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    Thanks all for the welcome! It's good to be back. And really great responses guys, thanks - I have to remember that there was nearly a decade of content added since I stopped playing, and a lot of that content was to make the grind for veterans easier to navigate, and provide new and exciting missions for their new characters. The new content is all wonderful, and I appreciate you explaining some of the additions and paths, what happened with Galaxy City, etc. It does make sense that there should be multiple levelling paths to take. I was just a bit bamboozled when I finished an arc and had raced through multiple levels, knowing that there was heaps of juicy content that I was missing out on. I absolutely remembering levelling far far more slowly. Being able to do lots of contact missions, getting together with friends for a Task Force, and still not missing out on areas at the end. Power creep is definitely a big thing I'm noticing, which I'm sure will be helpful on my next character, but does sap some of the excitement from new powers and milestones. Getting a travel power at level 14 was an exciting moment that opened up so much more of the world. Seems like you can get it straight away now, without a prerequisite power... but I get that these are quality of life changes, designed for a player base that isn't discovering things for the first time. There's nothing stopping me from picking Air Superiority at 4, and then Fly at level 14 like the old days. I'll definitely follow some of these unfamiliar arcs, safe in the knowledge that it's just an alternative path to take. And I'll go back over the original content through Flashback. My main issue with Ouroboros is that I remember a lot of the story arcs set up later story arcs, introducing characters and allies and plots etc. What I'm concerned about, is completing a story arc, and then having to 'going back in time' to play through the arc that introduced some of the characters, almost like a prequel. I'd rather do it linearly, but appreciate that's a niche reason - and I'll live with it. Ultimately, I think it comes down to entirely selfish nostalgia and wanting to recreate that original experience as I remember it way-back-when. I'm essentially a new player again, presented with more choices than I know what to do with, and not wanting to miss anything. Most of all, I'm just glad I get the opportunity to fly around Paragon and be a hero again; this game is timeless, and wonderful.
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    So, in preparation for a sequel to my Melee Primary testing thread using Ranged Sets... I played AR for the first time in years and.... Wow, it doesn't feel right. The damage didn't feel quite there, the speed was incredibly lacking, the lack of a self buff, and the mitigation being mostly RNG combined made for a very underwhelming experience. In order to give the weapon some polish, I think theres some things we can implement to give it some fun new ammo: 1) Full Auto Going in alphabetical order between Archery, AR, and Beam Rifle, I was able to play back-to-back the 3 sets that had the "original free nukes". Of these, both RoA and Overcharge both do over 220 base damage in a proper AoE, compared to Full Auto's 180ish base damage in a narrow cone. While lighting up a whole hallway of enemies is fun, being locked in place to do that for 4 seconds is not. Also, with similar target caps the "circle" AoEs of the other weapon ranged sets just work better. RoA has an identical 4s animation, but you can fire it at a location from safety and let it rain which is much safer than Full Auto, on top of doing more damage! Supposedly, you're able to land a "Lucky Shot" for more damage but I don't think this works (more on that in a bit!). FA just feels far too sluggish for something that should be a show-stopping barrage of... slugs. I would recommend speeding up the animation, adding some sort of mitigation to the move with maybe Terrorize / Knockdown per DoT, or just upping the damage WAY up for the commitment. 2) Ignite AR essentially gives up Aim for this power and... it's ok? Without a means of keeping a foe in the patch, it is incredibly finnicky and with the KB present in the set it sort of fights itself. The sentinel version switches this to an extreme DoT you can just put on somebody which is nice, but you lose a bit of it's soul. Luckily, we have a similar power to draw inspiration from: Enflame. What I would love to see is to turn Ignite into a version of Enflame where you either A: Select a target and Ignite is centered on them, burning them up and any enemies surrounding them. If the foe moves, it moves with them. B: Enemies who are hit by ignite take a strong DoT just for touching the burn patch, with the patch itself having severely reduced damage (I'm thinking like 50/50 split between patch and the applied DoT to have it behave the same as now). I think either idea would be great as IMO the only issue with Ignite is actually leveraging it. It does a TON of damage, but it has a tiny radius. Either keeping it on an enemy or having it just work with 1 touch of the flames would be awesome. Oh, and shaving a second off the animation time wouldn't hurt 😉 Speaking of speed, Flamethrower currently deals it's damage over 7 seconds. Could this be sped up so it actually applies damage competitively? It casts in 2.33 seconds but it also seems to start applying damage after a delay, tightening that up significantly will help AR immensely when compared to other blast sets which can deal cone damage instantly. 3) Lucky Shots/Head Shots Touched upon with Full Auto, a trope missing from AR (notably Sniper Rifle) that is in every FPS ever is the Head Shot for critical damage. Since the set lacks Aim, it should have means of gaining bonus damage like Dual Pistols can, and for the rifle I think the occasional burst of extra lethal damage is fitting. Lets say you have a % chance to deal 30-50% of base damage as a HEAD SHOT: Burst - 20% chance Slug - 30% chance Sniper Rifle FAST - 50% Chance Sniper Rifle SLOW - 100% Chance Full Auto - 25% chance per bullet? Incorporating Bean Bag, maybe the chance increases vs Stunned Targets. Or better yet, increases with ToHit to give it that coveted Targeting Drone synergy! Over time these will add up on top of a more reliable Ignite and Flamethrower to really sell that you are one-hero army that can take down mooks left and right non-stop and give AR a more unique and competitive feel. Actually, speaking of: 4) Unique Ranges More of a "For Fun" idea, but since Savage Leap has tech that is based on range, why not port some of that for AR? Specifically, I'm thinking of two powers. Buckshot: Greatly increased damage, knockback Mag and Knockback chance the CLOSER you are to the target Sniper Rifle: Greatly increased damage, knockback Mag and Knockback chance the FURTHER you are from the target I don't expect these last ones, but given how these weapons tend to work in other media, playing into that trope would be something unique! Thoughts?
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    Not a quote, but... I was just jumping through St. Martial, and spotted a billboard I swear I've never seen before.
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    Each of my costumes has to have a second variant, mask on/mask off, cape on/cape off jacket on/jacket off. Sort of like a dress down or dress up of the same look.
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    In the early issues, it was as you remember it. XP was much slower. It was not unheard of to run out of missions. XP debt could also pile up quite high, slowing your levelling even more, as people got used to the game. People died more. There was no Inherent Fitness. There were zero freebie extra attacks like Sands or Mu or Blackwand, etc. There were no IO bonuses. A lot of quality of life changes hadn't happened yet. What you have now is... remember that City of Heroes ran for about eight years... 2004 to 2012. So you have eight years of MMO expansions.... with all the extra content that brings.... but *very* few new zones got added. There are new tutorials, like the Twinshot story arcs. There are events literally DESIGNED to encourage extremely rapid levelling, like DFB. The Positron TF is no longer the heartbraeking nightmare it used to be, and debt barely registers anymore until midgame. And of course all the "Veteran Rewards" powers that used to be only avialable to people who'd played the game for years, are now available to any and all for a pittance of in-game currency at the P2W vendor, many of them outright free. On top of all that, XP gain is boosted. The result is quite a bit of power creep. I know you said Ouro and flashbacks don't really appeal to you from a character development point of view. But... really... I encourage you to find someway to work with it. You will either have to shut down XP very often.... or flashback a fair amount.... or take pains to create a LARGE number of alts and carefully navigate which alts do which missions.... or miss quite a bit of content. Because tehre is an ASTOUNDING amount of content, and not just at endgame. Every level range has a huge number of contacts and story arcs you can do. And then you have the Radio/Newspaper missions and the associated Bank missions. AND the tip missions and the alignment system. Without Ouroborus, I can't imagine anyway to avoid feeling like I'd missed out on a lot.
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    Knightress. name was free so now i gotta figure out what to do with her. i have too many characters lol
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    Booker T & the M G 's - Green Onions (Original / HQ audio)
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    The Good Missions Guide or A heroic journey to 50 without powerleveling The Story is Actually Good Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s easier to powerlevel up to 50, buy IOs and go back through Ouroboros in Flashback missions, but this creates a jumbled storytelling mess. Also, it creates a feeling of character development and your "oh, it's X again" moments become "hey, I remember this! I helped X do Y in Z!" as characters appear and reappear later, giving the whole story a sense of continuity and progression. If you want to experience a version of the story organically and fluidly, here’s a guide to levelling. I’ve tried to cherry pick story arcs that meet the following criteria: Interesting missions (variety of objectives). Missions with unique maps or mechanics. Story flow - introducing characters and ideas that’ll show up again later. Rewards and unlocks, missions with temporary powers (you'll unlock three summons and a very useful resistance buff if you follow along). Things I just think are cool. I do plan on adding to this a bit as there are some points I want to go back to but as it is this will get you to 50 and show you a good time while you get there. Notable omissions are several of the really old story arcs that lack the flair of later arrivals and some "not a story arc BUT" missions (the origin contacts) - I couldn't realistically fit everything in. Also not touched upon are tip or radio missions, although I would say it's worth working through them to unlock your character as a vigilante for a bit more variety (you can cheat with Null the Gull, but the tip missions are all fairly good and so are the alignment shift ones and remember that this is a story guide). I fully admit I've gone for Rule of Cool in a few places, rather than exploring deep lore told only by easily missed contacts. You can still explore that yourself - I encourage it! But that's not what this guide is about. Included below are the names of the contacts, in order, with level bands taken from Paragon Wiki. Suggested Path Tutorial > Atlas Park > The Hollows > Kings Row > Faultline > First Ward & Striga > Night Ward & Croatoa > Peregrine Island > Cimerora & Ritki War Zone There are a few story arcs and task forces along the way that I also suggest, either because they contribute to the overall story or just because I think they're good. A Warning about XP It is very easy to outlevel certain zones and for that reason I recommend you do not use any exp boosts. Other times, you'll get halfway through a zone and not be able to speak to the next contact. Over the course of the game, there was a (near) global XP buff and a reduction in experience debt, so the levelling process is now noticeably quicker than a couple of the early zones were designed for. You’re deliberately taking the scenic route here. The following macro will create a button that will pause and unpause XP gain, allowing you to more easily control your levelling pace. I've indicated in this guide the points at which you should pause your experience gain to get the most from the story - a general rule of thumb is at levels ending in 4 or 9. /macro_image "DayJob_XPBoost" "XP Toggle" "option_toggle noxp" A Note for Kheldian Archetypes Both Peacebringers and Warshades have their own contacts in Sunstorm and Shadowstar respectively, each giving you a unique archetype storyline every five levels, starting at level 5. Each storyline is pretty decent, although they suffer from the slightly monotonous missions that many early game story arcs do. If you pick a Kheldian archetype, follow the story along when it comes up, but be really careful about not outlevelling other contacts while you do it. Levels 1-2: The Tutorials Okay, there really isn’t much here but you do get a couple of enhancements and inspirations for free and a run through of the basics of mission objectives. Outbreak runs you through the basics of your standard door missions. Galaxy City is, in my opinion, less good as a tutorial but more connected to the early story arcs. Your call, really. When you’re finished, you’ll end up in... Atlas Park The temptation here is to skip the early levels by running Death From Below. Do not do this! Believe it or not, the zone actually has a nice little story arc that foreshadows later zones and comes to a decent conclusion. You'll get your levels. Don't fret. There is a good variety to the missions and it really does show you a little bit of everything. All contacts are L1-7. Matthew Habershy > Officer Fields or Sondra Castel > Aaron Thiery Thanks to Roderick and PatientZero for pointing out you can only do one of the middle contacts - both arcs are actually pretty decent, so pick either. They both introduce Aaron Thiery. Next, talk to Twinshot for an *ahem* endearing and light-hearted introduction to some of the further aspects of the game. It’s basically a glorified tour of the introductory areas, but it's not done enormously well. Don't worry - it gets better. The game suggests you go to Kings Row next, and but first I suggest you stop over in a hazard zone. The Hollows A hazard zone is an area that generally has larger spawns, and they generally reflects the game in its very early state where the missions were a bit less distinct and there was a bit more of a focus on the grind, but I think it’d be a shame to miss the Hollows as it has a decent story and unlocks the Cavern of Transcendence trial. Pause your XP gain at level 9 until you have started Flux's arc. David Wincott (5-9) > Flux (5-9) > (see note) >Julius the Troll (10-14) > Talshak the Mystik (12-14) Meg Mason has repeatable non-story missions if you feel like running those. Be careful with the Frostfire mission - you might want help with this one. The level bands are fairly slim, so be very careful about out-levelling them, particularly at the end. Use the no-XP clicky with style and panache. Note: Due to the non-overlapping levels, if you find yourself finished with Flux but not ready for Julius the Troll, now would be a time to go for the Death from Below trial in the sewers with a full team or head over to Kings Row (and come back again). Pause your XP gain at 14 until you have started Talshak the Mystik's arc and Twinshot's arc. Kings Row Start off with the next part of Twinshot’s next Shining Stars story arc as it introduces a few characters and concepts you’ll see again later as well as having a nice little crossover to a the City of Villains equivalent tutorial. It introduces more than a few characters you see later in tip missions and other content, so it's worth doing for the story element - the final chapter is surprisingly good. You won’t stay here long, but it’s certainly worth paying it a visit. Sadly, it looks like this story chain was cut short on a cliffhanger when the game went under, but it’s still well done and worth doing. Shauna Stockwell > Eagle Eye (both 7-20) It’s a short pair of neat arcs ending in a solo mission. Before You Move On Now would be a good time to do Positron 1 and Positron 2, as well as Death From Below, Drowning in Blood and The Cavern of Transcendence if you haven’t already done them. Your goal is to get to to about level 17 or 18 and have a good time doing it. The Positron task forces are very good storytelling and set up the next zone you’ll go to. The trials are all pretty short and sweet with experienced teammates. If you’re still not there, try out the Synapse Task Force. Save your jetpack from the Positron task force if you can - you'll need it much later in the Shadow Shard. Montague Castanella (10-50) in the university in Steel Canyon can provide you access to the exclusive Midnighter Club, which you'll need to be part of much later on. When you're ready, it's time to go to one of my favourite zones. Pause your XP at level 19 until you've started Penelope Yin's Faultline arc. Faultline This zone is, in my opinion, where the "modern" game really begins and we see a clear move from "old" style content. It introduces a number of very important characters to the game's plot, has an interesting and unique map and has a huge variety in the missions it gives you. They are almost all stealthable, which is worth noting. A couple of them are defeat-all missions, but when I did it there were only a handful of enemies so it really won't take long. This zone is excellent. Jim Temblor (15-19) > Penelope Yin (15-19) > Doc Delilah (20-24) > Agent G (20-24) The last mission of this chain will grant you the Ouroboros Portal, which is a handy tool for time-travel and avoiding public transport. Pause your XP at level 24. Before you move on or if you want a break from Fautline, go and speak to Laura Lockheart and then Graham Easton (both 15-24) in Steel Canyon for a couple of memorable story arcs. Graham's arc introduces some enemies who you'll see in L50 content and Laura's arc is just very well written with some unusual moments. The University Now would be a good time to learn to craft some IOs. If you've been careful, you should have a bit of influence saved up by now. Head to the university in the southern end of Steel Canyon and do the short tutorial there by speaking to Admissions Officer Lenk. Now would also be a good time to do the Admiral Sutter Task Force that starts in Independence Port. It's a very story-focussed task force, linking Faultline, Praetoria, RWZ and Incarnate content. Keep your XP paused - 20-24 is busy. Next, there are actually several very good, slightly overlapping zones that I suggest you kind of do in tandem if you're careful. Striga has a storyline that starts off a little slow and ends in one of the cooler early game task forces and is definitely worth doing. First Ward has a very strong story that links to a lot of the later Praetorian content. Because of the contact level ranges, I'd start in Striga, do the first two contacts then head over to First Ward and work through there before finishing off in Striga. Keep your XP gain paused at 24 until you've completed the first two Striga arcs, then pause your XP gain again at level 29 until you've started Skipper LeGrange's arc in Croatoa - levels 20-29 have a lot of good content. First Ward Striga First Ward is a continuation of the Praetorian Going Rogue storyline to some extent, but it's so well done that I genuinely think it would be a shame to miss out. It has memorable characters, cool story interactions and an element of choice that hasn't really been seen up to this point. All contacts for this zone are 20-29 and it starts off by talking to Mistress Eva in Talos. Mistress Eva > The Doorman > Nadia > Palatine > Noble Savage > Katie Douglas > Blind Makwa > Cerulean > Master Midnight > Vanessa DeVore There's the Seed of Hamidon raid boss pootling about in the middle of the zone - you can take it down with eight capable heroes quite easily and it's worth doing. It's done so rarely that getting a team together on the LFG isn't hard. It's a somewhat anticlimactic battle, but you get some badges from it. I think this zone is often overlooked, which is a shame because it ends in a very cool sequence of missions and unlocks a pretty fun task force, as well as giving you a couple of very good temporary powers. The first story arc is arguably a bit boring and generic, but it builds up into something much better. Be very careful with your levels, as always. Stephenie Peebles (20-24) > Long Jack (20-24) > Tobias Hansen (25-29) > Lars Hansen (25-29) You can then do the Ernesto Hess task force as a bit of a glory lap. It's nothing super special, but it has unique maps and is well-paced and enjoyable. There is also the Moonfire task force here, which is part of the Kheldian storyline. Before You Move On If you're a vigilante you should speak to Shauna Braun in Independence Port to check out her new i26 story arc - it really helps progress the idea of your character as operating in shades of grey. Martin Weintraub in Talos Island has the Freaklympics early game story arc, which is pretty neat. It's also work heading over to Ouroboros and speaking to Twilight's Son for his Smoke and Mirrors arc, which was formerly a short task force. It's worth doing just to see the unique scenery, but the story isn't bad either. Then, we can continue on in Praetoria's otherworldly Night Ward and visit the nightmarish magical land of Croatoa. Because of level restrictions, I suggest you start in Croatoa being careful of the level bands, then head over to Night Ward. Pause your XP gain at 34 until you've started Buck Salinger's arc, then pause it at 39. Night Ward Croatoa Carrying on the story from First Ward, we've got the fairly unique zone of Night Ward, full of gaslamp fantasy world-of-the-dead mystery, knights and magic. Start off by talking to Mistress Maria in First Ward for the introduction. All contacts are 30-39. Mistress Maria > Montague Castanella > Ward > Sir Bedwyr > The Magician My only real complaint with Night Ward is that it just sort of stops. A few characters do turn up in later story arcs, though. This somewhat unique zone is, in many ways, similar to Striga. It has a few clunky missions at the start and then when it gets going becomes something fairly memorable with a decent task force unlock and some neat temporary powers. The storyline is good enough and there are some unique maps along the way. Gordon Bower (25-29) > Skipper LeGrange (25-29) > Kelly Nemmers (30>34) > Buck Salinger (30-34). At the end, you'll unlock the Katie Hannon task force, which was historically the quickest task force in the game and has a unique, if slightly unrelenting, first mission. It also has a few giant monsters around, two of which go into battle, which is worth seeing. Before You Move On Now would be an excellent time to stop by Ouroboros and speak to The Pilgrim (25-50) and then Mender Lazarus (30-39) for your introduction to the joys of time-travel and then a short mission chain that has thematic links to Striga and Cimerora. If you're a vigilante you could speak to The Major (30-40) in Brickstown. This mission is unique because it's one of the very, very few where you explicitly don't just "arrest" your enemies. It has some unusual steps and is worth doing, even if I think the whole thing is slightly bad taste. Peregrine Island This is very much the centre of the "old" end game and I consider it something of a right of passage to do the following, as it introduces a lot of archvillains that you'll see again later. Most of this was designed as team content, so now would be a good time to open things up on the LFG if you haven't already been doing so. You can relax on the levelling here, as apart from Tina Macintyre, there's nothing in this guide that you can outlevel any more. Tina Macintyre (40-44) The Anti-Matter Collision / The Instant Army Unai Kemen (45-50) To Save a Thousand Worlds Maria Jenkins (45-50) A Hero's Epic They'll help you get closer to the Portal Jockey accolade, which gives you a very nice permanent boost to health and endurance. Before You Move On Quickly head back to Croatoa and speak to Percy Winkley (30-50) at the University there for a small series of missions that give you some background lore about the world you're in. Now would also be a good time to head over to Atlas Park and talk to the City Representative (20/30-50) in city hall. She has two story arcs that were originally tied to costume unlocks, but they also have some background to later storylines. The Last Stretch Still with me? Glad to hear it. Next up, I'm sending you to two more very well-crafted zones, both with the very relaxed level range. Cimerora is accessed by going through the back door of the Midnighter Mansion accessed through Steel Canyon, Croatoa, or Founders' Falls and touching the crystal in the centre of the hallway. The Ritki War Zone can be accessed by going into one of the Vanguard bases and taking the portal. At this point, you can safely remove the XP pause button entirely; it has served its purpose and we thank it for its service. Most lower level content can still be accessed through the Flashback system in Ouroboros, and the small amount that can't can be got at through teaming with a lowbie. Cimerora Ritki War Zone This zone is notable for just being so stylistically unique and making good use of time travel as a plot device, as well as harking back to some Kheldian lore. As you go in, talk to the Midnighter standing in front of you for further instruction. Personally, I think the story progression is a bit messy, but it's still worth doing if only because the task force is so good. All contacts are L35-50. Midnighter > Senator Decimus Aquila > Marcus Valerius Additionally, there is a Hero-specific contact named Daedelus (40-50) with some missions that send you back to Paragon City and this zone ends with the glorious Imperius task force. I really like the storytelling in this zone. There's a good sense of progression and you meet up with a few characters we met earlier. Levantera (35-50) > Serpent Drummer (40-50) > Gaussian (45-50) > The Dark Watcher (45-50) There are a few task forces here, but for now give the Lady Grey task force a try as it most closely follows the storyline. Your glory lap here is unquestionably the Ritki Mothership Raid. Look for it on the LFG, head on over and join a league. Range and AoE attacks will help you, but if you don't know what you're doing then watch for instructions, follow the crowd and keep spamming those AoE attacks. Nearly there Either the Imperious task force or the Mothership raid should help you get the last few levels out as you approach 50 and they basically hold you down and breathe XP in your face, and are both absolutely worth doing at least once. Now would be a good time to revisit missed task forces and trials and follow up any contacts you might have missed. The Signature Story Arc Who Will Die? is worth doing now, if you want some story-centric content. It happens chronologically before some of the in-game stuff we've covered, so I've sort of left it out for that reason until now. Use Paragon Wiki to help you do them in the right order as it's not very obvious in-game if you're not using the Flashback system, but it's run like a series of solo-friendly story task forces so you might as well do it through Ouroboros as it requires time-travel to make sense if you're being a purist. Task Forces and Trials At this stage, you can access all non-incarnate task forces and trials. Most are pretty popular, although one or two are avoided for being too much of a slog. They're all worth doing, though. The Freedom Phalanx Task Forces Completing these will give you the Task Force Commander accolade. They vary between old-skool grindfests and newly refurbished storytelling episodes. Positron 1 & 2 (10/11-15/16) Rule of Three & Dam Hero - good storytelling with a free jetpack Synapse (15-20) Fall of the Clockwork King - a bit repetitive with a stronger ending Penelope Yin (20-25) A Clamor for the People - short and sweet Citadel (25-30) Citadel's Children - a bit grindy and repetitive Manticore (30-35) Following Countess Crey - a bit travel-heavy but there's a memorable battle at the end Numina (35-40) Soul of the Woodsman - use a guide for this one as there are 16 (fairly easy) hunt missions in a row that work best when your whole team is spread out over the relevant zones The Shadow Shard The four Shadow Shard task forces are, to put it mildly, a thankless grind through repetitive missions with enemies that debuff defence hard and often resist control effects, ending in a moderately cool final battle after hours and hours and hours and I think they're great. For crying out loud, don't do them more that once, but they're a true right of passage for any high level character. They involve a huge amount of travel, which is nightmarish for non-fliers or teleporters. If you can, grab the mission teleporters from the P2W vendor and coordinate who uses them, as well as the Ouroborous portal and maybe a jetpack temporary power. The scenery, however, is amazing. They sort of form one giant task force, and they suffer "a little bit" from pacing issues. Find a friendly group you can have a laugh with, put on some music and just surrender yourself to the grind. Dr. Quarterfield (40-44) > Sara Moore (40-50) > Justin Augustine (44-50) > Faathim the Kind (44-50) The Best of the Rest I'm not going to list all of them - use Paragon Wiki or the LFG for that, but here are the ones I think are especially worth doing: Moonfire (23-28) The Kheldian War - nothing too special about this one, but it links to later content in Dark Astoria, Ouroboros and Cimerora meaning the lore in those areas won't entirely drop on you out of nowhere. Katie Hannon (30-24) A Tangled Plot - Croatoa is a strange zone with unique enemies and a unique task force. The first mission is a bossfight marathon and the rest are a short tour of unique and unusual maps. Imperius (35-50) Time's Arrow - excellently paced and fairly varied in its objectives, this task force is a cathartic end to the Cimerora arc with some awesome set pieces and basically the best task force for hitting 50 quickly. Dr Khan (45-50) Return of the Reichsman - a decent task force with an interesting final battle with unique mechanics. Lady Grey (45-50) - the final chapter of the excellent Ritki War Zone arcs and worth doing for the lore and the gameplay. Ms Liberty (45-50) - often considered the most difficult task force in the game due to the final mission - started in Independence Port, not Atlas Park! Trials Trials are kind of short task forces and all are worth doing at least once. They vary between "that was it?" and genuine challenge, even for end-game built players. Death From Below is infamous for helping new characters get a few levels done nice and quickly at the start and therefore not realising that Atlas Park even has story arcs. Drowning in Blood is mechanically a bit more interesting and has a nice change of scenery if you're used to Paragon City. The three Terra Volta trials are the old blueside respec trials and are worth doing. The Abandoned Sewers Trial is surprisingly difficult with a unique vertical map, requiring more team coordination than you might expect at first glance. Eden is unique in its layout and the Cavern of Transcendence was, in my opinion, slightly ruined by the decision to make it soloable meaning one of the most challenging elements has been trivialised. What's next? Well, it's time for some incarnate-level content, but that's outside of the remit of this guide. Any comments, let me know! I'm a big fan of missions and story arcs and think there's a lot of really great content there that goes almost unplayed due to the "must get moar levelz" mentality, which is fine but not for me. Thanks!
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    Many times while I'm playing and forming a Task Force or other group event, there sometimes is a new (or newly-returned) player that may not know about the LFG tool, nor that tool's ability to move character across zones. For many veterans, we all know and love the LFG-TP "trick" - and it's only called a "trick" because not everyone knows about it. So, while walking through a very new player on how to get to Cimeroa (yes, they needed the badge, too); I remembered that I was going to write up a graphical guide and create a tiny url ( tinyurl.com/LFGtp ) so it might be easier to explain. Step 0: Make sure you are SOLO, and not teamed. If you are teamed, everyone has to be in the same zone, and they all better want to go wherever you're trying to get to. So if you got invited to an ITF (as an example) and you don't know how to best get to Cimeroa, please: Let the team know you're going to temporarily drop team so you can LFG-TP there. They will understand. Step 1: Click the LFG along the top of the chat window: Step 2: Click the appropriate tab along the top of the LFG window: Step 3: Click the Task Force (or event) that you want to go to: Step 4: Click the "Lock the event for your group" button (this is the step that often gets over-looked): Step 5: Click the Queue button: Step 6: Click the Enter button on the pop-up window: You will then be transported to the event's contact (in the ITF's case, that's Imperious all the way back in Ancient Rome!). Congratulations, you saved your team some wait time! Just remember while SOLO: Task Force→Lock→Queue (it soon becomes second-nature) And if you want to direct someone to this guide while in-game: tinyurl.com/LFGtp NOTE: a "Guide" to people over 40: Written. a "Guide" to people under 40: Video. Therefore, assuming you want the written guide, I'll assume your eyesight isn't the best, so I'll use big fonts!
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    I must wear clothes at all times in missions, even if it would be to my advantage to shuck them off. Just not fair, but it is a burden I must carry.
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    Vigilance has long been incongruent in terms of function and playstyle, inconsistent in usefulness between Power Sets, and further diminished in effectiveness during team play now that IO Set Bonuses and Incarnate Powers do what they do. The counter argument is, of course, that Defenders are such massive force multipliers as it is that their Inherent can't be any good, lest it turn the Archetype in to an absolute monster. Containment is irksome to me, especially with Domination making Dominators better Controllers than Controllers are themselves. I would much prefer something to improve the Controller's potency in their given role. Of course, there are all those standing complaints regarding Control just not being that useful when everything is melted by high damage. Scourge is neat on paper, but really only comes up in practice against hardened targets with large health pits. It would be neat if Scourge might have a random chance to Proc in addition to its current behaviour. Conditioning is kind of the other way around; boring on paper, but surprising effective when you start to stack some Set Bonuses in to a build. I don't play Kheldians enough to really get a feeling for how their Inherent plays out, but I've heard many people have concerns, criticisms, and complaints there. And, of course, the Sentinel Inherent of Opportunity is already getting "looked at," according to Captain Powerhouse. Would be nice if it became a Toggle, allowing players to choose the effect without -having- to take either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 Attack to get the specific function. All the other Archetype Inherents seem to be a good place to me. Although, more use of Bars to fill to make the Frenzy Power more enticing could be handy. I already make extensive use of it on my Brutes to jump-start their Fury. In terms of things like Brawl, Rest, and Sprint and all the other variations of it, it might be interesting to introduce "Inherent ATOs" which could open the door for some +/- effects. ie: +10% Recharge and +10% Endurance Discount, at the cost of -25% Damage. or +15% Control Duration and +10% Control Magnitude, at the cost of -5% Defense, -10% Resistance, and -15% Regeneration. Thus giving players the opportunity to personalize their characters on any Archetype, since every Archetype has access to those core Inherent Powers. If something like that is implemented, I would strongly recommend avoiding anything that gives +Damage, or to make sure that anything that does has a suitably steep penalty to balance it out.
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    Blue side has the same thing. Once you defeat 25 named villains there is a contact in Steel Canyon that allows access to any of the safeguard missions. I forget the name and can't look at the moment.
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    Hasten Hands MUST be removed immediately. Also, I don’t allow myself to play a character until it’s attuned IO build is ready to go from the start.
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    Godzilla Blue Oyster Cult Music Video HD
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    I like using the AE as a danger room to test out my builds and see what they are capable of. As I mostly play tanks, I like testing out the limits of each armour set. To that end, I'd love it if we could add the following to the AE: -Hamidon (with mitos) -Tyrant from the itrial (with light buffs) -Lord Recluse (with tower buffs) -The Crimson Prototype -All itrial AVs/GMs -All of the Freedom Phalanx spawning in one location. (This may already be possible. Not sure.) I know some of these may be difficult (the spawn points for each individual Hamidon mito, for example, are hard coded into specific points in The Hive / The Abyss, Recluse requires the towers, Tyrant requires the lights, etc) but it would be great to have a way to test out endgame builds against the biggest threats. (Even if it was just a set map with a fixed spawnpoint for them/their supports.)
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    Alas, I'm also a sucker for badges! And in fairness, some of these new arcs are genuinely pretty well written, and feel like a move away from some of the more grindier arcs of the past, so I'm happy to give them a go. It just feels like so much of the achievement milestones have been done away with. Such as taking a while to level up. Obtaining a travel power at level 14 after a prerequisite power. Getting a cape, or an aura at higher levels after doing a story mission. It feels like everything is served up straight away. Even little things like not having to cross Steel Canyon to switch monorail lines. I completely get why that's the case - and I'm not complaining about it. These things are great when you're a new player on your first toon like I effectively am, experiencing zones and missions for the first time. But when you're on your 10th character, it's tedious to have to go through all that faff when you just want to make costumes and try out power sets at higher levels. And spending ages having to switch between monorail lines or rely on Sprint until level 14 probably becomes a bore. But still... there's just a little bit of charm lost in the process of adding these quality of life additions - including making it really easy to fly through content - for me.
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    Hero 1 is an Invul/Energy Melee Tanker, since he can be observed using powers from both sets. Scrappers don't have Energy Melee, and he's a hero character that predates side-switching. Thus, Tanker. Sister Psyche is a Mind/Force Field Controller. The purple energy blasts are her signature powers.
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    I'm just posting this because... something or other reason...
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    Altitis. Welcome back and enjoy your new addiction. There are so many arcs and contacts and such, I take different characters on different journeys. Happy hunting!
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    Welcome back to Paragon City and the Rogue Isles! If you play blue side, a lot of the early leveling experience has changed. Galaxy City was sadly destroyed by a Shivan meteor in Issue 21. Atlas Park is the one and only blue side starting zone now, unfortunately. With the destruction of Galaxy City came a revamp of the blue side lowbie experience. Because there were so many people leveling blue side lowbie alts over and over and over again over the years, people got tired of the same old thing. So now there are multiple ways to level blue side. You have the Shining Stars story arcs with Twinshot, followed by Shauna Stockwell in Kings Row, then you can do the Faultine mission arcs (which I strongly recommend). Or you can do it the old school way with the Hollows, etc. It's up to you. Like Ukase said, there was a new system added around Issue 13, called the Ouroboros Flashback system. It allows you to "flashback" and play low level story arcs via in-game time travel. It essentially acts like your own task force, where you can play the vast majority of the game's story arcs. So you can certainly pause XP like you've been doing, or continue to level and then go back and experience the story arcs by "flashing back" to them via Ouroboros.
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    Juzzie Smith - Introducing his One Man Band
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    Welcome back. Have you learned/relearned about Ouroboros? No need to stop XP, you can revisit pretty much 99% of that content through Ouroboros. If you're not familiar with it, simply ask someone in the help channel, they'll break it down for you. In short, it's a zone where there are several crystals, contacts, where you can click on them, go in tf mode, solo or teamed, and be automatically exemped to the cap of that contact's arc. You can get there via someone else's ouroboros portal (temp power), Echo:Galaxy City, (via SG beacon) Echo:Dark Astoria (also via SG beacon). For those with villains, you can only access through Echo:Dark Astoria. You can get there on HC server at level 1, but can't do any content within until level 15. (on live, you had to be level 14 to make the trip.) But you can get there on HC, as stated, at level 1, and work on day job badge if you like. You can also go via someone else's portal and get the exploration badge on top of that arch, which "entrusts you with the secret", and gives you the portal. There's also a few missions that will give you the portal upon completion, but the only one I know on top of my head is the initial contact out of Faultline, Jim Temblor.
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    Fiend Machine, TW/Bio Zombie Cyborg. Once a costumed crimefighter, he was killed, reanimated and remote controlled by his arch nemesis now.
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    RedSide....accidentally clicked on an NPC walking by: [NPC]"There are two kinds of villains in the Isles. The successful kind. And you."
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    On both male and female characters, Hostile faces with Clown makeup are golden. The less assuming they are, the more versatile the pieces. Nothing particularly sciencey or comical about this fellow. . I am always on the lookout for pieces that can be repurposed. Pay no attention to the names; this is one of the samurai chest details given a different recoloring to match the blue jeans, and behold, you have overalls. This too can be done for male characters and works just as well. I think the Roman 'toga', more like a tunic, is a bit too short for an actual Greco-Roman themed character. On female characters I usually augment it with the Talons skirt, which has a compatible draped effect. Colored rthe same, they mesh fairly well. The Talons skirt is also a good foundation for slightly more formal and textile looks, espeecially when confined with Gunslinger or Steampunk parts:
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    Black Scorpion's mission to check out an Arachnos base that went quiet. You get some great dialogue from some totally normal Arachnos agents. "How's the evil going? My dark soul is a morass of vileness, thanks." "Blindly following orders is why we wear these helmets." "I love my nice black uniform." "Arachnos flyers are shiny and neat." "Bullying those weaker than me improves my sense of self-worth."
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    Because I thought of it, and therefore I had to do it . . . I give you . . . MAULRAT! . . . I am far prouder of this pun than I have any right to be . . .
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    Abba - Take A Chance On Me (Official Video)
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    I can only speak on behalf of myself, but thank you! I've helped out on all the Derek's events on the various shards, and I'll be there tomorrow for the one on Reunion. They have been a lot of fun! But, like you guys, we are here because we love this game, and we want it to be fun for everyone who plays here. So, we do it all for you!
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    Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton - Give Me One Reason
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    Squirrel Nut Zipper - Ghost of Steven Foster
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    Defiance in its current state is one of the best inherents out there and does not at all need to be changed. Blasters already do very high damage, they sure as hell don't need criticals added in. I say this as someone who actually does play blasters.
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    Periodt! My whole playstyle is battlefield management with damage. And, Grav/Storm is, far and away, the best at management. Enemies go where I want them. They stay where I want them. This is why I judiciously apply Sudden Acceleration. I put it on certain things, leave it off others. It's also why I struggle to play other powersets. Like, when I'm on my Plant/Dark thinking "I really need those guys over here," but where are my KBs, my WH? And, I really struggle with buff sets. I know they are powerful as force multipliers, but I don't feel the power, personally.
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    Yeah it would be hard to make a tank an outright sapper like a Troller, if it could a nerf would be in order cause it would be unstoppable. You can drain but usually your damage will kill them before its anywhere close to a troller or Dominator. If you are looking for a tanky troller build that will sap everything around it to nothing and be unscathed try this build. Absolute_Surge_-_Controller_Electric_Control_-_Storm_Summoning.mxd
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    That looks like something completely different.
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    I tend towards classic comic looks, but with more modern textures. The Olympian Guard top and bottom have a nice base texture complete with actual seams and the very basic retro-sci-fi gloves and boots are basically updated versions of the original gloves/boots. Similarly, my archer got good use out of the Circle of Thorns costume while still looking like a fairly classic superhero.
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    I like me some silver age tights-capes-folded boots. But most of the time, my toons demand a more practical and realistic approach: some sort of armour padding for the chest, easy to move in pants, practical --but stylish-- footwear. I tend to lean towards tech, albeit low-tech, stuff like the Crey pieces. If I were to choose between Frank Miller's Dark Knight and Batfleck or Arkham Knight, I'd go with Frank's. But between Batman Beyond and Red Hood, I go Red. That said, and while we're on DC analogies, I think the DC Injustice games have forced tech into costumes unnecessarily. I say "demand" earlier because I usually have a concept and costume to fit that concept. But at around level 10ish, the character often becomes self aware and develops a personality of his/her own... and they demand a change in their costume. Sometimes it's a minor colour or set piece alteration, sometimes it's a total overhaul.
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    I like capes, but I often get the Jet Pack as my flight power and capes don't look great with the Jet Pack, so I often opt out of a cape.
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    That is the norm on Beta, as they wouldn't want to advertise an exploit. But if you make a change like that on Live, there always should be a patch note. Even if it's just stating the "fix".
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    This is a common trick that your contacts like to play on you. Right before they give you the hunting mission they contact the villains and tell them to hide. Prove me wrong.
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    Nothing to stop a badly-written arc from being upvoted by its creator's friends and SG-mates, either. A hot mess written by a well-known player with a large, supportive SG or an extensive friends-list would likely surpass the star totals of a good but obscure writer's arc faster than we could say "Popularity Contest".
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    You can’t really “replace” Scorpion Shield with anything else. It’s that good. Closest you could come to achieving the posted builds’ stats and stay blue side entirely would be Cold Mastery/Ice Armor but even then it will only boost your +DEF to S/L. Attacks that contain Energy are quite plentiful in the 40+ game, inclusive of iTrials, and Scorpion Shield is just overall a fantastic +DEF buff to S/L/Energy. If you really are opposed to taking the single trip to Redside for role play or thematic purposes, why not just weave it into your bio as you undertook a secret undercover mission to infiltrate Black Scorpion’s organization and managed to “liberate” the armor for testing by blue-side superhero scientists or something. Seriously....it’s worth bending the narrative to get Scorpion Shield.
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    I had this idea, create six costumes, each time you get defeated, you switched to the next until the last, representing your last life.
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    Nicely done. Pulling that DPS on a PB is impressive. What does your typical attack chain look like?
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    That is correct: my classic Energy² Blaster build doesn't have Hasten. I took it out so that I could have both the Concealment and Leadership pools. Taking Hasten in the Speed pool would sacrifice one of those other pools. I decided that I needed Stealth and the defense more than I needed Hasten. Another option would've been to take Combat Jumping instead of Stealth. That's one of the things I love about this game: there's no "One True Way" for builds, no IcyVeins/Noxxic min/max meta build to rule them all. Two players with the same AT, primary, and secondary may be built completely differently, play completely differently, and have completely different builds that are effective and fun.
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