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    General The 32-bit client should now work properly on Windows XP and old versions of MacOS; please let us know if you still need the Safe Mode client. Native High DPI Scaling mode. The game will now use the Windows UI Scaling setting for the monitor it is currently played on. You can disable Automatic UI Scaling from the Options (under the Windows tab) and change it manually. This slider can scale a lot more things than the old Window Scaling setting, which is still available via slash commands for individual windows. Added option under Windows tab to independently change the size of the names above players' / NPCs' heads. Added the ability to select Borderless Fullscreen mode in any monitor connected to the system. Corrected an issue that caused some billboards in the game to have swapped the colors blue and red in the 64-bit client. Fixed a crash on certain missions that spammed LOTS of chat bubbles (Confront Veles, Investigate Harvan's Lab). You can now move stacks of salvage out of the vault again. Tasks Chernobog will now always spawn after the cutscene in Shauna Stockwell's storyarc. Omnicore can no longer be killed by her own robots and prevent her mission from being completed. Added a very obvious waypoint to Laura Lockhart's body in the mission "Defend the UNSF Base". Zones Ghost of Scrapyard can now be spawned by defeating 100 Scrapyarders in Sharkhead Isle, and should no longer walk into the Black Market kill field. The AVs that spawned in Recluse's Victory were dependent on team size, resulting in some of them being rare. As of this patch, they will spawn regardless of team size in one of three pairs: Positron/Synapse, Back Alley Brawler/Manticore, or Ms. Liberty/Penny Yin. On the villain side, it'll be Black Scorpion+Mako, Ghost Widow+Scirocco, or Lord Recluse+Random patron. The cars in Kallisti Wharf will no longer get stuck in an intersection. Fixed the zone cap in The Hive, The Abyss and the Rikti War Zone to be 50 (this was accidentally changed in May - it should have always been 50). Badges Eochai and Jack in Irons will now reward their badges on defeat regardless of how much damage the player does to them. Fixed the badge art for "Skip Tracer" and "Portal Hopper". Base Items Added the Nemesis Horse as a base item, with and without FX. Fixed Bathtub Water collision bug. Powers Fixed an issue where Psionic Assault > Psi Dart and Poison > Envenom would randomly execute a different animations. Fixed an issue where Beam Rifle Disintegration Spread would not need Disintegration effect on the target to be triggered. Fixed an issue where Pool > Concealment > Stealth was making players completely translucent. Fixed missing +Range buff in Blaster Quick Snipes. Fixed an issue where Pool > Concealment > Stealth was granting double Stealth Fixed an issue where Engagement mechanics was taking 10 seconds after attack, when it should had taken 8. Fixed an issue where Devices > Targeting Drone was taking 30 seconds out of combat, instead of 8, to increase it's damage buff. Fixed a bug where Illusion Control powers would not stack as expected. Fixed a bug where Illusion pets were ignoring enhancements. Fixed a bug where Stalker > Epic > Mu > Zapp would crit multiple times in a single activation. Also fixed timing issues with the FX in this power. Fixed a bug in Quick Sniper Blast (All versions) where the central energy orb would ignore color tinting. Fixed a bug where some snipes would not disable properly. Blaster Devices: Targeting Drone and Field Operative were granting double buffs for some of their attributes since last patch. This has been fixed. Gun Drone now taunts enemies it hits. In addition, enemies near the Turret should often prioritize attacking the Drone. This power now takes taunt and taunt set enhancements. Stalker: Mace Master > Mace Beam: This power was doing double critical hits in some situations since last patch. This should now be fixed. Savage Melee > Assassins Frenzy: This power should now grant 3 stacks of frenzy while used from hide. Concealment > Invisibility: the translucency effect should completely disappear if engaged in combat. Dominator > Radioactive Assault: Procs should no longer trigger off the special AoE triggered off hitting Contaminated targets.
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    One thing I will say to the zone cap changes.....the RWZ zone cap needs to be raised. As it stands right now, 1 instance of RWZ can't even support a Mothership Raid + literally ANY OTHER CONTENT. Raid + LGTF? Nope. Raid + Tin Mage? Nope. Raid + Apex? Nope. RWZ isn't like the Hive and the Abyss where people are there for only 1 purpose. It should have a higher cap to support all the content that's included in it.
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    What the title says. The game has changed, power creep is real. The rise of support sets like Nature and Time has allowed self buffing to insane levels and sets with ally only shields feel a little bit dated. FF especially, but cold, thermal etc all suffer from that limitation. Personally, I don't think that allowing these things to affect the caster would break the game in any way but would certainly open up builds a little bit. I'm not sure that opening this on a blanket level to all ally only powers is a good plan, speed boost on self could be pretty crazy... but at the same time Chronoshift is 50% rech and can be made perma without sacrificing other parts of the build. Would welcome peoples thoughts on it!
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    I can not believe I did not know this game is back!!! As soon as I get home from work I'm installing this and getting started. Man I've missed this game.
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    Can we at least give the impression that we don't assume nefarious intent with changes? Jeeze! These guys have given you back a game that was gone for 7 years, and worked their bloody asses off to make it something great for everyone. I don't believe that any part of the conversation regarding these changes was "Hey, let's see how many people we can piss off, and make leave the game!". I have no doubt there was specific intent here, but not the one being attributed.
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    RIP Carnado, which had a much better story than ANY of the Sharknado movies 😛
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    I was considering some of the more vulnerable sets (FF, Sonic, Cold, etc) and their buffs and some thoughts that came to mind: Feels kind of dated and unnecessary to have their shields divided into 2 powers. I can sort of understand but at the same time, it's doing the set no favors. So why not just combine the 2 shield system into 1 ally-only shield? The power to replace the 2nd shield could be a PBAoE buff that also helps the user, maybe with different numbers from the team mates. I guess there's still the aspect of power creep so maybe not straight up defense/resistance but more on the utility side, perhaps? I'd have to spend more time rolling ideas in my head, it's too early for me right now 😞
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    Such amazing ideas and design skills you all have! Here are a few more of mine:
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    TL;DR? Skip to the last line. Process improvement is not really akin to powers balance. The general concept might kind of apply, but the concept as a whole does not. The former involves iterating on the steps of a known process that creates a definable result by incorporating new knowledge and technologies as they become available, removing wasteful steps and ensuring consistent output so that the results of changes to said process can be measured. This doesn't really apply to designing how a power works because the point isn't to make the power as efficient as possible. It can apply to how you manage programming teams, or how a business approaches change management, or any other number of business practices, but it does not plug neatly into managing powers balance. First of all you'd have to define what improvement is in regards to a power in an objective, measurable manner in order to apply iterative process improvement systems to it. That'll be a hard sell given how subjective the topic of powers balance is. Is improvement making it more powerful? Well eventually you reach a point where more does literally nothing because you've already made the game a pointless exercise in pressing your I-Win-Button. Is it achieving identical performance across powersets? Well there's only one reliable way actually achieve that: homogenize the sets to remove variability, which makes for a bland, boring play experience with little replayability. Is it how fun a set is to play? Well that's subjective and can't really be measured, especially since it's a perception that tends to change with familiarity, typically on a bell curve. Without an objectively measurable output to any "process improvement" the entire process improvement system fails. Which is why it is not a literally universally accepted system. It's fantastic for what it's good for, but doesn't apply well to everything. That tangent over with, I believe the core of what you're getting at is making sure a powerset is performing well, which starts with a question to determine if there is a problem, not a problem to determine a solution. Such a question might look like this: Is Shield Defense reliably under-performing in a variety of general scenarios compared to other defensive powersets? Prove that question as true, objectively, and we'll have something to really work with. If you can't/won't directly address this question, or something reasonably like it, you're not going to do much to encourage change. Note that 'performing' in this context doesn't necessarily mean numerically. If a set performs as well as any other, but is universally loathed to play, that's a pretty good indication that part of the design of the set is probably a bit askew. So allow me to address the topic now at hand as directly as I know how to to hopefully prevent any further derailing: Regarding Active Defense, is there something that appears to suggest it performs poorly in the context of providing Shield Defense with status protection compared to every other defensive powerset?
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    Hey guys! Here is a compilation of suggestions on a few topics from our weekly discussion. If you would like to participate in the weekly discussion, head over the discord under the City of Heroes category and check the pinned post for the weekly topic. Weekly discussion 10: Base Week What the community would like to see: • An options to turn prestige back on • P2w vendor • Merit vendor *npc* • Opening doors • Ability to costume npcs/Name them • Apartments • Floating animations for objects • Copy and paste feature • Higher limit to plot placement • Ability to limit horizontal movement to one axis • Ability to lock items in place • Work on Water/Fountain/Waterfall Effects • Ability to size items • Ability to place items more efficiently in hallways • Ability to save a set of assembled items/Ability to multi-move a set of items Items: • Shipping containers • More tintable objects! • High rise cranes • Futuristic monorail train • Salvage racks/enhancement racks with more space/different aesthetics • Recipie racks! • Empty shelves • Cargo Ships / More vehicles • More Staircase options • Building block pieces • Curved Glass/ More glass options • More pillar options • More lettering options • Signs/Plaques • Namable NPCS • Empty weapon/display cases/lab equipment Weekly discussion 11: Frankentypes • MM / DPS (LOTS of MM talk!) • Paladin Tank Primary / Support • Ranged Tank Tank Primary / Ranged Secondary • Tank Primary / Control • Support/Melee – Melee/Support • OP FotY Support/Support Weekly discussion 12: Costume and Character Creation Ideas Costumes Generic: • Long Skirt / Robe Bottoms • More male / Female Hairstyles • More Colors • Weapon Holsters • More tails • ASYMETRICAL ITEMS!!!! • More chest symbols! • Auras with more than one color option • More reptile/Aquatic options • More Weapon options for guns! • Royal themed items • More body types! • More Hat options – with and without hair! • More monster heads! • More unhuman body parts! • Arm wings! • More hoodie options • Jewelry options! • Stealth to not interfere with costumes Costume Specific: • Sybil / Desdaemona • Apply patterns to fur • AV Costume Pieces • Legacy Costume Pieces • Ability to color eyes • Crey Armor • PPD Brickstown Outfits • Freakshow parts! • Coral Details • Rikti parts! Weekly discussion 13: AE • Making all current powersets available to bad boys • Player made Safeguard/Mayhem missions • Incarnate level missions • More abstract missions (Like Summer Blockbuster) • New Enemy poses • AE Wishlist from VonBoom: <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lH3-wrEcUcNAAa1_tR4vx782lvEiGZ-02qAVywtzJRo/edit> • WS/PB options • Power Color customization for mobs • Make your own maps • Tutorial mission arc • Make female/male options open to all characters. • Working on customized dialogue • Giant Monsters • More customizable difficulty • Being able to change the in-mission music • Minigames like ski-slopes • More recent maps • Mission map has native allies that turn at some point – like Prae maps • Mission entrances outside of the AE?
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    Dear devs, Can you please look into making Targeting Drone graphics have a minimal effects option or just have it hover instead of circling around the player? I finally got my wife to roll a character and she chose an AR/dev blaster. AS soon as she got targeting drone it made her sick to play. She can play in 1st person, but dislikes that because she spent hours in the costume designer and would like to see her costume. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated and helpful for myself, my wife and other players. Thank you for your consideration.
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    While we certainly appreciate you looking out for the community, we're definitely covered on finances thanks to the amazing community and their donations. That said, placing ads on the website is not something that we'll be doing.
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    No it doesn't but what if those leechers get the luck of the draw on any particular night and get in before the zone shuts down and so you end up with all 10 lf those leechers on a team of 50. That is a 20 percent hit as opposed to a 5 percent hit to the power of the people actually doing something in the zone. And lets really get real here the vast majority of people are not leeching, at least not when it comes to the hamidon part of the raid, they are more likely sitting down during monsters and buds. So no matter if we have enough power to zerg him or have to do the slow mitos stages most people are not leeching during the hami assault. We can go round and round about leeching and the expected difficulty that gets skewed by having so many in the hive etc. But the fact of the matter is that having raid attendance governed by a population cap creates a situation that essentially gives the raid leaders no choices as to who they want on their leagues, and makes a very good chance that about 2 times as many good players are being left out of the raid then are getting to take part in it. I get wanting to fix the difficulty and such but I don't think this is the way. If anything go back to the capless zones, and work on the next patch to making these encounters instances like the incarnate trials. You can announce a raid take invites until the league is full and then launch on to your own personal mission to take down hami or the mother ship. This also makes it so no one has to compete for the zone. Any league can launch a raid and could have 5 raids going at a time it wouldn't matter. sBut this is a haphazard shitty fix that only punishes good players with exclusion.
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    For the crowd already possessing tricked out, expensively-equipped enhancements, looking for a new challenge, you bet! These are the Classic Wow purists who love their sandbox. For those who are legitimately trying to earn merits via Hami each night, these heroes may now be potentially shut out of a raid because of a few vocal purists. Who cares if the Zerg isn’t how Hami was intended to be taken out? Apparently not the original devs - who clearly underestimated the power that IO sets and bonuses brought to this classic raid. I’m not disputing the merit of learning how to take him down the original, Mito-clearing way. I’m disputing the actual reasoning behind the timing of ‘fixing’ the population cap bug.
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    When has letting a giant manmade-likeness of a horse, sculpted by your greatest enemy, into your most fortified sanctum ever been a bad idea?
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    Obviously you've never lead a raid. It's cool, I've been leading them since issue 5. I'm well versed in both versions of hami raid. The problem you speak of, isn't a problem. People who actively want to raid will generally show up early. Sure, freeloaders and griefers show up, and go AFK on the rock. You make it sound like there are no options, you can bring the wall to the rock killing them, you can spawn hami and hami blast them into nothing. You don't have to invite them to a league. Everyone that wants to actively raid can literally spawn hami, and leave for the abyss. Freeloaders and griefers as a rule have a hard time actually raiding hami.
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    Good job nothing quite like seeing someone who can't see further than their nose try to be the navigator for everyone. The problem I was referring to is you will simply have the zone fill up with free loaders and griefers. No this is not speculation, it did happen on live and with some frequency.
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    Yes because the mechanics are so hard. Oh please help me with the Hami. This is not a curse. This is how it should be, and quite frankly the reduction of leechers to the raids are a good thing. You can run a raid yourself you know, there is no 'in-group' of people leading hamis. There is only people willing to lead hamis. But just because your not willing to lead, don't try to claim some vicious elitist motive to who leads the Hami raid because your unwilling. but oh the Hami mechanics are so hard. Get out of here. For anyone unfamiliar with the hami mechanics, here's a guide
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    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you!
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    I don't usually do this, but I'm going to call out that I am really starting to think that this is a prolonged effort to troll. OTHER MMOs are notoriously bad for roleplay. City of Heroes is the exception. The main reason: Player Agency. The fundamental writing for the central conceit of City of Heroes' lore is almost carte blanc for players to proudly state "THIS IS MY CHARACTER." If you are actively ignoring the explicitly written content in these Story Arcs to justify your characters' involvement in these missions, then that is proof-positive that it is poorly written. Near the beginning of Dr. Graves arc, your character is forced to interact with a terminal and the author of the arc has your character make all manner of very specific, very characterizing statements: All of which imply that your character is dull-witted. The entire "mental time-bomb" segment of Dr. Graves arc establishes the player-character as a complete idiot. The only way to avoid these characterizations is to ignore what is explicitly written. That is what makes it Bad Writing.
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    Trying to calculate DPS from raw power data is the very definition of theorycrafting. "In-game experience" would be something that involves playing a character, not just looking at their power info.
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    Yes, I know that the link I provided isn't directly relevant. It's an old link to show that I've been hip deep in these numbers for years. And given that you had to have the value of procs and fast snipes explained to you (by me, among others), I'm not sure why you think you're in a position to tell me to "read up" on the game's mechanics. You were, I assume, quoting Mid's numbers earlier, when you detailed your build's DPA figures. Mid's incorporates the average fire-dot damage from Fire Blast attacks, and it incorporates global damage bonuses, so you can't add those on top. Mid's also incorporates proc damage, albeit incorrectly. If you were using some other methodology, then that's fine, but you're severely overestimating how much mileage you'll get out of global damage bonuses and a single purple proc per attack. Let's go down the list here: It's a neat trick that you managed to slot "at least one purple damage proc" in all three of your Fire Blaster's attacks (Blaze, Flares, Fireball), because there are only two purple damage procs available for those attacks. (Blaster's Wrath and Apocalypse; the TAOE purple set, Ragnarok, comes with a knockdown proc.) BTW, I've made a helpful spreadsheet that will allow you to calculate exactly how much average damage you can expect from procs in each attack. (I also linked the spreadsheet earlier in one of my previous replies, which is notable only because you've decided to characterize all of my posts in this topic as entirely lacking in substance.) Already covered the DoT effect on Fire attacks. Suffice to say that it's exceedingly likely you're counting it twice now. Yes, Defiance is very nice. 40% is a decent estimate for single-target chains Where to begin? This is exactly what I was talking about, @Sovera. As I said before, we all make mistakes, but I've rarely seen someone double down so fiercely when he's clearly out of his depth. A 40% global damage bonus isn't net. It's additive with your damage bonuses from slotting, Musculature, the passive boost from Hybrid, etc. So let's say you have 95% damage slotting in each power, and another ~33% from Musculature Core Paragon (remember, 1/3rd of the Alpha obeys ED rules), for a total of +128% or so in +damage. That means that your +40% in defiance bonuses is worth 40 / 228 = 17.5% net. And that's pretty much the best case net for a build using Musculature; the net benefit will diminish as you add more damage bonuses, e.g. things like the average benefit of Aim/BU. You also can't just add the average proc damage per attack to your DPS, because each attack has an activation time that exceeds 1 second. That is, assuming that 53.5 were an accurate number in the first place, which it isn't. Here, let me use my totally ignorant noob proc knowledge to help you out: (Blaster) Blaze has a base recharge timer of 10 seconds, and a non-Arcanatime activation time of 1 second. This gives us a Modified Recharge Time of 11 seconds, which means that by default, a purple damage proc slotted in Blaze will have an 82.5% chance to fire, and thus an average damage per activation of 0.825 * 107.1 = 88.36 proc damage, if we assume zero recharge slotting in the power, which isn't practical. Instead, if we give Blaze 90% in recharge slotting (roughly what you'd get from a purple set), then the proc's chance to fire drops to ~47%, for an average damage of 50.337 in Blaze. Flares has a base recharge timer of 2.18 seconds, and a non-Arcanatime activate period of 1 second. This gives us an MRT of 3.18 seconds, which means that by default, a purple damage proc slotted in Flares will have a 23.85% chance to fire, and thus an average damage value of 25.5. You'll probably have some recharge slotting in Flares, though (and it's worth noting that the Blaster's Wrath damage proc actually has +rech attached to it), so let's say 50% in recharge slotting, which would lower our average purple-proc damage on Flares to 19.7. Fireball is more complicated, because it's an AoE. As you can see with helpful spreadsheet, at Fireball's default recharge+activation time of 17s, the chance for Fireball to fire a purple proc on a single target is 65.8%, but of course it isn't practical not to slot recharge in Fireball. Ideally you'd want a purple set in that power, so let's assume ~90% recharge, which would lower our chance to fire a purple proc to ~36.5%, for an average purple-proc damage of ~39.1. The effects of Hybrid Assault Radial on your build will be more complex, though again my handy spreadsheet will give you the numbers. Are you convinced yet that I a) know my stuff, and b) that the matter is significantly more complicated than you might like to think - not least because our info on Sentinel powers is frequently erroneous? This is why my first reflex was to point to the Pylon thread, because although Pylon tests are flawed as predictors of general performance, they do provide an easy sanity check when someone makes a facially silly argument like yours, apparently based on little more than half an hour of playing around in Mid's. If you really want to prove me wrong, then go ahead and record a video of your blaster build at 400+ DPS using that Flares-Blaze-Flares-Fireball chain. I'll even let you use Aim and Build Up 😉 Like I said, man, I don't want to be mean. I make math mistakes all the time, and I'm sure if you keep reading this forum, you'll catch me in one - but your preachy tone is unwarranted. You may think that my criticisms were baseless or evidence free, but from my perspective (and the perspective of many long-time theorycrafting nerds here), you made an extraordinary claim and provided precious little in the way of substantiation. Sentinels have a 0.95 damage scalar. Blasters have a 1.125 damage scalar. All else being equal, that means that Sentinels are at ~85% of Blaster damage. Of course all else isn't equal; as noted earlier, Sentinel blast sets are different from their Blaster analogues in seemingly arbitrary ways. (Sonic Sentinels, for example, may even have an advantage in single-target damage, due to the fact that they get high damage attached to Screech.) And we also have to contend with Defiance and Opportunity, the Blaster's access to Build Up, etc. It isn't straightforwardly a matter of comparing AT damage scalars, but in the absence of any compelling evidence, ~85% of Blaster damage is the most obvious default assumption. So your simply saying that "Blasters have twice the single-target damage of Sentinels, and here's my ludicrously over-estimated 427-DPS double-Flares attack chain to prove it," doesn't fly. It's possible that you could find a like-to-like build comparison that features a Blaster at double the Sentinel's ST damage, but acting as if yours is the reasonable position that everyone else must spend vast effort to refute isn't appropriate.
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    I told my friends last night that if I could pair up Sonic/Staff I'd make a Viking and sub all the Sonic Attacks with sound bites from Bugs and Elmer in the "What's Opera, Doc?" episode. I suspect most folks know which cartoon I'm talking about and if you don't, that's just sad. https://www.topcartoons.tv/whats-opera-doc/
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    Had an idea of making a base that consists of a cemetery that's been sucked into the underworld, after a lot of figuring out, the entrance is finished.
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    Hats with out hair as an option. a "huge" version for Females
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    I assume that a legit licensed project means that people could start receiving compensation for the time and energy they are currently donating to the project. In that case, I would expect that costs to maintain CoH would increase and that would necessitate something like a subscription or micro transactions. Neither of those are desirable to me. If I had to choose, I'd would be less put out by a monthly sub ($10 tops). With a paid dev staff, I would expect to see: New content. This could be continuations of unfinished stories; new TFs and Trials; maybe even new story arcs. One thing you could do is take some of the AE stories that are hall of fame / dev's choice and make them available through regular contacts. Bear in mind of course that you will never be able to release enough content to satisfy everyone. And also that some of the people clamoring for new content are trying to deflect attention away from AE because they don't want it to get nerfed again. (My 2 INF says AE is in a good spot at the moment. It's feeding the economy so we don't IO sets going for 2 billion INF...) New Power Sets. I'm not a huge fan of power proliferation, but some ATs have gotten a lot of love during the in-between years, and others are nearly identical to how they were on Live. Maybe give some of those neglected ATs a little love?. Also, Wind Control and maybe a Defender epic like Physical Mastery, because I have a guy that would love to be using Knockout Blow instead of Total Focus, for theme reasons. Graphical Updates. I'm not talking a whole new look, but would it kill anyone if Granite Form finally had a Crystal option? Also, new costume patterns, hair styles, etc. Fixing costume pieces that have color channel issues. Etc. Continued Transparency. I love how the team communicates openly. Don't change that. For what it's worth, I'm pretty happy with where Homecoming is right now, but I recognize that folks can only be asked to donate so much of their time. If more money needs to flow into the business, then I would just ask that the staff try to keep it current culture and practices alive. Money often makes things weird. So... Tread carefully. Always Forward, Never Backward.
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    A team Mission Statement Full transparency wherever possible. A long term publicly visible plan/goals (annual plan, 2 year plan, 5 year plan, etc.) "Completed" Incarnate Powers (at least for all of the named Incarnate slots) A monthly "state of the game" post with information/stats and an update on how were doing on the plan VS. Where we thought we'd be. A plan for good AE missions/arcs to be folded into the actual game, a pathway for players to provide permanent content into the game's "Canon". That'd be a good start. 🙂
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    I always wanted to see how the Coming Storm story arc ended and just how powerful you'd eventually be able to become with Incarnate abilities. So basically more story more Incarnate stuff :)
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    Hello everyone! Today we have a simple question for everyone: What do you want to see out of a legitimate, licensed City of Heroes server? As a caveat, this thread is not a Q&A and we won’t be answering questions here. We’re primarily looking to gather everyone’s thoughts and feedback about what they’d like to see from us going forward - both operationally and for the game itself! - The Homecoming Team
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    Wanted to make sure as many people as possible see this. The patch notes from this morning say that the Hive zone cap was set back to 50 the way it was back on Live. Raids will have to go back to old school style with 1 league. (Kill the mitos, damage Hami, kill the mitos, damage Hami, etc)
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    >implying there is a "right" way to do anything in this game
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    You can absolutely leave something broken if fixing it will cause more damage than not. The un-capped state of things wasn't great from some perspectives. It made it easy to leach (bad). It made it easy to overload the server (bad). It made a relatively easy activity and made it possible to faceroll it (bad). On the other hand, it made it was a large community activity that saw a large number of folks coming together to do something as a group (good). On Everlasting, at least, it had a festive atmosphere that was celebratory in nature (good). It made it relatively easy for a person newer to raiding to coordinate the activities, which is healthy for the game overall as the more raid leaders we have, the more active things are (good). No population cap meant that it was feasible to invite absolutely everyone along, even if they were brand new (good). The social experience of these raids was one of my favorite things over the last few months of the game. I'm sad to see it go.
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    I like how you think you'll be some anon leecher. Raid leaders talk, word spreads who helps and who doesn't. Character names are learned and when the call goes out to move zones, all you are likely to see is that 'the raid has been canceled'
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    The zone cap being dropped to 50 will make Hamidon useless to run. A dedicated leecher will just follow the raid to the Abyss. Sure, it forces one to do all three mito phases "right" but this screams "NO FUN ALLOWED." to the maximum degree.
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    * Added option under Windows tab to independently change the size of the names above players' / NPCs' heads. THANK you from all of us old farts whose vision is fading.
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    Power Creep would be a good villain name...
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    Going to say that Zodai's done an excellent job here. I may have something more substantial to add later, after giving it some thought, but for now Zod's breakdown really covered all the majorly important stuff that I can think of. But I will say, you'll also want to consider: /chanjoin OOC /chanjoin RP In this case, yes: Out-of-character is held in a separate channel from roleplay, but these channels are not mandatory. They're just another potential avenue to finding other roleplayers and interacting with them.
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    Welcome to the RPing world! 1. I imagine there are times when someone may have to step out of character. How is this normally accomplished? Separate channel? I usually denote it by (( )) that is, ((text in double parenthesees is implied as OOC.)) This is because (Single paranthesees usually denotes thought.), Zodai thought. 2. What does a typical RP session look like? Are there organized sessions? Is it just a passive thing you do whenever a fellow Rper logs on? Both? Both forms are reasonable. Organized ones are usually for larger scale ones, with a more firm premise or larger numbers of people, but people do plenty of RP on their own with whoever they meet. Usually the 'quick RP' forms happen at Pocket D, or at an SG's base if enough people are there. 3. What are some of the common pitfalls that newb Rpers usually step into? I don't know for sure how common they are, but the things that are most concerning would be metagaming and consent-based stuff. Metagaming generally covers all things from a character knowing things they shouldn't but the player does ('I know your secret identity, even though nothing would allow me to do so), a character's level of power being beyond reason without justification (I blow up the planet, everyone dies), but usually it involves an error between the player and character/characters/game world. Game Masters/SG Admins/Event DMs/Etc have authority in events where they're present, so in those kinds of cases you want to ask them for permission depending on what it is. (Obviously though, Homecoming Staff supercede them by turn, in case that isn't clear.) Consent is based in two different things, agency and comfort. Agency is 'the character's agency to take their own actions, and the player's agency over their character.' Character Agency implies that the characters actions have some influence on the story being told, such as trying to save someone from being killed or trying to steal a precious gem or rob a bank. Their actions should influence the game world and have the possibility of altering events - I see it as the character's impact being respected by the story. Some stories will require a certain event to happen for the story they want to tell - It's hard to give an arc about death and grief or failure if players never fail, but the road they take to get there should respond to their effort to achieve their goals. For an opposite example - it's hard to tell a story of a hero down on his luck who doesn't have money to feed his daughter if another player's character he's never met walks up and gives him $1M in cash. In this case the player's personal arc was resolved from an outside source in a way that removes the drama from it, so he would be justified in retconning it because the resolution was improper. A Player's Agency over their Character implies that the player has the final say over what actions their character takes. If you try to shield someone from an attack, you'll take the consequence and get hit, which is a natural consequence of that action. But something like 'this character falls over and can't dodge' without justification (terrain where this would happen, plus a dice roll or something depending on your DM) would be taking agency away from the character. It also means other players can't decide what another person's character does. As I see it, actions are based in the players, but consequences are based with either the DM, or in absence of one whatever all those involved in the scene judge to be a fair result for the actions taken. Comfort is basically 'Am I okay with the scene having content of this nature/having this happen to my character?' Example being that not every player would want to sit through a scene with torture or sexual content, especially if their character was forced into it by means beyond their control. You should be clear that everyone in the scene is okay with the content it might entail before proceeding. This also entails things like character death if the player doesn't want it as a part of the RP. Sometimes a player and DM might come into conflict over this though - I would argue that the DM has a responsibility to communicate what could possibly happen, since not everyone will like some potential parts, but if those are communicated clearly then I would say the DM should lean towards the enjoyment of the group as a whole and that the player might fit another group better. 4. Is there such thing as being too immersive ? Not to be confused with inappropriate speech, but simply just being too much into character? If so Examples? Yes and no. I've been emotionally distraught for weeks at a time from being way too into an RP before but that kind of getting too-into-character is also where my most memorable RPs come from. I would say the main thing where being too immersed is a bad thing is when you stop considering the enjoyment of the enjoyment of other RPers. Even as someone who's hard-line 'this is what my character would do and I want to respect who I believe them to be', nobody's going to have any fun with that if who they are is someone who nobody wants to be with, IC or OOC. ((This itself depends on how fleshed out or well-written the character is to begin with.)) 5. Are their any over-looked nuances RPers skip over that you wish they’d acknowledge as an RPer? For example does full immersion go so far as to change players attire when entering a certain building? Is running everywhere discouraged? Should I get that “walk” power handy etc? In the SGs I'm in, most have some form of uniform requirement for some major events, but definitely not for everyday RP. One of those is a school and the other is a corporation, so uniforms fit there. Fleshing out attire deeper is up to player choice. I don't think running everywhere is discouraged itself since it's more convenient, but most people use walk when they're actually in a scene/talking ICly with someone. 6. Is there a group of dedicated RPers that want to scoop me up? Usually you look for them rather than the other way around. There should be a pin in the Everlasting forum
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    I remember playing City of Heroes as a kid, I was so addicted to it that in order for my mother to understand why i would never let my sisters share the one computer we had, she played it herself, best part was that she bought full subscription along with a couple extra computers after words, it was awesome. I can't believe that city of heroes is back. I might not remember my characters name, but I remember every other single detail of him. To this day i have been waiting for the old game to come back, and then finding out months afterword it came back is insane. I almost gave up on the possibility that it could ever resurface. I am just glad that all the games me and my family played together are back.
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    Twinshot's mission arcs would be far more enjoyable if I could punch Flambeaux in the face after every mission.
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    Stryker, with all due respect, you would probably have a better discussion about your suggestion if it didn't appear that it's a thing you personally dislike poorly reframed as a balance concern. Some of your arguments such as the ones Vanden pointed out are contradictory and objectively false. You only acknowledge comments that agree with you while collectively dismissing any that disagree: Additionally, you don't discuss any of the pros of having AD as a clicky, nor any of the offensive bonuses Shield and SR provide to make up for the few seconds worth of DPS interruption every 1-2mins. Finally, you appear somewhat confrontational and unwilling to change your stance when people validly criticize your arguments, so it's not a huge stretch of imagination to come up with the idea that you're looking for a conflict. While personally I don't agree with the people calling you a troll, the rest of the discussion is not a "sad testament about the community", it's just people easily criticizing the inconsistencies and false claims in your rather weak argument.
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    This is a great place to be. I have missed this game so much over the years. I was never able to install Paragon Chat etc. because I knew it would make the already intense feeling of saudade even worse, so I stayed away. And then I delayed installing Tequila because of what if it's shut down as soon as I start feeling safe again ... but here we are, months later, and still going strong! Paragon City, Rogue Isles, or Praetoria... enter, and be welcome. Welcome home. :)
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    ^^^ This. A would love to see the older assets get updated. After that, a revamp of older missions to incorporate the newer mechanics. Like hostages/rescues finding their own way out of maps. Layer Cake/Multi-ramp Arachnos maps anyone?
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    Keeping it free, with no p2w stuff
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    Updated textures for everything. starting with costume pieces. I have 16GB of system ram with 6GB of video ram. For many people even 8GB of ram is common. Anyone else remember how in 2004 at release 1GB was a tad overkill. I looked it up, in late 2004 the best video card you could buy had 256MB of ram. There is room now lets use it :D
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    More powersets and Khallisti Warf being complete?
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