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    I would like to see Super Trolls used in Story Arcs.
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    I like to think badges tell a story of what the alt has accomplished. So having global badges would stop that.
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    Do you want -dmg on the player or the enemies? I do not think tanker damage needs to be lowered at all.
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    I would only support this for anniversary and holiday event badges because they can be one off events. The rest, IMO, should be earned from character to character.
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    As the original poster, the explanation that was posted by Jimmy (its on the recommended post tab up the top) is more than enough for me. Thank you for your time I was just curious as to why we hadn't seen things like new powersets or new costumes and you gave an explanation as to why, things like the 64 bit server and technical back end stuff.
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    Absolutely not all servers were invited. You just exemplified why: This stance is very prevalent amongst the larger servers that were not invited. We want these talks to succeed, so it would be incredibly unwise for us to invite parties that strongly adhere to this belief to the table. It would only muddy the waters.
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    Or implement some sort of "buy back" feature for vendors...
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    You people have seriously have no idea how happy I am right now. I have needed the camaraderie I used to get from CoH for a long time now. After battling depression for the past couple years I'm only just now coming out of it and I know it sounds stupid, but having the opportunity to build friendships outside of work with people who really enjoy the same thing I enjoy has me just so happy right now. Just seeing how active this community is has me smiling. It feels good to be back. Any suggestions on which server to join?
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    I was going to post a longer reply, but... No. Just no. This straitjackets the creation of story arcs to an unreasonable extent, and there are good story arcs already in existence that break the 'rules' you want to impose -- "The Clockwork Captive", for example.
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    This is Madam Ammut. She's a Mastermind. She runs with two zombie pals: ZomBuddy™ and Sir Ardath. Sometimes they listen to her.
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    Now, to answer to the OP! There's a few reasons for the apparent slowness. Some others have touched on the reasons but I'll provide a bit more detail. We've been focusing a lot on underlying technology before content. There's been massive behind-the-scenes changes whilst we get ready to start working on new stuff - the 64-bit client is the most obvious public-facing example. Attention is taken up by things not directly related to development. Yes, the talks are one of those things, but we're also having to manage, maintain and moderate a far larger and more complex infrastructure. These things, and others, take up time and energy. The team contains several professional game developers and software developers and as such our quality bar is very high, and we're matching the quality existing content as closely as we can. There's plenty of new stuff in the pipeline, we just want to put more time into it before we're happy to push it out for wider testing. The team is still small. We absolutely will be recruiting people and growing the team in the future (we've had many, many, many people express interest), but it's not quite time for that just yet. We're focusing on tools and infrastructure first. Hope that all makes sense.
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    So, my main Hero has always been a Teleporter, right from even before City of Heroes, when I brought the avatar in to this game. And recently, I've been thinking . . . if there is any way, even if it has to be an Incarnate-level Travel Power, it would be absolutely awesome to have a Teleport Power which is completely Instant. Both Cast and animation time, rather than the 2 second activation time and 1.17 second delay. But, yeah, I know this isn't really likely. Just expressing a flight of fancy . . . a hope . . . a dream . . . *melodramatically emotes a longing stare at nothing in particular, accentuated with a gesticulated hand pose* . . . but, yeah, in typing this up, I realize . . . if we're short on ideas for the Incarnate System, some Incarnate-level Travels would be awesome, no? A Super Speed so fast that coming in to contact with an enemy throws them against the nearest wall at high velocity. A Fly so powerful that it blows enemies on to their butts as you zoom past them. A Super Leap which doesn't feel like you're just weirdly under the effects of moon gravity, and instead you actually move with some /OOMPH/.
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    While it is not particularly needed it can be fun with 8 people or with friends.Lets say you go in building enemies come to you for 5 minutes wherever you are.Additional enemies may come depending on player count.Or enemies get additional buffs if it is hard to implement.When 5 minutes timer up , There will be AV coming you need to defeat in order to continue.Respawn mechanics doesnt work there so everyone has to die to fail mission.Or you can respawn but you exit mission as well as team too.After AV defeat you can choose to continue for stronger mobs and stronger AV possible multiple AV's.Everyone has to same level or close to prevent farming.
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    There are a few invention origin enhancements that give you an instant boost to a stat, or add a special effect to an attack. Even if you're not super-mega-tricked out with IOs at level 50, there are a lot that add a lot to your build, starting at about level 10. Always buy them attuned from Wentworths/The Black Market/The Trading Post - You can access this by typing /ah in most outdoor areas, and in Pocket D. The reason for this is that they scale with your level, meaning you only need to buy them once. Most are a few million inf. The IOs have a bonus that affects you - if you add Steadfast Protection into a power that gives allies more resistance, they won't get the +3% defence from it, only you. There are a small number that specifically only affects your pets, but they are very clearly labelled. IOs also have a level limit, normally between 10 and 30. If you go three levels below the level of the enhancement, the bonus shuts off. How do I get a few million inf? Here is a guide. Here is another. Others exist. If you run story arcs or task/strike forces you get reward merits. You can go to a merit vendor and buy stuff through it. Generally, for a bit of cheap cash you can buy enhancement converters and sell them on the auction house, but if you're really clever you can craft cheap enhancements and convert them into ones that sell for a better price. You might not be super-rich, but you'll have enough to afford what you need as you're levelling. Survival The Fighting power pool gives you access to Tough, which takes resistance slots. Combat Jumping, Hover, Stealth and Afterburner all take defence slots. Health can take Healing slots. Steadfast Protection (cheap) Damage Resistance Slot +3% defence Gladiator's Armour (expensive) Damage Resistance Slot +3% defence Unbreakable Guard Damage Resistance Slot +7.5% hit points Reactive Defences Defence Slot +3-13% scaling damage resistance this gets higher as you lose hit points Shield Wall Defence Slot 5% damage resistance Preventative Medicine Healing Slot Chance for Absorb shield the chance increases as you lose hit points Panacea Healing Slot Chance for small (5%?) heal this also does the same for endurance and is worth taking for that reason alone Put in as many as you can fit into your build. 6% defence is better than it sounds, and Preventative Medicine and Reactive Defences have a really nice synergy that if you get injured you get harder to take down. Additional ones dealing specifically with psionic damage: Impervium Armor Damage Resistance Slot +6% Psi resistance - not unique, you can have 5 of them Aegis Damage Resistance Slot +3% Psi resistance - unique, you can only have 1 Status effect resistance helps you recover from holds, sleeps etc slightly sooner but they do not prevent them from happening: Impervious Skin Damage Resistance Slot +7.5% Aegis Damage Resistance Slot +20% There are also several +steath enhancements. I recommend the Celerity one, slotted into Sprint - it turns it into a low-grade stealth power which is good for travelling round unmolested. Additionally, there are three knockback protection enhancements in the Karma, Blessing of the Zephyr and Steadfast Protection sets. There are several "chance to heal" and a couple of "chance for absorb" powers... the heal is only around 5%, but the absorb is about 15. I don't regret putting the absorb proc in my hold power, but it's also something I could live without. It's also worth going for the accolade passive bonuses which can give you 15% extra hit points. With those and Unbreakable Guard, you've got yourself +22.5% hit points, which is pretty notable. There are a number of enhancements that increase your health regeneration... I'm slightly apprehensive to recommend these as they have a much more significant impact on archetypes that don't have problems surviving, but Regenerative Tissue gives you 25% Regeneration, which the highest you can get from a single IO. This will help you recover between fights a bit faster and stay upright in longer fights, but probably isn't enough to keep you from dropping without other methods of protecting yourself. Recharge This is global recharge - it makes almost all your powers recharge faster. For reference, Hasten gives you +70% recharge. Luck of the Gambler Defence Slot +7.5% recharge - you can have up to five of these, giving you a +32.5% recharge bonus as well as enhancing defence. If you have any defence powers, this is a very good use of a slot. Force Feedback Knockback Slot Chance for +100% recharge for 5 seconds - if you have a lot of knockback powers, this can help keep your recharge generally quite high. For Kheldians, energy blasters, force field controllers, fortunatas etc, this can be quite noticeable. It seems that some powers that pulse knockback regularly have a disproportionately high proc rate because of the number of checks they make. Endurance As a general rule: put an endurance reduction enhancement into the three attacks you use most often. Even if you run a lot of toggles, you might be better slotting your attacks for EndRed because of how often you use them than just doing the toggles. Panacea Healing Slot Chance for small (5%?) endurance boost. Miracle Healing Slot +15% endurance recovery. Numina's Convalescence Healing Slot +10% endurance recovery. Performance Shifter Endurance Modification Slot Chance for 7.5% endurance boost. You can put the Healing ones in Health and Performance Shifter in Stamina. Panacea and Performance Shifter are the best value mathematically. All four are more powerful than standard IOs under most circumstances. Damage and Extra Effects There are a few Chance for Build Up procs, which give you a damage and ToHit bonus for five seconds. Gaussian's is the only one I'd bother with - I'd usually put it in Build Up to make it even more build-uppy, but if you team a lot or are a Mastermind or Crab Spider you can slot it into Tactics as having more teammates means it'll go off more often and you can kind of treat it like a critical hit mechanic. I have it in Build Up on my Stalker and Tactics on my Widow. There are a variety of damage procs you can put into your powers. These are a chance to do a set amount of additional damage. I'm not going to list them all, because you can look them up on the auction house and there are a lot of them. Check what enhancement sets a power can take on the enhancement screen and then use the filters to find a proc that suits your power. They generally start at level 10 for ATOs, 20 for control powers and 30 for attacks. Some general advice: Generally speaking, a power that does very low damage is a good candidate for a proc as you'll get more bang for your buck than you would adding another damage enhancement. If it does very low damage, adding an enhancement is still only enhancing a very small number, but a proc will add a flat amount of damage. You can add it to some powers that do no damage, turning them into a weak attack. It's also a way of sneaking round the diminishing returns of multiple enhancements, so you can add even more damage to an already very high damage attack. AoEs have a lower chance for it to trigger on each enemy to compensate for the fact that it hits a lot of targets. If you put a proc in a power with a slow recharge, it's almost guaranteed to go off, which is a good way of adding damage to things like nuke attacks or AoE holds with long cooldowns. There are also procs for status effects like hold and disorient, but they tend to be low duration - the one I would recommend is Contagious Confusion which has a chance to confuse a fairly high number of targets within a fairly high radius without drawing aggro. It is quite expensive, though. Sudden Acceleration has an enhancement that converts knockback to knockdown, which can turn annoying powers like Gale or Bonfire into very powerful control powers. The (expensive) Ragnarok set has a Chance for Knockdown proc that you can put into a power like Caltrops, which can make it into a more useful control power. Pets There are several enhancements that add to the survivability and utility of your pets - note that they affect your pets, not you. Masterminds will get the most use out of them, but certain other builds (crab spiders etc) may also see a lot of benefit. These create an aura around the player, so keep your pets close: Edict of the Master, Call to Arms and (Superior) Command of the Mastermind (MM's only) add pet defence Sovereign Right, Expedient Reinforcement and (Superior) Mark of Supremacy (MM's only) add pet damage resistance Smaller bonuses (probably not worth it unless you have slots to spare): Soulbound Allegiance Pet Damage adds a chance for your pet to get a Build Up effect Commanding Presence Pet Damage resist taunts/placates Be warned, though, slotting for pets is often tight so you may want to think carefully about these. Archetype Origin Enhancements Each archetype has two sets of enhancements unique to them, and each of those sets has one enhancement with a special effect. You can take them all at level 10 and then upgrade them at level 50. In most cases, they slot into an attack, although Masterminds have to put them in pets. Unless specified, they only trigger when the attack they're slotted into is used. Some are very, very good, some are nice but you can skip them until much later. The set bonuses for the ATOs are almost always very good, so definitely think about them later on. The following are noteworthy: Both Stalker ATOs are very powerful. Slot the Chance to Hide one in Assassin's Strike for double criticals and the Chance to Recharge Build Up anywhere it fits, then put Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control Chance for Build Up in Build Up itself for double build up a few times a minute. Get them as soon as you can afford them. The Form Empowerment one for Kheldians is a flat upgrade - get it when you can afford it. The other one you can leave until later. The Scrapper ones are a flat upgrade - get them when you can afford them. The Brute ones are a milder flat upgrade - get them when you can afford them. The Soldiers of Arachnos fear proc works well in an AoE. Their toxic damage works like a global proc - it can go off in any damage power. Get the toxic damage one as soon as you can afford it. Get the fear proc one eventually and put it into an AoE attack for some damage mitigation. Controllers have an energy font and Dominators have a fiery orb, which are small, short-duration pets that lots of people find underwhelming. Apparently they work best in AoE status effect powers. Tankers with lots of resistance can probably skip the Chance for Res one, although the Absorb one is pretty good for anyone. Defence-based tankers should take both. If, like me, you left Live before the IO system came into full force, you might think "fizzle this shizzle, it's all too complicated" - it's not that bad, and hopefully this will help you get started. Any questions, please @ me and I'll try to help. Thanks to Veelectric Boogaloo for pointing out the Mez resistence and regen IOs and Erydanus for the specifics of the Stalker ATO.
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    Fucking perfect. Now that I read it, it seems so obvious and ideal that I'm shocked it hasn't already happened. As far as I'm concerned, you win the thread. I realize it's not a contest, you still win.
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    A scene just happened to run into one day. Speaks volumes about the state of the City and why Heroes are needed.
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    Google doc has been updated with @Purrfekshawn's dps numbers (with a credit to them!) and will soon have pictures of each of the pets.
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    LOL, most of the brutes I see on team really don't care if they are outdamaging a tanker or not, if one is on the team. They just go in and "H<redacted for copyright>K SMASH!" I think folks are too obsessed about who does more damage or doesn't. Are things dieing? Brute and the Fury mechanic is doing its job (or any damage at really) Are things being pulled at the tank so that squishes on the team don't die? Tank and Taunt, etc is doing it's job. EDIT: I don't think giving tanks a little more damage is going send most brutes into the corner worrying about working harder. They will joust go about their business.
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    I'm just hoping we can get the NPC-restricted parts currently in the game unlocked soon. Most of them don't have any issues, as evidenced by fooling around in Icon, and other servers have unlocked them already. I have a Psi Sentinel waiting for that corrupted seer head to be freed!
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    Sleet and Tar Patch have comparable -Resist with comparable duration... but Sleet has a 60 second recharge while Tar Patch has 90. When you're in an AV fight where you get to stack -Res fields, being able to summon an additional -Resist field earlier adds up to a lot more damage in the long run. Also, with Cold, you can proc Infrigidate and have a 90% chance to apply Achilles Heel, for an additional average -18% debuff. So you probably end up around 30% more -Resist on the average, leading to about 30% more DPS. Note that if I ran Ill/Dark, I would take Weaken Resolve, which puts out about -30% Resist... but eats up a lot more of your attack chain. Lastly, Cold applies its -Regen once in a while, while Dark has to spam Twilight Grasp in order to match -Regen values. Even if you proc out TG it will still remain a low-damage attack with just two damage procs, so your -Regen debuff is eating up a lot more of your attack chain, while Ill/Cold has more free time to throw out Spectral Wounds or Arcane Bolt. In the end, you can come close with /Dark if you take Weaken Resolve, but you're still using about half your attack cycle on Weaken Resolve and Twilight Grasp, which aren't adding much to the actual damage, just applying important debuffs. So I don't see how /Dark would completely match up to /Cold on the offense side.
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    OK, I feel dirty, but the PUNS MUST BE FREE!!!
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    Some of us are hoping to see the final Tanker changes go live before we age another year (December birthday and all that)...
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    Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do
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    Personal milestone here; Thanks to Veracow and his nightly runs, I have just passed my total of 1344 on Live; This is of course thanks to all the new badges on Everlasting, and the lowered requirements of some as well as the far more active cowmunity (I never had all the healing badges on Live, but Rikti Moo'thership Raids and Rebirth Cow Ephiphany has got it now!) ... but it feels good all the same! Now to push onwards and catch up with some of you 1500+ burgers!
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    Most KD powers, IIRC, list their actual mag value of 0.67. I wonder if there is a significance to that value. If they were to be set to, say, 0.10 instead, even doubling or tripling the effect wouldn't put it over the threshold, but then you could boost actual KB powers without fear of it changing the KD ones... In giving more thought regarding the ghost MM set, here's a very rough rundown: 1. Ice bolt 2. Summon Spectral Follower (has basic ice attacks and gains more with upgrades) 3. Ice blast 4. Enchant spirit (1st upgrade power) 5. Freeze ray (or maybe Ice breath) 6. Summon Spectral Knight (has ice melee and ice armor powers, gains more with upgrades) 7. Deathly chill (basically a pet-centered toggle version of sleet with a smaller AoE) 8. Summon Daemon Lord (uses ice blasts and ice control powers, gains more with upgrades) 9. Spectral empowerment (2nd upgrade power)
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    I know not all of us can use it. But I made a discord for those who would like to. https://discord.gg/H6NBbd
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    I am always - 100% always - in support of Minimal FX Options /for everything/.
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    A distant cousin of my Legacy character Loam, I give you Lahar, Earth/Fire Dom. With fire slightly water-coloured, sadly since you cannot combine Earth Control and a water power. 😞 Then why are you smiling? <ring ting swish>
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    It's not rocket science, man. They don't want people involved who consistently bad-mouth the people they're trying to negotiate with. It's also just a video game so people that are still, 7 years after the fact, demonizing a company for shutting down a video game is a little too unhinged to have involved in a serious negotiation.
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    That's the thing. Nobody knows what might have happened. All we have are guesses after the fact. Would you be willing to risk it, to be "open and honest", about something that could mean losing your job, your savings, your freedom, and "no more CoH for anyone, ever"? I'll say it: I wouldn't.
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    I think it's kind of amazing, but not really surprising, that people can simultaneously think/argue that "talks with NCSoft will never work" and "Leandro should have released his code years ago." Because if both of those are true, here's what would have happened, IMO: It's 2013 or 2014. The secret gets out, somehow. And the same people at NCsoft that were responsible for shutting down the live game send out their attack lawyers to kill this illegal project stone dead. That's it. Game over, forever. The last hidden spark snuffed out. And five years later, we have none of this. IMO again, within a month of when it finally got out, we saw the proof of what would have happened. The people running the then-dominant server got a whiff of what they thought might be a valid C&D, went "hoshit", and immediately shut it all down. Fortunately, it wasn't a real C&D, and other people were there to take up the reins. This time. IMO for the third time, the complainers - still, months later! - are a bunch of folks who are mad that they weren't invited... to a party held by people hiding a family in their attic, with every reason to believe that if word got out (and it almost did, how many times before the last?) the police would swoop in and arrest and/or disappear them all. No, you weren't trusted or invited. Because those were the stakes (as far as anyone knew at the time). The lives of the people who had the code ruined, and no more CoH for anyone, ever. Fortunately for all of us, it seems that 7-8 years is enough time for things to change at NCsoft that they didn't immediately SWAT the server. (I, personally, do not agree with those who argue that they never would have, or that it wouldn't matter because "they'll never get all of us"; maybe they couldn't hunt down every private server, but there would be nothing like Homecoming or Rebirth, and I don't consider eight people playing on a server in someone's basement to "really" be CoH. So instead of one secret server hiding from the authorities, you have a dozen; how is that actually better to the thousands not in the know?) So I have hope that this time, something might actually come of this round of negotiations. But either way, I don't want to see a game that is almost 100% pure nostalgia appeal, a time capsule of an MMO from 10-15 years ago, and which is by most accounts a barely-functioning mass of badly documented spaghetti code, loaded down with a bunch of half-baked "brilliant" ideas with even less consideration and testing put into them than the Cryptic/Paragon devs (and that's saying something).
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    Pictures of all the City of Heroes Incarnate Lore Pets (T4) https://imgur.com/a/kgH6dea
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    And then the high level ambush hits you. You cannot scale down all villains since not all exist at all levels.
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    We are already overpowered as it is without additional buffs on people. I'd also be careful about not introducing WoW style grind. They should be fun and reward XP and Inf.
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    Did it on live so can't be arsed to do it here. So don't. Why do you need to unlock all the badges anyway?
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    I'm on Excelsior also! This has been a great topic IMO and some awesome responses/interests/opinions. I ended up making a Radiation Armor/Spines/Mu tank. Almost fully slotted the way I want, and still have incarnates to go. Capped a few resistances, very strong defense numbers, then throw in the -to hit debuffs from aura and darkest night....good stuff. My global is @Scarlett Angel. Holler anytime I'm on and would love to team with any of y'all!
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    One trick you can use - if your build calls for several Kinetic Combats and you're using recipes boughten with merits, the Acc/Dam of the set is only an Uncommon and costs 20 merits. Craft that and run in-set conversion on it to get one of the rares; you don't have to buy those with 50 merits, and the first one-merit, 3 converter change is guaranteed to land on a rare. By this artifice you can fill in the whole set with a lot fewer merits than 50 per recipe.
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    If they don't dance, well they're no friend of mine
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    I gave up 2XP so I can enjoy the content. Praetoria is amazing but with 2XP it is so easy to outlevel it in a few days of playing.
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    I've not seen anyone else discuss ongoing talks with NCSoft. Ours have not. We've been engaged in discussions with them since April of this year. This is also false. Posts that break the Code of Conduct are actioned. Feedback and criticism is not. The very fact your post is being left up - despite the many, many inaccuracies - is proof of that. Not sure what you mean by this. We're incredibly open to feedback, especially about balance updates. Serious changes spend months on the test server. As for the legal stuff, we've explained every step of the way what's happening and why it's happening. We are working with other servers. I've not go time to pick through your entire post, but please don't claim you are here to halt the spread of misinformation whilst also spreading your own.
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    IIRC there are some psionic attacks that non-positional, and perhaps some trials big glowies "avoid this" patch attacks, and toxic doesn't have typed defense but is affected by positional defense.
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    Nice of you to include a swipe there at the end. So you list off a whole bunch of heals/regen (absorb is just a different pool of hit points being healed- if you believe otherwise you have no grounds whatsoever to criticize anyone for not understanding anything). Yes, and a smidge of resists which is all you get from the set (11% after enhancement is a smidge). I do find it funny that the absorb in regen is a big deal, but SR having it as well is something you just brush off (not to mention the scaling resistance is on the order of the regen resistance). I have both SR and Regen sents at 50 now, and both are incarnated out. I think I might have a clue about what I speak. Can you say the same? I know what each set can do in practice. That's not speculation- that's a road test. SR is more durable. That's just the way it is. I actually like how regen plays, and I'm glad I made one up, but I know what each set can handle, and SR handles more.
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    having the game back is not special enough for you? It's here. Enjoy it while it last it may be gone tomorrow.
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    For Mind Control I would start by lowering the recharge time on Mass Confusion from 240 seconds to around 120 - 180 seconds. Longer than Seeds of Confusion or Synaptic Overload but shorter than currrent. The second thing I'd do is fix Total Domination, but that isn't a Mind Control specific thing, its all-control-sets-thing that should have happened when Blaster nukes were lowered in recharge time and made crashless. There are a couple of suggestions floating around about how to do that.
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    I hope double-posting isn't against the rules, but this is relevant. I compared both Pool Assault and VEAT Assault (Widow specifically) for a completely unrelated reason (they offer the same bonus to damage if you're wondering), and noticed an oddity that might be why this is the case. Pool Assault provides +55.65%% resistance to taunt/placate on target. That's normal. Widow Assault provides -954.00%% taunt/placate on target. What's that supposed to mean? Something here is telling me that VEAT Assault's Taunt/Placate may not have been implemented correctly, but seeing as how these two effects are relatively rare outside of PvP I don't think anyone cared to look into it.
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    His first appearance is in the second mission of Heather Townsend's arc (Burden of the Past). That's the mission where you have to defeat 3 boss spawns of Talons, then save Sigil after the Talons take Kadabra. Hop is always on the second floor of the mission at the end of the hall from the elevators. Save him AND talk to him. Then he will appear and be savable in the later arc, though lying on the ground and easy to miss. I don't think he always appears in the same spot the second time, so you have to search for him.
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    One thing I would add on this. With the I24 IO changes it is possible to get decent Psionic resistance for an Invulnerability character if you want to. There are four IOs which provide a Psionic resistance: Impervium Armor: Psionic Resistance (+6% psi resistance) Aegis: Psionic/Status Resistance (+5% psi resistance) Reactive Defenses: Scaling Damage Resistance (+3% resistance to all, increasing up to a max of +13% at low health) Shield Wall: Teleportation Protection, +Res(All) (+5% resistance to all) You can slot 5 copies of the Impervium Armor IO and 1 each of the other 3. Assuming you slot all 8 this will give you 43% Psionic Resistance and an additional 8% resistance to everything else (this is at full health, you'll get a bit more as you take damage)
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