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    I often find that the best way to stop the spread of negativity is to not make confrontational posts about it in new locations to spread the drama further. Maybe that's just me, though.
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    What you call “challenging why people think what they think” is riding dangerously close to what I call “needling people for no reason”. If someone is resistant to playing along with your Socratic questioning, take the hint and drop it instead of pretending derailing a thread to perform some amateur psychoanalysis is actually for everyone’s edification.
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    Some corrections / clarifications / answers: Tony is the head of The Titan Network. The Titan network has nothing to do with City of Titans (aka The Phoenix Project), that's being developed by Missing Worlds Media. Leandro is not the owner of Homecoming. Homecoming doesn't have a leader, it is a collective (although technically Cipher owns the LLC on paper right now). Homecoming is in the process of becoming a non-profit, although doing this correctly is not a simple or quick process. The non-profit will have multiple board members, ensuring the project is not reliant on or controlled by a single individual. We will always listen to the community - long term we hope to be as transparent as we possibly can be, but obviously current circumstances require a certain level of secrecy.
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    So, Illy, are you going to solo a STF? Sophistry threads can be fun, but only if there is an actual attempt to handwave answers away. You're not even addressing the suggestions, just running away from them... Examples of answers to help you out: "the STF doesn't have an explicit fail state" "i consider running a TF with less than the maximum team members nerfing myself" Either example is easily countered. - explicit fail states are not needed to make a task impossible and therefore a failure (as one has to quit the task force, ergo fail) - a team of other players is not an extension of yourself therefore cannot be considered nerfing yourself; and TFs can be started with one person. So you'll have to come up with something better. There's your forum challenge, if you're still shying away from ingame challenges. 😉
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    I get the same way in the CoH:H Discord general chat. Was going to change my nickname, but sadly "Get down off the cross, take the wood, build a bridge and get over it." wouldn't fit.
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    Here's the run down: OP is apparently so min-maxxed, the content isn't challenging to him. He flat out rejects suggestions such as soloing the hardest TFs on max notoriety settings, playing through tough content with a weaker build, and other such self imposed challenges as he refuses to "gimp" himself to find challenge. In fact, his reaction to such suggestions is snide condescension. Like doing so would be beneath him. ( Which is where I got irked at him, not the fact he was looking for challenge as was his grossly misrepresented strawman of my responses ) Thus, the only logical conclusion is his ideal would be content geared toward players like him, with bleeding edge min/maxxed builds. ie, "the best of the best". That is only a tiny minority of the players. So, kindly show me where the hyperbole is when I'm drawing logical conclusions from his own statements and reactions.
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    You, sir, are a party pooper and a naysayer. And you also assume facts not in evidence. Nor do you demonstrate a knowledge of or particular insight into the present process. There are threads for you elsewhere out there. This one is about attempting to be less negative. Thank you and good day.
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    Sorry gang, been working a bunch. Just had time to update things. I have my own private server setup now and spend more time tweaking it than I think I do actually playing it. Until PINES updates to show bubbles correctly, you'll have to "imagine" that you are seeing 11-12% additional +DEF to all by Psionics from Protector Bot bubbles. And remember that they double-bubble their pals (not themselves) for twice that amount. I've included my Incarnate power choices in the build, but left them turned off. What you'll see is softcapped to everything but Psionics for PVE, and well beyond iTrials softcaps to S/L (at almost 80%) and Energy at around 77%. The rest of the positionals/typed will be ranging from 50-56% for normal PVE stuff. Bots will be at 48% for all but Psi, other than AOE which will be at 58%. Protector Bots, again being unable to double bubble themselves, will drop down to around 36% for all but AOE, and they will be at 46% for that. Psi remains a weakspot for all of them at 24%. Can't really get around that. But with such high +DEF I seldom get mezzed and it's rare for more than one of them to get mezzed as well. Clarion eventually comes along to help with that. You by no means need this much +DEF, and I built it by sacrificing almost all +RES as well as some other things like holds, etc. But I've been happier with this build on HC than I was on my already-happy-with-it build back on Live. Recharge is very high (192% or so with Hasten + Chrono + full set bonuses) and I did some Boosting on some of the normal IO's and most of the +DEF IO's from the LOTG sets. But you can definitely get by with quite a bit less if you prefer. Everything is so cheap (relative to Live) that I just went a bit crazy with a ton of merits and playing the enhancement converter game. So why not? At any rate, hope you find it useful! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1559;739;1478;HEX;| |78DA6594DB4F927118C77F2FBC44202608A828A268A682906487CB36B5B426CB25B| |975C5085EF5DD809771D8F2B27FA1E33F5099375DB4B69C1DA61D2EFA0BB232ADCB| |0E6A97AD1B7A789F6FC0C63BD8E7E5391F7E3FA2D7276D8FA76E9C15927D229D281| |4E2D144A1A8E4336A36658D29C9A5AC96D616978D4208CFB8562CC4636A46894FE4| |970B6A213E3D111F2FA9E99499B49D35BFF85C2993D1B2E1CBDA35ADA8260BFE3AD| |578696121ACC78826B26AAE944E14552D2B5A66352D1D9E511229255F58527356FD| |F75C4E5152ADFA6B4C492B392D5FD4CD6DFFAD736A76D17B2EA726C37529A289A48| |22E963BA8B2207DD74D024FD9247E12066561F805FE20466421EF81FBCC4307CC0F| |EEAAAF2456245DE65F656E914E92749D2CF518D9CFC73CEC057B99563FF323F9185| |18BF1B98175CF98F63566EB3AF894E97AC2F95E501FDC4A5998FC5C9F83C66FE61A| |8C6677C5CE245CAE0A2DA2CD0EFE2175B72C3E516E0BFC2D41F67F45019BD8DFD47| |455D665B618788579641EF4093D9EFD7DA517B3E8A7DCCDEC2B9A2D5CEB67CAD182| |FE5A36D8AF63137CCDF4BD61F6BE05DF315B299E03F11CE86F9BE239399EECBCC03| |97AA799FE29F03CB37F92E9A4386EF4E45E85EE11B8C23CFA007C08DE670E926F3B| |66D4BECDB20D9A91073D79BEF11E3BB7C11DA67717FCCAF47DE7F3F585EAEFE25A0| |C5D6EDE6308FB0939987D94B39B6DA4EE20CFD8076E52EE1ED4D38399EC50CC3ECC| |A4CF64D4773B68640E1B40891938C4DC259F01CC64E026F775EC16781BBC8319DC0| |5EF31D728C4107A187273CD019CAD11F4B26FA3BB861E82385B23E04BEA218C7AC3| |A739E6F153E01878821939C36CA3998C22E728E61641CE08727AE5EADDA40F3D22D| |02019AD48A47A49A4C166AC4172B24132D310275AB329CFCA509256D2B5167BF59E| |97F7ACD5FF0921857826073599245D94F4B31298E73EF7EBED87D8FE774D6694B09| |761EC7104FB0A619F7FDB08C8ED71D13BFB95B79C35F9A53AF96A9D5C7FFE0106D1| |08FC| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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    I'd say more people REALLY want to shoot each other and get away with it, repeatedly.
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    Sometimes you can't go home. But you can always try to make a new home. And Pax, I feel for you. What you described is a terrible way to be treated. And you were justified in being upset about it. But ten years is a long time to hold a grudge. I'm not saying you should go back to warm fuzzy rainbows and what not, but maybe just loosen your grip on it a bit. >shrug<
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    If its content that provides a challenge to the best of the best players, there's no other way to do it. It's not about your preference for difficult content. It's about your absolute refusal to accept the suggestions on how to find challenges because they involve you not having the best of the best build.
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    We are Homecoming. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.
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    As Nihilii mentions, this game actually has a fair bit of under-discussed difficulty, in the form of enemy groups that people don't often play against. Try soloing Rularuu on +4/x8 with, say, an SR Scrapper. For all of the talk about how overpowered we are, there is basically no build in the entire game that can easily solo at the highest difficulty indiscriminately. (The closest thing we have to a build that can solo all NPC factions more-or-less equally well is probably an Illusion Controller, or a tricked out perma-dom Dominator with a diverse Primary like Mind Control - but a build like that won't kill large spawns particularly fast. There are always trade offs.) In a good group, it's harder to find a big challenge at the high end. Incarnate powers just scale absurdly well in teams - but there's still fun/challenge to be found in running random pick-up groups, which may not have all of their Incarnate powers, and probably don't have tricked out IO builds. To me, one of the most appealing aspects of this game is the prospect of designing a build that can get a team through tough situations. Exemplaring to do lower level TFs at high difficulty levels can be very interesting. But the most challenging thing about CoH these days is trying to get a donation in before the window closes. The game's doing something right.
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    Step 1: Find a trainer and switch your build to one you don't use (this is easy, scant few people use multiple builds and you're probably not one of them). Step 2: Respec it and pick your powers and slots to your liking. Step 3: Slot it with SOs. You heard me. Step 4: Convince seven other people to do Steps 1 through 3. Step 5: Do high-level content. (This isn't me being flippant either, I kind of want to try this at least once.)
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    Last Update: 8/112019 (Internal links repaired. Please notify me if any are still faulty.) This is an index of Player Guides, for players, by players. Thank you to everyone that contributes. This is a resurrection of Zombie Man's pre-shutdown Guide to Guides. You can find The undead Guide to the Guides (Zombie Man 4-21-12, [i23]) on the web archive. Its full of all the pre-shutdown guides that countless players wrote and an excellent resource. This Index will be focused on the material written for the I26 Homecoming servers. [glow=yellow,2,300]Mirrors to be found at <placeholder> and <web.archive placeholder>.[/glow] Information on contributing is in section one, the first linked post. This post contains the links to the Index subsections below, allowing quick navigation to the links to the guides. Click the header to be on your way. I. Introduction: The Guide Index. II. Before You Start -Preparing to Play Manuals, New Player's Guides, Account Information, Overviews. Homecoming - What's new with City of Heroes Homecoming Account Info Beginner Guides Tips Guideposts for long range planning Character Creation Names and Titles Rolling Role-Players Origins Alternative Characters Costume Hero/Villain Planners III. Archetypes, Powersets, Powers and Builds Guide to Archetype and Powersets Heroes (Blaster, Controller, Defender, Scrapper, Tanker, Kheldian) Villains (Brute, Corruptor, Dominator, Mastermind, Stalker, Soldiers of Arachnos) New (Sentinel) Pool Powers Travel Powers Other Pool Powers Ancillary/Patron Pool Powers Specific Powers & Character Concepts What Archetypes Can Do Powers used by Several ATs Character Concepts In General Incarnate System General Incarnate Powers and Slots IV. Operating Your Game - How To Make Things Go Commands User Interface Binds & Macros How To Bind & Macro Binds for Specific Purposes Travel Binds Remapping V. Communicating With Others Playing Nicely Know Where and How to Speak Understanding One Another Sying it With Style VI. Combat Mechanics Introduction to Combat Defense, Accuracy, and To-Hit Damage, Experience, Rewards and Leveling Health and Endurance Other Combat Mechanics Control, Aggro and Strategy Pulling Managing Aggro VII. Foes Combating the Environment (PvE) Giant Monsters ArchVillains and the Hero class Foes in General and other Specific Foes Combating Other Players (PvP) VIII. Missions Contacts, Difficulty, and Missions in General Mayhem and Safeguard, Schemes and Policebands Specific Missions Trials, Raids, Events, and Task/Strike -Forces Hero Content Villain Content Shared Content Respecification Trials The Hamidon Raids Lord Recluse Strike Force Miss Liberty Task Force Ouroboros and Flashback Going Rogue and Praetoria Alignment System IX. Teams, Groups, and Bases Teaming How to form a team How to run a team- leader tips Team Strategy Knowing Your Teammates Capabilities Voice Communication Super (Villain) Groups and Bases Creating a group Creating a Base Base Salvage and Crafting (Not applicable in the Homecoming fork.) X Powers -Enhancements and Respecification Enhancements Respecification XI. Inventions - Enhancements, Recipes, "Loot" and the Market Inventions in General Invention Salvage, Recipes, and Drops The Consignment Markets and Economy XII. Other Game Systems Badges Setting Badge Title How to Get a Specific Badge How to get a Specific Badge Set Badge Lists Badge Trackers Arena and Gladiator Day Jobs Mission Architect XIII. The In-Game World - Tale of Three Cities Background, Storybook, and Lore Areas and Zones and other Places Finding Yourself Hero Zones Villain Zones Praetorian Zones Shared Zones XIV. The Out of Character Experience Community History, Customs and Culture Leading by (Bad) Example Comic Books and "The Industry" XV. Looking Under the Hood - Advanced Mechanics 3rd Party Customization (maps, graphics, sounds, fonts, icons) Screenshots, Demos, Videos Computers & PeripheralsHomecoming Development XVI. Getting Help and Other Resources Official Channels Using the Homecoming Forums Other Websites with Guides and Further Information
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    Sometimes I draw stuff. It's not always good. But I'm going to share anyway. So my lovely ThinkPad X61 Tablet was slowly dying, so I flailed about what to get. Ended up with a 1st gen Surface I drew this in Autodesk Sketchbook and started coloring in Illustrator. So far so good! I'm used to drawing in pencil, scanning, and then starting the vector cel color, so happy that I managed to get a decent completely digital sketch. WIP1 is colors at half opacity so the sketch can be seen, WIP2 is the current flat colors in, shadows, highlights, and details TBD.
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    You get 125 Threads at VL 1,2, Skip, 4, 5, Skip, ... 11, None after 11. You get Front loaded 6 Empyrean Merits decreasing over time to 1 Empie @ 99 at VL 3,6,9, ... 99, none after VL 99. (Set no-xp double influence once you hit 99) You can expect approximately: - Unlock all slots by VL 7. Alpha VL 1, Judgement and Interface VL 3, Lore and Destiny VL 5, Hybrid VL 7 - one T3 of each slot by VL 12, aka run 6 +4x8 ITFs. - VL100 - one T3 of each slot and 360 Empies, 710m influence, 1068 Threads, 136 Shards, 13 Reward merits, 8 Cats, 96 Converters, 1 Booster - This is also enough to build one T4 of each slot and at least 1 additional T4, if not 2 or 3 by VL 100.
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    Howdy, In the previous beta patch notes (posted on June 8), the following note was present regarding Energy Aura for Sentinels: Sentinel > Energy Aura > Power Armor: Now has a +MaxHP component as described in the power info. Power is now a passive and costs no endurance. However, I noticed that this note is missing from the new beta patch notes posted earlier today (August 11). Is this change actually still in, or was it removed/reverted in this newest beta build?
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    Savage Assault Spot Prey: This power now grants +68% damage buff and +17 Tohit. Before: +42.5% damage buff and +42.5 ToHit. No longer grants a perception buff. In terms of the loss of a perception buff, why? It was completely thematic and not remotely OP.
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    StJ/Bio scrapper, round 2 - now with T4 Musc, T4 Degen, T4 Hybrid (doublehit), T3 Ageless (recovery) I also "broke" the 5 piece Hecatomb set to stick the Unbreakable Constraint damage proc. It feels terribly wrong, but the ~15 DPS or so it adds also feels terribly right. Although, I'm getting a gap before CU if Ageless isn't up - in spite of the arcanatime numbers saying I should be gapless. Odd. Hybrid On 1:36 = 527 DPS 1:27 = 568 DPS 1:15 = 639 DPS 1:28 = 563 DPS 1:32 = 544 DPS 1:21 = 601 DPS Hybrid Off 1:36 = 527 DPS 1:41 = 507 DPS 1:44 = 496 DPS Those pylons broke down so fast people started to ask for MSR invites on the broadcast channel. Well, apparently it was just a coincidence someone decided to form a raid, so I had egg on my face. But for a moment, just a moment, I could delude myself into thinking I was a one man raid. As always, it would need many more runs to get accurate numbers, but I'm more than happy to take the lowend as a baseline. 500 DPS on a melee character with fast(ish?) animations, using a low maintenance attack chain. That's unbelievably great for me.
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    I will grant that it's not necessarily super-efficient, and depending on how much you get the Enhancement for and how many conversions it takes, the level 41 Reactive Defenses method may still be cheaper. But it's just so annoying that one can't really use any of the Enhancements one converts themself without selling it and then buying the same one Attuned. It's nice to be able to create something Attuned so you can use it yourself.
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    These costume patterns (located in the upper body Chest area) look nice, however I do have a complaint about how they're sorted. The patterns in this part of the costume creator are generally sorted alphabetically, but these new patterns are all down at the bottom of the list. While this does make it easier to find the new patterns since they're all grouped together, it just becomes a headache down the road. I think that the new patterns should be sorted with the old ones, in alphabetical order.
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    Ultimately, OP, you are asking for something that neither we, nor the game, can satisfactorily offer you. What you want will have to be found elsewhere, in either single-player games, or other MMOs which take design cues from earlier ages. Unfortunate, but so it goes.
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    Someone is going down to Korea, eating some Asian food, going to a park to play, then 'building bridges' and flying to... Mt. Fuji? Japan? Before flying back? The red x and the tree are the only things that don't quite make sense to me exactly... That's what I got out of it. But this is a dude that figured out the Mender Silos thing WAY after everyone else did.
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    https://www.strawpoll.me/18456265 I put together a strawpoll with all of these, to get a sense for which one is everyone's favorite. You can vote for multiple options, otherwise Duo will get all the votes 😛
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    Just for clarity, I believe the costume creator refers to these pieces as "Cosmic Corsair" rather than "Galactic Pirate."
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    That is why they're internal. The devs/admins need to decide whether it's something worth pursuing before they throw open the gates to wider feedback; there's no point in getting people involved before there's even a ground plan established.
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    This is one truth about CoH that's not necessarily true of others MMOs: ANY team structure will work, with the right strategy. You NEVER "have to have X" or "shouldn't have Y" on your team. They designed the AT system well so that all times, all ATs contribute just fine to ANY team. So, play whatever you want, and have fun with it. Because, in the end, that's the point of a game, to have fun, right?
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    Ok, I'm about to write a book here... I was an original beta tester for City of Heroes, about the same time that I got married. My wife is a very sweet person that I'm very fond of. When I told her about the new game that I was beta testing, she would watch me play, and very quickly became a fan. The playstyle, the stories, the open world, the lack of requirements for constant missions, the community that was quickly forming, which was different from other games, intrigued her. When the game went live, she and I both signed up. We played together on teams, made friends that we would see and talk to daily, and had fun. She loved that she could play as little or as much as she wanted, without being penalized. She was never a big gamer, but City of Heroes was the game for her. We played all the way up to the end, hoping that there would be some sort of last minute plan or escape clause, but no such thing happened. When the 'Save CoH' movement started, she had hope, and kept hoping. After CoH shut down, we tried to play other games together, but there was always something that was 'off' for her. DC Online, World of Warcraft, all of the others, couldn't capture lightning in a bottle. I stopped playing MMORPG completely, and gained other hobbies. My wife asked me, weekly, 'Is there any progress on bringing it back, or a version 2, or anything?' for the first year after shutdown. I stayed in touch on the Titan Network, followed developments, watch the lack of progress on the replacement versions, and shared things I thought were hopeful. The second year after shutdown all the way up to earlier this year, she still asked me once a month or so. She missed her CoH characters, her friends, and the fun we had from gaming together. We still did other fun things, but there was a tiny CoH shaped thing missing for her. Once the news broke about the pirate version, she was overjoyed. We quickly made characters and told all our old CoH friends about it, and we've had 5 of them return to the game, and we have a supergroup together. This is the good part of the story. Now for the rest of the story. I'm not going to let this happen again. In real life, I am a server hardware and virtualization engineer. The very first thing I did was download a copy of the CoH server, client, and launcher, and got on eBay to find server hardware that would run it, which cost about $150. NCSoft has very little motivation to allow this to continue, and has not been very clear about their motivations in any of their negotiations. I applaud your efforts, but have very little hope that this will result in anything but a shutdown, either now, or six months from now, or a year from now. Later today I'm going to be saving all of the costumes for the characters I and my wife have carefully recreated from our old Live days on Freedom, and brace for impact. I would very much like for the Homecoming guys to allow us to export existing characters, just so I don't have to powerlevel on my own or someone else's server.
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    No, because that's not how these things go when corporate legal teams are involved. There are no good intentions, there's only the corporate interest. Could corporate interest align with the community's interest? Sure. Is it just as or more likely that they came to the negotiating table to get more information (total accounts, active player count, copies of the current HC code, server location, legal name and address of the individuals who are running said servers)? That information will then go to an internal team who can crunch the numbers on whether it is in the company's bottom line interest to work with the HC team or just relaunch their own legit server i24 server and use the info they gained during "negotiations" to best quash the pirate servers. The best hope is that they crunch the numbers and find its not profitable to fight the status quo. I really think it's naive to think there's any "good" intentions here. I also think its very naive if the HC and TN teams are going into all of this without the backing of one or more lawyers of their own. You don't ask your gardner to fix your car and you don't ask volunteer programmers to handle a dicey legal situation against a sizable corporation.
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    I would appreciate the files once you're satisfied with them!
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    Where is your hand? Between two pillows. Those aren't pillows!
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    ...with a lift that drops you down into a cave... ...that exits into Skyway... <.<
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    Don't use that function, copy the URL into your clipboard, and then just go into your post and press CTRL + V, and it'll paste it in there, just as I've done with DD's sig here: It auto translates the image for you!
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    Well... actually....
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    If you listen to half the people who played BFA modern Blizzard couldn't even find its own arse with a map and a flashlight. It's not even sure if you have phones.
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    I get that, but it's another layer of damage reduction, functionally. One of the few weaknesses of Force Fields and its Defense based abilities is that it just had ONE layer, that was also what made it balanced, because it is SO GOOD at that one layer. If you add more layers of protection, it becomes OP. That's why I'd rather the other powers be buffed to encourage their use in a more active fashion by a larger portion of the player base.
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    I'm pretty much a hero side only player, so I can't speak for VEATs. Over Cold? Honestly, knockback/down and repel. I'm not sold on Absorb. It seems to be stepping on the toes of +Resistence sets and might just make FF TOO powerful, by adding another layer of protection. So what should FF do thematically? When I think of Force Fields, I think Sue Storm, as the quintessential bubbler. And her fields were used to defend and to control. She made shields of course, but she also used them for flight, and to push people around, and to hold people in place. She did damage by the force knocking straight into enemies. That's why I want a damage buff on Force Bolt and Repulsion Bomb, and that's why I want the other non-shield powers to be buffed to be more "controllery" . Add the disorient to Force Bolt, make Detention Field more useful to the team by allowing them to attack the target, but make the target useless. Make Force Bubble virtually IMPENETRABLE, but make it smaller so it's not a burden. That's what I want to see.
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    Oh yeah, but that person's just a jerk... I'm ignoring them now. :P
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    Are you talking about Force Bolt here? Because that power does NOT really count as a damage dealing power. I'm pretty sure it does less damage than the Origin Temp Powers.... which suck.
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    If, as Vanden says, there's tech in the game somewhere that lets intangibility only apply to the character and not to enemies... I'm fine with keeping the intangible.. GREAT! If not... I'd rather have either a hold, or better yet make it a toggle so that we can decide when it stops being affected. The toggle idea is really starting to grow on me.
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    Not if you increase the MAG of the Repel effect. Then it'd work just fine. Unless the Repel effect doesn't work the way I think it does.... and yes, I could TOTALLY dig Detention Field as a toggle, that would be just fine as well!
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    Pheeonix, Your Arachnos Base is a-mazing!... How did you get so much done so quickly? The detail you've put into that is incredible. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. 10kVolts, That courtroom... wow. And I dig the whole industrial vibe you got goin' on Silk, That almost looks like a nightclub in my town... even the people dancing on the tables, lol I like how the banners give a sense that there is a "VIP" area beyond. Healix, You've got a nice cozy personal base there. I love the elegance of the entrance and the memorial. sykoholic001, Don't worry about being "original", you've got a nice feng shui feeling for your temple. It works. Vertigo Blue, I love how you've used the ambient lighting to create the underwater feel. Very fantastical and surreal. I love seeing every project. Even if it's still a WIP, sometimes just sharing bits here and there can be inspiring to others. So, thank you all for sharing! Can't wait to see more. ;D
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    Base 2.28 scale damage in their "quick" form, down from 2.76 scale. I would say that is a nerf
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    Im kinda curious but why nerf blasters when its the brutes which are stupidly and horrendously overpowered and you see them farming maps day in day out? Wouldnt have been wiser to focus on that first?
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    They could add absorb and it would still be a weak set. Try playing another set, like Dark, Rad, or even Thermal to get a feel for how far FF would need to be buffed to reach baseline. It essentially needs a rebuild from the ground up. My suggestion is to have personal force field act as a "stance" power. One stance keeps all the powers a select few FF fanatics are so protective of. The other makes them something more useful in a post-IO game on a decent team. So in one stance, Detention Field is still the same cage on live. In the other it clumps up mobs and puts a decent debuff on them. In base stance, repel and force bubble are the (IMO) redundant powers that both knock stuff back. In the stance, force bubble instead gives to-hit and adds a smashing damage proc on allies attacks. Another example - remove the KB from force bolt and up the accuracy. Code it to where with a single KB enhancer it reaches the same level of knockback and accuracy it currently does on live with one accuracy. Have it apply some kind of effect (Encased) that improves other powers. For example, have Repulsion Bomb apply a resistance penalty to something affected by Encased, as you shatter their armor with force.
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