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    A few things here. You are forgetting to factor in accuracy modifiers for rank and level. Unless you're only fighting same-level minions, then you're right to assume they have a 5% probability to hit you. Otherwise, it will be higher. The correct analysis to do is figure out what is the average number of attacks per second you are facing, factor in the amount and duration of a defense debuff, then evaluate the probability of being hit enough times within that duration to eventually cause the probability of hitting you to increase (when defense becomes less than 45%). At that point, you need to determine if you will proceed to hit cascading failure or if you will simply live on the edge of that 45% defense (it's possible debuffs end right before you get hit with another that would cause you to fail). Luckily, we don't HAVE to do all that math. I built a program last year (ok, a script technically) that will take your starting defense, your DDR, the average number of attacks per second you face, the amount of defense debuff in the attack, the duration of the debuff, and I run over a thousand simulations in seconds to plot out the performance, drawing a pretty red line that shows your average performance over time. For example, let's assume you are facing a +3 mob of LTs (instead of averaging out minions and bosses, i'll just use the LT accuracy modifier of 15%). Let's assume the incoming attacks are 2 per second and the debuff amount is 5% and the duration of a debuff is 10s. What would your performance look like if you have 59% defense and no DDR and the enemy has base 50% To-Hit? Good news, in this scenario, you can go "on average" 37 seconds before your defense dips below 45%. That is very good, it means you will likely have moved on from those enemies before that point would occur. However, it's not all roses. Those black lines you see on the graph are actual results from simulations and you can see you will on occasion reach cascading failure very quickly if you get unlucky with RNG. For what it's worth, same scenario for 45% with 50% DDR. Here, very interesting results. On one hand, it goes into sub 45% defense immediately (no surprise there) but on average the cascading failure doesn't happen. It actually levels off around 30% defense. Sure, it can proceed to cascade failures too by evidence of the simulations that dropped to 10% and below, but over the long run it did hold up somewhat ok. Hope that helps. Don't take the two plots as definitive evidence, it is merely a data point for a single set of parameters and is not all-encompassing of what you have in game.
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    I would love to see the option to change the hair style with hats or at least the color of the hair, some of them are tied to a secondary color of the hat and it ruins concepts.
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    Heya folks! Have a brand new mod here that changes your Katana and Ninja Blade's SFX and transforms them in to Lightsabers! This was requested and I seen it as a no brainer! I honestly couldn't believe that I didn't think of it, especially after creating the Star Wars Blaster SFX Mod for Dual Pistols, lol. Anyway, without further delays, here is the link to the post containing the mods... And here is a sneak peak of the SFX! I'm going to apologize in advanced for the distorted sounds, sadly the game plays sounds at a much lowered volume, however, the game plays these sounds back without the distortion. Hope you enjoy!
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    When fighting Skyraiders, and the Raider Engineer manages to summon the Forcefield generator before you kill him...
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    Blasters are fine. You may go about your business. Move along.
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    Special Agent Jenni Adair, level 20 to 29 in Talos Island. Although I do highly recommend running Field Agent Keith Nance's mission arc first.
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    The thing with the Invuln/Rad comparison, and why people can simultaneously say 'Invuln is too strong' and 'Invuln is not that strong'.. and BOTH BE RIGHT.. is that the two sets respond very differently to different levels of investment. Lets discuss three investment levels: 1.) SOs/Setless IOs - Basic, straightforward building from the days before sets. Will be cheap, and leaves every set performing at its 'natural' level. 2.) Maximum Survival - Powers, sets, set bonuses chosen for survival. Damage isnt ignored, but your not proccing for damage, your not maximizing DPS choices and power picks - your a tank, and damage is a nice side effect, not a goal. 3.) Medium Survival - Investment where possible in survival, but budget restrictions or other build goals like recharge, damage, utility, etc. also consume build space. At SOs, Invuln is amazing - no need for set bonuses, your can get solid DEF and cap the most important Resist. Radiation at SOs is quite tough, and gives lots of other bennies - but is not AS tough, so Invuln stands out at least for survival. Maximum Survival: Invuln is incredibly tough here. Softcap DEF, Incarnate Softcap when saturated, and oh also capped smash/lethal/energy. If your willing to take a hit on offense and recharge and utility, Invuln is one of the toughest things out there, bar none. A similar investment in my Radiation Tank wont make a character as tough - I cant get the DEF, and I certainly cant get the DDR - even a massive investment in DEF will be crushed in short order by many villain groups, and then Ive just got RES - while the Invuln tank is equally capped on most resists (though not all), and is getting hit only a fraction as often. Basically, once you cap your resists, Radiation doesnt see a lot of value in additional survival investment. In the middle is where Radiation feels like a better set. Given set bonuses, a Radiation Tank can fairly quickly and cheaply (in terms of build room, powers, slots) get to its important resist caps. This capped resist, coupled with its heals and absorbs, makes it tough enough to handle basically anything. And it is doing so while having all sorts of utility that the Invuln is not. At this investment level, the Invuln is tougher in some ways, worse in others, but its not an obvious advantage (mostly, the invuln is tougher against S/L, and the Radiation is better against most everything else). This is why some people say Radiation is 'better' - both can be made tough enough to handle most everything, but the Radiation will be better AT OTHER THINGS at that investment level. The Invuln can be tougher as a pure survival tank... but most of that headroom is wasted, because both sets are tough enough to handle everything they face (and the Radiation will be better against quite a few things, due to being a broader, and later/better designed, set). For my own part, Ive leaned into both sides of this equation - my 'mains' are an Invuln/Energy Melee and a Rad/SS, and Ive tried to make this work for me: My Invuln runs multiple builds, from a general purpose AOE/Exemplar/General Purpse build, through a 'No Holds Barred' pure single-target AV killer (its no Bio/TW, but it does the job), and a 'never say dead' build that focuses on DEF and RES and team-tanking endgame content. This gives me something for every occasion (and the 'Generic' Build is arguably the most fun, and can do everything but kill level-shifted AVs pretty effectively). The Invuln can be built SOOO many different ways that Im having fun collecting every incarnate of interest, lots of build options, etc. The Rad/SS just runs one build, and wont need any more. Her damage heavy, moderate survival investment is still tough enough to 4/8 everything, while having great overall performance. Some of this is because SS is just so broken good, but a lot is because Rad gives so much on a small investment which lets me leverage the Superstrength. She isnt as good in any area as the three focused Invuln builds (and I cant build her to Exemp as well as the Exemp build, or to tank as well as the pure tank build - she can out-DPS the AV killer, but she cant survive some of the AVs that my AV killer will), but aside from exemping, shes 'generically' stronger, taking an average of performance metrics.
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    My OCD requires me to attune even procs because they don't look right...
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    Containment: Fantastic effect, feels incomplete tho. It would be very nice if *all* mez effects could trigger containment damage for parity's sake. Perhaps have a small bonus damage for allies that attack foes controlled by Controllers too? This would affect your Controller Pets + Confused Targets as well, and I think be a benefit for the current meta where strict control loses a bit of value. Domination: The Jekyll/Hyde style doesn't really exist if you can always be Hyde. They should not get the bonus damage vs control like I proposed for Controllers, given they have stronger control options. I would like there to be some way to make the process of getting to PermaDom smoother though so there isn't like an arbitrary "gap". Scourge: Another great *idea*, but in practice it's questionable. As noted, its really only good vs Big targets which is neat, but lackluster in normal gameplay. Just tossing ideas at the wall but what if Scourge also scaled on both your HP (maybe the more you have the higher base chance so when you are playing very well you're rewarded) or maybe your Team Size where you get X% base scourge chance per Team mate in a ~40ft radius? Supremacy: As noted in @Monos King and I's threads, I feel there is room to reallllllly play with this. It's a fine inherent if a bit boring. Looping effects such as the upgrades or defensive stats would be gucci.
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    On old live I had a sword/regen scrapper named Grignr, who was Technology origin. If anyone was skeptical, I pointed out that Grignr was not really sure how his broadsword worked.
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    Many people here seem to be talking about powers like Brawl, Sprint, or the auto-included stuff like Fitness but I think the focus is supposed to be the AT Inherent Powers that are meant to compliment or define the AT in question. To that end, I'm going to focus on those. I'll probably just stick to the ones I have a particular issue with to keep this post short. Containment: Some control effects still need to be added to Containment so that all Controllers can benefit more frequently. Sets that have strong, reliable Fear effects as primary sources of group control suffer because of this. Domination: Dominators are too reliant on this being permanent in the later parts of the game, or so I'm told. While I've never actually made a permaDom character, they definitely feel somewhat anemic when it's down and overwhelming strong while it's up. Perhaps some kind of middle-ground could be achieved so Doms aren't essentially "forced" into budgeting very heavily into Recharge for every late-game build. Cosmic Balance: The resistance to mez effects isn't high enough to see much, if any, use unless you're on a team stuffed full of Controllers or Dominators. If you're in that situation, you don't need the resistance as nothing's fighting back anyway. Dark Sustenance: Same as Cosmic Balance regarding mez resistance, but gaining more of what your team already brings to the table seems backwards. I get the idea behind it, but it just seems off. Scourge: Painfully weak outside of very high HP targets. Defenders will still often out-DPS Corruptors despite the Corruptor being the "offensive-focused Defender" because their damage isn't any better until Scourge kicks in (and their debuffs are weaker). I'm not sure how best to approach this without just turning a Corruptor into a Blaster With Crits but something should be done to at least have them deal more damage than Defenders do when said Defender is running damage resist debuffs. Opportunity: Already listed as something that's getting worked on, and what can be done about it I haven't much of an idea personally. I just know that using it is very clunky and requiring both T1 Blasts to have flexibility in the application of the effect can be build-restrictive. Currently, outside of some edge cases, I don't think Offensive Opportunity is worth much since the bonus damage isn't high enough to care about and many Sentinels appreciate the added sustain Defensive Opportunity provides. It doesn't help that the Damage Resist Debuff effect is resisted hard enough to not provide much of a bonus anyway. Beyond that, I think that's all I can really think of at the moment. Many of the inherent powers are either non-offensive if boring, like Vigilance, but these above are the ones I could see needing looked at. Some more than others, of course.
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    Most of you probably already know this, but sometimes I'm slow. It occurred to me over the weekend, wondering if I should choose Natural Origin for a new Character. Superman is a natural hero! He's not magic, he's not science, he's not a mutant, and his powers don't derive from technology. He just happens to not be from around here, and as a consequence gets a lot more out of the Sun than the rest of us. Conclusion: I made an inner-Earther with "powers" a Natural hero.
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    I recently made a Mace/Rad Brute, and I noticed something about the three Carnival of [X] weapons -- the color choices color the main body of the mace (primary) and some tiny detail bits(secondary), while the energy ball held framed in the head of the mace is... yellow. It would expand the customization range if the detail bits were folded into the main mace color, while the secondary color tinted the energy ball. Not having the code ready to hand, I've got no idea whether the art was set up to allow this to be done without a significant amount of work, though.
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    Working off inspiration from Gronbek's post about a permadeath SG, I've decided to create a sorta permadeath character. Like the Resurrection Man from DC Comics (a fun read if you've never read them), I've created a character that upon defeat, will be deleted and rebuilt. My rules are as follows: *upon defeat, new character becomes a new AT, going down the list of ATs in order *said AT will be the first primary and secondary in the lists--if/when I round back to an AT again, the 2nd primary and secondary, etc... *he will keep the same name and costume for each "reincarnation" *ninja run, jump pack, sands of mu, ghost axe and blackwand are allowable...no double xp or other perks from the pay to win vendor *new rule addition: no travel powers til lvl 14...run it old school *solo play only, no teams *no influence, salvage, recipes, enhancements or inspirations filtered down from my other characters...must be self sufficient *i will play at 0/0..no ups or downs *whatever the character dies with is lost to void...no hoarding up influence or anything in emails or the auction house...let's say he gets mugged as soon as he drops...it happens *no eventually wanting to punch Mathew Habershy in the face after the 5th resurrection on...it's not his fault If one actually makes it to 50, he gets to stay and move on to Incarnate stuff even if he gets defeated afterwards. His "reward" if you will. Phase 1: Archery/Atomic Manipulation Blaster
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    Probably the main use would be in enhancing the speed of Hover, not jetpacks, flight, or mystic flight. I guess it would probably also mean that Flight + Afterburner + Sprint would be a little faster than Flight + Afterburner?
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    Council ... there's reasons they are popular punching bags.
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    In case there's confusion about how overcapped defense and no DDR works, here's my Dark/MA Tanker after being hit once by a +3 Cimeroran boss. He's normally at 44.44% ranged defense, 55.07% melee defense. He takes a single 13.30% defense debuff with no DDR. Now he's at 44.44% - 13.30% = 31.14% ranged and 55.07% - 13.30% = 41.77% melee defense. With no DDR, every defense debuff is a simple subtraction, but it's nicer being at 41.77% than at 31.14% after that first defense debuff, so overcapping can help. Against a crowd of Cimerorans, it might only buy you a couple extra seconds before your defense collapses completely, but against light debuffers, it can sometimes be enough to hold the line, with one debuff wearing off before the next hits.
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    All proper respect to Seeds of Confusion, but in my opinion, Bonfire slotted a certain way makes it the best AoE control in the game. Give it Bombardment Dam/Rech and Acc/Dam/Rech, along with Annihilation of the same, a FF+Rech and a KB:KD; slotted that way you get a 25' wide AoE that lingers for 45s and can be fired every 20s (or less, depending on your global recharge) from over 70' away without the requirement of LoS. Once you drop a Bonfire patch, you get a burst of +100% recharge right there; even with all the enhanced +Rech, it still procs on cast the overwhelming majority of the time. The patch loiters for 45s, affecting anyone already in the AoE AND anyone who wanders into it. Beyond the chance for KD, the patch also does DoT, slows the mob, and causes them to flee the immediate area. Only after that initial 'flight' response do they take time to try and fire back; if the mob is still around at this point, you're already halfway to dropping another Bonfire on them, which basically puts an end to any incoming fire. Again, not taking anything away from Seeds, it's ridiculously effective and probably the 'safest' control in the City; you can basically strip naked and run around solo simply off the strength of Seeds alone, and do so within an hour of stepping foot in Atlas. That's amazing. I just happen to have a great appreciation for the additional options the +Range, -LoS, and loiter time that Bonfire brings to the table now that it has KB:KD going for it.
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    PART 1 This is a two parter and requires both mods from both parts. Link to second mod is at bottom of this post! WARNING!!! Update: July 29, 2020 7:40 pm Eastern Time: The Lotus Drops has had its volume slightly increased since original release. These SFX Mods are designed for the Game to play back only! City of Heroes plays back the volume at a much different level than the actual file has them set to. In the event that you wish to play them back manually, NEVER play back these sound files in any way without first turning the volume down on your Laptop/PC. The game plays back volumes at a far lower level than your PC/Laptop will, and if you play back the files without first turning down your volume, you can possibly cause damage to your speakers! Katana/Ninja Blade and *THE NEW* Dual Blade Lightsaber SFX Mod! (Detailed Explanation) Note: There is a new method to adding this mod that simplifies things for mods that require multiple destinations. Please follow the new instructions! As per request, this is a Mod that completely changes Katana, Dual Blades and Ninja Blade's SFX and turns them in to living and breathing Lightsabers straight out of Star Wars! For any Star Wars fans out there who are using the Energy Blade skins for their weapons, this will be right up your alley! These sounds have been put in video format so that you may "try it before you buy it" type deal and can be viewed at the bottom of this thread! 🙂 Instructions (Destructions?) First, unzip the file beneath the instructions and open the Lightsaber folder. Find your City of Heroes folder and open it up. (New Instructions) Once you have the City of Heroes Folder open, click and drag the Data Folder inside the Lightsaber Folder and drop it in your CoH Folder. If prompted to replace files, click yes. The rest will happen on its own. (Suggestion to help make your life easier!) Go to this website CoH Modder Tool and download the CoH Modder tool Within the Modder tool are numerous mods and mroe mods are added almost daily. This tool will load and unload specific mods at will, extremely useful! @The Philotic Knight has made this possible and a special thank you to him! (If you do not have a Data Folder) If you do not have a Data Folder, no worries, dropping the data folder from the Lightsaber mod will automatically create one and all sub folders within. Enjoy! Part 2 can be found here! Lightsaber Part 2 Zip file and preview below. Enjoy! Lightsaber.zip
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    Confuse the Generators (or the Engineers, before they spawn the Generator) for extra bubbles! Me trying to decide which Engineer is going to spawn the Generator and should be my primary target:
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    I'll only speak to those I'm fairly experienced with and feel are outstandingly good or pain points to potentially address. Assassin’s Focus: Seems a bit too good. Reduce the bonus damage IMO. I'm totally ok with giving Stalkers some chances to use assassination mid combat, but it's too easy to do and too effective IMO. Containment: IMO this works how it should. Allows more solo play, rewards additional control on teams instead of punishing it, etc. when I'm on my controller I love people who help me get containment and when I'm on other classes I try to help lock things down for the controllers to benefit from the extra damage. It's more than just a solo inherent, it actively fosters good will and cooperation. It's an excellent inherent. Critical Hit: On it's face critical hit is not terribly strong but it still enforces the scrapper status as LT/Boss hunters. Scrappers are quite strong so I don't know what more you could give them. Defiance: Prolly overpowered in the current state of the game. There has been significant power creep since this was implemented. Domination: Broken as heck lol. IMO it's way too large of a dominator's power share. Fury: You smash more and you smash more betterer, it really emphasizes the AT's role and I think it's fantastic. Gauntlet: It's a large part of what makes Tankers tank. You can just smash things and do your job of taking aggro. Tanks get to smash, team gets to have an effective tank, everyone is happy. Tanks are pretty strong so this power seems core and fitting and well done. Opportunity: I personally like it. I like the way that's implemented as well. IMO I think the baseline -res for Sents is good and I think the offensive/defensive opportunity is a good idea letting you choose in the moment according to the situation. IMO it's all down to poor feel for people here. I think the -25 res on a single target should prolly be removed however, put that power budget into making the remaining effects of the offensive/defensive opportunity a bit stronger by making the first few procs of each double the normal strength. Make the inherent slottable and make it slowly unlock slots as you level automatically. With better help text, slotting, and reduced effects it'll be more clear what the power does. With the ability to slot it that'll open up more....opportunities for how to make a build and sets to use. Scourge: I agree with the other poster. It's underpowered and I’d like there to be a (decreasing) chance for scourge damage over 50%. Vigilance: Working as intended, but not particularly sexy. Defenders are super powerful so they really can't have a major passive. I think it's ok to have some passives be more/less impactful than others.
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    i'm gonna do the run soon on my main farmer and a 50 tag along of mine. I'll post results in an hour. *News Update* Farmer community come together in time of need. Paragon watches in the background relaying this to their HQ. Snow in Atlas in July and A special report of huge Snowmen Wrecking Havoc near the WentWorth. More on this at 9. Stay tuned:P
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    Energy Melee and runners.. Fun game in the game "How far can they get before Total Focus hits?" answer: pretty friggin far.
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    But... but the generators are worth a badge!
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    The passive Inherent on Kheldians leaves a lot to be desired for solo play (where it does nothing) and seems fairly underpowered with a third of the available roster for teammates (other Khelds, SoA, Controllers, and Dominators). Would 2 points of mez resist per Mez teammate and 10% Recharge (rather than just Slow resist) per EAT be that overpowering?
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    Really enjoyed my fire/storm troller. Fantastic damage, enough control and great fun. Insane endurance consumption, but oh well.
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    Yomo has endorsed my desire to have a Rubber Chicken skin added for all weapons. I now require Rubber Chicken war mace.
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    All I want is to have the Arachnos maces usable for War Mace too. Bane Spiders already use most of the same powers. Keep the requirement of taking Mace Mastery to unlock them if they must. Also, no redraw between War Mace and Mace Mastery powers if you use the same weapon model for both, like Assault Rifle and I think also Beam Rifle do with Munitions Mastery on blasters. And while we're at it, Carnival of Light maces for Bane Spiders and Mace Mastery. They're already designed to shoot lasers, in the hands of NPCs they actually do even.
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    When you login, and use the wrong password, a modal dialog pops up telling you that you're an idiot. If you press Enter, it submits your wrong password again, and shows you the same dialog again. As far as I know, you must use the mouse to dismiss the dialog, then re-enter your password. It would make me unreasonably happy if pressing enter would clear the dialog, and highlight your password. Yes, I know this is immensely autistic, but hopefully it's also a quick change. :D
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    I will almost always 100% support new weapon skins. +1
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    Defiance in its current state is one of the best inherents out there and does not at all need to be changed. Blasters already do very high damage, they sure as hell don't need criticals added in. I say this as someone who actually does play blasters.
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    I'd like to add to this suggestion: tier 1 - 20% +recharge tier 2 - 40% +recharge tier 3 - 60% +recharge Incarnate tier - 100% +Recharge Mechanics: does not stack, only increases duration (maximum 5 minutes) Does not naturally drop, must be bought from vendors. smalls can be purchased at hospitals for 5000 inf, mediums can be purchased from high level enhancement vendors for 10,000 inf, larges are bought from higher level contacts (give the contact stores some use) for 50k inf. Incarnate tiers are bought from Ouroboros incarnate vendor for 10 threads and 100k inf.
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    Awesome. While I personally think Jedi in COH are immersion breaking, The fact that you offer this mod is really cool.
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    I had no idea VEATS had an inherent. And I mained a veat crab on homecomming return. That might say something. Swift and hurdle are far outclassed. Swift doesnt give much return on investment in slotting/the initial boost seems low. And hurdle is guilty of the same and has no jump increase. A little boost here would hardly be game breaking. Theres an overall cap on movement speeds anyways who cares how you get close to it.
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    I recently ran these arcs with a "Duo" character with not just alternate powers but with alternate costumes/body forms. It was a hoot fighting one build with the powers of the other build!
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    I use speed on demand binds for movement, so it would be a PITA to figure out how to incorporate two auto powers into that.
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    Get Panacea +Health/+End, Miracle: +Recovery slotted in Health and Performance Shifter: +Endurance slotted in Stamina ASAP. It'll give you a large chunk of endurance recovery in about 0.775 end/sec. Should be about 16 mil all together for them in the current market. I usually go sparingly with using the attacks, using Crack Whip only once on a group and using Corruption/Lash on a boss. I don't have a Demons/Dark build specifically to share, so I can't help there, but IO set bonuses definitely help alot if you can save up the money for them. If we can see the build you're working towards we can probably help more.
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    Just to echo previous comments. Opportunity needs a rework, containment needs to at least work on more mez types, domination could do with being less all or nothing, and scourge really needs to be a lot more impactful in a wider range of scenarios.
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    Pinkerd an Bowden - Elvis Was A Narc
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    When you go into Architect mode the team leader has the option of choosing Standard Rewards or Architect Rewards. Standard Rewards will give you normal drops including recipes, so most people prefer that. Architect Rewards will only drop AE tickets. The mission needs to be set to Architect Rewards for Energized to work. If you're using Standard Rewards the inspirations are considered to be normal drops, not AE drops, and won't count towards the badge.
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    You're just making my argument for me. And no, the Defender damage boost was in Issue 17, more than two years before Issue 24 went into beta.
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    there are many way you can go all natural you can be a martial artist who learned a special technique to manipulate the atoms in you body to give your enemies radiation poisoning or you can be a plantperson or one of the accursed species or a guy with a big, BIG gun or just an plain old alien
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    I made a quick(ish) base for the family Supergroup -- Located on Indomitable, Code: GNODAB-1808 The ideas I got from them were "Tree-house" and "Floating Islands", so here is what I came up with! The story of the base is basically a group of wizards ripped a chunk of Praetoria out and transported to a pocket dimension, after the fall of the world.
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    EXTRA FUN! c836f12e8a48631dd0451c20951309ee.mp4 d1957a030c9bcefc4f4adb267d2a8421.mp4 a5f21178a58d8624da262ebc2b4ccfc8.mp4 d8b5d6331a33813e61e5825c45c1d1b0.mp4
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    Sprint is where the Stealth IO goes. No thank you.
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    When my thing is closer to testing, I will be doing a proper introduction with many spilled beans scattered to the four winds!
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