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    As the original poster, the explanation that was posted by Jimmy (its on the recommended post tab up the top) is more than enough for me. Thank you for your time I was just curious as to why we hadn't seen things like new powersets or new costumes and you gave an explanation as to why, things like the 64 bit server and technical back end stuff.
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    Or implement some sort of "buy back" feature for vendors...
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    This is Madam Ammut. She's a Mastermind. She runs with two zombie pals: ZomBuddy™ and Sir Ardath. Sometimes they listen to her.
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    While it is not particularly needed it can be fun with 8 people or with friends.Lets say you go in building enemies come to you for 5 minutes wherever you are.Additional enemies may come depending on player count.Or enemies get additional buffs if it is hard to implement.When 5 minutes timer up , There will be AV coming you need to defeat in order to continue.Respawn mechanics doesnt work there so everyone has to die to fail mission.Or you can respawn but you exit mission as well as team too.After AV defeat you can choose to continue for stronger mobs and stronger AV possible multiple AV's.Everyone has to same level or close to prevent farming.
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    I'm just hoping we can get the NPC-restricted parts currently in the game unlocked soon. Most of them don't have any issues, as evidenced by fooling around in Icon, and other servers have unlocked them already. I have a Psi Sentinel waiting for that corrupted seer head to be freed!
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    So, my main Hero has always been a Teleporter, right from even before City of Heroes, when I brought the avatar in to this game. And recently, I've been thinking . . . if there is any way, even if it has to be an Incarnate-level Travel Power, it would be absolutely awesome to have a Teleport Power which is completely Instant. Both Cast and animation time, rather than the 2 second activation time and 1.17 second delay. But, yeah, I know this isn't really likely. Just expressing a flight of fancy . . . a hope . . . a dream . . . *melodramatically emotes a longing stare at nothing in particular, accentuated with a gesticulated hand pose* . . . but, yeah, in typing this up, I realize . . . if we're short on ideas for the Incarnate System, some Incarnate-level Travels would be awesome, no? A Super Speed so fast that coming in to contact with an enemy throws them against the nearest wall at high velocity. A Fly so powerful that it blows enemies on to their butts as you zoom past them. A Super Leap which doesn't feel like you're just weirdly under the effects of moon gravity, and instead you actually move with some /OOMPH/.
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    OK, I feel dirty, but the PUNS MUST BE FREE!!!
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    I am always - 100% always - in support of Minimal FX Options /for everything/.
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    That's the thing. Nobody knows what might have happened. All we have are guesses after the fact. Would you be willing to risk it, to be "open and honest", about something that could mean losing your job, your savings, your freedom, and "no more CoH for anyone, ever"? I'll say it: I wouldn't.
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    People have often asked me about farming, not so much about builds, but literally ‘how’ to do it. Personally, I am someone who actually enjoys farming. I find it to be quite relaxing and somewhat cathartic, especially after a rough day or a bad task force. Farming is also a great time to catch up on your podcasts or audiobooks! I decided it was time for a guide! First, what this guide isn’t: This guide will not give you specific farmer builds, or tell you to use specific missions. Specific missions may be mentioned, and people are welcome to reply to it to share their farmer builds or the missions they like to farm. This will not cover farming Reward Merits or Incarnate components, as those require a bit different of a mindset for faring. Second, what this guide is: This guide will help you understand the ideas behind farming, help you find, or make, missions that suit your needs for farming. It will help you understand how different archetypes farm. It will also help you select some of the best tools for farming. It will cover the ideas of farming for influence, recipe drops, and experience. Part the first: the decision! You’ve decided it’s time to start farming! So, do you make a new character just for farming, do you make a second build of an existing character to farm with, or do you just use an existing character to farm? While many characters can farm, not as many can do it highly effectively. Generally speaking what you want from a farmer is the following: High AoE damage output. At or near softcapped defense of a specific damage type. At or near cap resistance for a specific damage type. If you have someone who fits those criterea, you can probably use them to farm fine, for now. If you don’t, or just don’t want to farm with that character, then you need to- Part the second: building a farmer. “What archetype farms best?” There’s not a set best, but some do shine. I won’t tell you which to play, I will, however, offer some insight on which archetypes are easy or efficient to farm with. Brute- Easily the most popular farmer and the easiest to build. Some brute builds are such that they can farm certain types of maps while AFK. Brutes are easily the ‘best’ beginners farmer, they’re super easy to build and pretty efficient. Tanks- The most popular farmers before brutes could be started blue. They don’t deal nearly the damage of brutes, but they are far easier to build high defense and resist on, making them slower but safer farmers than brutes. I rank them as an easy farmer, but they are not a popular choice because they’re pretty low on the efficiency totem. Scrappers- A less popular choice for farming, but still solid with a good build. They’re a little more challenging to farm with than brutes and tanks because most scrappers lack taunt auras, and while they share the base survival numbers with brutes, brutes have higher caps and more hitpoints. That said, a well built scrapper farmer is more efficient than a brute. Blasters- There are two kinds of blaster farmers, good ones and dead ones. I think blaster farmers are crazy, but I have mad respect for them. Farming as a blaster is not an easy task, and definitely not something I recommend as a beginner to farming. That said, when you get one that works, they are some of the most efficient farmers you will ever see because their damage is so high and some have great AoEs. Defenders and Corruptors- I am lumping these two together because they’re comparable farmers. These two both require some very special love and attention to farm with. I’ve seen people who farm well with them, and it’s impressive. Definitely not recommended for a beginner farmer, because they’re not even as direct to build as a blaster farmer. Controller- Once upon a time, fire/kin controllers were the undisputed supreme leaders of farming. They’re still good. Controllers though are an archetype that is a very slow starter, and if you don’t build them just right, will be one of the worst farmers you can imagine. Again, not a good “my first farmer”. Dominators- I have heard of people being able to farm with doms, but I have never personally seen it. Doms don’t have the best damage output, but when built well the can farm pretty safely by just locking everything down and picking them off. Probably one of the worst options for a first farmer, because their only inherent survival mechanic is locking foes down. Stalkers- Here’s the thing with stalkers, they’ve got great single target damage output, but most of them are super weak in the AoE department. They range from being about as good as scrappers at farming, to literal garbage at it depending on the power sets chosen. Also, AFAIK no stalker has a taunt aura. Masterminds- Not popular for farming, MMs can do it with relative ease, but not the greatest efficiency. The problem with MMs for farming is that your pets often cannot survive sustained fire from +4/x8 mobs. The advantage of MMs for farming is that some builds you can literally just sit there and read or crochet or whatever you like while you farm because they need very little input. Sentinel- I am sure someone is going to come along and tell me I’m wrong for saying this, because their sentinel is an amazing farmer, but sentinels are garbage at farming. They have scrapper survival numbers and closer to tank damage numbers. They’re slow, inefficient, and too squishy for the speed they farm at. Epic Archetypes- I have insufficient data on the viability of these four classes for farming. I can see specialized builds for each of them being decent at it, but I am not familiar enough with the archetypes to comment on it, and honestly, I don’t think I have ever seen a EAT farmer. At the time of writing this, the most popular farmers on Homecoming are Spines/Fire brutes- they’re not the best, mind you, but they are one of the easiest. For your first farmer, I do really recommend a brute though. Learn the trade with a forgiving archetype, use that to build in to something else later if you want. So from here on out, I will specifically discuss brute sets (because this guide would take me months to write otherwise), most of what I say translates to scrappers and tankers too though. If you want to farm with something else, consider what I expressed made a good farmer, and why I say some of the following Brute sets are good for farming, if you can’t glean from this information how to select sets for another archetype, you’re probably not ready for one of the more difficult farmers. When choosing your archetype and power set, determine what type of farming you want to do. Fire farming is the most popular, smashing/lethal farms are popular as well, if you’re building a character just to farm, then honestly, stick with one of those two. Fire is a popular choice because it is super easy to cap fire resist, and fire damage doesn’t tend to come with annoying secondary effects. Smashing/Lethal is popular because it’s super easy to resist and defense cap (or close to), and it doesn’t tend to have as many annoying secondary effects. Energy isn’t popular because while it’s not hard to resist/defense cap to it, it almost always comes with stuns or endurance lost (in a farm environment enough stuns can stack on you to stun you for an instant, which is enough to drop your aggressive toggles). Psi isn’t popular because it’s not easy to resist/defense cap, and it tends to come with slows or other annoying side effects. Cold is fairly easy to resist/defense cap, but like psi it is unpopular because of the slows. Negative energy damage is not particularly easy to cap against, and tends to come with accuracy debuffs. Unlike archetypes, I won’t cover ALL the brute power sets, just the ones that tend to shine in farming. That said, any brute can be specced to farm, seriously. Primaries: Spines- Super popular for farming because it’s got decent animation times, a lot of AoEs, and comes complete with a PBAoE DoT aura. Radiation Melee- I actually like Rad more than spines. We could argue until we’re blue in the face which is better, I think they’re pretty equal. The place where I feel rad surpasses spines, personally, is that all your attacks have a defense debuff in them which means it’s easier to hit +4s, and you can slow Achilles’ Heel procs if you have slots to spare. -resist is always good. Titan Weapons- I don’t really like TW on brutes, but it still an immensely powerful AoE set that deals a metric shitton of damage. Side note: One of my favorite farmers is a TW scrapper. Super Strength- Once upon a time, SS was the top tier melee farmer set. This was due to Rage being bugged. Rage got ‘fixed’ so that the defense crash was unavoidable and SS went from top tier to … not that good. SS only has one AoE, Footstomp, but it’s a beast, if you’re fine with every 2 minutes having your damage and defense tank to exactly nothing, SS still works well as a farmer. While Rage is up, SS is amazeballs, without Rage, SS is butts. Claws- An oft overlooked set for farmers, Claws works well as it several good AoEs and is an extremely fast set both in animation and recharge. As an added bonus, it's build up power is an attack, so you do not even have to stop dealing damage to use that. Staff- Not an optimal choice for farming, but it works none the less. It has a couple of decent AoEs, and its PBAoE is on a fairly short recharge time. While it lacks a build up power, the forms lead to some interesting benefits, and if you have three stacks of perfection your PBAoE gains an extra benefit. Secondaries: Fiery Aura- If you’re wanting to farm things that deal fire damage, you cannot go wrong with /fire. You sneeze and you’re resist capped, defense is a little harder to get, but can be made up for with Luck inspirations until you have the money to get your fire defense up. Great thing about a Fiery Aura farmer is that you can actually farm yourself to 50 with this set, because it has the distinction of being able to farm adequately without set bonuses. Fiery Aura also offers some serious extra damage output in form of Burn, and Fiery Embrace. Scrapper note: No taunt aura for scrappers. Bio Armor- Where do we start with bio? Boasting two separate taunt aura, a wide array of baked in debuffs, a mix of defense and resist in the set already, one of the greatest armor T9s in game (which can almost be perma’d), health and endurance management, absorb, and the versatility of the Adaptation stances, literally the only bad thing I can say about bio armor is “there are no skippable powers”. Bio is an amazing choice if you want a farmer who sees play outside of farms, or you want to change up what you farm. Scrapper note: Bio has a taunt aura for scrappers, making it a great farmer set for them. Invulnerability- If you want to do Smashing/lethal farming, Invuln is a great option for you. It provides a mix of defense and resist, easily resist capping to smashing and lethal, defense softcapping with a little work. Willpower- Kind of like Bio, WP is a mixed bag. Defense, resist, and regen are its big things. Can be super solid as a smashing/lethal farmer with a bit of work. Stone Armor- A very unpopular option for farmers, and for good reason, it slows you down and reduces your efficiency by a lot, but especially if you want to do smashing/lethal farming, you could do worse than Stone Armor for a secondary. Once you get Granite it takes basically nothing to get capped smashing/lethal resist and softcap or close to smashing/lethal defense, you could also build for fire pretty easily with IOs. And while it's true that this means you have a reduction in recharge speed and damage, you also have a lot more power picks and slots free to build for offense. It will, as I said, be a less efficient option.. but also a very safe one. As I said, any brute can farm. Just because it’s not listed here doesn’t mean it won’t make a good farmer, it means that either it’s not as good as what’s listed here, or I am unfamiliar with the elements of the set that make it a good farmer (because I am one man, I haven’t extensively played every brute primary and secondary yet). As an aside, my primary farmer is a Titan/Bio scrapper, FotM sure, but I built her before I knew it was a popular combo. Epic/Patron pool selection: It’s pretty flexible at this point, your primary and secondary are usually your main elements. Mu and Fire are the two most popular options for farmers due to the damage output and animation times. Power pool selection: So, as far as farmers go, the popular choices for power pools are things that add more defense, mostly. Fighting, so you can get Weave. Tough is also super helpful if you want to do smashing/lethal farming. Leadership, Manuevers is a nice bit of extra defense, Tactics is useful if your IO build isn’t super strong and you want to farm +3/4s as soon as possible. Venge is a nice LotG mule. Speed, Hasten. Maybe super speed too, if they’re feeling frisky. Leaping, Combat Jumping, super cheap source of +def/Luck of the Gambler mule. Stealth, it’s an odd choice to some, but it provides several Luck of the Gambler mules. IO selection: So this is where things will get super vague, because the exact IOs you choose will depend on what your build is and what kind of farming you’re doing. Your main concerns from set bonuses are going to be defense against your selected damage type if you’re not already softcapped, resist against your selected damage type if you’re not already hard capped, recharge speed, because you want your best powers up constantly. Most anything else you’ll need will come as part of reaching these benefits. Accuracy, Max Endurance, and Recovery are super useful though. Some generally useful specific IOs: Steadfast Protection: Resist/Defense Gladiator’s Armor: +defense Shield Wall: +resist Reactive Armor: +maxHP Reactive Defenses: Scaling Damage Resist Fury of the Gladiator: chance for -resist (great in your DoT aura) Performance Shifts: Chance for +Endurance Numina’s Convalesence: +regen/recovery Miracle: +recovery Panacea: Chance for Hit Points and Endurance. Kismet: +accuracy (generally more useful before your build is ‘done’) Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Global Recharge (Slot as many of these as you can up to 5) Pretty much regardless of the archetype you’re choosing to farm with and the type of farming you want to do, your Archetype sets will be super useful for you to 5-6 slot. If you are fire farming, the Winter sets are really nice because they offer fire resist and defense. They help a fire farmer reach the point they’re resist capped with only one toggle running. Side note: Don’t make the mistake of slotting Avalanche: Chance for Knockdown in Burn. It sounds like a great idea, things flop around you and can’t hit you…. Burn ticks so fast that the Knockdown can stack up to Knockback, and send foes flying. Funny, but terrible for a farmer. Very Rare sets, like Armageddon, Ragnarok, etc. are super useful as they tend to offer high recharge, high accuracy, and the usually something else nice like recovery or regeneration. Incarnate selection: Hybrid: Basically assault is your best option here. I’m not going to tell you which version of Assault to get because the arguments of which is better are endless. I like the +damage more, YMMV. Lore: Find a set with a support pet you like, but don’t bank on your Lore pets for farming due to the long recharge time. Destiny: Ageless is almost always the best option here, typically you want the +recovery version because farming is thirsty work. You may find though that Barrier closes gaps nicely for your farmer build. Judgement: Take basically whichever you want. I dislike the cones for farming, personally. Pyro has a slightly quicker activation type than the rest. Their damage is pretty uniform over all, and for farming you want to crit version, not the secondary effect version. Interface: For farming, Reactive is probably the strongest. A DoT paired with a resist debuff. It may not be much -resist but every little bit helps in farming. Alpha: Choice of Alphas is going to depend on what power sets you choose, and what holes you still need to fill. Spiritual and Agility are my two main go-tos, but if you’re sitting at permahaste and softcapped defenses without your Alpha, Musculature or Intuition is a great choice too. Update: I had a discussion with a friend regarding Alpha selection (specifically for a /fire brute, though this will apply regardless), we were bickering a bit about whether Alpha or Musculature was better for DPS, so being the nerd I am, I mathed it out. The damage per second of individual powers varies based off the activation and recharge time, but at a certain point based off global damage and global recharge, Spiritual will eventually eke slightly higher DPS than musculature. However, spiritual also improves the recharge of Build Up and (where applicable) Fiery Embrace. If you're popping reds constantly, +recharge is definitely a higher value to you than +damagae. Now that you have all of that stuck in your head, go tinker with a build.. OR… Start your character and work on getting them to 50! Part the third: What to farm? Now that you have a farmer, or have decided to farm with an existing character. You must decide what you’re going to farm. If you’re running a fire farmer, your two choices are AE (there are more fire farms on AE than I can keep track of. I like Bloody Rainbow Comic Con farm myself) or the Praetorian Demon farm from Harvey Maylor (to get this arc, be prepared to fight a bunch of carnies and other annoying enemy types before you get it). If you’re running smashing/lethal, there’s some good smashing/lethal farms in AE (I don’t know the names of any off the top unfortunately), the Council Empire farm from Unai Kemen is my preferred option for this, you get it from Unai pretty quickly. If you don’t mind being below 50 and can soak some energy too, the Freakshow War arc in Ouroboros is decent to farm, and offers merits at the end as an added benefit. Plus you can always just get Council radio missions (which is super inefficient for farming). I am sure there are some other good Ouro arcs for farming Smashing/Lethal, if anyone would like to share them. If you’re running something else, you’re kinda limited to just using AE, and you’ll probably need to custom build an arc for it. I may go into some detail on doing that at a future point if there is demand. You’ve decided what to farm, you have your farm ready to go.. Now it’s on to… Part the Fourth: Farming and Fine Tuning. The goal is to eventually be able to farm +4/x8 with bosses without breaking a sweat, sure.. But odds are, especially if you’re just starting out, you’re not there yet. Start by increasing the spawn size until you can comfortably handle x8 (some will go to -1/x8, if you need to do that by all means. I refuse to acknowledge -1 exists, personally), then start raising the enemy level. Lastly, add bosses. You will find the rewards/minute are best from more enemies, and least from bosses (until you can rip through bosses like they’re nothing, too) - as a side note though, bosses are noticeably more likely to drop a recipe, so you’re less likely to get purple drops if you don’t have bosses on. Figure out your optimal attack chain. This might involve respeccing later if you slotted poorly for that particular chain. That’s great because you’re still learning, and realizing you made a mistake and tweaking it teaches you more about making a build than reading a dozen Pines builds. Make sure you’re not running any unneeded toggles. This is especially noteworthy when you have a build that is meant to run outside of a farm as well. Things like on a Fiery Aura character, don’t run Tough in a fire farm, depending on your build you make be able to do without Plasma Shield on. If you’re farming with Bio Armor, play with your efficiency between stances. Sure, sitting in Offensive all the time may be tempting, but you might find you do better in Efficient due to the endurance benefits of it. Something that needs to be said as well: Do not be ashamed to use inspirations in farming. People may try to shame you if you munch purples while farming, those people are jerks and should be stabbed with a spork. Following that up, once your build is completely done, hopefully you no longer need anything but reds while farming. Until that day comes, use whatever you need to maintain the most efficient rewards/minute you can muster. I recommend going to the P2W vendor and disabling Awaken and Break Free inspirations, and then setting up either a macro or a popmenu to convert inspirations of the other types to the type(s) you’ll need. If you’re using inspirations heavily while farming, I also recommend against enabling Dual and Team inspiration drops, because you can’t convert those and they clog up your inventory. (There are guides for quick insp. conversion elsewhere on the forums, so I won't cover that here). I shared the popmenus I use A few posts down. That's all, for now. Feel free to ask questions and myself, or one of the 10,000 other farmers around will probably answer them quickly enough.
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    NB: I have written and tested this guide, and believe it is substantially correct. However, I have not yet personally earned every Ouroboros badge on a single character, so there may still be a few surprises in there, and I think some of the newer story arcs may be even better so I'm testing as I go. I'll update this guide with my findings. Ouroboros offers the Flashback system - a way for you to 'revisit' past missions, or missions you never played, changing 'your' history. And this system offers - you guessed it - badges. Lots and lots of badges. This guide is based off of two threads archived from the boards: St. Angelius wrote the blueside one, and Nericus wrote the redside one. I wanted to have an updated copy that I could update as I experimented with the various Issue 25 updates. Unlocking Flashback First, you need to become Entrusted With The Secret. To do so, once you're level 14, ask a player to open an Ouro portal for you (Pocket D is a busy place to ask, what with all the incarnate trials forming there), then climb to the top of the Ouroboros spire. Doing so will unlock the Ouroboros Portal power. You can also earn it accidentally a few other ways: Complete Marshall Brass's 'Echo Down The Aeons' storyline (Cap au Diable, 15-19). Complete Agent G's or Doc Delilah's story arcs (Faultline, 20-24). During Vincent Ross's story arc (Sharkhead Isle, 20-29) Complete the Ubelmann the Unknown story arc given by Ashwin Lannister or Laurie Pennington (Independence Port, 25-29). Complete Holsten Armitage's mission (Brickstown, 30-40). Complete Tina MacIntyre's Praetorian story arc (Peregrine Island, 40-44). Complete any Patron story arc (45-50). Complete the Barracuda Strike Force (Grandvale, 45-50). Complete the Dr. Kahn (Founder's Falls, 45-50) or Ms. Liberty (Independence Port, 45-50) task forces. Complete the final Kheldian story arc from Shadowstar or Sunstorm (45-50). Earn most any badge in Recluse's Victory (Enter from Atlas Park City Hall, 50). You now have access to the Pillar of Ice And Flame, the big magic supercomputer in the middle of the Ouroboros tower. This will allow you access to any mission that in 'your past' - which is to say, you've completed or outlevelled. What Flashback badges are there? Oh, so many, 76 in all. They're the same for heroes, villains, and Praetorians: 10 badges for number of Flashback arcs run; up to 50 runs total. 3 badges for speed of completion; one for each setting. 4 badges for limited lives; one for each setting. 8 badges for completing a story arc with debuffed players; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a story arc with buffed enemies; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a story arc without travel powers; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a Flashback arc without temp owers; one for each level range. 2 badges for completing a Flashback without epics (ancillaries or patron pools); one for each level range you can have epics. 8 badges for completing a story arc without inspirations; one for each level range. 8 badges for completing a story arc without enhancements; one for each level range. 1 badge for completing any Praetorian story arc. This is in addition to the badges you can get from the missions themselves, which could be its own guide... Note that the level ranges for the badges do not match the current level ranges shown by the Aspect of the Pillar; the devs broke up the level ranges for ease of scrolling, since most stories are either right at the beginning or right at the end of level progression. Nevertheless, it's the level that counts for the badges. Optimizing runs In the original boards, St. Angelius organized a four-run system: each story arc in each level range, you repeat it four times, to get all the level range badges: First, run the story arc with No Travel, Foes Buffed. Second, run the story arc with Archetype Powers Only, No Inspirations. Third, run the story arc with No Temporary Powers, Player Debuffed. Finally, run the story arc with No Enhancements (and later, No Epic). Each set combines a power challenge with the minor challenge least likely to interfere. With Player Debuffed and No Enhancements, you want all your inspirations and travel powers to stealth/avoid as much as you can - sneakiness is greatly rewarded by Ouroboros. The most powerful restriction is No Enhancements, which is coupled with the least-restricting power challenge, No Epics. The challenges for lives and speed need only be done once (each), so do it when you've found a story arc you're comfortable with completing quickly. Blueside, I'd do it with Officer Wincott Vs The Trolls (10-14); redside, I'd do it with Eye of Judgement (50). Each run counts as a Task Force, with all the limitations that implies: You can't change team halfway through. Players who drop out can't rejoin! You can't do task forces or even talk to other contacts. You do each story arc at the level of the story arc. You can only exit by talking to the final mission NPC (or quitting the 'task force' in the Team menu of your chat bar). Finally, many story arcs award reward merits, like any other task force. Recommended Story Arcs Here, I'll list things blueside and redside. Only objectives are spoiled below, no story content. Level 1-14 Hero: Officer Wincott Vs The Trolls (10-14). 3 missions: defeat 10; defeat all, 4 glowies; defeat all, 3 glowies, boss. Villain: The Origin of Power (Ashley McKnight). 5 missions (1 door): talk to NPC; talk to NPC; talk to NPC; talk to NPC; 10 glowies, 1 boss. This mission is in the 20-24 list on the server, but awards level 1-14 badges. Villain Alternate: The Hit List. 3 missions: defeat boss; rescue NPC, escort NPC, glowie; 4 glowies, 1 boss. Level 15-19 Hero: I Lost My Daddy! 5 missions: rescue NPC, escort NPC, ambush; talk to contact; defeat 10; find boss (beware mezzes); find NPC, escort NPC, ambush (beware mezzes). Villain: Breakout At The Zig. 3 missions: click glowie; escort prisoners; defeat all. Level 20-24 Hero: The Sky Raiders Secret. 5 missions: 3 rescue NPCs, clear boss room; talk to contact; rescue NPC, clear boss room; six glowies, rescue NPC (timed!); kill boss mob. Villain: Operation Skyhook. 4 missions: get glowie; talk to contact; kidnap NPC, escort NPC (timed!); 2 glowies. Level 25-29 Hero: A Mad Man's Council. 7 missions: 5 glowies; defeat 10 in specific zone; defeat 3; glowie; defeat 15; ambush, defeat boss mob; talk to contact. Villain: On the Trail of the Leviathan. 3 missions: defeat 20; find glowie, ambushes; 5 glowies, boss. Level 30-34 Hero: Rise of the Vampyri. 10 missions: 10 glowies; glowie; defeat all, 2 glowies; 3 glowies; find correct glowies, defeat boss mob; defeat 10; defeat 15; defeat 20; click glowie, defeat boss mob; clear boss room. Villain: Breaking the Streak. 3 missions: Defeat 10; 2 glowies; defeat boss. Level 35-39 Hero: The Ouroboros Initiation. 8 missions (4 doors): Talk to contact; glowie; talk to contact; glowie, 7 rescue NPCs, defeat 25; talk to contact; rescue NPC, defeat boss mob; talk to conact; rescue NPC, destroy guard mob, destroy glowie. Villain: Fat Cat City. 3 missions: Find glowie; find correct glowie; kill boss mob, escort NPC (ambushes!). Level 40-49 Hero: Division: Line. 13 missions: 6 glowies (timed!); 6 glowies; rescue NPC; rescue NPC; 4 rescue NPCs; glowie; glowie (ambush on exit!); rescue NPC, escort NPC; defeat boss mob; defeat boss mob; rescue NPC; 6 glowies; 10 glowies. Villain: Absolute Vengeance. 3 missions: kill boss; clear boss room; kill boss mob. Level 50 Hero: The Strange Case Of Benjamin A. Decker. 4 missions: rescue NPC, escort NPC, ambush; rescue NPC, guard NPC; talk to contact; 4 glowies (timed, NO combat allowed!). Villain: Eye of Judgement. 5 missions (1 door): talk to NPC; visit location; defeat boss (solo!); glowie; talk to NPC; talk to NPC; talk to NPC. Villain alternate: Escaped! 3 missions: Kill boss; kill boss; kill boss.
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    Ah heck, guess if I roll another it'll be a Scrapper then.
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    I set everything at 100 (it takes 5 inf anyway so I pay my 5% that way). After I type it in the first one I just start rapid fire clicking post....2 clicks per item....it lags a little but it remembers the 100 so I dont have to retype it. Then pop to sold tab and get all inf and see how much you made! Certainly not max profits but good enough for me.
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    And then the high level ambush hits you. You cannot scale down all villains since not all exist at all levels.
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    Did you ever play the old X-Men arcade game? Each character had the same basic punching attacks, but if you built up enough power you could use your characters super power. Wolverine had laser claws that shot across the screen.
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    As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
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    I can confirm that he does, in fact, spawn in random locations. However, he did appear twice in the big room on the second floor. If he is dead when you find him, you did NOT talk to him when you rescued him during Heather's mission.
  19. 1 point
    What a bunch of soft people. You don’t belong in the isles.
  20. 1 point
    I like this idea. But I want the final fight to be non tower Recluse, his four lackeys, and the Freedom Phalanx.
  21. 1 point
    Did it on live so can't be arsed to do it here. So don't. Why do you need to unlock all the badges anyway?
  22. 1 point
    "Yes, Rita can do so." Sounds like we've got ourselves a slogan! . . . "sew" for extra pun points.
  23. 1 point
    On top of being a TAoE for all ninjas...
  24. 1 point
    Harder than the Primalist. By far. See, the Primalist is easier 'cause it uses the player models with the Animal Heads and stuff that were added to the game late in life for the shape-change models, rather than wholly unique models like the Nova and Dwarf forms. They used normal model animations for their powers and had normal model emanation points. The Devs would need to actively screw with brand new model-swaps to add more forms to Kheldians and Nicti. They'd also be Energy-Blasting Birds or Bears or Whatever. Which is dumb. Fortunately, someone has already done the work on making the Primalist available to the CoH Community. The only thing that -hasn't- been done is the inherent 'cause it would require a recompiling of the game data to implement so the Primalist Creator is waiting for the next recompiling of the OuroDev team's work. They've also stated they'll be handing their Primalist Class work over to the Homecoming Team as long as the HC Team -wants- Primalists added to the game... My money is on "Yes". TLDR: Leave PBs and WSs alone, use the Primalist, instead, once it's available for implementation.
  25. 1 point
  26. 1 point
    Okay, this thread does absolutely nothing but go around in circles again and again. It was faintly amusing the first time, but now I'll close it.
  27. 1 point
    wow, thought it was much older than that! I blame the 6 year hole in the middle, not my absolutely terrible memory!!!
  28. 1 point
    Thank you @Geodyne for the Feedback. I changed the part of Ninja Blade to less funny but more accurate. I got into so many other projects.i hope to add the pool power section some day.
  29. 1 point
    I know that you're not a fool.
  30. 1 point
    One trick you can use - if your build calls for several Kinetic Combats and you're using recipes boughten with merits, the Acc/Dam of the set is only an Uncommon and costs 20 merits. Craft that and run in-set conversion on it to get one of the rares; you don't have to buy those with 50 merits, and the first one-merit, 3 converter change is guaranteed to land on a rare. By this artifice you can fill in the whole set with a lot fewer merits than 50 per recipe.
  31. 1 point
    don't hold it in. Let it all out.
  32. 1 point
    Just had to delete some posts. As a reminder, this forum is not the place to discuss disciplinary actions taken on other servers. This thread has also veered wildly off topic. If anyone wishes to continue the original topic, please do so now, otherwise I'll probably lock the thread as the original question has now been answered and discussed at length.
  33. 1 point
    Cool thought, but I think it would probably break the balance of the game since it was not set up for multiclassing from the start. You can do that in DND without too much fuss because the game was built from the ground up to support that functionality. Your idea would be cool but I imagine it would be a task that would require a dedicated and paid dev team.
  34. 1 point
  35. 1 point
    Eh. I keep seeing this claim. Yet, if I understand it, Homecoming asserts that they were preparing to roll out the code at around the time the news broke. Which to believe? Well, after the news broke/was leaked, Homecoming almost immediately rolled out public servers and a vast volunteer effort with a server (almost immediately becoming multiple servers), forums, discord, in-game GMs, and (let's not forget) cold hard cash that would only later be replaced by donations (always a risky expenditure). Having worked on volunteer internet efforts before, I have to say that the speed, size, and well-thought-out comprehensive deployment of the (all-volunteer!) Homecoming effort would be completely implausible as a panicked response to the leak. It's patently obvious to anyone who's ever done any serious volunteer effort that this MUST have been in the works before the leak. That said -- that's a moment's examination would lead any thoughtful person to reject the claim that HC never intended to release -- we are left to wonder why this narrative is constantly being pushed, and by whom. Do the the people asserting this claim think we are easily fooled?
  36. 1 point
    That is correct. When more than one type of defence stat is relevant, the game always picks the one with the highest number. That is also correct. Attacks are tagged as melee, range or AoE, the actual range doesn't factor into it for defence. There was untyped damage in early versions of the game - I think most of it became toxic damage. Kheldians used to have to deal with unresisted quantum damage before they were nerfed to boring old negative energy. There are other damage types, done by a very few bosses in trials and raids. For example, the Hamidon does electrolyte damage that needs a special inspiration for damage resistance. The Terra Volta reactor one has a shield you need to go and grab periodically and I think another raid boss does a special damage type that you use an inspiration for that drops fairly often on the map it's on. In all three cases, defence is totally ignored, but there's a way of dealing with the damage using either inspirations or the shield so it's not a problem. There are also a handful of control powers that don't have a positional tag at all (unless they were patched on Homecoming, but I don't think they were). They're all psi and mostly from the Mind Control set, so if you really want to cover every possible attack you'll see outside of raids and trials, psi defence is one you'd need to think about. I think some of the Carnies have some control powers from Illusion that lack a positional tag and the Ritki use mind control powers a bit. This is actually useful for players occasionally, like then a Paragon Protector uses Moment of Glory the pure psi attacks are still very effective against them. The big one is really when you're fighting Numina as she has a few powers with no positionals and will either be elite boss or AV-tier so can absolutely wipe the floor with you if you're not prepared. The best advice is to just use a couple of inspirations to get your psi defence and resistance high enough to deal with her. There's one strike force where you go up against her with a few other heroes and most people just deal with that by taking her down first.
  37. 1 point
    I just think it's nice that we're only worried about influence sinks to deal with piles of money from AH or farming addictions instead of the usual hyper inflation reasons for them in game economies.
  38. 1 point
    Hm that's fair. I take the opposite approach usually, at least when I'm unfamiliar with a powerset. I feel like I have to get into the weeds and really get the feel of every power in order to understand the performance deeply. I have a dark/dark blaster as well and playing him's a piece a cake since I'm familiar with all the various dark powersets, it was just a matter of mapping that to the blaster high damage / made of glass playstyle and he's doing just fine. So far this combo is leaving me thinking that I may just scrap it and play the powers separately because the most important thing is: I'm not enjoying it.
  39. 1 point
    I definitely suggest Invulnerability. That set is stupidly good on Tankers. You can softcap your defense to all types except Psionic, have capped S/L resists, and capped HP. It's immensely survivable.
  40. 1 point
    Something a lot of game designers have to learn the hard way. Or just choose to ignore. Though you could say it's difficult to manage because the amount of tedium involved is obnoxious. As a note, though, and this is a 'generally speaking' thing: Singular, niche MASSIVE inf sinks are far less effective than more universally desired smaller ones. Not that you can't have both.
  41. 1 point
    Love th badge name and graphic but did not like taking down the civilians either.
  42. 1 point
    Yes, I am frankly unwilling to compromise on a topic whose (supposed) benefits I do not deem worth even the minor loss they imply. As for the grind, for those who enjoy it, the game already provides plenty of content, and very tangible reward in many forms.
  43. 1 point
    having the game back is not special enough for you? It's here. Enjoy it while it last it may be gone tomorrow.
  44. 1 point
    As a badge collector .... I’d say leave the badges out of this , it’s hard enough to collect them all without you adding badges that take hundreds of hours to get .
  45. 1 point
    You could always buy Winter packs and give me the IOs.
  46. 1 point
    This is my favorite lurking forum seriously. Mom and Dad fighting all the time about everything.
  47. 1 point
    I'm finding this not only tedious, but a bit nauseating myself.
  48. 1 point
    I have not had a chance to go through this entire thread but I saw the subject and wanted to drop a quick comment: The AT will go through what may be considered a drastic revamp, I do have my hands full right now so it wont happen soon. Things I can say at this time: the entire inherent will be scrapped. The original goal was the sentinel would do lower than scrapper damage half the time, and half the time inside offensive opportunity they would do DPS much higher than scrapper, averaging to 50/50 bit below scrapper damage. Once the inherent is scrapped, the AT damage scale will go up to be comparable (not equal) to scrappers. The AT will get a new inherent that wont be as required to sustain dps, if at all. My current goal is for the AT to do a bit of honor to it's name and become a bit of a spotter/lookout, via inherent mechanics. Things that wont happen (again sorry if I misread) are target cap increases or any addition of taunting capabilities. The goal of the AT is to be akin to a ranged scrapper, not an armored blaster, much less an off-tank.
  49. 1 point
    Energy Melee was a PvP powerhouse back in the day. I remember my EM/Nin Stalker running around and killing everything but tanker in Recluses Victory. You could AS->Energy Transfer->Total Focus. That was 3 hard hitting abilities and ET had a amazingly short animation time. Also a lot of Archetypes were disoriented and did not have that much life anyway. Then i had Moonbeam for the ones that ran away with little to no life. Nostalgia.... But then the nerf came and ET got such a long animation time, that it was basically useless. Today it is even worse, because ET can not crit. Even out of hide. So basically you are looking at a primary without ANY area damage and two attacks that have a very long animation time which one of can not even crit. The only thing it has going is the glowing pompons and sound effects that stimulate my nostalgic memory....
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