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    That sounds about as fun as watching paint dry.
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    Hello everyone! We will be closing Homecoming support for all non-urgent requests from Wednesday, December 23rd to Sunday, December 27th as we want to ensure that our awesome team of volunteers can feel free to take a much needed break over the holidays and spend time with their family and loved ones. During this time, we urge players to seek help from the community or sources such as our official forums and Discord server for minor issues rather than submitting a support request via the website or the /petition command. For time sensitive requests, we still suggest submitting a support request with the word urgent in the title; we will be responding to these as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding and wish you all a happy and safe Holiday! Common problems and quick solutions: I cannot log into the game after creating an account Forum accounts and game accounts are separate. Please ensure that you have created a game account via the Account Center. If you have created a game account, then we recommend that you try changing your game account password to something else and trying again. If this does not resolve your issue then please submit a support request. A Task Force mission is stuck or looping This is a known issue which we are working on resolving. We recommend having everyone on the team log out at once (every player must be offline for a few seconds) then logging back in and trying the mission again. If this does not work, then you may need to fully disband and recreate the team, then restart the Task Force. A praetorian contact is missing or will not speak to me Praetoria features numerous branching storylines which can alter the state of other contacts and story lines. Sometimes, progressing in one storyline will make progressing in another storyline impossible. In these cases, you may need to abandon the orphaned missions and continue with any other storylines which are now available to you. A mission is stuck and will not complete Most of the time when we get these reports, there is an objective remaining on the mission map. If you are unable to find any enemies or glowies on the map after running around then you may try abandoning or automatically completing the mission via the assigning contact. Please note that you are limited to one automatic completion per day. You can also reset the mission by selecting a new one from your mission window and then restarting the original mission. An enemy is stuck in a wall or other piece of geometry Enemies that are stuck in geometry will often break free after a few moments. If the enemy remains stuck in the wall after a minute or two and cannot be damaged via AoE attacks then we recommend resetting the mission. I cannot log into the official Homecoming launcher We are currently working on addressing this problem. In the meantime, we recommend just ignoring the launcher’s login feature. I would like to have my Global handle changed Please submit a support request and we will address it after the Holiday. I purchased [BLANK] from the Auction House, but it never appeared in my inventory after claiming it. Check your recipes! Oftentimes what you may think was an enhancement purchase was really just a recipe. I transferred my Character and no longer have Long Range Teleport. This is a known issue, please submit a /petition and someone from our GM team will be in touch after the Holiday. Claimed Super Packs/Winter Packs but didn’t receive rewards. Due to the high volume of packs being purchased and claimed, this can sometimes happen. You may need to zone or log off for a few minutes to “resync” and obtain your items. You can find them in the “Character Items” tab of your email window. If they still do not appear, you may have to wait until the weekly Tuesday server refresh and check again. A player is harassing myself or other players You can use the /ignore command to block any player from being able to contact you. Please do this until a GM can investigate further. For non-urgent issues, please submit a support request and we will address it after the Holiday. If there is an emergent situation affecting players or spamming a global channel, please submit a support request with the word urgent in the title and/or contact @Cipher (Cipher#0002) or a Lead Game Master via Discord.
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    2021 is upon us and it is a time of great change and new beginnings! So, let's take this opportunity dig up something we have been talking about for a while now 😉 Goal: The Sentinel AT has a great foundation all things considered, but a clunky inherent ends up leaving many players feel underwhelmed with them and often going to other more specialized roles or playstyles. They are a hybrid class that specializes in mid range engagement, but are not particularly high damage, not particularly tanky, nor do they have particularly stellar support. The inherent tries to rectify this by allowing you to provide support utility while also letting you choose between more offense or defense in theory, but there are a list of issues to address with how it works: Opportunity is only active some of the time, and while its active it's not incredibly better than without to make up for how somewhat lackluster Sentinels feel when not in a mode, yet still creates sort of a feast/famine dynamic as you need to build up the meter over time before the payoff. This is exasperated by the need to hit either your T1 or your T2 attack for one of 2 Opportunities. Often, a missed opportunity can feel wasted and frustrating with having to wait for your power to recharge or settle for the opportunity you did not want to use after needing to build it up. Let alone having the dynamic of selecting a target that is "worth" marking, I can't tell you how often there may be like a minion left in a spawn and I have opportunity ready and I have the choice to mark that minion and waste the mark, but get the buff for the next spawn or to just defeat that minion and try and hurry to the next spawn while I still have opportunity to mark a "worthy" target. I feel that this leads to more frustration than fun if you care to pay attention to which mode you want and who you want to target given that you need to build meter, need to then successfully land a hit with one of 2 different powers, and then a large portion of the effect can only be done once at activation which leads you to want to be very selective about who gets it. When everything works though, I feel that it is actually very fun! When you do get a mark on that boss and the right mode at the right moment it feels great! Its just getting to that moment feels much more difficult than it should be when you compare them to other AT's or even other powersets. A Corruptor with a ST Res debuff and decent survival through buffs/debuffs can pretty much do what a Sentinel does currently without needing to build up and take a shot. A more egregious example is comparing them to a Blaster with a lot of defensive investment in IO's, or even just a Scrapper or Stalker. In short, Sentinels have a sort of identity problem when you start comparing them to other AT's that is enhanced by the effort/payoff ratio of their inherent. They are super fun when you do line everything up, and their twists on existing Blast / Armor sets that are unique to them are fun to explore but it often feels like there is something missing. To remedy this, changes should: Enforce a stronger identity for Sentinels to where you cannot easily get the "Sentinel experience" on other ATs or builds. Make their playstyle easier to grasp and have a much smoother gameplay loop My suggestions below aim to hit those two goals and keep the spirit of Sentinels intact while making them just smoother overall. 1) Base Stats: The base stats for Sents I feel is actually in a decent spot overall for what they do, and changes to the inherent should be where the focus lies. The base -5% Res/-2.5% def per attack is actually solid given it's unresistable, but along those same lines I think a boost to the secondary effects of all their attacks could do wonders! Sentinels are sort of like the "cavalry" who come in and give back-up to the team with their versatility, allowing them to further "mark" targets with their effects would suit this very well. Currently, Sentinels have roughly the same (debuff) stats as Blasters, with Umbral Torrent for example dealing -5.25% ToHit on both. Boosting this by 1.25x for Sentinels will be a slight but meaningful change that would put them above other damage classes, but below the more "Support" oriented ones (5.25 on Blaster, 6.56 on Sent, 10.71 on Corr). We could potentially even go higher to match Corruptor values as Sentinels do not have Buff/Debuff sets to leverage them in the same ways! Many champion an increase to base damage, but I think there are more unique ways to go about that and having the "support" stats fits more with the often under-looked part of their inherent where simply attacking debuffs enemies. 2) Opportunity - Vulnerability Mark: Currently, Sentinels have to get max Meter and hit a target successfully with either their T1 or T2 attack in order to apply a Mark. This is far too particular given what the mark actually does, heck we even have Trick Arrow able to more or less replicate this exact effect every 3 seconds! This should be decoupled from "Opportunity" and instead just be something the Sentinel can do whenever. Specifically, the T1 and T2 blast, as well as the lvl 6 T3 ST blast will now be able to freely apply the Vulnerability Mark when they hit an enemy. (List of lvl 6 T3 blasts) Sentinels can only mark 1 Target at a time, and the mark cannot stack from multiple Sentinels. These marks last 10 seconds but disappear if another Mark is created (you cannot mark 2 different targets at once by yourself), and new marks replace old ones on the same target. While marked, Vulnerable Enemies face a harsh, unresistable 15% debuff to: Damage Resistance, Mez Resistance, and (Special/Debuff) Resistances, as well as a 7.5% Defense Debuff. This myriad of weaknesses allows any player to benefit in their own unique ways towards a target highlighted by a Sentinel where not only do they take more damage, but longer mezzes and harsher debuffs. Sentinels would enjoy this themselves solo too with each set having a strong Mez attack and increases to their base secondary effect mods! With this in place, the "passive" Vulnerability on-hit of 5% -Res and 2.5% -Def would be removed, and replaced by the second change to their inherent. 3) Opportunity - Overwatch: Sentinels will now produce a 60' Radius Aura (Identical range to Mastermind Supremacy) that grants themselves and allies +Perception, as well as +Perception and ToHit resistances (something minor, but flavorful). Allies in Overwatch range will have some interactions that we will touch on in just a moment. With every hit Sentinels dish out, they will gain meter towards Opportunity. Hits on Vulnerable Targets will give Bonus Meter, on top of this Allies within Overwatch Range will supply the Sentinel with Bonus Meter (TBD, could be if they are simply in range the Sentinel gets a boost per hit to make it easy). In order to solve some of the Feast/Famine dynamic, I figure giving the Sentinels more ways to stay in "Feast" may just be the most straightforward solution! Once at (near full, 80~90%) Meter, the Sentinel will trigger Opportunity automatically! Once active, both effects of Offensive and Defensive that we know now will be active for the Sentinel where they are able to proc damage on foes they strike as well as heal HP and Endurance just the same. On top of this, Overwatch will now grant everyone in range a 10% Damage Buff, 5% ToHit Buff, 30% Regen buff, and 15% Recovery buff for as long as Opportunity is active. Better still, allies within Overwatch will be able to use the effects of Offensive/Defensive opportunity (may as well just call it Opportunity) when they strike Marked Targets! 4) Putting it together: Overall the goals of the changes are to streamline Sentinel's Opportunity to be much easier to trigger and be more impactful to themselves and allies than it is now. The ability to mark targets at all times with an unresistable debuff will be stellar and help the Sentinel out greatly in between boosts, and the combination of boosts when you get going will allow them to rise to the occasion each fight especially when they focus fire in a team. Allies benefiting in multiple ways wouldn't hurt either 😉 Keeping the current opportunity bar and procs doesn't mess with too much IMO and keeps their spirit alive, though I am still a little hesitant on whether the T3 blast should also mark, but it seems like a fair compromise between those who do not like the base abilities and those who want every attack to be able to mark. These changes aim to make Sentinels more like actual "scouts" with their playstyle, generally debilitating foes through offense and being able to select foes individually to take down for added effect. I've tried to keep the spirit of them as they exist now intact with Opportunity still being a window, but making the journey to that spot a little less painful. Both Solo and in a Team the changes offer unique spins revolving around their ability to Mark Targets to take down for various rewards, and hopefully create a fun and unique supportive style through offense rather than raw support powers. -Galaxy Brain (Old OP below)
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    UPDATE: Version is now available. Install it from the forum post below, or from MidsReborn.com. If you already have Mids v3.0+, you can update via the "Check for Updates" option in Mids. For those interested but may not have heard, we released v3.0 of the tool a week ago and pushed an update (v3.0.1.9) to address most of the major bugs discovered after that release. This will require a new install, so "Check for Updates" won't work for this. Use the links in the post I provided. I do recommend backing up your current Mids program, just in case you don't like the new version or if the new version has a bug that is undesirable to you in some way.
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    So this morning, I'm playing solo, doing that story arc from Vincent Ross where you're trying to get the Blood Coral and stomp on the Legacy Chain. I'm playing a lvl 25 Blaster. Now, when I run solo, I like to push myself. I've got my toon kitted out with SO's and three or four nice procs and/or global enhancements (Panacea, Kismet, that sort of thing). Difficulty is set at +3. Those red and purple Coralax are NASTY, especially when they start coming in waves. I die several times, then rethink my approach and start advancing slowly and cautiously, using teleport foe to bring them to me so I can battle them one at a time. I manage to work my way to the very end of the cavern, to the last Coralax Shaper that I'm supposed to take out, when one of our 3 kittens, Captain Meow, comes barreling into the room, slides across the floor, and slams into the surge protector, tripping the power button and shutting off my computer. 😮 I'm not certain, but I'm beginning to suspect that Captain Meow might be a Longbow Agent... 🤔
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    Bewilderness, Mind/Nature controller
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    Tankers: "Are teams useless endgame?"
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    My e-e-evil new Fire/Earth dominator, the villainous Volcaniac!
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    After a few folks were talking about Bio being difficult to use aesthetically, I decided to try my hand at it, and my success has been..negligible. The Growth, Spines/bio brute
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    A while back I put together this costume to test out Savage Melee, and I recently had the epiphany to repurpose the costume for a character concept I've been toying with for even longer but could never find the right pieces for. This is the Void of Dreams (Rad/Temp Blaster) the darkest part of a sleeping mutant's psyche that manifests while they are sleeping. Although the VoD is limited by the sleep schedule of his "host", his temporal abilities have allowed him to gradually slow time down so that he can master the magics of the astral plane. He's now had the equivalent of centuries of practice and with each slumber he becomes exponentially more adept at advanced magics. The original conception of this costume was for a Savage/Shield Ouroboros Mender who had spun far past his tether and bound his spirit to a magic cloak in an attempt to survive. In true convoluted comic fashion, the cloak caught the eye of a demonic spirit who would wrestle with the mender for control of the relic. This is where a lot of the gold vs black of the costume comes from, and his initial dark energy shield added asymmetry to convey the cloak unevenly slipping from the mender's control. When still the illusion of this costume portraying a floating legless spirit works fairly well, but in motion I had to play with elements to keep it consistent. Because the path aura needs time to build up a large murky cloud to hide the spectrum legs, I've found that black super speed works the best for keeping the concept believable (although obviously I tried my best to get fly/hover to work first). Switching to slide for the default stance was a must to keep the movement ghostlike...ish. The other major change I made was to swap the Valkyrie skirt for the CoT robes as they cover the legs a bit better during movement, despite being less impressive when at rest.
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    A themed group that I started the other night with a couple of friends. The suit went through many changes, but we ultimately settled on this. A little homage now and again is good for the soul.
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    Ended up making another toon for the alcohol theme team this week. Meet Absintha, Rad Armor/Energy Melee Tanker; based on absinthe.
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    There are several melee sets that fall in this category: Fire Melee - with various "Fire Sword" attacks. Ice Melee - with "Ice Sword" attacks Stone Melee - with "Mallet" attacks None of these attacks really coincide with my concept of such a character... for example, the Human Torch when he melees doesn't use a sword. Don't believe I've ever seen the Grey Gargoyle use a huge mallet either, or Iceman using a sword. Since the assets are already there, it would be nice if these specific attacks could be replaced with a generic punching animation, and if possible an associated fire/ice/stone graphical effect.
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    Angels are born by the Light to answer prayers, but when too many prayers go unheeded, sometimes the space between Light and Shadow births angels as well. The Angel of Tears is one such creation. Initially a formless desire to make sense of human suffering, the angel took possession of a dilapidated mausoleum statue and set out to answer the backlog of prayers. Much misunderstanding and panic ensued. Convinced that her stone shell was insufficient, the angel set out to gain power, along the way sympathizing with the Talons of Vengeance and their mad quest to punish mankind. A series of reluctant mentors, however, eventually guided the angel towards the path of the Incarnate, and after receiving the power of the Well of the Furies, she was finally able to manifest her true divine form on Primal Earth. While recognized as a defender of the innocent and zealous hunter of the guilty, the Angel of Tears has a bad reputation for draconian justice and black and white thinking. Hell hath no chill and neither does she. (Magic Controller Mind/Pain)
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    A more dynamic rework of one of my oldest (and favorite) characters : the Card King (Dark/Martial Dominator, with the shurikens supposed to be playing cards), a poker-obsessed ex-Midnighter who sets out to become the biggest player in the Rogue Isles, with the ultimate goal of taking over St. Martial.
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    First of all I'd like to switch around some of the TF contacts to better suit their backgrounds. Penelope Yin should not be hosting a TF about Freakshow. Her role is obviously to host the Clockwork TF. So she should take over the Clockwork King TF, which should be revamped to not be painfully long, or possibly split into two separate TFs like Positron's. Ideally it should be about finding out more about Blue Steel's background, with the CK trying to get back at Blue Steel in various ways. Part two can be a reworked version of the TF we have now, which I to be honest can't even tell you what it's about. It's oh so very mysterious, until we find out that the Clockwork King is behind the Clockwork and their mysterious behavior. Wow. No, it needs an update, badly. Here's the deal: Penelope Yin can still be hosting the Freakshow TF from Independence Port, but a younger version of her can be the contact for the Clockwork King TF, perhaps set to start in Kings Row near Blue Steel, or in Faultline. If that sounds irksome, we could even let her father be the contact for the Clockwork King Task Force, as he might have noticed the King's interest in his daughter and want to protect her from the criminally insane psychic ghost. What about Synapse then? Well, his background is all about Crey, so he should obviously take over the Crey TF and assume Manticore's role. There can be something about him not being able to go up against Crey personally because they have countermeasures to him and his powers since they created him, and he needs our help to deal with the countess and her evil schemes. He doesn't need to move from his location in Skyway - his old TF have you mostly running around Steel Canyon after all, so it shouldn't be a problem. Manticore could move to Peregrine Island and host a new TF about Malta, the "Natural" enemy faction. It can expand upon the story hinted at in Dark Astoria, where Malta were going to use nano-tech stolen from Warrior Earth to boost their own forces against the incarnate threat. Maybe Manticore isn't too keen on seeing more incarnates either, and is working both sides, as he is wont to do. If Peregrine already feels too full of content, the Manticore TF could be in Kallisti Wharf, and could be made co-op since villains aren't happy about Malta getting improved either, and Manticore isn't above working with villains. Numina is another TF I can't tell you what it's about, but I remember a lot of running around various zones hunting low-level enemies. As a showcase of "look how far you've come" and a tour of the city we've left behind it was probably okay back when max level was 40, but now it feels a bit disappointing. I don't really have a better idea for what to do with it but a level 40ish Task Force focused on the Circle of Thorns and their machinations in Founders Fall seems like it would be more fun than running around all over the place, for very little enjoyment. Maybe throw in some enemies from Night Ward too, to mix things up a bit. One thing we talked about in Discord was the hunt missions. I felt that instead of having them pop up one at a time, they could be consolidated into a single big hunt mission to take out X number of villain groups Y, Z, Q, etc, and let us hunt them in any zone. That way they can all be finished at the same time, more or less, which would reduce a rather dull part of the TF to a minimum. Wow, I have now read up on this TF and I had seriously no idea what it was about even though I've played it several times. I suggest making it a two-parter. Part one could be a shorter version of the TF we have today, and part two could be an attempt to fulfill Numina's vow, and try to provide Woodsman with a body. Now, another thing I've noticed, is that Gold-side is lacking in teamwork. Why is that? Well, one reason might be a lack of team content like Task Forces. Perhaps 20 levels isn't enough to have a task force, some might say, but Blue-side manages to stick in about four of them in that range, so I'm sure Gold-side could have at least one. Preferably one in each zone, including the underground. Thanks to the level ranges of gold-side enemies being 1-25ish, all of the TFs set in Praetoria could be available from level 8+, and max out at level 20. Maybe one of them could even include the transition to Primal Earth, to make that part easier for those who have levelled past all the regular content. Both First Ward and Nightward could also benefit from having task forces in them, to draw more visitors to these zones and utilize the enemy factions within them to the fullest.
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    I Recently did a climb to 50 on a Dark/Dark Brute soloing every available contact (including every story arc and side mission) This was redside only. I ran as a Rogue, picking up level appropriate TF and SF as available. I did have to solo 1st Redside Respec SF due to lack of interest. With a lot of temp summons (many from mission rewards, one from P2W) it was actually easy. I ran at +0/x1, bosses on, AVs as EBs. I stealthed as much as possible and knocked out every contact at the highest level for them. Which brings me to the project, part deux. Contacts 35-50, 40-50, and 45-50 were not needed to be completed pre 50. Because they can still be fully knocked out at 50. So now I have a fully incarnated and Accoladed toon that will be knocking these out. As the long weekends hit I plan to start these. Should be comically lulz. I am even considering running it at -1/x1 just to make it funnier. Villains love a good beat down after all. The badge hunt goes well. I need Firebug and a Rikti bomb badge for a couple minor accolades. I knocked out the invention system real early because I knew I would be doing my inventing/marketeering on the character for some time. I have gotten about 75% of all location badges. Ouro badges, I have never done those on a toon. That should be....interesting. This is a great way to view the game if you are an introvert with a crapton of patience. This is a semi regular practice for me Redside. THis will be the first I fully badge afterward though. I have never done this Blueside. I think my highest attempt made it to 30s. I did Goldiside 1-20 fully a couple times on live. The City of X is such a wonderful game for creating and enjoying characters. I have a vampire brain in a jar setting on a Robot Body using powers of Darkness to destroy Gangsters, Longbow, and other world threats. Happy Holidays to you all!
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    Reminagined my Beam/Energy sent as a heroic hacker (and Primal Earth doppelganger of my previously posted villain, the Neon Dragon) : the technopathic Hackdown !
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    And here is "Realmquake": realmquake1.costume
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    Here is Ezmi, my new Ice/NRG Blaster, along with some artwork I had done of her. Art is by the talented Wernope.
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    On live on the Triumph server, there was a toon named "Blood Horn", who was the leader of the Revenants VG. In rl he was Greg and our friend, unfortunately Greg passed a few years back. His birthday was the 14th. When HC came on line it was bittersweet, the Revenants were back, but, we were missing our friend. One of our members @killroy made a tribute toon when HC came on line who he would retire upon reaching vet lvl 1000. One thousand levels, for a tribute, to a friend. Last night he made it, and I figured I would share. While this is only a "game" to some, to us its a way to bond with friends, we have known each other since live, we know each others names, our personal lives, difficulties in life, and it has strengthed us, at least I believe so. But, at the same time there is a hole that cannot be filled, by Greg who we sincerely miss and I wish he was leading us one more time into the fray. Rest easy Blood Horn/Greg @Boomie @PapaSlade And the others not mentioned and the others who are not forgotten.
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    One of my earliest mains on live, Afrodizziac ( MA/SR scrapper) needed a costume upgrade. Wanted to make it a little more modern while still keeping some disco funk. Top is the new version, bottom is the original.
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    WEEKLY STRIKE TARGET SCHEDULE - 1Q-3Q 2021 Everything appears once per cycle apart from the four core Villain SFs (Virgil Tarikoss, Silver Mantis, Operative Renault and Ice Mistral) which all appear twice Every week now has 3 options (apart from Respec Week, which has all 6 Respec trials) Villains, most weeks have two options available for them Level 50 content is evenly spaced (outside of the Shadow Shard TFs which will appear sequentially once per cycle) The Weekly Strike Targets rotate at 04:00 UTC every Monday morning. You must complete the Strike Target before it rotates in order to receive the additional rewards. The one-off reward (Double Reward Merits + Notice of the Well or bonus XP) can only be earned once per character, per week, even if there’s more than one Strike Target. Completing another target in the list will not trigger an additional reward (however, you can earn badges for repetition when you've already received the one-off reward.) In-Game: Current WST List You can also refer to the LFG window in-game for the currently Weekly Strike Targets, which will be highlighted in purple: Keep in mind you will not see any TF/SF/Trials you are not eligible to run in this list, WST or not. This could be due to the character being in a different alignment, below the minimum level required, or missing a prerequisite arc. Past Weekly Strike Targets - Dec 2019-2020 Current Weekly Strike Targets - Dec 2020 - Sep 2021 Winter 2021 Spring 2021 Summer 2021 Eligible Strike Targets for This Week Mon Dec 28 (2020) - Sun Jan 3 Mon Mar 29 - Sun Apr 4 Mon Jun 28 - Sun Jul 4 The Rule of Three (Positron, Level 8-15) Dam Hero (Positron, Level 11-16) Beast of the Mountain (Virgil Tarikoss, Level 15-20) Mon Jan 4 - Sun Jan 10 Mon Apr 5 - Sun Apr 11 Mon Jul 5 - Sun Jul 11 The Praetorian Offensive (Tin Mage Mark II, Level 50 + Alpha Slot) Alpha Strike (Apex, Level 50 + Alpha Slot) Explorers and Exploiters (Dr. Quaterfield, Level 40-45) Mon Jan 11 - Sun Jan 17 Mon Apr 12 - Sun Apr 18 Mon Jul 12 - Sun Jul 18 The Fall of the Clockwork King (Synapse, Level 15-20) The Legend of Ruladak (Sara Moore, Level 44-50) Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Level 20-25) Mon Jan 18 - Sun Jan 24 Mon Apr 19 - Sun Apr 25 Mon Jul 19 - Sun Jul 25 Time's Arrow (Imperious, Level 35-50) The Saga of Faathim (Justin Augustine, Level 44-50) Temple of the Waters (Operative Renault, Level 25-30) Mon Jan 25 - Sun Jan 31 Mon Apr 26 - Sun May 2 Mon Jul 26 - Sun Aug 1 A Clamor for the People (Penelope Yin, Level 20-25) The Saga of Lanaru (Faathim the Kind, Level 44-50) The Crystal of Seraphina (Ice Mistral, Level 35-40) Mon Feb 1 - Sun Feb 7 Mon May 3 - Sun May 9 Mon Aug 2 - Sun Aug 8 Ms. Liberty TF (Ms. Liberty, Level 45-50) Future of Freedom (Lord Recluse, Level 45-50) Abandoned Sewer Trial (Mairenn MacGregor, Level 38-50) Mon Feb 8 - Sun Feb 14 Mon May 10 - Sun May 16 Mon Aug 9 - Sun Aug 15 Citadel's Children (Citadel, Level 25-30) Beast of the Mountain (Virgil Tarikoss, Level 15-20) The Eden Trial (Woodsman, Level 39-41) Mon Feb 15 - Sun Feb 21 Mon May 17 - Sun May 23 Mon Aug 16 - Sun Aug 22 The Lady Grey TF (Lady Grey, Level 35-50) The MegaMech Cometh (Ernesto Hess, 25-30) Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Level 20-25) Mon Feb 22 - Sun Feb 28 Mon May 24 - Sun May 30 Mon Aug 23 - Sun Aug 29 Following Countess Crey (Manticore, Level 30-35) The Sky is Falling (Admiral Sutter, Level 20-40) The Fire and the Flames (Mortimer Kal, Level 20-40) Mon Mar 1 - Sun Mar 7 Mon May 31 - Sun Jun 6 Mon Aug 30 - Sun Sep 5 Market Crash (Ada Wellington, Level 40-50) Temple of the Waters (Operative Renault, Level 25-30) The Kheldian War (Moonfire, Level 23-28) Mon Mar 8 - Sun Mar 14 Mon Jun 7 - Sun Jun 13 Mon Sep 6 - Sun Sep 12 Soul of the Woodsman (Numina, Level 35-40) The Crystal of Seraphina (Ice Mistral, Level 35-40) A Tangled Plot (Katie Hannon, Level 30-34) Mon Mar 15 - Sun Mar 21 Mon Jun 14 - Sun Jun 20 Mon Sep 13 - Sun Sep 19 Return of the Reichsman (Dr. Kahn, Level 45-50) Thus Spoke the Reichsman (Barracuda, Level 45-50) Cavern of Transcendence (Karsis, Level 12-15) Mon Mar 22 - Mon Mar 28 Mon Jun 21 - Sun Jun 27 Mon Sep 20 - Sun Sep 26 RESPEC WEEK Terra Volta Respec #1 (Jane Hallaway, Level 24-33) Tree of Thorns Respec #1 (Sparcetriel, Level 24-33) Terra Volta Respec #2 (James Harlan, Level 34-43) Tree of Thorns Respec #2 (Trepsarciel, Level 34-43) Terra Volta Respec #3 (Richard Flagg, Level 44-50) Tree of Thorns Respec #3 (Ractespriel, Level 44-50)
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    So Many great costumes here. I may as well put in my two cents worth... My Dark/Titan weapon tank Iron Goliath. Big clunky and fun. 🙂
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    oooh we've made it to 100 pages of awesome! Here's to the next 100 The Soloist, Archery/Martial blaster
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    Here's another blood based villain of mine: Blood Cell (Street Justice/Invulnerability Brute). This muscle for hire can bleed through his skin and solidify it into a unbreakable metal. Ever resourceful, Blood Cell can use his blood as a projectile weapon that can shackle his foes or give surfaces a slippery sheen (perfect for getting the upper hand on his heroic speedster rival) Then we have the hero Submerged (Staff/Invulnerability Brute). This Navy SEAL was recruited for a covert military program that partnered with a shady organization to perfect genetic splicing. As a test subject Submerged was fused with a myriad of deep sea creatures, turning him into an amphibious super soldier. Ideally I'd like to put a smidge more street shark in him and swap the trident out for a harpoon, but with the current costume pieces this gets the job done. I particularly enjoy the use of jetpack as a underwater propulsion device. Ideally I'd like to put a smidge more street shark in him and swap the trident out for a harpoon, but with the current costume pieces this gets the job done. I particularly enjoy the use of jetpack as a underwater propulsion device. And my last drop for the day will be Bassman (Sonic/Electric Blaster). He's a robot with mutton chops, 'nuff said >.<
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    Outrun , my synthwave-themed blaster.
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    Some of my late character and iterations on costumes. Let me know what you think 😉 Doc Avenger (Sentinel - Fire/Invul) - 3rd costume iteration Elusive Illusionist (Controller - Illusion/Rad) - 2nd costume iteration Blood Pharaoh (Defender - Dark/Water) Blood Quiver (Blaster - Water/TA) Alpha Bug (Corruptor - Rad/Poison)
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    Here are some of the qualities that make a task force "good" (in my opinion, of course): Unique content: The best TFs offer something you can't see in the game anywhere else, be it mechanics, maps, enemies, temp powers, or what have you. They don't even have to be super fancy, like the Duray fight mechanics at the end of Admiral Sutter's TF with the air support creating zones of death, but something that sticks in your mind as "the TF that has [X]". For me, Admiral Sutter's TF isn't the Duray fight TF, but the "broken highway map" TF, with special appearances by the "all of those ships out in the middle of the ocean" and "running through the tunnel in Talos that leads down to the ferry" maps. Tell the story with mission mechanics: On a team - which is either strictly required or expected of a task force - most players don't have access to the contact's dialog window. Those that do are expected to keep the team moving and don't want to hold up the other players so they can read some text that nobody else can. A lot of that text can be seen by looking at the "More info" of the mission, but nobody has time for that while beating down hordes of ne'er-do-wells. The best TFs tell their stories not through that text, which is usually missed, but through the mission structure themselves: all that unique content I mentioned in the previous bullet, along with (preferably short) cutscenes and NPC dialog. Climactic AV battle: The reason we all showed up together was to take out one tough baddie, and many of the TFs that I remember fondly have an archvillain in that sweet spot of tough-but-not-too-tough. Length: Brevity is the soul of wit or whatever. Most of the best TFs in the game were released as development continued over the 8 years of the game's life cycle, and a lot of them show up at higher levels, such as the Statesman TF (Miss Liberty TF nowadays), Lady Grey TF, and Dr Kahn TF, but the one that I do more than any other and doesn't seem to get old is the Imperious Task Force. Here's how the ITF stacks up to those bullet points I listed: Unique content: Nowhere else in the game do you fight Romulus Augustus, and there aren't too many other places where you fight the Cimerorans or even the Nictus anymore. I believe the shadow cysts are unique to the ITF these days too, along with the Cyclops and Minotaur Elite Bosses and 3 of the 4 mission maps. Tell the story with mission mechanics: Without looking at the mission text, I know that our first mission involves saving the seers, culminating with a Sister Psyche look-alike in a cool temple on a hill. This leads us to breaking a bunch of shadow cysts that seem to spawn unbound Nictuses (Nicti?) and are protected by the Cimerorans. From there we head to a gigantic battle with Cimerorans that are hiding a very cool giant robot they clearly shouldn't have, along with the 5th Column (their return after years of hiatus in the original game). We break a computer that controls multiple waves of robot minions and fight Romulus for the first time and Requiem for the first time in a long time. Finally, we head to what looks like Romulus's fortress to find him fused with the power of a Nictus and we give him the ol' one-two for justice, saving the day. Climactic AV battle: Very much so. Romulus is powerful and has unique abilities, but doesn't take a year and a half to beat him like Reichsman can with the wrong team comp. Length: 4 reasonably short missions means I haven't gotten to the point of exhaustion yet. And now let's take a look at Synapse, a frequent candidate for revamping that comes directly after the very successful revamp of Positron's TF(s) in the level order: Unique content: There's quite a bit of salvageable unique content in this TF. The Clockwork King and his unique Clockwork-filled warehouse map might show up elsewhere in the game, particularly at high levels, but for most of a character's career they will only see those features here. Plus, only the Synapse TF spawns the giant monster Babbage, which is a fun community-building exercise when you shout it out on global channels and get some people from outside the team to help you out and wish you luck on the final mission. Tell the story with mission mechanics: We fight some Clockwork, and then we fight some Clockwork, and then... I think someone on the team runs around a little bit? And then we go to Boomtown and fight some Clockwork, and then to Skyway where we fight some Clockwork, and then the cool Babbage fight leading into the final mission with the Clockwork Court. All that stuff at the beginning is a bit of a miss on this one. Climactic AV battle: We do the Clockwork King dirty on this one. He melts so fast that most of the time I miss him, and he doesn't even spawn in a special spot on the map if I recall correctly. Length: We have a lot of very similar repetitive very similar repetitive missions here at the beginning. Plus a lot of very similar repetitive missions at the beginning. But overall I think Synapse is very salvageable. What could we improve in it to get it closer to ITF quality? I'm glad you asked! A lot of people advocate for trimming down those early missions (which, did I mention, are very similar and repetitive?) and I don't disagree. Most of the end stuff is good, especially that Babbage spawn, and I wouldn't even necessarily reduce the number of zones you have to go to (though maybe we should make sure the Boomtown mission door is always near the entrance to the zone). I think the most important thing to look at is the Clockwork King, though. He should be the most memorable part of this TF: we see for the first time here that he's not just a robot, or a guy building robots, but a psychic brain in a jar*! That's cool as heck! Aaaand he's down. I didn't even get to see him because my team ran ahead. Let's give him more of a spotlight: at least a cutscene where he says some sinister stuff, like Dr. Vahzilok gets in the Posi 2 revamp, and I'd buff him in combat a bit as well. He needs a bit more HP so you don't miss him entirely, maybe a psychic attack or two to hammer home that part of his story, and I'd personally throw in a Clockwork minion ambush that he summons when he gets to 50% HP - nothing too serious, as this is still a level 20 TF, but a little bit of a surprise kicker. And let's give him his own room to stand in, at least! *I don't recall if we learn he's a psychic here, but the brain-in-a-jar bit was news to me the first time I ran this TF. I picked Synapse here for the breakdown because I think it has the most obvious potential, but I think every TF in this game has something of value to show after a bit of polish. With these values in mind, looking at Citadel and the Shadow Shard TFs would make them more popular and less chore-like when their turn in the Weekly Strike Target rotation comes up.
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    Easiest way is to just quit worrying about the numbers. If you want numbers, open Excel. (Or Open/Libreoffice, or Quattro Pro or whatever. I'm not picky.) If you want to run around blasting things and being hero/villainy, open COH. 🙂
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    And 3 of my most praised costumes in-game: Marshall Terra-803 (Blaster DP/Devices) Static Overcharge (Defender Elec/Elec) TimeSpot (Controller Grav/Time)
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    Recently updated one of my main villains from live, Carranca. Also know by the alias 'The Catfish', Carranca has risen from an abandoned mutant child to the cartel kingpin of the Amazon. Originally a Thugs/Poison Mastermind, Carranca's unique blood can shift its chemical structure to become a wide range of acids, poisons, and adhesives. He even produces drugs and serums capable of brainwashing pliable minds. Once Water Blasts came out I rolled an alt version of him as a Water/Poison Corruptor, which I replicated on Homecoming. He's looked more or less like this since his inception: I was convinced this year to reroll him as a Poison/Water Defender to maximize his debuffs, and while doing so I gave him a modern facelift. It's on the simple end and I made the difficult decision of opting out of his signature 'Argus' face in favor of the more common 'Bioluminescence', but I think this new look really streamlines everything. Alt costume with more catfish like facial proportions: Sidenote: Water Blasts really bring the funky dance moves out
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    The very first thing I did on April 24th, 2019 was to remove the Help channel from my chat tabs. The very first thing I did on March 31st, 2020 was to remove the General channel from my chat tabs. I have never regretted either.
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    So! Like I said in a previous post, I've been planning a little something. As of today, we have a few things to celebrate! - One Year Anniversary! - 50 Recycled Powersets! - 10 Fantastic Community Contributions! (I also reached 1000 community rep which is nice too) It's been an amazing year for this thread, and it couldn't be possible without the help of the community here! When I first created this thread it was just a simple experiment inspired by the hard work of the Homecoming team when it comes to creating new powersets. I decided I would challenge myself to create a handful of powersets by placing the same limitations on myself; use only the assets we have. After a few of my half-baked ideas went up on the forums I was really surprised to see just how many people in the community enjoyed the idea, so I dedicated time to providing more concepts just to show what could be done. It wasn't long until other people started contributing too! With the help of so many others, new powersets were brainstormed and conceptualised until eventually the thread was showcased in the weekly discussions, and interest soared even higher! I had no idea that this thread would last a year, I wasn't even sure it would last a week at most, what an amazing turnout! So here we are now, at a major milestone for the thread, and it wouldn't have happened without you guys! First up, I would like to thank the contributors on this thread for their welcome additions to the project! @GenesisMan @ninja surprise @Dinictus @Naraka @oedipus_tex @Player2 @Night @BrandX @AgentForest @AerialAssault I would also like to thank the many frequent followers of this thread for helping shape it moving forward, you guys rock! @Lines @Galaxy Brain @Replacement @Haijinx @Menelruin @Vanden @ArchVileTerror @Sakura Tenshi @Aberrant @biostem And lastly, I would like to thank @GM Miss for sharing this thread throughout the weekly discussions and showcasing the project! Does this mean that the thread has come to a close? Of course not! In fact, in anticipation for this event I've been planning Phase 2 of the thread; Ancillary Powers You may have already noticed that the original post in this thread has been cleaned up and organised so that powersets are easier to navigate, and this wasn't just to help the post look tidy, it was to help categorise things in anticipation of Phase 2. I know a few contributors have pitched the idea of doing ancillary powers in the past, so now we've reached this milestone I would like to open up the thread to the creation of new ancillary power pools, using the powersets we have in the game, and the powersets created in this thread. This doesn't mean that the thread isn't still open to traditional powersets, but with 60 already made it's going to be a little more difficult. People are welcome to contribute whatever they wish, whether they want to put forward whole new powersets or ancillary powers. We'll use the same formatting as we already have, and the same rules apply; Recycle and Reuse! So! Now we're onto Phase 2, I'll kick things off by levelling the playing field a little; Stone Mastery for Dominators, and Munitions Mastery for Masterminds! Stone Mastery - Dominator - Ash Storm: Taken from Talons of Vengeance, this power functions much like Snow Storm, and provides some good debuff for the set - Lava Blast: A blast power taken from the Minions of Igneous, since Hurl Boulder is already available in Earth Assault - Stone Armor: Already present in the Controller version, and no changes are needed. - Basalt Bomb: A blast power taken from the Minions of Igneous, this one is an AoE meant to mirror Fissure in the Controller version, which is already available in Earth Assault. - Earth's Embrace: Already present in the Controller version, and no changes are needed. Munitions Mastery - Mastermind - Buckshot: Taken from Assault Rifle, fits in nicely as a ranged power like Static Discharge in Charge Mastery (Since MMs have debuffs already, Surveillance is out) - Sleep Grenade: A ranged Sleep Power much like Chill Mastery, so that works well here - Body Armor: A self buff power. Some MM ancillaries have armor powers, some don't, but since we already have one in the Blaster version it works nicely here - Cryo Freeze Ray: A ranged hold ability. Not uncommon for MM ancillaries so it should be fine as a straight port - Incinerator: Another Assault Rifle power, with a little higher damage and shorter range, so I think it could work well here (LRM Rocket seemed a bit OP on MM)
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    The Maharathi Djinn: cantankerous, crotchety, and acerbic, he WAS planning on sleeping until the collapse of human civilization until SOMEONE just HAD to wake him up early. . . (Magic Defender Thermal/Psi)
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    I had planned on making a thread similar to my Ice Armor one, but hey here we go. Experience with the set: Played approximately 100 missions at lvl 50 with and without certain IOs slotted as a Scrapper in my melee testing both in Live and Closed Beta with the goal of out-competing all the other melee primaries. It was dead last every single time by a wide margin... Goal: KM has weirdly the fastest and slowest avg animation times of any melee set depending on which half of the set you look at, but that doesn't make up for how weird it's build-up is. The crux of the set is that it takes far too much time to use Power Siphon effectively with arguably less payoff than other similar powers and their Build Up's. If you were to compare Power Siphon to a normal build up power: PS takes nearly a whole second longer to kick-in, and with less +ToHit (minor but its a thing) Normal build up you can not only act out of faster, but you get ~3.5 stacks of PS worth of buff immediately that lasts for 10 seconds During those 10 seconds you are hitting with max potential from the boost with each attack, which you can argue is MUCH more damage potential than having to click -> build up power -> unleash in an underwhelming "heavy hitter" Speaking of, you need to successfully hit multiple times in order to take advantage of the boost in a reasonable way which can lead to frustration, especially when several powers may animate long enough for you to lose stacks by the time they finish animating! The other set with a big "gimmick" Build Up is Dark Melee's Soul drain which is spectacular, and on the newly renovated set it works wonders! 😉 While these issues do not directly apply to Stalker KM (I do not have as much EXP there), for all other AT's the main point of taking Kinetic Melee is Power Siphon but it just is not up to snuff when you eyeball both it and the set it's attached to together. Its simply too slow to be competitive and given the effort of using it all together does not deliver the proper bang for it's buck. On top of this, the higher tier powers are all very slow to animate which is counter to the "frantic" build up of power you need to do (as mentioned, building up then unleashing can lose stacks)... and the elephant in the room of Concentrated Strike possibly being the worst melee T9 and kind of a noob trap power. Goals for a fix to the set I feel should really focus on Power Siphon and by extension Concentrated Strike, but I also feel that some of the others need a pass too for cohesion! Power Siphon: The biggest issue is that the way PS builds and the way it is "spent" is just not efficient. At the absolute fastest, it takes around 5 seconds to gain maximum PS stacks *AFTER* the 2s animation time of activating the power, *AND THEN* another 1-3 seconds to actually use that boost on something... easily a time commitment of at least 8 seconds that other sets can get near instantly, and by the time you get max stacks you only get around 5 seconds to use it. Given the recharge and 20s duration, you really do not get as much use out of Power Siphon as it leads on.... A simple fix here would to increase the amount of time that stacks last from 10s up to 15s or even 20s. At 15 seconds, building up to max stacks will give you roughly the same 10s that normal build up powers enjoy to use the buffs at maximum potential, while of course the 20s would be even lengthier to award the effort of 5 separate ToHit checks coming together. Staying at 156.25% damage buff for an extended time would be awesome in of itself and this simple fix I think could go a long way. Alt/Added Idea 1) Power Siphon, given its 1.93s activation is longer than the main builders of the set. Activating the power giving you one stack for free would be nice and shave off not only raw seconds but a whole attack needed to get rolling. Alt/Added Idea 2) This one is a little more out there, but what if PS was always on for KM attacks, but limited to 1 stack at a time? This means as long as you're attacking, you can drain DMG from your target and boost yourself a little bit to make the set that much better when PS isn't active. When you activate PS, your stack limit then boosts to 5 instead of 1 (as well as +ToHit) and otherwise behaves as normal. Similar to the idea above but it just helps a little in between. I think that bottom line a duration increase is appropriate here as you do need to work for the boost, and currently you gotta spam weak ST attacks to properly "enjoy" it for all of... 1 attack or so. Combine the duration increase with either idea 1 or 2 and I think we got something awesome. Concentrated Strike: The recharge gimmick is really not reliable, and the cast time is atrocious and not something you even want to use with Power Siphon given it eats away at buff time. Granted, longer lasting stacks will help here but it doesn't really address the core issues. The animation time leaves a LOT to be desired and iirc its probably one of the slowest powers to actually hit a target for a melee set? I had to double check and it's 2.83 activation time is mirrored only by Sky Splitter which does hit earlier in the animation, and surpassed by One Thousand cuts which hits throughout the animation and Thunder Strike.... of which both are AoEs! Even slow Energy Transfer is faster!!! A simple boost to the animation speed to something like 2.5s would be fantastic alone, but I feel there needs to be some sort of perk to it given it cannot crit normally for one (Scrapper Stalker issue), and as the final power its very lackluster. Personally, I think this power alone should get a special perk per PS stack. After all, you build up your concentration by siphoning power from enemies, the ultimate strike using it just makes sense. I think the following should be looked into: The base damage of CS goes up per stack of PS. This synergizes very well with PS itself and it could be an incredibly hard hitting ST nuke if done properly. For reference, at base a Scrapper's CS does 222.7 damage without any buffs or enhancements. By boosting the base by even say, 5% per stack that could go to 278.38 damage. With 95% enhancement and full PS, this is currently around 782 damage If each stack boosted base damage before other buffs, this would hit for 978 damage! Why this would be important in particular is that with the same values (enhancement + PS), the combo of the 1st 3 ST attacks actually out-damages CS 879 to 782, and it repeatable within a very similar timeframe (3.1s to 2.83s). CS *needs* to be able to beat this to be worthwhile! The instant recharge "crit" should scale with PS stacks! Plain and simple, why not literally carry your kinetic momentum by having the chance to crit go up per stack? Even something like 5% per stack would be huge as you'd end up at 35% total when you fire it off which isn't too shabby. I'd even say 10% per stack would be awesome. I think some combination of these two would turn CS into a sort of "event" type of power that you whip out on a boss or LT to really delete them and get your ball rolling again. It would still be slow, to really emphasize the power behind it, but now it actually feels powerful both in damage and in effect when you use it. You could still corpse bomb at times sure, but if you build this up and open on a boss or a fresh mob it can really swing a fight your way instantly. Those two make up the main, crucial areas of the set that need attention but I feel there are two more powers that could use a once over. Repulsing Torrent: The only real analogue to this power is Claws' Shockwave, which while yes it is a T9 it has near identical Rech and Damage, but has double the radius and half the cast time of KM's ranged KB cone. Torrent also has much, much stronger KB and that sort of defeats the purpose of how the set functions with wanting to be up close and rapidly building up Power Siphon. Given the smaller radius, knockback, and long animation, I would actually dig if this was a "big" power in terms of damage as well. Like a Kamehameha that gets launched through a crowd sending them flying and dealing massive damage, especially with your self damage buff. The theme I guess along with Concentrated Strike is that the slower moves should "feel" powerful both in animation and effect, so you flow between building up and unleashing constantly like you are letting the energies flow naturally. Torrent is also alone in that it does not grant a PS stack on hit, something that Burst does (which is why Im not altering that power, it can debuff damage in an AoE and with PS changes it's probably fine), and even CS grants you. This could be all the more reason to boost the base damage considerably at the expense of Recharge, giving Kinetic Melee a ST and AoE super-move to build up and unleash at will. Focused Burst: Lastly, this power is really nothing to write home about with it's 2ish sec cast time compared to the much faster trio of starting ST melee attacks. Sure, the range is nice but its essentially a worse Smashing Blow simply due to the animation. I'd say either speed it up, or give it a base damage boost worthy of the animation and making it something sort of in between the "big" moves of your AoEs and CS and the quick ST attacks. As is it doesn't really "fit in" otherwise. Oddly, this is another place where KM mirrors claws with an odd ST attack.... and a BU variant that relies on hitting... weird. So boiled down I think the set honestly needs minor changes to function properly as the "base" is there with some refinement. It has a coo l dichotomy with very fast, clear "builder" attacks and what seems to be intended "finisher" powers that take advantage of your huge damage buff... its just in practice you cannot really take advantage of this in a timely manner nor is the payoff really worth it. A boost to PS duration is a natural buff to the set and anything you pair it with off the bat, but the changes to the "big" powers in in Repulsing Torrent and Concentrated Strike are where KM would really shine. With slow recharges you'd still expect to see them only once per cycle (eyeballing 20s up from 12s for Torrent, matching CS) but when you do use them they should really represent all that built up power. I'd lean on making Focused Burst much faster of an attack (1.4s, each ST getting about .2s slower) and maybe recharge a bit slower (8s > 10s) for a light damage bump to make the set have a truly kinetic feel of fast attacks building up to a big, powerful burst every so often. While my primary experience is on Scrappers, Brutes will likewise love the changes to base damages combined with Fury. Tankers will appreciate Torrent being much better with their AoE focus, and Stalkers... well this is weird given they don't get PS.... but hey maybe thats where the idea of them always getting 1 stack comes in?
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    No AT is useless in endgame. There are a few specific situations in very specific missions where a Tanker is particularly useful. I think what is closer to reality is, no AT is required in endgame for the most part. Every AT starts to function similarly with the addition of incarnate abilities and IO sets. Every AT can slot IO sets to get very high defenses, and every AT gets massive AoE damage and even mez protection. Tankers aren't special in this, all AT's start to look the same, all roles become muddy when everyone can do everything. Tankers are great fun, and even if every AT can build tough, Tankers are the toughest still. Have fun with your Inv/SS, that's the point after all, right? Don't worry about what someone thinks about the AT, just focus on what you like about it. Tankers are definitely not unwanted in endgame, they do smooth things over, just like other AT's.
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    This is... what... your fourth go around on this? Then there was another, now deleted, thread. To put it succinctly, you've raised this question three times before. It has been answered all three times. You just refuse to acknowledge the answer.
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    Here's another cool one belonging to someone else that I found in m screenshots folder... cropped this time, to reduce character clutter. I really like the Carnies gloves matched up with the gunfighter jacket and steampunk boots.
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    Awhile back, I was discussing Lost costume design with someone... anyway, finally got around to creating my own. She has a boxing glove on her shield hand for extra padding and also to hide her weird deformed hook hand (that the costume creator can't duplicate). A child on the streets taken in by police turns out to be a tiny Lost member. Was she altered as a child? Have the Lost started having kids? No one is sure yet, but they do know she has not developed the loyalty to the gang that the adults possess, as evidenced by her being protective of the police officer who took her off the streets. She follows him around to make sure he doesn't get hurt, and will occasionally go on missions that he might be assigned to so that he can stay safe at the police station. Lost Grrl Shield Defense / Psionic Melee Tanker
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    That's just the "We Have Cake" server.
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    Long-time lurker, first time poster... be gentle 😃 I saw there have been a few nuns posted recently so thought I would share my humble effort, the Sinister Sister! She's been around for a while and never bumped into any other sisters - good to see there are a few of us!
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    This is not directed to you, specifically. But this whole thread makes me sad and wonder exactly how much lasting damage was done to the game by letting the base macro exploit remain in the game as long as it was.
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    Just because it might fit... Psi melee. Mind control. Why are we waving our hands around? Wouldn't it just be cool - or unsettling - to have your character just *stand* there and have things happen? All right, it wouldn't fit every character, but it'd just be interesting to have an animation-less - even effect-less - Mind control and Psi melee. Just think of it - enemies attack, and you just stand there ... while they get hit with psi blades, thrown in the air, the works. No waving your hands around, no circles appearing from your forehead. Just you, calmly standing in the eye of a storm of psionic mayhem. It could be an ... interesting option.
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    Happy 2021! In the spirit of the new year, I wanted to take a look back at yesterday's tomorrow and fashion a toon loosely inspired by the original Star Trek. Maj. Lawrence Dijkstra, aka registered Powers Division agent Frozen Solace, hails from Praetorian Earth and is a member of the Imperial Defense Force dimensional security division. A freak portal accident exposed Dijkstra to absolute zero, but instead of immediately dying, he encountered the living fabric that binds the universes together--something he calls "the Whispers"--and used this newfound enlightenment to will himself back to Praetoria. Since the event, Dijkstra has been undergoing countless medical and psychological trials to further understand his connection to the Whispers and to see if others can be trained in its use. So far, however, his ability to train others have failed. Meanwhile, the more his capabilities grow, the less interested he is in the Machiavellian politics of the Praetors, and the more he yearns to explore the infinity that lies just beyond his fingertips. (Science Blaster Ice/Temporal Manipulation)
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    Funny. I also have a goose themed character, the Golden Goose! Looks more like a sentai-esque hero though (even though she's a money-hungry rogue).
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    If we are doing found stuff then here's a "thing" I ran into the other day. Kind of has an Attack on Titan/ skin gone missing vibe. I've never liked the look of Bio Armor so I never tried it (which is sad because I hear it is a good performer) and after seeing this monstrosity, well I still don't lol but it is the most creative thing I've seen done with that misshapen mass. I was both disgusted and impressed.
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