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    If I think the lead might be unsure of what to do, I'll often send a tell. That way it shouldn't hurt their pride, if they care about that, but I can basically be like "well, I'll type to you here, and you can copy paste for the rest of the team if you want" so they can still look good. I ALWAYS think going to tells is a better way to deal with things. Fighting in a public chat is often not the best idea. Plus, I'd rather say it in tell because then hopefully I can help someone who may not know as much. I wanna believe that it'd help them at least.
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    Sentinel opportunity mechanic needs some work. It's hard to understand, makes you take both T1 and T2 to fully utilize it, and is fairly weak. A good case could be made for scrapping it altogether for an alternative. This has been discussed plenty in the sentinel forum. Soldiers of Arachnos have a pretty weak inherent. The AT is pretty solid, and plays well, but the inherent is not terribly noticeable. I suppose it is useful, but it's very background.
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    Hey everyone! We heard your thoughts on the player led event calendar and agree! So now there is a calendar for each shard, enjoy!
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    Had this one today. Almost spit up my drink!
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    I really love converting, it's a great enhancement to the game (slight pun intended). However, I have lost more than a few recipes to the dreaded drop-down for Out of Set. For instance, I'm converting a cheapish™ defense enhancement, trying to get a LotG or something better, so I drop down, select out of set: defense, and hit the convert button. Repeat. Repeat. etc. Well, occasionally on those repeats, if I forget to change the drop-down's default "out of set: rarity" to the "out of set: defense" I just lost a lot of converters. Why can't the drop-down remember what it was last set on? Why can't we have the Convert Window look something like this: (yeah, I graphically edited this) The only issue with the above graphic hack is the length of the term in the second Out of Set: option. Still, they could be slid over, closer to the left's "In Set Conversion" while remaining aligned, etc. It really is frustrating (even when I don't lose a conversion from defense to sleep) to have to keep picking the "out of set: family" option. Every. Time.
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    When you login, and use the wrong password, a modal dialog pops up telling you that you're an idiot. If you press Enter, it submits your wrong password again, and shows you the same dialog again. As far as I know, you must use the mouse to dismiss the dialog, then re-enter your password. It would make me unreasonably happy if pressing enter would clear the dialog, and highlight your password. Yes, I know this is immensely autistic, but hopefully it's also a quick change. :D
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    Hey guys, Derek went to go get more pizza so he asked me to post this! He said you guys were amazing at closing those rifts and that he might even get a promotion! This post will be cut into three parts: Imgur albums for photos, gifs from shards, and a few fun excerpts from the event. Enjoy! 📸 Excelsior Derek's Disaster Event Imgur 📸 📸 Torchbearer Derek's Disaster Event Imgur 📸 📸 Everlasting Derek's Disaster Event Imgur 📸 📸 Indomitable Derek's Disaster Event Imgur 📸 📸 Reunion Derek's Disaster Event Imgur 📸 Excelsior Shard 9b179422b6274bcc58ea885744099044.mp4 Torchbearer Shard 09f740a8ce9b666f224483715221d857.mp4 6e809b08f532323b37896e1740f99dab.mp4 Everlasting Shard f14ef04f14f808b7e7175f255fea6dcc.mp4 Indomitable Shard 26ee89f9fb59b8252dc173cbffc7107e.mp4 Reunion Shard 7af881e295b2551cc578636ca36f89b5.mp4 Here are a few fun excerpts from the event! Mender Derek: Man! Those Cimerorans were ANGRY! Who knew they’d be so upset by my pizza order. Mender Silos: ...what kind of pizza did you order? Mender Derek: Umm….Pineapple Pizza? Mender Silos: *facepalm* --------- Mender Derek: Err, Silos...umm...it looks like everything just got….dark... Mender Silos: Yes, I can see that Derek. There’s only one group I know of who travel with the darkness..but it couldn’t be… Mender Derek: Who? Mender Silos: An ancient Order of the Dead - guardians of the Eternal Prison… Mender Derek: Well that doesn’t sound good! --------- Mender Silos: You don’t know when to stop Derek. To be a Mender of Ouroboros is a time-honored tradition. It takes commitment, patience, cunning… Mender Derek: NEMESIS! Mender Silos: Yes, I suppose it is similar to that fascinating villain group… Mender Derek: No! Nemesis! Lookout! --------- Mender Derek: *sniffs* ….Whew! Do you smell that? Mender Silos: Hmph, all I can smell is you. Mender Derek: Aww Silos, you know that’s hurtful - you know I’m trying out a new shampoo. That is NOT me - whatever that is smells TERRIBLE! --------- Mender Silos: What did you do? Mender Derek: Okay, so...did you know that the Rikti created these super disgusting blob things to guard their secret bases!? Mender Silos: Please tell me you didn’t… Mender Derek: I feel like you know I did. --------- Mender Derek: Silos…can I borrow your jacket? Mender Silos: Derek, Get off me, this is an official Time Mender uniform! Mender Derek: But I’m chilly! Thank you to everyone who came out to have fun with us at these events! Thank you for your patience and your kind words of encouragement for events like this going forward!
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    My overall opinions on AT inherents: Assassination: Core. Working as intended. Assassin’s Focus: Overpowered in my opinion. Criticals on demand without Hide. Combat Flight: Working as intended. Good defense IO mule. Conditioning: Working as intended, but not particularly sexy. Containment: Working as intended. This is a great example of what an inherent should be. Cosmic Balance: Working as intended, but not particularly sexy. Critical Hit: Underpowered, certainly in comparison to Stalkers. Dark Sustenance: Working as intended, but not particularly sexy. Defiance: I feel like this is overpowered, but I run so few blasters I don’t have enough data. Domination: Tremendously overpowered. Energy Flight: Working as intended. Fury: Working as intended. This is a great example of what an inherent should be. Gauntlet: Working as intended. Opportunity: Underpowered. Too complex for what it does. Scourge: Underpowered. I’d like there to be a (decreasing) chance for scourge damage over 50%. Shadow Recall: Working as intended. Shadow Step: Working as intended. Supremacy: Working as intended, but not particularly sexy. Vigilance: Working as intended, but not particularly sexy. Prestige Power Slide: Burn it with fire.
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    Keybinds and UI -are- saved Server-side for active characters.
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    You're assuming marketeers and Inf hoarders simply held 2B per character in their personal holding. No. You would "bank" it in unbuyable items with zero stock on the market. And 50 slots gives you LOTS of bankable area. Granted, for the rare character who had L53 HOs by 2009-2010 could clean up by sniping these. But no risk, no reward.
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    Oh, yes! Being able to customize inherents would be incredible!
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    to add to Myrmidon's, I usually put 2 Celerity IOs in sprint: Stealth + end redux. Less tiring when your run, nice little set bonus on the side.
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    Hi all, First off, I'm so happy to be revisiting CoH after about 15 years. I mainly played in some of the early days, around the Christmas of 2004, up until a little after CoV was released. I did duck back in and out over the years, specifically when some new power sets were released, and very briefly when the AE update landed. It's wonderful to be exploring Paragon again: there's so much more content than I remember... which is fantastic, but also a bit of head-scratcher, as I'm not too sure the best way to approach it. Originally, I remember doing missions in Atlas, before spending time in Kings Row, with a diversion to The Hollows and Perez Park, before being sent on my way to Steel Canyon and Skyway. But I've noticed that because there are far more contacts and missions to engage with, I'm completely missing huge swathes of the game. I did a few missions in Atlas - including a lengthy arc from a new contact called Aaron Thiery, before getting caught up in an excellent couple of arcs from Twinshot, which took me to Kings Row, and led to another arc from Eagle Eye. By the time I'd finished, I was way past the level to begin the Hollows, but wanting to relive that experience, I paused XP gain at level 14 to go through the arcs there. But now I've gotten the next arc from Twinshot to go through - and I feel like it's going to bypass a lot more content. I've barely done any of the standard missions arcs (except for ensuring I do the ones that grab the Negotiator and Spelunker Badges). And leaving some of those beloved zones behind. I've not even been to Perez Park or Galaxy City (which doesn't seem to exist anymore?). Was this an intentional design choice? To pick either doing the longer Twinshot / Eagle Eye / new contact arcs, or just the standard progression? Don't get me wrong, the content is fantastic - the writing is top notch; it looks like they've upgraded missions to have cutscenes etc... but I just feel like I'm bypassing a lot of the zones and regular contacts. I appreciate that you can't do everything in one play through, and I'm happy to freeze XP gain. I also know there's Oroborous to do something called 'Flashback' to go back over outlevelled content... but that just doesn't appeal to me from a character development and roleplay perspective. I just wondered if anyone else had been overwhelmed by the amount of content, or had any insight into some of the design decisions for players. None of it's bad - I just want to make sure I'm not missing out. It never felt like so much of an 'either/or' before, and while obviously certain contacts would be missed, it felt like there was more of a definitive progression across the city zones before, whereas now it feels like I'm barely seeing some of them.
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    You mean the Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles? Because Teenage Natural Ninja Turtles and Teenage Science Ninja Turtles just don't have the same ring to them.
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    Right click -> Remove. There, problem solved. Personally I don't mind having the option at start, I have one character that actually uses it.
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    Was able to do a quick test run of it on the Beta server so I've made a WIP page for The Clockwork Paladin zone event. So now there's at least some documentation on it!
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    @Troyusrex You're using AS the old way. The new way to play Stalker is to open from hide with your highest damaging non-AS attack then incorporate AS into your attack chain so that it doesn't get used from hide and because it's not used from hide it's fast. This is usually achieved by giving AS the Recharge/Chance to Hide Stalker ATO. It also has a mechanic where it will get increasingly higher chance to crit depending how many other Assassin's Focus-granting powers were used in a short time span, 33% -> 66% -> 100% chance. See Assassination here. For example, when using Street Justice, you would typically have an attack chain of: (From Hidden) Crushing Uppercut > Heavy Blow > Shin Breaker > Assassin's Strike > Sweeping Cross > Heavy Blow > Shin Breaker > Assassin's Strike > Crushing Uppercut > Heavy Blow > ... etc. This way your Assassin's Strike is always at 3 stacks of focus and is always fast (granted you never miss). EDIT: I just reread what @nihilii wrote and it's pretty much the same thing, sorry nihilii. Hopefully this is made up by being a bit more in-depth of a description.
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    I like these ideas as with a lot of your stuff, @Galaxy Brain, but to be honest I'd rather just abandon the assault rifle set to develop an 'Automatic Rifle' set, a 'Sniper rifle' set, and a 'Trench Broom' set. Edit: I should note I don't seriously want Assault Rifle abandoned. But I still want a dedicated 'sniper' and 'shotgun' powerset. @Yomo Kimyata Maybe in a higher level version, but one thing I kind of hate about the new Skulls is that they have 'Gravedigger soldiers' and 'graverdigger strikes', and 'death head assailants', all three of whom kind of break the pattern of those lowbie gangs in exchange for loading them up with extra attacks with extra -def which, like with the Praetorian Syndicate, really freaking hurt in the sub 20s game even if you're not a defense oriented character.
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    I would really like combat flight to have an alternate option to animate like hover instead of always using the fly animation. I look incredibly derpy making a fly pose while hovering around at barely sprint speed.
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    On super packs specifically, I sell several a week (low hundreds) and the following are the price points I use: - 7,222,222 inf for "normal" ATOs. Often sells at 8M, sometimes sells at 7.5M, sometimes sell for more. - 8,222,222 inf for brute and blaster ATOs. I sometimes list these at 8,522,222 inf if they sell out too fast and for just 8M5 - all merits get converted into Winter IOs. All Winter IOs get sold for 20,222,222 inf Listing for those price points, hundreds of ATOs sell in a couple days. I convert most kheldian and soldier of arachnos IOs because they're too slow to move. Dominator, controller and sentinel IOs can also take a while, and are sometimes worth converting. Use those same prices (or even better, undercut me by 1 inf) and I have no doubt you will be able to sell all your stuff and turn a small profit.
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    Yup. I understand the mechanics of this. What I'm bad at is figuring out the right price. I *think* I'm starting to get better. After posting yesterday, while I'm not making the bank that most people are, it's increasing at a decent rate.
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    AR could probably use a little modernizing, but I would only support it if all mobs that use the set get the upgrades as well.
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    Due to the mechanics that bids and offers are blind, but then the lowest offer goes to the highest bidder, it's a strategy game to try and outwit other sellers and buyers. For example: If I want to sell something for 2mm, I could list it at 2mm. But someone who offers it at 1,999,999 is going to sell it first. If it's a high flow item, then new offers under 2mm make keep coming in and selling before me, so even if I see the past 5 history full of 2mm or even 3,4,5! it's because supply kept coming in that was listed under 2mm. Now, I could offer at 1mm, but then I run the risk of someone bidding 1mm and buying it there. With few exceptions, when I talk about selling something at a particular price, I am actually offering it at a level somewhere below that price and hoping/expecting to sell it at that price.
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    In any situation where you feel outpaced by your team, it's best not to bother with the slow version of AS. Open fights with your strongest regular attack, keep building up Assassin's Focus stacks, and use the quick version of AS once the orange circle shows up.
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    Sorry, I'm sure I've contributed to this. As other posters have mentioned, I'm not selling at exactly 8m or 10m, but a bit below. If you are at 8m you won't sell yours until every one of mine of that type is sold as my offer price is lower (albeit not much).
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    You can buy the regular versions for 7-10 mil typically and all it takes then is a catalyst and those tend to fall off the back of a truck in Brickstown I believe.
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    And at 20 find Keith Nance in Talos and follow his arc and then Jenni (something). Very cool, you get to find yourself.
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    One thing should be noted which makes AR look even worse. They lowered the animation time of rain of arrows to 2 seconds a while back.
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    You still need some level of IOs to get there, and procs don't make up all the difference. To borrow what Sir Myshkin said, the best proc monster he made was a middling scrapper build. I'm working on an offender TA/A and a proc-heavy Dark/Dark 'troller, and both of them aren't nearly looking as great for damage as my stalker and blasters - even with the procs.
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    I always thought there should be a level 15 or 20 PvP zone that is basically the inside of a multi-floor office building. Red-siders could enter through the sewers while blue-siders coukd enter through roof access via a helicopter drop. The ground floor is occupied by Arachnos and has NPCs, medical, and such. The top floor is a Longbow bastion. There are four or five floors in between as the free-fire zone. Each floor could have "capture points" that can be temporarily occupied like in capture-the-flag scenarios.
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    Nope. It could be tied up on the market for certain unbuyable items. And you could have approximately 50+ slots after the implentation of the cash shop. At 1.9B x per market slot. 95B+ I spread my inf a bit thinner than that of course. And I had about half a dozen dedicated "bank" toons. But I wasn't batting in the T's myself. And in e-mail. Though this was more limited since it was global.
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    Gods bless GOG! Always buy games from them if you can. The fact that all their offering have NO DRM is worth the trouble hunting them down! Plus you get to support their efforts in patching/emulating oldies like these for modern machines.
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    Yes, but aren't you confined to the Arena? (sorry for my newbish ignorance) I was thinking more of a "controlled" or invitation-only Recluse's Victory or Warburg game
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    Yes, they stack. You can even stack super speed on top of it if you really wanted. However few (if any) mobs have the perception to see you with Stealth + Stealth IO and those that can see you, do it because they can effectively see through stealth and not because of a high perception.
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    I try to play the game with the limitations that existed on live. I'm grateful for Homecoming, I really am, but sometimes I feel like the Homecoming GM's are a little bit too generous with what they've given us. I don't give myself capes until I've completed the cape mission at level 20. Same goes for Auras. No Auras until level 30 and completing the Aura mission. A more recent restriction for myself is not sending money from my main to new alts. My new character all have to earn their own INF and buy their own enhancements. I very rarely use Double EXP boosters. Less so for restriction reasons, I just like to take my time and enjoy the scenery, and that's really hard to do when you've outgrown your contacts within the first two missions. No farming. I refuse to join level 50 teams running +4/x8 content until I'm within the level 40-50 range. I have no issue with allowing lower levels joining my own teams, but when I run my groups, we're going through and smashing everything in our way, and you're expected to contribute. That's about it. I honestly enjoy playing the game the old fashioned way.
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    And best to remember controller and other low damage AT's only way to function with damage procs. You can of course don't want to depend on procs but you are severely handicapping yourself. (Like me I only use 1 damage procs on control powers. For preparing against proc nerf)
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    Defiance in its current state is one of the best inherents out there and does not at all need to be changed. Blasters already do very high damage, they sure as hell don't need criticals added in. I say this as someone who actually does play blasters.
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    I 100% agree, and you should look at this post i made a while ago about this as well:
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    AT = "B*tch, I'm A Dev, I Do What I Want"
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    Vigilance has long been incongruent in terms of function and playstyle, inconsistent in usefulness between Power Sets, and further diminished in effectiveness during team play now that IO Set Bonuses and Incarnate Powers do what they do. The counter argument is, of course, that Defenders are such massive force multipliers as it is that their Inherent can't be any good, lest it turn the Archetype in to an absolute monster. Containment is irksome to me, especially with Domination making Dominators better Controllers than Controllers are themselves. I would much prefer something to improve the Controller's potency in their given role. Of course, there are all those standing complaints regarding Control just not being that useful when everything is melted by high damage. Scourge is neat on paper, but really only comes up in practice against hardened targets with large health pits. It would be neat if Scourge might have a random chance to Proc in addition to its current behaviour. Conditioning is kind of the other way around; boring on paper, but surprising effective when you start to stack some Set Bonuses in to a build. I don't play Kheldians enough to really get a feeling for how their Inherent plays out, but I've heard many people have concerns, criticisms, and complaints there. And, of course, the Sentinel Inherent of Opportunity is already getting "looked at," according to Captain Powerhouse. Would be nice if it became a Toggle, allowing players to choose the effect without -having- to take either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 Attack to get the specific function. All the other Archetype Inherents seem to be a good place to me. Although, more use of Bars to fill to make the Frenzy Power more enticing could be handy. I already make extensive use of it on my Brutes to jump-start their Fury. In terms of things like Brawl, Rest, and Sprint and all the other variations of it, it might be interesting to introduce "Inherent ATOs" which could open the door for some +/- effects. ie: +10% Recharge and +10% Endurance Discount, at the cost of -25% Damage. or +15% Control Duration and +10% Control Magnitude, at the cost of -5% Defense, -10% Resistance, and -15% Regeneration. Thus giving players the opportunity to personalize their characters on any Archetype, since every Archetype has access to those core Inherent Powers. If something like that is implemented, I would strongly recommend avoiding anything that gives +Damage, or to make sure that anything that does has a suitably steep penalty to balance it out.
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    Defenders inherent is up to 30% damage increase depending on team size which is good, but the endurance reduction based on the overall health of team doesnt do much if the defenders primary role is buff/debuff with no healing. EG A force field defender as a pro-active buff set has limited to no benefit to reduced endurance cost of abilities.
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    Fiend Machine, TW/Bio Zombie Cyborg. Once a costumed crimefighter, he was killed, reanimated and remote controlled by his arch nemesis now.
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    Here's 29 new pages of reading for you:
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    Below is my fully restored (with the exception of the power breakdown which is no longer necessary with the ParagonWiki having pages on it) Force Fielder's Bible. I've not updated this Bible AT ALL, but I may come back to it sometime in the future. This is just so that it can be salvaged from the old forums in some form, so that somebody can make use of the information contained therein until I get around to updating it for the modern era. The Force Fielder's Bible By The Philotic Knight Last Update on 10.05.09, Restored on 4.30.2019 Introduction So, you want to be a Force Field Defender huh? You wish to join the Few, the Proud, the Bubblers? Well, there are a few things you should know. First of all, you can make a team into GODS. You got that? Gods, that's right. And that's with only three of our powers. The second thing that you should know is that most players of this game don't read the forums, have almost never seen a bubbler in action because there are so few of us and thus don't KNOW that we can make them into gods. They will want a healer. At this stage, you can do one of two things: Try to educate them or show them, and if they still don't listen just shut up and do your job or... Find a better team or start one of your own. The fact that so few of us exist out there means that few people know what we really do. The best thing you can do for your fellow hero and for the bubbler community is to be the best DAMN bubbler you can be, and to do that, you must read this Bible. Every. Single. Word. You want to know why? Two reasons (and you'll find very quickly that I love to do lists): This Bible is the single best source of information about bubbling out there. Period. Yup, I am saying it, as conceited and cocky as that may sound, I believe it to be true. This Bible is your BOOT CAMP. If you decide to dedicate yourself to playing a bubbler you will be casting FOURTEEN bubbles EVERY three and a half minutes. For literally hours and hours of your life. This job requires patience and dedication, and if you can't sit through and read all of this Bible, then quite frankly, you don't have the patience to play a good bubbler and I want you to go find another power set to play. It's really that simple. The purpose of this Bible is to concentrate specifically on the primary powers in the Force Field Defender set. I will mention the secondary blasts a little bit but I think there are far better guides to the power pools and epic pools out there. There are many people much smarter than I that can work on providing information about the vast array of other powers players can take. This Bible is already long enough without adding all THAT crap into it. Why call this a Bible? Just take a moment to scroll down and see how long it is. Enough said? I'm going to give you a quick powers summary so you know what the powers DO, then I'm going to talk a bit about overall strategies and specific power tactics, with a bonus of Force Field Zen moments thrown around at random! Just some nuggets of wisdom that I've collected from my over three years on the CoH forums. Now, let's move onto the powers! Powers Summary I used to have a summary and breakdown of all of the powers here, with screenshots, but that's all a moot point, now that all of that information is available on ParagonWiki. Click here if you want an overall summary and some numbers/stats on the powers themselves. Important note: Every major set in the game was designed with one major weakness, that was a part of NCSoft's design philosophy. Force Fields' major weakness is Sleep. None of your powers provide you with ANY resistance to Sleep effects. However, remember that Sleep only affects you if it actually hits you, so your only defense against sleep aside from pool powers is, well, more Defense! Strategies Your strategy as a Force Field Defender will depend a lot on your team makeup and the circumstances of the battlefield. ALL defense is situational, so with most Defender powersets, you are more than likely not going to be using all of your powers all of the time. The smart Defender knows where and when to use his/her powers for the greatest team efficiency. Think of all of your primary powers as being tools in a toolbelt: you might use that Phillips screwdriver all the time so you keep it out all the time, but that doesn't mean you throw out that saw, because you can't saw with a screwdriver! These are the primary strategies that you could follow, depending on the team makeup: Tanker or AoE Heavy Teams: Since a lot of your powers are knockback or repel based, you will want to avoid using them in this team to scatter mobs. However, that doesn't mean that they are useless. Instead of scattering the mobs, you should use your knockback powers to actually knock enemies TOGETHER, into one big mass. That way the toughies can stand in the middle of them and smash them to pieces, and AoEs do the greatest good. Hop around the battlefield like a crazy whack-a-mole and keep circling the central mob, knocking enemies into it or BACK into it, whatever the case may be. Scrapper or Ranged (Single Target or non AoE) Heavy Teams: Here you can use your knockback powers to their greatest effect, by keeping all of your enemies as far from your allies as is possible. The Blaster will love you both for the extra defense that you can provide them, but also for keeping the enemies far away and on their backs. The key to working with scrappers is to always be wary of the enemy that your scrapper is attacking, and to knock all of the OTHER enemies away from him, to keep his health bar up and his annoyance meter down. Knocking your scrapper's target away from him is a NO-NO! Mixed Teams: Pay attention to the first few mobs that your team runs up against and see how your allies perform. If you notice a certain ally always taking too much of the aggro, concentrate your knockback abilities on that person and help keep them alive longer. If your team is doing well, you can concentrate on your blasting more than your knockback, but keep those shields on, and make sure that you are wary of the battlefield! In a mixed team things can go wrong very quickly, so be prepared to turn into a knockback machine if this happens. The few seconds you can keep your enemies busy and off of their feet could mean the difference between life and death for your team. Blaster With Benefits: Since Defender's secondary powers are blasts, you could conceivably build a character that only used the defense providing powers, and then concentrate on your blasts and optimize them for damage. However, since Defenders do only 2/3rds of the damage of a blaster, I'd recommend against this and instead defend those teammates that can do far more damage than you can. No matter what you do, you are more than likely going to be using alot of knockback, so I strongly suggest you also read Let Fly! - A Guide to Knockback Control by Midnight_Flux (sadly gone forver from the internet, from what I can see.. :'( ). It is an excellent guide and a must read for beginners on knockback. The final word in considering any specific strategy is this: KNOW your teammates' powers and how they use them. That is the key to good team synergy and to a successful bubbling career. Tactics Deflection and Insulation Shields - Recommended Slotting (Single Origin Enhancements): 3 Defense Buff (1 Endurance Reduction Optional) The simple strategy with these is this: always keep them on all of your allies. No matter what. Period. They last 4 minutes, so either get yourself a timer, stopwatch or use a program like HeroStats to make sure that your allies' bubbles never expire. I will provide you however with a tool that I consider to be very valuable, a bind! Using this bind is simply one of the FASTEST ways to buff up your team with both shields. Create a directory to place the bind files in, I place mine in a directory called c:\CoH. Then create the two text files shown below: File name: shield1.txt g "powexec_name deflection shield$$bind_load_file c:\coh\shield2.txt" File name: shield2.txt g "powexec_name insulation shield$$bind_load_file c:\coh\shield1.txt" Now go into the game and type the following line to initialize the bind: /bind_load_file c:\coh\shield1.txt What these files will do is make the letter G on your keyboard an insta-shielder, so that every time you press it, it will place a shield on your selected ally. Then the next time you press it, it will place the OTHER shield on the ally. The order doesn't matter, since it loops back anyways. So all you have to do to buff your team really quick is to select a teammate on the list, hit G two times in a row, wait to hear both shields apply, then click on the next teammate. You can also click the blue arrow on the right hand side of the team window to see all your teammates buffs and make sure that both shields took effect. If you wish to, you can of course edit this bind to point to a different letter, and you can put the files in any directory that you wish, as long as you change the directory listed in the bind files to where you put them. If you are having trouble with this, or if you just want to learn more about binds in general, try out The Incomplete and Unofficial Guide To /bind by Curveball. Dispersion Bubble - Recommended Slotting (Single Origin Enhancements): 3 Defense Buff (1 Endurance Reduction Optional) This power should also be on at all times, unless for some reason you are running low on endurance and your teammates are doing okay in the health department. Also, try to make sure as many allies as possible are within the power's 50 Ft range. If you can't get everyone, at least try to make sure that the weakest allies are within range (i.e. Blasters, Controllers, and other Defenders). If you are facing alot of enemies with Status Attacks (like Sleep, Hold or Stun) then you might want to make sure that this is over your tank, who will be holding most of the aggro, or whoever is 'acting' as the tank for the team. Now onto some powers that require a bit more thought. Personal Force Field - Recommended Slotting (Single Origin Enhancements): 1 Defense, 1 Recharge (Up to 3 Defense and 3 Recharge Optional) The very first power in the Force Field set, and what I consider to be the signature power. What do force fields do? Provide defense. And what does PFF do? Provide ultimate defense. It makes you NEARLY invulnerable to almost all types of attacks (about 75%), and the attacks that do get through have their damage reduced by about 40%. Higher level enemies may still be a danger, especially if they are more than 4 levels above you. This is a great 'emergency' power, as well as a great power to use while traveling to ensure your safety. However, I do not think that these are the only uses for this power. Note that the power makes you invincible but not INVISIBLE. What does this mean to you? It means that while the enemy cannot hurt you, they CAN see you. What this means is that you can be a "fake tank"! You can do this one of two ways. You can either turn on PFF first and run or teleport into the middle of a mob before your team gets there, or you can use an attack power on the boss of the mob (preferably an AoE) and then instantly turn on your PFF to absorb the retaliating attack. This works especially well if you stand far back, activate your attack power when you are OUT of range, then run into range. The attack will finally activate and you can have your mouse over the PFF to turn it on instantly (assuming you move with the keyboard). Now you can't be a TRUE tank with this trick, since you can't hold aggro, but you can hold SOME of the aggro while dispersing the rest of it to the rest of your team evenly. And dispersed aggro on teammates is always better than concentrated aggro on one teammate (except tanks), because it can be handled easier. Do not attempt this trick if any of your buddies like to use alot of AoE attacks, because then THEY will most likely draw the concentrated aggro right away. Another facet of this power is that it prevents any of your powers from effecting the outside world. This means that you can use Force Bubble or Repulsion Field to grab the attention of all the enemies, then rather than having to turn these powers off, you can just turn on your PFF and the powers don't work on them anymore. After the enemies try to hit you a few times and they find out they can't, you will lose aggro and can probably turn PFF off again, which will reactivate these powers. Be careful with this though, as Force Bubble in particular is an aggro magnet if PFF won't come back right away. PFF has a pretty decent recharge speed, so while it doesn't come back fast, it does come back quick enough if you want to use it to 'sit out' a bit of a battle, or if you need some time to regenerate or heal. If an ally or your entire team looks like they are in trouble, then you can instantly drop the PFF and give the team/ally the bonus that they provide. A benefit of this tactic is that since you have NOT been attacking any other mobs, all of your attacks are READY and can be fired off in a chain to hopefully destroy any dangers that an ally might be facing. Force Bolt - Recommended Slotting (Single Origin Enhancements): 1 Accuracy, 1 Recharge (1 Endurance Reduction, 2 More Recharges Optional) This is probably one of the most useful 'utility' powers in the game. It does a TINY amount of damage, but it's not worth slotting for it. Use this for pinpoint knockback to pick enemies off of an ally that's taken on more than he can chew, or to supplement what Repulsion Bomb didn't knock away. You can make this power into a machine gun with a few recharges and can keep enemies on their backs by shifting your target every second. Another trick is to use this on a boss or really nasty enemy to get it away from the team, then immediately use Detention Field on it while it is flying away. That way by the time the team gets the the enemy, the Field should have lifted. Also good for sniping around a corner, just run around the corner, fire off this quick blast, then run back. It is quick enough that you shouldn't feel any return fire before you get around the corner. This is probably the most important power after the three shields. One special note about knockback is that with the new ragdoll physics, you will want to make sure that the enemy is standing back up before you try to knock him back again. If you try to knockback the enemy before he gets up, he could get up WHILE he is being knocked back the second time, which means he can and will still attack you with a ranged attack. It's a weird glitch to see an enemy flying backwards while still getting up, but until NCSoft fixes it, we just have to deal with it and time our knockback appropriately.
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    Much like real-world markets, I have to accept that I'm at the mercy of the power players! That is interesting to me. What I find complex is very different from other people. I have a strange brain, so I have to accommodate it. Thank you for the replies, this forum has still been very informative to me.
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    eh . . . maybe my perspective is skewed, but after looking at the AE mission files and the core game mission files . . . someone with more time or more skill could probably program a parser to convert one to the other. They both have really clear, straight-forward formatting. The syntax is different, but it's not a severe difference. Just saying . . . it's not outside the realm of possibility, especially considering how talented some of the members of this community are. If someone wanted to chew on that project in their free time, I could see it getting completed in a year or two based on the quality of work and the challenge associated with many of the other coding projects picked up by people like @malonkey1, @The Philotic Knight, or @RubyRed.
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    I think what could help the AE most is a straightforward way to separate farm missions from story-focused missions in searches. I'm not interested in farms (and have nothing against those who are), but sifting through pages of farms to find the story missions can be tedious. As much as I would love to be able to access AE missions in the city (similar to the way Star Trek Online handled the Foundry), it has never bothered me to go to the AE building. I have never treated AE missions as simulations; they are regular missions to me. 🙂
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