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    I told this story in another thread, but it's worth repeating anyways because it made my day for sure. I write bios for all of my characters. All of them. Every single character I have has a biography, whether it's short, comedic, dramatic, serious, whatever. It's something I find fun, regardless of whether people read them or not. Anyway, one day I saw an impromptu costume contest going on, and I'm playing on my fresh, new level 20-ish Blaster, so I decide to go stand in line and hope for the best. I didn't win the contest, but during the contest, a player came right up to me, sent a trade invite, and just gave me like 5 million INF right there, sending a PM saying something like "I hardly see people write bios anymore, and I want to encourage the practice. :D" Sure, 5 million isn't a lot, but it was still really nice, and this guy was just a participant in the contest, not a judge or the one running it. Since then, I've made it my mission to pay it forward. If I see a cool bio that I like, that person gets some INF from me, free of charge. πŸ˜„
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    Simply put, the decisions about what gets tested where and when are entirely dictated by the needs of the development team. Some of Page 6 (mainly the balance stuff) is being tested on Resurgence (aka Closed Beta), primarily because the last time early experimental powers changes were tested on our public test server there was a large amount of upset when changes got scrapped or altered (which is par for the course when it comes to live game balance), and this severely reduced the efficacy of the testing process. I refer to this as 'internal testing' because this (unfinished stuff that's nowhere near ready for prime time) would traditionally be tested internally if we actually had, y'know, a paid QA team - but obviously we don't, so this is the next best thing. Many Homecoming players who have provided constructive feedback during the last few rounds of powers testing are also taking part in this test. Once we're more confident in the changes then they'll hit the public beta server for more rigorous testing. This is the kind of crazy conspiracy theorizing I'm used to seeing from other CoH communities, not this one πŸ™‚ Players on that server donate to keep it running because they want to play there, and they've been doing that for far longer than Page 6 has been in testing for. I'm sure they'll continue to do so once Page 6 is on the public test server.
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    You're correct. Reducing the total amount of influence entering the economy (without reducing drops) means there's less money available to pay for the same amount of assets. This results in prices going down (as we have now seen). Generally the more expensive items are now more accessible to those with less money - meaning normal players playing normal content have less of a need to engage in farming (which is a good thing, because not everyone finds farming fun). We don't want to kill farming due to some inherent hatred for it*, we just don't want it (or any other type of gameplay) to be necessary - and of course that means that the relative value of farming compared to other activities will need to shift until there's a more equitable balance. *This does not extend to AFK farming. Expect that to be mercilessly destroyed when we have the time. If this upsets you, please direct your complaints to someone who cares. I'm just talking for myself here, but I don't perceive the market (or game economy / progression) to be perfect (or even close to it) right now. It's certainly better than it was, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. Just the usual problem of our time and resources being very limited.
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    ... Patch note. "All enemies are now in buckets." Marcone victim in the Isles: "Way ahead of you."
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    Sacrilege, DB/Dark stalker, once a demon hunter for the church, she was excommunicated for too many innocent casualties.
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    Love the use of the left hand glove on Jewel! I think my vote is for the monstrous head. Thanks VG, that's exactly what I was going for! I think you'd have to delete a few posts yourself if that's the case 🀣 Seriously though, don't be a crabapple about other people's creative endeavors. We all have different tastes and gatekeeping is only going to prevent people from posting their work. Every costume in this thread has value to someone other than the poster and can serve as inspiration for new uses of costume parts and character concepts. There are plenty of posts that get a "eh, not for me" as I scroll through this thread but it's sooooo easy to skip them and find something else that I like instead of sharing my negative thoughts. Hope your eyeballs recover though!
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    My new favorite blaster was created a few months ago when someone here on the forums tried to dismiss my comments with an intended insult: "go away, blasterman." And thus, BLASTERMAN was born!
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    In addition to Brain Blister I want to share two other characters that stories intertwine in an interesting way. First off is The Body! This Bio/Spines tanker has gotten me the most costume compliments out of any character, so he probably fits here more than any of my other characters. He's a max height towering "zombie" that can manipulate his own flesh and bones, an unkillable mindless hunk of meat that is constantly consuming organic materials. I found that the 'Fire & Ice' set makes for some believable decaying flesh. The Body wasn't always so big though. He started off as a wimpy unpopular kid that was the prime target for a serial killer. Kid went missing, was found dead in a ditch, but turned up back in homeroom a week after his own funeral. Creepy stuff. Town turned on him, and he became a bit of a local Frankenstein's monster. Luckily, one of his old bullies (and the initial prime suspect in the murder) had a change of heart and sheltered him in the woods behind his property. There the Body started hunting the fauna and began to grow into the beast he is today. With a deteriorating mind Body can't do much, but he has the intrinsic urge to protect. Eventually he becomes big enough to serve as an organic suit of armor for his childhood tormentor, who is able to think clearly and direct the creatures powers. This pair teams up to clear their names, solve the murder, and put a stop to a dangerous mad scientist responsible for countless deaths. ELSEWHERE! Then there's the Dresden Doorway. A brilliant scientist in his own right, Dresden inherits his estranged father's life's work: ghost busting gauntlets! Even though he's a Dark/Dark Stalker, Dresden is more concerned with science than scrapping with evil doers. Still, he's responsible for protecting dangerous tech from falling into the wrong hands so sometimes he has no option but to throw down. As the living key to the hi-tech doorway between life and death, Dresden is able to absorb souls, and call forth the protection of ethereal allies (like his father) to cloak him from the living. So how/why are these three heroes connected? Well let me introduce their Praetorian counterpart: Mind Body and Soul! This Psi/Bio/Soul Brute is the dangerous mirror world counterpart of all three heroes. Praetorian Brain Blister's mind was untethered from his body in failed mission to the astral plains. With his physical form dead, he's able to mindjack The Body in a last ditch survival effort. Ego bruised and thirsty for power this version of Brain Blister comes to realizes that he can become the master of the three realms: the astral, the physical, and the spiritual. With his new body, he consumes Praetorian Dresden Doorway. As Mind Body and Soul this chimera hones his powers, blind to the fact that he might be giving a perfect weapon to the ancient evils that the Dresden Doorway was responsible for keeping locked away...
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    Edit: Thanks for making the event so successful, everyone! Results are posted lower in the threat with screenshots! ___________________ Hey, Excelsior! The Cosmic Council SG is back with another 5 BILLION INF Costume Contest on August 1st at 5:00pm ET in Kalisti Wharf! The theme this time around is "Eureka! Tantalizing Tech and Spectacular Science!" and we can't wait to see what you all come up with! PRIZES: 1st Place - 1.5 Billion Inf 2nd Place - 1.25 Billion Inf 3rd Place - 1 Billion Inf 4th Place - 500 Million Inf 5th Place - 250 Million Inf 5 Honorable Mentions - 100 Million Inf each See you on Saturday, August 1st! Spread the word! πŸ˜„ Visit our Discord for more info: https://discord.gg/DVksJ4N
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    I like using the AE as a danger room to test out my builds and see what they are capable of. As I mostly play tanks, I like testing out the limits of each armour set. To that end, I'd love it if we could add the following to the AE: -Hamidon (with mitos) -Tyrant from the itrial (with light buffs) -Lord Recluse (with tower buffs) -The Crimson Prototype -All itrial AVs/GMs -All of the Freedom Phalanx spawning in one location. (This may already be possible. Not sure.) I know some of these may be difficult (the spawn points for each individual Hamidon mito, for example, are hard coded into specific points in The Hive / The Abyss, Recluse requires the towers, Tyrant requires the lights, etc) but it would be great to have a way to test out endgame builds against the biggest threats. (Even if it was just a set map with a fixed spawnpoint for them/their supports.)
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    Ok, so I am flying around torchbearer today on my level 15 dark/dark defender. I'm purposely not using double xp, and P2W vendor powers, no AE etc etc. Her bio pretty much says no farms, etc, and leveling the old skool way. So queue random message from another player. "Want to team up?" - other player "Sure. What are you working on?" - Me "Oh. something a level 15 could help with." - other player "Oh ok. I'm doing Twinshot's second arc."-Me "I was thinking something more like flashback in oro."-other player "Ok. Lets try some missions." - Me Ok, so after the other player came and let me get into oro, since I didnt have the badge yet, he starts dropping Defender ATOs into my inventory. "Um ok. Wasnt expecting that. Whats up?" -Me "Oh just thought you could use them. The bonuses are pretty great." -other player Ok...so he gives me a full set of 6 Defender's Bastion ATO's, and a few unslotters because I explained I didnt have any power that had six slots avaialable yet. At most my powers have 2-3 slots each. "Just slot them where you can now, and then unslot them when you need to" - other player. So anyhoo, I was pretty speechless. But this type of thing was pretty common in the old days from my experience. and I was glad to see that cooperative and generous spirit alive and well on Homecoming.
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    At the end of the day, marketeers don't negatively impact the experience of other players so we don't really see it as a problem that needs solving. You can be upset that someone has the patience to work the market and amass wealth - but really, what impact does it actually have on you (or other players)? In order to make money on the market they need to produce goods that others want to buy. If nobody did that, then you'd either have to make (craft / convert) them yourself (which you can still do!), or pay very high prices due to those goods being scarce on the market. You are effectively paying the marketeers to craft and convert for you. All of this is only true because of how obscure and unintuitive / difficult to work with the crafting systems are. If they were simple and easy then there wouldn't be a reason to pay others for it and everyone would it themselves. So in reality... the market isn't the problem here, crafting is. If we want to democratise this, then we need to make crafting and converting easier to use and understand.
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    Yep. This isn't an Ubisoft marketing β€˜beta’. It’s highly unfinished work that needs serious testing. However, public testing is also really important, and it's vital that everyone engages in the testing process when patches hit the public beta server - and I'll explain why! If we went straight to public testing then there would be a wave of interest (and testing) immediately - which may seem useful - but in actual fact it would be mostly wasted as everyone would be encountering the really obvious showstopping issues. All of the smaller, harder-to-find (but still important) issues would be eclipsed by the obvious ones. Finding those smaller issues generally requires a much larger amount of time (and therefore players), which is why we don't want to waste that large wave testing wave on the obvious problems. Splitting the testing phases up allows us to 'save' that large testing wave to be used when it'll be the most effective. This isn't a marketing exercise designed to generate interest or engagement - and as cynical as it may seem, it's not about making testers happy. It's about helping the development team produce the best work possible for the live servers. I know it's been said a lot, but it bears repeating: This is a volunteer operation. We're professionals operating in a decidedly unprofessional environment with zero resources and zero in-house testers, so this is about as atypical as it gets - and therefore not something you can compare to most other testing experiences you may have had. With that in mind, we're quite happy with how it's worked so far. To date only been two serious issues that have slipped through the testing net: Brute taunt auras not working in farms - this was on Homecoming's test server for months, but the players it affected didn't engage in testing, so the issue wasn't found A really bad mapserver crashed caused by character transfers - Resurgence has only one shard, and our Beta server also only had one shard at the time, so it simply wasn't possible for this to be found #1 tells us how important it is that players engage in testing every step of the way, and how important it is for us to focus public testing at the time it will do the most good. #2 tells us we should have two beta shards set up so we can test character transfers (which we now do πŸ™‚).
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    If I had patience and talent to build good, themed bases..
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    We literally landed on the moon. 😁
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    Reminds me of an experience that I had, I was on a PUG doing old Posi. We had several team wipes in a sewer mission with Vahz in Steel. I wasn't the team leader, but after many wipes, I kind of "lectured" everyone about slowing down, pulling only as many Vahz as we could handle and not getting in over our heads. I proceed to explain that we couldn't just run in to every group and start fighting we had to go slower if we wanted to finish. So, after a long 5 minute lecture, I go to type "Ready?" and forgot to hit "Enter" first and the "R" in ready turned on auto-run. So I RAN, Leeroy Jenkins style, in the huge group of Vahz. Everyone is in chat typing, "What's with Hardship?", "How come Hardship did that?", etc... By the time I got autorun turned off I had aggroed 4 or 5 groups of Vahz. I didn't even try to return the group, I just took my death by typo and started making my way back from the hospital -- with no travel power yet. Surprising though, we did finish the TF and I ended up with a couple of long time server friends out of that session.
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    I recently redesigned my main Brain Blister, a MC/Emp turned MC/Thermal Controller. Since I started playing back on live those bright Malaise cargo pants were my signature flair in my old SG filled with dark and brooding costumed heroes. After the pattern was taken out of the player character creator, Brain Blister felt like even more of a rarity. When I came back to Homecoming the first thing I did was dig into to the costume files to get these flashy pants back (this was before the Malaise pieces were unlocked for players). But as much as I love this costume, it never got the same amount of compliments as my other characters, so I've recently worked on modernizing the concept, retiring this as BB's Silver Age design. To prevent his mind from slipping into the astral plains, he wears a helmet that helps to anchor him into the physical world - so this is where I started. Next I gave him some armor. Ideally I'd like to use something a little more ornate and djinn-y but my headcanon is that this plate armor is crafted with arcane crystal ball glass. A few asymmetrical ascension aura pieces later and I wound up with this: Not bad, but it still didn't feel good enough to win a costume contest. So I went back to the drawing board and exhausted the ever-living hell out of the bright Malaise pattern. Ultimately as much as I adore the range of colors in the piece, there isn't enough contrast to make them truly pop, so I gave the inversion a shot. I'd been resistant to dropping the white palatte, as offensively bright is part of BB's charm and the inverse coloring treads on being too reminiscent of Malaise. After some tinkering though I ended up with a pretty dope Incarnate-level astral form for Brain Blister: And sure enough, this one was a first place winner of the next costume contest I entered! Proud to finally have a CC win under my main's belt, but it's all for show, playing anything with the Banished Pantheon head auras is impossible πŸ˜†
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    The way I did it was buy 20 yellow recipes at the end of a play session. Convert the merits I earned during the play session to converters. Then the next day at the beginning of the play session craft the recipes, convert, and sell. Took about 20 minutes. Then pick up the cash the next day or two. And repeat each day I was able to play. I don’t have a huge amount of wealth, but I was able to fund my builds.
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    The wisdom of portfolio diversification!
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    I noticed the Captain in there, but didn't know it was for DA. Took me to heather, so thank you πŸ™‚
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    I would have tried to be all "I meant to do that." and said "SEE?? That's how fast we die if we pull too much at once!"
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    1. There are/were thousands, so stating it is narrow isn't true. 2. This is assuming he is/was using it for income instead of hosting costs, which would also affect taxes, and is completely ignoring the possibility that people don't want to say goodbye to their hard-earned characters in the years and years the server existed, with character ports from before the shutdown as well. This is also assuming this would speed up your own access to it which is a big conclusion jump in of itself.
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    Can I be on the nerf Regen testing team?! Weeeeeee *nerf* πŸ˜‹πŸ˜
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    Lord Blackwell's Desk, 9:44am, 7/12/2020 A folder lay across the expensive mahogany desk of the Lord and Dread Nictus Blackwell. A simple manila filing folder filled with typed reports, sat-imagery and statistical documents. All of it neatly organized to a degree some would call obsessive, however to the beast that worked day and night on the proposal it was nothing short, no cut corner to proving his worth as a member of the inner council. That under a chimeric behemoth was an even more dangerously cunning predator. --- THE WHAT: Lord Blackwell I hope this proposal finds you in good spirits. I'm sorry this took ages but I took the time to ironclad what I think should be out first major move as the Sinister Squad. As you likely know Croatia is a eastern Slavic country with a troubled history since the cold war. It's fragile, barely first world and in short, perfect for us. My plan is this, we take the Sinister Sub around Italy into the Adriatic sea to the city of Zadar, from there we take control of the coast and the cities Sibenik, Splif, and Knin. THE WHY: Croatia was a major instigator in the Yugoslavic wars, it's neighbors Bosnia, Serbia and Albania it's still got poor ethnic feelings for, only curbed by the U.N. intervention in 1991. In other words, the perfect buyer for our paramilitary might and weapons. Not only that, it's the perfect climate for poppy flowers which the west coast of it is ripe in. The opium market always hungers. We're sitting on a small army, let's use it. THE HOW: I've given this some thought, there is no way we're transporting thousands of Sinister Soldiers by one sub, we will need to acquire some means of mass teleportation. From there we must make coordinated strikes from Zader downwards, hitting media stations, radio repeaters and government buildings ontop of military bases. The quicker the coast is cut off from contact the easier this will be. I expect their rinky-dink little post-USSR defense force won't be any trouble. Infact after this, they'll be our biggest market. Once we control the coast, it's poppy fields and it's communications, we can figure out how to handle the capitol of Zagreb. Rapid deployment and control will be our best and only asset. If the world or U.N. see that a villain group has taken over a small part of a yugoslavic country, it will be more than we can handle. EXPECTED RESULT: I don't expect us to stay within the country indefinitely. At most a few months to sell our excess guns and armor and to make a good harvest on summer poppy yields, by the fall we should withdraw and let decades old tensions sort themselves out with laser rifles and AK-74s. If anything we might be able to bolster our ranks with what's left of the army. Again, speed and control will ensure our success. -Daniel 'Kymeria' Yalton
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    While I've grown to mistrust all the numbers from in-game and Mids... arcanatime is something I literally spent years testing with attack chains and pylons. The lady was dead on and crazy smart.
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    Ahh, yes. There's no possible way Nemesis could be THAT clever...
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