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    Hello everyone! We’ve got a few updates to share with you today. The Talks Just over one year ago we announced that we had begun talks with NCSOFT, so it’s about time we provided a little update! Over the past year we’ve been working closely together to make this work, and have made significant headway in several areas. Unfortunately, Coronavirus has hindered the pace of these discussions somewhat, but we’re still having regular meetings and are slowly but surely moving towards a positive outcome. Many of the updates we’re talking about today are a result of these ongoing talks. There’s still a ton of work going on behind the scenes to get us to the finish line, and we’d like to thank you all for your continued patience. TL;DR: Still Soon™, but Soon™er than before. Homecoming: City of Heroes We’re going to be changing the name of the project from City of Heroes: Homecoming to Homecoming: City of Heroes. This won’t be an immediate change - you’ll slowly start to see things switch over the next few months - however, the current Homecoming logo will be remaining in place. We’ve also set up several social media channels - we’re not actively using these right now, but feel free to follow us for when we do! Twitter Twitch Facebook YouTube Finally, we’ll also be switching over to using homecomingcoh.com domain in the near future (with our short links moving to hccoh.gg). When we make the switch all existing links will continue to function with a redirect, but you will need to refresh your login cookies (ie: you’ll need to log in to the forum again). New Launcher Next up, the long awaited new launcher! Informally dubbed Project Hangover, the new launcher is a big step up from our dependency on Tequila and Island Rum. It’s designed to be light and fast, and is built with a focus on security. It allows you to selectively install and remove the beta / staging servers (and toggle automatic updates for each), features a built-in server status monitor, and has a much more usable news feed. Finally, the new player experience is much improved as it takes care of installing the necessary runtime, and is compliant with the modern Windows permissions model. It works on Windows and Linux out of the box, with the Mac version requiring a simple WINE update - but we have an upgrade procedure mapped out for Mac. For brand new installs it’s already fully functional, we’re currently finishing up functionality to facilitate automatic migration for pre-existing installs. We’ve recently begun internal testing of the new launcher with the GM team, and hope to roll it out for wider testing in the near future. Page 6 Finally, we’ll leave you with two screenshots to hint at some upcoming content from Page 6... And that’s all for today! - The Homecoming Team
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    ....I'm sorry? Like the cognitive dissonance of suggesting that your own experience of what's appropriate is worthy while bemoaning others experiences as inappropriate in the same post? I mean its absolutely perfectly fine to think its not a good idea, not like the guy, think its in bad taste, whatever. But to categorize the people who thought 'hey, this is a really cool guy wouldn't it be neat to have something' as 'genuinely disgusting' is disingenuous. I'd bet half of Everlasting don't even know who Ascendant was, you can't disrespect something you know nothing about. Heck I've used the Luna NPC in Ouro tons and never knew she was a memorial until just last month. Let's be perfectly, absolutely blunt. While I did happen to know Ascendant and thought it was really amazing to see the NPC, the memorials in game aside from Coyote are there soley because they were people SCORE knew or knew about and respected and passed. There was no bar or qualifications that meant any character that met them got an NPC. They are not the only players who were pillars of the community who passed away, and not the one ones worthy. HC team could turn around tomorrow and say 'hey we put a NPC named Bree at X in honor of the Massively reporter' and the 'justification' would be the same as what people are saying now, regardless of why, the state of the game is such that in game things *do* exist to honor players. I, personally, wouldn't want to see anything added that was not a memorial for someone who has passed. But maybe give people the benefit of the doubt of just trying to do something cool for someone they think has been a pillar of the community now without really knowing why the ones that exist were done. And if you have any cool Ascendant stories maybe add them to the HC wiki so people who have never heard of him can enjoy, I know there is one script up there and I have Dr. Crom's 12 Days of Christmas, but that's all. 🙂
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    I have some more costumes for those interested. Ace Longshot Bar Maiden Blazing Angel Shock Squall Thunder Force
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    Totally off topic... your avatar gif is freaking hypnotic.
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    Well, this thread is going nowhere, and the OP has requested its closure, so I think I'll grant that request. In the future, please try to avoid starting a war with the French; it just doesn't end well.
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    This could also refer to Kurse who is a fairly small npc compared to the rest of The Lost he appears with since Piecemeal has highlighted "little" in his above quote. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Kurse
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    Most trolls' intelligence level is about on par with Beavis and Butthead, so stating and restating the obvious is just par for the course. Not everyone with super powers decides to become a hero. Lots of invincible civilians out there. The ones who aren't invincible drop the purse and run like any sensible person would when faced with a purse-snatcher who can breathe fire. There's nothing important in those purses anyway, because unlike in the real world, in Paragon City you can actually fit things into the pockets in women's clothes.
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    I was always intrigued by the idea of the Blood of the Black Stream. Wish they had expanded them further, though I don't think more Epic Archetypes would necessarily have been the best way to go about it. An interesting BotBS factoid is that the Sunburst Incident in Siren's Call was witnessed by a Gadzul Oil rig, so it's plausible that the refinery involved in the explosion may also have been linked to Gadzul. A more complicated possibly mystical explanation for the Siren's Call Incident could also be connected to the cancelled plans for a 'Soul Storm' above Siren's Call, which would have resulted in the Siren's Call Phantoms, a partially implemented enemy group that went unused. (Possible that this idea may have partially inspired the vortex above First Ward/Night Ward? Though no evidence of that.) Also, could Gadzul or the BotBS be related to the Golden Giza casino in St. Martial? It has spooky mystical stone obelisks all around it that could be related. Though Johnny Sonata owns it, I very much doubt that he built it. Perhaps something existed there before and the casino was built on top of it? I had at some point intended to write some Black Stream AE arcs, but have yet to come up with any solid ideas. In my mind, the modern Blood of the Black Stream are a direct continuation of an ancient Egyptian secret society, the Malta Group of their day. Where the Oranbegans perpetuate themselves as ghosts stealing bodies, the Black Stream's use of the 'Black Blood of the Earth' allows them a form of eternal life, turning back the clock and rejuvenating their bodies, akin to folklore about bathing in milk or blood keeping one youthful. This keeps anyone they ally themselves with forever bound to the organisation, as without regular applications of the oil they would crumble to dust. However, with the ancient monarchies they manipulated from the shadows gone, the Black Stream had to modernise. Gadzul Oil as the face of their organisation allows them to manipulate the world out in the open, helped by some discrete assassinations of potential rivals and political opposition by the BotBS. Came up with some costumes at the time: Gadzul Oil Execs Gadzul Security Officer (recoloured Security Guards) Black Stream Oil themed enemies, could theoretically use a mix of dark powers and black coloured water blast? Possible use of Spirit Stalker Wodan model as an Anubian Jackal? If we were looking to tie the BotBS into Incarnate content, perhaps the Black Blood of the Earth is some kind of corrupted Well of the Furies source, thus explaining it's life extending properties, like the Fountain of Zeus did for Statesman and Recluse, but with the cruel twist of dependence functionally addicting you to it's use. Could also have it's own 'sentience' of a sort, like the Well does but, well, more evil?
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    I’m finding myself doing a fair bit of +4x8 801.1 on beta, testing out builds. I’m shooting for something that can charge through, taking on full or multiple spawns where they stand, no waiting for cooldowns, no pulling, no retreating, no inspirations. Though after learning it isn’t considered a temp power by the game, I’ve decided I’m willing to run the P2W defense amplifier full time on live, so I’m testing with that now. I tend to be too lazy to spend more than about half an hour in the mission, or maybe I figure it only takes about half an hour to learn what I want to know. My Dark/MA from live made it maybe half an hour, but it was a miracle I didn’t drop. So close so many times, spamming Dark Regeneration. Not the best choice for the task. Now I’ve started fiddling with Shield/MA builds. So far I’ve dropped from being drained of endurance and from cascading defense failure through 65% defense and 67% DDR. Also trying to keep good damage output, so I went Assault rather than Melee. I suppose I could do the Melee, One With the Shield, Melee rotation, but it might just slow me down, and it wouldn’t have saved me from what killed me. Also fiddling with Invuln/MA in Mids, but fear the damage just won’t be there. Anyway, that wasn’t really what I came here to say. I just wanted to declare my love for 801. I think they’re my favorite enemy group(s) in the game right now. Thanks, @Linea! 😁
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    You are not free to post any vid to youtube. Where are you getting that idea? There are specific terms you agree to when you use the platform and I encourage you to read them. There are specific sections about not posting videos containing copywritten material without the permission of the owner. Its against Youtube's EULA. Do people violate it? Constantly. People also litter and jaywalk all the time, and nobody cares until there's a lawsuit because a jaywalker got hit by a car. Same thing here. Nobody cares...until they do because something occurred to make it matter. You seen to be poorly educated on this topic. I encourage you to do some reading to help you out. Start by reading Youtube and Twitch's EULA, which you absolutely should do if you're ever planning on using them to make money in the future.
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    There are multiple private CoH servers, none of which have been hit by C&Ds. However, only one of them is very publicly posting claims to be in negotiations with NCSoft about rights, and is also collecting money to cover legal fees for those negotiations. I actually think it's much more likely that NCSoft would slap a C&D on that kind of thing, if the negotiations weren't really happening, because NCSoft's name would be being used to actively defraud people. But NCSoft haven't done that. So...
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    Hi all! Would it be possible to add char sorting options from the char select screen? I'm managing close to 200 alts over 3 shards and would like a way to sort by last played/current level/AT/etc. Thanks to the dev team for keeping us in game! Allu
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    While they're a staple in anime and serialized manga, we don't see many 'timeskips' in western Superhero comics. Rather than 'let's have lots of filler while the characters age to this point', manga fans often get a 'Five years have passed since the climactic battle and our characters are more adult than children now...' line. Western comics typically have a more Soap-opera-like sense of time. Some characters may age rapidly in the story while others don't budge. Some skip ahead or even backwards, with or without time-travel. That WAS the case until a certain climactic comic-book movie dropped a stunning 'FIVE... YEARS.... LATER...' on us just before the curtain rose on its second act. And we, City of Heroes players, have experienced our own timeskip. Eight years ago, NCSoft pulled the plug. Now we're all back in Paragon City. So while Kallisti Wharf may have been intended as a battleground for players to fight against the mysterious aliens known only as 'The Battalion', I suggest re-purposing the zone for 'The Timeskip'. "I was just a little kid when the Battalion invaded here. It was pretty epic watching all the heroes and villains come together to save the planet!" The people of Khalisti Wharf have somehow been shunted forward in time 8 years. They remember a fight against the Batallion that no one else in the city recalls. The only person in Paragon City who can make sense of the temporal mess is Montague Castanella, who senses that his own history has been significantly disturbed. He's our first story-arc contact, who helps the player uncover a plot designed to either skip the Battalion invasion entirely, or to make the people of earth *think* they've skipped it. Both Praetorian and Primal Penny Yin, helping each-other to navigate the chronal madness, act together as our second story-arc contact with wonderfully chaotic dialogue. In this arc, the true history of Giovanna Scaldi's mask, the same mask worn by both Praetorian and Primal versions of Vanessa DeVore and later by Desdemona, is revealed, along with its importance in restoring the fractured timeline. Our third contact is Mender Tesseract. Her tragic journey across time into our pasts and futures is explored, as is the founding and eventual demise of Ouroboros. Tesseract's secret identity as the daughter of [REDACTED] is revealed, even as we and she use the knowledge gained to try to keep time itself from unraveling. "I was only getting Pizza," is the excuse given by our fourth story-arc contact, Mender Derek. Yes, he's an idiot, but an idiot-savant when it comes to navigating the twists and turns of temporal paradox. He'll act as a temporary temporal guide for the Heroes and Villains who set about repairing time and replacing what has been lost. The last story-arc contact is none other than the Dark Watcher, who has been tracing different timelines, different parallel Earths, for far longer than anyone should have to. He'll help us to understand what ramifications 'repairing' our 'damaged' timeline will have, and why it must be done anyway. Scarred, older, but wiser for his sojourn in an almost-alien world, Hero One has returned from where very few others have-- complete Riktification. Few understand the Rikti and their history better than he. Most importantly, he knows of their conflict with the Battalion and how it changed them. He'll charge the bravest of earthlings, hero and villain alike, to undertake a grave responsibility: The newly repaired timeline puts Earth back in the sights of the Battalion. Many of Earth's most powerful leaders, hero and villain alike, desperately want to avoid this conflict. Both we and Hero One know that the conflict HAS to take place, or our future will simply fragment again. Defend the repaired timeline from the greatest super-powered individuals Earth has ever known and hope that they can forgive you for doing what must be done.
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    Hi, Currently, Quills - when activated without activating other Spines powers, will cause your character to maintain its spines - this includes through things that dont use spines, like Cross Punch, but also just when idling around. However, once you use another spines power, that spines (which has redraw/gets put away) will take over and then proceed as normal -- you'll put them away if you Cross Punch, they'll disappear after X seconds, etc. So.. Suggestion: Make the Quills perma-spines look stay active over the other spines, so you always display spines when quills is active. 🙂
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    I'd like this extended far beyond just Spines/Quills to all sets where plausible. If I'm using Energy Melee and do a Bone Smasher, and Boxing or Crosspunch, let me keep the Energy Pom-Poms on. Or if I'm using Claws and CrossPunch, it would be nice to keep the Claws out. Or for Assault Rifle / Martial Assault, if I do a a few of the kicks, is it really necessary that I put the rifle away just to kick somebody in the head? Ki Push, I can kinda understand, you use your hands, both of them, for that. But Storm Kick? C'mon let me boot to the head while still holding the Rifle. I'm fine with it being a checkbox / option and/or a Tailor Customization option, whatever makes it easy enough to code. And if the devs want to start with JUST Quills as a Proof-of-Concept Babystep along the way, well... okay I get that too. I just wouldn't want them to lose track of eventually circling back to the rest, even if changes were released on a gradual incremental basis over many many patches.
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    I put together this list from the sticky post for the Weekly Strike Targets for Double Merits (List at the bottom of this post) I got tired of looking up how many merits were awarded for each Task Force/Strike Force/Trial. The one-off reward (Double Reward Merits + Notice of the Well or bonus XP) can only be earned once per character, per week, even if there’s more than one Strike Target. This list may have some errors, the information came from the Homecoming Wiki which is somewhat incomplete. Hopefully this helps others to make informed decisions about how they want to gain their double merits. Task Force/Trial Merits x2 Missions Hero/Villain/Coop Week 1 - New Cycle Begins The Rule of Three (Positron, Level 8-15) 11 22 7 H Dam Hero (Positron, Level 11-16) 15 30 7 H Beast of the Mountain (Virgil Tarikoss, Level 15-20) 13 26 6 V Week 2 The Praetorian Offensive (Tin Mage Mark II, Level 50 + Alpha Slot) 40 80 3 C Alpha Strike (Apex, Level 50 + Alpha Slot) 40 80 2 C Explorers and Exploiters (Dr. Quaterfield, Level 40-45) 122 244 24 H Week 3 The Fall of the Clockwork King (Synapse, Level 15-20) 58 116 15 H The Legend of Ruladak (Sara Moore, Level 44-50) 63 126 15 H Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Level 20-25) 42 84 6 V Week 4 Time's Arrow (Imperious, Level 35-50) 28 56 5 H The Saga of Faathim (Justin Augustine, Level 44-50) 42 44 32 H Temple of the Waters (Operative Renault, Level 25-30) 24 48 14 V Week 5 A Clamor for the People (Penelope Yin, Level 20-25) 20 40 4 H The Saga of Lanaru (Faathim the Kind, Level 44-50) 73 146 12 H The Crystal of Seraphina (Ice Mistral, Level 35-40) 26 52 7 V Week 6 Ms. Liberty TF (Ms. Liberty, Level 45-50) 38 76 5 H Future of Freedom (Lord Recluse, Level 45-50) 25 50 7 V Abandoned Sewer Trial (Mairenn MacGregor, Level 38-50) 28 56 1 H Week 7 Citadel's Children (Citadel, Level 25-30) 40 80 11 H Beast of the Mountain (Virgil Tarikoss, Level 15-20) 13 26 6 V The Eden Trial (Woodsman, Level 39-41) 6 12 1 H Week 8 The Lady Grey TF (Lady Grey, Level 35-50) 39 78 5 C The MegaMech Cometh (Ernesto Hess, 25-30) 19 38 9 H Pirates of the Skies (Silver Mantis, Level 20-25) 42 84 6 H Week 9 Following Countess Crey (Manticore, Level 30-35) 32 64 10 H The Sky is Falling (Admiral Sutter, Level 20-40) 22 44 3 H The Fire and the Flames (Mortimer Kal, Level 20-40) 22 44 2 V Week 10 Market Crash (Ada Wellington, Level 40-50) 20 40 3 C Temple of the Waters (Operative Renault, Level 25-30) 24 48 14 V The Kheldian War (Moonfire, Level 23-28) 31 62 11 H Week 11 Soul of the Woodsman (Numina, Level 35-40) 36 72 23 H The Crystal of Seraphina (Ice Mistral, Level 35-40) 26 52 7 V A Tangled Plot (Katie Hannon, Level 30-34) 9 18 4 H Week 12 Return of the Reichsman (Dr. Kahn, Level 45-50) 20 40 5 H Thus Spoke the Reichsman (Barracuda, Level 45-50) 20 40 9 V Cavern of Transcendence (Karsis, Level 12-15) 7 14 1 H Week 13 Terra Volta Respec #1 (Jane Hallaway, Level 24-33) 27 54 3 H Tree of Thorns Respec #1 (Sparcetriel, Level 24-33) 14 28 3 V Terra Volta Respec #2 (James Harlan, Level 34-43) 20 40 3 H Tree of Thorns Respec #2 (Trepsarciel, Level 34-43) 14 28 3 V Terra Volta Respec #3 (Richard Flagg, Level 44-50) 20 40 3 H Tree of Thorns Respec #3 (Ractespriel, Level 44-50) 15 30 3 V
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    Here is a little slice of my keybinds. You'll have to do the rest, but this uses all health types of inspirations in order of smallest to largest. F1 "$$inspexec_name Perfect Health$$inspexec_name Resurgence$$inspexec_name Invigorating Imbuement$$inspexec_name Greater Health Imbuement$$inspexec_name Invigorate$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name Rejuvenatating Imbuement$$inspexec_name Health Imbuement$$inspexec_name Rejuvenate$$inspexec_name Respite"
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    As I understand it the reason the pack can't be disabled isn't strictly a problem of errors if you attack without it - the powers just animate from a default point, usually the character's feet. But removing the pack from a character that's supposed to have it causes the player model to do odd things, the part of the back it's meant to attach to deforms because the animations are expecting the pack and not having it. In theory one could simply make a duplicate crab pack costume piece and just set all the textures on it to be 100% transparent, so it's there but invisible. And that would possibly stop it breaking anything, at which point it's more a conceptual issue of are they allowed to remove the pack and do the developers want to allow it. Which should be a yes on both counts if you ask me, but I'm not a developer and with how spaghetti this game's code is there's every chance it might be a whole lot more complicated than that.
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    History: What are the Blood of the Black Stream? (BOTBS) I used to have a guide on the status of various Epic AT projects. Copying shamelessly from that: In any case, the Blood of the Black Stream has been kicked around a bit. We do know bits and pieces about them. They're supposed to be shapeshifters. They're based in Egypt. They're touched on, primarily in Mr. Bocor's arc, as being involved in Gadzul Oil. And they seem to have a techno/magic mix going on, as one of their projects (link needed) involved building a world-sized computer, tapping into ley lines and other places of energy... one of which is visible if you fly above the tanker in Port Oakes. (The Eye of Horus-shaped oil spill.) This is the lastest word we've had (5/11/2010) about the Blood of the Black Stream. They haven't been forgotten, but they haven't apparently been worked on either. Frankly, I'd say this fell victim to the Positron/War Witch era mentality of "we don't care about the old stuff, we have new developers and want them to work on their new stuff," which left a lot of things hanging which could have been *really* interesting while reinforcing and adding depth to the lore. So. What can we do with this? I'm *very* interested in the backstory and the hints in game, honestly. That's what I'd mostly want to develop. An Epic AT? ... I'd give a solid "maybe," but definitely not shapeshifting. EATs are a lot of work, mostly from tying them *to* a story (the "epic" in "epic AT,") but even without shapeshifting, I have some ideas. These guys sound like manipulators and assassins, and I think we could add a bit to the game with them. I don't expect the dev team we have here - at this size (and funding, and NC negotiation issues, and missing tools, and, and) - to run with the bigger ideas. I'd put them out there anyway mostly for fun, but I think we could at least develop some interesting story arcs to investigate 1-50. I'm going to reserve the next few posts to go into detail on three sections - so don't expect them to fill in *right now,* since I'm doing some of this typing while at lunch, and do want to develop other ideas. The sections: 1. Story arcs. 2. Maps (and shareable assets) 3. Powerset or EAT(s) (Oh. You didn't notice the Eye of Horus by the tanker in Oakes? Take a look...)
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    I want to take a moment to present exhibit A: elevator paraphernalia found in the Rogue Isles I'm on floor C2. I don't know what the letter C might refer to, but it's accurate since I've gone up one elevator. I went down the elevator and found I was on floor C1. This makes sense, though if the C refers to a section of the floor then the order should be Floor Number and then Letter: 2A, 2B, 2C, etc. The elevator keypad here shows 8 levels, an alarm, the buttons to close and open elevator doors, and openings for what I presume is a speaker. A few things might immediately strike you as strange. You may be wondering why there are more than 2 buttons for floors to access, even though as we all know elevators only go between one floor and another. That's strange, but keep looking and pondering and it gets even weirder. We also see a floor directory, and it's a little strange. The directory has 22 entries. The writing is very hard to make out, but the last three numbers are something like 124, 306 and 108, in that order, which I wouldn't regard as the most intuitive order. There don't appear to be any letters in the directory, meaning that the large floor sign, the directory and the elevator buttons all use different numbering systems. It could make sense if the first digit refers to the floor, the second to perhaps a section (different section to C?) and the third to the specific office, but that leaves a lot of openings between some of the numbers shown, though the linear scuff marks imply that the board has been altered a lot (is it written in chalk???). A few names in the directory repeat themselves, including their number reference. (see left, first from the top and eighth from the top - number 500. Right, second from top and ninth from top - number 154/134). I tried to make out some names and saw words like "The" and "Legal", but I also see words starting with the letters 'Hb' and 'PQ', so I think it's mostly random typing. But the strangest thing? Those are the sorts of keypads that you should see inside the elevator, not outside. From outside the elevator you can close and open the doors, sound the alarm and speak to an operator. You can send the elevator wherever you like even though you're not riding the elevator yourself. To get the elevator to come to you, you must press the floor that corresponds to the level you're on, which presumably is number 2. Pressing any other numbers here would be absolutely no use to you.
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    The first count as five, and come as a squad; A pirate and a commander and a mute, how odd. Not to mention the swapping of bits On the lovebirds, who aren't, and always pitch fits. This sounds like possibly the Admiral Sutter TF? The first two could be the Durays, and the lovebirds could be the genderswapped Jane Temblor and Fusion. Not sure about the mute -- the other AV in Sutter is Captain Stone. Jane and Fusion also show up in the Marchand arc, but I had even less success mapping the others onto that. Become bane of the caldera, impose your hegemony Then seek out and humble the son of Alcmene Aha! We got an edit. Looks like someone found out that Heracles is not, in fact, the son of Hera :-) Finally you should arrest the cyst-maker And that is the end of those troublemakers. So, anyway, those now sound even more like Striga. Heracles is found in the Long Jack mission from Stephanie Peebles. An art thief's on the list, a fight steeped in honor. This sounds like it could be the Last Rites arc from Graham Easton? Interestingly, that's a branching arc with a moral choice, that awards one of two different badges depending on the choice you make. And so is a widow whose sub is a goner. Night Widow Nocturne. You wouldn't have met her if not for the Doctor, Whose book is now finished, a literary shocker. The widow matches up with this being Doc Delilah. The souvenir for finishing her arc is her book, 'The Real Faultline - by Dr. D. Stein'. Also in your travels, a deranged little psychic, Searching for the trinket that grants wishes. (Neat trick!) This one sounds like it should be familiar, but I can't pin it down. The PsychoChronoMetron is a device that grants wishes (but this seems unnecessary, since we've already throughly covered the Faultline arc), but who is the deranged little psychic? There must be more wish-granting objects in CoH. Or something in First Ward? Plenty of psychics there, but wish granting? The Lords of Death both met their fate, The Chernobog brothers in the Lord of Death arc from Eagle Eye? And another you met on your trek to the gate. There are quite a lot of gates in CoH. The comma linking this one to the Lords of Death did make me think about the Night Ward arc The Gate that Cannot Open, which features another NPC identified with Death, Lamashtu. Perhaps a little high level? NW can be started at 30. You went to court and toppled the monarchy, After the kerfuffle in Overbrook de-tenured a Ph.D. Those do sound like they could be the Synapse and Positron TFs, but if this is a new accolade, would it really have overlapping missions with another one? Finally, find Freedom at the annual game, And claim the honor of gold medal fame. Another edit, separating the mention of Freedom from the reward medal. Don't really have an idea for this one. Maaaaybe the Summer Blockbuster? But that doesn't have an obvious reason why Freedom would be capitalised, so. Something to do with the Freedom Phalanx? No idea, really. One interesting thing is that all this content is pretty low level. So perhaps this is the first of several badges for doing mission content in different level bands?
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    I think this is a good idea please stop making so much eye contact.
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    Expressed best on this thread: But IMO this would be the best rework, recall, no brainer. combat tp, for all the reasons it's needed, and can be used as a travel even as well, but would require more clicking, and the tier 5 power knocks it out of the water for travel at any rate. 1: Recall: 1s cast, 5 end, ally, or foe. level 4. 2. Combat Teleport: 0.5s cast time, cj/hover level defense for 60 seconds, 2 end cost. No recharge. 80ft range. level 4, 20s hover, cancelled by movement. 3. Teleport Punch: Snipe, insta-cast in battle, you punch your fist through a tiny wormhole at the enemy. Brawl animation when insta-cast, Devastating blow's animation when ranged snipe. level 4 4. Group Teleport: TPs yourself, and the team to a location. 2s mag 4 confuse (30ft radius) 20s recharge, 15 end cost. 80ft range of initial self tp, zone range of ally tp. TP of self works like regular tp, ally tp works like assemble the team (doesn't pull with your radius, instead pulls from zone) Tier 2 requires one of the previous powers, level 14. 20s hover, cancelled by movement. 5. Long Range Teleport: Teleports across zones or to mission, works the same as it does now, but additionally tps the entire team to the location you select like mission teleporter combined. Tier 3, requires two other power picks, level 20.
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    Chance to proc (on you) once for each target affected by the toggle, every slightly more than 10 seconds, per standard PPM math, with a 10s "recharge" time.
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    Sooooooo...today got the biggest thrill since I found out about HC launching, on live I had Fire Chief (no hyphen, no numbers, no periods, and no one word) my main on Virtue and many others (servers). But alas I was a late comer to HC and missed out on getting the name on Excelsior, I tried all the ways to contact the person to see if somehow I could persuade/beg/borrow you get the picture but no go nothing nada zilch...but today I get this whisper in game----you the guy wanting the name Fire Chief (no hyphen, no numbers, no periods, and no one word) I squealed like a baby with happy happy joyness. They go on to say they will release it in two min. I'm on a team and I said my sorry's to the team but I dropped them like a lead balloon and scurried to my char screen and after a couple of red X's I got the green check mark and a go on my new/old name. Now do I rename the hyphen name or roll a brand spankin' new char soooooooo excited 😄
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    Holy carp! is that Starwind!? How are ya bud? It's been a long time, so long that you probably don't... remember.... me.. haha. Anyway, I was just scrolling through here and saw American Shaman, I'm like... "I know this guy, wait that's STARWIND". So, are the rest of the Imps on here too? Love that costume, I still have his card around here somewhere... yup, found it! That's a throwback if I ever saw one. You're the first person I've seen around here that I knew from the old days so, glad you're still around!
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    I don’t have a dog in the fight, but how is “English isn’t your first language” racist?
  28. 2 points
    My magi say that they can neither confirm nor deny that theory. They look awfully shifty when asked about it, though, so make of that what you will.
  29. 2 points
    Unless you’re a regen Sentinel
  30. 2 points
    You don't need to seek the approval of others watching. The fun was always inside you, Son. It was there all along.
  31. 2 points
    No, I'm not talking about fear and paranoia. I am talking about US Copyright and Intellectual Property laws, which you clearly do not seem to understand. To put it as bluntly as I can: It is 100% illegal for Homecoming, or anybody at all, to make any profit whatsoever from this property. This is not fear or paranoia. This is basic understanding of how copyright and intellectual property laws work. Homecoming does not own City of Heroes. It is straight-up 100% illegal to make money off of this. Period. It's not paranoia, it's the law. No means no.
  32. 2 points
    My observations so far.... On July 23rd, @@Piecemeal posted that he has been working on something since October of last year. He says he started with costumes and textures, but managed to figure out other background systems throughout the game on his own. He notes on a post on July 24th that once his ‘thing’ is closer to testing, he will spill the beans and describe it with a proper introduction (assuming no more rhyming hints? lol). The hints really take off starting August 9th when he posts a cryptic (?) rhyming verse that appears to contain details relating to his ‘thing’ he is working on. To paraphrase and summate its contents based on my deductions, see below: This post first begins by addressing the community’s in game characters. The next sentence implies that there will be a feature which is tied to your alignment, perhaps defeating certain enemies spread across alignments will reward you with something. The next portion mentions a “new army”, perhaps this alludes to the screenshot of the multi-enemy costumed parted individuals. This section also has the most interesting part. Again, total speculation on my part. I think the next part, where it totals seventeen “souls” is a list of characters needed to be defeated to gain a badge. I’m going to go out on a limb and attempt to identify them as best as I can. First five are mentioned as a squad (may be Admiral Sutter TF): 1. Colonel Durray as “Pirate” 2. ??? as “Commander” 3. ??? as “Mute” 4. Jane Temblor from Admiral Sutter TF as “Lovebird 1” 5. Fusion from Admiral Sutter TF as “Lovebird 2” Next ones are on isle of yore (Striga Island): 6. Archon Burkholder from Ernesto Hess TF as “the bane of caldera” 7. Heracles from Stephanie Peebles story arc as “the humbler of the son of Hera humble the son of Alcmene” 8. Arakhn from Moonfire TF as “the cyst-maker” Next part mentions getting mean, perhaps changing alignment to villain for these: 9. Darrin Wade as “art thief” 10. Night Widow Nocturne (thanks @Ironblade) from either Jim Temblor's or Agent G's story arc as “the widow whose sub is a goner”. Doc Deliah from Faultline as “the Doctor” who introduces you to Agent G, whose final missions you fight Nocturne. 11. Malaise or Mother Mayhem as “deranged little psychic” 12. ??? as “Lord of Death 1” 13. ??? as “Lord of Death 2” 14. ??? as “met on your trek to the gate” 15. Clockwork King from Synapse TF as “went to court and toppled the monarchy” 16. Dr. Vahzilok as “de-tenured Ph.D.” Last thing I believe implies completing the speed demon challenge at the Ski Chalet. The final part also implies there will be more ‘challenges’ like this, and the reward will also be a badge. On August 8th @Piecemeal posts “coughs in foreshadowing” in response to a comment about swapping alignment. On August 13th he further clarified that origin will not lock out players from getting the badges for this upcoming content. Also, on this day, he somewhat alludes to playing through the content instead of grinding past it may make it easier to obtain the previously mentioned badges. Again, on this day, he implies that in order to figure out what is needed to be done for those badges, players will need to be aware of the lore in the game. He also goes on to say that in the future the actions that players take will affect the nature of their game play.
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  34. 2 points
    This is because every architect in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles was replaced by a member of the Circle of Thorns. They designed every building in the City and Isles to force hapless mortals by their erratic paths through their office buildings to enact eldritch rituals that empower the Circle and their demonic minions. At least that’s the only sane reason I can think of for the layouts. The layouts are too crazy to even be.a Nemesis plot so the only remaining reason is “a wizard did it.”
  35. 2 points
    Artificial Grass. Don't trust the real stuff. It's probably a minion of Hamidon just waiting for the unsuspecting person to set foot on it.
  36. 2 points
    They place Paragon City in Rhode Island but it always reminds me more of a Much smaller City, it's dimensions are comparable to where I live which has a population of about 55, 000, Add the Skyscrapers and you could argue the population could be 250,000, but not in the 4,000,000 Range. Some parts of the city outright look like they are from different regions, Brickstown looks Mid-Western, Founders looks like Venice, Italy and Croatoa looks like Maine. Was just shooting for a subject that would be entertaining and not devolve into Heated bickering about PVP, Page 6, Streaming, NCSoft or Nerfing Regen.
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  38. 2 points
    Considering the willy-nilly driving skills of the general populous, I think all drive through restautants were, well, driven through and rebuilt without that feature.
  39. 2 points
    I feel like Ice suffers from being a "first generation" layered armor set. It has a bit of many different sources of mitigation, but it doesn't quite stack up to the survivability or offense of newer sets such as WP or Bio. Personally, I think the main culprits of Ice's problems are the following: The base Def values for S/L/E/NE seem a bit low, they could use a tiny bump. Also Glacial Armor should be available sooner for Tankers. Having three defensive holes (Fire, Toxic, Psi) is a bit much. The set's DDR is far too low (for my liking) for a set whose damage mitigation is mostly dependent on Defense. Energy Absorption does allow you to buffer up, but this isn't a very applicable strategy in situations where it can't be saturated (AV fights). Hibernate as a T9 is a bummer, Icy Bastion is great. For a layered set, I find that the recuperation powers are kind of lacking. Hoarfrost works much better as a +MaxHP tool than heal due to its long recharge, and Hibernate is, well, boring and in my opinion completely antithetical for a Tank. I really like how the set does a bit of everything, but at the same time I think it either needs to either improve meaningfully in a select few areas or just do everything a tiny bit better. Some ideas for improving Ice Armor: Increase the DDR values. Improve the base values for S/L/E/NE Def slightly. Shift some Cold Resistance to Fire (for example swap the Cold and Fire Res values in Permafrost). Give Energy Absorption a Heal effect that scales based on the number of targets or give Hoarfrost an Absorb Over Time for its duration. Hibernate needs a whole rework, personally I'd just change it to give immense amounts of +Heal/+End/+Absorb Over Time while basically capping your Debuff Resistances for 10 seconds. Essentially, you'd be rendered invincible for a short time while regenerating health and shedding debuffs but remaining able to act. All of this at the same time might be a tad much, but at least some of this would be nice.
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    Sonic Cage & Detention Field are excellent powers. - Turn the difficulty up. - Turn on Bosses. - Cage or Detain the Boss of each spawn. - Defeat all Minions. - Catch Breath (or use any inspiration of choice) 😉 - Pile on Boss. === - Join PUG group. - Wild-eyed crazy scrapper runs ahead and comes back tail-between-legs, trailing a damaged mob. - Now fighting two spawns! - Emergency detain highest threat (using a custom macro that includes text detention warning). - Defeat mob. - Resurrect fallen heroes. - /e slap Scrapper.
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    If you need people to watch you play, have them download the game and make a character. You can team.
  42. 2 points
    I doubt that any "proof" HC could offer that it's "really" in talks with NCSoft would be sufficient for everyone. (Apart from things like the name change, which as someone already noted does smell just like the kind of deck-chair shuffling a corporation would insist upon.) In addition to its code base, Homecoming also inherited much of the general hostility and distrust toward the hidden private server that ran for six years without telling anyone. I don't doubt that there are plenty of people out there looking for any reason they can find to decry the Homecoming staff as a bunch of doodyheads. Trying to appease people who simply can't be appeased is a waste of time and effort on everyone's part. Perhaps the best "proof" is that we're still being permitted to continue playing and the servers haven't been C&D'd into oblivion. (Or into relocating to some hard-to-prosecute country, anyway.) The number of rogue private server projects for other games that have been permitted to continue for very long once the rights-holder knew about them is...not large. You honestly think they wouldn't know about us by now? As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. When they're finally ready to announce actual final results of the negotiations, I imagine everyone will believe them then.
  43. 2 points
    I highly doubt that they can legally tell us anything without it blowing up in their faces. That's how these things work. Plus, it is likely that there are many things that are not set in stone so why get people's hopes up by showing us some things only for NCSoft to say no later. They'll tell you what they can, when they can so long as it doesn't jeopardize what they are working towards. NCSoft hasn't shut us down, so obviously they are talking and being cool about these servers. That is enough proof for me, imo. Also, those donations go towards keeping things running around here, something of which they have been transparent on.
  44. 2 points
    Yes, please. I want to run the Oregon Trail Task Force, ASAP.
  45. 2 points
    Man, that is some LEGACY support alright. I'm not in the development loop, so I can't speak for them. But, that one might be a bridge too far. 😉
  46. 2 points
    The short answer, @MrFireBrand: N.D.A.s are a painful load of legal agony, and the games industry is absolutely in love with them.
  47. 2 points
    The easy answer on this is that they can't show what they haven't finished yet. They're not claiming to be official or authorized and won't do so until they can legally do so. The don't ask for funds to play the game. The only ask for the minimum to run the servers and then stop taking donations. This isn't Dragon's Prophet where there was someone running around claiming to be a licensed developer.
  48. 2 points
    What if it meant buttering oneself? Mmm... buttered heroine...
  49. 2 points
    I literally did not respec a toon last night because of this.
  50. 1 point
    For asking why normal stuff is missing, you forget to ask why is there normal crime in a city of what are basically civic employee force of Heroes. The planetary invasions and magical end of the world, sure that would be expected...but what idiot tries to mug a women's purse right outside city hall. That is wierd.
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