hit, +Special) Greatly boosts your attacks for a few seconds. Slightly increases chance to hit. Moderately increases the duration of mez effects. Moderately increases the chance for Sound Manipulation powers to induce migraines. Recharge: Long T5: Deafening Wave (Melee (AoE), High DMG(Sonic/Energy), chance for Hold) You create a large field of sonic waves, causing damage to all foes around you. It has a moderate chance of causing migraines, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow T6: Sound Barrier (Toggle: Self +Absorb, +Recovery, +Res(Smashing, Energy, Sleep)) Creates a barrier around the caster which reduces incoming energy and smashing damage, provides protection against sleep effects and grants an absorption shield. Recovery is also increased. Recharge: Moderate T7: Disruption Aura (Toggle: Foe -Res) You emit a constant wave of sonic energy around yourself, weakening the Damage Resistance of all nearby foes. Recharge: Moderate T8: Sound Cannon (Ranged (Cone), Foe Stun, Knockback) You generate a powerful sonic wave that will knock back and disorient foes in front of you for a short time. Recharge: Long T9: Earsplitter (Melee, Heavy DMG(Smashing/Energy), chance for Hold) You generate an earsplitting sound wave right in the face of your foe, inflicting great damage. It has a good chance of causing a migraine, leaving them shaking in pain and helpless. Recharge: Slow Powerset Revamp: Energy Melee (Focused Feedback Thread) Energy Melee has received a series of changes aimed at improving the performance of the set. Total Focus now acts as an opener for three different Energy Focus combos, including a Total Focus > Energy Transfer combo which provides fast, potent single target damage. Stun has been reworked into Power Crash, a cone attack, in order to provide a small amount of additional AoE capability to the set. Power Changes Energy Punch Recharge increased from 4s to 5s End cost increased from 5.2 to 6.032 Damage increased from scale 1 to scale 1.16 Bone Smasher Cast time reduced from 1.5s to 1.27s If used with Energy Focus: 100% chance for stun and applies a weakening (-special and -regen) effect to the target Power Crash (Replaces Stun) Power Crash is now a minor cone that can hit up to 5 targets (10 for Tankers) No longer takes melee damage sets, now takes PBAoE damage sets (any existing enhancements will remain slotted until the character respecs) If used with Energy Focus: Target cap increased to 10 targets (16 for Tankers) If you previously had Stun in your build, you'll now have Power Crash Stalkers only: This power has a 18s recharge (instead of a 9s recharge for other ATs), with proportional damage and endurance cost increases per the standard damage formulas As Stalkers do not have Whirling Hands, they rely entirely on Power Crash for AoE damage Whirling Hands Damage increased from scale 1 to scale 1.1819 (it was slightly below what the damage formula dictated) Total Focus Cast time reduced from 3.3 seconds to 2.53 seconds Total Focus has a 100% chance to grant Energy Focus (even if power misses) (Stalker / Scrapper only) This power only crits for 28% additional damage, but when it crits, it will also generate a backup Energy Store that will re-activate Energy Focus after the current Energy Focus is used or expires (essentially it provides two stacks of Energy Focus) Energy Focus Energy Focus is consumed when casting certain Energy Melee powers in order to provide bonus effects (Energy Focus is not consumed if the power misses) Energy Focus expires after 15 seconds Energy Transfer Energy Transfer self damage is now 10% of base max HP for all ATs, and no longer costs any endurance Damage is now 100% energy (Stalker / Scrapper only) When this power crits it will now not only avoid the self-damage, but actually heals the caster for 10% of base Max HP. Recharge lowered from 20s to 10s If used with Energy Focus: Cast time reduced from 2.67s to 1.0s Stalker Power Order Changes Tanker Power Order Changes Other Changes The stun chance for Energy Punch, Barrage and Bone Smasher for Stalkers was lower than the Tanker and Brute versions - this has now been corrected The AE version of this powerset has been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects Powerset Proliferation: Energy Melee for Scrappers (Focused Feedback Thread) Energy Melee has been proliferated to Scrappers, with all the changes mentioned above. Power Order Energy Punch Barrage Bone Smasher Build Up Power Crash Confront Whirling Hands Total Focus Energy Transfer Powerset Revamp: Titan Weapons (Focused Feedback Thread) Titan Weapons was released less than a year before the game shut down, and never had the opportunity for much follow-up work. The set suffers from two problems. Firstly, the mechanics of the set make the set difficult to get started with. Secondly, when fully built, Titan Weapons massively overperforms compared to other melee set in almost every metric. We've gone ahead and removed the arbitrary bonus damage the set has (bringing it in line with the standard damage formulas) in order to reign in the maximum performance bar the set can hit, whilst also refining the Momentum mechanic and redraw animations in order to reduce the clunkiness of the set. Set Changes Removed arbitrary bonus damage from all attacks (roughly 8-10%) Now has the same redraw rules as Katana, and will only play an interruptible draw animation under the following conditions: Out of combat Out of range from the target Power still has not recharged Whilst Momentum is active, all Titan Weapons attacks will: Recharge 25% faster, with proportional damage and endurance cost reduction per the standard damage formulas Have an additional 25% endurance cost reduction Momentum is now granted even if the attack misses all targets Power Changes Titan Sweep Fast version cast time increased from 1s to 1.1s Follow Through Cast time increased from 1s to 1.1s No longer inflicts additional damage over time Confront / Taunt Cast time reduced from 1.96s to 1.67s Whirling Smash Radius lowered from 15ft to 10ft (however, it remains at 15ft for Tankers) No longer inflicts additional damage over time Arc of Destruction Recharge reduced from 20s to 16s Damage decreased accordingly (per the standard damage formulas) Fast version cast time shortened from 1.5s to 1.37s Powerset Revamp: Trick Arrow (Focused Feedback Thread) Trick Arrow has suffered with performance issues for a long time, primarily due to the strength of the debuffs against higher level enemies, but also due to redundancy between powers in the set. We've made a comprehensive suite of improvements, impacting almost every power in the set. Power Changes (Numbers provided are Defender values) Entangling Arrow Immobilize duration reduced from scale 15 to scale 7 No longer has a -Recharge debuff Now applies a 30s -Res debuff Flash Arrow Can now be slotted with Range enhancements -ToHit increased from -6.25% to -15% Half this debuff is now irresistible Glue Arrow -Recharge debuff increased from -20% to -40% Debuff duration increased from 30s to 60s Ice Arrow Increased the -Recharge debuff from -12.% to 25% Now applies a 60s -Special and -Damage debuff Poison Gas Arrow -Damage debuff now lasts 60 seconds -Damage debuff increased from -31.25% to -50% Half this debuff is now irresistible Acid Arrow Debuff radius increased from 8ft to 15ft (damage still has an 8ft radius) -Res debuff moved to Disruption Arrow This power still has a -25% defence debuff Now applies a heal resistance debuff (heals on the target will be less effective) Halved in PvP Now applies a -special resistance debuff (Endurance, ToHit, Regen, Recovery, Recharge Time, and Endurance Discount debuffs against the target will be stronger) Debuff duration increased from 20s to 45s 20s in PvP This power has a new icon Disruption Arrow Target cap increased from 10 to 16 Now applies a -MaxEnd debuff and takes Endurance Modification enhancements and sets -Res debuff doubled (moved from Acid Arrow) Only one Disruption Arrow can be maintained at once Recharge decreased from 60s to 30s Duration increased from 30s to 45s Oil Slick Arrow Can now be slotted with Range enhancements EMP Arrow Can now be slotted with Range enhancements No longer applies -recovery to the caster Half of the -regen debuff now lasts 45 seconds (previously the entire -regen debuff dropped off after 15 seconds, now only half of it does) Hold duration for non-robots reduced by roughly 50% This power now adds an ally buff to any ally or pet within the radius of the power (the caster is not affected) 15% damage resistance to all but Toxic (not enhanceable) Resistance against End Drain and Recovery Debuffs Protection against status effects and knock back Pool Powerset Revamp: Teleportation (Focused Feedback Thread) Teleportation has been considered one of the least desirable pools for a while (outside of specific uses, like Stone Armor) due to the wide availability of other travel options. In order to make the set more appealing, we've added two new powers with new mechanics. Combat Teleport emulates the feeling of Speed of Sound's Jaunt to quickly traverse the battlefield without the endurance cost burden of an active travel power, whilst Fold Space introduces a new way to play in melee - bring the enemies to you, instead of going to them! To make room for these, Recall Friend and Teleport Foe have been combined into one power and Long Range Teleport has been removed from the set and is now an unlockable Accolade power. Power Changes Teleport Target (Replaces Recall Friend) Now combines the functionality of Recall Friend and Teleport Foe If you previously had Recall Friend, you'll now have Teleport Target Combat Teleport (Replaces Teleport Foe) A quick-casting, short-ranged (100ft) teleport designed to be used in combat The range of this power can be enhanced, but it cannot be buffed or debuffed by set bonuses or other powers This power can be activated up to 3 times in a row before it triggers a cooldown This power grants a small ToHit buff to your next attack If you previously had Teleport Foe, you'll now have Combat Teleport Teleport This power now grants a 4s untouchable buff If you attack while this buff is active, both the Untouchable buff and the Hover buff will be cancelled If you have been in combat in the last 10 seconds, phase will not be triggered In PvP, using teleport 3 times within a 30 second window will trigger No Phase Team Teleport Endurance cost reduced from 20 to 16 Fold Space (Replaces Long Range Teleport) This power will teleport foes from the nearby area into melee range Line of sight is required 100ft range, 16 targets max, prioritizes closer targets Long Range Teleport has been removed from the Teleportation pool and is now an Accolade power If you previously had Long Range Teleport, you'll now have Fold Space See the Long Range Teleporter section below for more information Warshades Inherent / Umbral Aura > Shadow Recall Now functions the same as Teleport Target, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Recall Friend) Umbral Blast > Starless Step Now functions the same as Combat Teleport, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Teleport Foe) Umbral Aura > Shadow Slip Now functions the same as Fold Space, and has a new icon to match (previously this power mirrored Long Range Teleport) Blaster Secondary Revamp (Focused Feedback Thread) After the game shut down, several new Blaster secondary sets were developed (eg: Tactical Arrow, Atomic Manipulation, Plant Manipulation), but these sets were generally quite overtuned in the crowd control department, whilst also lacking in incentives to get into melee range - both of these factors contributed towards the sets being a tad too safe. Additionally, most of the legacy sets received some changes in the i24 beta just before the game shut down that were never really followed up on. This ended up with several sets (eg: Ice Manipulation, Electrical Manipulation, Energy Manipulation) being slight underperformers, especially compared to the new sets. This round of changes aims to level the playing field for Blaster secondary sets, both towards each other and towards dedicated crowd control ATs. In general, you'll see many of the underperforming sets receive several buffs (both in terms of damage and survivability), alongside some reductions in the crowd control capabilities of most sets. Tactical Arrow Electrified Net Arrow Range reduced from 80ft to 50ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers Endurance cost increased from 5.2 to 7.8 to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation T1 Immobilize powers Ice Arrow Range reduced from 80ft to 60ft to be in line with other Blaster Manipulation ST mez powers Recharge increased from 12s to 16s Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking) Upshot +Recharge buff reduced to from 30% to 15% +Damage buff reduced from 100% to 81.25% +ToHit reduced from 20% to 15% Flash Arrow This power's effects are no longer irresistible Gymnastics (Replaces Agility) Gymnastics and Agility have been merged into a new toggle power Provides knockback protection, a 1.75% defence buff, a recharge bonus, a movement speed buff and some slow / mez protection If you previously had Agility, you now have Gymnastics ESD Arrow Hold now only applies to robots. Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Added Stun against non robots: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Now accepts Stun enhancements and sets Oil Slick Arrow (Replaced Gymnastics) Similar to the Trick Arrow version, but does not have a defence debuff and only has a 15ft radius If you previously had Gymnastics, you now have Oil Slick Arrow Power Order Changes Atomic Manipulation Positron Cell Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking) Radioactive Cloud Recharge time increased from 90s to 180s As an AoE hold it should always have had a higher recharge similar to other Blaster Manipulation AoE mez powers Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Darkness Manipulation Touch of the Beyond Increased the duration of the self buff from 60s to 120s The self buff now also provides Fear protection The self buff now auto-hits, regardless of if the enemy-targeting portion of this power hits Added a short, non-enhanceable Mag 3 Hold (in PvE only) Dark Pit Recharge time increased from 60s to 90s Endurance cost increased from 13 to 20.18 Stun changed from Mag 2, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Devices Taser Fixed this power doing PvE damage in PvP Gun Drone Now has 80% resistance to all damage Taunt aura reduced to 8ft, mag 3, max of 4 targets Death explosion now has a knockup component Electrical Manipulation Thunder Strike Cast Time reduced from 3.3s to 2.53s Dynamo (renamed from Lightning Field) Moved from T3 to T6 (see Power Order Changes below) Is now the sustain power in the set (along with the existing damage aura component) No longer has an endurance cost to run Provides a Recovery and Regeneration buff If you had Force of Thunder, it will now be replaced by Dynamo and keep the same enhancements from Force of Thunder Force of Thunder Moved from T6 to T8 (see Power Order Changes below) No longer provides a sustain buff Recharge increased from 30s to 90s Stun chance increased from 50% to 100% Stun changed from Mag 2, Scale 8 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) If you had Lightning Field, it will now be replaced by Force of Thunder and keep the enhancements from Lightning Field Power Order Changes Energy Manipulation Energize Now provides a small amount of Stun protection (PvE only) Stun Recharge reduced from 20s to 14s This power now has synergy with Power Boost and Boost Range With Boost Range active, this power becomes a ranged Stun With Power Boost active, this power becomes an AoE (instead of boosting its duration) Stun will have an orange ring whenever either of these buffs are active As highlight rings can only be one color, Power Boost and Boost Range are also getting a pale white ring to make it easier to know if their buffs are still active, without having to look at the buff bar Full combo details: Stun = 14s recharge, 7ft range, Mag 3 scale 10 stun, single target Stun + Boost Range = 14s recharge, 60ft range, Mag 2 scale 10 stun + Mag 1 scale 6 stun, single targets Stun + Power Boost = 90s recharge, 7ft range, Mag 2 scale 5 stun + Mag 1 Scale 2.5 stun, AoE (10 targets) Stun + Power Boost + Boost Range = 90s recharge, 60ft range, Mag 2 scale 5 stun + Mag 1 Scale 2.5 stun, AoE (10 targets) Total Focus Cast time reduced from 3.3 seconds to 2.53 seconds Ice Manipulation Frigid Protection Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds No longer shows floating numbers by default A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers Shiver Half of the debuff now lasts 60 seconds (previously the entire debuff dropped off after 15 seconds, now only half of it does) Frozen Aura This power now inflicts damage and accepts damage enhancements and sets Sleep changed from Mag 2, Scale 20 to: Mag 2, Scale 20 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 12 (stacking) Martial Combat Ki Push Damage increased from scale 0.8 to scale 1.32 Reaction Time Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds No longer shows floating numbers by default A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers Throw Sand Stun changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Mental Manipulation Telekinetic Thrust Recharge increased from 6 seconds to 16s Cast Time reduced from 2.07s to 1.67s Damage Scale increased from 0.8 to 2.92 (per the standard damage formulas) Moved from T3 to T9 (see Power Order Changes below) World of Confusion Moved from T7 to T3 (see Power Order Changes below) Scare Moved from T8 to T7 (see Power Order Changes below) Psychic Shockwave Moved from T7 to T8 (see Power Order Changes below) Power Order Changes Ninja Training Immobilizing Dart Toxic damage over time doubled to bring it in line with other single target immobilize powers Sting of the Wasp Recharge increased from 5s to 10s Damage increased accordingly (per the standard damage formulas) Choking Powder Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to: Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking) Shinobi No longer grants a damage buff outside of stealth Now grants the caster a 20% chance to inflict lethal criticals with every attack The amount of damage will be based on the recharge time of the power Usually this will be 80% of the standard damage formula This bonus damage ignores enhancements and damage buffs The Lotus Drops Recharge decreased from 28s to 14s This was much higher than intended Blinding Powder Sleep magnitude increased from 2 to 3 Chance for Confuse mag increased from 2 to 3 Chance for Confuse scale lowered from scale 20 to scale 8 Golden Dragonfly Recharge increased from 12s to 20s Damage increased accordingly (per the standard damage formulas) Plant Manipulation Skewer Cast Time reduced from 1.67s to 1.17s Strangler Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking) Spore Cloud Moved from T9 to T5 (see Power Order Changes below) No longer grants a Defiance buff As a toggle, it never should've given one -Regeneration debuff now scales with player level -59.32% at level 20 -80.33% at level 40 -90.83% at level 50 Wild Fortress Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds No longer shows floating numbers by default A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers Vines Recharge time increased from 90s to 180s As an AoE hold it should always have had a higher recharge similar to other Blaster Manipulation AoE mez powers Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Thorn Burst Moved from T5 to T9 (see Power Order Changes below) Cast time reduced from 3s to 2s Power Order Changes Temporal Manipulation Time Wall Now inflicts scale 1 energy damage to bring it in line with other single target immobilize powers Now accepts Damage enhancements and sets Aging Touch Base damage slightly reduced from 1.32 to 1.02 This power was doing more damage than intended Time Stop Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to: Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking) Temporal Healing Absorb has been adjusted to match Cauterizing Aura's Heal per Second and can now stack up for up to 12 seconds No longer shows floating numbers by default A new "Show Floaters" theme is available if you prefer seeing the Absorb numbers Future Pain Recharge increased from 11s to 18s Endurance cost increased from 11.024 to 16.848 Damage increased accordingly (by about 52.8%, per the standard damage formulas) End of Time Recharge decreased from 22s to 17s Endurance cost decreased from 20.176 to 16.016 Damage decreased from scale 1.552 to 1.232 (per the standard damage formulas) Time Shift Stun changed from Mag 3, Scale 8 to: Mag 2, Scale 8 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 5 (stacking) Architect Entertainment AE versions of these powersets have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects Other Powers Changes (Focused Feedback Thread) Martial Arts Eagle's Claw This power now hits in a small cone Now takes PBAoE sets instead of Melee Damage sets Any currently slotted enhancement will retain, but can not be re-slotted after a respec These changes only apply to the melee set version of the power (Tanker, Brute, Stalker and Scrapper) AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects Dark Melee Shadow Maul Target cap reduced from 10 to 5 (16 to 10 for Tankers) Touch of Fear Now a melee targeted AoE with a 10 target cap (16 for Tankers) Now deals negative energy damage over time Fear duration reduced by roughly 50% Cast time increased from 1.17s to 1.97s Only the main target will be affected by the Fear and ToHit debuff Now accepts Targeted AoE Damage sets Taunt (Tanker / Brute) Now has the correct icon border AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects Energy Assault Whirling Hands No longer yields double damage with Energy Focus active Instead it will instantly recharge the power Energy Focus Previously Energy Focus could only be acquired once every 15 seconds, regardless of if you used it or not - you can now regain it again immediately after it has been spent Cleaned up some timing issues Now shows up on the buff bar AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects Kinetics All versions of the following powers have been converted from old pseudopet mechanics to new execute power mechanics Transfusion Siphon Power Transference Fulcrum Shift Player powers should notice no difference beyond faster application Some NPC powers may become weaker or stronger depending on their rank AE versions of these powers have been updated with missing powers and to match current power effects Taunt Aura Slotting The following powers now accept Taunt Enhancement Sets: Accolades Summon Workbench Can now be summoned while flying (but must still target the ground) All active combat Accolade powers now recharge in 10 minutes (down from 25 minutes), but are no longer affected by global recharge buffs - this affects the following powers: Crey CBX-9 Pistol / Stolen Immobilizer Ray Eye of the Magus / Demonic Aura Geas of the Kind Ones / Force of Nature Vanguard Medal / Megalomaniac Elusive Mind Travel Updates: Base Teleportation, Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Special TP Powers (Focused Feedback Thread) A strange energy spike in Galaxy City reached the old Supergroup Portal and caused a cascade overload in the entire Teleport network. Most of the damage has been repaired, but destinations in temporal flux have been lost to the past. DJ Zero was called in to establish the new portal in his Pocket Dimension, and as a courtesy he also set up portals in two other dimensions: Praetoria and The Shadow Shard. Vanguard has requested further restrictions of traffic near Paragon Heights while their investigation is in progress. Base Access The GM-only command /enterbasefrompasscode is no longer available for players to use unconditionally, and can now only be used: Within 45 feet of a base portal (including the new summoned portals) Anywhere inside a Supergroup base After using the Base Transporter / Base Teleporter power The command remains available until you move 20 feet from the location you used the power, or if you activate another power Two new powers which summon portable base portals have been added, and base teleporter powers have received some improvements (see below for details) Base Beacons All base beacons now drop you near the base portal in that zone instead of at a random location on the map The following zones have had base beacons added: Praetoria Imperial City Neutropolis Nova Praetoria The Shadow Shard: Cascade Archipelago Firebase Zulu The Chantry The Storm Palace The following zones have had their beacons removed: Echo: Dark Astoria These beacons will now be directed to Dark Astoria Echo: Galaxy City These beacons have been destroyed by an energy spike of unknown origin Note: Both of these zones can still be accessed through Ouroboros Base Portals All zones with a base beacon now also have a base portal Base portals in the Rogue Isles are now red, and the new Praetorian base portals are gold Base portals no longer have collision (so you can't get stuck in them anymore) The following base portals have been moved to more convenient locations: Kings Row Moved down to ground level Skyway City Moved up to the small park with Synapse and Mynx, near the Monorail Independence Port Moved slightly to be right next to the Monorail, allowing easy access to both sides of the zone Peregrine Island Moved down to ground level Nerva Archipelago Moved slightly to be right next to the Black Helicopter line, allowing easy access to both sides of the zone Grandville Moved down from the top of the tower to the main square The following zones have had base portals added: Hazard Zones: Striga Isle Perez Park Boomtown Crey's Folly Eden Terra Volta The Hollows The Shadow Shard Cascade Archipelago Firebase Zulu The Chantry The Storm Palace Praetoria Imperial City Neutropolis Nova Praetoria First Ward Night Ward The following zones have had their base portals removed: Echo: Galaxy City New Accolade: Long Range Teleporter Long Range Teleporter Long Range Teleport has been removed from the Teleportation pool and is now an Accolade power Long Range Teleporter is unlocked when you earn your first Exploration accolade from one of the unlockable zones, and it can take you to any unlockable zone which you have the Exploration accolade for Every zone previously accessible via Long Range Teleport is available to unlock, plus Rikti War Zone, Dark Astoria, Night Ward and Striga Isle (and Kallisti Wharf has been removed until it gets exploration badges) - here's a complete list: TUNNEL Network The Hero and Villain TUNNEL networks have been merged together Vigilantes and Rogues will now see both Hero and Villain zones in the list Heroes, Villains, Vigilantes, Rogues and Praetorians can now all use the same portals in co-op zones TUNNEL can now be used by Praetorians Praetorians will only be able to access zones in Praetoria Special Teleportation Powers Base Transporter (P2W Power) Recharge time reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes No longer affected by global recharge buffs Activation time reduced from 15s to 10s Base Teleporter (Day Job Power) This power no longer requires the Rapid Response Member Accolade to earn, and has replaced the Monitor Duty (prestige boost) day job power Recharge time reduced from 600s to 30s This would be 0s, but we wanted to prevent accidental double usage as this power has limited charges Activation time reduced from 15s to 10s Supergroup Portal (New P2W Power) Available from P2W for 10 million influence Summons a base portal on the ground that lasts for 90 seconds (even after you leave the zone) 30 minute cooldown, unaffected by global recharge buffs (matches Team Transporter) Cannot be used in Ouroboros, Tutorial or PvP Zones Summoning a base portal will remove other summoned portals within a 15ft radius (to avoid blocking contacts, doors, etc) Rapid Response Portal (New Day Job Power) A new day job power which replaces the Base Teleporter Power Summons a base portal on the ground that lasts for 90 seconds (even after you leave the zone) 90 second cooldown Cannot be used in Ouroboros, Tutorial or PvP Zones Summoning a base portal will remove other summoned portals within a 15ft radius (to avoid blocking contacts, doors, etc) Ouroboros Portal Can now be used from level 1, rather than level 14, in any zone that is not a tutorial zone Can now be entered by characters of any level Can now be summoned while flying (but must still target the ground) Now lasts 90 seconds instead of 5 minutes, but will remain in place after you leave the zone Team Transporter (P2W Power) Can now be summoned while flying (but must still target the ground) Now lasts 90 seconds instead of 2 minutes (this power already remained in place after you left the zone) Pocket D VIP Teleporter (P2W Power) Recharge time reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes No longer affected by global recharge buffs Activation time reduced from 15s to 10s Mission Transporter (P2W Power) Activation time reduced from 15s to 10s Auction House Teleporters Consignment House Transporter (Temporary Power) Can now be used whilst in zones of the opposite alignment Black Market Transporter (Temporary Power) Can now be used whilst in zones of the opposite alignment Trading House Transporter (Temporary Power) This power has a new icon Underground Transporter (Temporary Power) This power has a new icon Day Trader Teleporter (Day Job Power) This power has been renamed from Enhanced Day Trader Teleporter (as the non-Enhanced version cannot be earned) Can now be used whilst in zones of the opposite alignment Marketeer's Teleporter (Day Job Power) This power has been renamed from Accelerated Marketeer's Teleporter (as the non-Accelerated version cannot be earned) Can now be used whilst in zones of the opposite alignment All of these powers Activation time for all of these powers reduced from 15s to 10s These powers previously shared a 30 minute lockout timer (if you used one, you couldn't use any of them for 30 mins) Now only the purchased temps share this lockout, and it has been reduced to 10 minutes The day job powers now have a 30 second cooldown (same as the Base Teleporter power, we wanted to prevent accidental double usage) The four temporary powers can now be deleted This is particularly important for the Praetorian versions since they can't be activated once you leave Praetoria and you get stuck with a useless power forever Enhancements (Focused Feedback Thread) Enhancement Upgrade Button Added an Upgrade button to the bottom left of the Enhancements screen This will upgrade all your store-buyable enhancements to +3 of your level, to the maximum of level 50 It costs the same as purchasing the enhancements from a store, and it will not change the enhancement type; a low level DO will be upgraded to a high level DO, not a SO. Combined enhancements will be replaced following the new Enhancement Combining rules described below This means a level 48++ SO will be "upgraded" to level 50 and charge full price Enhancement Combining Combining enhancements now increases their level directly, instead of a combined level enhancement (ie: 33 instead of 32+1) This means you can, through combination, get Titan, Hydra and Hamidon enhancements all the way to level 53 Existing combined enhancements are not affected, but another combination will increase their level and remove the combinations Acquiring Enhancements Single Origin enhancements can now be purchased from vendors at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20 This is meant to equalize the availability of those enhancements at low levels, which currently are mostly obtained through farming the Death From Below trial DOs can now be purchased from vendors at levels 5 and 10, just for parity TOs have been removed from regular vendors but can still be purchased from the Supergroup Base enhancements vendor if you're into that kind of thing Story Arc rewards that used to drop TOs and DOs will now always drop a SO of your origin TOs and DOs will still drop from other sources as vendor trash The tutorial zones now reward the player with Talisman of the Initiate (Damage) SOs instead of Damage TOs Introductory tasks from City Hall reward the player with Damage SOs of their origin instead of Damage TOs The Shop Keeper and Smuggler day jobs will now always award a SO Yin's Market Yin's Talisman enhancements can now be used by characters of all origins and are available at level 5, 10, 15 and 20 They are also cheaper than SOs of the same level to purchase from Mr. Yin, although they will cost the same to upgrade Yin's Talisman enhancements now use a fancy golden border There are currently no plans to make those enhancements available to Villains or Praetorians, as the store unlock is a reward for the Faultline arcs Those characters can purchase the enhancements from the auction house, receive them via character email, or store and retrieve them from Supergroup storage if they wish Power Customisation Update (Focused Feedback Thread) Support for customising Temporary, Day Job and Accolade powers has been added. In this update only a few powers are supported, but we are looking to expand this in the future. The following powers can now be customised in the "Other" tab: Day Job Powers Rapid Response Portal Base Teleporter Day Trader Teleporter Marketeer's Teleporter Accolades Long Range Teleporter Temporary Powers Boon of the Ancestor Spirits (from Graeme Easton's arc) Nictus Shadow Step (from Dr. Shelly Percy's arc) Nictus Gravitic Emanation (from Dr. Shelly Percy's arc) Nictus Fragment (from the Moonfire Task Force) Smoke Flash (from P2W) Knight Errant (from the Paladin event in Kings Row) Consignment House Transporter Black Market Transporter Trading House Transporter Underground Transporter Prestige Travel Supergroup Portal Base Transporter Pocket D VIP Teleporter Mission Transporter Badges (Focused Feedback Thread) Several new badges have been added to the game! New Defeat Badges Brass Hunter Defeat 1000 Nemesis Jaegers Green Machine Defeat 100 Nemesis Warhulks Brute Forced Defeat 500 points worth of Rularuu Brutes Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges Winged Nuisance Defeat 500 Rularuu Natterlings of any rank Running on Empty Defeat 250 Malta Sappers Womp Womp Defeat 100 Immature Paragon Protectors Assault and Battery Defeat 50 Freakshow Super Stunners New Story Arc Badges Existing Badges Loyal Customer This badge now has new artwork (previously it was using the same artwork as the Air Pirate badge) Unabashed Can now be acquired in the instanced Rikti Mothership Raid instead of just in the zone version Visionary Changed from defeating 100 Rularuu Overseers bosses to 500 points worth of Rularuu eyes (Watchers, Observers and Overseers) Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges Existing badge progress will be transferred (1 boss on the old tracker = 5 points on the new tracker) Monitor Duty No longer increases the rate at which you earn the Monitor Duty (Brain Storm Idea boost) day job power Now increases the rate at which you earn the Base Teleporter day job power Rapid Response Member / Trouble Maker No longer unlocks the Base Teleporter day job power (this power no longer requires unlocking) Now unlocks the Rapid Response Portal day job power Entrusted with the Secret Moved to the top of the Flashback badge list Can now be earned by collecting any exploration badge from Cimerora Can now be earned by collecting A Scar in Time, True Neutral or Sick of Time Travel (the exploration badges added to Recluse's Victory in Issue 26, Page 3) Can no longer be earned by owning the 5th Columnist gladiator badge (it doesn't involve time travel) Ouroboros Portals can now be summoned and entered by characters of any level Enhanced Gamepad Support (Focused Feedback Thread) Added support for using the left and right triggers as modifiers with XInput Added several convenience aliases for usage with keybinding Virtual Mouse Mode Implemented virtual mouse mode for XInput gamepads Holding both triggers now enters virtual mouse mode: The left stick moves the mouse pointer. This is analog, with a small amount of acceleration past halfway pressed Moving the right stick up and down moves the mouse wheel Moving the right stick left and right passes through to your normal binds, allowing you to turn the camera The A/Cross button is the left mouse button The B/Circle button is the right mouse button The Y/Triangle button is the middle mouse button The d-pad will snap your mouse pointer around the screen The X/Square button will snap your mouse pointer to the center of the screen New Slash Commands /interact Allows you to interact with objects in front of you as if they had been clicked This includes contacts, doors, ouroboros portals, etc /extra_modifiers [mod1] [mod2] [mod3] [mod4] Allows setting up to four extra modifiers These (currently) only work when no other modifier is pressed Recommended for XInput users is /extra_modifiers LBumper RBumper /controller_modifiers <first> <second> Allows setting two controller buttons as modifiers On non-XInput devices, when both of these are pressed together, the controller will enter virtual mouse mode The arguments are the button numbers to use (from 1-24) Recommended for XInput users is /controller_modifiers 7 8 (the two triggers, since these are currently hard-coded as virtual mouse mode on XInput) /controller_vmouse <LMB> <RMB> [MMB] [Snap] Configures virtual mouse mode buttons By default, button 1 is the LMB and button 2 is the RMB - the other two are unset Recommended for XInput users is /controller_vmouse 1 2 4 3 (which will give you the configuration from the above patch notes) Further explanation on the use of additional modifiers from @Telephone: Map Changes (Focused Feedback Thread) Minor tweaks and additions to Steel Canyon, Skyway City and Faultline for the new story arcs (contacts, mission locations, etc) Pocket D War Witch has been relocated to the ground floor of the club, just underneath her previous location This change was made in order to minimize disruption to any roleplay going on in the upper floor Kings Row Under advisement from Vanguard, the Paragon City Council has demolished and sealed shut the former tunnel connecting Kings Row to Galaxy City and reinforced that section of the War Wall to protect the citizens of Kings Row after the strange energy spike that destroyed the teleporter network. The Kelly Graham Foundation has commissioned a new statue of Galaxy Girl to stand in the former location of the Hazard Zone gate, and a small ceremony was held with the former residents of Paragon Heights. The tunnel that previously connected Kings Row to Galaxy City has been sealed A new statue of Galaxy Girl stands where the tunnel used to be This also fixes this area of the War Wall not turning off during Rikti Invasions Minor updates and additions for the new story arcs Independence Port The Paragon Power authority was alerted to a major oversight in paperwork when Admiral Sutter docked in Independence Port, placing his active-duty helicopter directly under live power lines. Instead of trying to argue with the government for weeks, the PPA has instead diverted the wiring and given a direct terminal feed to the local hospital, which needs it with all the Lusca victims and Terra Volta defenders (Who don't read the manual when it comes to the radiation shielding) it treats on a daily basis. The power lines above Admiral Sutter's helicopter have been moved Minor updates and additions for the new story arcs Perez Park Hazard lights added to the Galaxy City gate Ouroboros Can now be accessed at any level through an Ouroboros Portal Cimerora Can now be accessed at any level (rather than 35+) as long as you can access The Midnighter Club Echo: Galaxy City Closed the Perez Park gate Added an Echo transporter (was previously using the monorail as an exit) City Map The old city cartographer has... retired After 15 years, Brickstown is now the correct shape on the city map Other Changes Reduced invite blocking time after quitting a team or league to 5 seconds Restored the classic "pshewwwww" sound when entering the game Halloween salvage vendors (Annah in Croatoa, Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago, Acantha in Imperial City) now have icons on the minimap Profanity Filter Several outdated / reclaimed terms have been removed from the profanity filter Several slurs have been added to the profanity filter The profanity and copyright filter is now checked during character creation (this is the same behaviour as live - it just wasn't activated) New Command: /interact Allows you to interact with objects in front of you as if they had been clicked This includes contacts, doors, ouroboros portals, mission objectives, etc Command: /powexec_location Several improvements have been made to /powexec_location to make it more reliable when used with teleportation powers Directional and terrain-following mode are more robust and less likely to stop short of the full distance Target mode no longer requires line of sight to the target, so long as the target is in a location that is a valid teleport destination Target mode no longer tries to occupy the same space as the target - instead it selects a location as close as possible to the target without being pushed away Command: /window_scale The /window_scale command takes the window "contactdialog" to independently resize the window where contact give you mission descriptions and such Usage: /windowscale contactdialog 2 to make it twice as big (accepts anything from 0.65 to 2) Mission: The Strongest Bond This is the fourth and final mission given by the contact Ward, in the Night Ward, notorious for unrecoverable team wipe situations due to the location of the in-mission hospital Gurneys moved to roof of mansion in order to buy you some time An Acolyte of Repulsion wards the roof with a Dispersion Bubble and a Force Bubble, but their power is so strenuous and difficult to maintain that they are incapable of doing anything else The Acolytes of Soothing, fragile but helpful, stand ready to assist with sweet nothings of periodic minor healing, but their devotion to your wellbeing renders them incapable of anything else In the spirit of the original encounter, enemies are designed to chase you - this has not changed, we have simply provided the means for you to tip the scales in your favour Bug Fixes (Report Bugs Here) You should no longer see erroneous messages about adding slots to certain temporary powers while levelling up The double Duray fight in the Sutter Task Force should no longer fail to complete properly Fixed an issue on the Portal Corp tech lab variant map in which certain objective placements would cause them to be almost entirely buried in geometry You won't need to dig around for buried glowies anymore, but you are still on a Dr. Q... Minor geometry fixes to Siren's Call, Talos Island, Port Oaks and Atlas Park Fixed an issue that caused Ouroboros portals to occasionally be targetable when summoned by a villain Fixed an issue that caused Villains and Rogues to be able to summon Ouroboros portals in Ouroboros Fixed an issue that caused the base portals in Recluse's Victory to count towards the Duty Monitor (supergroup base) day job, and block the Predator (PvP zone) day job Fixed the mission reward for levels 10 to 14 missing Pool B invention recipes Tutorial missions in Outbreak and Breakout can no longer be abandoned Fixed an issue that caused the glass on police drone sirens to not render correctly Powers & Enhancements Bug Fixes Procs that inflict damage should no longer auto-hit even if slotted in powers that auto-hit foes. This applies to: Enhancements Incarnate: Hybrid Note: this already applied to Incarnate Interface procs, nothing changes there Fixed recipe name for Encouraged Accuracy: To Hit Buff Dual Pistols: AoE powers no longer grant Defiance for every target hit Single target powers no longer grant double Defiance Hail of Bullets (Blaster): Fixed an issue where the blaster version of this power would not trigger the base lethal damage in PvE Savage Melee (Scrapper & Stalker): Fixed numerous errors with critical hits Many powers had incorrect crit values or would not crit in PvE, PvP or both Sentinel > Vulnerability: Will no longer spam float messages when triggered Dark Miasma > Tar Patch: Was recently flagged to ignore resistance - this was not intended and has been fixed Enhancements > Gaussian's Synchronized Fire Control: All enhancements in this set should now require level 17 to be slotted, instead of half the set being available at level 7 The set is documented to be 20-50 level range Enhancements > Performance Shifter: All enhancements in this set should now require level 17 to be slotted, instead of half the set being available at level 7 The set is documented to be 20-50 level range Incarnate > Destiny > Clarion: Fixed an issue that caused Clarion's buff to increase the strength of other +special buffs
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    I'll add more to this later with numbers, but in general Regeneration should have high levels of resistance to regen and heal debuffs. It should also have scaling regeneration based on health levels (similar to Super Reflexes with scaling resists). Updated: Here is a breakdown of what I'd like to see with Regeneration using a Brute as an example. First a breakdown of what I've done: All 3 Auto powers have Res(Regeneration) included. For a brute this is 25.95% each for a final build total of 77.85% Res(Regeneration) All 3 Auto powers have unenhanceable scaling Regeneration added as an effect. It begins to kick in when your health dips below 75%. For every 1% of HP lost after 75%, you gain 2% Regeneration (for each Auto power, so 6% total). This allows you a maximum of 150% Regeneration at 0% HP, so combining all 3 Auto powers, this is a maximum of 450% Regeneration at 0% HP, 300% Regeneration at 25% HP, 150% Regeneration at 50% HP, and 0% Regeneration at 75%+ HP. I overhauled Quick Recovery and made it Perseverance. It's sort of a hybrid of Gamma Boost (scaling Regen/Recovery based on Health) and Inexhaustible (small max HP increase and various debuff resists). I overhauled Revive. I made it Return to Glory, which is basically a 2nd Moment of Glory that you can use (longer cooldown though), but you can also use it as a Revive if you fall in battle. I made numerous other changes, but I can explain them all below. Changes: Added the unenhanceable scaling Regeneration and changed the Activate period from 10s to 1s, that way the scaling Regeneration will update more frequently. Changes: Removed the 15% Res(Toxic) and replaced it with a 9.375% Res(All). This resistance is not enhanceable, which allows us to remove the "Not affected by outside buffs/debuffs" flag. This comes into play later with Instant Healing. Changes: This is an overhaul of quick recovery. The 30% Recovery bonus will now scale with current HP% (I think this should be buffed up, but good enough for now). We add a +Max HP effect that is worth 10% base HP, with half of this effect being enhanceable. Also added the scaling regeneration (0-150%, based on current HP%). Added a 25.95% Resistance to Regeneration and Slows and a 51.9% Resistance to Endurance Drain. Also changed the activation period to 1s to accomodate the scaling Regeneration/Recovery. Changes: This used to be Dull Pain. I tweaked it to have a smaller cooldown (240s instead of 360s), but also it is a smaller buff to +Max HP (30% instead of 40%) and Heal (449.78 instead of 599.7). The reasons for this change, I wanted to make it easier to reach perma buff, now needing only +100% Recharge instead of +200% Recharge, and I wanted the self heal to be available more often. The net of the +Max HP does not change, thanks to Perseverance we will still get a +40% MaxHP, with half of that enhanceable. Changes: Minor change here. There was a 50% Regeneration effect that was unenhanceable, I bumped it up to 100% Regeneration effect unenhanceable. This now gives the toggle 200% Regeneration, half unenhanceable. Changes: Added the unenhanceable scaling regeneration and added a 25.95% Resistance to Regeneration and Recharge debuffs. Also changed the Activate period from 10s to 1s to accomodate the scaling regeneration. Changes: I reduced the cooldown from 650s to 600s. Also added a Strength to Regeneration/Heal buff for 90s. This will give a 29.8% strength boost to the regeneration of Fast Healing, Integration and Health, and will give a 29.8% strength boost to the heals of Numb Pain and Reconstruction (which is why I made the Resistance unenhanceable). Changes: Made this power the T8, increased the effect duration from 15s to 20s, and increased the cooldown from 240s to 300s. Also, I removed the Stun protection (since we already get that in 2 other powers) and replaced it with Fear protection. Also reduced the cast time from 2.57s to 1.5s. Changes: This is an overhaul of Revive. You can still use this like a revive, but instead of getting 15s of Untouchable, you get 20s of Moment of Glory. You also can use this power while alive as a 2nd Moment of Glory. The cooldown was increased from 300s to 360s to accomodate the added capability (I probably should make it 420s or 480s, but I'll be generous to start).
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    Testing Cheats Merit vendors sell everything for free Crafting recipes do not require any ingredients Incarnate powers do not require any ingredients Day jobs grant powers at 1000x the normal rate Cheats for character progression can be accessed through the quickchat menu: Please use these feedback threads to discuss the changes in this build: Focused Feedback: The Graveyard Shift (Hero Story Arc, Level 20-29) Focused Feedback: The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Villain Story Arc, Level 30-39) Focused Feedback: Asymmetrical Shoulders Focused Feedback: Sonic Manipulation Focused Feedback: Energy Melee Revamp Focused Feedback: Energy Melee for Scrappers Focused Feedback: Titan Weapons Revamp Focused Feedback: Trick Arrow Revamp Focused Feedback: Teleportation Pool Revamp Focused Feedback: Blaster Secondary Revamp Focused Feedback: Other Powers Changes Focused Feedback: Travel Updates: Base Teleportation, Long Range Teleporter Accolade, Special TP Powers Focused Feedback: Enhancements Focused Feedback: Power Customisation Update Focused Feedback: Badges Focused Feedback: Enhanced Gamepad Support, /interact and other /commands Focused Feedback: Map Changes General Feedback: Issue 27, Page 1 - Build 1 Please note that Focused Feedback threads are heavily moderated to ensure they remain on topic. Any off-topic posts in these threads will be removed without warning. The thread will be locked when no more feedback is required, but you are more than welcome to continue the discussion in a new thread.
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    Hey all, I've been extensively testing TW along with the other melee set changes on Beta for some time, and rest assured TW is still in a great spot. First off, lets look at the raw results of running every Melee Set available to Scrappers through a custom mission map 10 times each: (The rules of this test are better described here: ) Results on SO's only: All sets were played with a SO build with /Willpower as a secondary and no pool powers/epics except Combat Jumping, in order to isolate the primary set as much as possible. (except for Claws and Kinetic Melee which were given Overwhelming KD IO's + a lvl 50 damage IO to have the same slotting + knockdown on their ranged cones. These were ran due to the incredibly common practice of slotting for KD, and only 2 melee sets actually "needing" it.) Results without the IO in Claws can be seen here: As you can see by some of the names, we have been testing these changes internally for quite a while now to make sure things land in the desired spot! Breaking down this chart, each column represents a different aspect: AVG = the average clear time of the mission from all 10 runs (minutes : seconds : milliseconds) SWING = How far away from the Total Average the set performed SD Deviation = Standard Deviation from run to run, measuring how consistently each set performed despite the 10 runs having slightly different mob formations and placements BEST TIME = the best run time of the set, shows the max potential WORST TIME = the worst run time of the set, shows the minimum potential SAFETY = This counts the number of deaths in the 10 runs. A score of 0.50 means that I took substantial damage but never died, a 0.00 means I was practically invincible! SAFETY ADJ = Each point in the Safety column is multiplied by 20 seconds, and then added to the average to show an Adjusted Safety Average. With those all factored in, we can rank the sets against each other on more than just the average clear time: From left to right, we have the results with Claws KD, Claws "Pure", and the average between the two. As we can see, in a "Pure" SO test, TW is still on top thanks to stellar safety and consistency, and even with Claws getting a big bump with Knockdown (again, incredibly common slotting) it still hands with the top sets. Averaged between the two with all factors considered, it is still a top tier pick at base though more competitive with the rest of the pack instead of dominating. Now, lets see how this changes when we jump to an IO build: Results on a "Mid Level" IO Build: All sets were played with a n IO build with no purples, winter sets, or "special" procs beyond a single Damage Proc like Mako's or Obliteration that *any* Melee attack could slot. All sets achieved 72.5% global recharge (142.5% most of the time with Hasten up, only a 20s cooldown there). All sets had the normal uniques like Numina, Kismet, etc slotted All sets ran the tests at +3/x5 difficulty With recharge and procs thrown into the mix, the top sets become a LOT closer in clear times, and safety really isn't a concern outside of Energy Melee where rapid ET's kinda hurt lol. Like above, lets see how all the factors weigh in: TW is the "bottom" of top tier, but the margins are so close that with more than 10 tests a piece I'm sure they'd all be near dead even! Combined Results: Between SO's and mid level IO testing, with nearly 100 runs of TW with every iteration requiring a re-do, I think it is safe to say that the benchmarks for TW are where they should be where it is still a top-performer with it's own playstyle and niche (Mainly safety) where it's within striking range of all the other top performers instead of being well above them. Lets compare to the LIVE Titan Weapons real quick: SO's IO's Using identical builds 10 times each, the new version of TW was indeed SLOWER, but the consistency per run was wayyyyyy better! While not noted here, the end costs were also a non-issue on the new version compared to live which is a huge plus as well. Overall? This redesign does reign Titan Weapons back into "Top Tier" instead of "Titan Tier", but in exchange improves the fluidity and ease of access for the set in a wonderful way, which I see as a net win.
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    This is a technical deep dive of the new Homecoming Launcher. For download instructions, please visit the public beta thread. Terminology The launcher uses some terminology that, while it’s not necessary to know for normal use, can be helpful when reading log files or discussing features. Package: A package is a collection of files that lives under a particular root (which may be a subdirectory). Packages are versioned and stateful - a cancelled download will not leave a package partially installed or updated for example. Only once the entire transaction is staged and verified is a package committed. Packages can have dependencies on other packages. Packages are not directly visible through the user interface and are mostly an implementation detail. Profile: A profile, or launch profile, is what you see in the UI as the buttons on the left. A profile contains information about which packages it requires, as well as instructions on how to launch a program, and what configuration options can be set. News feeds and server status are also provided on a per-profile basis. Since there is a layer of separation, multiple profiles can (and in fact, do) share packages of common files. The launcher handles the details of figuring out which packages need to be installed or removed based on the profiles the user has indicated they want installed. Security Features The HC Launcher has multiple layers of security. The first layer of security is the cryptographic integrity protections. All launcher assets, scripts, code, profiles, and packages are signed using X.509 certificates. We are currently using 2048 RSA keys for the production infrastructure, and 384-bit elliptic curve (secp384r1) for our test/dev infrastructure. The exact algorithms used may change in the future once there is wider library support for ed25519. The launcher does not allow any code to run that is not signed, whether from a package or as part of a self-update. The signing keys are not accessible from the deployment infrastructure, so even a compromised download server could not cause users to run untrusted code. By running the launcher, you’re still trusting the HC Team, but you can at least know that’s who the files are actually coming from. There are some additional but less effective layers. One example is that each package has its own VFS with the package root as /, and processes all file access within it, so the package files themselves can’t reference absolute paths or escape out of the VFS. This doesn’t matter that much when we’re talking about downloading program code anyway, and is more useful for preventing accidents rather than trying to block something malicious. Finally, the launcher has the ability to log in to our account system and retrieve an OAuth token. While there is not currently much use to doing this, we have near-term plans to use this functionality to log into the game itself. This allows us to address a common feature request and create a secure method to “remember password” that doesn’t actually save the password. File Structure The new file layout is designed to make the game client cleaner and more organized, as well as reduce the chance of potential problems with name collision. Some of it will look familiar and has not changed from the traditional structure, while some of it will not. From the top level, here’s a breakdown of what is inside the HC: CoH install folder: accounts - Each account you log into will get a subfolder in here (moved from the top-level). The per-account subfolder contains chat logs if you have that option turned on, visited maps / fog of war data, playerslot.txt, and settings.json, which contains certain account-wide UI settings such as cooldown timers and chat timestamps. architect - Contains all AE-related data. Depending on what you have saved, it may contain subfolders for missions, storyarcs, and critters. assets - All of the packed game assets are contained in subfolders. Renamed and reorganized as while the assets are currently packed using the pigg format, that may or may not change in the future. bin - The game executables. It contains one subdirectory per platform -- currently win32 and win64. Inside you will find the launcher itself, as well as a subdirectory for each profile (live/beta/pre) with the game executables. cache - Temporary data that may be deleted with no ill effect. The shader cache, which was previously in LocalAppData\NCSoft has been moved here. costumes - Saved costumes. No change from the traditional location. crash - Any saved crash reports or memory dumps end up here. data - May be used for file overrides for addons. While we will be adding an official addon architecture in the future, placing files under data is still the best current way to apply client modifications. logs - Contains system-wide log files. Inside is a subfolder for the launcher logs, as well as a folder for each profile. powercust - Saved power customization themes. No changes here. screenshots - Exactly what it says. settings - Contains subfolders for the launcher itself as well as each game profile. Inside the game profile folders, you will find json files with the graphics and client settings that were previously stored in the registry. The per-profile settings folder is also used by the various in-game commands for saving and loading settings, keybinds, etc. Interesting Technical Details The core of the launcher is written in C. It uses a cross-platform support library developed internally that the game itself has used for a little over a year -- it started life as part of the project to port the client & mapserver to 64-bit. That library in turn uses jemalloc, mbedtls, and zlib. The launcher adds IUP, libjpeg, libpng, and libcurl. The launcher also embeds a Lua interpreter, and the UI is written in Lua. This is partly to make minor updates to the launcher’s UI strictly a “data” change that doesn’t cause antivirus products to freak out, and partly a proof of concept and testbed for future projects involving the game client. The lua scripts are digitally signed and the launcher will not run unsigned code. The GUI is built using IUP, specifically IUP’s lua bindings. Enterprising users will discover a ‘launchercli’ binary inside of the bin directory. This is exactly what it sounds like. While slightly barebones, it allows for installing, updating, and launching the game from the command line.
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    Echo Zones: they're gone from base teleporters because that's time travel, not teleportation even across dimensions. It could be argued that traveling to Praetoria after it's canonically destroyed in the Magisterium trial is time travel, but that is not how the game treats it. Canonically, only Cimerora, Ourobors and the Echo Zones are time travel, therefore they don't belong in the Base Teleporter network. The only reason they weren't removed before was because people used it to get the Ouroboros portal early, so lore was bent a little until another solution was in place. Canonically, those portals were fixed points in time that were still accessible due to the portal being already there, but with the Teleporter Network being damaged, the original spacetime locations of the portal are no longer accessible. Ouroboros/Cimerora access: it was always been the case that you get the portal from being exposed to time travel in any way. Originally the portal power was available at level 25, then it was reduced to level 14, now it is being reduced to level 1. There are no lore problems with this. The organization is just recruiting members at lower and lower security levels as the Coming Storm gets closer. Cimerora access from the Midnighter Club was originally restricted as the Midnighters didn't want the knowledge that they had access fully known, but that went out of the window during the Dark Astoria storyline, and Ouroboros is now fully aware of the Midnighter crystal to Cimerora. Due to this, the Menders are now tracking characters that travel to Cimerora in order to initiate them into Ouroboros before the Midnighters completely sell them into their side of the story, and the Midnighters are making Cimerora access available to all members since the secret is out. Supergroup Portal powers: DJ Zero is a very powerful Celestial who created his own Pocket Dimension to have a dance club, and he doesn't much care about the politics or alignments of characters as long as they're having a good time. Creating connections through spacetime is his thing, and he was responsible for setting up the original base teleporter network. After the energy spike in Galaxy City destroyed it, an event that is very disturbing as it dislodged gates put in there by a Celestial, he was asked to assist in the rebuild. As part of it, he connected Praetoria and the Shadow Shard to the network, and also made a beacon accessible that characters can use anywhere in space and time to request a portal to be opened. The only thanks he requires for this service is that everyone visits Pocket D and has a good time, away from all the troubles of Primal Earth, Praetoria, the Shadow Shard, or any other dimension. Those are the in-universe, lore reasons why those changes to Echo transporters and Ouroboros/Cimerora access happened. Roleplayers are free to integrate them, others are free to ignore them. The ability to access those zones hasn't changed; you can still get to Echo zones at level 1, and you could already get to Cimerora at level 1 by using Team Transporter. This just brings an in-universe justification for it.
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    I'd like to point out that this reaction is directed at the devs, whoever that may be in this case, not at @Jimmy. Cast time reduction is a reasonable change, considering Bone Smasher being useless in comparison before. -Regen and -Special have absolutely no business in melee or armor sets whatsoever. I thought Bio and Radiation Armor made that very clear already. And now you want to create the opportunity to combine EM with the aforementioned power sets? There already is a power in the set, called Total Focus, that screams ME! ME! ME! as an additional AoE candidate loud, clearly and desperately. It even has a fitting animation, but instead of using it out of nowhere a new power appears, taking away the synergy between Stun and other powers (yes, some players used that) and shoehorning every EM player into the New & Improved (not) Total Focus instead. A quick animation for Stun would have worked wonders to neutralize nasty debuffers in high levels. Cast time reduction was overdue, but now everybody better pick that power OR ELSE. What EM used to be, and what I personally want it to be, is the single target Hammer of the Gods. If I use that power as a Stalker or Scrapper, I want it to Crit. Period. I do NOT want it to reenergize my smartphone, bind my shoe laces or buy me dinner. The practice of denying the light melee classes their due crit damage with high tier attacks was and is ridiculous, unjustified and literally prevents player from playing the sets. Give Total Focus the same treatment as Electrical Melee's Thunder Strike, full Crit ability on the main target and let it prepare enemies (with a fancy Energy Focus ring, if need be) for Whirling Hands. Done. Under no circumstances shoehorn players into picking and using a specific attack just because you liked your own ideas so much. I always considered the HP cost a quirky idea that some Dev didn't want to let go and nobody else really cared, because they just wanted to justify the name. It adds nothing to the flavor of the set. What DID add to the flavor of the set was its single target focus and the crisp sounds and look. Again, all I care about is that the power hits like Judgement Day and crits on Scrappers and Stalkers they way it should. Considering PPM mechanics, particularly with regard to ATO procs (EM doesn't lend itself for dmg proccing well), I would prefer Energy Transfer and Total Focus at a base recharge of 16-18 seconds for better, more diverse, attack chain options. Not every set has to have a PBAoE and a cone. Not every set needs combos, and not every set needs to feel the same. Synergies are nice, but practically forcing players into build styles and attack chains is bad practice. Also: generally NO -Regen -Special and whatnot for armor classes. From a balance point of view releasing /Bio and /Rad Armors in their current form was not less a mistake than releasing Titan Weapons. The ONLY exception I could see at all is using those effects to update Fiery Melee without significantly increasing its base damage. I'm not thrilled.
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    Yeah he's the noob who took 3 travel powers lol flight, leaping and suoerspeed.
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    I think this might have something to do with why documenting it wasn't strictly necessary...
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    Welcome to the public test of the new launcher for Homecoming: City of Heroes (or HC Launcher for short)! Internally codenamed ‘Project Hangover’, the new launcher is intended to function as an officially supported successor to take the place of programs like Tequila. This post is a high-level overview of the launcher. There is a separate post with a technical deep dive here. Looking for a quick start? Click here to download the launcher! Note: This needs to be installed to a new location (not your existing CoH install directory) If you are currently using Tequila it will offer to copy over most data This testing phase is focused on using the launcher under Windows. It is fully functional when running under wine on Linux, but installing wine varies from one flavor to another. Manga has an experimental build of Island Rum that can act as a bridge to the new launcher on Macs available here. HC Launcher has three primary design goals: Speed, Security, and Compatibility. Speed: The launcher is supposed to get you into the game, it shouldn’t take any longer than absolutely necessary to fulfill this function. Tequila and several other launchers are based on .NET, and as a result have noticeably slow startup times on some systems. HC Launcher is designed not only for fast startup and faster patching, but also to avoid long and unnecessary file verification, or delays due to Internet latency. Security: This has been a frequent criticism of Tequila and its use of unauthenticated manifest files. By putting in a manifest file, you are in effect trusting the author of that manifest with complete access to the user account you’re running it under, since it can download and run arbitrary code. It also lacks protection against man-in-the-middle attacks, making it impossible to know if a malicious third party has hijacked the manifest. HC Launcher addresses all of those issues by using strong cryptography to verify the integrity of itself and everything it downloads. More details can be found in the technical deep dive post. Compatibility: HC Launcher is written in C and uses many of the same libraries as the game itself. As a result, it should run in any environment that is capable of running the game, such as wine on Linux/Mac, without any additional work. Important note: HC Launcher uses a different file layout for the client install, reorganizing it to make it easier to manage. As a result, it cannot coexist with Tequila and must be installed to a different location. By default it attempts to locate existing files to avoid having to redownload them, as well as migrate user data. More information about the new layout is available in the technical deep dive post. The new game layout is completely self contained and is fully ‘portable’. Nothing is registered system-wide and the files can simply be moved to another location, or deleted if you want to remove it. Please post any feedback or bugs in this forum. Thank you!
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    Chris "Robotech Master" Meadows was a well-respected individual in so many communities, not the least of which was our own. Many players in our community knew of him as Robotech Master through his many top-notch guides and all of the help he has provided people here on the forums, on our Discord server, and back in live (if you didn't know, he was a very well-known player and guide author in live as well). To our team, he was also known as GM Cyclone and he was a valued member who will be greatly missed. Cyclone was always so proactive when it came to helping players, spending many nights roaming the city and finding ways to make the community a better place. He must have reset various broken events (especially Paladin!) hundreds of times. He cared so much about this community and really shined when he was brought onto the team; it's hard for me to imagine not having him around anymore. The world is truly a worse place without you, friend. May you rest in peace and forever be remembered through the great positive impact you had on this world, both real and virtual. I'll miss you.
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    Bug Fixes "Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements" No, really! This patch contains mitigations for crashes inside the third-party PhysX library. We have been receiving a number of crash reports that point to a bug related to physics simulation, but it's deep in the guts of the library and not something that can be simply fixed or directly observed. It's been a persistent problem for some people, and for whatever reason trick or treating seems to be a catalyst that makes this occur more often. If a situation occurs where PhysX would cause a client crash, the game is now able to trap it and recover in most circumstances and, depending on the circumstances, either re-initialize the library or completely jettison it. The loss of debris and particle effects may occur in some cases, but is a better outcome than a crash. This was previously not possible since the crash was happening in a library-managed thread we have no control over. The API hook technique created for the Intel HD fix was leveraged to take control over this thread and install some additional error handling.
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    Pretty much what it says in the title. I think Radiation Blast could well use an overhaul to bring it in line with Radiation Melee, Radiation Armor, Atomic Manipulation and Radiation Assault. The absence of Toxic Damage from Radiation Blast was always something that confused me, even from the start. Radiation is, after all, highly poisonous. I can understand why the original development team stayed away from it, since sources of Toxic Damage was intended to be 'rare' in the original production of the game, and was not intended to be used reliably. However, I think at this point that there should be a Toxic Damage element included in some, not all, of Radiation Blast's powers. I think the ones that aren't present in Radiation Assault would be good candidates, so we don't have to rebalance more than one powerset. So that leaves us with; - Irradiate - Cosmic Burst - Neutron Bomb - Atomic Blast Of these four, I would say that Cosmic Burst is the weakest candidate, but could still be included. Each of these powers would have to have their damage values modified to compensate for the inclusion of a Toxic Damage element, adjusting them as necessary in order to ensure that they balance out. Toxic is a highly resisted damage type at this point, so I don't think there should be much of a damage tweak in order to ensure that the powerset doesn't overperform. This kind of change shouldn't affect overall game balance all too much, since way back the only Toxic Damage powerset was Spines, and now we have Radiation Melee, Radiation Armor, Atomic Manipulation, Radiation Assault, Thorny Assault, Dual Pistols, Widow Training, Bane Spider Training, Demon Summoning, Ninja Training, Bio Armor and Experimentation that allow us to very reliably put out Toxic Damage. At this point, giving Radiation Blast a little Toxic Damage helps bring it in line both thematically and mechanically with all the other new Radiation powersets, and I think would aid the powerset in standing out a little more when compared to the abundance of pure energy based powersets we have already, especially Beam Rifle and Electrical Blast.
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    After eight years on the original servers and a year plus here, no-one should be surprised when players find ways to do previously unimaginable things, with or without IO sets or Incarnate abilities. The ability isn't coming from trinkets and doodads, it's coming from knowledge of game mechanics and figuring out how to leverage them to the players' advantage.
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    As someone who has been leading a lot of Tin Mage and Apex TF's every night for the last few weeks I've had the chance to see a lot of transitional characters, and when you're throwing a timer on every run the variances can be pretty striking. I have had teams that were all T3 or better for every Incarnate, had a few T4'd with a few barely-Alpha'd, even a string of purely Alpha-only and myself being the only T3/4 across the board. I have seen Apex and Tin Mage both completed in 11 minutes and change each, and also take nearly 25 minutes for either, but the consistent is typically 14-16 minutes, about 30 minutes for the whole thing. Where does the time go up? When it is all Melee/Blasters with middling builds and a mix of Incarnate parts (or next to none). If I take that same team dynamic and replace any one random character with a Support role that has a solid debuff (Cold, Thermal, Rad, TA, Dark, Poison), and that dial pretty instantly snaps back. How do the low time runs occur? A lot of T4 present, everyone carrying a T3 Lore or better, and at least two strong debuffers backed by two or three high DPS, High-Spec builds. The weak points in those runs are the EB/AV targets, and how efficiently crowd-clearing can occur. The PPD station ambush is the longest aspect of the entire thing because it's triggered events reliant on how fast the team can bend through those spawn points. More folk with T3/4 Judgements to insta-clear spawns, and debuffers that make it possible to liquefy the War Walkers fast (I'm talking seconds fast). Support roles (and I'm more specifically talking their Buff/Debuff side of the equation) are still relevant, but their presence is altering the dynamic of the game at a level that becomes harder to see. Much like taking down a Pylon--as an example--the more aggressive the debuff/damage output of the character becomes, the shorter the time, but what doesn't get seen until the numbers are crunched is how radically different the times are from a DPS standpoint. Once a single character gets into the sub 3:00 time, small errors can mean major changes, and once a build gets into the 1:30 or less range, even just two seconds worth of a player's mistake can mean 10+ seconds of error on the kill timer. Something that might have 300 DPS and take a Pylon down in 4:00 minutes, doubling the DPS suddenly breaks the build into the 1:00-1:30 category, a quarter of the time (not exact numbers, just a relative example of the way it really is). Take that Pylon conditioning concept into an Incarnate trial or Incarnate TF and look at those two or three characters that can kill an AV in a couple of minutes each, we amp up the AV's level and defenses for the content but they'll still take it down in a few minutes. Toss a a Support role in there with a Debuff and we shave a 3:00 time down to 2:00, does it feel like the Support role had a hand in that? No, it absolutely does not, but the truth of it is... well yes, they did, but we're all collectively moving at a speed that's so insanely quick as-is that it has become much harder to separate the difference unless you're statistically looking for it.
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    Yeah. I can understand how you might feel that you're not getting value for your subscription fee. Oh wait! 🤥
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    Considering the Homecoming PvP Discord has over 1300 members I'd say you're underestimating the PvP population by at least two orders of magnitude. But by all means, continue pretending a group of players that enjoy a different part of the game than you aren't worth the developers' time.
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    I am not sure why how other people play should be of any concern to you.
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    This is not my costume, but I thought it was so clever I HAD to post it for all to appreciate! I present Whac A Mole
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    As a side note to this discussion, never compare damage numbers below level 20, especially at level 1; to assist in low levels, the base damage modifiers for all ATs is pushed closer together and the AT modifiers aren't fully realized until the late teens. Here are the damage charts from the archived City of Data: So scale 1 damage at level 1 for ATs with a damage modifier of 1.0 (Blaster, Stalker, Widow, and Spider for melee, Widow and Spider for ranged) is 10.0 damage. Those are the baselines, so to get the "AT modifier" you just divide their damage by the Widow or Spider column damage. That means that ATs have the following relative modifiers for at these levels: AT Ranged (1) Melee (1) Ranged (10) Melee (10) Ranged (20) Melee (20) Blaster 1.025 1.0 1.0625 1.0 1.125 1.0 Brute 0.90 0.95 0.75 0.875 0.50 0.75 Controller 0.91 0.91 0.775 0.775 0.55 0.55 Corruptor 0.95 0.95 0.875 0.875 0.75 0.75 Defender 0.93 0.91 0.825 0.775 0.65 0.55 Dominator 0.99 1.01 0.975 1.025 0.95 1.05 Kheldian 0.96 0.97 0.90 0.925 0.80 0.85 Mastermind 0.91 0.91 0.775 0.775 0.55 0.55 Stalker 0.92 1.0 0.80 1.0 0.60 1.0 Scrapper 0.90 1.025 0.75 1.0625 0.50 1.125 Tanker 0.90 0.96 0.75 0.90 0.50 0.80 Note that this archive is from 2016, so is before the Brute ranged modifier was changed to match the melee value and the Tanker ranged and melee modifiers were changed, so take those only as an example of the overall point of "the numbers are compressed towards 1.0 early and settle into their final values by level 20, so comparing damage values at level 1 is just plain wrong."
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    Scrapper Titan Weapons / Bio Armor : 2 hours 32 Minutes 34 seconds, Solo MO ITF +4x8, enemy buffed, no Amplifiers, no Temporal pw, no inspirations, I look great, isnt it ? Dont be fool by this, that was 2 hour 32 minutes and 34 seconds of complete mess. Scrapper's Bio Armor is not made for this : i had to shorcut everything i could to stay alive. The last time i had such level of stress while playing CoX was during our first kill of the RSF the day we could do it : when you feel you're not at your place. At all. I had to switch between my 13 incarnates T4 to have the job done, even in the middle of a mission. I had choose the same way than @nihilii : an artificial Def with Ageless Radial + Defensive Sweep + Mélée T4 def on top of a regen / absorb Armor. My first try was with Willpower : that was not a good idea. Then i tried with a Bio armor build with no def, Barrier T4, mélée T4 resistance : this was almost the best choice ; the first minute of barrier can carry bio in offensive. But the second minute is like having sex the day you go out of jail and realize you drunk too much and spent the night in a retirement home ... With the "def" solution, i had sort of standing power but had to be extremly carefull and dont count the number of time i had to run for my life. Not to mention that the build is set to need like 5/6 targets to sustain the rotations but cant hold for long (more or less the first minute of ageless and like 30 second more between the def sweep spam and Shadow meld) so i had to pull and always have a haven where i could run out. So i almost clear the whole TF, pack per pack... This run was the winning one (after 12 others since 1 week...) cause i finally find a way to single pull Romu nictus by using Imperius to draw attention for 2/3 seconds of the nictus and pulling Romu solo with a snipe power. You must clear the way for imperius to stay alive in front of the entrance, then fly to the courtyard. After the cutscene, Fly above the traitors and pull imperius in the nictus pack, then take some height and snipe Romulus : he "should" come alone. But mission complete, my beloved Main can wait the page 6 quietly now. Hoping she will shine again in the role she s born to : killing AV tanked by someone and / or "tanking" a low notoriety speeruns with friends and not survive such hell.
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    I kinda miss shadow cysts and would like the option to let them spawn again. >.>
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    I dream of (in PVE) : - No FX options on all armors and all AT. (yes i want to have cool costume on my Bio and Rad armor too.) - The option to remove stealth effect on all stealth and Invis powers. (dam i love my stalker skin, spent hours to create several and... i turn hide on <f.ck>) - The option to make any buff with No FX. (i m fed up to spend so much time to try to remove color from my cold buff...) - The option at The Gull not to see buff FX. (please, some buff still have 2005ish textures and i have nothing against people with taste of s..t but when they vomit their buff on my toon... i feel ... dirty) This would help a lot of people to enjoy creating tons of costumes and low graphics computers would suffer less in full league.
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    I'm going to honestly and bluntly put this as best I can: We are owed nothing. This game does not belong to the community. This server does not belong to the community. If Homecoming developers wanted to suddenly table-flip power balance on its head, it is full within their right as the ones running the show to do so. It is in that same line that feedback and suggestions are just that - feedback from the community and suggestions from the community. They are not hardcore things that need to happen - but things people want. Which HC can decide if they want to give it or not. Transparency, or whatever word/reasoning is used here, is a load of crock for a not-live server's development. I would rather they keep the forums at an arm's length because development-by-the-forums is a great way to lead into a proverbial dumpster fire. I know some people probably think they can power balance better than Powerhouse, but I have also seen enough on the forums to consider that to be hilarious. The better route is for people to realize that this is their show, they can add in input, but HC is not obligated to implement anything we desire / anything we desire precisely as is. The better route is for people to be content in being able to give feedback and be heard, but understand that being heard does not mean anything/everything you desire is going to happen. We do not need a heavy handed approach of "Include us in this ride please!!" because we do not need to see everything under the hood. There's a lot already seen when they tease pages/Issues, when they talk about costs, and when the beta shards get updated. Hell, the fact they made this thread in general to give us a general heads up of what they're doing is more than enough in my eyes. While community engagement is great? I would rather it be done with the arm's length distance mentality - because inviting the community closer is a recipe for disaster. Especially if you take a look at the Suggestions and Feedback forum since HC came up. There is no easy or good way about it. Wavelengths don't really matter, honestly. I'm not trying to say we can't/shouldn't hold the HC team accountable, but people need to stop getting false hopes and assuming. This isn't our show, and that needs to be recognized. Speaking as if there's a need for anything in particular, to me, comes off as arrogant and claiming as if one knows better than the rest. Which, honestly, no one does except the team - as they know what sort of server they want to give to us. The community's influence needs to be moderated or else the snowball effect will happen and that is bad. One thing will lead to the next. Case in point - the entire 79 pages of this thread has been back and forth, circular debate, and more. The community should be cherry picked, and not listened to wholesale. Otherwise, things get dumb and fast. Take it from a couch potato who loves this game and has spent way too many hours reading forum posts. who thinks he knows how to develop games but actually doesn't.
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    If you bought Scrapper nice things, like Critical strikes ATO, Scrapper would love you back.
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    Yesterday evening TWANG had a all Archery Synapse run. Just 4 of us turned up and it was my first run with TWANG. 3 Blasters and 1 Defender taking on The Clockwork King and it was epic fun. I talked with one of the other players afterwards and we agreed taht part of the fun was that being a smaller team, each individual effort felt like it meant more, had a bigger impact and was more heroic. Not having Tankers/Brutes/Scrappers tanking and keeping aggro was also a lot of fun. Cant wait till next time I´ll be able to go out in team with the TWANGERS again
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    After I got done with primary work on my CoH Modder, and finished up my Rosetta Stone to help give people information to assist them in creating audio mods, I'm now starting to turn my attention towards visual mods. In this area, I will be substantially more limited, as I am NOT a graphic artist by ANY means. However, in starting research on this area of CoH modding, I discovered .texture files, and became frustrated with trying to do anything with them. I spent the better part of three days seeking out help from OuroDev's website and the Discord, without much success. There's a perl script out there that I wasn't able to get to work, as well as some sort of application called GetTex that I couldn't even manage to compile! There HAD to be a better way to at LEAST get a .texture file into a format that I can open up in GIMP, even if I have no hopes of being able to make any good images. I can at least make something that can get the files into and out of the .texture format. So, I cracked open a Hex Editor, and started looking at a few .texture files byte-by-byte. The result of this work is what I'm calling the "DeTexturizer". ALL that this program does is to turn .texture files (hopefully!) back into their source image files and then back into the .texture files again. It does this by scraping the .texture files for the ByteArray that contains the actual image file, and then writing that ByteArray back to the original filename. It also generates an XML file that allows the program to then "Texturize" the image file back INTO a .texture file. You can find the application at the top of my "PK's Tools" pages here: http://www.cityofplayers.com/pks-tools/ Here's a screenshot of the program: I have a fairly detailed description of how to work the program on that page, but needless to say, you can either "Texturize" or "DeTexturize" the files either one at a time, or do an entire directory at once! This has only been tested on a few types of texture files, so it's still in the BETA phase. If you run across any errors, or any specific files that this program doesn't work on, please let me know and attach the file to your post in this thread so that I can investigate the issue! It's my hopes that with this tool (and an upcoming "Visual Rosetta Stone" for graphical file references) the mod community will have some easy to use tools and references to REALLY start changing the game to whatever they want it to be! Now, after you get the file back to its original format (usually .dds from what I've seen), it's up to you to modify the file yourself. I can't help you with that, as I'm NOT a graphics designer! But, for a start, I suggest you try out GIMP, my preferred image manipulation program. Here you can see a DeTexturized inspiration opened up in GIMP: I plan to keep improving this program over time to work with more .texture files that it doesn't work with right now, as well as add extra functionality, such as allowing you to create brand new .texture files that haven't before existed. But before I can do that, I have to spend some time reading up on graphics technology, and trying to figure out what the heck all of these "unknown" databits are for that I found in the .texture files! Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this application!
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    I am happy with how the Homecoming team has been careful about new things and testing to insure balance and stability. I think these 2 things mean you have to go slow and be careful with what and how new things are added. I do not remember which server it was but just a few months ago they introduced a new powerset that completely borked their server. And they had to do a complete server roll back. As stated above Page 6 is coming , patience grasshopper
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    If I die in game, I die in real life.
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    Space Siren, galactic gravity hero!
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    We've got a fairly flexible arrangement with them and they tend to not bill us for smaller bits of work, and due to the covid-related slowdown in recent months there's only been smaller bits of work. They are handling something a bit more substantial at the moment which likely will get billed - so expect to see that in the next donation round (or possibly the one after, they can be a bit slow with their billing!).
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    I replied to the thread earlier, but I'm going to say something else now. Slightly different direction, but perhaps worthwhile. I've spent most of my life feeling useless. I barely made it through high school, I dropped out of college halfway through the first semester twice, and I have social anxiety disorder. All of that has led to me having to do some real shit jobs, the kind of work no-one with a better education or healthier mental state would even consider. I felt that nothing I did mattered, in part because no-one expressed appreciation or approval of what I did, in part because I lacked any semblance of self-respect or sense of worth, and in part because the work I did seemed like pointless drudgery (jobs anyone with limbs could perform, or even properly programmed machines). One of the places where I worked was raided by INS after I left. I discovered, much later, that they couldn't replace me without hiring two people, and they couldn't pay two people the ridiculously low wage they were paying me unless they were illegal immigrants. A few years later, I was "let go" by an employer (not my fault, nothing i did. he was a quadriplegic, and he was just tired of seeing my face every morning (worked 7/week then)). Less than six months later, he was e-mailing me to ask if I'd return. Another place where I worked closed a few months after I left. They couldn't afford to pay two people to do the work I did, and they weren't hiring illegal immigrants, so they just shut the doors and never re-opened. The last person for whom I worked... sold his restaurant, moved out to the same area where I live now and regularly asks for me to assist him in catering and restaurant work. Now, it doesn't matter what I want to do, there are people who are always asking me to help them, practically throwing money at me to fix things, do a little very easy grunt work, sometimes just to answer a few questions or give some advice on how to solve a problem. I matter to them, even though I don't technically work for them. I matter because I can do things that they can't, I know things they don't, and I cheerfully put a little elbow grease into even the unpleasant tasks they don't want to do for themselves (or are growing too old to continue doing for themselves). I make a difference in peoples' lives, and they appreciate it. I get paid now to do things I enjoy doing, like working on a tractor, and things I don't mind doing, at all, like pulling weeds around blueberry and asparagus beds. These people don't see me as useless or worthless, and despite my mental illness telling me otherwise, I'm learning to see myself as they do. Sometimes, we just can't see that what we do matters. That we bring value to a place, or a team. That our contributions make a difference. And, in fairness, maybe we don't always matter, bring value or make a difference. But more often than not, what we do with and for others is meaningful, even in Co* content where we feel like it's barely a blip on the radar. There's always someone who appreciates what we do, even in Incarnate content with a team that doesn't seem to need us, and in accepting that, in understanding that even if no-one says anything, there was an impact that someone's going to remember years later, there's a lot of satisfaction and a reason to develop some self-respect. And respect for what your character can do. Heck, I played WoW for a year, and when I walked away, it was barely memorable to me. But, to my surprise, one of the names I used showed up in a search over ten years later. Someone remembered me. I'd made a difference to that person. I made the game better for him. That's going to happen here. We can all make a difference, even if we don't see it, and someone's going to look back fondly and reminisce about us. Except me, because I won't be on one of those teams. *twitch*
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    And there is no reason to change that. Almost every story told is the result of the protagonist overcoming obstacles. Some are major, and some are speedbumps.
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    2020 is terrible. Cyclone started as a GM just after me. So so many times I posted his helpful guides to players. He really loved this game. I can only hope he didn't suffer after the accident. From the sound of the accident he just... was not there from the moment of impact. I'm at least thankful for that. He originally wanted to be GM Mospeada, but I totally busted him to Cipher for copyright before he started I was really looking forward to him watching the new Mospeada anime that hasn't come out yet, but I guess he won't be able to see it now. Damn his obsession with bikes. I just wish they were as armored as the "Cyclone" ones in the show he loved. He did so much both as a player and a GM. He will be greatly missed by me and all of the community. I'm glad his writings and guides are still helping people. Please check out his works and guides. It made him happy every time they helped someone.
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    Nope. Because it's all pretendy fun time games. With thousands of concurrent players in the game at any time, and the ability of ANYONE that so desires to being able to open up the team window and start forming a team themselves at any time, no. There is no "power" here. Anything else is just whatever "power" YOU give to "them". Now if there's an actual violation of the server's Code of Conduct, report them, put them on ignore and then be done with it. Then they lose all "power" over you.
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    Scrapper victory! TW/Rad/Soul. This was attempt #9. Amplifiers were used, all 3 of them. General strategy was to spam Defensive Sweep -> Arc of Destruction -> Defensive Sweep -> Whirling Smash in every single encounter. Maybe throw in Rend Armor and Follow Through if I'm feeling feisty. I would strive to keep 70%+ melee defense at all times, as well as Particle Shielding up for an extra 800 "hit points". This buffer was critical during unlucky moments. 2800hp let me live where 2000hp would have been death. Ageless Radial also helped with the defense debuffs, but I tried not to assume my DDR would hold. For AVs, attack chain started as Rend Armor -> Follow Through -> Arc of Destruction -> Defensive Sweep -> Follow Through. I ultimately changed it to Defensive Sweep -> FT -> AoD -> RA -> FT, as to get both AoD and RA in the Critical Strikes window. M1: died enough on previous attempts to get the rhythm done there. Skipped the ambush with Sovera's trick. M2: from cyst to cyst, but sometimes I had to run away in the middle of a cyst for my clicks to recover, lest the dwarf/nova damage overwhelm me. As I did that, I managed to lose track of the last cyst. It took me a staggering 10 minutes to find it again, as the ambushes were getting so big I couldn't kite my way through without risking too much. I ended up clearing a bunch of mobs at the central intersection, then finally found that cyst. M3: I hopped around between generals, for Beasts and Surgeons especially I thinned their numbers then escaped before things got tough. Romulus Phalanx was easy to handle. I pulled Requiem on his own, killed his goons then took him down 1 on 1 without too much trouble - although level 54 buffed AV damage is no joke for a scrapper, and I had to stay on guard with my mitigation clicks. With Romulus, I made sure to play it safe. I pulled him, then cleared the Legatus Legionis and other misc mobs while jousting, then took out my T3 Lore Longbow. Uneventful fight. M4: I flew to Romulus directly, planning to use Imperious' help. Mapserved. I restarted with the same strategy. Imperious was great help to clear the platform Cimerorans. Then, not so much as he rushed straight to fight Romulus and the Cyclops/Minotaurs... I let him die, pulled back, killed the mobs. Then attacked Romulus. I went with the jetpack on, to play it safe. This is the moment I remembered AoD doesn't work in the air. Oops! Good thing TW DPS is absurd in any case. I simply replaced AoD with Crushing Blow, and still dealt enough damage to make good progress. I would also sometimes replace Defensive Sweep with Whirling Smash. Autohit Nictus + Romulus at range was just below the incoming damage /rad/soul can take with both absorb/heal clicks and Shadow Meld. It went down first (by luck, all 3 Nictus were stacked and I hit one without knowing which one). Then I pulled out Lore for the healing Nictus, but that did more harm than good with buffed enemies accuracy. Once my Lore died I made faster progress. Summoning Nictus was a nonevent. Something interesting happened for Romulus. I took off my jetpack, and started to fight. But I was worried about the ambushes at 75%, 50%, 25% hp. Those could be too much to handle with Rommie on top. So I moved to this location, because this is where I think the ambushes pop. The idea being to clear them out ASAP, and/or run away, rather than be caught with my pants down. But the ambushes didn't come. Until a random wandering patrol of 4 Generals showed up. I fled preemptively before they aggroed... and saw the first ambush pop up (Rommie was at 70% hp then). So I guess, if you sit around that door, no ambushes happen. I cleared the first ambush, pulled Romulus back to this spot, and nothing happened when he hit 50% and then 25% hp. What a challenge. Specialized build and tons of attempts to do what my tanker did on first try; and in roughly the same amount of time. It shows the extent to which scrappers need to worry about survivability here. Build: Likely not optimal for the task, or even in general. It was great fun building "oldschool", with full sets aiming for mitigation, rather than break everything down for maximum proc damage. With TW you get to have your cake and eat it too. Incarnates were: Cardiac T3, Degen T4, Lore T3, Ageless T4, Assault T2, Vorpal T1 Could I do it without amplifiers? Maybe, unsure. There were MANY close calls. Perhaps with full T4, and a Lore support tree.
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    I've always had a somewhat individual approach to building a character, but that's not really unusual around here. We all focus on different things when we're making our characters uniquely our own. For every "I can has cookie-cutter build?" post, there's another asking about making a concept work with a specific set or power, or how to wrestle the mechanics into working in favor of a build idea, and that's one of the really interesting things about being here, we can poke around in one another's mind, see the game through different eyes. I love that. It's like reading a really fantastic book, you become so immersed that you forget the reality around you and slip into whatever world you're reading about. So I thought I'd give everyone a chance to peer at the game through my eyes, rather than merely mentioning personal choices or preferences when it comes to characters. I talked about my latest obsession, Antianeira, in another thread. The idea of this character has been around since I started playing, back in '04, but the tools to bring that idea to fruition didn't exist then. She could never work as a blaster, defender or corruptor, because they simply lack one or more aspects of what I felt the character needed. The closest I was able to come was a weapon-wielding scrapper with the Weapon Mastery APP, and that never was quite good enough. Too few ranged attacks to make a chain, too little AoE, too many limitations. It wasn't until I decided to see what sentinels were and how they might be used to fulfill any of my character concepts (or if the archetype might spark a few new ones (of course it did)) that I realized I could, finally, make the one character I'd all but given up on. A character which was fully functional at both long range and in melee, with good damage output in both situations and which fit the Amazonian theme I had in mind. As I mentioned in that other thread, I started with Archery/Ninjitsu, for no reason other than the Jump Speed buff in that set. That's always the first thing I look for when I'm beginning to form up a character concept, because most of my character concepts are centered around not having a standard travel power. I have no particular aversion to travel powers, I just... well, I like hopping at high speeds. Everything is distant, the world below moving so slowly, when you're flying. Running at high speeds feels limiting, it's difficult to avoid tiny obstacles that catch you and leave you jittering on them until you either pop off or use /stuck, and moving around in caves with only 35 mph running speed is trying enough (really, who thought it would be a good idea to put all of those walls there? i want the excavators fined! and shot!). Teleporting has never really been fun for me. That only leaves leaping, and there's an unusual problem with leaping that very few people notice, or care about. You see, Cryptic went to a lot of trouble to create realistic physics in Co*. There's a friction mechanic. There's a momentum mechanic. There's a gravity mechanic. And all of the mechanics were designed to be as realistic as possible. Normally, you don't notice any of them, because they're part of the immersion created by the game world. They're background code, completely meaningless, unless you're specifically looking at them and figuring out how they work. You can see the friction and momentum mechanics at work when you're flying. It takes a moment to build up speed, and it also takes a moment to slow down. You can also see vectoring at work, when you try to fly up and forward at the same time. If, for instance, you fly perfectly perpendicular to the ground, and press the space bar (or whatever you have mapped to Jump), your vector is no longer straight ahead, nor is it straight up, it's a 45 degree angle, and that angle is where all of your movement speed is being applied. Consequently, you're moving forward at a slower rate than your actual movement speed, because of that vectoring. That's the realism built into the game, and it's really, really well done. But it also, consequently, hinders leaping in a curious way. When you jump, the game calculates your friction, your current momentum and speed, then determines the arc of your leap. When you reach the apex of that arc, your forward speed is turned into falling speed, and your momentum is altered similarly. Basically, you stop jumping and start plummeting. With certain powers, you can steer your fall, somewhat, but that's not actually the problematic bit, it's where the apex of the leap occurs. The higher you jump, the more of your jumping speed is "wasted" on upward movement, and the less of it you apply to forward movement. Additionally, none of your movement speed is applied when you reach the apex of your jump and begin falling, so that arc which started out so gracefully becomes a precipitous drop after the apex, and you're only moving forward slightly in comparison to your previous rate. The best way to get the most out of jumping speed is with shallow leaps... like what you get with Hurdle and Combat Jumping. Mind you, none of this is a bug, or erroneous code, or something exploitable. It's exactly how the engine was designed to work. All of the travel powers were created with these limitations and systems in mind. So when you use a power like Super Jump, you're only spending part of your time moving at the jump speed cap, because some of your speed is being spent moving upward while moving forward, and once you reach the apex and begin to fall, you're at the mercy of the gravity mechanic. Your momentum declines rapidly, friction applies more and more the further you move (even down), until you're struggling just to hit a specific point when you land. Of course, SJ doesn't bring you up nearly high enough for all of your momentum to bleed off, so you still have a modicum of control by the time you land, but it's still a net loss in speed. I never liked that. I love that they designed the engine with these kinds of things in mind, but I never liked the way SJ felt. Or Ninja Run. So I don't bother with travel powers. Occasionally, if it's thematic, I'll take one. My Ill/TA, Star of the Show, has Mystic Flight because she's an actress, and modern actresses do a lot of wire work. I've got Hover on a couple of characters, but only when I can bring it up to the flight speed cap. One of them also has Group Fly, but she's a Bots/Rad mastermind and I really, really want to play something with Rocket Boots and a bunch of robots with rockets. Mostly, though, Hurdle + CJ, because it feels, viscerally, like sticking your face out of a car window while traveling at 80 mph. So that's always the first consideration when I start working on a character. How fast can I be with this one? If the net result is lower than the Fly speed cap (58.64 mph), I won't even try to make the character. If it's above the Fly speed cap, I'll work it and rework it until I can either push it past 60 mph (including Incarnate buffs), or I'll tear it up and try the concept with different sets. I'm very particular about this, to the extent of abandoning a concept altogether if I can't get the speed up to what I consider to be "reasonable". When all we had were SOs, I'd three- and four-slot Hurdle, in spite of ED, to maximize my speed. IO sets and the Alpha slot have made it much easier to break 60 mph, and with a pair of +5 boosted Jump IOs in Hurdle, it's almost a given on any character I care to create. Getting back to the build, after I abandoned /Ninjitsu and started over with /Energy Aura, I found myself staring at the build for hours. When I was home, not playing and there was nothing going on here, I'd be eyeballing that build. It just didn't sit quite right with me. The movement speed was fine, but a lot of other things were bothering me. Here's one of the early revisions of the build (in a spoiler drop-down, because this post is going to be loooooooong). On the surface, that looks fairly decent. Defenses to almost all typed damage soft-capped, almost 130% +Recharge, that's not too bad. But... the ranged attack chain is lacking. It's fully formed, but every time I looked at the build, Stunning Shot caught my eye and I found myself wanting to try to squeeze it in. And the melee attack chain? Didn't exist. It wasn't possible to chain two attacks sequentially without pause, not at that level of +Recharge, or with any slotting. And having to wait until level 50+1 to cap my Defenses meant I wouldn't be capable of turning up the difficulty very much, meaning all of that lovely AoE/PBAoE potential would go to waste. Of note, though, is Fistful of Arrows and Rain of Arrows. With my slotting, the ranges on both powers is nearly identical to the range of the single-target attacks. That's a vital consideration for me when I'm working with cones, or any short-ranged power in a collection of primarily longer-ranged powers. I don't like moving forward and backward to make use of powers with different ranges. I also don't like staying closer to avoid having to move, because it means critters are going to close in on me that much sooner. Granted, with soft-capped Defense to everything but Psi, and melee attacks of my own, it's really not a critical issue, but it violates the basic precept of the character. I wanted to stay at range when I was playing at range. Extending the range of cones is something I started doing back on the original servers, when I was maining a TA/Dark. Her attack chain consisted of Tenebrous Tentacles and Nightfall. Just those two attacks. I bumped up the range on TT until it matched NF, packed both powers with procs and went to town on big spawns of +2-3 critters. And on my Archery characters, I carried over that technique and used it to turn Fistful into a "single-target attack with benefits". Take a look at Fistful of Arrows. Superficially, it has comparatively low DPA. The common wisdom would be to sideline it and only use it in concert with Explosive and Rain, strictly and specifically as an AoE chain power. But if you stick it into a single-target attack sequence, the DPA rises dramatically. How? Well, we're almost always fighting more than one foe, aren't we? And if you're dealing damage to multiple foes while attacking a single one... bingo, DPA goes up. In fact, when used in a single-target attack chain, and there are only two foes, the DPA climbs to second best, just behind Stunning Shot. And with those three procs, even at the lowest proc rate (20%), it's the highest DPA attack in the set. Furthermore, with Fistful slotted for range, the cone width at that distance is a massive 75'. I'm not exaggerating when I say that you can hit anything within sight with it, as long as it's within 70.5' of you. That makes it incredibly easy to leverage the higher DPA potential. It's no longer potential now, it's a given. And with a short recharge time and very low endurance cost (for an AoE), it's perfect for filling a single-target attack chain. Rain of Arrows was slotted for maximum range as well. While the HC team may have shortened the animation when they set it up for sentinels, 40-48' just isn't far enough to use it without being seen unless you're corner shooting. Matching it to the range of the other attacks just made sense. Having the ability to do that, via enhancement boosters, without giving up any damage or recharge time, made it a given for my build. So, I was happy with my movement speed, range and recharge times, but I knew there was a lot of potential being wasted in this build. Energize was little more than a slot mule, I had four Sprints slotted, my damage mitigation was reliant on the Alpha slot, and I was going to have a lot of down time when I used my melee attacks. I could do better. This... this was better. Soft-capped Defense before level 50. More utility from Energize. A slightly longer Stun duration on Stunning Shot (i dropped Explosive around revision 5, in favor of Stunning. i felt that having more single-target damage was preferable to having weak and intermittent additional AoE), which would allow me to Stun a boss briefly (handy for dropping critter toggles, if nothing else). I've got a complete, chainable melee attack sequence with no down time. I've had to sacrifice some global +Recharge, but I've gained quite a bit in exchange, things I couldn't get without the Agility Radial Paragon Alpha enhancement. With this build, I switched over to Spiritual, since I no longer needed the +Def from Agility, and that improves more powers, across the board, rather than filling the Defense holes I had. Using this build, I laid out several other alternate builds with differing focuses. Regeneration over 500%. Higher Psi Defense and Resistance. Variations I thought might be worth investigating. But, no matter what I did, I still felt that it wasn't quite there yet. There was something missing, something I couldn't identify until I blew a respec at level 28. I'd had in mind a plan to spec out of Aimed Shot and focus on using Stunning, Fistful and Blazing to create an attack chain. What I didn't know at that time, though, was that I'd made a critical error in my estimation of animation times and recharge times. Part of that was my own inattention to the numbers. I was in such a hurry to make this work that I didn't factor my animation times correctly, and ended up falling short on recharge times. But part of that was also due to the sentinel data entries, for both powers and procs, being erroneous in several cases in Mids'. Power Armor, for example, allows the player to slot Healing sets. And the +Recharge values on the ATO procs are set to Schedule A/single aspect, when they're actually 4 aspect (like acc/dam/end/rchg). I didn't discover these faulty entries until I was mousing over powers and enhancements after trying out the new single-target chain and discovering that it was really falling short on Blazing Arrow's recharge. I ended up burning through two more respecs, one to try another slotting scheme, and lastly, to move slots back to Aimed Shot and put it back in the tray. Having gone that route, though, I realized that having Stunning/Fistful/Blazing as my single-target chain was what I was missing from the build. The problem was, it was impossible to achieve. Every attempt I made to change slots, cram in a little more recharge, move powers around, barely had any impact. I had to find a way to close the recharge gap, or resign myself to using Aimed, and not being able to create a perfectly sequential attack chain. It ate at me, like a field mouse gnawing at a wooden door, trying to get inside where it was dry and there might be an easy meal. I went to bed thinking about it. I woke up thinking about it. I'd sit here, staring blankly at the screen while Jessica cavorted wildly around the cabin, trying to figure out how to make it work. How could I create that perfect attack chain without giving up any Defense or movement speed? It wasn't until my 19th revision of the character that I finally found an answer. There was one possible option, only one, and it would mean giving up 6% +Jump, but it would give me that attack chain. This is actually the 20th revision, but it only slightly differs from 19. The Defense numbers are incrementally higher (0.1-0.2%), Regeneration is a little better (will hit 400% when Energize is active), but otherwise, this is where I finally hit the target. It did cost me 6% movement speed, as I noted above, but that 6% loss nets me 70% more global +Recharge, that small amount of increased Defense and Regeneration, a few more HP, and, most importantly, my single-target ranged attack chain is complete with only Stunning, Fistful and Blazing. Though, in point of fact, it's 0.122s short on Blazing's recharge, but that's less than 1/8th of a second, it won't be noticeable as more than the standard "I'M STILL RECHARGING, STOP PRESSING ME!" sound, and when I slot the Spiritual Alpha, it'll be well past the necessary recharge time. 20 revisions, from the false start with /Ninjitsu to the final product, and including multiple variations. 20 different builds, each time trying to make it slightly better in some way without losing core aspects like the ranges on Fistful and Rain (i could've easily slotted both with fewer enhancements if i'd been willing to sacrifice the additional range), or my super zoomy boing boing jumping ability. Every slot and enhancement is so critical to the entire build, changing even a single one would cause the whole thing to cascade into ruin. One minor alteration drops a typed Defense, or reduces movement speed, or disrupts either the ranged or melee attack chain. It's the kind of build that you're afraid to breathe on before you get to 50, for fear of it collapsing like a house of cards. All of that, because I don't want to take SJ or use Ninja Run. It would've been so easy to use either, and opened up more options by allowing me to step back from the focus of +Movement Speed. This... this is min/maxing at it's purest, taking something raw and unrefined and distilling it down the the very essence of what it can be, hammering the critical aspects into place and keeping them there while everything around them is shifting and changing, and dragging every last iota of potential out of it. This is what I do to relax. This is both enjoyable and rewarding for me, as much as playing the characters I've worked on in this manner. This is the game through my eyes.
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