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    These changes were meant to be something fairly quick, but ended up dominating time and attention. Continuing on DM would mean Electrical Affinity, Experimentation, and the new sets would suffer and be delayed.
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    Actually, I decided to be not lazy, and out of every power in the game, these are the only ones that have more than one positional tag (all of which are ranged + aoe): Power: Missile Launcher (5thColumn.Fifth_Column_Minion_Soldier_Heavy.Missile_Launcher) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Musket (BanishedPantheon.Banished_Minion_Ranged.Musket) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Sleep Gas (Crey.Crey_Lt_Boss_Armored_GrenadeLauncher.Sleep_Gas) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Musket (Event.Zombie_Ranged.Musket) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Grenade Launcher Sleep Grenade (Guns.Grenade_Launcher.Grenade_Launcher_Sleep_Grenade) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Missile Launcher (Portal.Axis_America_Missile.Missile_Launcher) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Particle Cannon (Temporary_Powers.Temporary_Powers.Particle_Cannon) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Smoke Grenade (V_ParagonPolice.Grenade_Launcher.Smoke_Grenade) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Venomous Spray (V_Snakes.Boss_Low.Venomous_Spray) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Venomous Spray (V_Snakes.Elder_Cobra.Venomous_Spray) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Venomous Spray (V_Snakes.Stheno.Venomous_Spray) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true Power: Venomous Spray (Vahzilok.Facemaker.Venomous_Spray) has ranged: true, melee: false, aoe: true So there are a few, but they're quite rare (I wouldn't be surprised if they were accidental as well). Like the BP Musket, while it's tagged as AoE + Ranged, the display help doesn't mention AoE, and it's not an AoE either.
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    @Captain Powerhouse I would just like to say the initial Dark Consumption tweak was inspired and a thing of beauty in my opinion. It kept the existing functionality and provided some additional aoe damage in a unique way. Lowering the recharge and increasing it's viability in both low endurance and high endurance situations. Bonus damage applied to targets closest to the caster opened up an opportunity to do same real damage without clearing entire spawns. Very elegant. Sure criticals were going to be too much and the curve would need adjustment. Hopefully this will be the starting point when/if this gets picked back up.
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    Change ALL Peacebringer KnockBACK to instead be KnockUP. That way, Peacebringers are not "forced" into paying a "Knockback Slot Tax" on builds that are already STARVED for slots due to all the extra powers that need to be slotted up in Nova and Dwarf forms to make those forms "viable" (per se). It's bad enough that Tri-form Peacebringers need to spend very nearly HALF of their additional slots on form powers ... but then to saddle them with a "Knockback Slot Tax" ON TOP OF THAT is just adding insult to injury. Would be really nice to test to see if altering their totally (fixed) RNG based Knock* effects could instead be modulated to be a sliding scale dependent on Accuracy so as to allow Players to influence their Knock* chances through their build strategies. Peacebringers would make an almost ideal "road test" candidate for this kind of update to their powers, and if the methods used are successful, the worst thing that could happen is that other Archetypes will start clamoring to have the exact same thing(s) done to them next (boo hoo!). Just about the only thing that could possibly be done to relieve the Slot Crunch™ that Tri-form builds labor under (for both Peacebringers and Warshades) would be somehow cross-linking the number of slots that Form Powers have to the actual Form POWERs themselves. Have 1 slot in Nova Form and all of your Nova Form powers have 1 slots in them. Have 6 slots in Nova Form and all of your Nova Form powers (now) have 6 slots in each of them ... courtesy of slotting up Nova Form. A sort of "a slot here adds slots there" type of functionality, which to my knowledge is completely unsupported by the City of Heroes game engine elements governing this part of the game system.
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    This suggestion is rubbish! (sorry, but someone had to! 😄 )
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    That's only one word, let me fix that for you: Shotgun Melee
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    What amazed me is when it was still Sub only. For the cost of a single movie, you could play for hours on end for an entire month. I found that to be a great bargain. Granted Free is good too. 😃
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    Quick Guide to Movement Speed Some Info, Tips and Tricks to Traveling By Bopper Written: 1 Mar 2020 Updated: 2 Mar 2020 I’ve been looking a lot at travel powers lately and I have come across a few nuggets I wanted to share that I don’t think is common knowledge, but it should be. First I’ll give a short primer on what the base and max speed for each of the three movement types (Flying, Running, and Jumping…sorry, no teleport but I may revisit it), along with explaining the difference between a power providing “+X% to <Movement> Speed” versus “+X% Strength to <Movement> Speed”, then I’ll get into the fun stuff you can do with Flying, Running, and Jumping. Base and Max Movement Speeds: Fly Speed (mph) Run Speed (mph) Jump Speed (mph) Jump Height (feet) Base 21.48* 14.32 14.32 4 Max 58.63 (87.95)+ 92.50 78.18 200 * In issue 18 the base flight speed was buffed by 50% to 21.48 mph. + The standard max flight speed is 58.63 mph, however there are powers (such as Afterburner) that can increase the max flight speed to as high as 87.95 mph. What’s the difference between “+X% to Movement Speed” versus “+X% Strength to Movement Speed”?: If you see a power or bonus that says “+X% to <Movement Speed>”, it means it is an increase from that movement type’s base speed. So, a +10% to Fly Speed would mean your total Fly Speed is increased by 2.148 mph (10% of Base Flight Speed). If you see a power that says “+X% Strength to <Movement Speed>”, it means it enhances the effects of all your powers that improve that type of movement speed. For example, your base Jump Speed is 14.32 mph and you have the inherent power Hurdle which increases Jump Speed by +124.5% (+17.83 mph). If you have a power that grants “+20% Strength to Jump Speed”, then powers like Hurdle will have their +Jump Speed enhanced by 20%. In this case, you get to add an additional 124.5%*20% = +24.9% Jump Speed (+3.565 mph). It’s worth noting (foreshadowing) that the most a power can be enhanced by (strengthened) is +300%. That includes enhancements and strength bonuses. What can you do with flying? When it comes to flight, there is only 1 question you need to ask yourself…are you going to take Afterburner, or not? If you say no to Afterburner, then you can either get Fly and instantly be at your max fly speed (58.63 mph) without enhancements, or you can pick Hover to achieve max fly speed (58.63 mph). How? By using Hover in combination with P2W’s Jet Pack and Steam Jump powers. It will cost you 100k influence to own both, but you must own both. Here’s why: Steam Jump/Jump Pack (not enhanceable): +2,780% to jump height, +300% strength to fly speed (advertised as +273% strength to fly speed, but in game the numbers suggest it’s actually +300%). Also, both powers have up to 30 second durations with a 30 second base cooldown, but that cooldown recognizes global recharge bonuses, so typically it will recharge in 10-15 seconds. They are not mutually exclusive, so you can use them both at the same time to provide gapless coverage. So, with Jump Pack and Steam Jump combined, you can max out the strength of all your fly powers permanently. With Hover and Swift, it does this: Swift (Enhanceable): +35% to run speed, +13.65% to fly speed Hover (Enhanceable): +50% to fly speed Hover (Not Enhanceable): +50% to fly speed, -101% to fly speed (net: -51%) Base Steam/Jump Pack Net Bonus (%) Net Total (mph) Fly Speed 21.48 mph 100% 21.48 Swift +13.65% +300% +54.6% +11.73 Hover (Enh) +50% +300% +200% +42.95 Hover (not Enh) -51% -51% -10.95 Total Fly Speed 303.6% 65.205 There you have it, with just Hover, Swift, and Steam/Jump Pack you will surpass your max fly speed of 58.63 mph. No enhancements, no additional buffs/bonuses. Not to mention, Fly only provides a Magnitude 1 Fly, whereas Hover provides a Magnitude 4 Fly, so theoretically you should be harder to knock out of the sky. If you say yes to Afterburner, then you will have initially increased your max flight speed by 14.32 mph (to 72.95 mph). This increase to max flight is enhanceable with a hard flight speed limit of 87.95 mph (+104.8% strength to Afterburner achieves this). By taking Afterburner, you can still skip Fly and achieve the 65.205 mph with Hover shown above, plus add on any +fly speed bonuses/powers that your build may have. But let’s face it, that’s not why you get Afterburner. Instead, you take Hover, Fly and Afterburner, and you can 1 slot all of them if you like (Hover and Afterburner are good LotG mules, Fly is a good KB protection mule). Then with Steam/Jump Pack, Fly, and Afterburner, you will hit 87.95 mph easily. Swift (Enhanceable): +35% to run speed, +13.65% to fly speed Fly (Enhanceable): +136.5% to fly speed Fly (Not Enhanceable): +80% to fly speed, +100% to fly speed, -101% to fly speed (net: +79%) Afterburner (Enhanceable): +14.32 mph to max fly speed (capped at +29.32 mph) Base Steam/Jump Pack Net Bonus (%) Net Total (mph) Afterburner +14.32 max speed +300% +300% +57.27 Fly Speed 21.48 mph 100% 21.48 Swift +13.65% +300% +54.6% 11.73 Fly (Enh) +136.5% +300% +546% 117.27 Fly (not Enh) +79% +79% 16.98 Total Fly Speed 779.6% 167.44 So, there you have it; with no Flight Enhancements (it would be pointless since Jump Pack already maxes out the strength), we can hit an uncapped speed of 167.44 mph, unfortunately we are hard-capped at 87.95 mph. If Afterburner did not have a hard cap of 87.95, then this combo would increase the +max fly speed by 57.27 mph which would cap the flight speed max at 115.90 mph. One final note on Hover + Afterburner, it’s a pretty nifty defensive move and any movement speed set bonuses will still count. So, if you chase the Movement Speed set bonuses, just know every 7.5% is an extra +1.61 mph. If you can achieve +106% to Fly/Movement Speed bonuses, you could hit the 87.95 mph hard cap with just Hover and Afterburner. Chasing that number would be foolish, but it’s completely reasonable to get 5 of the +7.5% to Movement Speed bonuses (Performance Shifter, Gaussian, Aegis all get this with 2 slots). That number would boost your Fly Speed by 37.5% which equates to +8.05 mph. That gets you to 73.26 mph with Afterburner, Hover and Steam/Jump Pack. Conclusion: Buy both Steam Jump and Jump Pack to maximize your flight speed without any enhancements. Also, don't take Fly if you don't have Afterburner. What else can you do with flying?!? I did a little more research and wanted to share what I found. For instance, Group Fly is panned as a bad power. Maybe it is, but it is a travel power and I figure I should at least share what it can do as well as what it can do with a Steam/Jump Pack. It's worth mentioning, Group Fly says in its short description that it does -ACC, yet when I look in the combat attributes there are no debuffs to To-Hit or Accuracy, so it must be a typo. Group Fly (Enhanceable): 60 foot radius; 255 Max targets hit, +68.25% to fly speed Base Steam/Jump Pack Net Bonus (%) Net Total (mph) Fly Speed 21.48 mph 100% 21.48 Swift +13.65% +300% +54.6% 11.73 Group Fly +68.25% +300% +273% 58.64 Total Fly Speed 427.6% 91.85 The combination of Steam/Jump Pack with Group Fly will result in granting you and your team max fly speed (58.63 mph). You can also use the Group Fly + Afterburner + Jump Pack combination to cap your fly speed at 87.95 mph, unfortunately when you activate Afterburner, the Fly effects are no longer given to your teammates. Consider this as an endurance hungry replacement for Fly, while providing some team utility (although it might be unwanted team utility at times). The P2W Vendor offers 6 variants of the same temporary fly power: Small Longbow Jetpack, Longbow Jetpack, LKT-1700 Rocket Pack, Jet Pack, Holiday Rocket Pack, and Goldbricker Rocket Pack. They each cost 50k influence for 30 minutes of flight usage. You can purchase up to 10 each for a total of 30 hours of usage (3 Million influence). These temporary powers do the following: Jet Pack (not enhanceable): +136.5% to fly speed, +80% to fly speed (ignores buffs and enhancements), +100% to fly speed (ignores buffs and enhancements), -180% to fly speed (ignores buffs and enhancements). As a net, this power is a +136.5% to fly speed that can be buffed, while the un-buffed portions are a net 0% to fly speed. The main difference between a Jet Pack (or variant) and Fly, is that Fly is maxed out at 58.63 mph right away, whereas a Jet Pack will come up just short (if no enhancements, buffs, nor set bonuses, then the fly speed is 53.73 mph). With minimal effort, we can reach the 58.63 mph capped fly speed. There are only two reasons to consider taking a P2W Jet Pack (or variant). The first is to be able to fly at max speeds (58.63 mph) while not having to take the Fly pool (perhaps you took Leaping pool, now you can use Combat Jumping with Jet Pack to make a ghetto-Hover). The other reason to take a P2W Jet Pack is if you want to take Air Superiority from the Fly Pool and want Afterburner for ultra-max fly speed (87.95 mph), but can't afford to take 4 powers from the Fly Pool (Afterburner requires at least 2 powers from Air Superiority, Hover, and Fly). So the solution becomes taking Afterburner with a P2W Jet Pack to achieve your 87.95 mph ultra-max fly speed, while retaining Hover for general combat and Air Superiority for an attack. Let's look at how the numbers work for the P2W Jet Packs. Base Steam/Jump Pack Net Bonus (%) Net Total (mph) Afterburner +14.32 max speed +300% +300% +57.27 Fly Speed 21.48 mph 100% 21.48 Swift +13.65% +300% +54.6% 11.73 Jet Pack (takes buffs) 136.5% +300% +546% 117.27 Jet Pack (ignore buffs) +0% 0% 0 Total Fly Speed +700.6% 150.47 Here we show that Afterburner + Jump Pack + Jet Pack will equal the ultra-max fly speed of 87.95 mph, as its theoretical 150.47 mph is capped. What can you do with running? There are many run powers available to you that will buff your base run speed. Swift (Enhanceable): +35% to run speed, +13.65% to fly speed Sprint (Enhanceable): +50% to run speed Sprint (ignores buffs and enhancements): +50% to run speed Ninja/Beast Run (Free at P2W, not enhanceable): +140% to run speed, +137% to jump speed Super Speed/Speed of Sound (Enhanceable): +350% to run speed Base Empowerment - Increase Run Speed: +20% to run speed To cap our run speed we need to achieve +546% to run speed (92.5/14.32). We can get there with minimal effort from Super Speed, as all you need is to put a Level 50 Run IO in Swift and Super Speed (350%+35%)*(100%+42.4%) = 385%*142.4% = +548.24% (92.8 mph, capped at 92.5 mph). Now let’s assume we don’t want Super Speed (or its soon to be variant, Speed of Sound). What can we achieve with Ninja/Beast Run and the other available inherent powers? Base +5 Level 50 IO + T4 Alpha (Agility/Musculature) Net Bonus (%) Net Total (mph) Run Speed 14.32 mph 100% 14.32 Swift +35% +86% +65.1% 7.67 Sprint (Enh) +50% +86% +93% 10.95 Sprint (not Enh) +50% +50% 7.159 Ninja/Beast Run +140% +140% 20.05 Temp: +Run Speed +20% +20% 2.86 Total 468.1% 67.02 Above I have slotted Swift and Sprint with a +5 Boosted Level 50 Run IO (+53%) and included a T4 Alpha incarnate (either Agility or Musculature) which will enhance our run powers by an extra 33% (86% in total). The temp bonus shown comes from a Base Empowerment station which grants a +20% to run speed buff for 90 minutes of in-game time. In the end, we are far under the max run speed cap (72.5% of the cap). It’s decent, but it’s no super speed. Things do get interesting if you have a +Special power, like Power Boost or Clarion Radial. The +Specials will include a +X% Strength to Run Speed, which means it will buff Swift, Sprint (the enhanceable portion), and Ninja/Beast Run. A */Energy Blaster can use Power Boost to increase the strength of their run speed by 78.672%. That would boost Swift, Sprint, and Ninja/Beast Run to do an extra 3.94 mph, 5.63 mph and 15.77 mph, respectively. That extra 25.34 mph will get you right near the run speed cap with 92.37 mph. If you want to pursue taxing yourself for the sake of running fast without Super Speed, you can chase the five Gift of the Ancients: +7.5% Run Speed bonus, the easy to get five +7.5% Movement Speed set bonuses, and the soon to arrive Synapse’s Shock: +15% Run Speed bonus. That is a +90% run speed bonus, which equates to +12.87 mph. That will get you to 79.91 mph. Conclusion: If you want to run as fast as possible, just get Super Speed. If you are good with running closer to max Jump Speed numbers, then Ninja/Beast Run with Sprint can get you close to that number (if you enhance, have a T4 Alpha, the Base Empowerment buff, and set bonuses). What can you do with jumping? There are some jump powers available to you that will buff your base jump speed. Hurdle (Enhanceable): +124.5% to jump speed, +166.8% to jump height Ninja/Beast Run (free at P2W, not enhanceable): +140% to run speed, +137% to jump speed Super Jump/Mighty Leap (Enhanceable): +249% to jump speed, +2780% to jump height Base Empowerment – Increase Jump Speed: +20% strength to jump speed/height To cap our jump speed we need to achieve +446% to jump speed (78.18/14.32). We can get there with minimal effort from Super Jump, as all you need is to put a Level 50 Jump IO in Hurdle and Super Jump (249%+124.5%)*(100%+42.4%) = 373.5%*142.4% = +531.86% (90.47 mph, capped at 78.18 mph). Now let’s assume we don’t want Super Jump (or its variant, Mighty Leap). What can we achieve with Ninja/Beast Run and the other available inherent powers? Base +5 Level 50 IO + T4 Alpha (Agility/Spiritual) + Increase Jump Speed Net Bonus (%) Net Total (mph) Jump Speed 14.32 mph 100% 14.32 Hurdle +124.5% +106% +256.47% 36.72 Ninja/Beast Run +137% +20% +164.4% 23.54 Total 520.87% 74.58 Above I have slotted Hurdle with a +5 Boosted Level 50 Run IO (+53%) and included a T4 Alpha incarnate (either Agility or Spiritual) which will enhance our jump powers by an extra 33% (86% in total). I also show a Base Empowerment temporary buff called Increased Jump Speed, which provides a +20% strength to jump speed for 90 minutes of in-game time. Here, we are so close to the cap for jump speed that set bonuses would likely put us over the 78.18 mph cap (4 of the 7.5% Movement Speed bonuses will do the trick). Conclusion: You can replace Super Jump with Ninja/Beast Run with proper investment. You can cap your jump speed at 78.18 mph with the Base Empowerment temporary buff and a T4 Alpha that boosts jump speed. Even without the Alpha, you can get to 74.07 mph with five of the +7.5% to Movement Speed buffs and the temp buff. You’ll also notice it is easier (less investment) to go faster jumping as opposed to running (5 less enhancement boosts, no need to use Sprint). Also, use of the Steam/Jump Pack will help you reach the same jump heights as Super Jump. Summary: Get both Steam Jump and Jump Pack, and either Ninja Run or Beast Run If you want flight, decide if you want Afterburner or not. If you want Afterburner, get Fly (you will reach 87.95 mph, easily) If you don’t want Afterburner, don't take Fly (you will cap Hover at 58.63 mph, easily) If you want to run fast, take Super Speed. Otherwise, you can achieve approximately 75% of what Super Speed can do with a semi-invested build using Ninja/Beast Run and Sprint. If you want to jump fast, no need for Super Jump. You can cap your jump speed and height with Ninja/Beast Run and Steam/Jump Pack with investments. Even without a T4 Alpha, you can hit 95% of what Super Jump does with that same combo (74.07 mph vs. 78.18 mph). Possible Future Topics: Below are some possible future updates to this guide. I have information on them, but I think most of the teleportation information has already been covered and well known, while the P2W powers are not going to be very popular as they lock out your power tray. I might speak to the P2W powers with the caveat that they should just be supplemental (like a non-flyer takes a fly travel power, or a non-speedster/jumper takes the animal travel power): Incorporating Teleportation (but I don’t think it’s in much demand) Teleporting Tips (Enter Base with Passcode Macros, P2W Teleporters, etc) P2W’s other Travel Powers (Void Skiff and variants, Coyote/Panther) Revision History:
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    Slight correction, I don't always delete non rare salvage. Sometimes I'll go up to a random player and start giving it to them until I run out, their inventory is full, or they run away.
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    I developed a parser for the game's pigg/bin files, and can process all the power related data. I've been using it to build Index Obscurum, which I intend to be a City of Data-alike site and possibly more. To get the information above, I scanned through every power and printed out any that had more than 1 positional flag set.
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    Every now and again, I'm reminded that I'm not among other Brits.
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    Could the various Martial Combat moves that are shared with Martial Arts get the option to use their alternate Punch animations (especially Eagle's Claw) please?
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    Allow me to point out a few things: 1) Damage isn't an enhanceable secondary effect that locks down enemies to keep them from attacking and stacks from multiple sources to do so. 2) Any powerset is going to wipe out minions regardless of their secondary benefits within the first volley or two, rendering -Dam or -Rech or -Acc or whatever completely irrelevant really early in their 10 second duration or whatever. 3) Sapping is a playstyle, like Blapping. It's not "More Efficient" than just doing more damage, that's not the point of sapping. The point is shutting enemies down because it's fun. And the final point: 4) Having -Dam or -Acc or -Def or even -Res on an enemy "Doesn't Matter" unless it's a boss or something 'cause it'll die before that stuff -really- makes a difference by the logic you've put forward, here. So why bother to change it? Except MAYBE you could argue -Res 'cause it's just "Moar Damage" on the second shot, but if they were going to die on the second shot, anyway, it's just wasted spillover. You're still going to 1-2 shot all the minions and kill the LTs with the next shot, and AVs will resist the heck out of it even when you try to stack it, so it only "matters" on bosses (and not much) and EBs. Not every playstyle is "100% cutting edge break out the spreadsheets, boys, we're going in!" effective. And they shouldn't be.
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    Keep in mind, it's a very small volunteer team. They are pushing two new power sets and four new enhancement sets, all of which were getting less attention due to some tweaks to Dark Melee that were supposed to be small but proved to be much bigger. They rightfully chose to prioritize what needs work now and shelved the changes to Dark Melee until they can properly be addressed.
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    Common time syncs outside of leveling and normal game play Costume Creation Create AE Stories and Custom characters. Demo Recording (making mini movies using the game) Base Building Super Group Activities Siren's Call - Helping the NPCs win the zone PVP Arena PVP Gladiator (NPC matches) with Hami raids, Mother Ship raids and seasonal events.
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    Buffing underperforming primaries and auto upgrades are things I would love to see here, but I don't want to see hacky compromises in the game just for the sake of getting the feature out. If they can't figure out a proper way to make pets customizable, they shouldn't make them customizable. The HC team has been absolutely right so far to focus on doing things correctly rather than quickly.
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    My thoughts: 1) Midnight Grasp could do "Splash DoT" around the target you hit, say in the same radius as Thunder Strike (7~8 ft) and able to hit 10 targets. This would spread an additional 67.05 damage in a crowd (SO damage enhanced), or 108.35 damage when you have Soul Drain (per Mids). With a single Recharge enhancement, you would be able to toss this out every 11.25 sec, or every 7.38 sec with hasten. Compared to the 1st iteration of the "new" Dark Consumption, that could toss out IIRC 250ish damage every 54 - 38 seconds with 2 Rech SO's / hasten. Lets compare these at base damage and at reg / hasten recharges: MG = 5.96 / 9.09 AoE DPS DC = 4.63 / 6.57 AoE DPS While the burst isn't much, the DPS is there over even the nuke DC of build v1. 2) Dark Consumption could have stayed as the Build V2, but with the close-range sweet-spot. In my testing, the v2 build would really only wipe out enemies if I poured a ton of damage into it. If it were to be redesigned again, I would think buffing the "sour-spot" v2 damage to be 9-12ft radius would be nice, and then keeping a 3ft radius "sweet-spot" for bonus damage would work great in tandem with a splashing MG. Enemies touching you would be wiped out for sure, but that is a much smaller amount than would take a decent chunk of damage from the larger sour-spot. The new Shadow Maul and MG with AoE DoT could then easily pick off survivors, but still offer time to be hit back as a balance.
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    A level 50 character slotting a damage proc in Speed Boost could very easily kill low level characters fresh out of the tutorial. It is possible to flag the proc to only trigger on enemies, and we may revisit this idea in the future with enough time to think about it, but it won't happen with these sets.
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    @Wavicle Not at all! Also, I've alphabetized and sorted the suggestions into various categories for easier viewing. If any seem to be extremely popular moving forward, I'll bold them; if they're unpopular, I'll probably strike them out. For all y'all using small screens, I've put the categories into spoiler lists. I'll be updating this thread moving forward with any further suggestions/edits. Misc Bioelectric Conduction Electric(al) Electro- Galvanic Shocking Static Volt-
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    Chips, dips, chains, whips, you know, your basic high school orgy type of thing.
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    Tracking suggestions, sure, great. Tracking how many people liked or disliked? Please don't. It isn't a popularity contest, and the forums are not representative of anything.
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    The way I arrange my UI, the extra pop-up bars such as Jaunt, Takeoff, the SBB role tips, etc. wind up colliding with other elements. I fully endorse disabling the Jaunt bar similar to the Mystic Flight Translocation with Null the Gull. Thanks
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    Hey all! Thanks for all of the feedback thus far. After a lot of consideration and internal discussion, we've decided to roll back the Dark Consumption change to the live values. Shadow Maul changes will remain, and the set might get further reviews in the future. As there's no more changes planned for Dark Melee in this update, we'll now be locking this thread.
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    Personally, I'd rather see Hero 1 back in the game in a more active role now that he's been rescued from the Rikti.
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    Hi Everyone, Back in December I have built a tool, as a proof of concept, to automatically detect badges in game using bind files. Those that remember it, back in the days we use to have bind files to trigger “setTitle” command lines. Those command lines were written in log files. From there a tool was fetching the info and publishing it to City Info Tracker (https://cit.cohtitan.com/character/leaderboards) The tool I have built back in December, was to see If it was possible to recreate a similar tool. The proof of concept was working well enough. This encouraged me to start working on the next logical step, build a replacement for City Info Tracker. I have been working on this since the last few weeks. Today I am ready to show the result. If such a tool/web site could be of interest to you, simply go to https://cityofbadgers.com Also, I want to give a big thank you to Kitsune and collaborators. I have used Kitsune’s open source badges database to start this project. I Also want to thank everyone that helped me tested the site while it was being developed.
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    As someone who gets a bit zany with the Alt thing, a QoL feature I'd really like would be some ability to store notes with a character, preferably accessible from the character selection screen. This could include things like: Development plans (hey, this character really needs a travel power; I want to add slots to power X next time I can; when I respect, I want to drop X and add in Y; once I get more influence, the next thing I want to do is purchase these recipes) Activity plans (going after Accolade X -- need to do these TFs; this is the character I'm focusing on purchasing stuff for right now) Associations (this toon duos with my wife's character, X) All this can be done on piece of paper and notebooks and external programs ... but it would be nice to have access to it in-game. And, as just plain text (all I need), it should be cheap, storage-wise, and relatively uncomplicated development-wise. There's some precedent here -- private notes about other character in their rating screen -- but I would love to have something more robust and easily accessible.
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    So, I only just discovered the existence of Homecoming, and I quickly joined up! So... GREETINGS! Ultimo will once more take to the skies, handing out justice to the unjust. Alas, that I can't recreate my original main character though, the Canadian Shield. The name is apparently already taken on all servers, alas. No matter, I'll be seeing you all in Paragon City! Again!
  32. 2 points
    @Player2 Breed's first costume reminds me of the Ani-Men's! Love the concept. Decided to rework my current Beam Rifleman as a more sci-fi oriented hero and as a clear hommage to pulp heroes like Buck Rogers. Introducing... Sam Saturn, space adventurer and ladies man ! Speaking of space, I'd been meaning to make a Green Lantern-inspired Peacebringer for a while, and having finally snatched the name Starfighter, here's what I came up with!
  33. 2 points
    Something positive, I have not had the base editor crash to desktop since a couple of patches ago. Normally if I'm in edit mode a couple of hours or so I get suddenly dumped to desktop. Was like that all the way through Live and as far as was determined back then there was an unknown leak in the editor that would build up over time and eventually lock everything up. Not happening anymore. Of course now that I've said it, the next time I base edit it'll happen.
  34. 2 points
    PBs are actually in a fairly good place thanks to the changes toward the end of live and the change to the nuke. They definitely suffer from too much knockback, as others are pointing out. I like redlynne's knockup change for that. They also really need toggle suppression as a QoL improvement for multi-formers. After the tanker updates they fall a little behind the class that most directly mirrored them in single target damage and survivability, but they do better AoE than most tanks so it's almost ok.. could use a slight bump to damage scales. Some powers are still weird, glowing touch as mentioned, and the mez is garbage. I honestly think PBs are in a better spot than Warshades right now because of the latter's inability to keep its pets alive and poor single target damage. When Dark Melee was updated by the live devs to give front loaded damage buff to Soul Drain and improve Siphon Life, they didn't bother to apply the same to the Warshade powers that were a direct copy, leaving Warshades with really bad single target damage.
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    My favorite part of my coffee town base is the comic book shop. Come by for a visit on Excelsior. PERK-8816
  36. 2 points
    I did this once on another game. It was great. But a word of advice. Set it up to not trigger every time (use blanks in your pool or add a 2nd check to choose to fire or not). What I mean is, don't do it every time you use "power X" or every time you change targets, etc. In fact, I would aim for about 1 trigger every 3-5 minutes with 10-20 variants on what you say. This allows you to be amusing and witty, without crossing the line to being annoying.
  37. 2 points
    I have never said that: a) Screech is useless. b) Screech should not be buffed. Hence yes, this is a strawman argument, because you are arguing with me about things I have never actually said. Sometimes it happens that people use strawman arguments without being aware, maybe this is your case. If it is indeed your case, be aware it does not help show the validity of your argument even one bit. Quite the contrary in fact. Now let's have a little more in depth look: - You assert Screech is useless. This is simply false, as it is false for virtually all the other mez blasts that do little to no damage. Maybe they are not necessary powers to take, and that's all right, but there are dozens and dozens of guides out there on those blast sets that beg to differ with you. Not to mention the numerous players who take and use those powers. So, maybe a more convincing argument here would help too, I think. - What I did above was simply pointing out that comparing sonic blast to ice blast, without considering the incredibly powerful -res effect it has, was not, in my opinion, a fair comparison. At least to a certain extent. I do not see why in a reasonable discussion this point should not be mentioned and addressed. Escalating immediately with a hyperbolic strawman toward the party that simply dares to bring up this, and with a patently false strawman at that, is not, again in my opinion, an effective way to address such point. I hope it is clearer now. To be frank, also, I am not particularly hostile to your proposal, just a little skeptical, as it seems a buff for powers that are in general okay. Not that they cannot be improved and rebalanced of course, but I would personally like to read some more compelling and reasoned arguments in this regard.
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    vicious mockery is fine, but dissonant whispers is OP using RAW and attacks of opportunity
  41. 2 points
    PBAoE is a Target AoE with Range = 0 ...
  42. 2 points
    Just browsing through the Paragon wiki constantly reminds me of just how great we have it now! I was looking for "Temporal Manipulation" on Blasters! Lol! Thank you for reviving such an enjoyable game! https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Time_Manipulation
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    The only way to add Statesman content to the game, without opening up an array of cans of tentacles, would be to do it ALL as Flashbacks. Pillar of Ice & Flame type of stuff (and all that). That way, you GO BACK to when Statesman was alive (before the whole Who Will DERP? arc) and have "adventures" involving Statesman "back then" without upsetting the (misfired) canon of Who Will DERP? As for "converting" Tyrant/Marcus Cole ... via import/naturalization to Paragon City (and thus abandoning Praetoria) ... that is a SERIOUSLY BAD IDEA. For one thing, Lord Recluse would never stand for it ("YOU KILLED ME!" being a powerful motivation, for starters), and he would never be "our" Statesman. He may look the same, but it makes about as much sense as letting the Reichsman fill in for Statesman. Just Say NO.
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