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    Wait, you've been SHOOTING the arrows at the enemies? There's your mistake, you're supposed to STAB them with the arrows. In melee. 🤣
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    I find it extremely probable that what some people consider exploits and black magic are actually a rudimentary awareness of how the AH system works. It's not rocket surgery people! If you don't understand, feel free to ask. I'd even argue that the "last 5" bug isn't an exploit, since it affects everyone equally and there is no way to directly and solely benefit from it. It does make it harder to interpret the available information, and that's a shame. False information shouldn't be distributed, but good luck getting people content by telling them over and over again that the last 5 might be a bunch of lies.
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    The patch notes are very clearly talking about the generation of new inf, as you can tell by the fact they they end with Even with this change farming is still far more efficient than every other method of influence gain. I assume the patch did narrow the gap between inf generated by farming and inf generated by normal play, at least to some extent. If it didn't, then wow, there has been a lot of pointless complaining in this thread. There is exactly one AH 'exploit', and that's one that the market forum has been asking the devs to fix for months, because it's really annoying, and it impacts the usefulness of the AH most particularly for people who aren't regular marketeers. There are several bug reports, and multiple comments by people gathering data on which items are affected. I guess in the grand scheme of things it isn't game-breaking, and the potential to exploit it is fairly limited, and I do understand that other things have higher priorities. (But I still really, really hope it gets to the top of the bug-fixing list soon.) Still, as other people have said, the definition of 'exploit' for the market in this thread is fairly loose, and seems to include 'using converters' and 'selling things for more than I think they are worth', so I'm sure there are plenty of other imaginary exploits out there.
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    Options are always to the good. I do suspect this one iin particular would take a lot more programming than some others, but the more options we can get the better. Although, personally, I'd still like about 50% of the female boot options to have "flat" option instead of so many of them having 4-6 inch heels. I'm not saying take the heels away, just put in an option so I can have a similar looking boot that's flat.
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    I just finished a solo +4x8 Master of the Imperious Task Force (zero defeats, no temporary powers) with the additional restriction of using no inspirations. Succeeded on the first try. Katana/Dark Armor. I remember when the Rikti War Zone Challenge was difficult, when soloing a single level 50 AV no temps, no insps was difficult. I think this game has experienced a bit of power creep. My build. I finished assembling it this morning. Inspired by and some slotting from @Sir Myshkin. A previous iteration of the build found the Cimerorans easier, as it had Divine Avalanche slotted for defense, and so it was very difficult for them to start a cascading defense failure. This one suffered from that a lot. Less so once I settled on an attack chain of Divine Avalanche -> Soaring Dragon -> Divine Avalanche -> The Lotus Drops. I used Barrier when that wasn't sufficient. And I ran away a few times when Barrier wasn't sufficient. The previous iteration of the build didn't have anything close to the DPS required for level 54 AVs, though. The Nictus were pretty simple once I realized that only the Bright Novas were debuffing my defense. After that I always took them down first. The times I came closest to dying were a handful of cascading defense failures, and one time fighting Minotaurs where I wasn't paying attention to my endurance, then noticed it when there was just a sliver left, just in time to not detoggle. And then during the final Romulus fight after it had gone on for probably an hour, my mind drifted off to think about other things, and I wasn't even conscious of the screen or what I was doing for maybe 15 seconds. Fortunately my fingers knew my attack chain, and nothing bad happened, but oops. Attempt these things when you've had a full night's sleep and didn't do a bunch of yard maintenance during the day. I successfully hit Barrier shortly before each Nictus fell during the Romulus fight, and I have a lot of stun resistance. I was pretty worried about it, but I don't think I got dropped below half health during the stuns. I didn't treat it as a kill all. I stealthed where I could. I used Lore pets, but they were mostly suicidal and didn't help much. Have others done or tried this? What primary/secondary/archetype? I don't really know what's possible in the current game. Apparently a lot.
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    Hey, Excelsior! The Cosmic Council SG is hosting a 5+ BILLION INF COSTUME CONTEST this Saturday, April 25th at 5:00pm Eastern! The theme is "Magic, Mythology and Mysticism" so bring your best wizards, mystics, gods, mythological monsters, and other magically-inspired characters to Kallisti Wharf! Saturday, April 25th at 5pm EDT (9pm UTC) Theme: Magic, Mythology, and Mysticism Prize pool: 5+ billion influence Open to all in Kallisti Wharf! We hope to see you there!
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    Wanted to make a new villain and I've never really put much time into Masterminds before so I decided to go with a snake-themed master villain, the kind of fruit loop who elongates every S sound when speaking and is prone to fist-shaking bouts of rage (ones where the word "Cursessss!" comes up a lot). Came up with a backstory involving him being the latest leader of a centuries-old snake cult and gave him the moniker "The Sovereign Serpent": I'm not 100% happy with how the Black Knight chestpiece looks but I haven't found an alternative I like better yet - I like how that one fills out the shape of the torso. The colours were initially meant to be based on a Samar cobra, black and yellow, but I ended up going for darker gold as I thought the yellow looked a bit too garish. The darker colours kind of take away from the overall Saturday morning cartoon villain he's meant to be, though, so I'll have to keep tweaking. I really like the Tartarus helmet as an ersatz cobra hood, though.
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    I know we can kinda sorta do this, but not really. Girls just kinda get thicker, but they don't look the part. Everything is all smooth no matter what we do (with the exception of the barbarian abs and the muscle bodysuit). I wonder, is there a way we could add a visible muscle tone texture onto the females as a slider? Or maybe just pair it with the existing slider that adds mass?
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    I was wondering if it would be possible for the rest power to give a recharge bonus while active, so if you're out of combat waiting for a power to recharge, you can get it back faster.
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    It also provides status resistance, which is why it is unique.
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    Inspired by your thread, I went and had a go at this just now. Using my Fire/Rad/Psi Sentinel... which is tuned for constant insp use, and built around Ageless. Fun times! Needless to say, when you start from 40% melee 20% ranged 20% aoe defense, no DDR and a resistance cap of 75%? There was *a lot* of kiting involved. Starting as soon as mission 1. It took me roughly as long to get through each mission, with mission 3 rather than 4 being the longest. Total time about 2 hours and 50 minutes, pretty intense all the way through. I must have had a dozen close calls if not even twice that, especially in the caves of mission 2 which aren't so friendly to kiting +4/x8 hordes. Switched from Ageless and Assault to Barrier and Melee to finish the remaining 2 missions, but that came with its own challenge as this character can't sustain her attack chain without Ageless. For the final fight, I kept flying to take out the Nictus 1 by 1 while letting Rommie pelt me with his one ranged attack. No big problem here, save that Romulus will run and aggro everything on a character without aggro management (also true for mission 3). Even on a first try success, easily one of the most challenging things I've done. This Sentinel had no business surviving some of the stuff she did, but there's a great deal of mitigation to be had from kiting. Thanks for pushing me to try this, Werner. 🙂 Re: Tanker subtopic. DA/Katana may or may not be a winner, but I expect many other flavors of DA would take on the same challenge without too much trouble. DA is beastly on a Tanker, to the point you can stuff the +RES Tanker proc in Death Shroud, all the +def +res uniques somewhere, and then basically forget about building for mitigation. I'll probably have a go tomorrow with the most unfair combos of them all (DA/TW) and report.
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    Powerset respec is honestly common sense in a game like this, especially when some sets are just garbage- like Energy Melee. Not everyone is ok with being forced to re roll and re level, COH may be a game which is very alt friendly, and I myself am an altaholic in most games- but this should NOT be forced on anyone.
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    I got interested in packs because of all the discussion about inflation. Super Packs are inf sinks so opening packs is doubly virtuous. You provide people with ATOs and fight inflation at the same time! So how did I do? 1.99 bn profit in 5 days (3.3 mm profit per pack) 6.8 bn inf removed from the game Or to put it differently; I neutralised 113 farmer hours and got rich in the process. (P.S. I really want to punch some Nazis now.)
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    Please, I beg you... Don't waste merits on SOs I cried a little just thinking of it ...
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    I've built the basics of a Monte Carlo simulation of Pylon runs due to wanting to get some practice with Object Oriented Programming and JavaScript. It currently handles dynamically calculated buffs (e.g. hastens impact on cooldowns and impact of any down time), Pylon's regeneration, buff procs (e.g. Critical Strikes), damage procs and hit calculations. It takes a defined attack chain with the user inputting the enhancement values in each power and defined set of other buffs to cast (e.g. Hasten, build up) and runs 5k iterations to generate a probability density function like so: https://imgur.com/7t9uefg I'm debating if there's enough interest for me to finish this, since there's still a significant amount of work to do (handling debuffs, handling sets that have special mechanics like Street Justice, adding incarnate powers (ageless is of particular importance and the entire UI). I know I would find it useful for testing different builds I come up with to see the impact on P10,50,90 outcomes and compare means and standard deviations. I'm thinking about some way to save and overlay runs so you can visually compare. Would people be interested in this?
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    Yesterday was the first time I won a costume contest! (Player-sponsored contest on Indomitable) My winner, Grimmolation:
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    Girls don't have muscles, they move their bodies through a series of low frequency sonic vibrations
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    Except they were willing to do it for the Huge bodytype and to give male bodytypes toning...
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    Alternatively, it could also have been that the amount of time, effort and money it would have taken to do this was simply not worth the effort. Keep in mind every costume piece that would need to be reviewed for clipping with any changes to the character model. Not everything has some nefarious intent behind it.
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    There are some things that stand out as real bad about this set. 1. Sonic Resonance gets what is essentially Clear Mind as a t8 power. By the time you get it, most people will have already had an answer to mezzes in some form or another, and this is especially the case if Sonic Resonance isn't your primary. Given the rest of the set tends to focus on either +resist to allies or debuffage to enemies, I'd suggest either dropping this ability altogether from the set (perhaps for a shield that specifically enhances debuff/mez resistances), or moving it to earlier in the build. 2. Sonic Repulsion does not work in a synergistic fashion with the rest of the kit. You either want the enemy in your Liquify patch, or you want the enemy around your ally who has Sonic Dispersion on them. I think replacing Sonic Repulsion straight up with a tar patch like power (even if this means the set gets essentially two patch powers) would work better all round than having this weird ally-based KB power. 3. Liquify's recharge is just far too long. Mids seems to think it does -res (which it doesn't) which might justify that kind of recharge timer, but, as is, not really. 4. Personally I think the single target untouchable field for 30s is pretty useless in the game as the way it stands today outside of some very specific niche strategies. Turning it into a ST hold that applies a level of -res would be a vast improvement in my eyes. 5. The T1 takes horrendously long to animate. Bosses die in the time it takes before you can cast another ability.
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    Badges Added the 16th Anniversary badge, "Resurgent". It will award automatically during the month of May. Powers Pool > Leadership > Maneuvers: fixed a bug where Melee, AoE, Lethal and Cold def were only being granted to the caster. Tanker > Spines > Spine Burst: This power erroneously had it's Radius increased to 16 instead of its Target Cap. This has been fixed. Blaster > Dual Pistols: Fixed an issue where the set was not granting blasters Defiance +Damage Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets: Fixed an issue where the power DoT chance was calculated only once at the activation of the power instead of once per tick when non standard ammo was active. Set Bonus > Synapse Shock should no longer show a buff icon. Enhancements Synthetic Hamidon enhancements for Accuracy/Mez and Damage/Mez will now combine with their Titan, Hydra and Hamidon counterparts. Fixed an issue with some procs not working on Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets. Corrected "Chance for Fire Damage" text in Sentinel's Ward: Recharge/Chance for Absorb.
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    Having some sort of additional constraints on switching isn't a bad idea. Like at most one power switch per real time week or month wouldn't be terrible. I'm not really strongly advocating for this, but I'm not advocating against it either. It seems like something that could go on the pile of "nice to have" ideas and then see if anyone gets the time to implement it.
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    And into which of the categories defined in items 2 and 3 above does the so-called "market exploit" fall? You don't have to provide specifics, just the category. If it's number 3, that could encompass a lot of things, depending on how one defines "deceive" and "cheat" for "your own gain". Is buying and then reselling multiple items at unusual prices to skew the last 5 displayed considered deceiving or cheating, or is it just gaming the system? I've read about and heard people brag that they do this, but I wouldn't consider it an "exploit". It's just extreme marketing, as far as I can tell. I don't think it's "fair" or "ethical", but I wouldn't consider it out of bounds. It may be a dick move, but it usually works itself out over time, eventually. It's not all that much different than normal spikes and dips in market prices. This is what I think most people get upset about when it comes to the market, or capitalism in general. Many complaints about trade systems boil down to sour grapes or misdirected angst. No human system is without its flaws, and some are more egregious than others. But not understanding how a system works, or not knowing how to maximize the use of that system, doesn't make taking full advantage of that system a crime, necessarily. That doesn't mean we should accept systems as they are without seeking to make them better/fairer for everyone, but don't throw out the baby with the bath water (as the old saying goes). Without more details about the exploit, it's hard to say. But I understand not discussing it if it's a "real" exploit. I'm just curious if we're defining terms in the same way. I believe that's what @MunkiLord wants to sort out as well, even if a bit less diplomatically than I'm trying to do here.
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    Remade my British lion as a rapier-wielding French swordsman - the Masketeer !
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    Yeah, it's each time. Which is why I tend to do all my category conversion at once and get them over with. Even so, I do still sometimes misclick or forget.
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    True, but I don't believe that's the actual reason. I believe the accuser is full of shit.
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    Have to hit that drop down each and every time. You’ll forget now and then and waste some converters. Well I should say every time other than when you are flipping Event IO’s.
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    i cringed a little as well, lol
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    I pretty much ignore damage procs for the most part because it is only a matter of time before they rightfully get nerfed to the ground. I consider them more of a hack than a proper solution for more damage in most ATs. Blaster will always do more damage than Sentinels, even with Dual Pistols, simply because of the much greater AoE cap and the higher damage modifier. More damage to more targets.
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    That or bows are the New Katanas.
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    It's good of you to be watching out for the integrity of the community - I mean that sincerely. But I don't believe anything has really warranted locking the thread. It's a topic where people will butt heads, but really that's fine. The game is so broad and malleable that there are a range of opinions on the ways they can be approached, which everyone is entitled to express within reason. At least we're not talking about knockback. Largely, folks have tried to be helpful here, giving real information about the change and advice on how to maximise income through other methods (though it's hard to afford the patience. I snapped in my last post. Sorry not sorry). And finally, people do need to vent. And that's fine. The change is good for the long term health of the game, but will upset people in the short term. A lot of folk have come around to at least an understanding of the change, though nobody expects anyone else to like the fact that their playstyles have been altered, and that's ok. I think it's good to hear the experiences and perceptions of people since the change, like Crysis has posted. That's useful information and you can see people corrolating it with their own.
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    Dear sir: You may want to have a look over these beta patch notes, as well as the ones from 4/4.
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    Alting = I completely agree. We might as well have 10,000 character slots, I can really only utilize 5 or 6 pages of them. Beyond that it is a heap of broken or forgotten toys. Minor benefits: Reducing the piles discarded alts More character names available Not needing to start over Shifting the focus from low level power leveling Could softens the blow of nerfs really, I was hoping for a link to an earlier discussion rather than folks needing to rehash it..
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    I love the NPC Companion idea... Even if they were only ornamental rather than combat pets, it would be pretty awesome to actually have both halves of a pair like Mordred and Merlin (both mine, so impossible as-is) tagging along together. I'd burn a chunk of INF gleefully to be able to do that, just for roleplay purposes.
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    Hmm. I guess there are a fair few of us who have to be deemed serious Nobodies, then. Because, yes... There do exist people who, believe it or not, farm FOR FUN. Active farmers who actually enjoy jumping into those maps and going to town on a bunch of goons are real. We're not Bigfoot. XD
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    Rather than a costume piece I'd like to ask hat we could get a choice of hair styles with the Hats head version so that I can have the Glam hairstyle with a top hat for my Circus Ringmistress character please...
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    And Wentworths was only open 1 hour a year. You had to get in line and wait, and you couldn't "logout" or "go afk" 'cause then you'd lose your place and everyone would know and make fun of you. "Oh, look there's Cold Vengeance, she couldn't handle the line!" And when it was finally your turn, you had to pay a 120% listing fee! And then fight the consignment worker, who was a level 63 Archivillian with soft capped defenses and would fart Origin-specific debuffs! That's how it was and we liked it! We LOVED it!
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    Did you hear about the hero that knocked one of Frostfire's goons halfway out of the building? The first officer on the scene found him dangling halfway out of a hole between two windows. When his backup showed up and asked what happened, the old cop just shrugged, "All in all, it's just another Brick in the wall."
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    Yes I know that. Just seems to me that most people seem to forget there are 50 levels to go through before Incarnates.
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    That's not how economics works. Please see the many, MANY detailed explenations in this thread about supply, demand, equilibrium, dead-weight loss, inflation, normal vs inferior goods, substitute goods, deflation, determinates of supply and demand, price elasticity and more. I'm sorry, multiple statements you have postulated are not accurate, as they run contrary to economic principle.
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    Ahah, why not, man, could be fun! Gotta move my guy to Excel then, he's a Reunionite at heart. 😉 Here's the updated version of his costume, as well!
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    Two possible reasons: the original devs didn't believe female body builders could be sexy/attractive for a superhero sexism
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    Only if it drops them all the way back to level one. With no inf. And no salvage, recipes, merits, enhancements, earned costume slots... They keep nothing. That's the cost. Say, that sounds remarkably similar to just... rolling a completely new character. Well, golly, doesn't that seems so much simpler...
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    I think it could provide some interesting moments. For example, the moment when the player shows up for a TF/SF and only, at that instant, realizes he/she forgot to dump all of the now useless enhancements left over after powerset respecing. And, consequently, also forgot to enhance multiple powers. Or the moment when the entire team wipes because the player, having leveled with one powerset, jumped into the fray and hilariously screwed up by using all of the wrong powers at all of the wrong times. Or the moment when the team spends more time waiting for the player to finish shopping at the AH, crafting and slotting enhancements, than they would've spent in that TF/SF overall. Or the moment when the player decides he/she despises the powerset he/she just respeced into and floods the chat window with complaints. That's comedy you can't buy, at any price.
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    I think the cost should be free. 1. Select server. 2. Create character. 3. ... 4. Profit! If you wanted a higher level character, then I think the test server still allows insta-levelling? Try it out first.
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    If judgement is wiping everything out, then crank up the difficulty. Can't take the heat? Then get out of the kitchen. There are already some tools for dealing with this. But I agree. The team lead should have the option to to tick a box for incarnates, Yes / No on Sub 50 content. 50 and up, no dice. Deal with it.
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