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    I could not bring myself to log in on "Last Day". I was never sure if I was really regretful of that, or not. I'm just not sure I could have stood by and watch as each server's lights go out, one by one, presumably forever. I hung around the Titan forums, reading about hopes for a resurrection of some kind, but it became apparent after a while that it wasn't happening. Hope was all but lost, but the smallest ember refused to be extinguished. Through the years, there were other conversations about trying to bring the game back, but they never went beyond dangling false hope. That's when I found out that what Bane told Bruce Wayne in "The Dark Knight Rises", was absolutely true. True desperation is not the loss, or lack of hope. Rather, it is to be given hope, only to see it taken away. That was where I was for the longest time, with regards to CoH. Then one day, I heard about "Icon". I was SO excited to be able to recreate my mains, and fly them around the various zones. But, once the initial excitement had toned down, all that I heard was the deafening silence of those zones. It was the loneliest nostalgia I had ever experienced. Then came "Paragon Chat". Finally! I could not only recreate, and save all of my heroes, and villains, I could finally interact with others who felt the same about CoH as I did! For years, I got in as often as I could. Hunted badges, did the modified Halloween event, and did as much as I could within the boundaries that existed there. But, the population grew sparse as the novelty wore off there too. Many would show up to special events, and that was a joy to behold. But, for the most part, it was "Icon", with the possibility of running into someone on occasion. Then, on a drive back from a weekend trip to the beach in mid-April, my phone was blowing up with talk of the old SCORE server, and the existence of the game code out in the wild! My heart practically skipped a beat when I realized that we might be just a hairs breadth from seeing an actual game server created! A few days later, that very thing happened. Like a newborn star, created from the chaos, and the unstoppable forces at play, the first iteration of the live game sprang into existence! It was hard to believe that it was real, until I downloaded the client, and logged in for the first time in 7 years. It was a surreal experience. All this time, all the disappointments over the years. I just kept thinking "I'm going to wake up any moment now, and this will all have been a cruel dream". But, it was real alright. While those early days were pretty rough going, we now have our game back, and I could not be happier, or more grateful for a second chance that is so very uncommon in life. So, on this, the 7th anniversary of "Last Day", I still can't believe that I am back in my beloved Paragon City! The only place I wanted to be, and the only game I really wanted to play these 7 years past. I am very happy to be back in my city, and so excited to see what the future brings. It looks like a bright one!
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    Frozen Fury: defeat the Winter Lord. Gather team of 6+, open presents, defeat any winter horde that spawn from naughty present. Hope for him to spawn, search map and defeat him Cold as Ice: defeat Lady Winter in the mission from Father Time in Ski Chalet. Note: only need to defeat her once, but the mission can be farmed for winter horde and tuatha defeat badges. Running mission again lets you choose another reward from the reward table. Run up to 5 times for all rewards. Pro tip: you may want to run this mission 5 times for the rewards rather then Baby New Year as Baby New year is a rescue/escort mission. Update: door sitters will get this badge even if they do not engage her in battle. Cold Warrior: defeat 100 winter horde Lord/lady of Winter: form a league of 12+ and LFG queue into Lord of Winter event. Fight the Lord of Winter, defeat his guardian 3 times then defeat him. Crystalized: win either baby new year mission or lady winter mission and select this reward. Can also be purchased with candy canes Frosty: see Crystalized Joyful: see Crystalized Miraculous: see Crystalized Gift Getter: receive a duplicating gift from another player if you don't already have it, alternatively go present hunting. Gift Giver: give the duplicating gift to another player if they don't already have it Toy Collector: collect 200 presents, note: clicking a present only counts for you and not teammates. You will also receive Winter Horde Gladiator badge. Protip: do NOT camp a spawn point for a present, it will not respawn. defeating any winter horde will help it respawn faster, but they will eventually despawn on their own. Protip 2: you do need a team clicking presents and defeating the snowmen to spawn Winter Lord, but once that is done you are better off soloing this badge as teammates clicking presents does not count towards your badge. Also this is the only way to get the Winter Horde gladiator badge so if you are a badge hunter looking for them all, you have to get this one. Longbow reservist/Jetsetter, Cold Front, Gifted, Frostbitten and Festive: these are the old login badges from past winter events. Obtain them via redeeming candy canes at the vendor in the Ski Chalet. Toothbreaker: defeat Snaptooth 5 times. He is the boss guarding baby New Year. So you need to do that mission 5 times. Pro tip: you have to escort baby New year out of the mission....which means 5 missions to get this badge. OR: you can defeat Snaptooth, log out to reset the mission and defeat him 4 more times. You also get Red Cap gladiator badge. I find the mission reset preferable to escorting Baby New Year out then speak to Father Time again and again again. Running the Lady Winter mission multiple times for all rewards is better. Also if you somehow do not get Toothbreaker during Winter Event you can also get it in Spring Event. Update: Lowbie doorsitters can get Toothbreaker even if they are not actively fighting Snaptooth. Pro tip: in the Baby New Year mission: to get the key you only need to defeat the Winter Horde Group that has the Winter Guard in it
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    How many people commenting on this thread now has actually tested the tanks or brutes on Beta to see this change isn't game breaking for tanks or brutes? Seriously if you haven't rolled any or if all you have rolled is /ss you really shouldn't be commenting on how it will break the game cause it won't. My first worry was nerfing the brute dmg cap would hurt brutes mainly in a farm environment - I tested this to be false its not noticeable. And if it's not noticeable under extreme circumstances like that it won't be on normal teaming for sure. My second concern was the tank aoe and dmg increase would make them the pick of the litter and superior to brutes. I have tested this on 5 types of tank SJ, SS, psi, rad, and Warmace. I did that because I have experience with other ATs with those sets and wanted to see how the change affected tanks with those sets. Each one was improved but not to the point I feel it went anything past putting the tank in parity with brutes it definately didn't outdamage my blaster - any of them, and on rad and psi I would likely stick with those on brutes. SS is good but it's still either feast or famine due to rage and were it not for my first ever character being a invul/ss I probably wouldnt play it because of how rage makes it quirky. I much prefer SJ on tanks - IMO that's the most fun tank set now on main servers or Beta - but even on Beta the changes were noticeable but not to the point I would have felt any differently about how it played before or after the changes the changes just bring it in parity with how the game is focused. Warmace I would honestly leave on my Scrappers, maybe it's because I am familiar with it there, but either way it felt better there to me. None of these changes would make me want to roll a tank by default. To me it felt like a big hitter on the team teaching minions who is boss just throwing them all off of him. Where as a brute feels very much targeted - burning hard targets down and obliterating the masses once rolling - more of a focused intensity. They both accomplish a role, different ways, neither at this point IMO would outstrip any other AT, and you can't use farming as an example of brutes popularity still. I get that this largely based on my opinion and perception, But until you test this, guessing on what you think will happen to anything is unjustified. Give homecoming team time, and credit for giving 2 craps to do this for us in the first place, because honestly all the back and forth and round and round - myself included would make me want to walk away from this.
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    I'm sure this has been brought up, but the ability to have all fire sword variants of fire melee attacks, or all non fire sword (same with Ice Sword, Stone Mallet, etc) would be ๐Ÿ‘
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    I would definitely play CoH in a fantasy setting. Couldn't care less if there's a million fantasy games out there... Couldn't care less about the super-hero theme, for that matter. I mean, I'm fine with it, but it's hardly relevant to me. I'm here for the game system. You could put whatever coat of paint on the CoH game system, and I would enjoy the results. MyLittlePony CoH? Sign me up!
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    Technically nothing they do regarding Homecoming is their jobs, being unpaid volunteers. Expanding that, and addressing the topic of the thread, the issue is a lot of things are an unknown. And things aren't usually actually 'possible vs impossible.' The tend to rather be degrees of plausible or feasible. Programming languages and engines tend to be pretty flexible, and often times knowing if something is strictly possible requires either a high level of knowledge of all involved systems, or experimentation, neither of which is perfect. It's also quite impossible to devs to lay out "this is literally everything that's possible/impossible" or even come remotely close to such a list. Finally you have the social aspect of the weight of a developer reply, and more importantly player's assigned expectations to those replies. If a dev said something was possible, that isn't necessarily an indication of it being considered acceptable but it can be taken that way. And even if a dev say something appears to be acceptable, that isn't a promise that it will be implemented. Things come up. Ideas that seem sound may prove to be difficult for a variety of reasons, many of which may escape the understanding of many players. And no matter how they word it there will be those who interpret it as a promise to implement the feature, or at least are upset if the features don't happen for whatever reason. This isn't to say we won't ever see more feedback from the team, or more likely from community reps. The reality is they're busy people, dealing with a pretty huge project on top of a project, on top of their actual jobs, and family lives, and time to spend with their friends and do the other things in life they enjoy doing. Every moment they're here on the forums reading and responding to ideas is that much less time they have available to actually do the things we'd like them to. This is why I brought up community reps, as when things settle for the team they're the most likely candidates to engage the community directly. They can filter and bring information to and from the devs in a much more focused manner, freeing up the dev's time to do... development. Lastly, the level of focused feedback does exist. It's just more of a test feedback loop than a proposed feature feedback loop. The test server has had two very specific feedback runs so far: snipe overhaul and now tanker AT overhaul.
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    I only panic at the disco
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    So I suppose I'll sit here and make a more serious reply to the OP: It looks like you started a thread back in August about the lack of challenging content in this game and in one of those posts you said (and I'm quoting here) "I've never done anything in City of Heroes I actually got stuck on and had to think about." Looks like you've now found that thing you're getting stuck on and have to think about but instead of doing that you're coming to the forums and asking for a massive nerf. You wanted challenging content and you got it.
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    I played an Energyยฒ Blaster for all 8 years of retail, and again for the past 6 months on HC, and I've never heard of "blanker". It has always been "blapper", both positively and negatively. "Blanker" is quite possibly the silliest thing I've ever heard, and if anyone ever called me one, I'd blap them into the next zone with Power Thrust.
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    Everyone already has a banker character they can email to (on Torchbearer). Email your INF to @tafilr
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    Yes INFORMED feedback. The person you quoted is suggesting folks test it instead of theory crafting. Not a bad suggestion.
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    The beta testing server is no longer visible by default in the Homecoming live manifest, as a sizable number of players dislike being forced to download the files and have the extra options show up. Instead, it is now available through the following URL: http://patch.savecoh.com/beta.xml In order to add this manifest to Tequila, follow these instructions: Click the "Options" button. Enter the Manifest URL in the "Manifests" text box, then click the "Add" button. The "Manifests" box is the one at the bottom. Do not put the link in the top box labeled "Launch Parameters" or the game will fail to launch. If you don't know what Launch Parameters are, make sure that box is empty. Make sure the new manifest is selected and click OK. After clicking "Add", the new URL will show up in the list of manifests. Make sure it is selected by clicking on it, then click the OK button. Check that the beta manifest is active, then close Tequila. Under the "Play" button you should see the beta manifest URL. Do not attempt to launch the game now, or you will launch the live servers. Use the "X" at the top right of the window to close Tequila. Restart Tequila and you should now have the HC Beta options. After launching Tequila again, the HC Beta (64-Bit) and HC-Beta (32-Bit) options will be available. After they are done downloading, select either of them and click "Play" to launch the game.
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    Should swap Telekinesis and Dimension Shift, piss off EVERYBODY!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @Caulderoneis correct, this is a frequently occurring issue. Adds a bit of excitement to using the AH!
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    I think OP is asking a fair enough question. It does come up quite regularly, though, to which the answer is always whenever the volunteer HC team has time, so there's not a lot to be said. Road maps will only serve to create disappointment - there are a few GM and HC team posts saying this scattered around the place. I think your indicating that this is for a review, and that you create videos, implies an agenda. But I'd give you the benefit of the doubt that it's an unbiased comparison of servers. Actually, the last unbiased comparison I saw was really helpful for seeing where other folks have taken the game - there is too much vitriol out there from the rocky relationships some of these servers had to start with and I hope it eases off soon. For me, the rate that other servers appear to be putting out content is a deterrent rather than an attraction to them. I hear mixed reviews about the quality of them and I'd prefer to play it safe. HC can stay in the state it's in indefinitely, I've buried my feet in here.
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    Gygax, not Gigax. Also, I don't think that old-school D&D actually is significantly the origin of holy-trinity team roles. Fighters in D&D were damage dealers, not just tanks, and in fact had relatively few tanking tools. Thieves weren't really DPS: yes they had backstab, but it was difficult to use in combat. Holy Trinity (tank/dps/heal) was created more by video games who had to find more of a combat role for D&D classes, than by D&D per se (which significantly balanced the classes through non-combat roles: thieves kinda sucked in combat but had a whole bunch of stuff only they could do). Mez protection is a creaky mechanic in CoH, no doubt. It kinda sucks that it's such a, to borrow an actual D&D term, save-or-die effect. Most characters either have essentially total immunity to mezzes in PVE, or else get really screwed over by them. It would be nice if there were some half-measures, if for example you could get partially affected by a hold which gave you a slow or a modest damage debuff, if a partial knockback caused you to have a very short stumble animation, etc. Honestly, probably the best balance for mez protection we have in the game are the (somewhat reviled) clicky mez prot powers that don't just let you set up a toggle that you completely forget about afterward and which gives you nearly 100% ability to ignores mezzes. But we shouldn't give blasters 100% mez immunity to everything forever the end. If you like to play Sentinels (and I do!), play Sents. Giving blasters some level of mez mitigation is find (note that there are anti-mez powers in at least a few blaster secondaries). Defenders would be ridiculously, grotesquely overpowered if they could put their armors on themselves. I don't enjoy playing buff sets, but hey, there are debuff Defenders. And holy shit, the last thing that CoH needs is to make Defenders tougher than scrappers.
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    Mostly, yes. That was certainly the intended targets when Paragon did their own version of it. It does also put pressure on people who have the inclination to sit on hundreds of very low level characters with super common names. They either invest time in those alts via leveling them or logging into them regularly, or risk losing the names they aren't really (actively) using.
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    You young powersets and your newfangled quality of life powers. Back in my day...
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    Not sure that is a good reason for the Fender inherent to be crap, or 'less useful' at least. Other ATs could work fine with no inherent also..but that doesn't mean suddenly losing the power wouldn't hurt. Same as fenders actually getting something better would be nice.
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    I will present the winner with a couple of choices and let them pick. If they have no preference or are not sure then I will see what refs I get and go from there. Options would be mostly what is in my gallery already i.e. pencils, inks, softbrushed, digital greyscale, a mini-image for their avatar, I sing you a song... you probably don't want the song though. Here are some examples of what they could expect to choose from.
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    You'll have to forgive my lurkiness... it's always been my way. That said, I just wanted to say 'hi' to all and let you know how much I appreciate all the effort that has gone into this revival. I used to play on Virtue server back in the day and had a little time in SGs such as Gods/Guardians of the Golden Age. Ironwork was probably my most recognized toon along with the Midnight Mask... TBH I bet I spent as much or more time in the character creator as I did actually playing ๐Ÿ˜… These days I play on Everlasting. Ironwork and the guys are there, along with some new creations. It's almost like it never went away.
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    Their 1b inf farm toons that have earned them 5b influence will be less good than possible tanker farm toons.
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    With the nerf to Tanker self +damage, these changes are now a straight nerf to Super Strength. If we start with an attack that does base 100 damage, with 95% damage enhancement: Old numbers: Base damage: 80 Damage from enhancement: 76 Damage from Rage: 64 80 + 76 + 64 = 220 220 * 1.2 (from Bruising) = 264 New numbers: Base damage: 95 Damage from enhancement: 90.25 Damage from Rage: 76 95 + 90.25 + 76 = 261.25 Super Strength was already getting virtually nothing out of the last round of changes besides a virtually meaningless 1 foot increase to Foot Stomp's radius and increased target limit that won't mean much outside of farms, now it's actually worse than it is on Live. These changes can't go Live as-is with a vague promise of a rework to the set in the future.
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    Made a 2nd costume for Remorseless Winter. I think I like this one better than my tech looking one.
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    I am all for anything that actively makes Defenders and Controllers less viable once you've invested 40 or so levels into it. Otherwise, the game might get unbalanced and skew in favor of DPS classes.
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    No. It is only if attuning the IO makes it "Superior" will a set be 'broken'.
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    The sets that do not let you heal yourself would gain a lot more use if you could heal yourself.
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    I'm a fan of lots of room for description (*looks at Virtueverse entries*), but I'm not sure that in-game is the place for it. IMO, in-game bios are best kept short and sweet, like the text box(es) at the top of old comic splash pages ("Bitten by a radioactive Bar, Foo Fighter gained astonishing powers of flight and illusion! Now he uses these, along with his flashing fists and musical ability, to fight crime!"). Think of it as a trailer or teaser, not the whole movie or show. If you want/need more room to fully describe your character, put in a link to some off-site resource so the curious can check it out.
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    So I just finished a Citadel TF and forgot how tedious it can get. "Defeat all" after "defeat all", in various zones and all in the same Council Base map. After a while, it just gets dull. Now while I know serious rework would be probably more effort than can be spent now, I noticed one thing that might make this a little less painful. Quite a few of the "Defeat all" missions have a secondary objective of disabling n computers. Could that just be made the primary objective? It'll allow things to go a wee bit faster, without requiring a ton of work (I hope) A secondary tweak could be to just keep all the missions in Talos...
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    I'll do you one better... where holiday season??? Junehem Phew! Because I would hate to show up to a party wearing the same Oeuvre as someone else!
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    SP creates a buff that emanates from the caster. It will affect you and nearby teammates. FS has 2 notable parts: 1) pseudopet(s?) that affect multiple enemies within a radius of the target. This debuffs each one that it hits (it has a to-hit check) and creates a siphon power buff emanating from each enemy and buffing allies within radius of the buff. 2) an auto-hit buff emanating from the caster and buffing allies close by. To your last paragraph, I see a lot of advice on the forums for kins to drop SP when they have FS but I don't share that view. Better at debuffing hard targets due to spamability (word?). When AV fights come down to just the boss, this will provide a significant source of +DMG (again due to spamability). Works as a 1 slot wonder. Available for all tfs when exemping.
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    That might be in how the wording of many posts - and even the thread title (when will there be any actual content? Really?) - implies that nothing that has been done is of worth. It sets people up to respond defensively, and when you also praise other servers it comes across as a shill, whether that is intended or not. Conversion to 64-bit can be, but usually isn't a small undertaking. There have been new arcs written. Tankers are undergoing a balance pass and getting a buff. None of this is happening quickly, but it's not nothing. As for the 7 years of work... I have no idea, but I doubt that much of that time was spent developing.
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    It's only gotten worse since that post. I'm assuming the variable rolls over after 32767. The number of available respecs I had rolled over to negative after 127 and a GM had to fix it, so vet levels probably do too.
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    It is worth noting that recipes are sometimes harder to come by on the market because people tend to craft and convert things these days instead of just dumping recipes on the market. If you can't find the supply for a recipe you'll either need to buy the crafted enhancement or use converters to get what you want. Then again, across all the builds I've made since coming back, I think I can count on one hand the number of times a piece I wanted had zero supply (and then I just bought a different piece of the same set and used converters to get what I wanted). Also, if you're trying to slot an entire build by only using reward merits to buy recipes, you're doing it wrong.
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    And I do with my Ice Blaster. But I like Inferno and Nova as they are, don't want them changed.
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    So, on account of my current task in polishing up the Dantless Reverie base, making it the best possible version of itself, I'm making a request: To all you excellent fellow base builders here, may I see your best medical setups? It doesn't matter if you have a magic or a more ordinary theme in them; I'm looking for inspiration on both - my intent is to tailor my work to the characters that I expect to be the primary users of various spaces, and this group's medical lead is a fairly conventional surgeon (i.e. a Doctor, rather than a Healer) and he'd want a space that's as up to modern standards as a slightly sentient magic-origin self-reconfiguring base would give him... I can handle that kind of atmospheric trapping myself, I'm just a little stuck as to how to actually furnish his operating room beyond "operating table, throw some tools on a stand, oh there should be a sink in here somewhere." I HAVE made him a fishtank for his office, though!
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    This SS player wants Rage to go away be fixed specifically so we don't keep having this discussion.
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    NB: I have written and tested this guide, and believe it is substantially correct. However, I have not yet personally earned every Ouroboros badge on a single character, so there may still be a few surprises in there, and I think some of the newer story arcs may be even better so I'm testing as I go. I'll update this guide with my findings. Ouroboros offers the Flashback system - a way for you to 'revisit' past missions, or missions you never played, changing 'your' history. And this system offers - you guessed it - badges. Lots and lots of badges. This guide is based off of two threads archived from the boards: St. Angelius wrote the blueside one, and Nericus wrote the redside one. I wanted to have an updated copy that I could update as I experimented with the various Issue 25 updates. Unlocking Flashback First, you need to become Entrusted With The Secret. To do so, once you're level 14, ask a player to open an Ouro portal for you (Pocket D is a busy place to ask, what with all the incarnate trials forming there), then climb to the top of the Ouroboros spire. Doing so will unlock the Ouroboros Portal power. You can also earn it accidentally a few other ways: Complete Marshall Brass's 'Echo Down The Aeons' storyline (Cap au Diable, 15-19). Complete Agent G's or Doc Delilah's story arcs (Faultline, 20-24). During Vincent Ross's story arc (Sharkhead Isle, 20-29) Complete the Ubelmann the Unknown story arc given by Ashwin Lannister or Laurie Pennington (Independence Port, 25-29). Complete Holsten Armitage's mission (Brickstown, 30-40). Complete Tina MacIntyre's Praetorian story arc (Peregrine Island, 40-44). Complete any Patron story arc (45-50). Complete the Barracuda Strike Force (Grandvale, 45-50). Complete the Dr. Kahn (Founder's Falls, 45-50) or Ms. Liberty (Independence Port, 45-50) task forces. Complete the final Kheldian story arc from Shadowstar or Sunstorm (45-50). Earn most any badge in Recluse's Victory (Enter from Atlas Park City Hall, 50). You now have access to the Pillar of Ice And Flame, the big magic supercomputer in the middle of the Ouroboros tower. This will allow you access to any mission that in 'your past' - which is to say, you've completed or outlevelled. What Flashback badges are there? Oh, so many, 76 in all. They're the same for heroes, villains, and Praetorians: 10 badges for number of Flashback arcs run; up to 50 runs total. 3 badges for speed of completion; one for each setting. 4 badges for limited lives; one for each setting. 8 badges for completing a story arc with debuffed players; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a story arc with buffed enemies; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a story arc without travel powers; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a Flashback arc without temp owers; one for each level range. 2 badges for completing a Flashback without epics (ancillaries or patron pools); one for each level range you can have epics. 8 badges for completing a story arc without inspirations; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a story arc without enhancements; one for each level range. 1 badge for completing any Praetorian story arc. This is in addition to the badges you can get from the missions themselves, which could be its own guide... Note that the level ranges for the badges do not match the current level ranges shown by the Aspect of the Pillar; the devs broke up the level ranges for ease of scrolling, since most stories are either right at the beginning or right at the end of level progression. Nevertheless, it's the level that counts for the badges. Optimizing runs In the original boards, St. Angelius organized a four-run system: each story arc in each level range, you repeat it four times, to get all the level range badges: First, run the story arc with No Travel, Foes Buffed. Second, run the story arc with Archetype Powers Only, No Inspirations. Third, run the story arc with No Temporary Powers, Player Debuffed. Finally, run the story arc with No Enhancements (and later, No Epic). Each set combines a power challenge with the minor challenge least likely to interfere. With Player Debuffed and No Enhancements, you want all your inspirations and travel powers to stealth/avoid as much as you can - sneakiness is greatly rewarded by Ouroboros. The most powerful restriction is No Enhancements, which is coupled with the least-restricting power challenge, No Epics. The challenges for lives and speed need only be done once (each), so do it when you've found a story arc you're comfortable with completing quickly. Blueside, I'd do it with Officer Wincott Vs The Trolls (10-14); redside, I'd do it with Eye of Judgement (50). Each run counts as a Task Force, with all the limitations that implies: You can't change team halfway through. Players who drop out can't rejoin! You can't do task forces or even talk to other contacts. You do each story arc at the level of the story arc. You can only exit by talking to the final mission NPC (or quitting the 'task force' in the Team menu of your chat bar). Finally, many story arcs award reward merits, like any other task force. Recommended Story Arcs Here, I'll list things blueside and redside. Only objectives are spoiled below, no story content. Level 1-14 Hero: Officer Wincott Vs The Trolls (10-14). 3 missions: defeat 10; defeat all, 4 glowies; defeat all, 3 glowies, boss. Villain: The Origin of Power (Ashley McKnight). 5 missions (1 door): talk to NPC; talk to NPC; talk to NPC; talk to NPC; 10 glowies, 1 boss. This mission is in the 20-24 list on the server, but awards level 1-14 badges. Villain Alternate: The Hit List. 3 missions: defeat boss; rescue NPC, escort NPC, glowie; 4 glowies, 1 boss. Level 15-19 Hero: I Lost My Daddy! 5 missions: rescue NPC, escort NPC, ambush; talk to contact; defeat 10; find boss (beware mezzes); find NPC, escort NPC, ambush (beware mezzes). Villain: Breakout At The Zig. 3 missions: click glowie; escort prisoners; defeat all. Level 20-24 Hero: The Sky Raiders Secret. 5 missions: 3 rescue NPCs, clear boss room; talk to contact; rescue NPC, clear boss room; six glowies, rescue NPC (timed!); kill boss mob. Villain: Operation Skyhook. 4 missions: get glowie; talk to contact; kidnap NPC, escort NPC (timed!); 2 glowies. Level 25-29 Hero: A Mad Man's Council. 7 missions: 5 glowies; defeat 10 in specific zone; defeat 3; glowie; defeat 15; ambush, defeat boss mob; talk to contact. Villain: On the Trail of the Leviathan. 3 missions: defeat 20; find glowie, ambushes; 5 glowies, boss. Level 30-34 Hero: Rise of the Vampyri. 10 missions: 10 glowies; glowie; defeat all, 2 glowies; 3 glowies; find correct glowies, defeat boss mob; defeat 10; defeat 15; defeat 20; click glowie, defeat boss mob; clear boss room. Villain: Breaking the Streak. 3 missions: Defeat 10; 2 glowies; defeat boss. Level 35-39 Hero: The Ouroboros Initiation. 8 missions (4 doors): Talk to contact; glowie; talk to contact; glowie, 7 rescue NPCs, defeat 25; talk to contact; rescue NPC, defeat boss mob; talk to conact; rescue NPC, destroy guard mob, destroy glowie. Villain: Fat Cat City. 3 missions: Find glowie; find correct glowie; kill boss mob, escort NPC (ambushes!). Level 40-49 Hero: Division: Line. 13 missions: 6 glowies (timed!); 6 glowies; rescue NPC; rescue NPC; 4 rescue NPCs; glowie; glowie (ambush on exit!); rescue NPC, escort NPC; defeat boss mob; defeat boss mob; rescue NPC; 6 glowies; 10 glowies. Villain: Absolute Vengeance. 3 missions: kill boss; clear boss room; kill boss mob. Level 50 Hero: The Strange Case Of Benjamin A. Decker. 4 missions: rescue NPC, escort NPC, ambush; rescue NPC, guard NPC; talk to contact; 4 glowies (timed, NO combat allowed!). Villain: Eye of Judgement. 5 missions (1 door): talk to NPC; visit location; defeat boss (solo!); glowie; talk to NPC; talk to NPC; talk to NPC. Villain alternate: Escaped! 3 missions: Kill boss; kill boss; kill boss.
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    Very cool idea. Might steal it. I've done a streetsweeping-only character, and it's amazing how different the game can feel when you put these constraints on yourself. Revisiting or exploring so many places we're used to zoom by. And the game really holds up as such; even as momentum moved to instances very early, devs still took care to fill the zones with appropriate encounters.
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    Part 1... Addressing the core issue So if we ever do get to voice our concerns as a community on fixing the Sentinel it is kinda my dream that we get on a similar page about what to rant on. First thing to clear up on the ranting is how we address the inherent. I think Captain Powerhouse understands that people don't like it and that it feels clunky. I think we need to exercise some caution around saying hyperbolic things like "being pegged into taking" or "forced to take" when it comes to the T1 and T2. I do not feel forced to take either. I have builds that do take both the T1 and T2 or one or the other. That choice revolves around a lot of different factors. Some factors are just which one has the best DPA and are there other powers I feel are more important. Sometimes that factor is as simple as "do I feel this build can make use out of Defensive Opportunity at times?" and that gets paired with the idea of "I'd still like to have Offensive Opportunity too". If those two things mesh with the build, then I go for it. I tend to find more general value in Defensive Opportunity as the resource return works with AoE powers. Its a nice perk for some builds that are a little endurance heavy. Offensive Opportunity is there for those that wish to completely min-max their damage but let's be real... Offensive Opportunity isn't that good. So when we address the real issue with the inherent let's keep it simple to the fundamental problem. The problem isn't that you need the T1 and T2 because you don't. The problem is that neither of these are all that impactful in the first place. I can skip Offensive Opportunity and miss out on like what... 10% base damage when my build is fully fleshed out? Or I can skip Defensive Opportunity which for some builds can be made completely irrelevant due to endurance management from the secondary. We shouldn't kid ourselves that these attacks are "necessary" because the effects they lend are far from necessary. Hell, some primary power sets can have attack chains fully capable of ignoring the T1/T2 entirely (e.g., Beam Rifle, Archery, etc.). You'd only ever want to click your T1 at that point for the minor damage boost or the T2 for some resource return. Those attacks aren't really there because they matter in the grand scheme of things. I get that a feeling exists on needing to take both the T1 and T2 so that removes player agency. I totally get that, but its in our heads. Still, perception is reality so I ask that we exercise some caution here in order to strengthen the argument. Anyway, the impact of either of these modes sounds great on paper but falls short in actual game play. Additionally, the inclusion of a choice on which mode to pick is only an illusion of one because quite frankly neither mode matters that much. The only thing about Opportunity that is worth a damn is the -20% resistance debuff. That's it and for that reason I feel the inherent sucks. As stated at the start being on the same page is just a dream. I recognize that I am no more right in feeling the way I do about the inherent as anyone else. Though I do feel that we might miss the forest for the trees if we state things like the T1 and T2 powers are must haves in such universal tones. Part 2... Preparing for what may happen If we're going to try and push for more damage, then be prepared to see a removal of the debuff element. If the Tanker changes are kind of litmus test, then if our damage scalar goes up we're likely going to lose the resistance debuffs. In general our damage scalar change should be a net positive for personal damage output while reducing the group play dynamic. I can be fine with this as I think the application of resistance debuffing is a bit out of hand, but our inherent should do something meaning for the role. I'm totally speculating here, of course, but I get the impression that the resistance debuff will go away completely. So what's the role? Well, sturdy ranged damage. Sentinels are just another damage AT tossed onto the dog pile of damage ATs. You don't see Stalkers or Scrappers passing out large scale meaningful support so I don't expect that Sentinels will either. This is going to be a point of contention but I'd rather see the Sentinel lean more into being like a ranged Scrapper/Stalker than some Defender/Corruptor wannabe. Sentinel's just a name. So is Stalker. Stalkers don't really stalk squat unless we're talking PvP. Otherwise they start cloaked and then brawl just like Brutes, Tankers, and Scrappers. What's in a name? So I'd like to see Sentinels move more towards being a ranged damage alternative to Blasters that have more in common with Scrappers/Stalkers (they already do, just push them off the ledge and finish it). It may sound really really generic, but I'd be happy with a damage scalar increase, an increase to the defense values (75% vs 70%), and even adding criticals as the inherent. There is no ranged AT that has a critical hit modifier though Scourge is there sort of. Let Blasters keep their scaling damage in Defiance. Let Blasters, Corruptors, and Defenders keep their higher target caps on AOE. Push the Sentinel more towards being a ranged version of their melee cousins. Obviously a pass on the ATOs would need to happen to make them fall in line with any changes to the current inherent. I'd be happy with that. I'm really really apprehensive about trying to shoehorn in more "roles" to this AT. I don't want to dissuade anyone from speaking their mind about what they'd like to see happen with the AT. Hell, there are plenty of posters far more creative than I am. However, I just feel the more we try to move the needle from being a damage dealer the more disappointed we're all going to get with how the chips fall. I'd also be happy with a simple button being added like Domination that when you click it you gain the resource return of Defensive Opportunity and the damage boost of Offensive Opportunity at the same time. Simplify the inherent without completely reinventing the wheel and restore some player agency as to which power they keep between the T1 and T2. Ugh, I really didn't want too get cynical about this, but I feel that is going to be the reality. ๐Ÿ˜ž
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    Static mounted dome helmet in CoH?!?!? That sounds insane. Stop talking crazy. <COUGHCarnivalStrongmanCOUGH>
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    Hahaha 3 minutes, is that all? You respond faster than DJ1... and that guy has me on follow. Also I thought "schm" was intended to be a dismissive of sorts when used as a prefix, like fancy schmancy?
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    I'm gonna stop feeding now and just get off the bridge.
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    Basic Slotting For the enhancements during your leveling phase i would allways recommend to get DOs up until lvl 22 and after that you should completly switch to IOs. As a Stalker you will have a big focus on your Attacks and some attention at your Survivability options. And then there are things in common for all the Stalker that i play. A Standard generic Attack: Acccuracy, Damage, Damage, Accuracy, Endurance Reduction, Recharge Reduction The Last two slots would be a mix of Recharge Reduction and Endurance Reduction as you see fit. If you have Endurance issues go for 2 Endurance Reduction, if Endurance is not a problem take the Recharge Reduction. I mostly take one of each. The reasoning is to get good value on Damage and Accuracy early on and to hit enemys and get more efficient later on, when you can put more than 2 slots into a new Attack. Assasin's Strike and Heavy hitters: Accuracy, Damage, Damage, Accuracy, Damage, Recharge Reduction Here with Assassin's Strike and the big Attacks you want to get the most Damage as possible. Due diminishing return on enhancements you squeese the highest amount of Damage from your Attacks with 3 Damage enhancements. Also the Heavy hitters are mostly on a lengthy cooldown, so i would go for the recharge reduction Placate/Build Up: 1-3 Recharge Reductions Depending on how much you use these Powers go for the desired amount of recharge reduction. If you are short on slots the initial ones have to be enough. i just like to ignore the fact of the to-hit component on build up. Toggles: Endurance Reduction, Defense, Defense, Endurance Reduction, Defense I go for 3 Slots early on and get two Defense/Resistance/whatever and one endurance reduction into my toggles. Later on in your career you can slap two more slots into it if you like to. There are also toggles out there that just offer mez protection and only very little benefit outside of it or in case of Shield Defense you get a Damage increase toggle. in such cases i just stick to the initial slot and use one endurance reduction only. Click Powers: Recharge Reduction, Healing, Recharge Reduction, Healing If i got a click heal for example i try to get a good balance of enhancements but never use more than 4 total slots. Some click Powers don't have Healing components then it is 2 Recharge Reduction, like for the click mez protection of Super Reflexes. Hide: Do not Slot Hide! Hide gives you a huge bonus to defense when you are hidden but outside of hide you only get a fixed bonus of ~1,88 % on Defense. Every Defense buff IO or more slots than that would go to waste. Hide is really good to carry unique IOs that have a global bonus like Kismet or Luck of the Gambler.
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    I have not had a chance to go through this entire thread but I saw the subject and wanted to drop a quick comment: The AT will go through what may be considered a drastic revamp, I do have my hands full right now so it wont happen soon. Things I can say at this time: the entire inherent will be scrapped. The original goal was the sentinel would do lower than scrapper damage half the time, and half the time inside offensive opportunity they would do DPS much higher than scrapper, averaging to 50/50 bit below scrapper damage. Once the inherent is scrapped, the AT damage scale will go up to be comparable (not equal) to scrappers. The AT will get a new inherent that wont be as required to sustain dps, if at all. My current goal is for the AT to do a bit of honor to it's name and become a bit of a spotter/lookout, via inherent mechanics. Things that wont happen (again sorry if I misread) are target cap increases or any addition of taunting capabilities. The goal of the AT is to be akin to a ranged scrapper, not an armored blaster, much less an off-tank.
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