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    Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Don't say anything, the community wonders why everything is so quiet, and if the deal goes through, people get angry that they weren't told about it and didn't have a chance to weigh in. Say something vague and people invent all kinds of dismal scenarios about what they think is actually happening Explain it in depth and get a thousand internet lawyers picking apart every single jot and tittle, and potentially sour the deal in the process, or subject some poor guy at NCsoft to a lot of hate mail.
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    (Is anyone here getting semantic satiation out of the word 'Knockback'? Just me?) The Problem So there have been a lot of Knockback threads, and my personal pet peeve is that KB to KD IOs tend to be a bit of an IO tax on high, random knockback powers that people want to use constructively. I've previously suggested a powerset revision myself, but it occurred to me in the shower that there was an easier way of dealing with the problems. First, let's review the problems with Knockback. If you're not interested in reviewing my ennumerated list of current problems, you can skip down to 'The Proposal' below. A) Can scatter groups of mobs, weakening the effectiveness of AoE powers. B) Can move an individual mob, forcing melee who were on it to chase. C) When it occurs randomly, it's difficult to selectively use it. Knocked back mobs are resistant to further KB, so a random low magnitude knock can prevent an effective knock when you need it. Now, let's look at various solutions (current and commonly proposed) and their problems: D) Knockback to Knockdown IOs in Knockback Sets SOLVES: A, B PROBLEM: Effectively removes an IO that you may have wanted to use for something else. These can potentially be significant. STATUS: Good, but unfair to tax a whole powerset this way. People end up skipping these on single target powers usually for a reason. E) Shoot the mob from above or when they're already against a wall. SOLVES: A (sometimes), B (sometimes) PROBLEM: Myriad. Low ceilings, aerial enemies, forces flight as a power, time spent positioning is time spent not killing, foes aren't always next to walls, flying is a bad idea in some incarnate content. It adds up if you have to do it all the time. STATUS: Okay, but not reliable. F) Lining up shots on foes recovering from a knockdown SOLVES: A, B, C PROBLEM: You already need a reliable source of knockdown on the target or targets you're going to hit, constraining you to work after that power's cooldown. The second attack you're using has to animate fast enough to actually hit during the animation. STATUS: I've done it, usually not worth the effort. G) Use an AoE immobilize with KB protection or resistance. SOLVES: A, B (usually. I have knocked back enemies under AoE immobs that have both when I've used multiple high mag shots in short succession, but it happens very rarely, like not even a percent of the time). PROBLEM: Sentinels, Controllers, and Dominators can do this on their own, but not Blasters, Corruptors, or Defenders. Not all AoE immobs (none in the Sentinel set) offer KB resistance without protection, effectively meaning you've used a power to negate all of your primary's auxiliary effect entirely. STATUS: This is my current primary tactic but believe it or not I do actually enjoy knocking things back! It's fun, I just want more control over it. H) (Proposed, only) Null the Gull Setting SOLVES: A, B PROBLEM: i) Can this even be done? Very hard to predict, not sure there's a precedent. Would need to be a global Knockback multiplier. ii) Doesn't allow for fine control over individual powers you may want to knock. I) (Proposed, only) Change existing sets to reduce randomness and focus on strategic skill of KB. SOLVES: A, B, C PROBLEM: i) Some people like the RNG Status Quo ii) It may be difficult in the coding The Proposal We have to find some way to enhance knockback powers without unduly enhancing knockdown powers, which are overwhelmingly melee. Knockback improvements can be pursued as either additional single Knockback Enhancements that are powerful, making them compatible with sets that are strong at the five-piece set bonus, or by making new sets that are worth slotting all the way. Currently, there are no sets in the Knockback category which are routinely recommended for five-slotting, and only one that is rarely recommended for six-slotting. In consideration of these points, there are three parts to this proposal: An alteration to Sudden Acceleration. New Knockback Enhancement sets. New damage sets that enhance knockback. 1. Sudden Acceleration I would like to swap the 5- and 6-piece set bonuses, so that global recharge is granted by the 5-piece and HP is granted by the 6-piece. What follows below is a statistical overview of the set as it currently is. Piece Set Bonus Knockback/Recharge 1pc: N/A Knockback/Damage/Recharge 2pc: 7.5% bonus move speeds Knockback/Damage/Endurance 3pc: 2.25% bonus endurance Knockback/Accuracy/Damage 4pc: 2.5% global damage buff Knockback/Accuracy 5pc: 2.25% hit point bonus Knockback to Knockdown 6pc: 7.5% global recharge speed A level 50 set grants the following bonuses: Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 47.70% 59.62% Damage 63.60% 79.50%1 Endurance 21.20% 26.50% Recharge 47.70% 59.62% Knockback 111.54% 139.43%1 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) Note that this set does not cap anything, and even with an appropriate alpha slot enhancement, it only gets close to the cap on Damage -- staying in the 'yellow zone' on Mids. It is not a compelling set to take beyond one piece for any reason; while all of its set bonuses are good, you're locked into six slots to get the best option there, and your power will neither knock people far back, nor will it reach its highest potential in damage. As it stands, the 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-piece set bonuses just aren't worth interrupting a better set, even in the notoriously underwhelming Single-Target Ranged Attack set options. Furthermore, the +2.25% HP set bonus is already available in Devastation (3-piece Ranged Damage), Eradication (4-piece PBAoE Damage), Shield Wall (3-piece Defense), and Gladiator's Armor (5-piece Resistance), which are all more popular options for survival already, for various reasons. There is little compelling reason to believe that many were five-slotting Sudden Acceleration for the health bonus and would be upset to get a recharge bonus instead. While Sudden Acceleration is unlikely to become a top choice if the swap between the 5- and 6-piece bonuses is made, it becomes a reasonable one to make in situations where a power absolutely needs Knockback to Knockdown, can spare a few percent of damage, but can't spare global recharge bonuses. 2. New Knockback Sets Escape Velocity - Very Rare (Level 50) Every other control condition has a very rare set of its own, and it's time for Knockback to join their ranks! Escape Velocity is an improved combination of Force Feedback and Sudden Acceleration, the way most Very Rare sets are improved versions of a Rare set. As with all Very Rare sets, all pieces are unique. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/RechargeU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 1pc: N/A Knockback/DamageU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 2pc: 4% Endurance Recovery1 Knockback/Damage/EnduranceU 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 3pc: 6% Resist (Fire/Cold), 10% Mez Resist1 Knockback/Accuracy/DamageU 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 4pc: 15% global accuracy bonus1 Knockback/AccuracyU 59.6 (74.5) / 33.1 (41.4) 5pc: 10% global recharge speed1 Knockback/Chance for RechargeU 95.5 (119.375) / 2 PPM 6pc: 4% global damage buff2 1 A common set bonus for Very Rares. 2 At least one other Very Rare doesn't give resistance for the sixth slot. Amenable to changing this to something else. U Designates a unique enhancement. Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 59.62% 74.5% Damage 86.10%1 107.6%2 Endurance 26.50% 33.1% Recharge 33.1% 41.4% Knockback 369.7%2 462.1%2 3 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) 2 This is the raw value. The real number is heavily reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Red zone) 3 For the curious: after ED this comes out to 210.3%. This is enough to turn a knockdown into Mag 2.1, or Nova into Mag 51.5. In comparison to Sudden Acceleration, Escape Velocity swaps some of the enhancement recharge for Damage, ensuring a full damage cap and allowing recharge to be entirely skipped if wanted. Endurance remains low, as is common in many Very Rare sets. Chance for Recharge works as in Force Feedback except with an increased chance of activation. The proc is given a Schedule D single (not split) enhancement in order to discourage its casual use in sets that prefer knockdown without also being used with Sudden Acceleration. Fusionette's Fury - Rare (Levels 30 to 50) Not all categories have a set named for an iconic character, but Knockback doesn't have one yet, so why not? Fusionette's Fury follows the same philosophy as above of making knockback sets more desirable by pairing them with beneficial other effects which you cannot escape. Fusionette's Fury is patterned after Force Feedback, allowing four regular enhancements to carry Knockback, in addition to the one on the proc effect, for reasons described under Escape Velocity. In fact, this set is the reason why the Very Rare set calculates Knockback on its Proc as a Single IO rather than a Dual IO -- at level 30, a Dual IO on Schedule D would not be enough to enhance Knockdown to Knockback. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/Damage 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) 1pc: N/A Knockback/Accuracy 47.7 (59.6) / 26.5 (33.1) 2pc: 1.35% endurance bonus Damage/Endurance 26.5 (33.1) / 26.5 (33.1) 3pc: 7.5% movement speed bonus Knockback/Accuracy/Damage 38.2 (47.7) / 21.2 (26.5) / 21.2 (26.5) 4pc: 2.5% global damage bonus Knockback/Endurance/Recharge 38.2 (47.7) / 21.2 (26.5) / 21.2 (26.5) 5pc: 6.25% global recharge speed Knockback/Chance for -ResU 76.4 (95.5) / 3.5 PPM 6pc: 9% movement speed bonus U Designates a unique enhancement. Category Base Bonus +5 Boost Accuracy 47.7% 59.6% Damage 74.31 92.9%2 Endurance 47.7% 59.6% Recharge 21.2% 26.5% Knockback 248.2%3 310.3%3 1 This is the raw value. The real number is slightly reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Green zone) 2 This is the raw value. The real number is moderately reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Yellow zone) 3 This is the raw value. The real number is heavily reduced by the effects of enhancement diversification. (Red zone) Compared to Sudden Acceleration, Fusionette's Fury has a bit more damage, getting close to the territory of a true damage set -- however, its set bonuses are markedly worse by most standards, having niche application outside of the good, but not exceptional, 5-piece bonus. Ballistic Dismissal - Uncommon (Levels 10 to 20) A set for when you really want people to get out of your face, Ballistic Dismissal pairs your knockback with a powerful repel. By coming online at level 10 as an uncommon, it's fairly accessible for ranged characters who need a panic button beginning at level 7. The proc is unique to prevent repel abuse. Piece Enhancement Bonus (+5 Boost) Set Bonus Knockback/Endurance 28.9 (36.1) / 16 (20) 1pc: N/A Knockback/Accuracy 28.9 (36.1) / 16 (20) 2pc: 3% movement speed bonus Knockback to Knockdown/RepelU Mag 8 Repel, ∞ PPM 3pc: 0.75% hit point bonus U Designates a unique enhancement. Again, went for something very different here. The unique turns unreliable knockback effects like Energy Torrent into reliable crowd pushers that can redirect part of the fight where you need it to go. 3. New Damage Sets that Enhance Knockback (?) New Enhancement Sets that include unique Knockback IOs. Why damage sets? Well, by targeting these specifically, we can exclude melee from getting benefits they really don't need. The question I'm not sure of is if these are still needed; these were part of my original proposal, but I feel the above two parts supersede these sets by addressing the situation in a more elegant way, and three sets is already a lot to add at once. Are any more sets still necessary? The relevant part from the original post is quoted below for posterity.
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    Listen, I'm pretty ignorant on how Live got shutdown; I left close to a year before it all happened. I can see there's plenty of animosity about it, and no wonder. This game means a lot to us. But I see two problems with this bitterness I'm getting from your comments: 1) You're assuming spitefulness before stupidity, and it should be the other way around. Yeah a bunch of you got rubbed raw by what happened, and given NCSoft's lack of explanation, you're prone to fill in the blanks yourself. But to assume they "stabbed us in the back", an accusation of malevolence, smacks more of projection on your part. It seems more likely that it was one of many decisions made for reasons we can't rightly place without speculation, and just because you're personally offended doesn't mean the decision to pull the plug was personal, even if you'd prefer it that way. 2) Furthermore, if you believe wholeheartedly that NCSoft is just raring for another chance to betray you, perhaps you should think twice about enjoying Homecoming at all. Seriously, the people who are dumping their heart and soul into keeping this game afloat (without pay) are willing to try. What are you doing? You reap the benefits of these people's hard work by playing for free, only to mouth off with glee about how ill-fated their efforts are? That's vile, and you should be ashamed. You wouldn't even be here without the Homecoming team, so be a little more respectful while you still enjoy the fruits of their labor.
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    A Little Backstory The original Mids' Hero/Villain Designer project was designed by Mids in order to allow City of Heroes players to efficiently plan their character's development. During the project's life cycle Titan Network took over its development and kept the project updated until 2012 when the last City of Heroes server shut down. The project has since been abandoned it seems as no further development had continued. In early 2019 with the re-emergence of City of Heroes thanks to the Homecoming team, the project seemingly resurfaced under the name of Pines Hero/Villain Designer (maintained by Pine) which contained several database updates for issue 25. A short while later another adaptation of the project emerged under the name of Mids' Reborn (maintained by Crytilis) which contained several more fixes and database adjustments. In June/July of 2019, a new project had begun thanks to Maslow who worked on cleaning up the internal code of the program itself and getting it into a manageable state. Maslow later approached Pine about co-development of the project and the two began to work on it side-by-side. In late July Crytilis joined the project upon being approached by Maslow after the two had talked back and forth since early June. It was then decided that production on each of their individual versions (Pines Hero/Villain Designer, and Mids' Reborn) would be stopped, and a new version created with a name agreed upon by all parties. With all 3 working together in joint development, the project has been reborn once more! This time with a new name, some new features, and a new team! Current Development Team Crytilis (aka Metalios) Maslow Pine Thank You's Mids for creating the hero designer. Titan Network's Mids Developers for doing the original C# conversion and updating the app up until the shutdown. Connect With Us! Discord: https://discord.gg/pG5TCEg Twitter: https://twitter.com/midsreborn Releases/Download Information .NET 4.7.2 is required Download it here Latest Installer: - Released on 2019-07-31 Click Once Installer: Click Here to Download! Setup Installer: Click Here to Download! Latest Update: - Released on 2019-08-06 Click "Check for Updates" under options within the program.
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    Coming from a business perspective, it was the right move to engage NC Soft. It couldn't be ducked forever hoping things would just be left as they are. And the idea that it would cost too much money for NC Soft to play whack a mole with servers doesn't hold water. As someone who works with our Corporate legal team all the time, starting the legal action is not resource intensive. Going for injunctions is not resource intensive. Actually going through extensive litigation can be resource intensive. It's always better to tackle these things on your own terms and try and frame the conversation. I'm guessing, but it seems that is what they have done (TonyV and folks, not NCSoft). Communication is the other issue. If you look at government communication, business communication, sports team communication to fans, etc. , there is always the chance that people will not like what is being communicated, but a vacuum is a breeding ground for even worse things. Ultimately I think folks need to respect that they are giving us a high level of what is underway and as folks not part of the immediate team engaging in this activity, we don't get to hear all the details for now. Besides, they brought us our game back...that is an amazing starter cache of good will as far as I'm concerned. I understand the fear of losing the game - this game is what my best friend and I spent years playing leading up to his passing just after the game closed. Every time I log in, it brings me memories of playing the game with him and my kids when they were younger. But I think staying positive is the better option for now and see what happens. Just my 2 cents, I'm sure others (rightfully) will disagree and that's cool 🙂
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    New Link for web based installer/updater: should be updated as new updates are pushed. https://imaginarydevelopment.github.io/imaginary-hero-designer/publish/publish.htm Custom Installer Post is here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,6298.msg54071.html#msg54071 Still a click-once installer :/ sorry to those that do not like default install locations. Might be able to fix that in the future. Hello again everyone. Not a lot has changed in this version as far as the database goes, but lots internally and humanly! Patch Notes for v 2.23 Added Mutual Exclusivity for Winter and ATOs normal and catalyzed versions. You can now shift+click Mastermind summon pet powers to examine the pet's powers, and toggle on some of the effects. This is a beta feature and might be removed if problems arise. Warshades can Eclipse and use forms now. Khelds can pick up Flight and Teleport pools. Maybe a few smaller things that I cannot remember. What has changed is @Maslow has reached out and we are collaborating on getting this project into a github repository for more standardization and code control. He has done tons of work cleaning the code out and making it look pretty. Thank you very much Sir Maslow. He is also working towards getting a web-based auto updater implemented again. Please bear with us as we work on our own internal teamwork and figure out how best to serve y'all.
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    NCSoft helped make the game a reality...Without them, who knows if Cryptic would have gotten the game public... NCSoft kept this game a reality...When Cryptic wanted/had to dump CoH to work on other related projects, NCSoft bought them out and maintained the game NCSoft didn't burn this game to the ground...We all know the MMORPG's that were so nerfed and changed by their owners that they no longer resemble the awesome game that you first liked. NCSoft just shut down, but the game they shut down was solid... NCSoft didn't declare war on you...they didn't shut the game down to get at those evil Americans. They felt it wasn't in their best interests to continue it. You can disagree with them that it would have been in their best interests (remember, your best interests aren't their problem). But if you disagree, that just means they were foolish, not evil. Not everything is a Nemesis plot. NCSoft didn't treat Homecoming as the enemy...they could just shut this down with a simple C&D order. It wouldn't too hard to do the same for Rebirth or COXG. Just because they can't go after everybody, doesn't mean they couldn't send the message to the most prolific servers I don't work for NCSoft. I don't play ANY of their other games, I don't own stock...I'm just not a fan personalizing things to the degree that they become toxic to you and the community. Think of how happier you'll be if you let all that anger go...
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    There are already two systems in place that are keeping inflation in check: The fungibility of raw materials and finished goods: Enhancement converters mean that if there's suddenly a run on one specific popular IO, sellers will be encouraged to use enhancement converters to turn less-valuable enhancements into the in-demand one, and eventually this'll bring the price back down towards its long-term equilibrium again. (This also keeps unpopular enhancements from becoming worthless in comparison, since even if they're very niche or of questionable utility, they can still be used as fodder to make something more valuable.) It's also not possible for one person to corner a specific enhancement salvage necessary to create an in-demand IO because of the seeding system. The merit vendor: Everything available on the auction house has a soft price cap set at the virtual value of the merits required to buy it from the merit vendor. If it'd be cheaper to buy the enhancement directly from the merit vendor rather than turn those merits into inf and buy it from the auction house, people will avail themselves of the former instead of buying from other players.
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    Counter-proposal. An Inherent (as in everyone gets it) Toggle that modifies ALL Knockback to "clamp" at maximum MAG 0.75 regardless of how much MAG is output. Turn Toggle ON to convert "all" Knockback into KnockDOWN. Turn Toggle OFF to allow "all" Knockback to be "full power" KnockBACK. And then leave it up to the Player(s) to decide what the current circumstances call for. That would remove the KB>KD IO tax problem for every Archetype.
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    If this topic continues to derail, I will be providing a few days of a time out from the forums. This is your only, and last, warning. Keep on topic.
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    I feel for the Homecoming team in this situation. You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't, with regards to attempting to be as transparent as possible, but folks reacting to what is shared with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). Perhaps we can try to actually wait until we know the facts in their entirety before running for the hills? It's understandable to be anxious about it, but we are all adults here, and we have all dealt with worse real-life situations. So, let's keep a little perspective, and assume good intentions here. Can we? Perhaps?
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    From my position of knowing exactly nothing about the state of relations with NCSoft or what NCSoft's disposition towards Homecoming is, all I can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I came into this knowing that it might be a very temporary visitation to the only MMO that I ever truly loved, and even if it all disappeared tomorrow, at least I got a chance to see it all again after all these years. Won't lie; I've spent most of my time here saying goodbye and taking the opportunity for closure for what it is, and it's been a fun and enjoyable process. If an axe doesn't fall, that'd be great. But if it does, this time, I'll be better able to walk away without feeling like there was so much left undone and unfinished. So no matter how these negotiations turn out, I'm grateful to the Homecoming team for the opportunity to have done this. And I'll look forward to seeing what comes next.
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    Haven't you ever gone grocery shopping? Seasonal stuff always costs more out of season. :)
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    I feel like it sort of became this weird wild-fire effect of a few people talking about it and now it's just bouncing around everywhere in regards to the PPM changes and how they impact the game. A few of us have already been investigating this alteration and the impact that it carries, and been spending a lot of time testing those theories. I decided to start this thread in regards to a very specific test slash goal I had that spurred from discussions in the Storm thread (didn't want to derail that thread's purpose). So my current hunt, experiment, goal, desire, scientific need to destroy things in obscene matters is: Turn Defenders into Monsters. The "new" PPM formula that Bopper started testing has an interesting note that it does not take Global Recharge into account for variables in the proc chances. If a player can build enough global to bring a reasonable attack chain into functional use, we can avoid slotting recharge at all, improving the chance by just that slight bit more. Essentially the desire is to get as close to max probability as possible. The higher to 90% probability per-attack, the more virtual damage is going to be done. For those playing the home-game, Mid's (Pine's, Homecoming Reborn, whatever version you want to call it) has a relatively accurate algorithm already (only Purple procs seem to be slightly under-estimated and I did not validate all of the AoE attack values as that's less relevant to my plan) so you can use this for the "easy maths." My initial purview of this plan was to come up with what I figured should/would be the best suited build to pull this off, and of course what AT. I chose Defenders because of their higher buff/debuff values. They would get the most bang-for-buck out of abilities like Tough, Weave, and Maneuvers when trying to fill-in holes within a build since I won't be able to rely on any of my attacks for set bonuses (they'll be proc-filled). Of all the Primary sets for Defenders, Time looked like the best place to start. It has Farsight, which will soft-cap me to everything, gives me access to a ton of Global Recharge, and has a nice quick-click -Res ability that I wont have to target and drop, or deal with end management on a toggle. For secondary blast sets, there are a few that have some nice secondary effects, but the biggest thing I want/need to pull off is maximizing proc-loads. More procs mean more damage, and that's the whole point of this experiment. I considered Psychic Blast since it has some variety in the effects within the blast set (sleep, immobs) and the more exotic damage type, but most of those extra effects don't come with damage procs (only Immob sets). I did put a build together, but it ultimately got swapped for Radiation Blast. Rad has -Def component which comes with the ability to grab -Res and +Dam procs (several). My hope was at least three procs per power, and then I could bend the last three slots on Accuracy and Damage enhancement. For an Alpha, also used Intuition Radial to get the extended Damage enhancement, and to help boost some of the lingering other effects, and add a bit more range to all my attacks. This is the build I landed on: I carries a ridiculous amount of global recharge, a solid amount of damage (plus Vigilance solo). I went out and started swinging down on some Pylons in the Rikti War Zone to try and get a metric on my proc-ability, and whether this thing could dish out the kind of damage needed to kill a hypothetical AV. First thing I discovered is that Neutrino Bolt will basically never fire off Achilles Heel, or proc with consistency. The attack is apparently so dramatically low in base recharge and animation that the game just kinda forgets to give it a bone or two. I ended up swapping over to X-Ray Beam (because I didn't have a choice at that point) and got all my sweet procs in line. In the end, however, it still took me ten minutes to effectively take down a Pylon. Procs all went off as expected with relative consistency (2/3, sometimes 3/3, occasionally only 1), had cycles with PBU and Aim that got me so close to the Defender damage cap it was crazy, kept a solid amount of -50% res on the Pylon, but ultimately I needed more (like -Regen) to get the ball rolling faster. I took a Defender from Team Support to Mid-Level Scrapper, but Time Manipulation may have been playing it too safe, too easy. After a certain point there's only so much I need Global to bring down most Blasts, and with Procs I'm easily fixing the validity of "DPA" on one's that might not normally be taken. I also looked at what I might gain by not being forced into Power Mastery for PBU, and that landed on Dominate. Dominate has a ton of proc options and can be reduced to a fairly decent time with just global reduction, so I shifted my Epic over to that direction, and am now looking at what alternatives to focus on for Primary. Current Primary considerations I'm manipulating builds for: Traps: Gives me -Res, -1,000% Regen, FFG for +Def and +Mez protection. Downside of this set is that all of those traps are susceptible to destruction. Plus I have played Traps in the past, and I dislike repeating sets without very apparent need, or an immense amount of joy for the set. Poison: -Res ST, and -Res toggle, -Regen in Poison Trap, gives me the two key components from Traps set, and the -Regen I know is going to be necessary here, but I'd only be taking four out of the nine powers functionally, with one or two being "because I had to." I feel like the rest of that set has almost no intrinsic value in the game anymore (or really in the first place), and the heal is only a ST. The set also does no favors for giving me global recharge, or making it easier to get there, and has no defensive benefits. Cold Domination: -Res, some -Regen, a recovery tool. Lacks +Rech and Arctic Air is selective in its defensive grants. Thermal is basically this same thing but with a Heal instead. Radiation: The toggles concern me for endurance, even with Accelerated Metabolism giving a small boost to +Rech and +End, I'm not convinced that I wouldn't need Ageless to make this viable. The -ToHit components in the abilities to make it so that being at 28-30% Defense is okay as the heavy -ToHit will compensate and give me a virtual safety net of "45%." Kinetics: Lots of +Rech and +Dam, but no bend towards survival, and I was already finding a lot of ways to ride higher +Dam totals, and Defenders don't have a high ceiling. Plus, Procs don't get any advantage from the +Dam and I'm not really focused on how effectively I can Fireball a group of minions as I am dealing a lot of ST damage in a fast hurry. Typical pairing is Fire/Kin for Corrs, but again loosing out on some of the other survival tools, and Kin is just Brute-Force damage at that point, and I already can do that with any of the sets now (thanks to the Proc setup) so this isn't proving anything relevant now. Dark Miasma: This is strangely where I'm landing currently in my plans. If it proves to be more successful than Time Manipulation did (in speed-to-kill), then I'll basically consider it the optimal choice. Shadow Fall gives me a blanket of added defense utility, Howling Twilight packs a solid -1,000% Regen, Twilight is AoE Heal on me (with another -50% Regen!), Tar Patch gives me -Res, and Darkest Night will give me my offset -ToHit for added survivability. Some thoughts I've given on alternative Blast Sets: Dual Pistols: Gives me access to -Def as well, but is considered one of the lower-value inherent damage sets and only comes "in line" with Procs, which is "eh" concern to begin with. Sonic: Gives -Res, but...that's it. Doesn't have a wide Proc option. Dark Blast: Access to the -ToHit procs, can turn Petrifying Gaze into a 203pt Attack Hold which makes it nearly as strong as Life Drain, Torrent gives me access to at least one FF +Rech (and another proc). I may have initially underestimated this set. Water Blast: Dehydrate gets a few good options, and the multiple AoE's can all carry FF+Rech for some fun there in improving overall global. Might be just enough combinations available to get 3 damage procs in every ST attack. Ice Blast: Needs a lot of global recharge to get its fast animating attacks down low enough without internal recharge (IB, FR, and BiB). Would work really well with Time for the global, but the remaining AoE's in this set have zero partnership with procs (Rain effects don't appear to proc currently, at all). So it might pull off ST, it doesn't get the "all around" Proc Monster utility. So I think what I'm going to look at next is Dark Miasma with either Dark Blast or Water Blast. Both blast sets should have a similar slotting ability. Water will have access to manipulating its global recharge, whereas Dark will have some interesting effects with its control abilities, and the possibility of turning Tenebrous Tentacles into a cone hold. Edit: Adding a couple of alternative builds I has already started putting together before I decided to write all this up as a full-on post. Both built in Pines 2.23, so wont load in older Mid's. Rad/Psi/Psi: Traps/Rad/Psi And just because it was in the initial experiment: Time/Psi/Power: Updated Build List These will be a collective of the builds experimented with, updated accordingly, and also a catalogue of builds put together based on the research performed here (and/or collectively) in regards to Procs and improving this concept for others. This is the cumulative result of all the experimentation done through the thread to make it simpler to refer back to the final results, and also give newly interested folks a library to look through. Of Primary sets, Time, Traps, and Dark Miasma are the best suited for survival and providing proc synergy space for the blast set. Storm can be patched up for some moderate safety, and is the most offensive option, and also has its own proc-focused utilities as well. Radiation can mimic a lot of what Dark Miasma can, so should be fairly similar, but likely skips a chunk of its abilities and doesn't have a built-in +Def utility that is kind of needed to help shore-up defenses (trade off with +Rech instead). Of Secondary sets, Dark Blast is probably the best suited, with Water Blast, Dual Pistols, Assault Rifle following up. The reason I see Dark as being optimal is because of carrying an Immobilize. That's huge in helping contain and manage spawns for many of the associated Primaries. Water has a ton of general AoE, so in the realm of something more Farm-Focused, this would be a good direction. Dual and AR have a good assortment of access to extra Debuff utility. Depending on the Primary, these can be an added boost if those procs aren't available. Ice Blast would be a nice follow-up contender since it has several high-yield ST attacks that can pack a lot of procs (more than normal), but its AoE's are Rains that have no appreciable proc value and end up more as mule sets. Psychic Blast, just because I did build a few things around it, also has at least a 2-proc minimum and an exotic damage type in its favor. Psychic is also the one other set that's more favored towards ST damage with 3-4 useful attacks (optimal chain of PL > TB > WD > Dom/Char), but it looses out on AoE with only having Psionic Tornado as a good Proc tool and Ice Blast still has the stronger chain. Honorable Mentions: Trick Arrow and Archery. Trick Arrow actually has an assortment of solid options, Ice Arrow easily can serve as Char/Dominate (or even pair with them) if someone wanted to go that path, but not many people like flipping between a weapon set and something else constantly, so these two are likely stuck together for most. Not a bad thing though because (in my opinion) this is actually a pretty fun and decently strong match up. It's definitely not the fastest/strongest option, but it will definitely get the job done. Stuck with Scorpion Shield for S/L/E Defense alone, no other reasonable source of survival and the Primary/Secondary don't have any +Def or wiggle room at all for non-proc slotting choices. Incidentally, this is probably the most flexible Proc Monster besides that. It's the only one that doesn't absolutely have to take Hasten as all of its abilities are fairly quick, Hasten just makes things happen a bit faster. From an AoE perspective, I'd probably say this set has Water beat, just out of pure options. Acid Arrow, Oil Slick (Lit), Explosive Arrow, Fistful of Arrows, Rain of Arrows... it gets pretty insane. Storm/Dark/Mace: Kinetics/Ice Blast/Mace Dark Miasma/Dark Blast/Psi Dark Miasma/Water Blast/Psi Radiation/Psi/Psi Time/Psi/Soul Time/Rad/Psi Traps/Water/Psi Trick Arrow/Archery/Mace
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    Well, you're certainly not going about it in a good way. From where I sit, the bulk of your comments seem indistinguishable from 'concern trolling'. You say you might be able to help but are, to the outside observer, doing nothing but expressing doubts, concerns and negativity. It has been pointed out that the people involved are maintaining their anonymity. At that point, a reasonable course would seem to be to take the conversation private if your interest is to offer assistance rather than express your doubts in a public venue.
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    Hey all... So I noticed EVERY hat in game (well 90% of them) all have HAIR. My guy is bald... like Stone Cold Steve Austin bald. Can we get a version with NO hair? PLEASE? 😄 Also just a side note cuz my 7 yr old daughter insists I type this... can we get some tattered shorts? She wants to make a "Pink Girl Hulk" and is highly upset she has to use pleated shorts 😛 Thanks!
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    Meeting new people to play the game with, team banter and picking up build/play ideas while doing so are the most valuable rewards in the entire game.
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    Definitely not villifying him, but the dev team and vision for the game leaped miles ahead when he was gone on to Champions Online. That's all.
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    Not that I preserved for years, no. But, for myself ... yes, absolutely. See, I sometimes came across copycats. And I would send them a /tell, politely, telling them I thought they were waaaaay too copycat, and that if a GM saw them, they'd get generic'd, losing costume and name alike. A few said "oh, really? I didn't kow that was a rule", and I'd talk to them about ways they could tweak their copy into being just an homage; everyone would still know what character they meant, but it'd be different enough to keep the rabid lawyers at bay. A few told me, in no uncertain terms, to f__k off. Those guys? I reported, on the spot. And also added them to my /friends list. So that I could see, a couple days later,t hat they had turned from (say) "xXx1NCR3D1BL3HALKxXx" ... to, say, "GenericHero14227".
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    But Titan Network is definitely in charge of Teen Titans, right? 😝
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    We have a saying in my country too: If a GM tells you to move on, move on.
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    How about I give an example, a basic flow of thought of me trying to figure out a good attack chain. I've never looked at Street Justice before, so let me work with that. Pull up Mids. Options -> Configuration -> Effects & Maths -> Use ArcanaTime for Animation Times (if it isn't set). Brute. Street Justice. Window -> Power Graphs -> Damage / Anim. Now I'm looking at a graph of all the attacks, and their basic damage per ArcanaTime, which is a very good initial pass at the relative amount of DPS they'll contribute. That's where I'd probably start every time. Crushing Uppercut is the clear winner, followed by Shin Breaker. After that there's a bunch with similar DPS. Heavy Blow is best of the rest, but I bet the best chain will come down to using Crushing Uppercut and Shin Breaker as close to the recharge maximums I can get as possible. However, there may be special considerations for why I might want to include specific other attacks. So maybe it's time for me to look at the attacks themselves. Ah, hmmm, a combo system, huh? All right, Crushing Uppercut is a combo finisher, combo level 1 or 2 increases disorient, 3 turns it into a hold. It also does knock up. OK, but that's active mitigation, not DPS. Still, I'd probably rather a hold than disorient. I hate my enemies wandering around. So now my goal is probably Crushing Uppercut at recharge limits with combo level 3. Recharge is 25 seconds. Eeesh. This build wants recharge, recharge, and more recharge, and you're still looking at a long attack chain. So let's say we're running a very high recharge build, with Agility Core, perma Hasten, and Ageless. Let's estimate for now that we can get up to 350% recharge in Crushing Uppercut, taking it to 7.14 seconds of time we have to fill with lesser attacks. In that time we want to get to a combo level 3 and spam as much damage as we can, but waste not much more time than 7.14 seconds on the lesser attacks. Cast Rech 2.376 7.14 Crushing Uppercut, knockup, finisher How about Shin Breaker? Recharge 8 seconds, 1.584 seconds ArcanaTime, adds 1 combo, has -7.5% defense so can slot an Achilles Heel for -7.5% resistance as well. Very nice. At our super high recharge, we'd expect it to come back in 2.29 seconds. So the hope is to use it twice. (1.584 + 2.29) * 2 = 7.748, so that's good timing for Crushing Uppercut. Well, Crushing Uppercut is one of those 2.29s. So we just want to fill one more. Except that wouldn't allow enough for Crushing Uppercut to recharge. Anyway, now we have a fairly awkward time we want to fill. And I'm being premature because I really should see what the other attacks have to offer before even halfway committing to anything. Cast Rech 2.376 7.14 Crushing Uppercut, knockup, finisher 1.584 2.29 Shin Breaker, +1, -7.5% def, -40% speed, AH proc We're forced into Initial Strike or Heavy Blow, so those are of particular interest to me as I don't like taking more attacks than I have to. Initial Strike is a basic light fast attack with a disorient. It won't fill our gap without help. Heavy Blow is also a basic light fast attack, but with knockdown. I prefer knockdown, both in terms of damage mitigation, and perhaps slotting Force Feedback since recharge looks so critical to our performance here. It's kind of looking like Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Initial Strike -> Shin Breaker -> Heavy Blow -> Initial Strike -> Crushing Uppercut at this point, but we haven't even looked at the other powers yet, and that chain "wastes" combo points. Sweeping Cross is a cone and a finisher. Meh. Rib Cracker is a 7.5% resistance debuff for 13.6 seconds, OK, now we're talking. 1.584 seconds, 6 second recharge, or about 1.71 seconds in our proposed high recharge build, also a combo builder. We'd really like to spam that one too. Cast Rech 2.376 7.14 Crushing Uppercut, knockup, finisher, disorient or hold 1.584 2.29 Shin Breaker, +1, -7.5% def, -40% speed, AH proc 1.584 1.71 Rib Cracker, +1, -7.5% res, -11.25% dmg Spinning Strike is an AoE. Probably not. OK, so we basically want to spam those three attacks. Can we make a chain of just them? I'm not seeing it. There's just not enough recharge. And now I've become more curious about what procs I can put in Crushing Uppercut. With its long recharge, I think that gives us good proc chances. Well, if we're using Crushing Uppercut in its finisher role for the hold, Lockdown has a chance for 2 hold, so then probably it's a 4 or 5 hold? I don't know if that's helpful. What does it take to lock down bosses? I'd have to research. Hello, paragonwiki. OK, it takes 3 to lock down a boss. So what's the power itself got? Mids isn't telling me. Probably 2 or 3. If 2, a hold proc would be nice to lock down bosses. If 3, we're already there. Anyway, problem for another day - we're talking about DPS, not active mitigation. It'll take a Force Feedback proc. Might be a good place for a purple proc as well. OK, so I think what I need is one more attack. I think I need to go Shin Breaker -> Rib Cracker -> ????? -> Shin Breaker -> Rib Cracker -> Crushing Uppercut. And I want to minimize the time spent on that extra attack while getting some sort of useful benefit. Well, the minimal time attack is Initial Strike at 1.056 seconds. And that's plenty of time added to allow Shin Breaker and Rib Cracker to recharge. How about Crushing Uppercut? 1.584 + 1.584 + 1.056 + 1.584 + 1.584 = 7.392, and Crushing Uppercut is recharging in as low as 7.14 seconds. Perfect, but Heavy Blow at 1.32 seconds is a perfectly good option, with slightly better DPS itself, and a longer recharge to help make procs in it work if any, and it does knockdown so can take a Force Feedback proc where Initial Strike won't, and I prefer knockdown to disorient. So it looks like we have our winner. Shin Breaker -> Rib Cracker -> Heavy Blow -> Shin Breaker -> Rib Cracker -> Crushing Uppercut Cast Rech 2.376 7.14 Crushing Uppercut, knockup, finisher, disorient or hold, FF proc, maybe damage or hold proc 1.584 2.29 Shin Breaker, +1, -7.5% def, -40% speed, AH proc 1.584 1.71 Rib Cracker, +1, -7.5% res, -11.25% dmg 1.320 fast Heavy Blow, +1, knockdown, FF proc I don't want to count on Force Feedback to run gapless, so let's see where we stand on required recharge. Shin Breaker = 8 / (1.584 + 1.32) = 276% recharge Rib Cracker = 6 / (1.584 + 1.32) = 207% recharge Heavy Blow = totally no problem Crushing Uppercut = 25 / (1.584 * 4 + 1.32) = 327% recharge So we have our work cut out for us on recharge, but that is a number we can hit. Figure 100% base + 100% enhancement + 20% Agility + 10% Ageless + 70% Hasten + 42.5% from 5 Luck of the Gamblers and you're there. You're past there. Is it the best chain? I don't know. So let's see what other people came up with. Mind you, that might be the place to start, but I like to do my own thinking, and the whole point was to show the thinking, not just give the answer. So I'm looking at the spreadsheet that has chains at 275% and 200% recharge. We're rocking a required 327% recharge for our chain, but let's see what we see. OK, the 275% chain they picked was my chain with an extra Heavy Blow to reduce the recharge required for Crushing Uppercut. That's a good sign, and that's a good idea for if we're recharge debuffed - just throw an extra Heavy Blow in there. How about the Pylon damage thread in the Scrapper Forum? Anyone using Street Justice? There's a Stalker, but Assassin's Strike throws everything off. Ah, a Scrapper, that's better. Built by Nihilii. That's good too. Shin Breaker -> Rib Cracker -> Moonbeam -> Shin Breaker -> Rib Cracker -> Crushing Uppercut Moonbeam? Otherwise the same chain, but with Moonbeam instead of Heavy Blow? Huh. Well, we don't have access to Moonbeam on our Brute, but it points out that we should look at our Epic pools just in case there's something that would fill the role even better than Heavy Blow. But I'll call it good enough for now. If it were my character, I'd probably do the due diligence of checking out every possible attack going where Heavy Blow is now, but I'm also betting that we're right we want to be.
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    No, because that's not how these things go when corporate legal teams are involved. There are no good intentions, there's only the corporate interest. Could corporate interest align with the community's interest? Sure. Is it just as or more likely that they came to the negotiating table to get more information (total accounts, active player count, copies of the current HC code, server location, legal name and address of the individuals who are running said servers)? That information will then go to an internal team who can crunch the numbers on whether it is in the company's bottom line interest to work with the HC team or just relaunch their own legit server i24 server and use the info they gained during "negotiations" to best quash the pirate servers. The best hope is that they crunch the numbers and find its not profitable to fight the status quo. I really think it's naive to think there's any "good" intentions here. I also think its very naive if the HC and TN teams are going into all of this without the backing of one or more lawyers of their own. You don't ask your gardner to fix your car and you don't ask volunteer programmers to handle a dicey legal situation against a sizable corporation.
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    I'M THE PRETTIEST PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fast Travel With Ouroboros Those of you who have played the game Fallout probably have a good idea of what I'm going to talk about. When I first got the Ouroboros badge, my impression was "Meh... Another badge. A handful of experience and a longer badge list that's harder to search." And then someone showed me how to use it. Ever since then, it's been a progressive series of "I can do that?!" until I've finally reached the point where I have to share! The purpose of this guide is to give advice on acquiring the badge and using it to travel like a boss. Acquiring the badge Honestly, for your first time in Ouro, it's best to go with someone who knows their way around. Finding the badge can be cumbersome the first time because it's at the peak of the building you see when you first arrive. Just the other day, I found out that you can aquire the badge at level ONE if you're part of a supergroup and your superbase has the right portal. Check your superbase portals for a location called "Echo: Galaxy City." Go there. Once there you take the local monorail straight to Ouroboros. You'll appear on the opposite side of the SAME building that you would have arrived at if you had used the portal. So just make your way to the peak of the building next to you and get your badge. If you don't have a travel power (superleap, hover, fly, etc.) then you'll have to go to the opposite side of the building and run up the arch there. If your companion has the power "Recall Friend," they can use it to get you up there and back down. If you don't have a superbase, then you can still get to Ouroboros pretty easily if you're level 14+. Just go see Ms. Liberty in Atlas City and type this verbatim in the Broadcast channel: "Can someone please open an Ouro portal next to Ms. Liberty?" Because I see this message so often, I'll open a portal when I go see her whether someone asks or not. Remember that you have to be level 14 to use the portal. Using the portal like a boss As I said, when I first got the badge I didn't know it could be used as a power. And I certainly don't know the fullest extent of how to use it (I've never done any missions there.) So this isn't a comprehensive guide for being a boss! Lol! Here are some observations I've made while using it: a) the portal will close behind them when the person who created it uses it b) travelling to Atlas City and Talos Island will drop you RIGHT NEXT to a monorail c) Ouroboros will take you STRAIGHT to Peregrine Island d) recharge time for the portal is 5:00 So no matter where you are, just use an Ouroboros portal to take you to Talos Island, and you have immediate access to most places in Paragon City! The biggest problem I've had with transportation was while doing radio missions in Peregrine Island and my exp bonus expiring. You can use the Ourobo portal to easily transport out, but you have to wait 5:00 mins to come back. This can be resolved a number of ways: 1) One person opens a portal and anyone needing to get exp bonus can go to Atlas and get them (I say "Atlas" because nearly everyone knows where the P2W agent is in Atlas) 2) Another person opens a portal in Atlas and everyone returns If you're travelling by yourself, it can still be done a little differently: 1) Open a portal and travel to Atlas 2) As soon as you arrive, type this verbatim in the Broadcast channel: "Can someone please open an Ouro portal next to Ms. Liberty?" 3) Get your exp bonus and go see Ms. Liberty where you're very likely to find the portal waiting for you That's all I have for now. This should give you a solid start on using your Ouroboros portal like a boss! Edit: please read replies for further information! Edit: edited cool-down time for Ouro portal
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    It's one thing to have a slip of the fingers and use a word that you haven't thought about the implications of, but it's another to dig your heels in and get angry at the people telling you what it actually means. Thread closed, and in the future please use descriptive titles.
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    Atomic: Metabolic Acceleration: Toggle, Type Regen. 27.7% resist to Hold/Sleep/Stun/Immob. +20% Global Recharge This is a good one. The recharge is a boon, and the resists won't really be all that noticeable but every little bit helps. Darkness: Touch of the Beyond: Click, Type Regen. Inflicts Mag3 fear on a single target and grants the bonuses for 60s to self. Technically grants Defiance 7.7% due to being an activated one. Worst in Slot. Short duration, 1.32s cast time, and its whole special effect is a crappy single target fear that you'll be a bit too busy filling with heal and endmod to properly expand upon. Devices: Field Operative: Toggle, Type Regen. 1.75% Defense(All) and some Stealth. You can always use even just one more slot to fit Luck's global recharge, or scaling resist(all) or some other set global, and while not spectacular it's a mild extra bit of defense on an AT for whom every little scrap needs to be gathered up, and stealth's a handy utility often sought for by Blasters, all packed into a single level 20 pick. Electrical: Force of Thunder: Click, Type Regen. 15ft PBAoE Mag 2 Stun with 50% Knockback chance. A significantly improved click over Darkness; this one helps ensure that things around you get debilitated for your efforts - if only mildly and temporarily. Energy: Energize: Click, Type Regen. 119.2% Endurance Cost Discount replaces +50% Recovery. 10% Heal Another click more worth its time than Darkness'. Energize vastly diminishes costs, and both the regen AND heal components are affected by your heal modules. Make sure you get its recharge times cut by at least half (as if you weren't going to in the first place) though. Fire: Cauterizing Aura: Toggle, Type Heal (base 1.5%), minor fire DoT. A slightly more powerful heal than the regen types far as I understand it (it's not like your .58% health per second base with Health has disappeared), accompanied by a rather small 8ft damage zone. Not that it's bad, but terribly overshadowed by... Ice: Frigid Protection: Toggle, Type TempHP. 30ft Radius -Dmg, Slow, -Recharge. Available at LEVEL 10. One of the top contenders and the true power behind blapping with the Ice secondary. No one in your party will complain about you blanketing clusters of mobs with this. Absorb shields offer better protection than regen types especially vs counter-alphas, but does nothing to recover from large hits far apart (such as the occasional AoEs of an AV) or green in between battles. Overall though, slightly better. Martial: Reaction Time: Toggle, Type TempHP. 30ft Radius Slow, -Recharge. +40% Recharge (Self) A strong one to be sure. Rather than -Dmg to enemies, this one gives you higher recharge speed yourself. That's right. Your Sustain is just over half a perma-haste all on its own. Psychic: Drain Psyche: Click, Type Regen (Variable). 10ft Radius -regen/-recover The original Sustain. Before there was that word, there was Drain Psyche. Shortest duration of all clicky Sustains, but increases in value with every target hit for overwhelming results. Which it is going to need because that 30s duration is up against a 120s recharge time - Energize is easy to perma, but this one's going to need haste first before you start to pull that off. Ninjas: Kuji-in Toh: Click, Type Regen. 8.3 Fear protection, 7% Psi resist. The longest of the clickies. Protects from fear (meh), protects from psionics, and lasts 3.5 minutes so you don't have to click it again every other fight. And despite that, still one of the faster clicky Sustains at 1.19s. Can be Perma out of the box, the duration's 10s more than its base recharge time. Plants: Wild Fortress: Toggle, Type TempHP. confusion protect, 13% toxic resist Well, it's not bad. Again not the most useful of mez protections, but toxic res ain't bad and worst-case scenario you could use one of the slots to fit a Resist global or something. TacArrow: Eagle Eye: Toggle, Type Regen. 20% Accuracy, 60% perception, resistance to debuffs against both those things Well, it's not a targeting drone, but 20% accuracy is 20% accuracy. Nothing spectacular on its own as a Sustain, but this IS the same set that also offers Upshot (Build-Up + 30% recharge) the auto-power Agility (+fly/run speeds and +20% recharge) as well as the Gymnastics (defense, KB/Kup protection, hold/stun/immob 83% resists, jump height up) toggle, so the set as a whole adds up to serious buff-happiness Time: Temporal Healing: Toggle, Type TempHP. Gives -Regen and Slow resists. unimpressive, but like TacArrow, the set as a whole offers more buffs elsewhere to take advantage of (notably Time Lord at 38 here). While under Accelerated (Chronos, its build-up equivalent) there's about 40% more total absorption too. So, depending on what you want to be doing, the best sustains are probably Reaction Time for the toggles, and Drain Psyche for the clicky types.
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    Ok. I said I wasn't going to do this because I was tired of being shouted down. But I'm also tired of seeing suggestions that are going to radically alter the way my favorite AT is played currently. So I'm going to do this, this one time. This is how to fix the tanker/brute issue. Before replying, please read carefully to make sure you understand what I'm saying, don't infer the intent of the post, I've tried very hard to be very clear about how to do this. And I really don't want to be shouted down, yet again, over these suggestions because someone felt I was suggesting something I didn't even say. Fixes to follow. Goal - To bring tanks inline and valid with the modern coh meta while not making them grossly overpowered or drastically changing the way they currently play. Problem 1 - Tanks are invalidated by brutes at IO power levels making the decision a player or team leader has on which they would prefer to have in a team a 'no-brainer'. This invalidation occurs on all fronts - aggro control, damage, and survivability. Problem 2 - The game is balanced around SO power levels, and at these power levels brutes and tanks are balanced as with SOs brutes can not achieve the level of survivability tanks have. Many mechanics have been mentioned to 'balance' tanks with brutes and these suggestions would end up changing the dynamic of the AT into a new different playstyle, we need to avoid that if possible. This will be a two step solution process, with the steps having possible extra modifications depending on the datamining. This is meant to be a scalpel solution and as such is intended to not have any major drastic effects at the SO level while also not changing the tank role within the team or solo. Step 1 The aggro problem - With brutes having the same aoe auto hit taunt that tanks have, plus higher threat generation due to the large orange numbers generated by fury, brutes are able to maintain aggro in the same way a tank while having a higher damage output. Solution - Shy of altering brutes by replacing this taunt power with either the single target scrapper taunt or the provoke power from the pool power, altering brutes which we are actively trying to avoid, we are left with one simple option, an increase in the taunt magnitude of the tanker AT. This would serve the same purpose as the brute altering solution without altering brutes. This should have no effect at anything but the highest level of game play as in the lower SO levels one would generally not be asking a brute to manage aggro, so the tank is already managing at those lower levels. Additional Solution after datamining - Gauntlet (tank passive) currently suffers from having a to-hit roll. Brutes and Scrappers single target attacks have a taunt mechanic attached that does not suffer from a to-hit roll. Removing the to-hit roll from gauntlet serves to increase aggro management for the AT which helps to set them apart from brutes without invalidating brutes or changing the SO levels significantly. Step 2 The damage problem - Giving tanks more damage will grossly overpower them. Yet tanks are invalidated by brutes at IO levels because of the combination of aggro/damage/survivabilty that a tricked out brute can enjoy. Solution - Increase the tanker damage cap. This will allow a tank to reach high damage numbers when teammed if the team is willing to invest the buffs into the tank. This increase should be proportional to tank brute resist cap difference. This should not change the lower level, solo, or SO level game play of a tank significantly and helps to further close the divide at IO levels. This change coupled with the aforementioned aggro change re-enforces the roll of tanks on a team while still allowing the choice for the brute to perform the same role. Additional solution after datamining - Roll bruising into gauntlet as well. This would effectively increase tank damage with the -res rolled into every attack as opposed to just the t1. Very few players will use the t1 even though it is the sole source of bruising simply because it is not the optimal damage chain. Probably the -res will need to be lowered and the amount of stacking increased so that when following the attack chain the -res will equal and be able to be maintained at the current level just using the t1 repeatedly would accomplish. These two solutions should not be invasive to the way the AT currently plays and should also not invalidate brutes while buffing tanks to a proper level. These should also not grossly overpower tanks mechanically. As a third option, although we have been told with the code it is impossible to do but I think still deserves a seat at the idea table, is to increase the tanker aggro cap to allow them to hold the attention of more mobs than they do currently. This idea deserves mention in the talks, even though it is feasibly impossible, as it may spawn a possible idea that can also make this happen.
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    Can you imagine the bid wars that would start over disputed changes? One group raises $2,000 to change Rage and their opponents raise $2,500 to change it right back.
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    This is what worked for me, based on Manga's instructions (updated two Macs - a MacBook Pro and an iMac, both running Mojave): 1. Make sure Island Rum is updated to version 082220191. Shut it down. 2. Install Homebrew and Wine via your Terminal (located under Applications/Utilities. You need to run it as the admin for your Mac as it will ask you for your Mac password). Follow the instructions at http://brew.sh first, and after Homebrew installs, run "brew install wine" in Terminal. 3. When all that is done (take a few minutes), re- open Island Rum. You should see some progress bars updating and installing. If you don't, open the first drop-down menu (the palm tree) and select RESCAN. (You could probably rescan either way, just to double-check). When that's done, close Island Rum and re-start your Mac. 4. Upon re-boot, re-open Island Rum, make sure "Homecoming 64-bit" is selected and proceed as you normally have done. That should do it! (I hope) 🙂
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    (NOTE: This was originally going to be a part of a much more comprehensive guide on making inf via the Auction House (AH), but the more I wrote, the more it began to turn into a manifesto on trading, fungibility, converters, etc. I don’t have time to write all that, and you don’t have time to read all that. Consider this to be an abridged mini-guide that may eventually become part of a bigger whole.) There are two fundamental forces that fuel the process of extracting inf from the AH: 1. People like to buy things now. 2. People like to sell things now. It is not important why this is. It is irrelevant as to whether or not this is good, bad, rational, or irrational behavior. It simply is, and that’s enough. This guide is for anyone who wants to quickly earn a few million inf. Maybe to buy some generic IOs, or tog out your alt with some low level sets. Maybe to serve as seed capital for larger, grander schemes. But this should work for anyone. These are not methods to make billions of inf. I like to refer to these methods as “picking up nickels”. You are not going to make a fortune by picking up nickels. But if you pick up a lot of nickels, pretty soon it adds up. NOTE: if lots of people adopt the policies to follow, I would expect profitability to drop or to die completely. So it goes. You take your risks by listening to me in the first place. The first two methods consist of what I call vendor arbitrage. Arbitrage is a term that means buying or selling something for a riskless profit. By buying things from the AH for cheap and selling them to vendors, you are risklessly locking in a profit. It may not be a huge profit, but there is no risk so long as you buy it for less than the vendor pays. The third method involves trading, or market-making, or flipping. You buy something low and sell it for a higher price. These principles will work on any commodity, from common salvage to Winter-Os. Method the First: Vendoring Enhancements (TOs, DOs, SOs) Some people religiously go to the vendor to sell their enhancement drops. I certainly don’t. I usually forget about it until my Enhancement indicator turns red, or until I need space in my trays for crafting or something else. So I type “/AH” and see if anyone is bidding for them. If so, I usually post them for 1 inf. If not, I grumble a bit, and either wait until I go to a store or I just delete them. I am not alone in this kind of behavior. The procedure: 1. Make sure your enhancement tray is empty. 2. Go to a vendor and open up the trade window. 3. Type “/AH”, and click the “For Sale” button that filters by only for-sale items. 4. Browse through your enhancements of choice and put in appropriate bids. 5. Claim your items, then click on the vendor window and sell it. 6. Repeat steps 4,5 until you have enough inf or get bored. These enhancements are NOT fungible by level, meaning you have to put in bids level by level rather than putting in one bid for all available levels. SOs sell for the most, and sell for the most at the highest levels, usually 10-15k at level 50. They are also the low-hanging fruit and the most in demand. Yesterday, I took 10k in seed capital and went to level 50 SOs and bid 5k on each one. If I bought it, I sold it to the vendor. If not, I took down my bid. I went through every type of level 50 SO in about 15 minutes and made about 250k. Then I started again with my filter set at 40-50. In five minutes I had about 2.5mm and I had only made it down to Magic: Enhance Defense. Lesson: don’t go for the low-hanging fruit. TOs sell for a few hundred, so you can often bid 100 and win it. DOs will go for a thousand or two. For bonus points, and for making inf while you are logged off, think ahead and put in pre-emptive bids. I, for one, would appreciate this, especially for TOs and DOs (I spend a lot of time on lowbies). Please note this does not work for IOs, since you cannot sell them to vendors. Method the Second: Vendoring Recipes (generic IOs, rares, commons) For all intents and purposes this is identical to the first method, but using recipes instead of enhancements. The procedure: 1. Make sure your recipe tray is empty. 2. Go to a vendor and open up the trade window. 3. Type “/AH”, and click the “For Sale” button that filters by only for-sale items. 4. Browse through your recipes of choice and put in appropriate bids. 5. Claim your items, then click on the vendor window and sell it. 6. Repeat steps 4,5 until you have enough inf or get bored. The low hanging fruits here are high level generic IO recipes, which will vendor for tens of thousands. In general, this means that they will be harder to come by, and people may already have bids out. However, these things drop like rain, so it never hurts to look. Generic recipes are offered every five levels, and are not fungible. A bid for a level 10 recipe is not considered a bid for a level 50 recipe. Common recipes and rare recipes can also be vendored, but for a lot less inf. I believe that commons go for 100x the level, and rares sell for 200x the level. These recipes are fungible, so that you should always bid at the highest level available, ideally at level 50. If someone sells that recipe at any available level, it will be available to you at the level at which you bid. People tend to use common recipes for crafting strategies, so they may be in short supply or too expensive, but you can pick up a lot of rare recipes for a song. Again, if you think ahead and place pre-emptive bids, you will be doing yourself a favor. You can also buy and vendor salvage, or even inspirations. That’s really picking up nickels, and I’m going to bet you probably don’t need inf that badly. You can make a lot of volume buying common and uncommon salvage and vendoring it, but since you have to sell each one individually, you are capping your profit at 249 or 999 inf per click. It’s too clicky for my tastes. Method the Third: Trading Common Salvage This is the method I generally use every time I start a new alt. You take advantage of the buy-it-now and sell-it-now crowd by being the best buyer and the best seller at the same time. The good thing about it is that is a really fast way to double, redouble, etc. your inf. The bad thing about it is that it is not scalable – you can quickly make a million or two, but more than that gets kind of tedious. It’s also a clicky method. This method works in prime hours, or in the middle of the night. It seems there are always people looking to sell common salvage in order to clean out their inventories and to buy common salvage in order to craft. NOTE: I start all of my new alts the same way nowadays. I go through Outbreak, and the first thing I do when I hit Atlas is level to 2. Then I go to the vendor and sell the two lvl 1 damage TOs the tutorial gives you, for ?80? inf each. This gives you the seed money to post the two large enhancements you also get for 5 inf apiece. This should give you at least 10,000 inf to start this method. The procedure: 1. Type “/AH”. Make sure your AH slots are all empty. You will need them all. 2. Pick a common salvage (I use Inanimate Carbon Rod because it always makes me laugh) and bid on blocks of 10 at the highest outstanding bid (“HOB”). Do this until you run out of AH slots or you are down to a thousand inf. More on this below. 3. Wait. Play your alt. Kill Skuls. You will get blue notifications that you have bought items. 4. At a logical break, open AH again. Collect your salvage, then put it back into the AH in blocks of 10. Offer it at what you think is an appropriate level, ideally at the lowest outstanding offer (“LOO”). More on this below. 5. Kill more Skuls. You will get notifications that you have sold items. 6. At a logical break, collect your sales and repeat the process. The HOB is the level at which you are the best buyer in the market. If anyone is looking to dump salvage by selling at 1 inf or 5 inf, you will be first in line to buy. You can generally figure out what the HOB is by looking at the last 5 sales – if there is a repeated number that is the low end of the range, that’s probably it. Example: 55, 55, 1000, 500, 55. 55 is probably the current HOB. You can ALWAYS find the HOB by selling a single piece of salvage at 1 inf; the price it trades at is the current HOB. Put in your bids at a higher level. You can beat it by 1 inf, you can beat it by 50 inf, just so long as you beat it. Now you are the HOB, and you are first in queue to buy. If the last five trades are all over 250 (the price you can sell to vendors), one of two things is happening. Either the HOB is over 250, or there has been a temporary spate of buying interest that is hiding the HOB. Either wait a few minutes and refresh, or try to buy at what you think the HOB is, or just put in a bid. At this time, I always bid 155 inf. It’s usually high enough to be the HOB, and if it isn’t, it generally will be in a few minutes. The LOO is the level at which you are the lowest seller, and the first person in queue to sell. Taken to its logical extreme, you will always be the LOO if you offer at 1 inf. Sometimes this is a good strategy and sometimes it can lead you to sell at a price lower than where you bought it. I suggest you pick a level at which you think you will sell it soon™. Please note that if you have a specific price target, you should keep it modest. You may want to only sell to bids greater than 1,000, but that’s a pretty high offer and it is possible that you will not make sales soon or even ever. I suggest going with something that is low and reasonable for quick turnover. At this time, I always offer at 255. This generally sells either instantly or within a few minutes. “But Yomo,” you say. “That’s a lot of work for 100 inf!” There are two things going for you. There’s a LOT of volume. You can buy or sell hundreds or thousands of pieces of salvage in minutes. Also, 255 is the absolute minimum price at which I sell, and it usually goes for significantly more. If I am the LOO, and a bid comes in for 100,000, guess who has two thumbs and makes the sale? This guy. Anyway, this is a (in my opinion) fun way to make inf. It will also teach you a lot about how to trade, and you can use these principles for almost anything listed in the AH. Good luck, and happy hunting!
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    Hey everyone! Please let me say thank you to everyone that showed up on Saturday for our 64-bit Costume Contest and Stress Test to hang out with us in Kallisti Wharf and have some fun. We had a great time and you guys made us and #costume-discussion proud - showing up looking cute and wonderful. I'd like to announce the winners for the contest! Runners up: Weaver Five & Hemorrhagic Third Place: Feyheart Second Place: Proto Winner: Winner for our overall 64-bit Costume Contest: Morrowmancer Here is a link to the other images we took on the day across all the servers! https://imgur.com/a/gAzTsQE Please take some time to congratulate the winners and if you have images from the event - please post them here! If you missed our fun - stay tuned for more events just like this one (and more) on our discord: https://discord.gg/cityofheroes
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    Sorry gang, been working a bunch. Just had time to update things. I have my own private server setup now and spend more time tweaking it than I think I do actually playing it. Until PINES updates to show bubbles correctly, you'll have to "imagine" that you are seeing 11-12% additional +DEF to all by Psionics from Protector Bot bubbles. And remember that they double-bubble their pals (not themselves) for twice that amount. I've included my Incarnate power choices in the build, but left them turned off. What you'll see is softcapped to everything but Psionics for PVE, and well beyond iTrials softcaps to S/L (at almost 80%) and Energy at around 77%. The rest of the positionals/typed will be ranging from 50-56% for normal PVE stuff. Bots will be at 48% for all but Psi, other than AOE which will be at 58%. Protector Bots, again being unable to double bubble themselves, will drop down to around 36% for all but AOE, and they will be at 46% for that. Psi remains a weakspot for all of them at 24%. Can't really get around that. But with such high +DEF I seldom get mezzed and it's rare for more than one of them to get mezzed as well. Clarion eventually comes along to help with that. You by no means need this much +DEF, and I built it by sacrificing almost all +RES as well as some other things like holds, etc. But I've been happier with this build on HC than I was on my already-happy-with-it build back on Live. Recharge is very high (192% or so with Hasten + Chrono + full set bonuses) and I did some Boosting on some of the normal IO's and most of the +DEF IO's from the LOTG sets. But you can definitely get by with quite a bit less if you prefer. Everything is so cheap (relative to Live) that I just went a bit crazy with a ton of merits and playing the enhancement converter game. So why not? At any rate, hope you find it useful! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1559;739;1478;HEX;| |78DA6594DB4F927118C77F2FBC44202608A828A268A682906487CB36B5B426CB25B| |975C5085EF5DD809771D8F2B27FA1E33F5099375DB4B69C1DA61D2EFA0BB232ADCB| |0E6A97AD1B7A789F6FC0C63BD8E7E5391F7E3FA2D7276D8FA76E9C15927D229D281| |4E2D144A1A8E4336A36658D29C9A5AC96D616978D4208CFB8562CC4636A46894FE4| |970B6A213E3D111F2FA9E99499B49D35BFF85C2993D1B2E1CBDA35ADA8260BFE3AD| |578696121ACC78826B26AAE944E14552D2B5A66352D1D9E511229255F58527356FD| |F75C4E5152ADFA6B4C492B392D5FD4CD6DFFAD736A76D17B2EA726C37529A289A48| |22E963BA8B2207DD74D024FD9247E12066561F805FE20466421EF81FBCC4307CC0F| |EEAAAF2456245DE65F656E914E92749D2CF518D9CFC73CEC057B99563FF323F9185| |18BF1B98175CF98F63566EB3AF894E97AC2F95E501FDC4A5998FC5C9F83C66FE61A| |8C6677C5CE245CAE0A2DA2CD0EFE2175B72C3E516E0BFC2D41F67F45019BD8DFD47| |455D665B618788579641EF4093D9EFD7DA517B3E8A7DCCDEC2B9A2D5CEB67CAD182| |FE5A36D8AF63137CCDF4BD61F6BE05DF315B299E03F11CE86F9BE239399EECBCC03| |97AA799FE29F03CB37F92E9A4386EF4E45E85EE11B8C23CFA007C08DE670E926F3B| |66D4BECDB20D9A91073D79BEF11E3BB7C11DA67717FCCAF47DE7F3F585EAEFE25A0| |C5D6EDE6308FB0939987D94B39B6DA4EE20CFD8076E52EE1ED4D38399EC50CC3ECC| |A4CF64D4773B68640E1B40891938C4DC259F01CC64E026F775EC16781BBC8319DC0| |5EF31D728C4107A187273CD019CAD11F4B26FA3BB861E82385B23E04BEA218C7AC3| |A739E6F153E01878821939C36CA3998C22E728E61641CE08727AE5EADDA40F3D22D| |02019AD48A47A49A4C166AC4172B24132D310275AB329CFCA509256D2B5167BF59E| |97F7ACD5FF0921857826073599245D94F4B31298E73EF7EBED87D8FE774D6694B09| |761EC7104FB0A619F7FDB08C8ED71D13BFB95B79C35F9A53AF96A9D5C7FFE0106D1| |08FC| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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    Step 1: Find a trainer and switch your build to one you don't use (this is easy, scant few people use multiple builds and you're probably not one of them). Step 2: Respec it and pick your powers and slots to your liking. Step 3: Slot it with SOs. You heard me. Step 4: Convince seven other people to do Steps 1 through 3. Step 5: Do high-level content. (This isn't me being flippant either, I kind of want to try this at least once.)
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    1) You can always backtrack and do missions via the Ouroboros system. Ouroboros is a special time-travel zone that allows you to replay any storyline mission in the game. Some of these storylines have badges associated with them, so you are "missing out," but you can just do it later. In order to access Ouroboros, you need any time-travel badge, which will grant you a portal power. The easiest way is to have someone else open a portal so you can grab the exploration badge way at the top of the Ouroboros platform. The only snag is Safeguards/Mayhems, which you can only backtrack to after defeating 25 of the "signature" heroes/villains, AKA the guys who try to rob the bank or stop you from robbing it. 2) Missions are only gained via contacts, you will not find them randomly, so no need to go searching. There are four types of contacts you can have in your contacts menu: Regular contacts who usually have a storyline, Radio/Newspaper which gives you a pool of random "go here and do a thing" missions, Detectives/Brokers who count the aforementioned random missions and will give you a Safeguard/Mayhem after a certain amount are done, and Tips which are gained randomly from defeated mobs and allow you to do alignment-related missions. Your basic flow is this: Do Radios/Papers until you get a Safeguard/Mayhem, do that, then your Detective/Broker gives you a new contact. That contact may give you another contact, otherwise repeat the process. Fill in with whatever else you want to do. You usually cannot get contacts just by walking up to them, you will need to be introduced by a prior contact. 3) Mission chains usually only last for a couple missions. There is no continuous storyline through the entire game. Later storylines might mention prior ones, but you are not required to complete them. There is ONE exception, and that's Praetoria, you follow pretty much one storyline the whole time. Bear in mind Praetoria breaks every convention I mentioned in point 2 and is purely going from one contact to another in an unbroken chain. 4) No, but if they happen to have the same mission you can share credit for completing it.
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    There was a whole discussion on this in a previous announcement which you can read here.
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    I'd be much more willing to believe that NCSoft would be using the HC team as a free-or-close-to-free test balloon for CoX2 to see if it would be worth investing in a new version. By making an "official" City of Heroes server, smacking down all unofficials and publicly backing 1 official server they can put an actual gauge on the interest level on monetizing their IP. The fact that it has knock-on "goodwill" effects is secondary. I mean, if I was their PR department I'd spin it as "We're so excited to have a player/fan community to work with bringing City of Heroes back to the fans!" complete with cupcakes and confetti, but my real reasons would be testing the waters for "How can I make money on what I thought was a dead IP?"
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    So, my own (mostly) baseless speculation... Back at the initial shutdown, there were several parties interested in buying CoH outright from NC. Assuming you're willing to take any statements from NC at face value, they were turned down not because of the value of the offer, but because NC didn't believe they were actually capable of delivering an acceptable experience to the players. Homecoming, however, *has clearly demonstrated* that they can deliver, so my belief is that the negotiations are for the outright purchase of the game. If so, then the "community involvement" part of the effort will probably be a crowdfunding campaign to raise the purchase funds.
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    Seriously, for the first time, this morning when I went to use Secondary Mutation, as I always do, in the middle of my mission, I devolved into a monkey...it totally floored me. I had completely forgotten about that “feature”. All I could do to those CoT mages was pass gas, and slap them. I actually recovered my senses quickly enough to high tail it out of the mission, and had to wait a couple of minutes before I turned back...Good times...
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    Why not just use the Tunnel? It goes directly to and from Peregrine and is right next to the tram in Atlas, Talos, and Founders.
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    Two degrees (bachelor and master's) and two children, kind of jumbled around in order there somewhat. One of the girls is entering college this fall, the other's just about two years away from it. Both of them are wonderful and make my life better in almost every way. I don't think either would be thrilled about having their pics shared on a nerd forum as late teens 🙂 Good thread PK. If the timing seems weird, it is. We've been raising my nieces as ours for about 9 years or so, due their parents having some troubles. They don't seem any less mine for all of that though.
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    "Ma'am if you keep kicking the pins we're going to have to ask you to leave. No, it doesn't matter that you've put on the bowling shoes."
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    I tend to hang to the left.
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    So I managed to find out. Here is a list of New emotes that weren't in live WalkieTalkie DoubleFacepalm SLRCamera Smartphone LookUp LieDown Shocked Despair Text Cameraphone If anyone knows any more list them out. Otherwise enjoy and have fun :)
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    I'd love to see an option to choose either the current build-up/aim type powers, or an always-on auto power that gave much lower buffs, but they were persistent, (like how super reflexes got those 2 mutually exclusive powers).
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    I just use whichever one of the 4 available seems appropriate to the post I'm reacting to. Never really paid much attention to the names for each of them, to be honest. 😉
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    I am here for the long haul. I lost it once(not my choice) but now its back and better than ever.
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    Hey, you! Yes you! Have you ever wanted to shoot somebody in the face, but you can't because you're not a Blaster, Corruptor, Defender or Sentinel? Did you ever want to freeze somebody in a block of ice and then turn them into swiss cheese with a rat-a-tat-tat and a big ol' grin, you sicko? Well buddy, do I have a deal for you! Get a gander at the brand new, top of the line Tactical Rifle! This baby does it all. It Shoots, it launches grenades, it's got a flamethrower. I even taped a knife to it! I'd like to see those fancy ranged classes do that! So what'll it be? Cash, or cash? This set suggestion is a lot more ranged-focused than many other Assault sets, having only two actual melee attacks and a single "pseudo-melee" short-range attack in Hollow Point, but that's to be expected with an Assault Rifle. Gunkata nonsense would be much more appropriate for a porting of Dual Pistols to Assault rather than this. As you can see, this uses minimal new assets, with the only new things being Targeting Reticule's dual-use and Hollow Point, the other powers all being pulled from existing powers wholesale or with small modifications. Power Level Effect Burst 1 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Lethal), Foe -DEF Bayonet 2 Melee, Moderate Damage over Time (Lethal/Smashing) M30 Grenade 4 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Moderate DMG(Lethal/Smash), Foe Knockback Beanbag 10 Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe: Immobilize -Recharge -Fly Targeting Reticle 16 Self +DMG, +To-Hit, Foe -Def Sniper Rifle 20 Sniper, Extreme DMG(Lethal), Foe Knockback Hollow Point 28 Short Ranged, High Damage (Lethal/Smashing), Foe Knockback, Foe -Res, Chance for Minor DoT(Lethal) Flamethrower 35 Melee (Cone), Extreme DoT(Fire) Full Auto 38 Ranged (Cone), Superior DoT(Lethal), +Special Bayonet Your weapon includes a bayonet attachment which you can use to stab at your enemies for lethal damage as well as causing them to bleed over time. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Reduce Endurance Cost, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Melee Damage Beanbag Fires a single non-lethal Beanbag that can seriously Disorient a target. Deals little damage and takes a long time to reload, but renders most targets unable to attack for a good while. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Reduce Endurance Cost, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate, Enhance Disorient Duration Set Categories: Ranged Damage, Stuns Burst Quickly fires a Burst of rounds at a single target at very long range. Damage is average, but the firing rate is fast. Can also reduce the target's Defense. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Enhance Defense Debuff, Reduce Endurance Cost, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Ranged Damage, Defense Debuff, Accurate Defense Debuff Flamethrower Spews forth a cone of flames from underneath the barrel of your assault rifle, setting foes on fire. Very accurate and very deadly at close range. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Reduce Endurance Cost, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage Notes: Modified to be a melee cone. Probably doing more damage to make up for it. Full Auto Opens up your Assault Rifle on Full Auto to lay down a massive spray of bullets at your target. Although very slow to reload, damage from this attack is massive, shredding all targets within the narrow cone of effect. There's a chance you may land a lucky shot for extra damage. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Reduce Endurance Cost, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage Hollow Point Fire hollow point rounds that tear your opponent's armor and flesh alike, while knocking them back with the force of the shot. This power reduces the target's damage resistance. It also has a chance to inflict a Lethal Damage over Time that increases as the target's resistance to Lethal damage falls. This attack's range is significantly short than many other attacks in this set. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Reduce Endurance Cost, Enhance Knockback Distance, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Ranged Damage, Knockback Notes: The formula for determining the proc chance on the DoT would probably be something like proc = 100% - (lethal resistance) capped at 95%, so a hardcapped Tanker would only have a little over 10% chance of getting hit with the DoT, while a defenseless blaster would have a near-100% chance of getting proc'd. M30 Grenade Launches a Grenade at long range from beneath the barrel of your Assault Rifle. This explosion affects all within the blast radius, and can knock them back. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, Reduce Endurance Cost, Knockback Distance, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Targeted AoE Damage, Knockback Sniper Rifle The Sniper Rifle is a powerful piece of hardware. It is very accurate and has a very long range. The impressive round can knock down its target. Like most sniper attacks, you must take your time to aim, as this attack can be interrupted. If used in conjunction with a targeting drone, the Sniper Rifle will do additional damage. Enhancements: Enhance Accuracy, Enhance Damage, reduce Interrupt Time, Reduce Endurance Cost, Enhance Knockback Distance, Enhance Range, Increase Attack Rate Set Categories: Ranged Damage, Sniper Attacks, Knockback Targeting Reticle Your Tactical Rifle comes equipped with an advanced targeting reticle that allows you to aim more effectively, and can also hone in on a specific enemy, boosting your accuracy and damage. If you use this power while targeting an enemy, that enemy suffers a small penalty to defense for a short period as you mark your target. Enhancements: Enhance Defense Debuff, Reduce Endurance Cost, Increase Attack Rate, Enhance ToHit Buff Set Categories: ToHit Buff Notes: I honestly don't know if the tech to do a self clicky with an optional target exists. If it doesn't, then this could just be made into a standard Aim, or a power that requires a target to fire off at all.
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