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    Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. We are playing. Enjoy.
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    A slow "yes" is infinitely preferable to a quick "no".
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    As others have said, these things take time even when the deal is in simple, well-trodden territory. This isn't simple, and it's certainly not well-trodden territory. It'll also probably not surprise you to learn that Coronavirus hasn't had a positive impact on the speed of this process 🙂
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    Wouldn't be the Homecoming Forums without the weekly difficulty adjustment thread.
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    Corporations can be extremely slow when dealing with stuff that isn't a high priority to them, especially when the stuff has little monetary upside, potentially significant downsides and all of the downsides can be mostly avoided by ignoring the thing. Going by my own experience with development projects in big corporations, it wouldn't surprise me at all if "talks" in this case were synonymous with an email chain where the corporation responds to your inputs once a month.
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    I wanna fix mercs please. This is a topic I've given a lot of thought to, and Mercs is a set I want most to be successful and competitive with its fellow henchmen in the list of loyal henchmen available to our Mastermind players including myself. So no screwing around; let's get right to it. What's wrong? Mercs lack any strength relative to other sets, having very low damage with the dubious honor of the only set that can't break out of double digits in single target damage (assuming SO enhancements only), and no better survivability than even Ninjas. I want to address this problem by giving them a defined strength that'll make them stand out and fun to play. The Direction? I want to see Mercs be a set with solid damage and a respectable survivability through debuffs courtesy of real world riot munitions. I'm going to be getting most of my inspiration from how Necromancy gets its survivability: debuffs and control. So let's address the problem by going power-by-power, and I'll say what I think will help Mercs be worth leading into battle and why I want to make the changes that I do. Soldiers, Role: Single-Target Damage & Healing So, Soldiers, they need a cutting down on activation time of many of their powers to help their damage output. The Medic oughta be better specialized to healing so that slotting for healing is worth doing. Every power I list will use level 1 stats. I'm shifting over to single shot/burst/heavy burst to solve the Soldiers' problems with activation time. I'm making the Medic more specialized to healing. Soldiers, submachine gun base power: Single Shot (Dmg: 9 lethal & -3.75% Def for 5s, Rech: 4s, Act.Time: 0.9s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 5.2, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.84) As it looks for Soldier of Arachnos. 1st Upgrade: Burst (Dmg: 9x3 lethal & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 1s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 8.53, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 2) Also as it looks for Soldier of Arachnos. 2nd Upgrade: Heavy Burst (Dmg: 6x6 lethal & -3.75% Def for 16s, Rech: 16s, Act.Time: 2.67s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 11.86, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.93) As it looks the Soldiers right now, but still single target. That makes three single target attacks. For weapon variety, consider giving one of the Soldiers one of these instead: Pump-action shotgun, for a close-range higher damage soldier. base: Narrow Spread Buckshot (Dmg: 18 lethal w/ 50% chance for mag 0.79 knockback & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 0.9s, Range: 45ft, End.Cost: 5.2, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 2.02) A short-range heavy blast of single-target damage 1st Upgrade: Slug (just as it is, but with added -3.75% Def for 8s) 2nd Upgrade: Dragon's Breath (Same range, animation, end cost, and activation time as Incinerator for Sentinels, but with 16s recharge. 3.5 fire damage as 11 ticks over 2.5 seconds for a damage per cast cycle of 2.14. And -3.74% Def of course.) Battle rifle, for the designated marksman base: Hip Shot (it's just Single Shot) 1st Upgrade: Aimed Shot (Dmg: 20 lethal & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time 2.67s, Range: 150ft, End.Cost: 8.53, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.87) Sniper rifle animation and sound. 2nd Upgrade: Incendiary Round (Dmg: 24 [12 lethal then 4 fire x3 ticks over 3 seconds] & -3.75% Def for 8s, Rech: 10s, Act.Time 2.67s, Range: 150ft, End.Cost: 8.53, Dmg/Cast Cycle: 1.89) Sniper rifle animation, Council marksman rifle sound. Medic, some kinda carbine/short rifle base power: Med Kit (Mostly as it is, but with its recharge lowered to 16s) Single Shot (see above) 1st Upgrade: Bio Shield (20-25% or so absorption for 90 seconds, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 3.17s, End.Cost: 13) An absorb shield also enhanceable with healing 2nd Upgrade: Regeneration Treatment (+150% regen for 90s, Rech: 8s, Act.Time: 3.17s, End.Cost: 13) Another power that uses the medical tool animation. Applies a strong regeneration buff to henchmen and maybe even the Mastermind. Stimulant (Mostly as it is, but with a 4s recharge and 90s duration instead) Notice that the damage per cast cycle has gone up to around Thugs' level and that's mostly because activation time went down to reasonable levels, although the first two Soldiers boast a little more since I'd like to see the Medic specialized utterly to healing so slotting that becomes worthwhile and he will hopefully have a greater impact on Mercs' survivability which is presently very lacking. I also think they should have a bit of a range advantage, so we'll be seeing more of that going on here. On to the next. Spec Ops changes are going to focus on improving their ability to debuff the enemy's offense, and they will provide the bulk of Mercs' survivability through this. Spec Ops, Role: Offense Debuffs for squad survivability, Single-Target Damage All Spec Ops, weapon: suppressed assault rifle w/ Cryo Rounds base powers: Single Shot (As seen above, but with half lethal/cold damage and added -15% move/recharge) It should also use the SCAR snipe sound. It sounds great; we need more of it. Cryo Burst (Burst as above, but with half lethal/cold damage and added -15% move/recharge for 10 seconds on targets) Silenced burst sound, same Burst that Soldiers get, but with added slow effect to hinder enemy's pace of attack. Cryo Grenade (-20% move/recharge in 15ft. around target for 30s, Rech: 45s, Act.Time: 1.87s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost 13) Replaces Web Grenade. Hits a group of targets in a radius with a decent debuff to recharge and movement. 1st Upgrade: Beanbag (2 mag Stun for 8s, Rech: 16s, Act.Time: 0.9s, Range: 90ft, End.Cost: 10) Simple single-target mag 2 stun. Flash Bang (Mostly as it is, but the -To Hit goes up to -7.5% instead of -5% and lasts for 30s while the recharge goes down to 45s) Improved to provide better mitigation through more consistently applied debuff and CC. 2nd Upgrade: SCAR Snipe (Mostly as it is, but with half lethal/cold damage and Recharge reduced to 6 seconds for a new damage per cast cycle of 1.77, and with -15% move/recharge for 10 seconds) Council cryo rounds with a silenced snipe sound pretty much. Tear Gas (Mostly as is, but loses its Hold, adds -7.5% To Hit to debuff and extends debuff duration to 30s, and reduces recharge to 45s.) Same reasoning behind Flash Bang. Stealth (as is) So Spec Ops damage is going to go up a bit, but even more than that will its debuff and CC consistency and power, providing a lot of survivability for Mercs. Two Spec Ops firing their -To Hit grenades, without enhancements, should apply up to -30% To Hit between them both for a good while, and they can potentially have up to 4 mag 2 stuns out, potentially stunning 2 different bosses and everything around them below Lieutenant for a short while, or as long as both their beanbag and flash bang are affecting targets. That's nothing to scoff at. Commando should become an AoE damage machine, although not nearly as much as Assault Bot and that's fine. Commando, Role: AoE Damage Commando, weapon: assault rifle w/ under-barrel grenade launcher (not the frankenrifle please) base powers: Single Shot (as it is for Soldiers) Burst (as it is for Soldiers) 1st Upgrade: Buckshot (as it is) M30 Grenade (mostly as it is, but with 16 damage [6 smash/10 lethal] instead for a new damage per cast cycle of 0.89) So it doesn't suck. (edit in) Maneuvers (+10% Defense to all henchmen within 60ft) 2nd Upgrade: Incendiary Grenade (Shares most stats with M30 Grenade, but has no knockdown and does 24 pure Fire damage over 8 ticks [3 each] over 7.1s for a damage per cast cycle of 1.34) Good damage. Not multiple burn patches for Assault Bot good, but there it is. Replaces Flamethrower for an AoE power with less activation time. Toxic Grenade (Shares most stats with M30 Grenade, but has no knockdown and does 20 pure Toxic damage instead for a damage per cast cycle of 1.12) More solid AoE damage. LRM Rocket (Mostly as is, but with a 30s recharge instead for a new damage per cast cycle of 0.7) So it doesn't suck, pretty much. So my hope here is to make each Merc in the player's squad decent at what they do, and those roles should be pretty well defined here. It's kind of an involved overhaul, and it's for a set that's needed help since its first day on live over a decade ago. Well, I hope you guys like it too. Share your thoughts here. EDIT: Look, I think Serum should be fixed too. Here's a copy-paste from what I also said further down: Oh, right, addressing Serum. There's a few things I have in mind, actually. 1. Like ya said, Lynne, just take out the crash, cut down the recharge, and apply it to the whole squad. Well, you said take out just the -Recovery in the crash but I'd go further and say just all of it. However, rather than keep the anemic +Damage and +To Hit, I'd rather just drop it and let the power be purely a survival-boosting defensive buff. You mentioned adding a Regeneration component as well, and that might be considered so we'd be looking at strongly enhanceable properties as being resistance, recharge, and healing. That'd be the easiest way to do it. It doesn't feel particularly "mercs" to me though, so I have other things I hope get considered, such as... 2. Fire Support Beacon Place a Fire Support Beacon down with similar range and animation as calling in Seeker Drones. You can plop it right down in the middle of a group of bad guys. The beacon itself can be targeted, is very durable, and has a tendency to draw aggro. It will "fire" a number of PBAoE attacks around itself visually made to look like artillery and/or air strike munitions detonating around it, dealing high damage and drawing enemy attention to the beacon with a +threat component so it can tank for the Mercs for a bit. 3. Call Air Support Very similar in practice to the Fire Support Beacon, this power should call in a short duration temporary pet that makes a pronounced impact for its brief 60 second duration in battle. This pet, a repainted Longbow Chaser, is also targetable and very durable, and should be capable of laying down good area effect damage while generating threat with every rocket and bullet that hits before flying/teleporting off to refuel and rearm. Why'm I suggesting these things? Well, it's Mercenaries, right? Calling in air and fire support is a fairly common trope in military-themed games and especially shooters. I'd feel a lot more like a mercenary commander if I could call in such heavy assets. In-game, it'll have the role of adding some damage while drawing attention away from the squad, helping survivability while it's active.
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    I'd really like to be able to create Macro Images with the powers to display the cooldown time that the power has. I don't necessarily mean it actually displays like "14 sec remaining" like normal powers, but to have the macro slowly become bright again like a normal power would as an option with macroing would be very nice. I am also aware you can just create a power and the macro as it is right now, but the power still has to retain its original icon appearance. If the first could not be done, creating a system that allows for macros to display with the "14 sec" remaining option with normal powers would be nice. I understand how this could be tricky though with macros that do more than one action at a time, and it may not be able to work with say two powers at once or a power with an emote, but I'd still use this macroing feature to actually have the icons that I personally want to see for the powers. Although if this feature exists somehow as a mod or something in the addons, please let me know!
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    The amazing dual purpose travel powers from the origin pool sets are amazing. And the best are yet to come, with Fly+Afterburner in Gadgetry and Super Speed + Super Jump in Utility Belt. I understand with the C-Poc that updates are not going to happen soon, but I was wondering which was next on the table, and which one posters here are most looking forward to. But, always at a double purpose, I was also wondering what people thought about ways to make the focused travel powers competitive with the origin travel powers?
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    Came across this fun game crashing bug. So, we all know you cannot create a Stone/Claws Tank. And for those of you who dont, you cannot create a Stone/Claws Tank, or so I thought.. Recently I was looking around for a new toon and had seen Claws. Never trying it before, I decided Id roll a tank. Claws being the obvious choice with Stone for me. Typically, if you try to create a toon that has incompatible powers, the unselectable power will be greyed out. EX: Shield Defense and Katana or Stone and Claws. But if you choose the secondary power first (Claws), the character creator will allow you to select the primary power (stone) second. If you try to go back in to secondaries after selecting Stone, all is as intended and Claws will not be selectable. But if you skip right on to costume creator, you can register your very own Stone/Claws Tank! Sweet. A Stone/Claws Tanker! One of a kind! Bet theres no build for this yet on the forums! It appears the background code does not support this character combo.. at all.. and unfortunately for anyone attempting this method, your game is about to crash. No problem! We can always log back in and just select our new Tank from our vast (thank you Devs) character list. But youll notice that the new Tank is not even selectable. Youll get a fun new error message "InvalidPlayerinfo" with a creation date of 7480 days! Really wish COH was up and running 20 years ago! Sometimes youll get an error report, sometimes the game just spins out and crashes. You wont actually beable to play this new character, but you can brag how you have a permanent missing character on your character list! @Devs, maybe the coding can be updated to include Stone/Claws Tank or at the very least, fix this error in the character creation screen, its kind of a bummer being taunted with the possibility of this great concept toon, just to have to pulled away at the last moment. Ive attempted this bug with other unselectable primary and secondaries, and it appears only "Tank's Stone and Claws" is the magical broken combo. Ingame ticket submitted, thread creation requested by GM Crumpet. Crash report submitted around 1am PST on 06/25/20 Previous thread: Pictures Below
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    well, good luck and keep trying. Having followed all the buyout attempts I am very pessimistic but happy to be proved wrong. It's kind of like the old horror movie "don't go in the barn". We send someone into the barn and they don't come out. Who wants to go into the barn next?
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    Oh. Well, serious response, then. There are fine points and niggling details which must be examined, considered and discussed in any legal negotiation. Questions which must be answered, scenarios proposed, liability determined, etc. Even a simple query, such as, "Can we use this software?", requires lengthy analysis, proposals, counter-proposals, definition of terminology (in the U.S. judicial system, exact wording is almost always more important than intent, thus the phrase "letter of the law"), and can take months to refine to the point of an actual contract being written, and then said contract will be subject to further refinement, which can also take months. And in this instance, we're dealing with an overseas firm which specializes in corporate contract negotiations and legal responses, so there are the matters of translation, legal definitions, technical definitions, interpretations of phrasing, differing perspectives of intent... before the contract negotiation even begins, they have to agree that they're talking about the same thing, in as precise legal terms as they can. Between two entities with practically unlimited funds and full-time corporate representatives at their disposal, such discussions can take over a year. For the HC team, who are acting as volunteers (meaning, they also have jobs and families to attend to), and who are paying a small firm which only dedicates a small portion of their time to the case, it could take a few years before the details of the proposed contract are agreed upon and written down. That contract would then have to be reviewed, extensively (again, "letter of the law"), before a final draft is issued, further reviewed and more details discussed and clarified or changed, and only then, eventually, signed. Don't lose sleep over it. Nothing's going to happen for a long time. NCSoft, even if they're not interested in squeezing any financial consideration out of us, won't agree to anything until they have as perfect a contract as humanly possible in their hands, in order to ensure that they have no potential repercussions which might cost them a single won in the future (such as a lawsuit by Marvel). Since their legal team is on retainer, it costs them nothing to negotiate, so it makes no difference to them if this takes a day or a decade, financially. So it's not going to be a swift process, but as long as the negotiations are proceeding, there's little threat of legal issues. If they eventually decide not to allow public use of the Co* server code, it will still be a long time coming.
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    (Hello, all! I'm relatively new to CoH and its particular brand of RP, so as a means of both acclimating myself to the lore and getting a feel for my characters, I decided to write some short stories focusing mainly on a couple of my Rogues and their pre-RP adventures. So, without further ado, let's dive in.) Story 1: "Online" Story 2: "Lost and Found" Story 3: "Aggressive Negotiations" Story 4: "Life's Ambitions" Online Her world suddenly came to life, text and numbers racing across her field of vision. Static and snow parted to reveal the world around her. Surrounding her was a place that resembled a small warehouse. Several crates and boxes lined up on one wall, a rusty filing cabinet up against another. In front of the filing cabinet was a desk, sporting a few writing implements, several drawers, and little else. The odd light gleamed overhead, one directly above her shining its rays onto her person. She appeared to be facing upward, directly into that light. The glow was already blinding, forcing her to turn her head away. “Don’t move.” The voice was sharp, commanding, and accompanied by the click of what sounded like a rifle. “I had you put back together, but I can easily take you apart again. Permanently.” She froze, though her head was already titled enough to the side that she was not eyeing the light. Without that light, however, her environment was dim. The warehouse looked as if none used it, but clearly, someone was using it. Perhaps its use was only recently? It looked rather unkempt in spite of— “All right, now sit up.” She obeyed, her metallic hands finding the arms of a chair beside her and using them to prop herself up. Now she could see the voice’s owner: a man with an athletic physique, human in appearance and garbed in a grey bodysuit. Over this bodysuit appeared to be brown armoring, its darker shade befitting the dismal warehouse but contrasting the white of his skin and red buzzcut hair. “Good,” the man said, a purple-and-grey rifle in his hands. It was not currently aimed at her, but she suspected that could change in an instant. “Now, identify yourself.” Her options had always been few; if she was given an order, everything in her drove her to follow that order to the letter. As foreign as her new situation was, this time was no different. “I am Clockwork em-three-three-five-six-five-seven,” she answered. “My primary function is to uphold the highest standard of cleanliness in the Praetorian household to which I am assigned, and to support my host family in their daily activities.” The man blinked. “…you’re a maid?” His captive Clockwork hesitated for a moment; his surprise was unexpected. “In a sense, yes. Is that unsatisfactory?” “Never mind,” the man sighed and shook his head, laying his rifle onto his shoulder. “Just wondering what made Maelstrom desperate enough to grab domestic robots for his plans.” She paused again, staring blankly ahead as her inner workings raced to recall the requested information. “I…was recruited to serve Praetoria in a greater capacity,” the Clockwork replied. “I was gathered alongside my fellow Clockwork for a covert mission that would benefit Praetoria’s glorious—” The rifle slid off the man’s armored shoulder and into his hands. The barrel aimed directly at her mouth, her captor’s own lips contorting into a sneer. “You invaded my Earth,” he growled. “You were part of Maelstrom’s most recent act of betrayal against his own planet. You and your ‘fellows’ stormed into our Galaxy City to pick a fight with our heroes and force your sickening dictatorship onto us.” Her eyes trailed down to the rifle’s barrel. A more diplomatic approach seemed to be in order. “I…apologize,” the Clockwork said slowly. “I was merely—” “—following orders, I know,” the man snapped, though he did withdraw his rifle and sling it across his back. “I’ve been a soldier, I know how these things work. But that doesn’t change the fact that your ‘orders’ were to give grief to the world I call home and defend as such. Fortunately, you’ll have your chance to make up for it. As of this moment, you’ll take your orders from me.” She hesitated again, calculating potential routes for this conversation to take. Her first inclination was to obey; after all, that was what she had been built to do. Further analysis justified this, given that the man before her could not only destroy her, but could very well be her best lead on her situation. “Understood,” she finally said, earning a nod of approval. “But I do not know your name, or what purpose you serve.” “Well, fair enough. Name’s Deagon,” the man replied, shrugging one shoulder. “I’ve had a few ‘purposes’ over my life, but these days I work to keep my world safe from the kind of extraterrestrial and extradimensional threats that have been hitting it for God knows how long: Rikti, Shivans, Kheldians, Praetorians, and so on. Most would just call me a mercenary, though, partly because my equipment doesn’t come cheap and food needs to get on the table somehow.” The Clockwork simply nodded; objecting to being in this mercenary’s care was not deemed a wise course of action. “Now, then…calling you by your serial number will make things harder than they need to be, so you’ll need an actual name,” Deagon said. He took a moment to look her over before speaking again. “Ah, why not, let’s go with Robbi.” The newly-named Clockwork blinked, staring in bewilderment. “Robbi? As in Robby the Robot? Science fiction icon?” The confused stare and silence continued. “From the movie Forbidden Planet? 1956?” More silence. “Said movie being loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and leading to Robby making appearances in numerous other films following Forbidden Planet?” Still silence. “No one has ever talked about any of these terms around you, or programmed you with even the most basic knowledge of them?” Deagon asked. “I mean, I know it’s an old movie, but it was good enough to make its mark on popular culture.” The Clockwork shook her head. “The extent of my knowledge is that which is most relevant to my duties. Entertainment media would be filed under supplementary knowledge that I would acquire over the course of serving the family to which I would be assigned.” Deagon sighed, putting a gloved palm to his forehead and muttering something about Praetorians projecting their lack of culture onto others before cutting himself off and addressing his charge again. “Well, at any rate, I’m calling you Robbi. Get used to it.” Robbi merely nodded. “Now that we’ve got that settled, we have work to do,” Deagon began, readying his rifle again. “I understand you Praetorian Clockworks are good at fixing things, including yourselves. Your job is going to be fixing my equipment, helping me install security around here, and whatever other technical tasks I need from you.” “Acknowledged,” Robbi nodded. She paused, looking around. “Would I also be carrying out domestic duties?” “We’ll figure that out later,” Deagon replied flatly. “First priority is setting up security. The things we need to do that are in those crates by the door. Get up and help.” Robbi wordlessly complied, accompanying Deagon to the indicated supplies. Analysis indicated that her existence had taken a perplexing turn. It was true that she was capable of combat, but full-on mercenary work was not something she had been programmed for. Adaptation was going to be key.
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    Does this make sense in real-world play? Does the argument that Masterminds sit around not using endurance the majority of the time back from CoV's launch actually hold weight in today's game? It's not like a corruptor/controller have gobs of endurance if they just focus on keeping a team alive with their secondary spam, and since MMs can try to keep a team alive and their own pets too with their secondaries I wondered if any discussion can be had about them having to spend more endurance than any other archetype/class in the entire game for the same powers. Toggle-heavy sets like Sonic/Rad/Storm seems unsustainable when you consider it's supposed to be balanced around Single Origin Enhancements unless you forego enhancing anything beyond end cost. Pet summons and training are heavy end drains as well. Just curious what the general consensus is.
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    You can do it when forming Task Forces, Strike Forces, Trials, or any story arc via Ouroboros Flashback.
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    You gave yourself two solutions! 1. Don’t run a full team. Try four. Try two! 2. Go for the challenging enemies. Play Red. Play Gold!
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    Seeing as this is your second ever post OP, I will fill you in: your general request has been debated ad nauseam on this forum. Many of these debates have become quite heated, understandably so. On a personal level, I can't agree with any sweeping changes such as "Nerf X" or "Increase all enemy HP", usually because these arguments are aimed at fully built, maxed out characters, conveniently forgetting the intervening levels or those who simply don't min-max. It's clear that many people want something more challenging, and I agree. However, I feel that this challenge should either come in the form of brand new content, or an optional selection, and most certainly not making sweeping changes which affect how people play the game now.
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    Ok, so the part that wasn't clear to me was that you think unenhanced aoe damage is where it needs to be. Or to put it another way, you think aoe's scaling is radically stronger than ST, and I think I see what you mean... Since aoe damage multiplies with targets hit, it will naturally gain exponential scaling as you become able to take on larger and larger groups. Ok, i feel like I'm coming at this from a different frame of mind than you, but I can find some a lot of logic here.
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    But Jimmy, how long can I be expected to play this awesome, free, pirated game without knowing whether it's officially permitted by the people that killed it?
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    Ok, I've been able to go through and gather data on all the Pet DPS per set given the actual rotations they use! The following will showcase the DPS of each set with 95% damage enhancement on the pets, along with the 25% from supremacy, and any buffs (Enforcer Leadership, Pack mentality, etc) or debuffs (Demon -Res, etc) relevant to the sets that can be attained naturally. Also included are relevant lvl 18 powers such as Smoke Flash, HoE, Etc, to the totals. The ST damage is straight forward the DPS on a single entity, while the AoE dps is the damage spread out to a group that accounts for the max practical targets per attack (this was tricky, but using the area formula you can get a rather accurate idea of how certain cones/areas could hit targets in a practical setting. For example the Soldier Full Auto has a target cap of 10, but with how narrow the cone is it is more likely you hit about 5-6). Values are also shown for +0 and +4 lvl encounters. Putting it together as a ranking between ST, AoE, and 0-4 performance: We have the above ranking for damage output at the least. We have three distinct tiers with some wiggle room between: A Tier: Demons Self explanatory, they cover a variety of damage types as well as have great debuffs which mix in well with their raw damage output. The debuffs allow them to be exceptional at ST DPS, and they are no slouch at AoE DPS as they are only behind the two sets that can ignite the battlefield with layered burns. B Tier: Thugs / Beasts / Bots = Ninjas Overall these 4 sets have similar performance across the spectrum, with Thugs getting a slight edge, and Beasts being a *little* better than Bots and Ninjas. Beasts are sort of "middle" of each segment which puts them in a great spot damage-wise, Ninjas are a worse Demons in terms of ST and AoE potential, and likewise Robots are a worse Thugs with their saving grace beign the Assault Bot's scaling vs +4 targets allowing optimal AoE performance. C Tier: Necro // Mercs Necromancy is a bit odd, as it sacrifices damage for a great deal of control and debuffing, as shown here where it's middling ST performance and poor AoE bring it down. Mercs however are on another level where they are bottom of the barrel in every slot except +4 AoE thanks to the Commando's scaling. These two sets are actually quite similar where they appear to be designed to have more control or debuffing instead of raw damage. While Necro has the Lich with multiple AoE controls, and strong ST debuffs throughout the tiers, Mercs really only has the two Spec Ops which have controls on very low usage 😞 Lets take a look at how they fare with @Monos King and I's suggestions: For reference, a global change was the addition of a +1 level shift to the T1 pets which accounts for a decent boost to damage and Debuff output. At a glance, the actual output of each set seems a bit tighter than before with fewer large "gaps" between them. Necro's changes to have many more ghosts + additional *conditional damage from the Lich add up fast to allow it to do much better vs +4 content than before, as well as snowball into an ST powerhouse if you are able to maintain your undead army. Likewise, the gap between Thugs, Bots, and Beasts have lessened to be roughly even in output. Ninjas are left behind somewhat with only changes to their defenses being proposed, which in context of the actual attack rotations makes other sets possibly a bit over-buffed. Even with the proposed changes, Mercs are still the least damaging primary (outside of +4 AoE being "OK"). Luckily our changes also make them incredibly durable while at least making their DPS competitive instead of purely anemic. Next up would be actually measuring that utility and durability per primary to compare against their DPS for a "proper" ranking.
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    I don't get why people think it's a downer ending. It was hugely uplifting! A start of a beautiful friendship!
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    I've got a hard no on the Beam Rifle thing. It's just...not in concept for "Mercenaries". You want lasers, go Robots. Plus, having each Merc be unique doesn't really fit the "army" theme either. That said, I haven't played them much since the old days (I had a Mercs/Thermal who got a fair bit of playtime back in the day and was generally "fine" but not exciting), but I feel like...are sweeping changes really necessary anyway? Cut-down the activation times, drop the Recharge on the Spec Ops controls drastically since the AI doesn't know how to use 'em. And cut the recharge/remove the crash on Serum. Bada-bing, bada-boom. You've got your ranged tank-y/control-y pet set.
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    Yeah, Im just reading those now, and you're right. Once it was clarified you seemed to get it. Sorry!
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    What an awesome movie Casablanca is. Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet add to everything immensely.
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    It is posted in ToS or somewhere that they cannot reimburse for things, but posting on the forums will alert other players to look for same or similar bugs so they can determine if it is widespread or just a one off.
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    Well, it's been long enough for people to submit a proposal for the prize and I have already picked one, leveled it to 50 +3, and even moved on to other characters. Drum-roll, please . . . And the winner is . . . . @Yomo Kimyata!!!! Yomo, send me a PM or in-game message to coordinate your PL and prizes I went with a Dark/Dark Stalker, which ended up having 7 fear powers! Assassin's Eclipse, Touch of Fear, Cloak of Fear, Intimidate, Invoke Panic, Water Spout, and Fear Incarnate. As I was leveling up, the presence pool was helpful in paralyzing one or two critters while I dealt with others. As I gained levels I used those powers less and less. I actually use the fear incarnate power more even though it has worse recharge and endurance because it also has the -tohit that Presence Pool lacks. Pacify also got some use in lieu of Placate, which I skipped. But with the stalker ATOs, neither placate nor pacify is necessary. The lack of -tohit and high costs of the presence pool powers makes this a pure concept build that works well enough, but I would be much better off taking other powers. If they had - tohit and if I could take either Invoke Panic or Unrelenting with just one power pick I think people might take this pool more often. At a minimum, we should be able to pick intimidate as a first power pick. Many pools allow you to choose any of the first three as your first pick. Come to think of it, I may respec out of Invoke Panic and try Unrelenting. I've never used it at all. The build was modified using Yomo's as a base. The powers were actually taken in a slightly different order; for example I took combat jumping much earlier. Here's the build:
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    There is a contact - Ephram Sha - where you can do repeatable content. No arcs, just single missions. For the rest, there's Ouroboros. It really is annoying that we can't redo them though, outside of ouro. I really don't like being halfway through an arc, and then I see someone needs a hand with something, but my character is mid-arc, and I can't invite or be invited. Or, an MSR starts, but I'm in the middle of an arc. It kind of makes sense for content that was out-leveled, but at level 50, how have I outleveled level 50 stuff? Seems like I ought to be able to redo it, without it being through ouro.
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    I will leave questions on which system works better to the number crunches, but to me..the current PPM system just seems to overly reward 'crazy' or non standard slotting. I totally get that the old 20% chance per proc was unfair to low rech powers, and great on fast ones. But the PPM system seems to be the opposite. You can take a 'long' (I forget teh exact value, but MacSkull had a great thread about PPM rates and recharges), slap a ton of procs in it, and they basically all get a 70% or higher (may not have actually been 70, but it was MORE than 20%) to go off. This is even worse (that it, better for a player) if you build for rech (which, is very easy and common), and more so with +rech alphas and Ageless (super super common). Case in Point..Savage Melee. I tried it on my very first toon coming back, and found Hemorage and SLeap to be..well..shite. Low damage, and silly mechanics (the damage vs distance) almost cripple the powers. Then I found a great thread about proccing SM. It is basically doing both those attacks with a 53% damage purple IO, and procs. ANd it is INSANE. Just stupidly awesome. All those procs go off almost every time, and turn less than average powers into basically broken ones (I think teh difference seems so great, since both powers are very lacking out of teh box). Other examples include Epic Holds (for blasters) slotted with FIVE procs. Is an epic hold really really meant to do 5 lots of proc damage, with like a 90% chance? Or the dark melee changes, and Dark COnsumption becoming a mini nuke,. So yeah..PPM totally made procs worth it in long duration powers..and exploits global rech (and minimal power rech slotting) to a silly degree.
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    Nerf it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  34. 2 points
    Few more: Sherpa Mountain Man Prairie Dog Foxman Drama King Doc Atom Madame Atomique Kid Cupid Max Speed Iron Horse Dame Danger Frazzle Frazzler Fetish Doll Bearhug Moxie Danger Doc Danger Statique Ohmgirl Starlet Sermon Grimrose Doc Science Hurricane Jane Hateball Crackpot Axeman Rockabye Siesta Seaboy Sea Boy Shadetree Volcano Girl Starfather Bogger Bog Boy Riotess Ironhorse Bog Queen Bogstone Old Man River Mooch Miss Mirror Judge Brimstone Skyboy Offbeat Snakeman Death-Wail Grandfather Clock Panache Caveboy Cave Boy Sugarcoat Rotgut Death Wail Kid Angel Slaughter Mouse Slaughtermouse Dreadsotrm Doc Summit Glacielle Deathwind Death Wind Doctor Demonic Mama Juju Mad Maiden Scamper Gusto Velvet Glove Paydirt Deathmaiden Sea-Maiden Seamaiden Doctor Zen
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    And yet I never saw it when I was testing. Makes one question if the numbers shown in game can be trusted at all. Are they text or actually pulling from the real backend tables? Edit: And thinking about it... they should ALL be fixed. Every attack that a scrapper uses should follow the same crit formula.
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    We -really- need to get https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/17732-community-project-cleaning-up-the-suggestions-and-feedback-board/ off the ground one of these days . . . ANYWAY! On topic: The Devs know. They're looking in to it. They have not made any announcements of plans, though, since it's a complex bundle of snakes that could explode and kill us all with even a little provocation. . . . or something to that effect, anyway.
  37. 1 point
    As long as it takes, Ed Gruberman!
  38. 1 point
    "without any new content?" Peace... this is simply disconnected from reality. New sets, new ATs, new player created missions, new content.. What are you talking about?
  39. 1 point
    There are still ways to go about fixing them rather than actually killing one of the few good parts of Mercenaries, to which I have a remake of a pre-sunset toon of mine (Mercs/FF) for nostalgia. I never said they were "above average" or even "good" I actually agreed they needed fixing, but giving them a practical nerf to key powers that make up easily double-triple their damage output via procs is not the way to go. I play this toon, I like that effect and I stand by cottage rule with this in this case. Sorry. THIS I can get behind, so that I can still see the enjoyment of the procs I put into my Mercenaries that is one of the few redeemable parts of Mercenaries not utterly shattered.
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    🙂 I have 6 different 50s with sonic, I'm just trying to spread my wings a little
  41. 1 point
    I tend to have trouble with Long Forum too. Try doing Short Forum post instead.
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    Dropping a bunch of names this weekend. Let me know (via a reply below or forum PM) if you'd like one and we'll try to sort out a time. First come first serve. Here they are. Sea Maiden Deathwail Madam Mirror Lovebird Native Son Fair Maiden Torturess Badmouth Sister Salem Windy Doc Steam Copy Boy Rah-Rah Newshound Auntie Agony Agony Aunt Storm Devil Peaceman Mother Madness Bloodcrow Vignette Bounce Judge Midnight Soul Sister Brother Peace Peace Man Crime Queen Doc Wonder Rah Rah Cry-Baby Ohmboy Ohm Girl Sea-Boy Omgirl Starmaker Inkpot Windburn Sea Snake Caldera Snow Devil Swhirlwind Swirlwind Shakedown Danger Dame Stat Queen Mob Brannigan Simmer Donnybrook Doc Monster Hotfoot Pouncer Chanteuse Crybaby Aunt Agony Vim Vigor Kid Kahuna Rot Gut Pantomime Farce Slosh Slosher Doppleganger
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    A sample Necro/Sonic build for end drain.. 2.73recovery with 2.04/s drain.... if you add in repulsion it goes up to 2.9s drain, lol XD
  44. 1 point
    Never any vocal compliments. But after skillfully leaping into the fray, taking the alpha, and then hammering faces while keeping aggro as everyone else blasts and controls and corrupts and defends and masterminds, I like to think the lack of clearly-deserved praise is due to the stunned silence as my teammates are overwhelmed by the inspiring manner in which I hit things, and then get hit by things. They're too amazed to speak. I don't hold it against them.
  45. 1 point
    Yesterday someone told me I am "ballsy for a defender". I had to admit to them that I was, indeed, a peacebringer. Does that count as a compliment? I did have a buddy request my PB build cuz shes a tank 😁
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    I've long been of the opinion that the fact that any character can solo any content at 4/8, no matter how overtuned the powersets, expensive the build or easy the content, is a failure in the game design. This is a team game; soloing should certainly be possible and fun, but just not at the maximum difficulty. If the absolute bleeding edge of uber builds could just about survive a 1/8 council radio mission solo then in my opinion (and I'm well aware it's not an overly popular one!) the game would be much better balanced.
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    I created another character that I am not sure what she would be. I am leaning towards a non granite tanker with gem armor.
  48. 1 point
    I play Bots/, Demon/ and Thugs/Storm primarily. Endurance has and remains a massive hassle for me but thanks to HC I’ve managed to get it mostly under control even before things like Cardiac and Ageless. -Recovery serum from P2W vendor -The Survival Amplifier from P2W vendor -The Recovery amplifier from base buff generator -Victory Rush from Leadership Pool (actually works damn well properly slotted) -the +Recovery Accolades But I have to do ALL of those things to stay powered up. Demons is hardest because the Lash attacks do significant -RES, which is actually one of your key debuffs. I understand why this END penalty exists because if you build your MM’s for high +Recharge your DPS skyrockets. But it still sucks I have to wait for Incarnates to quit worrying about END management.
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    That's exactly why I specified SOs above. Even if we ignore that, it's still a penalty vs other ATs that can also benefit from those same IOs.
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